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This Assange Supporter Excoriating The Press Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

Julian Assange’s latest US extradition hearing was a brief affair which saw the WikiLeaks founder’s next hearing scheduled for sometime after the end of February, nearly at the end of his 50-week sentence for a bail conditions violation. According to Reuters Assange was lucid and spirited enough to argue with the prosecution a bit, telling the American lawyer via videolink, “I didn’t break any password whatsoever.”

So that’s somewhat encouraging. A short time earlier, on the other side of the Westminster Magistrates courthouse wall, a far more animated scene had just been live-streamed to the world.

During a lively pro-Assange demonstration outside, independent reporter and political commentator Gordon Dimmack took the bullhorn, pointed it at the press crew which had gathered awaiting news from the courthouse, and delivered a scathing rebuke to them which is about the most delightful and cathartic thing that an Assange supporter can possibly watch.

“Today’s the day that journalism gets put on trial,” Dimmack said. “And it’s interesting that behind me there are this many cameras. There haven’t been this many cameras for quite a while. It’s interesting that when Julian was dragged out and kidnapped from within that Ecuadorian embassy, all of you guys had actually gone home, and it was a Russian TV station that actually caught it, Ruptly. It’s almost as if you don’t care.”

“For seven years you have smeared and slandered that man who is going to appear on video in that court in about fifteen minutes,” Dimmack told the mainstream press, right to their fucking faces. “You are all responsible for what has happened today! All of you in the media! Every one of you. You have got blood on your hands. When he released those documents that Chelsea Manning gave him, all he did was the job of a publisher. That’s it. Right now Julian Assange is going to court and put on trial for exposing war criminals as war criminals. And all of you for seven years have smeared and slandered him. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“You have all got a chance right now to actually do a U-turn and repair some of the damage that you have done over the last seven years,” Dimmack roared. “The Fourth Estate is extremely important. You know this. This is why journalism is such a noble profession; you are meant to hold power accountable, not to suck up to it sycophantically and just repeat propaganda. Otherwise you are just the establishment’s PR firm.”

“Stand up for Julian Assange and tell the truth,” he continued. “Ask yourselves why is it for seven years you have printed lie after lie after lie about him? Why is it for seven years you have said that he went to the Ecuadorian embassy to escape a rape charge? No he didn’t! How many times have I said it? He went in there to escape extradition to the United States.”

“Well guess what?” Dimmack concluded, gesturing to the courthouse. “He was right again! Free Julian Assange.”

So, wow. That’s basically everything every Assange supporter has wanted to scream at every member of the mainstream press for years, and he said it right to their faces in exactly the way we’d want to say it.

Dimmack’s heartfelt rebuke comes from the same lucid recognition as UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, who in a recent interview with The Canary explicitly called out the journalistic malpractice around Assange and the mass media’s complicity in his psychological torture.

“In today’s information age, the media have an extraordinary power to shape public opinion, and no one is exempt from their influence,” Melzer said. “The media are a veritable ‘fourth power’ in the state next to the traditional branches of government, controlling not only what is said and shown, but also what is not disseminated and, therefore, is withheld from the public. This enormous power comes with an equally enormous ethical responsibility. Many media outlets and individual journalists have shown a remarkable lack of critical independence and have contributed significantly to spreading abusive and deliberately distorted narratives about Mr Assange.”

“When the media find it more appropriate to spread humiliating jokes about Mr Assange’s cat, his skateboard and his faeces, than to challenge governments consistently refusing to hold their officials accountable for wars of aggression, corruption and serious international crimes, they demonstrate a deplorable lack of responsibility, decency and respect not only towards Mr Assange, but also towards their own readers, hearers and viewers, whom they are supposed to inform and empower. It is a bit like being served poisoned junk food at a restaurant – a betrayal of trust with potentially serious consequences,” Melzer added.

“By making Mr Assange ‘unlikeable’ and ridiculous in public opinion, an environment was created in which no one would feel empathy with him, very similar to the historic witch-hunts, or to modern situations of mobbing at the workplace or in school,” Melzer said.

The mass media have created and then egged on an atmosphere of what Melzer described to Chris Hedges as “unrestrained public mobbing” by repeating smears without skepticism and using their inflated social media profiles to go even further in their sneering, encouraging the public to join in. Aside from this ongoing psychological abuse on a massive international scale being extremely detrimental to Assange’s health, it also facilitated a fatal blow to press freedoms which is impacting journalists all around the world already. It was myopic, petty and very, very dangerous to their own goddamn profession, and we kept warning them but they kept doing it anyway.

To have Gordon step up and tell them that right to their gormless face-holes may not reverse the damage they’ve done, but at least they had to stand there and listen to it. And my God, was it good to hear out loud. More of this please!


You can follow Gordon Dimmack on YouTube by clicking here and on Twitter by clicking here. You can also click here to find various options to support his ongoing work.

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  • If you’ll notice, the cameras are turned off and the reporters are checking their cell phones.

  • Two important elements of truth to help fight Julian’s case surely are:

    1. Chelsea Manning, Adrian Lamo, Ben Griffin (“ex”-SAS who “explains” Collateral Murder video) and Ethan McCord (child rescuer) are intelligence operatives. They are part of what we should have known the power elite were always going to implement in relation to WIkileaks: CONTROLLED OPPOSITION

    — Chelsea Manning: method of smuggling out of files and number of files smuggled is implausible, glamour photos, feted in MSM, behaviour in interview with Juju Chang of ABC’s Nightline not consistent with being a genuine leaker

    — Adrian Lamo: his ages do not add up

    2. The Collateral Murder video is a fake.

    Real bits of audio are stitched together and non-lethal explosives such as Tannerite are used in the staging. The callsigns do not add up. Way too many Bushmaster callsigns and the audio does not match what we see on the ground.

    More detail of evidence given here:

    • Everything is a fake to lunatics. I trust that you don’t suffer a fake’ like that which the Iraqis, whose suffering your type have such contempt for, endured.

      • That is simply an assertion, Richard. I certainly believe in the moon landings and I accept the science on man-made climate change. I judge only by the evidence and I provide it to support my claims. There is no reason to be surprised by what I claim. We should EXPECT this from the power elite. It’s just that, unfortunately, it didn’t occur to anyone, including me, before. If you wish to argue with my case for stating that Chelsea Manning is an intelligence operative and the Collateral Murder video is a fake then please do but do not simply make assertions which indicate that you have not looked at the case I make for my claims.

        1. Do you think that there is any possibility that the power elite would not try to implement controlled opposition to undermine Wikileaks?

        2. What is it about Chelsea Manning that makes you believe she is not controlled opposition but a genuine leaker?

        • “non-lethal explosives” – What an
          interesting concept.

          Yet another is the word “testify”, as in “Chelsea Manning refuses to testify”. Call me a cynic but perhaps the only value any sworn testimony has of late is the potential to have some hapless dope self-incriminate even if it is only through error or faulty memory. “I do not recall” seems to be the default answer for cornered politicians at the highest levels.

          Also interesting:

  • Listening to the CMMM/news is like having someone pissing down your back and calling it rain.
    I make my living off the evening news
    Just give me something
    Something I can use
    people everywhere you loose
    They love dirty laundry.

    Well I coulda been an actor
    But I wound up here
    I just have to look good
    I don’t have to be clear
    Come and whisper in my ear
    Give us dirty laundry.
    ….We got the bubble headed
    Bleach blonde
    Who comes on a five
    She can tell ’bout the plane crash
    with a gleam in her eye
    It’s interesting when people die
    give us dirty laundry
    Don Henley/ Dirty Laundry

  • Brilliantly done.

  • Gary Webb is another journalist crucified by the “heroes” in the press.

    • Who ended his life by committing suicide , shooting himself in the head twice!



    Pontius Pilate, of course, was the judge who condemned Jesus Christ to death, according to the bible. The crime Jesus was punished for was that of leading a religion critical of the values of the Roman state. Modern authorities try to defend their right to have criminal secrets in order to justify pursecuting Assange, who has led a world-wide movement for transparent and just government. If UK or Swedish judges deliver Assange to authorities who then deliver him to the United States, they may claim that they are only doing their duty under the law, just like Judge Pontius Pilate. …

  • Gordon Dimmack was right to point the finger at the scandalous role of the capitalist press and media, who are, indeed, a PR firm for the capitalists, the rich and powerful, and the Establishment everywhere. This is especially true in Britain and the USA, where dissenting voices go unheard or are deliberately silenced.

    Mr. Dimmack’s appeals to these jackals to become honest purveyors of the truth, however, is utterly utopian and fanciful.

    In an era of widening social inequality, “austerity,” and overt preparations for World War 3 by US imperialism and its lackeys, like Britain, the serried ranks of the prostitutes of the pen and microphone are only going to get worse, not better, regardless of moral appeals to their “better nature.” The vast majority of them are faithful, lickspittle servants of the capitalist class and are NOT going to bite the hand that feeds them so generously.

    The struggle for Julian Assange’s release is inextricably linked with the struggle for the Socialist transformation of society on a worldwide basis. As Karl Marx pointed out so presciently over a 100 years ago, the ruling ideas of every age are those of the ruling class.

    The perpetuation and preservation of the capitalist system is the PRIMARY AND ESSENTIAL ROLE of the capitalist press and media in the 21st Century.

    The “battle of ideas” is simply an expression, conscious or otherwise, of the underlying class struggle. Julian Assange’s heroic example proves that whenever a Journalist joins the side of those questioning the untrammelled rule of the capitalists and their dogs of war, he is treated exactly the same way as Witches were treated in 16th and 17th Century Europe.

    The fight for truth, justice, human rights, and the very preservation of the species, is only going to be won if the working class wins its fight for Socialism on a worldwide scale to take the wealth and weapons of mass destruction out of the the blood-stained, thieving hands of the capitalist class forever. Workers of all countries Unite!!

  • I’m finding it harder and harder to express my feelings – my despair, rage and sadness that so many supposedly intelligent and responsible people in government, media and elsewhere can turn a blind eye to the atrocities our governments are committing every day and to the extreme lengths they will go to to cover them up.

    My heart goes out to Julian Assange sitting in the Belmarsh prison waiting for the axe to fall, knowing that only a miracle will save him from an almost certain torturous lifetime in US prisons, that’s if they don’t execute him.

    I think that this case proves beyond doubt that the US and its allies, have decided to cripple the media by this attack on publishers. Like in the European & South American dictatorships the first move in a coup d’etat was to take over the media broadcasting stations – to control the narrative and censor the press.. This persecution and prosecution of Julian Assange will achieve the same result by sending a clear message to publishers that they will be prosecuted if they publish anything the government doesn’t like.

    So much for our failed democracy, we are now in the twilight zone between light and dark, about to descend into totalitarianism and dystopia.

    • Your despair, rage and sadness mirror my own. Understanding government corruption is difficult when we are brought up as children to believe that the government is wiser than we are.
      Against that, it was quite heartening to read, several years ago, that a professor of psychology considered the urge to control other people to be fundamentally a psychotic urge, and it therefore follows that people who find themselves actually attracted to a career in politics are, fundamentally psychotic.
      At least there I see a very credible outline of what our problem is.
      We should therefore trust no one who admits to wanting a career in politics, and that means we have to look elsewhere for adequate government.
      I know that sounds radical, but when the corruption we are faced with is as diabolic as it obviously is, then what use is it going to be to rely on Sunday School diplomacy?

      • “We came, we saw, he died,” she joked when told of news reports of Qaddafi’s death by an aide in between formal interviews.

        It’s hard not to hear that particular cackling laughter when remembering this episode, the same type so typified by almost every evil Disney villainess. But to think this same person came within a breath of becoming the most powerful person in the world, that is what is truly scary.

  • Assange IS NOT A HERO! I am sick and tired of people treating him as if he were some poor victim when he is not! He took money to engage in open election tampering, spreading misinformation and rumor, and working to elect Donald trump, a man that HE KNEW was a sadistic terrorist. ASSANGE knew months in advance of the mass torture programs against children and he didn’t give a crap. All he cared about was getting paid and damn the pain caused because of his actions.

    If Assange had actually HAD an ethical bone in his body, he would never have willingly worked for trump and the Russians. 100 THOUSAND children are suffering because of the direct actions of Assange. Its time to hold Assange to account for his actions and the consequences of those actions.

    Assange is a worthless child abusing maggot, not a heroic voice of the people and he CERTAINLY is not a journalist of ANY sort. Stop treating this child predator as if he were anything special! Assange is a disgrace and that is all he will ever be.

    • Check your facts first before writing this hateful crap.

    • Since you are able to use the English language reasonably well, you are obviously not stupid enough to believe that dishonest rant. Bad strategy to overdo it so badly that you out yourself. Back to school for you!

    • Dunno about anyone else on here, but I haven’t the faintest idea of what your ranting on about. “Election tampering” ???? Please, don’t hold back, give us all the details as we’re all in the dark on this one. “Spreading misinformation ” L.O.L. WOW, where did that one come from ? You need to visit this site to understand your shortsightedness ;
      18 Ways Julian Assange Changed the World
      Take note of Item 18, fourth Paragraph, which states very cleary, and I quote ; “Nothing published on WikiLeaks has ever been proven untrue. Compare that record to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any mainstream outlet. Assange has been nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes, and nearly every respected media outlet has used source material from WikiLeaks in their reporting. Yet after all this and after seven years in captivity, the man who laid bare our criminal leaders and showed each one of us our chains is not receiving parades and accolades. He and those who helped him reveal the truth are the only ones endlessly punished.
      It pains me, that after all this time, I need to point out to folks like you, that Trump was not the President when all this was going on, so why is it, that in your mind, it seems it’s all Trump’s fault ????? Regarding your torture claims, you need to explain to us all, how you arrive at such a conclusion, don’t hold back on the facts please, go for broke, we are all awaiting to be enlightened. Same goes for the claim of working for the Russians. Please, all the facts if you would. To go around charging people as child abusers is no light thing, in some countries, making such allegations can result in serious legal charges being made against you, I therefore hope you have the FACTUAL evidence readily available to sustain such a claim.
      And lastly, when was the last time you had a physciatric evaluation, because going by your post, it comes across as you are in dire need of one.

    • “THEY” really did wonders with you……or did “they” ?
      It is so blatantly written that it could not possibly be what the writer believes; more likely manufactured by lower grade goons intending to make it appear that supporters of Assange drop to this level of misrepresentation to confuse and cast doubt on the credibility of others.
      Having suggested this, I doubt that the swamp or its followers, have the kudos necessary.

    • Crikey – not even the MSM has accused Julian Assange of being a child abuser. PLEASE, Brian, read some of Caitlin’s and other journalists’ articles on JA. I highly recommend Craig Murray on JA, Craig was the intermediary between the DNC leaker and Wikileaks so the ‘hacking’ story as trotted out by the MSM is shown to be totally made up.

    • Not worth responding to your nonsense except to say you are an utter raving nutcase. If you are a seppo(Aussie rhyming slang:seppo-septic tank- yank) your country killed 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions. Bombs are still killing people in Laos and Cambodia. Most mass killers in your blighted land are returned soldiers. Your country has been at war for all but 30 odd years since 1776. The most powerful armed forces the world has ever seen can’t beat AK armed Taliban. ” liberation” of Mosul and Raqqa killed thousands of civilians while the military mouthpieces reluctantly admit to a few dozen. Your country has lied the world into wars of aggression-the ultimate war crime- costing millions of innocent lives.

    • Oh, it was sarcasm!
      I misunderstood.
      Thought it was a looney.

    • Assange took No money. He spread the TRUTH of the DNC and Clinton rigging of the Democratic Presidential candidates’ race. The people who elected Trump were the DNC thugs who nominated the unelectable Harpy Clinton, who is old friends with Trump. And she is a vastly greater terrorist than Trump ever was, before he became President ie Terrorist-in-Chief. WHAT ‘mass torture programs against children’ are you raving about? Where are these 100,000 children, and how do the Russians and Assange bear any responsibility for these mythical creatures? I really cannot see how such Evil, vicious, mendacious slander can be anything but psychopathological projection.

    • Wow! That is such a load of falsehoods and lies. Yes, Assange is not only a hero, he is a genius for bringing a revolutionary new idea to the Free Press: publishing materials without an editorial bias that packages the story to fit the agenda of the wealthy owner of the publishing company.
      Clearly you are paid by the CIA (or you are just a lunatic) to troll against Assange with smear attacks like “worthless child abusing maggot” that have no rational meaning.

  • I am so full of hatred for the MSM & The State, the shitting on Truth with such UTTER impunity but I am also reminded of the old US cartoon character Pogo. His quote, so to my heart, “I have seen the Enemy & He is Us. Yes, every piss weak lazy fukhed buffoon that chews his cud & doesn’t give a damn. This is Us. Remove the word Truth, or Liberty, from our lexicon…does the concept then exist? No, it don’t you cunts. Gregory FISHER.

  • At 2:05 notice the blonde in the middle yawning and rubbing her eye….this says it all….the press does not care….they feel no guilt, no shame, no honor. They went back to their offices and buried the speech in their electronic files-never to be replayed to the public.

  • Too bad they couldn’t get John Stewart over there to say a few words.

  • Before I went to bed last night I read an article about the conditions jailed prisoners have to endure while locked up inside of United States prisons. I am still in a state of shock today. I hope and pray that Mr. Assange is never placed into United States custody!

  • The System elites are just trying to keep the statu quo by any means, so I think they are afraid to judge Mr Assange because it could affect the statu quo which is paradise on earth for them because they fear the reaction of the citizens.

    In the case of Mr Assange you will see delaying tactics after delaying tactics (the fact that he was in an embassy for many years was a delaying tactic).

    To understand how function the System ruling elites, you have to read what the famous Englishman Thomas More wrote 500 years ago in his masterpiece “Utopia”:

    “The wealthy, not only by private fraud but also by common laws, do every day pluck and snatch away from the people some part of their daily living. Therefore, when I consider and weigh in my mind these commonwealths which nowadays do flourish, I perceive nothing but a certain conspiracy of rich men in procuring their own commodities under the name and authority of the commonwealth. They invent and devise all means and crafts, first how to keep safely without fear of losing that which they have unjustly gathered together, and next how to hire and abuse the work and labor of the people for as little money and effort as possible.”

    So, the ruling elites of today are very similar to the ruling elites 500 years ago. The difference today is that it seems they have convinced a lot of people that it is the right way to be.

    Against that, you have to pray, especially the Rosary.

    • Spot on. On top of that, they also USE the taxpayer POLICE to enforce their introduced laws protecting them in their rip off actions as well. Ans those same Police, do it willingly.

    • CIA/NSA troll sowing disinformation and misinformation to confuse people who want a better world.

  • What a way to start the day! I felt my own outrage pouring out with every word Gordon roared directly into the faces of the very people most complicit in Julian’s horrendous imprisonment. May the MSM amoebas awaken enough to fight for themselves by rallying behind Julian.
    And finally….well done to you Caitlin on your incisive reporting and commentary. A pleasure to read.

  • thx

    shared at https://www.facebook.com/LyinDoc124/
    with attribution

  • I wrote to my MP, as you suggested, and asked him to pass on my concerns to the Home Secretary. I also wrote to Julian Assange, in Belmarsh and I enclosed a SAE in case he wants to reply to me. I may write to my MP again. I feel sorry for all the political prisoners in Belmarsh, it sounds like they’re having a terrible time.What a terrible stigma on our society all of this is.

    • Well you have to hand it to the Brits, after all, they are the EXPERTS at torturing and locking up people in inhuman conditions, they’ve been at it for centuries. The also invented the concentration camps wherein thousands and then later WW 2, millions perished. Ask any Africaner what memories they have during the Boer war, where the Brits ensured men, women and children were all murdered.

      • Until their bastard spawn, the USA, outdid them, the English were the greatest mass murderers in history.

  • We must not give up, and let ourselves be silenced. Follow the example of our heroes, and continue to speak out – whatever the cost.

  • It’s good to have seen some footage of Assange in prison just to know he’s ok (not ‘good ‘ that he’s in prison obvs). I haven’t managed to view the footage yet but thanks for putting it in print, would love to have been there! I wonder if the MSM will ever change to reporting the truth objectively and also about people with actual intelligence/talent …probably not but we can always live in hope – and read ‘alternative ‘ (read what should be mainstream) news sites such as yours.

  • Fourth power, yes. And there is a fifth, the unelected agency power to script regulations and enforce them at whim.

  • The fact is that the mass media have zero credibility. The same mass media told us there was a plane in the pentagone on 9-11 and another plane in a field in Pennsylvania. But they were unable to show any wreckage of those planes.

    Lies are governing the world the same way it was in the days of Noah. I really have seen enough. My hope is that we are very close to the Second Coming and I pray the Rosary for that to happen as soon as possible.

    • Seriously Michel, steam came out of my ears when I reached the part, “My hope is that we are very close to the Second Coming and I pray the Rosary for that to happen as soon as possible.” Such comment really angers me, as I see them as a cop out of the reality we are all facing.
      The FACTS are, what we are facing today, is a DIRECT result of our INACTION when these events were reported, the ruling Elite laughed all the way to their banks, and walked away scott free of being punished for their crimes because WE, every member of the Western public aborgated our responsibilty, as members of our society to ensure these people were answerable to us all, in accordance to the laws we all live by.
      Instead, we all turned the other cheek and pretended it didn’t concern us. Now, folks like you turn, around and expect some mysterious diety to come and fix up OUR mess, we ourselves allowed to happen.
      Give me ONE reason why anyone with half a brain even, would bother to pull our chestnuts from a fire that WE ourselves stoked the wood upon ???

    • The Second Coming has been, looked around, thought “fuck this shit”, and left again!

  • Thank you. Speaking Truth to Power.
    Glad to hear Julian Assange is feeling better.
    At least he can speak now.

  • “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

    This message has been approved by the “Intelligence Community”.

  • Dimmack; you have voiced the opinions of such a huge number of sane educated people. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Caitlin; you deserve an enormous round of applause and gratitude for NEVER giving up.
    I hope that you both continue to speak out …. in a way it really gives us all hope for an end to this madness.

  • I love this piece too. I only wish there were more journalists like you and Dimmack, who actually do the job that freedom of the press was supposed to have been granted for. What a horrible bunch of toadies the media have become.

  • While Dimmack’s public excoriation of the corporate media, in their faces (or cameras) is certainly cathartic, it’s akin to the old ‘if a tree falls in the forest does it make a noise?’ adage since, unless the corporate media choose to engage in a public mea culpa and broadcast his ‘rant’ in whole or in part, the viewing public will know nothing of it and know only what the media tells them. If I understand the header to this article, only 107 people have seen it, only 1060 have viewed the video. If press freedoms disappear and nobody notices…

  • US has always been a war-monger. One of two factors will bring about the downfall of the US: an outside force or a force from within. Mark my words!

  • I’m from a french speaking aera, I dont see so much support from medias and from people in comments to Assange.

    Why ?

    Do people stop fighting against massive surveillance, did they dive into fatalism ?

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