Former British ambassador Craig Murray has published a very disturbing account of Julian Assange’s court appearance yesterday which I recommend reading in full. There have been many reports published about Assange’s case management hearing, but the combination of Murray’s prior experience with torture victims, his familiarity with British courts, his friendship with Assange, and his lack of reverence for western power structures allowed for a much more penetrating insight into what happened than anyone else has been able to provide so far.

Here is a small excerpt:

Before I get on to the blatant lack of fair process, the first thing I must note was Julian’s condition. I was badly shocked by just how much weight my friend has lost, by the speed his hair has receded and by the appearance of premature and vastly accelerated ageing. He has a pronounced limp I have never seen before. Since his arrest he has lost over 15 kg in weight.


But his physical appearance was not as shocking as his mental deterioration. When asked to give his name and date of birth, he struggled visibly over several seconds to recall both. I will come to the important content of his statement at the end of proceedings in due course, but his difficulty in making it was very evident; it was a real struggle for him to articulate the words and focus his train of thought.


Until yesterday I had always been quietly sceptical of those who claimed that Julian’s treatment amounted to torture – even of Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture – and sceptical of those who suggested he may be subject to debilitating drug treatments. But having attended the trials in Uzbekistan of several victims of extreme torture, and having worked with survivors from Sierra Leone and elsewhere, I can tell you that yesterday changed my mind entirely and Julian exhibited exactly the symptoms of a torture victim brought blinking into the light, particularly in terms of disorientation, confusion, and the real struggle to assert free will through the fog of learned helplessness.

Murray reports that there were no fewer than five representatives of the US government in the Westminster Magistrates Court that day, and that there were seated behind the British prosecutors and essentially giving them orders. The judge, Vanessa Baraitser, reportedly behaved coldly and snarkily towards the defense, smirking and refusing their requests without explanation, while behaving warmly and receptively toward the prosecution. Assange’s extradition hearing will commence without delay on February of next year, despite the case violating the 2003 US/UK extradition treaty, and despite new evidence emerging of CIA-tied espionage on Assange and his lawyers while he was at the Ecuadorian embassy. It will commence in a tiny Belmarsh courtroom with almost no room for the public to provide scrutiny, without Assange’s defense having adequate time to prepare.

Assange’s lawyer Mark Summers told the court that the case was “a political attempt” by the United States “to signal to journalists the consequences of publishing information.” And of course he’s right. Nobody sincerely believes that the 175-year sentence that Assange is looking at if he’s successfully extradited to the US by the Trump administration is a reasonable punishment for publishing activities which the Obama administration had previously declined to prosecute based on the exact same evidence, citing concern for the damage the precedent would do to press freedoms. These charges have nothing to do with justice, and they aren’t meant to be merely punitive. They’re made to serve as a deterrent. A deterrent to journalists anywhere in the world who might otherwise see fit to publish inconvenient facts about the US government.

This is obvious. It is obvious that the US government is destroying Assange to signal to journalists the consequences of publishing information. It is therefore also obvious that any journalist who fails to use whatever platform they have to speak out against Assange’s persecution has no intention of ever publishing anything that the US government doesn’t want published. Their silence on or support for what is being done to this man can and should be taken as an admission that they are nothing other than state propagandists. State propagandists, sycophants, and cowards.

Cowardice is driving public support for Assange’s persecution. Cowardice and sadism. Even if every single bogus smear against him were true, from the lies about feces on embassy walls to the still evidence-free allegation of Trump/Russia collusion, even if every single one of those ridiculous fantasies were true, his punishment to date would be more than enough. I mean, exactly how much torture is appropriate because your preferred candidate wasn’t the one who was elected? How weird is it that such entitled sadism goes unquestioned? To continue to call for more is to reveal your sick fetish, whether you’re one of the powerful people he pissed off or just another mindless repeater in the comments section. Enough. You’ve had your pound of flesh.

We are watching a great tragedy unfold in a fractal-like way, from the zoomed-out meta tragedy of the worldwide death blow to press freedom, drilled down to the personal tragedy of this death blow to a man called Julian Assange. His once encyclopaedic brain can now barely remember his own birthday. This guts me. There are no other minds on earth that understood the power dynamics of invisible imperialism and the Orwellian dangers humanity now faces as we hurtle towards and AI-dominated information landscape as well as his did. That mind has been purposely destroyed. We must never forget that. We must never forgive that.

It’s been a tough day. My heart has been hurting and my sighs have been long. The only brightness I can see through the bleakness is the quandary that appears to be emerging for these nationless plutocrats who are pulling the strings. The more they get their way, the more obvious their actions must necessarily be, because the thing they are attempting to do is so totally abnormal. Yesterday’s court proceedings were blatantly farcical, from the curious rulings, to the strange sight of US advisers interfering in a UK case about an Australian citizen, down to even the dismissive smirk on the judge’s face. None of this is normal, and when things aren’t normal there is a risk that people will notice, and things are only going to get stranger as they attempt to pull this off. 

The only thing keeping people from really seeing what’s going on here is a thin layer of narrative management, and the only thing keeping them from acting on their seeing is feeling like they are alone in their seeing. Keep the pressure up, keep watching, and keep talking about what you’re seeing to anyone who will listen. It may very well save Julian’s life.


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82 responses to “Only Cowards And Sadists Support The Persecution Of Assange”

  1. Free Julian Assange!! Avatar
    Free Julian Assange!!

    Hate to say it, but torture was to be expected.
    He’s alive for now, but only to serve as a warning to all other would be truth-speakers:

    Exposing our war-crimes & spy-campaigns
    will be avenged. Our puppets are everywhere: judges, armies, governments, you name it, and its none of your business how we use them.

    Come across something you know is wrong?
    Best look the other way, like the rest of our puppets or you’ll end up like Assange.

  2. A few seconds after the previous footage, Julian seems a little more aware, but still in shock.
    Additional footage of Assange in prison van after extradition hearing

    1. Also on Twitter:
      Additional footage of Assange in prison van after extradition hearing

      1. Dedicated to Julian
        Enya – “Watermark” to Maine Sunrise 09-18-2011

  3. So very heartbreaking about the greatest journalist and humanitarian of the 21st century!
    To all the criminal Elitist psychopaths out there… who want Julian dead for exposing their own dirty laundry list of war and plunder…may you meet the same, tortuous fate one day…hopefully very soon, when we, The People, have finally had it it!… and come for YOU! May your worst nightmares about WE, THE PEOPLE, finally come to fruition.

    1. I fully agree with you, NJH. Julian Assange did nothing wrong in exposing the US soldiers on board a gunship shooting down both Iraqi civilians and some journalists with them. He received these clips from Chelsea Manning, who’s currently imprisoned in Virginia for refusing to point a finger at Assange.
      Assange has never set foot in the US; thus, the Brits have NO justification to extradite him to the US. First of all, he’s neither a US or a British citizen .. He’s an Australian citizen and should”ve been sent back there instead, to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort.

  4. “I was in court and every word of this by Craig Murray is the truth. I add that when the judge told a distressed Assange that future hearings would be at Belmarsh ‘so that you won’t have so far to travel’ it was one of the most chilling things I’ve seen.”
    — John Rees, Oct 22, 2019

  5. He did the crime, he gets the time – its not rocket science. He knew what was going to happen when he did it… now it’s happening. Meh.

    1. His “crime” was revealing U.S. crimes, which is not a crime, actually. That is why Sweden, Britain, and the U.S. have had to concoct phony offenses against Assange such as the Swedish not-using-a-condom offense. When will some semblance of justice appear in the U.S., and American officials “get the time” for the crime? Is this an important issue? We live in a society where the government has license to lie, keep secrets from the public, and commit crimes. This is a threat to Americans and non-Americans alike and Assange and Wikileaks have been one of the few threats to this dangerous corruption. Julian Assange is a hero, not a criminal.

    2. With whistleblowers — and, from now on, journalists and publishers — who act in defense of the law, constitution, and human rights, the usual process is as follows:
      1. Unlawfully, the government commits crimes.
      2. Then, unlawfully, the government classifies its crimes. This is explicitly outlawed by the US Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information.
      3. Then, unlawfully, the government boycotts the official whistleblower process and protection, forcing honest citizens to leak government crimes to journalists.
      4. And then, unlawfully, the government charges whistleblowers — and now investigative journalists and publishers as well — with not obeying the unlawful classification of unlawful government actions.
      So Julian Assange, like Chelsea Manning, etc., by revealing corruption and crimes, maybe didn’t obey the code of silence of organized crime, government sector, but that’s not a law.
      The law is for example the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the above mentioned law on Classified National Security Information.
      This means that whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, and investigative journalists and publishers like Julian Assange are the ones defending the law here, while the US and UK governments are the criminals.

    3. Free Julian Assange!! Avatar
      Free Julian Assange!!

      He knew the consequences of speaking truth about war criminals, especially when they’re the ones writing & enforcing their ‘laws’ on all who oppose them.

  6. What Assange is enduring now in the UK is NOTHING, compared to the mistreatment he will be suffering when and if he reaches the US Federal GULAG!

    1. You are right, according for example to the Washington Examiner, etc.
      American journalist and Julian’s friend Charles Glass says also the same:
      “His most likely destination is the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies,’ otherwise known as the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility, or ADMAX, in Florence, Colorado. Among its 400 inmates are Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, Boston Marathon terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, FBI agent-turned-Russian spy Robert Hanssen, and Oklahoma City co-bomber Terry Nichols. The prison’s regime is as ruthless as its prisoners: 23-hour daily confinement in a concrete box cell with one window 4 inches wide, six bed checks a day with a seventh on weekends, one hour of exercise in an outdoor cage, showers spraying water in one-minute spurts and ‘shakedowns’ at the discretion of prison staff.”
      My Final Visit With Julian Assange — Charles Glass — The Intercept

  7. Goldman Sachs asset Hillary has been in attack mode towards Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Here is a response. Don’t count on corporate media showing this to anyone. Remember, Peace is bad for bankers.

  8. I’ve just read Craig Murray’s description of the farce that took place. I feel both sick, and at the same time completely contemptuous of the low life cowards; the presstitutes in the MSM who have lied about and smeared Julian Assange for years.
    Where are all the identity politics addicted ‘socialists’ who for years have been completely silent about Assange? So many silent on the torture of this man. So many believing the bullshit put out by the States stenographers. What lowlife. Its no wonder Western ‘society’ is crumbling. So much for ethics and morals.

  9. “[The judge’s] bias was incandescent. I’ve never seen — I’ve sat in a number of courts all over the world — I’ve never seen anything like this.”
    — John Pilger, Oct 23, 2019
    Julian Assange’s Extradition Case is a SHOW TRIAL – John Pilger

  10. It looks like Julian Assange has been silenced. Justice for “me” but not for “thee” for U.S./British elites. I wonder, though about Wikileaks. Will this organization be able to continue its work without Assange or is it now crippled? If Wikileaks is not crippled, then how much is the U.S./Britain really accomplishing with this show trial?

    1. And where do the computer hackers stand on Assange? There used to be an active “Anonymous” organization. Have they disappeared?

    2. silence the silencers@ BDS!

  11. Translation:

    “United Kingdom makes it difficult for a Spanish judge to interrogate Assange for espionage suffered in London”

    “The magistrate defends that Spain is competent in the case and that the British attitude is unprecedented”

    El País, Oct 23, 2019

    1. The report also says:
      “The British position, unprecedented in this kind of requests for judicial cooperation, is interpreted in Spanish judicial media as a show of resistance to the consequences that this case could have in the process of extradition of the cyber activist to the United States. . . .
      “It is an automatic judicial cooperation body and there are no causes for its refusal, except in exceptional cases. . . .
      “On October 14, De la Mata responded to the British agency through a letter to which EL PAÍS had access. The holder of the Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court shows his surprise and sends the affirmative answer that the UKCA has provided ‘in other previous cases’ in which he has requested videoconference interviews. Responses, based on article 30 of International Cooperation Against Crime, in which the only obstacle it contemplates is that the interrogation be a defendant. And he states: ‘In this case Julian Assange is a witness, not a defendant.’ . . .
      “Spanish judicial sources do not hide their discomfort from the response of the Central Authority of the United Kingdom and emphasize that in the OEI that they process, the jurisdiction of the country that requests them is not questioned, nor are there impediments to the taking of a witness’s videoconference statement.”

      1. I’ve just seen there is a good English version of the Spanish article:
        Julian Assange spying: UK blocks Spanish judge from questioning Julian Assange over spying allegations | In English | EL PAÍS

        1. The UK is now a roque nation that routinely violates and thumbs its nose at international law. The Assange case is only one instance. The UK is also defying an order from the International Court of Justice over illegal UK actions in the Chagos Islands. And from listening to some of the Brexit debate, it is obvious that one thing the UK ruling elites want is to no longer be subject to the European Court of Justice, preferring their own kangaroo courts. (no offense to kangaroos nor anyone who likes them.)

  12. Whole Earth Review / Spring, 1995
    Handy tips on how to behave at the death of the world
    by Anne Herbert
    Care about the beings you care about in gorgeous and surprising ways. Color outside the lines. Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

    “Handy tips on how to behave at the death of the world” in Whole Earth Review (Spring 1995), p. 88

    Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.

    “The Next Whole Earth Catalog”, (1980), p 331. (Derived from the Gilbert Shelton quote, “Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”

    #random acts of kindness Anne Herbert

  13. Great article. It is always painful to watch object lessons unfold. Far worse to be the focus of the object lesson. His fate was sealed long ago.

  14. One wonders who will play Joseph Welch? When will the « At long last, have you left no sense of decency? » moment arrive?
    We can hope. But there are so many villains in this scenario, it’s hard to know where to begin. A judge could do it in the courtroom, but those who adjudicate Julian’s case are always handpicked. I keep hoping one of them will call in sick and be replaced by an honest man or woman. Surely there are a few? In the meantime, donate to Julian’s defense.

  15. My own deep sadness at this outrageous treatment of Julian Assange by the bastards of the right – in the UK and in the US further ramps up my determination to work towards a return to a proper democratic process in our three countries – gone as it is from the UK (Exhibit A – Boris&Brexit), from the US (Clintonesque Democrats/Trumpian instability/dysfunctional Government Agencies – read Michael LEWIS 2018 The Fifth Risk) and Australia (suppository-of-wisdom Abbott, do-nothing Turnbull and on-water-matters hallelujah jumpy-clappy Morrison)! Thank you Caitlin – one more time – and to George GALLOWAY – and to Craig MURRAY for his engagement, too.

  16. I fear that even if, by some miracle, Julian were released tomorrow and he could be assured that all threat of extradition or imprisonment had been removed, he would remain a broken man. Living for years with uncertainty and fear of a life sentence in a US prison, first in very confined sunless quarters and now in even worse conditions in Belmarsh will leave him permanently scarred. Beyond sad. Beyond disgusting.

  17. Trump wants Julian in US jurisdiction to pardon him after trial……………

    1. Julian will be dead by then.

    2. Everyone who believes Donald Trump please raise their hands.
      And please contact me, as I’ve got some wonderful Florida Swampland for sale which is right next to Trump’s Doral Golf Club’s future expansion plans and soon to soar in value. Call me now to get in on the ground floor of this incredible investment opportunity.

    3. You get an A in snark.

  18. …….Assange was also the guy who is famous for saying that “I find 9/11 truthers annoying”. If this doesn’t open your eyes to who Assange truly is than you shouldn’t be a journalist. Harsh words, I know, but let’s keep things real here. You either have a brain or you don’t.

    1. As Chelsea Manning is controlled opposition she may have snowed him with some convincing BS about 9/11. As someone who woke up massively to propaganda 5 years ago I’m still getting caught out. Anyone who thinks they’re always able to filter propaganda is kidding themselves. What we need to do is accept that we’ll get snowed but always be alert to any information that indicates we’ve swallowed a falsity. Unfortunately, it’s exactly as said by (allegedly) Mark Twain:

      It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

      What “woke” people refuse to realise is that every profile is targeted – every profile. So the power elite know how “woke” people think and they target their propaganda accordingly … and are they so ever successful at it. I try to point out to “woke” people exactly HOW they’re being propagandised but they won’t have a bar of it. The irony is that the power elite always let us know that they’re propagandising us by making their propaganda not quite add up – I mean, if it’s propaganda it won’t add up naturally, but they always push out gratuitously clear signs that it’s propaganda, eg, the nose cone of the second plane popping out the other side of the South tower, the terrorists popping up alive, WTC-7’s collapse announced 20 minutes before it happened, Hani Hanjour, the least experienced pilot, managing a 330 degree manoeuvre into the Pentagon.

      They always tell us they’re propagandising us … and even when you point out exactly how, people still won’t believe you.

      What greatly concerns me in this article is learning that Mark Summers is Julian’s lawyer. When you look at his CV he’s worked on numerous cases which I tend to suspect are staged or, in fact, know are staged, eg, 9/11 and the post 9/11 anthrax attacks. I strongly suspect that, like Chelsea Manning, he is controlled opposition, in which case he won’t be helping Julian, of course, quite the opposite.

      1. Petra, of course you are totally correct but unfortunately very few are able to hear what you mean. That’s because reality (with a capital R) is buried very deep under many layers of very convincing distortions. And since each of us lives inside the sanity bubble of our own making, we each burst out of our protective bubbles only when we are ready to face the distortions and all they implicate.

    2. Yes, let’s keep it real. 911 Truth is insane garbage. Nobody with a working brain believes its ludicrous lies. 911 Truth benefits nobody but the ruling class terrorists that torture Assange.

      911 Truth is controlled, fake opposition. That’s why the leaders of this thankfully dying moronic cult live in luxury. Assange, Manning, Snowden don’t – because they are the real thing.

    3. You’re right about the brain thing,he’s got one and at least based on your post you haven’t. By your lights because you disagree with him on one issue that’s it say no more. I have to ask are you an adult or a small sulky child?

      1. That’s right. I totally believe and trust the U.S. government’s story that 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia flew those planes into the WTC towers and Pentagon. Even if the Saudi who they allege flew a Boeing 767 into the pentagon, doing a highly complex corkscrew maneuver could not even start and taxi a Cesna 2 seater down the runway at an east coast airport a month before 9-11. Oh–interesting how the hijacker’s passport just happened to show up, in perfect like new condition, several hundred yards from WTC 2. Happens all the time! Just like skyscrapers made with massive steel reinforced columns deliberately designed to have a commercial jet liner flown into them and withstand impact neatly collapse into their own footprint and freefall speed: the WTC 1&2 towers are the ONLY time this has ever happened. And yep–I’m right on board with GW Bush’s 9-11 commission when they conclude that WTC bldg 7, a 50 story steal and concrete high-rise collapsed neatly into its own footprint….from burning furniture. Happens all the time. Like you say, it’s just “all insane garbage” and we should all trust GW Bush and the U.S. government about 9-11.

        1. Note the tricky argument style of saying that if you don’t believe their theory, then automatically you are smeared as saying that you believe everything the Bush Administration said. I don’t trust anyone who is using such tricks to convince people.

          1. Did you even read my post? Did you bother to read the FACTS in the post? Nope. Not here to listen, just to bitch and put others down.

    4. I find 9-11 Truthers annoying. But then again, I am one of the millions and millions of engineers and architects who don’t believe the conspiracy theories.

      And, there was a point in time in the last decade when the 9-11 Truthers were used to attack and disrupt any organization or group fighting for change from the left. People would be organizing to improve their community, and suddenly be faced with a small group of people who insisted that everything had to be about their 9-11 Truth theories. This was regularly used to break up and disrupt any movement for change. And I did find that highly annoying.

      1. Kind of like the way the 9-11 Truthers have attacked this blog on this article and used their attacks to both smear Assange and attempt to divert attention from his plight. Now, who does that benefit? Cui Bono?

      2. I think you suck. All you do is attack 9-11 Truthers with smears and innuendo, but you never actually listen to their arguments or try to answer them. I think you are a sock puppet. Sorry, but you are entirely full of shit regarding 9-11, and those who question the official bullshit 9-11 narrative.

        1. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
          Joe Van Steenbergen

          Agreed. It’s easy to denigrate 9/11 truthers en masse without bothering to discuss their arguments or concerns. Slowly the truth is coming out, but it is painfully slow, hampered by the government refusing to conduct proper investigations. Let’s hope the truth emerges before many of us are in our graves.

          1. I complimented your insight below. Sad to see you’ve been deceived by the 911 truth cult.
            If it is not controlled, fake opposition – it has been doing the work of one. Certainly the CIA, FBI love it.

            The truth emerged on September 11, 2001 – planes hitting the towers caused them to collapse. The 911 truth cult’s insane “explanations” for something perfectly obvious and well explained and accepted by the overwhelming majority of experts – are what is dying. It’s a dying cult. Young people don’t fall for it.

            Plenty of people have debunked 911 truth and it’s falsehoods – for example one above – the towers were NOT designed to withstand a jet impact, and there had been some speculation that they wouldn’t – proven correct.

            1. Conveniently ignoring asking the questions “how” and “why” those planes were available and those pilots willing to fly in the WTC and Pentagon . . .conveniently ignoring the massive push for the retaliatory ruse of “weapons of mass destruction” and the war on people who stood in the way of corporate profits and military and political hegemony, in the Middle East and elsewhere. Now who’s believing falsehoods?

              1. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
                Joe Van Steenbergen

                And completely ignoring the recently completed study that shows that WTC7 could NOT have collapsed because of “office furniture burning.”

  19. If anyone knows who this Vanessa Baraitser is, I’d love to know about her life and background as it appears from my search to find who she is that there’s no trail that gives a date and place of birth, background, training, education, what positions she’s held that one might naturally find when searching for someone involved in such a high profile case.

    1. So she’s completely suss and so is Julian’s lawyer, Mark Summers. It’s a stitch-up. Hardly surprising. Chelsea Manning is an infiltrator and the Collateral Murder video is fake.

      1. A gutless weasel CIA operative. Go stitch yourself up.

  20. I am not sure why anyone wants to spend their time on Assange as he is nothing but a distraction from the much much bigger crimes (that he didn’t expose) by the CIA/Mossad/Zionists.

    please read the following;

    They say that in politics nothing happens by accident, and given the sophistication and continual onslaught of propaganda coming from government and from corporate media, taking anything thing which becomes ‘news’ in America today at face value requires a hefty dose of willful naivety.
    We know that even non-profit news agencies such as PBS will heavily edit the statements of legitimate presidential candidates such as Jill Stein in order to control public opinion. We know that the U.S. Army embeds psyops soldiers at local TV stations around the country to influence or even to approve of what appears on the nightly news. We know that the CIA engages in projects such as Operation Mockingbird to influence media and to counter cultural revolutions by means of infiltration. We also know that the world is already on the brink of World War III, and that in war, the first casualty is always the truth.
    Why then, in a climate of such broad deceit are we to trust that the saga of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is what it is pitched as: a brave whistleblower risking his life to come to the aid of the American people by exposing government secrets?
    In appreciation of this perspective, here are four reasons to consider that the Wikileaks program may be yet another engineered (CIA?) operation to control the narrative at a critical juncture in American and world history where global powers are pushing for total world war and the wealth of the world is being swiftly delivered into the hands of the world financial elite.
    1.) Exceptionally high drama in the Assange captures public attention. With oddities such as supposed attempted hits on Assange, appearances by Pamela Anderson, who recently brought Assange lunch at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, encoded Twitter messages by Assange, and now the recent internet block of Assange by the Ecuadorian state, the story is unfolding like a John Grisham novel. It has become so dramatic, so intriguing, and so unbelievable, while crescendoing at such a critical time in the 2016 election, that it is has been made impossible to ignore.
    2.) Wikileaks is controlling the narrative of the election. Such a high volume of releases by Wikileaks floods the zone of public attention, creating an unavoidable distraction from more important issues, such as the developing war with Russia, the slow-burn collapse of the economy, U.S. support of ISIS and Syrian rebels, and the ongoing domestic issues of the expanding surveillance and police state.
    Furthermore, the releases are coming as partisan dispatches, focusing almost exclusively on the Clinton campaign, giving the impression that Clinton is being treated unfairly, which creates the perception that she needs support. Additionally, it gives this camp fodder to blame Russia for aggression against the West while NATO and the U.S. encircle Russia and push the Neocon-Israeli agenda of a new world order created out of chaos.
    3.) Wikileaks is shedding light on relatively petty issues, helping to bury the major crimes of the Clinton family. When an aircraft has been targeted by an incoming missile, in defense it releases flares which give off heat similar signatures while obfuscating the authentic prize. In this case, the true history of the Clintons has now become irrelevant among the flow of juicy details about their campaign communiques. While there are indeed many important revelations coming from Wikileaks about how Hillary views the American public and about her true allegiances to the globalists and the banking cabal, the true breadth of her crimes is going undiscussed.
    4.) Legitimate whistleblowers are not allowed to damage the U.S. empire. Those who have information which could truly be harmful to the imperial state are always silenced. Either they are prevented from speaking out before doing so, or their message is not allowed to be distributed by the mainstream media and especially not given the mass attention that Wikilieaks is receiving. The fact that Wikileaks is appearing to blow the whistle on government crimes is a sign that they are being permitted to do so.
    Final Thoughts
    As news outlets, both mainstream and alternative, jump all over the recent Wikileaks releases, spinning them this way and that way to suit their own political agendas, the fact remains we are under the heavy influence of sophisticated propaganda. Any political narrative that captures the attention of the public and of the media in general is suspect because of the ongoing history of subterfuge, social engineering and mind control.
    In light of this, surely the entire Assange operation warrants suspicion as well.
    Read more articles by Isaac Davis.
    About the Author
    Isaac Davis is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.
    Like Waking Times on Facebook. Follow Waking Times on Twitter.
    This article (4 Signs Wikileaks is a Government Managed Election-Year PsyOp) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Isaac Davis and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

    1. Wikileaks could only publish material they had. Is there evidence that Wikileaks had information in the categories you cite but decided not to publish?

      Anyway, is that justification for torturing him?

    2. Not sure which country you live in, but here in the U.S., the story about Assange is hardly ever mentioned, if it’s mentioned at all. To the contrary, the media has been strangely silent about Julian’s case (and Chelsea Manning’s case).

      No matter what one thinks of Assange (I happen to applaud his efforts), what’s happened to him is 100% unethical and unjustified. I’m extremely bothered by the fact that so few seem interested in what’s happening to him, and even more bothered by the fact that so many posters on Caitlin’s site would actually try to justify his treatment in the U.K. This is beyond frightening.

      We must ALWAYS remain skeptical of narratives and measures that attempt to suppress particular perspectives, and we must always be vigilant when attacks are leveled against the messengers of information that is damaging to the established powers.

      We need a very powerful, independent, international organization that exists solely to protect whilstleblowers and journalists, especially those who expose the malevolent underbelly of the authoritarians who try to control the global politcial-economic system. Nobody should ever have to experience what Assange has been going through these past years.

  21. Thanks Caitlin. Only Cowards And Sadists Support The Persecution and Torture Of Assange. It is obvious that he has been seriously tortured, if not physically then mentally. Plus they have probably poised his food to bring about this condition. What thugs they are – cowards, hiding behind a vail of protection. It is nothing but a medieval Kangaroo Court without any legitimate legal process.

    1. Agree. There is also the devastating matter of the total lack of justice. The UK government, as their US overlords dictate, is gong through the motions with no attempt to hide the facts. It is the rapidly disappearing veneer of freedom of speech and innocence until proven guilty – two core tenets of democracy.

      It is deeply disturbing. I was born in a fascist country (Portugal under Salazar) , and I never thought I’d die in one (Australia under another US puppet).

  22. Yesterday after the court hearing in London, a journalist — running next to the prison van — took what could be the last images of Julian Assange, since the final hearing in February will be held directly at the maximum security prison. This apparently following instructions from US representatives at yesterday’s hearing to further isolate Julian from the public.
    In this short video, as in the courtroom, Julian seems absent and only partially conscious.

  23. ‘Julian Assange struggled to say his own name and date of birth as he appeared in the dock. He claimed to have not understood what happened in the case management hearing, and was holding back tears as he said: “I can’t think properly”‘.

    While Assange is in custody – awaiting a hearing, remember: he has been found guilty of no crime – his health and safety are the responsibility of the UK government. If he appears in public obviously in terrible health, incoherent and apparently unable to think clearly, the UK government must answer for their negligence – or worse – which has brought him to this condition.

    The UK government clearly has no interest whatsoever in the interests of its citizens, their wishes, or even their votes. The parliament continues to refuse a general election in which we could try to choose representatives who would do what we wish. And the courts, which apparently answer to no one, enforce the will of the rich and powerful.

    “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box”.

    – Frederick Douglass (speech, November 15, 1867)

  24. “These charges have nothing to do with justice, and they aren’t meant to be merely punitive. They’re made to serve as a deterrent. A deterrent to journalists anywhere in the world who might otherwise see fit to publish inconvenient facts about the US government”.

    Under the circumstances, I shall no longer wait to hear about US government lies and crimes from journalists. I shall reverse the burden of proof, and assume that the US government is lying, cheatin, stealing, murdering and committing other crimes unless it can prove otherwise. To my satisfaction.

  25. Many many years ago one of my teachers emphatically stated:
    As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgment As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!
    I put this on my website because it is very true. When Mr. Assange created Wikileaks he should have known he would become public enemy number one and western governments would stop at nothing to get him for it. He should have had a ” safe haven ” before the site was even put up. He could be living free down the street from Mr. Snowden instead of being crucified by his captors.

    1. I have the same thoughts. Some part of Assange probably couldn’t conceive that the button pushing elites would be such crass fascists. He did what he did because he believed in the narratives of freedom and openness in the West. He suffering tells us that the probability of openness in the West is near zero. We are into the last act of Empire: blunt use of force, lies upon lies, war without end.

    2. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
      Joe Van Steenbergen

      It is also possible that Julian knew full well what he was potentially facing and made a conscious decision to let it all happen so that we all could see what the consequences of revealing government corruption and war crimes would be for anyone else. If so, he might have been hoping to encourage the few brave souls out there to take up the challenge, like he did, instead of cowering in fear of tyrannical governments. I like to think that’s what he thought, and what he did. His kind of bravery is rare in this world, more now than ever.

      1. I have never met on been around Mr. Assange, but my first impression is that his ” ego ” or his ” arrogance ” led him to believe that he was ” untouchable ” because he was too well known and the Obama administration did not go all out to get him. Mr. Assange is in extremely deep trouble; I pray for him and those that care about him; but there is not much any one of us can do to save him.

        1. What nonsense is this. Julian’s ego or arrogance? Ron seems to be suffering a little of it himself – especially with the hollow promise to pray! OMG! and/or For Heaven’s sake!!!

      2. Assange nixed plans to escape the embassy because he felt it could somehow suggest guilt. So there is very good evidence for your beliefs.

  26. Thank you for Truth. “This guts me”, too.

  27. A small semantic point. Tim and Caitlin speak of “Cowards and Sadists” as if they are separate groups. While in reality, it is common in human nature for Sadists to really be Cowards at heart. Many humans who are aggressive towards other humans often act that way out of Fear. The Brave are the people who are willing to accept others how they are and not try to control or manipulate or frighten them.

  28. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    When people accept the official version of the 9/11 story, they will accept any lie and they won’t care about truth and about truthtellers.

    Days of Noah all over again. The good news is that it means the Second Coming of Jesus is very near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His glorious return because I have really seen enough of all the bullshit.

  29. Thank you Tim and Caitlin. 🙂 I’d visited Ambassador Murray’s website, and was so struck by what I’d read that I wanted to come here and make sure you had seen it. Of course you had. But in this age where the corporate media is so blantanly biased it is sometimes uncertain as to whether other people have seen or read what you just read. Thus, its worth a check to make sure the ‘samsidat’ is seen by others.
    Toward the end of Ambassador Murray’s fine article, the point is clearly made that the UK is now simply a colony of the USA. The barristers who supposed represent Her Majesty’s government were scurrying to the back of the room to consult with the FIVE US embassy officials (undoubtedly including a CIA representative) before making any decision. These instructions from the US embassy were then spoken by the crown’s barrister, and the magistrate then duly followed those instructions to the letter
    The next time you hear them all banging on about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ and ‘the rule of law’, remember to breathe while you are laughing so hard.

    1. Thank you for posting that, Joe. You’re right to assume that many/most people haven’t read what you’ve read. There is so much information out there that it’s easy to miss something very important.

  30. The disgusting truth about their government is right in the faces of the uncomprehending public. One often despairs of the people ever waking up to the horrific reality before them. But as Chris Hedges says, we must continue to try to get through to them in spite of their resistance to being informed of the unpleasantness they are an integral part of. A nation of mindless Manchurian candidates! Their willingness to ignore the atrocities committed by their rulers and their minions, seems to be limitless. They celebrate the very measures that ensure their slavery! A Trump rally shows the face of these brainless zombies.

  31. In the U.S., we have a saying that, ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’, and that law extends to knowing what laws aren’t on the books, but you better damn well act as though they really are, because those are the laws that are really being enforced here; so the people here will do nothing; they already have become the cowards and sadists that you speak of and because you called them for what they are, they will probably hate you and you may become next, because of it.

    1. I do a daily check a US corporate news site, just to make sure Martial Law hasn’t been declared or that the Pentagon isn’t beginning the Nuclear War that they’ve craved since the 1950’s. There is no mention at all of Assange or this hearing at this point. Thus, the people won’t do anything, not because they are all cowards and sadists, but simply because they have no freakin idea that it is happening. The American Oligarchs have to lie and cover up stuff like this precisely because the American people really are not cowards and/or sadists.
      If Americans were all cowards and sadists, the Biden campaign would be doing better than it is.

  32. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    “Only Cowards And Sadists Support The Persecution Of Assange”

    But they are cowards and sadists who, reflective of their Machiavellian character, masquerade as the Land of the Free, world’s greatest democracy, or Leader of the Free World.

    That is the truly Goebbellsian nature of America (or its ever faithful poodle, the United Kingdom).

    In his 2005 Nobel Literature Prize acceptance speech, Harold Pinter offered a damning indictment of the USA that:

    “The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.”

    This is exactly how the United States is able to get away with its unending crimes–even as it self-righteously and deceptively cloaks itself as a “defender of democracy” for the entire planet!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Pinter quote. So well stated. I love the truth when it is openly spoken.

  33. “The only thing keeping people from really seeing what’s going on here is a thin layer of narrative management, and the only thing keeping them from acting on their seeing is feeling like they are alone in their seeing.”
    The above is absolutely NOT TRUE! People see exactly “what’s going on” and they DON’T feel “like they are alone in their seeing”. The reason that people don’t act is that they do not “see”, and are literally incapable of imagining, any detailed alternative to the present arrangement — the one in which a microscopic percentage of the population owns or controls that vast majority of wealth, land and LARGE SCALE capital equipment for its own astronomical profit, upon which the vast majority of the population vitally depends.
    If you’re dissatisfied with the way that microscopic percentage are treating Assange, running the economy for their own benefit, waging perpetual war in order to ensure perpetual profit from their investments in war corporations, etc. etc., start imagining in minute detail something better. You’re lucky because some people have already done that and, not only that, have brought it into being: (Skip the first 30 seconds if you’re impatient.)

    1. Yep, that there’s the dream, but finding such a community already in operation within reasonable reach is for most of us pie-in-the-sky (I know, I’ve been looking). Likewise, trying to start such a community requires finding a least a handful of others who hold similar values and can help the start up — not so easy when surrounded by seas of sleepwalkers in love with the matrix world as it is — those who think these kinds of communities are too backwards and Amish for their sophisticated tastes. But yea, for some of us, this is the dream.

  34. We live in a false paradigm reality, bounded by faux science, fake history, filtered news, financed by a fiat currency and directed by demonic warlords. This delusion is approaching a controlled demolition, much like WTC, but this time it will be TRUTH, and Universal Freedom that collapse the feudalist facade. We will create an Eden on Earth for all humanity.

  35. America and the UK have always been MEAN countries. From greedy kings, to sticking their flag in a beach and claiming occupied lands as theirs alone, to genocides, to slavery, to racism, to taking children from their families, to vast inequality, to bullshit wars and to the Assange case.

    Without the MEAN bastards who have run these countries for centuries this would be a far better world!!

    1. I just wish we could shovel all those mean and evil bastards into a very deep pit, then trow in the snakes for good measure. If only the world could rid itself of these evil psychopaths, perhaps then the world may have time to heal itself.

    2. I concur, and with the other commenters. It’s way over time to get rid of the Greedy Pigs that manipulate mankind.

    3. I don’t mean to be anti-semitic, but the Jews appear to have had a very big hand in the mean acts of America and the UK.

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