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How An Assange Hater Got My Twitter Privileges Suspended

This is pretty embarrassing to write about, partly because it involves a sensitive personal issue and partly because I know I screwed up and fell into a trap. But I think the information is important enough to put out there, just to make readers aware of the tricks and tactics of pro-establishment online manipulators. I think a big part of my job here is simply to push against the walls of our cage as hard as I can, and then document the pushback that this generates from the protectors of the cage. I just have to write it out and keep moving.

Before I go on, I’d like to say that I really don’t need any lectures about this from anyone. I don’t need to be told what I should have done differently; I know what I should have done differently. I also don’t need to be told to toughen up and develop thick skin; telling a poet she should harden herself is like telling a guitarist he should amputate his fingers. Telling politically inclined internet users that you don’t need condescending lectures about how you deal with your rape trauma is about as futile a request as anyone can make, but I’m making it anyway.

In short, what happened is that I wrote a post defending Assange, and a shady-looking account came in calling me a “rape apologist” for doing so. I told the account that I am a survivor of multiple rapes, and he called me a liar, saying I was making up my history of rape experiences in order to defend WikiLeaks on false pretenses. I went off on him, he reported me, and now my Twitter privileges are suspended for twelve hours. You can read the conversation here and here; Twitter made me delete three of the tweets in order to start the clock on my suspension, but I’ll be posting screenshots of what’s missing.

Twitter user @andrewxxwaltonx has made hundreds of posts on the site over the course of fifteen months, and during that time has gained exactly eight followers. These followers include the virulently propagandistic anti-WikiLeaks account @AssangeCritics, who interacts with this account’s posts, as well as the Palmer Report, some cat blogs, one other obsessively anti-WikiLeaks account, and a “small private intelligence firm working to combat terrorism domestic and foreign, as well as conducting counter-intelligence operations” called Black Water Security Group (no, not that Blackwater).

The other day I tweeted the following: “If you lived in anything resembling a free society, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning would be walking around under the sun right now.” It got hundreds of shares and a couple thousand likes, which always draws the attention of the anti-WikiLeaks crowd. “Andrew Walton” jumped in a half day later, where the following exchange took place:

The account responded to my informing him that I’m a rape survivor by accusing me of lying. He also accused pro-WikiLeaks Twitter user @BellaMagnani (great follow, by the way) of doing the same.

I don’t think I should have to say this, but for the record I am not lying about my rapes. I was 19 years old the first time I was raped, and the last time I was 39. I’ve written about my traumatic encounters with the business end of rape culture many times in many pieces which have never once had anything to do with defending Assange (see here, here, here, here, here, and here), and I’ve never brought it up unprovoked when criticizing the various smear campaigns that have been directed at Assange and WikiLeaks.

Anyway, I got furious at this guy and over a back-and-forth that went on far longer than it should have, I made three tweets that Twitter says violated its rules against “hateful conduct”. They read as follows:

“You claim to care about rape victims, you claim that you believe them, and yet here you are telling me I haven’t been raped in order to win an argument on the internet. All because you hate Assange. You are a pig.”

“You unquestioningly believe what’s been said about their claims, but my own story which I’ve shared many times completely unrelated to Assange you reject, in order to score a few more points for empire. You use rape as a weapon to prop up power. Probably a rapist yourself.”

“Still not sure why you’d think I’d believe you, you disgusting, rapey fuck.”

The account made other comments that were plainly designed to trigger rape trauma, like telling me “I‘ve blocked all your friends supporting you so I don‘t have to read their silly messages. It‘s just you and me,” and “I need to deal with Caitlin who appears to need help at the moment.”

And yes, it worked on me; it triggered my rape trauma. Being calmly told by him that he was deliberately isolating me so he can have me to himself to manipulate triggered something in my brain that makes me panic. I started feeling like a trapped animal. My breath got short, my heart rate went up, my cheeks went red. I know that I should’ve walked away and taken a few deep breaths and reassured my body that it was safe here in the real world. I know that now, but at the time that didn’t even occur to me as an option. I felt trapped so I acted like I was trapped and tried to fight him off instead.

He started talking about reporting for abuse, and sure enough this morning when I went to access my Twitter account I’d received the following notification:

I disputed the suspension and told them I think it’s wrong that they’re siding with the guy who came out of nowhere to claim my rapes never happened, and against me for pushing back against him.

And that’s it; I’ll be back in twelve hours. From my understanding if I fuck up again I’ll be gone a week, and if I fuck up a third time my account will be permanently suspended. I have no interest in losing my Twitter platform; it’s a very useful tool for getting unauthorized ideas out into public consciousness, so I’ll be treading carefully.

All this to say that clear-eyed rebels should be careful about who you’re interacting with online and how you’re interacting with them. Use the block function liberally, and don’t be goaded into doing what they want you to do like I was. Silencing dissident voices is an important aspect of the establishment narrative control agenda, and giving them an excuse to silence you is giving them what they want.

Please feel free to share my cautionary tale if you feel so motivated, especially on Twitter since I’m locked out for the time being. Thank you.


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  • People say stuff on social media they would never say to your face. It’s really not helping the world solve it’s problems when we are all screaming obscenities and insults at each other through the anonymity of the Internet. I have mixed feelings about Arrange myself, but you certainly have the right to your opinion without being called hateful names.

  • I haven’t read the whole exchange, so I may be missing something, but I have to say that I don’t understand how CJ has actually ‘screwed up’, because I don’t see how the tweets in question violated the policy cited in the message.
    The cited policy says ‘You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.’
    First, none of the three tweets advocated violence against the disgusting, rapey fuck in question, nor did the tweets mention any future negative actions against the disgusting, rapey fuck. Second, even if they had, being a disgusting, rapey fuck is not a nation (there is no nation such as Rapeyfuckland), it is not a religion (there is no official Holy Church of Rapeyfuckery, even though several existing denominations may come close), it is not a gender (not all men are rapey fucks, and some women may be), and it is not a sexual orientation (rape is *how* you do it, whereas sexual orientation is about *whom* you do it to). One may argue that it is a disability or a serious disease in some loose sense, but it is not considered as such by any medical authority. Nor is ‘Caitlin Johnstone rape denialist’ an existing religious cult or any other protected type of identity. This comes across as totally arbitrary behaviour on the part of Twitter moderators. Certainly, calling somebody a disgusting, rapey fuck is, indeed, a ‘hateful’ thing to say *in the everyday sense* of the word ‘hateful’, but so is accusing people of lying about being raped, and so are many other extremely aggressive tweets that are regularly tolerated on the site: penalising only some instances of this kind of ‘hatefulness’ is arbitrary, too.
    Of course, the official policy itself is a mess. Identity politics has gone so far that in some contexts, it seems that the *only* way for something to be considered ‘hateful’ or generally unacceptable is for it to be motivated by some form of ‘bigotry’. If you are just broadly hateful towards other people without any particular bias or prejudice, you are apparently fine. It is also noteworthy that not all forms of bigotry and prejudice are listed as banned: it seems to be OK to harass people based on class, caste, residence, personal origin, being born out of wedlock, etc. The whole official culture has developed in a strange and stupid direction.

    • Yes!
      Also Twitter has always been highly suspect in several different ways

  • It sounds like you are the victim of a troll. For the record, Assange was never charged with rape or any other crime; the Swedes wanted to question him. I think the Swedes had in mind a peculiar Swedish crime called “sexual surprise” which involves not using condom. The media frequently misreports that Assange was charged with rape. Craig Murray has a good examination of the case against Assange here:


    I think CIA asset Ardin has actually written a book about how to take revenge against men.

    • Thank you for including the link, Edward. I had read about the case a few years ago, and it certainly didn’t seem like a rape case to me. If this is how rape is defined, then I’ll bet that at least 70% of men out there are “rapists.” This was not rape, it was perhaps a more aggressive encounter than some women would like, but this was an act between people who had just had consensual sex.

  • Caitlin, this seems to call for that wise maxim from an unknown man:

    “never wrestle in the mud with a pig – it gets mud all over you and besides, the pig likes it.”

  • I’ve never used Fuckbook or Twatter, never will. I should probably even stop Guardian and You Tube comments tbh, because inevitably one gets involved with idiots whose response to being confronted with facts they don’t like is not to refute them using evidence but to troll you with insults or non sequiturs that have nothing to do with the subject at hand, the object being to rile you into saying something such as my default bottom line, “fuck off and die”. Of course later I think of something a bit cleverer, but then I realise it would have been wasted on them anyway.

  • I’m banning twitter! I ain’t gonna tweet no more. Tweet tweet! That’s it. In fact, I’m getting rid of my pet bird. Not really. I love my little tweety bird. Which reminds me, I gotta clean his cage. And people wonder why I drink.

    • I don’t wonder why you drink. It is purely a survival mechanism.

  • One of the many pitfalls of being trapped in phallocentric culture (aka “Dick Land”) is that there will always be those who demonize the attacked, and glorify the attackers. Because according to tribal male custom, those with Weeners are never wrong!

    • Your penis theory is wrong. I have observed the phenomenon you describe with women as well.

  • Hi Caitlin. I just want to add my message of support. Just a thought about the point where the social engineer told you he had all your friends and support blocked, you might have blocked the arsewipe at that point. If you ever find yourself alone with a bully a rapid exit is a very good idea. Hindsight is always 20/20 of course. I doubt they will try that one on you again. You can rest assured that there are paid psychopaths whose job it is to shut down voices of truth and reason such as yours. The above episode is just one way they go about their business. I very much doubt that some random loon would have reported your comments. He did ,did he not say that he was there to “help” at one point. No, that exchange has all the hallmarks of an encounter with someone with a big bag of social engineering tools determined to shut you down. What he was “helping” you to do was to get banned from twitter. Just give yourself time to breath and reflect next time. You will knock them out of the park every time.

  • Bless you Caitlin for having the courage and conviction to fight for truth, awareness, and justice, all the while sharing your heart and soul with us. Your willingness to be transparent is humbling and inspiring. It challenges me to take the high road more often. Thank you for all that you do!

  • At age 15, I once beat a Class B chess player using a fool’s mate. Sounds like this guy did something similar to you. Even the best make mistakes sometimes. Hold your head up, you’re a superhero!

  • Well, it might seem odd to get encouragement from one such as myself, but I’ve been knocked off facebook for merely suggesting “U.S. aggression was cause of all our “blowback problems”, so I kept my account, now friend just about anyone who asks, and use “disgus” as my primary page to comment.
    I have enjoyed your lively conversations, anyone who can’t learn from controversy, isn’t interested in learning, just pushing their view. I was a staunch Israel supporter for many years, out of misguided trust in a media I despise.
    I alienated family, coming home from Beirut, in spring of 83, blaming the wrong people, the Palestinians, and it took a decade, the Iraq war, and serious history research, to realize I’d been wrong all the way back to 67, when I was truly angry over the USS Liberty, with only a few scant details escaping, until the last few years, but I forgot about that, because I read the news, and watched it on t.v.
    You provoke ideas for thought, challenge convention, and for this, you open eyes and ears. We are where we are, for lack of empathy, and lack of will to make public debate the sole means of arriving at a conclusion. You do a great job at adding value to the argument and the questions it involves.
    I will suggest you grow thick skin, but only because I know the cost of standing against the grain. Those travelling the same path will empathize, but we are all assailed by the same forces. Let those experiences temper your steel, strengthen your resolve, and know, anyone who would engage in such a discourse, is not worthy of the time.
    In high school, I came to the defense of two different “new girls”, who got “taken to lunch for a beer”, and were used, both being foster children. I pursued the boys who doped them, fondled them, and dumped them in the street, for a couple years, making trouble for them at any opportunity. I never explained why, but they knew they were alone on my list.
    My family has always served, back to the 1730’s, so I was raised to do so, and as a Boy Scout at the time, had a duty to defend, an oath I took. We, Americans, have allowed our sovereignty be stolen, our States be turned vassal, and only power can ever take back sovereignty.
    If we don’t fight for it, we will never, ever, leave it to “posterity”.
    God Bless you,
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

  • prn.fm Friday mornings – The Whistleblower Newsroom with Celia Farber and Kristina Borjesson.
    They had Assange’s lawyer on and they talked about the real story behind the rape accusations.
    March 22 show.

  • The maddening but necessary info wars continue, and are loaded with dirty tricks of all kinds. Hard stuff for us sensitive, loving types to navigate. Hang in there. This too will pass…..

  • So many evil bastards like that around….you have woken us all up to dealing with shitbags like this… best to just block them..

    • If you feel you must be on Twitter, and react to knuckledraggers, then I recommend maintaining a cool, polite, even benevolent demeanor in the face of abuse, insult, lies, propaganda and so forth, because this will infuriate your opponents far more than anything else. In addition, their posts can often be used as a ramp: for instance, if they lie, reply using links to the truth and supporting documents. When they froth over, as they will, just note that they have frothed over.

      But, yes, it’s really better to block such people or get off Twitter entirely.

  • Sorry to read your case. I might tell you a simple “Go ahead! We need people like you!” but this would mean presuming always you (and anyone) to have an incredible strength. We don’t. I’ve just quit Twitter because sometimes is DEFEATING.
    So rest, breath, calm down and then… GO AHEAD!
    (And of course we need more Julians in our schizo world)

    • yup, if you don’t get blocked, that’s because you’ve said nothing that endangers the psychopathic criminals with money and power. so wear that as a badge of honor, and soldier on. we’re many, and they are a few.

  • Keep on fighting C!

  • The Assange Hater did not get your priveledges suspended.

    Every time someone uses twitter or google or facebook, a child in Yemen dies.

  • Wow! This is terrible. 🙁


    This is why I tend to be very quick on the block when trolls like this appear. Because their only goal is to get you out of balance to make you say something they can report.

    Meanwhile, a sick troll that literally called for the rape and sexual torture and mutilation of my mom and called her a “whore” still have his account and the tweet is still up despite repeated reports from several accounts.
    As seen here: https://twitter.com/ZhangWei6324/status/1111962784097427456

  • So, next time you know. Never call a pig a pig on twitter. Never call a disgusting psychopathic rapist a “disgusting rapey fuck”. And you will be ok. You seem to know psychopaths pretty well and one of the things they do is to provoke. This is one of their finest weapons. Don’t fall for such traps and don’t leave it like this. Report Andrew Waltan for abuse and bulling.

  • I suspect that account, along with HansCresPress and AssangeCritics, are spooks. They’re also incredibly nasty. It’s not worth engaging with them. They’re broken records.
    Sorry this happened Caitlin.

  • Twitter management SUCKS! They justify their existence by claiming to censor bad elements such that Twitter “engagement” and their profits will increase. It is the exact opposite. Their censorship will inevitably cater to individual politics and their stifling of speech will drive users away, but they will manipulate all data that would demonstrate their incompetence.
    They already have the best solution which is their blocking function.

  • We love you Caitlin! I wish I could be REALly supportive. Twitter is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Thank you for your work. I especially like to send your emails to my mom and other women because of how important it is for you ladies to continue to speak up. Women will be our only hope. We men have failed terribly. When I see the comments from some male subhumans on the internet it’s disgusting and I’m so sorry that women are forced to put up that!

    • Not to mention all the stuff you endure in the real world! You’re so strong!

  • Perhaps I’ve spent way too much time on blogs and forums where there was little to no censorship, but what you wrote there seems perfectly appropriate, especially when considering what he was saying and how he was obviously trying to trigger your emotions. The relatively recent movement to report/ban posters who’ve simply shared an opposing opinion is frightening because the social media companies are eating it up.

    Caitlin, you’ve said nothing wrong. I also agree with the poster who suggested that this charachter could be a professional troll/agitator. What he said is not something that a normal person would ever say. I’m sorry you had to deal with this.

    We need to be vigilant regarding calls for censoring speech. It’s like when Christiane Amanpour suggested to Comey that the FBI should have “shut down” the people chanting “lock her up” because Amanpour considered it to be dangerous “hate speech.” Thankfully, Comey agreed that it’s not the government’s job to censor speech like that. But this is what those of us who support free speech (even “offensive” speech) are up against. There are many mindless sheeple out there who would believe that Amanpour’s suggestion is a good one. This is why we need to guard against censorship of all types; when we ban “hate speech,” who gets to define it?


  • oh yeah, that…. i have been blocked or expelled from so many sites for much less. Amazon canceled my third party seller account with no warning or explanation over same sort of exchanges with usual suspects years ago, after Amazon transported the extensive database that i built on my time into their corporate database. yup, that’s how they roll, folks. but there are many ways to make them pay for their crimes….. including sharing your real experience with others.

    • since then, i’ve been doing my very best to NOT contribute to their crimes against humanity in every way possible.

      • Also, keep your databases, files, and related material on machines that you alone control, not Amazon or Google or anyone else.

  • Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down.

  • It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Bless you Caitlyn

  • That was some nasty, manipulative crap he pulled. Keep up the great work!

    • PS, how do we change our avatars? I notice that some peeps have monsters and others have actual photos of themselves? I don’t mind the monsters, but I’d love to pick my own if there is a way to do that.

  • Andrew Z, below, points out the particular phrases used by the hideously, prob intentionally scary looking account seem like those of a pro, and they do, those where very unusual comments. The work being done to regain total narrative control on sites such as Twitter is 1984 style frightening. AI is already set up to answer tweets, it can write-speak just like a real person, you’d never know it was AI, as are rooms/buildings of paid influencers and counter attack teams, I recently read. Goal one, blame every anti West comment on Russia, link anyone who says similar as Putin/Kremlin asset. Re Twitter, one employee recently admitted 25%, another 40-60% bots, trolls, paid influence accounts on Twitter, and many high follower accounts have bought these high numbers (mainly fake, bot accts) and can pay additional $ for the service of responders to manage, delete, counter in & out Tweets. The internet is under military/cointel ops attack, to be sure.

    • This is not new. Back on the old days of live theater, people hired shills and salted the audience with them so they would applaud and cheer on command. Prior to the Net, certain parties with the resources to do so (e.g. the Pentagon, using active service personnel) had people write to newspapers in the guise of local citizens supporting wars and expanded military budgets. Given the amount of money spent on such operations, it’s amazing that most of the quality of the material is so poor. We should demand better propaganda — we paid for it!

  • I don’t know why anyone cares about their twitter privs. Is there anything on Twitter — in that digital ghetto (to borrow Drudge’s term) — worth interacting with? It’s full of establishment bots and ho’s and people who can’t stop reading that.

    Twitter is irrelevant. If not now, make it so.

    • To paraphrase Bender from The Breakfast Club,

      “I’M. ON. TWITTER.”

  • @andrewxxwaltonx is a piece of shit. ’nuff said!

  • 🙁

  • Caitlin,
    No one can take from you what matters most in life–your truth. Stay true to yourself and the stars will align for you. Keep the wind in your face and move forward. Never quit. Never. Siempre.

  • Thank you for sharing your story and the best to you in your efforts to help the Western world change

  • I am truly inspired by your courageous transpanancy and honesty Caitlin. I had given up and withdrawn from posting for quite some time until I discovered your site. Thank you…

  • Jeez babe, just fugem, fugem, fugem. “like toughening up a Poet” (paraphrase), yeah, you caint wear welding glasses to a LineUp…SO scary to realise that the State really EMPLOYS these psychos & that they get their teeny, tiny minds off on the task. The scary bit is…WHY? Why DO they forward the downright EVIL of the Agenda? WHY? If one has any Humanity, any compassion, any poetry in the soul, what drives these crazy people to shut down honest examination of State Lies? Seriously! It’s not for heaps of cash, nor drugs, nor …food even. What POSSIBLE excuse is there? What damaged them to such an extent that they are hostile to their very own planet and Species??? Shrug. Evil IS mundane & is entropic, talk about nihilism…yawn. Now, YOUR Narrative, this smells nice, I’ll just walk with you, Cait, whilst we mock the FWits, ay? Gregory.

    • BDS the psychos, everyone of them, everytime you see them. in every way you can.

  • The guy is a jerk.

    Take time out, cill out and rest a bit.

    You make a huge, positive difference. I really appreciate what you do.

    You are a very courageous woman.

    Keep on keeping on, please.

    With kindest regards and solidarity.

  • Hey, Caitlin, the guy is a jerk.

    Keep your spirits up. Stay cool. Take the time and space to chill out.

    You are a very courageous woman. You make a very positive difference. Always remember that.

    Thank you for what you do.

  • Someone mentioned “both sides of her brain.” That is so rare and so refreshing. Bless you child. I would come down there and try to romance you away from Tim……….. if I were 40 years younger.

    two thumbs up.

  • You have a lot of people out here that love and respect you. I am one of them. I have said before that you are my top pick for sitting around a campfire with into the deep hours of the night. I am so amazed at how wideranging your mind is…

    In a just world people like you would not have to worry about baring your soul to the Universe. I can only hope that the rest of us, your admirers, will offset any negativity that comes your way. Goodness defeats Evil. We are winning and it is you and a few other clear thinkers that is making that happen.

    I send you love and warm wishes.
    Kimberly Wolf
    Your FB friend

  • “I also don’t need to be told to toughen up and develop thick skin”

    Damn right. I have always disliked that formulation. No we don’t need to toughen up, we need bullies to get their comeuppance and then piss off. Why people tell the victim to not act like they were victimized and give the abusers a pass has always made my blood boil. I mean, seriously, no wonder there’s so much bad behavior.

  • Sucks :/ Twitter is a shitty place due to “hate speech”/hateful conduct rules.

    I got suspended twice so far for merely mentioning – in a relevant point – that *some* illegal aliens commit crime. It’s bonkers.

  • What a sad world where a journalist of Caitlin’s integrity and honesty feels (and I don’t question her decision) she has to remain on Twitter which, along with the other mass surveillance tools hiding behind social media fronts, violates our privacy with every new tweet/post/comment.

  • Well, if you need a proxy twitter account to use to continue telling people how you really feel without fear of ban, feel free to let me know!

    • I mean you could write your normal posts from your main account, then use mine or one like it to respond to toxic people like that where you could potentially risk being banned. I’m sure you’ve probably already considered that, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

  • Andrew Walton’s Twitter self-portrait speaks volumes… I grinned when I saw you’d called him a presumptuous twat. We’re all getting tired of the zombie trolls and their shit-posting, but ignoring them often feels like we’re giving them our tacit approval (or at least that’s how some of mine have seemed to take it, becoming more emboldened). You definitely won the argument above and made Andrew look like the pernicious twit that he no doubt is; it’s just a shame the Twitter censors couldn’t see it that way. That, however, is just another sign of our screwed up times: the legions of dumb rapey fucks have the new technocracy’s robber barons on their side.

  • Caitlin, Andrew Walton is the kind of bigot, in the closet heterosexual, that is not worth the time of day. You did well, and I admire you for it! but as you said, you fell for the trap… Take care and keep up the good fight…

  • “The account made other comments that were plainly designed to trigger rape trauma, like telling me “I‘ve blocked all your friends supporting you so I don‘t have to read their silly messages. It‘s just you and me,” and “I need to deal with Caitlin who appears to need help at the moment.””

    I don’t know much about this stuff, but that seems like the work of a pro. Someone who’s done this before, many times. And reads about it. Someone who reads about Ted Bundy not for morbid fascination, but for tips. Best to you Caitlin. I wish I knew how to doxx people.


    Just throwing in a personal observation — I never block anyone, and don’t think anyone should except for threats or abuse (as here, obviously). It’s a personal choice, but hell, I made a pithy comment on Medium on one of Caitlin’s stories a couple years ago. Luckily I could reach out through another… um, medium, and she unblocked me. Shaun King blocked me for a comment about a story that wasn’t even directed at him, and now I never see first hand what he’s fighting for/against. Just my choice and throwing it out there, not directed at Caitoz or anyone particularly. Also, I’m a man, and I use my real name on all forums. Keeps me from being too much of a jackass.

  • I love reading you because you are so human and so humane. Thanks for your poetry, your insight and your humanity. It’s so rare to find someone who accesses both sides of her/his brain these days.

  • Stay strong Caitlin, for all our sakes. We need you!

  • Caitlin:

    This is terrible. I suspect you are right in calling him as you did – no other kind of person would so engage with you and then go crying to Twitter to block your account. And who are the people at Twitter doing his bidding – clearly not defenders of truth and light. I have just been writing to a cousin elsewhere who understands the context of your trauma – as do I. So yes – your ugly “Andrew Walton” tormenter is either a perpetrator or completely sick.

    I gave up Twitter myself a couple of years back – not that I was ever attacked – but it encourages shouty words and I didn’t want to engage in like manner – especially politically. The days became much calmer. Good luck to you in the meantime…

  • Keep on keeping on, and in these 12 hours, take comfort in being on high moral ground.

  • Hang in there mate and remember to take a break from this stuff every now and then. Go swim in a warm Ocean with soft sand.
    These are dark forces you are constantly attacking and few have the stomach to maintain the ferocity and operational tempo that you do.

    Assange is among the finest Australians if not the finest to have ever lived.

    Go Well.


    • true… humanity can’t afford courageous and insightful warriors like Caitlin to burn out because of tawdry trolls and spooks. by the way, this “i’m not a robot” thing is driving me nuts. how many clicks does it take??????

    • true… humanity can’t afford courageous and insightful warriors like Caitlin to burn out because of tawdry trolls and spooks. by the way, this “i’m not a robot” thing is driving me nuts. how many clicks does it take?????? someone’s sabotaging my comment privilege, seriously.

      • Actually, I enjoy the “I Am Not a Robot” thingie – it’s like earning the right to comment… Besides, considering the drooling nincompoops that are out there in social media land, a blogger cannot be too careful these days.

  • Thank you for your words of wisdom and sanity.

    • Caitlin – thoughts with you, but see you’re strong against that awful shit. Please attend to your Patreon account too 🙂 TY J

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