Humanity was treated to an important lecture on peace at a recent event for the NIR School of the Heart by none other than Ellen Degeneres BFF and world-renowned peace expert George W Bush.

“I don’t think the Iranians believe a peaceful Middle East is in their national interest,” said the former president according to The Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin, whose brief Twitter thread on the subject appears to be the only record of Bush’s speech anywhere online.

“An isolationist United States is destabilizing around the world,” Bush said during the speech in what according to Rogin was a shot at the sitting president. “We are becoming isolationist and that’s dangerous for the sake of peace.”

For those who don’t speak fluent neoconservative, “isolationist” here means taking even one small step in any direction other than continued military expansionism into every square inch of planet Earth, and “We are becoming isolationist” here means “We have hundreds of military bases circling the globe, our annual military budget is steadily climbing toward the trillion-dollar mark, and we are engaged in countless undeclared wars and regime change interventions all around the world.”

It is unclear why Bush is choosing to present himself as a more peaceful president than Trump given that by this point in his first term Bush had launched not one but two full-scale ground invasion wars whose effects continue to ravage the Middle East to this very day, especially given the way both presidents appear to be in furious agreement on foreign policy matters like Iran. But here we are.

From a certain point of view it’s hard to say which is stranger: (A) a war criminal with a blood-soaked legacy of mass murder, torture and military expansionism telling Trump that he is endangering peace with his “isolationism”, or (B) the claim that Trump is “isolationist” at all. As we’ve discussed previously, Trump’s so-called isolationism has thus far consisted of killing tens of thousands of Venezuelans with starvation sanctions in an attempt to effect regime change in the most oil-rich nation on earth, advancing a regime change operation in Iran via starvation sanctionsCIA covert ops, and reckless military escalations, continuing to facilitate the Saudi-led slaughter in Yemen and to sell arms to Saudi Arabiainflating the already insanely bloated US military budget to enable more worldwide military expansionism, greatly increasing the number of bombs dropped per day from the previous administration, killing record numbers of civilians in airstrikes for which he has reduced military accountability, and of course advancing many, many new cold war escalations against the nuclear superpower Russia.

But these bogus warnings about a dangerous, nonexistent threat of isolationism are nothing new for Dubya. In his farewell address to the nation, Bush said the following:

“In the face of threats from abroad, it can be tempting to seek comfort by turning inward. But we must reject isolationism and its companion, protectionism. Retreating behind our borders would only invite danger. In the 21st century, security and prosperity at home depend on the expansion of liberty abroad. If America does not lead the cause of freedom, that cause will not be led.”

As we discussed recently, use of the pro-war buzzword “isolationism” has been re-emerging from its post-Bush hibernation as a popular one-word debunk of any opposition to continued US military expansionism in all directions, and it is deceitful in at least three distinct ways. Firstly, the way it is used consistently conflates isolationism with non-interventionism, which are two wildly different things. Secondly, none of the mainstream political figures who are consistently tarred with the “isolationist” pejorative are isolationists by any stretch of the imagination, or even proper non-interventionists; they all support many interventionist positions which actual non-interventionists object to. Thirdly, calling someone who opposes endless warmongering an “isolationist” makes as much sense as calling someone who opposes rape a man-hating prude; opposing an intrinsically evil act is not the same as withdrawing from the world.

Nobody actually believes that US foreign policy is under any threat of anything remotely resembling isolationism. The real purpose of this buzzword is to normalize the forever war and drag the Overton window so far in the direction of ghoulish hawkishness that the opposite of “war” is no longer “peace”, but “isolationism”. By pulling this neat little trick, the propagandists of the political/media class have successfully made endless war seem like a perfectly normal thing to be happening and any small attempt to scale it back look weird and freakish, when the truth is the exact opposite. War is weird, freakish and horrific, and peace is of course normal. This is the only healthy way to see things.

It would actually be great if George W Bush could shut the fuck up forever, ideally in a locked cell following a public war tribunal. Failing that, at the very least people should stop looking at him as a cuddly wuddly teddy bear with whom it’s fun to share a sporting arena suite or a piece of hard candy or to hang award medals on for his treatment of veterans. This mass murdering monster has been growing more and more popular with Democrats lately just because he offers mild criticisms of Trump sometimes, as have war pigs like Bill Kristol and Max Boot and even John Bolton for the same reason, and it needs to stop. And in the name of a million dead Iraqis, please don’t start consulting this man on matters of peace.


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60 responses to “Peace Expert George W Bush Says ‘Isolationism’ Is Dangerous To Peace”

  1. It’s obvious that W hasn’t given up the bottle. The incoherent ramblings of an alcoholic/ semi literate who obviously doesn’t understand and hasn’t as yet realized the damage done to Iraq and Afghanistan is long lasting and has done nothing for peace and stability in the middle east.
    However Obama shares as much responsibility if not more for his administration’s support for the Maiden Revolution in the Ukraine that enabled right wing neo-nazi thugs to gain power and ultimately massive genocide in the Donbass region. The destruction of Libya which is now in the throes of another massive civil war funded by America. The creation of ISIS fed and armed by the west, particularly the U.S., Britain, France and Israhell, that savaged Syria and now being attacked by the neo-Hitler thug Erdogman.
    America is a fraud, a lie, and a hypocrite; it funds violent revolutions, bloody wars in the name of regime change, it supports vile tyrannical regimes such as the Saudis. It interfered in at least 80 elections since WWII. It has installed cruel and ruthless dictators in Latin America and S.E. Asia.
    And now the chickens are coming home to roost as the results of all those decades political and humanitarian disasters caused by Washington, in the name of the American people are now being placed on its own doorstep.
    Ending military , regime change and closing the 800 foreign bases is not isolationism as some would claim. On the contrary we should allow those nations to become sovereign and in turn allow free trade among all nations.
    The pundits and politicians endless bellowing about isolationism are merely reading from a script handed to them by the zionist neo-cons and Wall St.


  3. I love your stuff Caitlin! I really do. The deeper one delves into the rabbit hole, the harder it is not to see the glaringly obvious!

  4. I just had this lady cashier arrested, she tried to steal one-hundred dollars from me, via a cash-back scheme, she though, because I am an old man I would not Pay Attention, and just pay the bill, sight, unseen, see, I pay attention to every penny I spend, I do not mind paying for the goods I receive, a fair price, I called her boss, and made my thought’s known, that this woman was stealing from me, look at my history in your store, I said, have I ever done this before? Taken cash out, I did not need or want? I said:”Look at her register history, how many old people has she done this to?” And the Police-man called me to verify this story, and because I always tell the Truth, so I do not have to remember Lies, this story ends on a sad note, I said;” Give her a chance to admit the truth, let her pay the money back” but I do not think she owned up^ and now she sits in jail. All because an old, old man paid attention to the bill he was paying…..

  5. Thomas Prentice Avatar
    Thomas Prentice

    Three approaches to dealing with the world:

    1) Isolationism
    2) Internationalism
    3) Interventionism

    Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul are but two examples are INTERNATIONALISTS; neither isolationist nor interventionist.

    Interventionism is only the policy of a bloody, greedy, land and resource-stealing, human-exploiting soulless, blood curdling, “LYING, CHEATING AND STEALING” EMPIRE … along with its vassals like REAL CIA WALL STREET ASSETS in the media … and in countries like, say, Ecuador and Brazil.

  6. I have this dream running through my head, I dreamed I just gave my last dollar away to MSF, or better known as Doctor’s Without Boarders; they will spend it well, treating the poor, the sick, those with gun-shot wounds, treating all men, women, and children as equals. They are the True example of what Medicine means……They take in every-one, heal them, make them Well! And send them away without a huge, impossible to pay Bill…..Writing this all down on old yellow note-book paper, in case of a Power-Failure…..Happy Birth-day you old, old, fucking man, how old/new are you today? I am going-out the way I came in, naked and howling in the wind, for Mama to save me, stick that tit in my mouth, and give me Milk to drink…..

  7. GET YOUR WAR On, by David Rees. “In the first days after the 9/11 attacks, I promised to use EVERY ELEMENT OF NATIONAL POWER to fight the terrorists, wherever we find them, one of the strongest weapons in our arsenal, is the POWER OF FREEDOM. The terrorists fear freedom as much as they fear our firepower” George W. Bush, 9/11/06; I just wish I could print this cartoon out for you all here, brother it just hits the nail on the head, that is why I saved it, for myself to enjoy, over these ages, as time and war flows by; This also shall Pass, on into History, …….I just ignore the time delays, after all; it is all in Time; like here/now so I just sit back and wait, I turn the machine to: Off….

  8. Why, oh why, hasn’t GW Bush been brought to justice?! The answer, of course, is that none of these criminal presidents are ever brought to justice because the justice system is just as corrupt as the government. Organized sociopaths run them both, along with every other system necessary to ensure their near-total power and control over the masses. How fortunate for humanity, eh?

  9. Caitlin, your opening was hilarious and your closing was priceless. We must remember, however, that such creatures do not actually act upon their free will, but rather that which is willed upon them by their handlers. Considered as such, perhaps our last several Presidents are each actually a “cuddly wuddly teddy bear” as you deftly put it – except for the demonic forces thing. Does anyone actually think these ex-Presidents really want to come out of their excellent retirement closets and say this wacky stuff?

  10. An article at Truthdig brings up how dangerous journalism is these days and also highlight a website for the stories dead journalists were covering. Please peruse them here:

  11. “Peace Expert George W Bush Says ‘Isolationism’ Is Dangerous To Peace…” Yet another hilarious, on target article by Caitlin, where she uses the equivalent of calling a man opposed to rape (war) a “prude”!! Yes, we should all agree that the present day “playful or cuddly” antics of Dubya (and his mad dog team mate war planner, Cheney) should be witnessed, instead, standing in front of a serious Nuremberg Trial where the ravages of war is no laughing matter… or one covertly propped up behind a “isolationism mask”!

    1. Well said, Friend; All we have is a tiny speck of cosmic dust, floating around a Minor Sun; we might just as well be No-thing. We are just atoms, taking different shapes, like these words I care to write. Maybe with these words I enjoy to write, another, better World might just begin to take shape…..First I have to go and beat beauty into my Artist Made tongue drums, to share with the Artist who made my drums out of the best, legal Rose-wood, just how much I Love their Work. I promised my-self to play on those Drums, until my life run’s out on me, like B.B. King did, play till his last dying breath, on his old guitar, always stretching out reaching for the impossible note…….

      1. These quotations are getting the old circular firing squad back together on the Democratic establishment blog Daily Kos, just skim the comments, its chaos. At least some of the commenters acknowledge that it is important to control the narrative and that these statements by Clinton do not further that goal:;-Gabbard-pushes-back

  12. This is not unrelated to the fact that the American “Center for Disease Control” reports that suicide rates for people age 10 to 24 have increased 56% from 2007 to 2017. During the years that the Bush rehabilitation process has been underway, the kids growing up in that world are killing themselves at ever increasing numbers. Reports of suicidal thoughts, suicidal behavior, and suicide attempts have doubled (increased by about 100%) in the same time. We won’t know for awhile the data from 2019, but one would suspect that young persons growing up in a world where they see Ellen and Dubya having fun in a box probably jacked both statistics ever higher.
    And PS, please don’t commit suicide. You can always go find or start a commune and life will be much better, especially since such a place is likely to keep out Television and Social Media.

  13. It is great to have websites on the Internet that are ” truthful ” with writers who are as truthful as Ms Johnstone. I do not watch TV; so I did not watch any of last Tuesdays democratic debate. This morning at the Strategic Culture website there were two articles stating the performance of Ms Gabbard. There was another article about Mr. Putin. All great stuff to read and think about.

    1. At least You take the time-out to think for Your-self, that is a complement, my friend, I am just going down that road, but I quit worrying myself to death over how it all turns out; it is all dependent on out Sun to shine for Us tomorrow, If It does not shine; Ice-cubes, If it does; well, Life on Earth, exists, in spite of itself……

  14. Impeachment: Trump vs The Deep Start vs Major Network Media

    I have never in my life seen this much blood in the water

    One thing is for certain, when there is this much blood in the water, there will be sharks. When sharks sense this much blood in the water they will go into a Frenzy. When sharks are in a Feeding Frenzy, they will eat anything, license plates, wood, cannonballs, anything. They will continue to eat even though they are full and eventually they do start to eat each other.

    I was still pretty young when the Deep State went after Nixon for pulling the US out of the Vietnam War that our Industrial Military Complex referred to as the Gravy Train. There was certainly a lot of blood in the water in 1974, not even a year after US Troops had left Vietnam March 29, 1973. This is what happens to Presidents who defy the Deep State and our Industrial Military Complex. They did this to Nixon even though Nixon had closed the Gold Window and created today’s Petrol Dollar, apparently the Petrol Dollar would have continued the funding of Vietnam for as far as the eye could see.

    Imagine, Trump isn’t even allowed to get the US out of this little skirmish known as Syria, without being attacked by the Deep State and their paid for media. Difference today vs 1974 is the Petrol Dollar is losing its abilities to continue funding wars and the Petrol Dollar has funded more than its share of wars, just in the last 16-years $8 Trillion dollars’ worth. The difference between 2019 and 1974 is there is no alternative to the Petrol Dollar to continue our endless wars funding. The Petrol Dollar is rapidly becoming history. What does this mean?

    Technology has certainly changed the landscape, Trump’s 65 million Twitter followers provide no advertising revenue for our Major Network Media. By comparison, Kamala Harris who would like to suspend Trumps’ Twitter account has 3 million followers. Facebot is racking in the bucks, Trump had a Facebot ad attacking Schiff and the ad had 6,100 shares and thousands of comments. The Democrats had a similar ad attacking Trump and it had 7 shares and a few hundred of comments. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand who is winning and who is losing here.

    Major Network Media is in dire need of a Super Bowl, or even better a Super Bowl every day lasting a month or more. This brings us to Impeachment, even Republicans are starting to call for Impeachment, because Republicans are certainly smart enough to know, this means a trial and every Republican I know would pay good money to watch an Impeachment Trial. Major Network Media certainly understands there are two choices, Rudy Giuliani will start filing charges in courts that won’t be televised, or these charges can be filed during Impeachment that will be televised. I think we can understand where this is going.

    The reason Trump is asking the Ukraine for dirt, is very simple, that’s where the corruption occurred. The reason Trump asked Boris Johnson for help regarding the Steele Dossier, is because that is where the Steele Dossier was created. It’s looking more and more to me that there will be an Impeachment Trial, even if the Republican in the House have to vote for one.

    1. excellent observations. i doubt there will be an impechment, though, for the ressons you already laid out: a growing number of people are choosing Trump over the Deep State and its Wall Street masters. there may be another assassination or multiple assasinations, though, unless Trump cave in. but Trump has no choice but continue to fight literally for his life and his family’s lives.

  15. I’d propose Dubya for admittance to the Fletcher Memorial Home.
    (lyrics to Fletcher Memoral Home, written by Roger Waters, performed by Pink Floyd)
    [Verse 1]
    “Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
    And build them a home, a little place of their own
    The Fletcher Memorial Home
    For Incurable Tyrants and Kings

    [Verse 2]
    And they can appear to themselves every day
    On closed circuit T.V
    To make sure they’re still real
    It’s the only connection they feel”
    IIRC, it is named after Roger’s father, who died in WW2.

    1. This is a really nice thought, it is like Ad-Busters all rolled up into a little, tiny black spot which appears on your computer, and just grows and grows, until one is just “Blacked-out” Which I just was. It is all in time, so I just was patient, and waited it out; so also the time just past, is History, written down in that old, old, book. Which no-one I can think of believes any-more, we are on our way, “To Where?” What did I spend all that money on many tongued drums, if not to Play Them? I wish I was on Universal Television so you could hear me play on them. It is like I own a whole Orchestra, just there to play along with me!. Tell me, my friend, is the Sun sure to rise with this morning? Or could the Sun, our old companion just decide to over-sleep; and bring Ice, instead of Rain, What is “Poetry?” If not what I just said and wrote on this site?

  16. Excellent stuff Caitlin, thank you.
    I’ve been banging on about The Overton Window, Propaganda, Orwellian distortions, democracy, and much more, but from a UK perspective.
    The parallels are disturbing. For Bush read Blair, for Trump read Johnson, the narrative works. Neoliberalism works too well both sides of the pond.
    Its the same old same old crap, over and over again.
    Your work gives me heart and ideas.

    1. It was Clinton (Bill) who was close to Blair, and who shared the similar ‘third way’ philosophy of campaigning with lies to pretend they are human, then govern as a neocon.
      Of course, there is little difference between Bush and Clinton, other than Clinton grew up poor so thus had to learn to read and talk coherently in order to advance in the world, while Bush grew up with the money earned by his grandfather supporting Hitler in the 30’s, and thus had no need to learn to read nor to talk properly to advance to high levels of power.

  17. War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength
    — Orwell, 1984
    I suppose they work the other way around too …
    Peace is War
    Slavery is Freedom
    Strength is Ignorance
    Dubya Dubya Dubya did his part to in this manner create a free, strong nation at peace.

    1. “1984” has now become the guidebook for governments of western nations.

  18. Wonderful stuff Caitlin! I’ve been banging on about propaganda, Orwell, The Overton Window, for a while too, but in a UK context. Your blogs give me heart. Thanks.
    It just seems to be the same old, same old crap, wherever it surfaces.
    For Bush read Blair for Trump read Johnson and the narrative works.

  19. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    In other news, George W. Bush explains how America waging wars of aggression based on deceptions like “Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction” or a “War on Terrorism” actually helps to promote world peace–no matter how many people are killed in the process!

    Hell, even mainstream US institutions like the Ivy League’s Brown University has admitted that American wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan alone have killed around half a million people.

    Remember, everybody, War is Peace!

  20. Excellent article. Advice from one of the three worst presidents ever in the United States. Right down there with Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Clinton comes in fourth with honorable mention for blatant criminal behavior.

    1. I would put Jimmy Carter very high on the list of halfway decent US Presidents. Probably the best since WW2. Carter is the only US president since Dubya Dubya Two that didn’t fight a war nor bomb anyone. Thus the apparent reason why he is always disdained by the media and politicians.

      1. Jimmy was the first I neoliberal, post New Deal Democrat. He paved the way for Reagan, as Clinton paved the way for Shrub and as Obama paved the way for the Orange Shitgibbon. Don’t be fooled by his Habitat for Humanity schtick, he has a lot to atone for.

  21. the enemy of the people will continue to do their darn best to make you think that this utterly corrupt neoliberal world order is the best we can have and is here to stay forever.

    do not fall for it.

  22. I’m pretty sure I’m not from this planet, and I want to go home.

    1. wake up from the neoliberal nightmare, and you will find yourself right at home.

  23. In the world of the truly insane, normalcy is considered a dangerous disease. My relatives think I am nuts or believing in peace.

  24. I keep hoping this is a dream and that I’ll wake up to a sane world. But it’s a very long dream.

  25. Amen, Sister!

    We have achieved Orwellian completion when “Peace is War”.
    Consider, always, the interests of the source of any informative statement.

  26. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    The American wage earner in their ignorance ,atomization and acceptance of their situation is far to often still the staunchest flag-waving defender of the c-system that exploits him ,hence the warmongers get away with bloodletting.

  27. Welcome back. This puts the issue out so pointedly–great!

    Liberals love to resurrect the beasts as if that makes them good/humanistic people.
    Being “pleasant” to be liked is their most important value, all else be damned. DeGeneris
    shows her great limitations as a person, as a personality on stage. GW needs to be put
    into a hole and contained.

  28. It is clear to anyone who has been paying attention since 2001 that Mr Bush understands “isolationism” as meaning “not killing millions of Africans, Asians and South Americans for their own good”.

  29. ‘“I don’t think the Iranians believe a peaceful Middle East is in their national interest,” said the former president according to The Washington Post‘s Josh Rogin…’

    The first three words of Mr Bush’s quoted remark seem to be extremely accurate.

  30. Zarayna Pradyer Avatar
    Zarayna Pradyer

    Although I’m an art lover, I do wish George W. would remove himself from public life and focus his energies on his paintings.

  31. I don’t think George W has got the brainpower to understand what comes out of his mouth.

  32. So Grateful you are back at it Caitlin!!
    This piece is hilarious and horrific in it’s truthfulness, and beautifully written as always!

  33. Caitlin, I almost did a spit-take when I read the title of this post. It is worthy of “The Onion.”

  34. The Mossad could not have had a more ideal idiot for POTUS than Mr. George W. Bush. He was the perfect puppet during his whole presidency; he performed his ” lines ” perfectly. The Mossad probably has erected many tributes to this perfect imbecile. Like Mr. Hitler, Mr. Bush belongs in the ” War Criminal Hall Of Fame”!

  35. foster goodwill Avatar
    foster goodwill

    I dont know that you can say peace is normal,but at least we could truthfully say it is healthy!

  36. Trevor GooDger-Hill Avatar
    Trevor GooDger-Hill

    The three World Trade Centre towers, 1, 2 and 7, were brought down by controlled demolition under the watch or Bush and Cheney. Just go to and you will find all the scientific evidence you need — signed by over 3000 architects and engineers.

    The latest evidence has recently emerged by a study by the Anniversary of Alaska with model by their engineering department.

    No steel-framed building anywhere in the world has ever come down a freefall speed in its own foot print.

  37. LOL. Very funny, but these damn things will be with us till the end of time. The people who proposed building the first atomic bomb knew very well that no one else in the world was working on one; they just wanted one for their own personal use as a sort of suicide bomber, proclaiming that they’ll blow themselves up if you don’t hand over all your valuables. Sickness like that never goes away until there’s nothing left to kill.

  38. What they mean by peace, is the silence that falls over a killing field once the shooting has stopped.

  39. Just more of the same palaver a call to their justification of arms ! or rather tentacles
    Same shit different bucket blah blah vomit from the same likely germs

  40. NIR school of the heart…. guess who fund and run that “school” and for what purpose yup! you guessed it.

  41. NIR school of the heart…. guess who own and run that “school” and for what purpose yup! you guessed it.

  42. This makes me SO angry. So many people have died and countries ruined because of this.

    If I had a magic wand, I’d take all those collaborating ‘journalists’ and talking heads and shut them in a room to listen to history lectures on – to take a just a few from a very long list – Iran, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc. I would keep them locked up until they passed exams on facts related to those subjects. Any of them who already knew their history and could pass the exam without the compulsory lectures would be outed as the lying propaganda mouthpieces they are and I’d lock them up for even longer. As for Bush and his ilk, off to a war crimes court.

  43. As much as one might like to see George Bush relegated to some state of benign and inert rest, painting spaniels or chasing gophers or vice versa, There is something revealing about watching him return to echo Democratic Party talking points. How utterly lost to any of us electoral politics in the United States have become.

  44. Exactly, Caitlin: Visiting the George W Bush Presidential Library a few years back (2016) and don’t laugh – a Library which held very few books by the way – since the word Library aligned with Presidential in the US does NOT carry the same meaning one normally attribute to such a structure – I came across The Bush Doctrine (like the Monroe Doctrine – part of the US divine right to wage wars) framed and hanging on the wall – 1. Take the Fight to the Enemy; 2. Make no Distinction Between Terrorists and the Nations that Harbor Them; 3. Confront Threats Before they Fully Emerge; and 4. Advance Freedom. George “Dubya”: his Crawford toy ranch/he called John “Dubya” Howard Australia’s former PM – a “Man of Steel”/cf Donald “tweeter” Trump referring to current Australian PM Scott “on-water-matters” Morrison as the “Titanium Man” – the farce continues!

  45. The really sad (and depressing) reality is, as long as the Empire exists, scum like George Dubya, Obomber, both Bill & Hillary Clinton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, L’il Johhny Howard and all the rest will never see inside a jail cell in The Hague. As much as I, and I’m certain, many millions around the world would love to see that happen.
    I also note here in Australia (vassal state #2) attempts in recent years to resuscitate the truly vile John Howard as a lovable elder statesman; particularly by the thoroughly lobotomised ABC.
    And as for the alleged ‘liberals’ – the Ellen DeGeneres and George Clooney and Meryl Streep types who hang out with mass murdering war criminals: You are morally and ethically bankrupt in every way.

    1. hypocrits are the worst. Georgie has an excuse: stupidity.

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