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A reading of my article “How To Defeat The Empire”

Per reader request, here’s me doing a reading of my article “How To Defeat The Empire”:


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  • https://www.newsbud.com/2018/02/09/the-rockefellers-and-rothschilds-in-china-a-long-intimate-relationship/

    any thoughts? about banking systems ideology crony capitalism corruption insanity indoctrination??????

  • Love the reading. Please do more!

  • Great! A real boon to me because I have a fair bit of time to listen while doing boring stuff, but limited time to sit and read.

  • You were a nice human while it lasted, pray tonight.

  • This is good. Really good, I like reading too but listening and the intonations of the voice is interesting. Also when at work I can put on headphones and still work while listening. Outstanding!

  • That was fucking awesome and absolutely on point!

  • I love my T.V.
    The less it shows me,
    the more I see.
    I love my T.V.

  • I concur with Mr Skillington, with respect and appreciation for your work but an absorptive print bias. In any case, keep up the good, heartfelt, necessary work!

  • I prefer reading, my hearing is not great

  • I greatly appreciate your work but please don’t forsake print. I can take in a printed piece at my own pace, scan quickly if I’m in a hurry, or study slowly to take ideas in. This locks me into seven and a half minutes, regardless of the pace of my comprehension. I watched your first video with your husband and enjoyed it, but an hour and a quarter is a deal-breaker.

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