In the race to determine who will serve as Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force in the history of civilization, night two of the CNN Democratic presidential debates saw less than six minutes dedicated to discussing US military policy during the 180-minute event.

That’s six, as in the number before seven. Not sixty. Not sixteen. Six. From the moment Jake Tapper said “I want to turn to foreign policy” to the moment Don Lemon interrupted Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard just as she was preparing to correctly explain how President Trump is supporting Al-Qaeda in Idlib, approximately five minutes and fifty seconds had elapsed. The questions then turned toward the Mueller report and impeachment proceedings.

Night one of the CNN debates saw almost twice as much time, with a whole eleven minutes by my count dedicated to questions of war and peace for the leadership of the most warlike nation on the planet. This discrepancy could very well be due to the fact that night two was the slot allotted to Gabbard, whose campaign largely revolves around the platform of ending US warmongering. CNN is a virulent establishment propaganda firm with an extensive history of promoting lies and brazen psyops in facilitation of US imperialism, so it would make sense that they would try to avoid a subject which would inevitably lead to unauthorized truth-telling on the matter.

But the near-absence of foreign policy discussion didn’t stop the Hawaii congresswoman from getting in some unauthorized truth-telling anyway. Attacking the authoritarian prosecutorial record of Senator Kamala Harris to  thunderous applause from the audience, Gabbard criticized the way her opponent “put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana,” “blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the court’s forced her to do so,” “kept people in prisons beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California,” and “fought to keep the cash bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst kind of way.”

Harris, who it turns out fights very well when advancing but folds under pressure, had no answer for Gabbard’s attack, preferring to focus on attacking Joe Biden instead. Later, when she was a nice safe distance out of Gabbard’s earshot, she uncorked a long-debunked but still effective smear which establishment narrative managers have been dying for an excuse to run wild with.

“This, coming from someone who has been an apologist for an individual, Assad, who has murdered the people of his country like cockroaches,” Harris told Anderson Cooper after the debate. “She who has embraced and been an apologist for him in a way that she refuses to call him a war criminal. I can only take what she says and her opinion so seriously and so I’m prepared to move on.”

That was all it took. Harris’ press secretary Ian Sams unleashed a string of tweets about Gabbard being an “Assad apologist”, which was followed by a deluge of establishment narrative managers who sent the word “Assad” trending on Twitter, at times when Gabbard’s name somehow failed to trend despite being the top-searched candidate on Google after the debate. As of this writing, “Assad” is showing on the #5 trending list on the side bar of Twitter’s new layout, while Gabbard’s name is nowhere to be seen. This discrepancy has drawn criticism from numerous Gabbard defenders on the platform.

“Somehow I have a hard time believing that ‘Assad’ is the top trending item in the United States but ‘Tulsi’ is nowhere to be found,” tweeted journalist Michael Tracey.

It really is interesting how aggressively the narrative managers thrust this line into mainstream consciousness all at the same time.

The Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin went on a frantic, lie-filled Twitter storm as soon as he saw an opportunity, claiming with no evidence whatsoever that Gabbard lied when she said she met with Assad for purposes of diplomacy and that she “helped Assad whitewash a mass atrocity”, and falsely claiming that “she praised Russian bombing of Syrian civilians“.

In reality all Gabbard did was meet with Assad to discuss the possibility of peace, and, more importantly, she said the US shouldn’t be involved in regime change interventionism in Syria. This latter bit of business is the real reason professional war propagandists like Rogin are targeting her; not because they honestly believe that a longtime US service member and sitting House Representative is an “Assad apologist”, but because she commits the unforgivable heresy of resisting the mechanics of America’s forever war.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid gleefully leapt into the smearing frenzy, falsely claiming that “Gabbard will not criticize Assad, no matter what.” Gabbard has publicly and unequivocally both decried Assad as a “brutal dictator” and claimed he’s guilty of war crimes, much to the irritation of anti-imperialists like myself who hold a far more skeptical eye to the war propaganda narratives about what’s going on in Syria. At no time has Gabbard ever claimed that Assad is a nice person or that he isn’t a brutal leader; all she’s done is say the US shouldn’t get involved in another regime change war there because US regime change interventionism is consistently and predictably disastrous. That’s not being an “Assad apologist”, that’s having basic common sense.

“Beware the Russian bots and their promotion of Tulsi Gabbard and sowing racial dischord [sic], especially around Kamala Harris,” tweeted New York Times and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali.

All the usual war cheerleaders from Lindsey Graham to Caroline Orr to Jennifer Rubin piled on, because this feeding frenzy had nothing to do with concern that Gabbard adores Bashar al-Assad and everything to do with wanting more war. Add that to the fact that Gabbard just publicly eviscerated a charming, ambitious and completely amoral centrist who would excel at putting a friendly humanitarian face on future wars if elected, and it’s easy to understand why the narrative managers are flipping out so hard right now.

War is the glue that holds the empire together. A politician can get away with opposing some aspects of the status quo when it comes to healthcare or education, but war as a strategy for maintaining global dominance is strictly off limits. This is how you tell the difference between someone who actually wants to change things and someone who’s just going through the motions for show; the real rebels forcefully oppose the actual pillars of empire by calling for an end to military bloodshed, while the performers just stick to the safe subjects.

The shrill, hysterical pushback that Gabbard received last night was very encouraging, because it means she’s forcing them to fight back. In a media environment where the war propaganda machine normally coasts along almost entirely unhindered in mainstream attention, the fact that someone has positioned themselves to move the needle like this says good things for our future. If our society is to have any chance of ever throwing off the omnicidal, ecocidal power establishment which keeps us in a state of endless war and soul-crushing oppression, the first step is punching a hole in the narrative matrix which keeps us hypnotized into believing that this is all normal and acceptable.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Whoever disrupts that narrative control is doing the real work.


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67 responses to “Propagandists Are Freaking Out Over Gabbard’s Destruction Of Harris”

  1. Tulsi has been an exthusiastic supporter of all criminal wars by voting FOR all war funding bills without hesitation.
    Tulsi voted FOR the anti-BDS bill that criminalizes boycott against Israel.
    Tulsi has been a loyal member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
    Tulsi vounteered to join the invading US military to kill the invaded and never apologized for it.

    her visit to Syria didn’t stop the US/Israel aggression on Syria either.

    hey, let’s award a Nobel Peace Prize to Tulsi!

  2. Tulsi has been an exthusiastic supporter of all criminal wars by voting FOR all war funding bills without hesitation.
    Tulsi voted FOR the anti-BDS bill that criminalizes boycott against Israel.
    Tulsi has been a loyal member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
    Tulsi vounteered to join the invading US military to kill the invaded and never apologized for it.

    her visit to Syria didn’t stop the US/Israel aggression on Syria either.

    time to award a Nobel Peace Prize to Tulsi!

  3. Dear Caitlin,
    Thank you for your analysis re. Gabbard vs Harris. I wish to add that most reporters, politicians., pundits, experts in the political arena choose to report about serious issues such as nuclear war and war making in general in the abstract. The Military-Industrial-Complex, Raytheon, Boeing, Draper Labs, Lockeed-Martin, etc., are targeted as erious prosecutors of an American war policy (which they are), but without names and faces.

    The names of the financiers, CEO’s of weapons manufacturers, distributors and vendors of domestic and military weapons (all the same people) and ultimately the names of the engineers and scientists who are the only people capable of making weapons of mass destruction and who are never held accountable. This is not idle gossip. William Hartung, at a lecture he gave two years ago at the Quaker Meeting House in Cambridge, acknowledged that engineers and scientists are the only people capable of making weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons. Until these folks are held accountable for crimes against humanity, all of the abstract finger pointing will lead nowhere in the bigger picture of peace on earth. Those not held accountable will continue to produce weapons of mass destruction until one day a nuclear holocaust will be inevitable.

    1. none of the “progressive Massachusetts politicians” including Warren have ever signed on any meaningful anti-war, peace bills or resolutions, exactly because Massachusetts and New England is owned by MIC, High Finance, and pharma-medical industry.

  4. Some very interesting people see Ms Gabbard the same way that Ms Johnstone does and that is refreshing.

    1. Thanks for link detailing more mainstream attacks on Tulsi. I have foolish hope that with the availability of alternate media and word of mouth activism it is possible these elitist smears may backfire and propel her popularity. One can dream.

  5. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Miss Caitlin,

    I admire you because, let be honest, women are generally more inclined to get into the service of the people who are behind 9/11 (for example there are more and more women in politics and many nominations these days in western governments are women). Men are generally more suspicious (It is like that since Adam and Eve).

    But in your case, you stand your ground.

    And just reading your articles, you are also fed up of all the present bullshit.

    As I said, many prophecies are telling us the return of Jesus is very soon. I am convinced it could be any day now.

    And I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I am fed up and I have really really seen enough of all the bullshit.

  6. It’s heart warming to see and thank you, Caitlin for your open minded and honest blogging (and intelligent, elequent, with humor and interesting).
    The world is better for having people like you and Tulsi.

  7. Jimmy Dore does a report on how the Democrats and CNN blocked Bernie supporters from appearing on camera during their debate. How democracy works in the Democratic party. For that matter, in any real democracy, only the voters get to ‘winnow down’ the field of candidates. Why not have a national vote among party members? Oh, that couldn’t possibly be done would be the answer. Except, the UK Conservative party just picked their new leader in that manner.

    1. One simple ranked choice vote is the only thing needed. This solution along with campaign finance reform to level the field is what is needed. But for either to happen current corrupt representatives would have to vote for it. So it is highly unlikely to ever happen

    2. That interview with Jordan Chariton of Status Coup was great- so was the coverage on the SC channel. That the police weren’t letting in supporters wearing Bernie shirts, kept them from waving signs equal in size to those of Biden and Warren, and put them directly behind a giant CNN logo so they couldn’t be seen at all during the panning shots– it’s all manipulation in favor of the corporate agenda. On top of all this, when Bernie supporters complained to the police, they were told to ‘take it up with CNN’. Pauthoritarianism in service of the corporate state– what’s the term for that again?

  8. mu hunch is, Tulsi is a female obama:
    1) Tulsi has been on Council On Foreign Relations, the cradle of all zionist NWO, and
    2) Tulsi voted FOR the house bill or resolution, written by AIPAC, which criminalizes boycotting Israhell for its genocidal crimes. she didn’t have to, as the bill is utterly indefensible legally and morally.
    mark my word.

    1. Leading American dissident John Walsh wrote an excellent column on who is real and who isn’t real among “progressives”. “The Best Guide for Perplexed Progressives in 2020 is 2016.”
      The basic point is to trust the people who have fought for you in the past.

    2. It is irresponsible to use a hunch as the basis of writing off the only openly anti-war candidate. The better method of gauging whether any candidate is another fake like Obama is to follow the money. Look up the list of primary campaign contributors for each candidate. That was the tell exposing Obama as a deceitful status quo warmonger. Same forces will be at work this time around. So do some digging as this progresses.

      1. my hunch wasa right about obama, and yes many of your kind called me racist back then too. Tulsi never acknowledged that her “military service” was the biggest mistake of her life. she never explained why she voted for the anti-BDS bill. she never acknowledged that CFR has always been the cradle of all zionist evil and she’s been part of CFR. my hunch has more basis than anything you say. go get her answers if you want to disprove my hunch.

        1. Your points about Tulsi voting record are valid. Your feeling a “hunch” is meaningful only to yourself. It is true that I voted for Obama at his first term, but after his obvious betrayal before even taking office I became his harshist critic. I should have looked at his financiers, and that is why I am suggesting an objective way, not a hunch, for examining all the candidates as the election proceeds.

        2. One characteristic that those attacking Tulsi as a closet warmonger is that they never offer up an alternative. Can you tell us who you prefer in the current lineup of Dem candidates.

          Regarding voting for the anti-BDS Gabbard was not alone w the House vote of 398-17. It is dissappointing, and my only excuse is that she is taking on the empires forever war core feature and needs to “pick her battles” as they say. The anti-BDS bill I believe is just non-binding statement of support for Israel, something they already have w most Americans. So maybe not the best place to pick a fight in a contentious battle for becoming the Dem nominee.

          1. alternative? anti-war is not an alternative? you finally show your true neo-liberal color….

          2. Tulsi has been an exthusiastic supporter of all criminal wars by voting FOR all war funding bills without hesitation.
            Tulsi voted FOR the anti-BDS bill that criminalizes boycott against Israel.
            Tulsi has been a loyal member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
            Tulsi vounteered to join the invading US military to kill the invaded and never apologized for it.

            her visit to Syria didn’t stop the US/Israel aggression on Syria either.

            time to award a Nobel Peace Prize to Tulsi!

  9. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    I do not know how a normal person in our days can think to go into politics to be in the service of those who are behind 9/11 and many other lies.

    Think about it. Not only politicians but all the institutions, the police etc… they are all in the service of those who are behind 9/11.

    I am totally fed up of all that bullshit.

    Fortunately, many prophecies tell us that the return of Jesus is very near. For example, the prophecy of the pope says that Francis is the last pope and that he will witness the return of Jesus and the Final Judgement of mankind.

    So it could be any day now even if people do not seem to live at all as if it was the case.

    This is because we are living in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus:

    Matt. 24:37-38: “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. “For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark,”

    How accurate for our time, the words of Jesus.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I have really, but really seen enough of all that bullshit.

  10. Oh, my, the real planned Democratic candidate may be Michelle Obama, and the fire commissioners in New York that cleaned up after 9/11 now demand an investigation for bombs.
    That’s ok, “Conspiracy Theorists” are gonna be classified as “domestic terrorists” by the FBI.
    Keep those dead firemen in their place!

  11. Good posts this eve so I won’t clutter the comments with repeating what has already been said. except to reiterate: GO TULSI.

  12. Jews push both the legal drugs and the marijuana. Jews are the worlds misfortune.

    1. Lewis Elbinger Avatar
      Lewis Elbinger

      James Scott:

      You may be confusing Jews with Zionists: they are different.
      Or you may not have any Jewish friends.
      I am a spiritual being who was born as an American Jew so that I could have a voice in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
      We are all spiritual beings, James, including you, and we all are born into one situation or another.
      Caitlin Johnstone is providing some good information.

      I ask you to dig a little deeper with an open mind and heart and discover your own spiritual path and mission. When you do, you will understand that statements like “Jews are the worlds misfortune” are hurtful and not helpful.

      Lewis Elbinger

  13. This says it all – a meeting, a handshake, a hint at peace-making, and you get vilified. Support war and deadly sanctions and you’re ‘presidential’. What on earth have people become.

    By the way, I don’t know how ‘brutal’ the elected ‘dictator’ of Syria is, but before this war Syria had free education and an admirable public healthcare system, as well as a highly educated populace and self-sufficiency in pharmaceuticals production. It’s not only oil and proximity to Israel that gets your country destroyed, it’s any aspect of socialism. Can’t think of a single CIA-led political assassination or government unseating that wasn’t against a left-leaning (people before profit) entity.

    1. Al Assad is a family man. An ophthamologist. He even has blue eyes.
      The politicians and press are such lying cu…runts.

    2. I grew up in the aftermath of the Joe McCarthy Red Scare, House Un-American Affairs Committee era. Back then, the Democrats and the left loudly decried the “Guilt By Association” method. How times have changed.

  14. If Kamala Harris ends up being elected, or even just winning the Democratic nomination, I’ll see that as confirmation of HL Mencken’s quip that “democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it, good and hard.”

  15. Ouch! The truth hurts doesn’t it? Is pulling out the truth in a political debate and hammering someone with the facts of their own easily proven dark history of “leadership” now regarded as not fighting fair?

    Apparently that is “un-American” and if someone does that, particularly to a Globalist’s Wet Dream, such person must immediately be exposed by mainstream media minions as a Russian agent (with no proof at all). It seems that imaginary Russian connections are currently in vogue.

    Tell you what, if Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t get the Democrat Party nomination and then has the opportunity to become the Green Party Candidate, I for one will be voting for her. I just got that idea from the new MSM Russia based conspiracy blurbs and it seems they finally came up with an excellent workable idea. She’s really a bit too nice and certainly too intelligent to be a Democrat anyway.

  16. Jared Kushner owns Baltimore apartments ‘infested’ with rodents, mould and maggots By Mike Ives
    You just can not make this stuff up. The POTUS has a slumlord for a son in law.

  17. ”War is the glue that holds the empire together. A politician can get away with opposing some aspects of the status quo when it comes to healthcare or education, but war as a strategy for maintaining global dominance is strictly off limits.”
    Just exactly WHY is this the case, Caitlin and Tim? It is because Job 1 of the Elite-owned MSM is to keep the present fatally-flawed arrangement exactly as it is – one which ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a perpetually expanding human population AND a perpetually expanding MIC. That job includes destroying candidates who, again, stand for office against the US’s 70+ year-old tradition of using military force to threaten and outright destroy nations that resist US diktat, under the lie of “spreading freedom and democracy”.
    This is the reason that Trump got what he got from the MSM after committing the unforgivable Mortal Sin of shaking hands and making nice with Mr. Putin in Helsinki, because that mere handshake threatened to end the US Elite’s perpetual war for USD hegemony and, thus, the justification for the MIC whose end would mean the end of the US economy as it is presently “designed”.
    Once again with feeling…………. the one and ONLY way that the human race is going to survive is if anti-war candidates for congress and POTUS are elected by US voters. That is NEVER, repeat NEVER, repeat NEVER going to happen unless those candidates spell out in great detail a plan in which the present DoD contract system is MAINTAINED, but the contracts from here to eternity will be for the production of bullet trains instead of bullets; a Liberty-Ship-like production system for building wind turbines, solar panels, vanadium-flow storage batteries, etc. and to rebuild vital infrastructure.
    CNN, etc. are never in a million years going to allow a candidate to elucidate such a plan during their carefully stage-managed “debates”, so what are these candidates to do? They should use their precious, fleeting, on-air time to accuse the script-writers and CNN of doing exactly what they are doing – restricting discussion — and to direct the millions of viewers to YouTube videos or their own web sites in order to find out exactly what their “new plan for America” is, “because the Elite that control CNN are not going to allow this new plan for America to stated during this broadcast. You’ll have to go elsewhere to see it”.
    How long does it take to say what I’ve said above about MAINTAINING the DoD contract system, etc.? Just a few seconds – so few that the MSM censors will not be able to cut off the candidate who’s politically courageous enough to say it.

  18. So this guy is inside the supermarket smoking on a cigar ( which is very illegal here in New York City) and no one is saying anything to him about it. Later I got a good look at the vest he was wearing over his shirt. There were numerous American flags and other symbols, so I guess the guy was just trying to start something which is why everybody just left him alone before he hurt someone. Yup put on the stars and stripes and just shit on everybody. God Bless America. I read in the paper this morning that Bill de Blasio ( democrat-organized crime ) got heckled by protesters at the debate. Good he deserves it.

  19. Hmm…must watch the Rogan/Gabbard interview again…Seemed like he liked what she said. Anyhow PEACE would be lovely! Go, Tulsi!!

  20. In other news, Forbes reports that Rachael Maddow has dropped from being the #1 most watched cable news show (March ’18) to the #5 most watch cable news show. She now trails even Laura Ingraham. Maddow has lost over half a million estimated viewers, or about 16% of her previous leading total. As Lincoln once said, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Not even brain-dead, American Democrats.

  21. I love how talking to Assad about the ruinous policy and murder of his people by US-backed ISIS rebels and bombings is some sort of traitorous event. Big Defense and Big Media have been cutting Gabbard off by the knees as she is the biggest threat to their gravy train in decades. Lying, pitching that Assad crap, ignoring her in the news, cutting off her search Google Buys…the Deep State and media are pulling out all the stops on Gabbard because they know she is coming for them.
    Would you rather be alive and under Assad, or rejoicing in the rubble of “American Democracy” by Drone

  22. Tulsi has restored my faith in a democratic anti-war candidate. I have switched to the Green Party, but sadly, its outstanding platform is silenced in every meaningful way due to our war-loving/promoting derelict 1%. Tulsi fights like a Kennedy. She’s incredibly honest–a no-no for those who live, breathe and eat plunder for regime change. I pray for her safety…she walks on delicate ground. She is real leader-well above any other candidate right or left… and that sets her up for geopolitical target practice.

    1. Tulsi is a one trick pony. However, she’s just your typical Israel loving groveler worshiping the ground the jews tread on. She’s puke, on the whole.

      1. US combat veteran Israel loving groveler visits Assad in Syria to talk peace? How sneaky is that?

        1. That proves this US combat veteran isn’t an Israel loving groveler, Lloyd. Tulsi was very courageous to go to Damascus and visit Assad to discuss peace in that war-torn country. Israeli PM Bibzy Nutty&Yahoo didn’t like that whatsoever. I, however, salute her for being so courageous.

          1. tulsi was very “courageous” to vote for the anti-BDS bill against the palestinians, and for all the funding bills for W MD…. with 400 other reps…. right? she risked her political life! NOT!

            1. good that tulsi voted for anti-bds!

      2. Go away troll

      3. She did vote against America’s free-speech right to boycott and divest from Israel, and that was a big disappointment, and makes me wonder. I sent a n email to that effect as a reply to my receipt for the $50 donation “vote” I sent her for suing Google for blocking her site from searches after the first debate. Maybe Marianne Williamson is the new messiah, there’s a lot I just don’t know about unseen parts moving.

        1. Cretins Bezoar Avatar
          Cretins Bezoar

          Actually H.Res.246 doesn’t in anyway, shape, or form inhibit the 1st amendment. Tulsi’s ‘yes vote’ for this bill was indeed damning of the BDS but in no way could be considered a violation of the BDS’s rights to protest the apartheid state of Zionist Israel. The only thing to take away from her ‘yes’ vote is that she’s doesn’t agree with the BDS movement’s method of protest. She’s still the only non war mongering candidate we have folks, you can’t please all the people all the time.

  23. CIA Operation Zero Footprint, the Obombie & Reptillary plan to arm the big Mo hood and overthrow Tunisian, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Syria was only stopped by brave humanitarian Putin. White Helmet staged fake chemical attacks prompted PDJT missile attacks.
    Russians killed thousands of CIA/ISIS terrorists….
    “We killed hundreds of Russians” ~ madman Pompeo

  24. Leonard Michael Ross Avatar
    Leonard Michael Ross

    Joy Reid on NBC attacked Tulsi mercilessly, along with her fellow clones, on Assad and even had the chutzpah to mention her (repudiated by Tulsi) anti-LGBTQ views which is hillarious considering her own homophobic tweets. But when MSM venom against Tulsi drips, there is no gutter regime-change apologists are not willing to deep dive. But Andersen Cooper interviewed her in his post-debate show and Tulsi defends herself brilliantly, making scion Cooper squirm uncomfortably as she eviscerated his “Assad is a mass-murderer” gotcha attempts. But, to his credit, he was reasonably fair otherwise and gave her a more substantial platform to express her views than the debate did.
    MSM, previously, was touting Harris as the fierce debate contender that would bring Trump down, based on her prosecutor skills, failing to realize that grilling a literally sitting target defendent is a lot different than dealing with someone who can fire back. When Harris tried to deflect with all the good she has done in California Tulsi riposted with a counterattack that sealed Harris’ debate doom. Harris had her ass handed to her on a platter festooned with an aloha lei, compliments of TG. Karma kickback kicked back and Harris and her campaign pulled out all the lamestream stops citing Russian support of Tulsi, regurgitating a bogus report, to staunch the bleeding. But Tulsi is a soldier, combat veteran, strategist and martial artist as she pulled off the bushido “one strike, one kill” manuever in a crowded field of debate opponents. Perhaps Kamala can commiserate with Tim Ryan and whine that Tulsi is unfair because she did give out a trigger warning beforehand.
    Sometimes good guys do wear white.

  25. BDS Israhell and everyone / everything that sustains the evil, in every possible way, everyday.

    1. Are we brothers?
      Amidst all the endless shouting and finger-pointing, the sudden realization has come that the only thing I can do is to disengage from this war economy, To that end I never buy new things when second hand is available, pay subscriptions to nothing that is not in furtherance of my goals, carefully decide what I need, and give away the extra as often as need shows itself. My vision is to start small families of not necessarily related people who are dedicated to sharing and cooperation. Are you serious?
      Are we brothers?

  26. Great article. This is a perfect example of blatant organized MSM propaganda to support their donor class bosses. The phrase “Assad Apologist” is repeated dutifully by these well paid servants. Like other phrases such as “They Hate Us for our Freedoms” from their “greatist hits list” these are an organized media conspiracy to control public opinion.
    This article is great at pointing out the very dangerous development that this election cycle will reveal extreme donor class interference in our corporate social media. Not Russiagate BS, but real systematic heavy duty interference and thought control. This huge danger is not apparent to the average voter and IMO will absolutely occur. The censorship mechanisms have already been installed at FB and Twitter. They will not just sit on this capability. It is going to be used.

  27. I thank all who put a cog in the wheel. Wage Peace and Justice. Keep On…

  28. I thank all who put a cog in the wheel. Wage Peace and Justice.

  29. ” I suppose Tulsi’s attack on The Great Brown Hope…”

    I was wondering about that. Judging by the photograph provided with the article, Tulsi is just as brown.

    Ha ha, Virtue Points!!

  30. If those who oppose invading another country, bombing its civilians, and overthrowing its government are always called “Assad Apologists”, then it only seems to be fair and just to return the serve by calling those who support the radical jihadists a bunch of “Al Qaida Apologists”. Lets try it out, Al-Qaida Apologist Harris was challenged on her disgusting record as a prosecutor during last night’s debate. Yeah, seems about right.

    1. It should also be pointed out – unfailingly – that Al-Qaeda apologists are obviously in favour of burning people alive, drowning them in cages which are thrown into swimming pools, cutting their heads off with penknives, and cutting out their hearts and livers and eating them raw.

      To mention only some of the less horrible acts.

      Since a week is a long time in politics and (as Gore Vidal remarked) “USA” actually stands for “United States of Amnesia”, it may not be worth noting that the US government itself blames Al-Qaeda for 9/11.

      But what they hey… they are Christians, aren’t they, and so what is more natural than that they should forgive what was done to other people 18 years ago.

      1. Oh, I forgot “crucifying Christian civilians, including children”.

        My bad.

    2. the “al-qaida apologists” created al-qaida. apology is justified.

  31. “At no time has Gabbard ever claimed that Assad is a nice person or that he isn’t a brutal leader…”

    Although one might reasonably ask (if one wasn’t a demented, amoral armaments warmonger) how many important political leaders – anywhere in the world – are “nice people” or incapable of brutality when the situation requires it.

    Indeed, while – like the vicar who was asked his opinion of sin – I am in general against brutality, surely a person who is incapable of it cannot be qualified to lead a country.

    Certainly if, like Mr Assad, he sees his country invaded by hundreds of thousands of heavily-armed, murderous, fundamentalist mercenaries for whose beliefs and behaviour the word “brutal” is shockingly inadequate. Mercenaries recruited, armed, supplied, advised, protected and paid by the very people who criticize the forces of law and order as “brutal” and “not nice”.

    1. The only leader in my lifetime that I can think of that might possibly be called A Nice Person is Jimmy Carter. Carter is routinely vilified and derided in America as a weak and ineffectual leader and as the worst President. And I suspect he wasn’t really all that nice or else he wouldn’t have risen to the top of the dogpile to be first a governor and then President. To do either usually requires some acts that are ‘not nice’.

      1. Yes, that theme runs right through history. A famous example from English history is King Stephen, who – as I was taught at school – was A Weak King and therefore a VERY Bad Thing.

        On the other hand, he showed exceptional mercy and kindness – unlike more famous and “Good” kings like Richard I “The Lionheart” who, after capturing Jerusalem, had over 2,000 Muslim prisoners slaughtered like sheep for no particular reason. Or Henry I, who arranged the death of his brother King William II Rufus in a “hunting accident”, then had his other elder bother Robert imprisoned for the rest of his life so he could be king.

        The list goes on…

      2. Please take time out to look up the life and works of former Uruguay President José Mujica. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about this wonderful individual.

  32. I saw a poll the other day which said that 70% of Americans view Drug Addiction as, I forget the exact wording, but something like “A Very Serious Problem” in America. It was the highest issue on the list. The Opioid Crisis apparently was not mentioned at all in this debate. I’m not as brave as Caitlin, so I haven’t watched these things, but I don’t recall any discussion of it being mentioned so far in the debates. I suppose Tulsi’s attack on The Great Brown Hope for her record of imprisoning people on offenses concerning a non-addicting substance which has since been legalized in CA (Harris opposed the first attempt and was quiet on the 2nd which succeeded.), is as close as we get. Why didn’t Jack Trap ask a question about the biggest problem facing America? How much advertising money does CNN collect in a year from the Big Pharma industry that was at the core of the crisis? Cui Bono.

    1. Keep in mind, tho, the big push to legalize pot, and then other drugs, everywhere, and further cloud people’s brains against study, the development of a better world for themselves & others by learning, organizing and participating, and avoiding the culture of self interest and pleasure seeking over interest in the condition of the many, is mainly coming from people like pro legalize king George Soros, former Speaker of the House, now DC pot lobbyist John Boehner, Wall Street and other investors. Pot stocks are selling like mad, and if legalized, online WS trade mag Motley Fool suggests potentially a trillion dollar business, at our expense in many ways, including thinking there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with a little pot smoking. Just look at some of our youth, many are stoned on any given day and some have very low school scores. It’s MANY things, but pot does NOT motivate, it does the opposite; who put pot & other drugs into our neighborhoods? We should want everyone to be clear-headed and sharp so they can develop to their full potentialities, and also figure out ‘who, what, why’, and fight against those who use every trick in the book to dumb them down, demoralize them and control them. Drug use is an old trick of Empires, as the British Empire (still alive & well in tandem with U.S. partners) Opium wars proved.
      And I do know of what I speak on the subject, not just anti-drug for no reason.

      1. Jews push both the legal drugs and the marijuana. Jews are the worlds misfortune.

      2. The sheeple are quite use to exercising Creator endowed rights where given a granted privilege to do so (some sheeple will think/say; “What in the hell is he talking about?”). The people are not dumbed down because of marijuana, they are dumbed down by education, family tradition, fake patriotism, nationalism and belief in statism.

        The mischief makers never lose a step. Lose control of controlling marijuana, but not losing control over people or ownership of the right to grow it and profit from it except by limited granted privileges by permission.

        I feel like George Carlin telling a funny joke that shouldn’t be funny at all, but an insult to intelligence and right and wrong.

      3. There is pretty interesting evidence around that the CIA has been running a drug ratline since the 60s, for fun, for profit, and for the immobilizing effects on social movements. No smear plays better with the public than to associate a social movement with drug use, after all. Huge increases in heroin production and exports certainly stand out among the stats on Afghanistan since our invasion.
        Not that I encourage anyone to go rant-chasing down the CIA-Drug connection rat hole. We have spent enough of our time and energy going aha! at the thousand deceptions which surround us. We need a dozen or two brave media warriors like Johnstone. The rest of us need to be engaging each other in social revolution on the local scale. We can live better. Let’s do it.

      4. Cretins Bezoar Avatar
        Cretins Bezoar

        It should be completely obvious to our governments, after more than 40 years of dismal failure to suppress illegal drug use, that their policies in this area do not work and will never work. It should be completely obvious, a simple logical step, to realize that by decriminalizing drug use, and making the supply of all drugs available to those adults who wish to use them through legal and properly regulated channels, we could, at a stroke, put out of business the vast criminal enterprise that presently flourishes on the supply of illegal drugs. It ought to be obvious, but somehow it is not. It appears to be a natural human urge, as deep-rooted as our urges for food, sex, and nurturing relationships, to seek out and explore such “altered states of consciousness.” Instead the powers that be continue to pursue the same harsh and cruel policies that they have been wedded to from the outset, ever seeking to strengthen and reinforce them rather than to replace them with something better. Indeed the only “change” that the large, armed bureaucracies that enforce these policies has ever sought since the “War on Drugs” began has, year on year, been to demand even more money, even more arms, and even more draconian legislative powers to break into homes, to confiscate property, and to deprive otherwise law-abiding citizens of liberty and wreck their lives. In the process we have seen our once free and upstanding societies— which used to respect individual choice and freedom of conscience above all else—slide remorselessly down the slippery slope that leads to the police state. And all this is being done in our name, with our money, by our own governments, to “save us from ourselves”! Winners and Losers Who benefits from this colossal stupidity and systematic wickedness? And who loses? The beneficiaries are easy to spot. First, the large and ever-expanding armed bureaucracies, funded with large and ever-growing sums of public money to suppress the use of drugs, have benefited enormously. Everyone who works for them, including the PR people and spin merchants who concoct the propaganda used to sell their policies to us, including their subcontractors both public and private, and including the (often privately run) prisons stuffed to bursting point with their victims, are the beneficiaries of this catastrophic failure on the part of our governments to think laterally, generously, and creatively. Whether you are a Drug Enforcement Administration agent or a prison guard, you naturally have a deeply vested interest in maintaining the miserable status quo, justified by the “War on Drugs,” that keeps you in your job, that ensures your monthly paychecks continue to come in, and that continuously expands your budgets. The second main category of beneficiaries is—of course!—the criminal gangs and cartels that the present misguided official policies have empowered as the sole source of drugs in our societies. Over the past 40-plus years they have earned countless billions of dollars from the sale of illegal drugs which, had they only been legal, would not have earned them a single penny. Who are the losers? First and most directly those millions upon millions of good, nonviolent people in our societies who have been jailed or otherwise punished for the possession and use of drugs. And second (regardless of whether or not they use illegal drugs themselves), virtually everyone else in our societies as well. For the quality of life of all of us has been diminished by the growth of the police state and by the murderous activities of the criminal gangs enfranchised, and kept in business, by the blind and mindless perpetuation of this failed and bankrupt “War on Drugs.” So, in summary, the criminalization of drug use has brought no positive effects, only negative ones, and it has not stopped or even reduced the use of dangerous and harmful drugs. On the contrary, we have been so little “saved from ourselves” by this phony war that the use of almost all illegal drugs, far from decreasing, has dramatically increased during the past 40 years. The War on Consciousness Graham Hancock by Graham Hancock

    2. Big Pharma has its own horse in this race named Cory Booker. They have been pulling his strings for years on end.

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