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Judge Releases Manning After Suicide Attempt, Effectively Fines Her Supporters $256,000

A federal judge has released whistleblower Chelsea Manning from jail following a suicide attempt and a year behind bars, while ordering her to pay more than a quarter-million dollars in contempt of court fines.

After spending seven years in prison under draconian conditions for exposing US war crimes, Manning was re-imprisoned one year ago in an attempt to coerce her to testify in a grand jury related to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. When Manning continued to refuse to testify on a principled stand of opposition to the unjust and corrupt practice of secret grand juries, she began getting slammed with fines of $1,000 per day in an attempt by judge Anthony Trenga to “coerce” her into testifying.

Those fines now amount to $256,000 as Trenga finally orders her release, stating that “the business of Grand Jury 19-3 had concluded” and “the Court finds that Ms Manning’s appearance before the Grand Jury is no longer needed.”

Trenga denied Manning’s attempts to dismiss the fines, despite her legal team challenging that “She has no personal savings, an uncertain speaking career that has been abruptly halted by her incarceration, and is moving her few belongings into storage, as she can no longer afford to pay her rent.”

And of course this just amounts to a fine on Manning’s supporters, because we obviously aren’t going to let a heroic whistleblower be saddled with crushing debt for the rest of her life. Whistleblowers around the world have been watching Manning’s fines grow day by day and thinking “Man, that’s gonna take a bite.” It’s stupid and ugly that this is even necessary, but of course we’re going to take care of her.

Here’s a link to her Action Network legal defense website, and here’s a link to her GoFundMe. If you can’t afford to donate, you can also help by sharing these links on social media and drawing attention to her cause for those who can.

There is zero risk of over-donating to this cause. Even if Manning manages to get the ridiculous punitive sanctions overturned somehow, and hopefully she can, she’s starting her life over again with nothing after years of unjust brutalization, and she needs all the help she can get. She was making a living with a speaking career prior to her re-imprisonment, and now she’s being released just as all public events are being cancelled around the world.

Anything and everything we can do to help her will be much needed, and will be going toward as just a cause as you can possibly imagine.

Again, Manning attempted suicide in jail prior to her release and is still recovering. UN Special Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer, the second UN Special Rapporteur to speak out against her brutal treatment at the hands of the US government, said that “Such acts of desperation are typical for the confusion, dehumanisation and suffering deliberately inflicted through prolonged psychological torture.”

“In contrast to physical torture, which uses the body and its physiological needs as a conduit for affecting the victim’s mind and emotions, psychological torture does so by directly targeting basic psychological needs, such as security, self-determination, dignity and identity, environmental orientation, emotional rapport, and communal trust,” Melzer recently wrote of this abusive tactic.

So this is a deeply needful person we are talking about here. Anything we can do to take some of the stress of living off of her and show her there are caring people in this world is an objectively good thing, because we need her to stick around. This world needs more people like Chelsea Manning, not one less.


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  • Anybody know if Manning is going to have to claim the donations he receives as “taxable income”? AFAIK, he will have to, which means that in order to have $256,000 free and clear to pay The State’s extortion, much more than that will have to be donated. Tax experts can chime in to say how much more.

    • she

    • Yes, it will be counted as taxable income. No way around that one under US law. So, she’ll need roughly 30% more than the base amount for federal taxes; I don’t know which state she will reside in, but state taxes can be anywhere from 0% (Nevada) to 20-25% (California, as an example).
      Bottom line, she’ll need about 50% more than the base amount in order to pay taxes on the base. If she can collect and pay the fine over more than one tax year, the amount, and possibly the percentage of taxes will go down.
      This really sucks.

      • Do you think that if $256,000 were transferred from GoFundMe directly to the clerk of court to pay the penalty (that is, Chelsea never actually takes possesion of the funds), this would avoid the taxes?
        Put differently, if I had a spare $256,000 in my pocket and went to the court and paid Chelsea’s ransom on her behalf, would there be any tax consequences for Chelsea? (I think this kind of thing happens quite frequently, by family members, friends, etc., but usually not this amount of money.)

        • Yes, I think that a direct transfer to the court could eliminate her taxes, but you should check with a tax lawyer first. And, I think that the Go Fund Me page would need to change it’s name so as to not imply they were collecting directly for Chelsea.
          My brother is a tax lawyer and I have been involved in this sort of thing for years and years, but I am not a tax lawyer. I’ll talk to my brother. If he has something different to say, I’ll get back to you.

  • Thank god for you, Caitlin. Please add your voice to the ‘repatterning’ happening with the Corona pandemic. Global Research (globalresearch.ca) has an outstanding collection of articles on what is actually happening. I’d like to read your take on them.

  • I am not optimistic at all.
    The lockdown of my community seems like a pathetic gesture really, though it does bring home the reality that this is really happening.
    We are all living in a Stephen King horror novel. We have met the enemy but it may not be the COVID-19 virus. It may be ourselves and the unequal, disunited and dysfunctional society we have created. You can read this revealing article here:

  • Ms Manning’s friend Kelly Wright, who was the communications director for the whistleblower’s 2018 U.S. Senate bid, set up the fundraiser with the aim of fully covering the court-imposed fines. As of press time, more than 2,300 donors had collectively given over $93,400 to the effort. This article can be read here:

  • Chelsea Manning is a male, not a she, not a her, but a he and a him. How fucking DARE you refer to this MALE as a woman. Regardless of any leaks to the press, which is a separate issue that I am fine with, this is some bourgeois liberal bullshit labeling a male a woman—biological impossibility. This disgusts me and you can piss off with your bourgeois liberal shit.

    Manning also struck a female service member in the face while his ass was still in the military—and anyone who’s a male claiming to be a woman is a misogynist prick along with all the cheerleaders supporting this misogynist LIE.

    • Misogyny, misanthropy, it’s all the bloody same to me. Without obsessing over genitalia, Chelsea Manning has a SPINE. How DARE you spill your bigotry over someone who has blown the whistle on WAR CRIMES, whose life has been made a living hell ever since by the perpetrators of said war crimes, and who has only just been given momentary relief from said living hell after she attempted suicide.
      In this world, you’re stuck with people who are not just like you. Deal with it.

    • You, Anne-Marie Mazur, are an incredibly ugly person and a deep shame upon humanity. COMPOSE yourself!!

    • Anne-Marie Mazur I am sure you have suffered some form of prejudice towards you throughout your life. Very few of us escape it. For people with a sound mind, any prejudice carried out towards them teaches them a valuable lesson: Don’t do it to others.

    • Commiserations, Anne-Marie, it must be terrible hard to live with such a minuscule organ between you eyes, to call it a brain would surely be a gross exaggeration, don’t you think?

    • OFF TOPIC: Caitlin, have you seen this call for applications for the Bruno Fellowship? It awards a journo $US16k to write a piece about either disinformation, authoritarian tech or the war on science). Thought of you immediately – https://codastory.com/careers/bruno-fellowship-2020/

    • YIKES!!! Someone responded to the question I ask Here…With the TRUTH about this “Character” calling its-self a Female!
      Thank You Anne-Marie Mazur!
      You just addressed WHAT Sex the “Creators of the Universe” MUST have been!
      There MUST be a “Chicken FIRST…Before an Egg, is Created”
      WHY do you think the most ancient People on this planet created the image of the as a MOTHER and Child deity???
      Now being “Sold” as “MOTHER Mary and Jesus Christ”, by none other than the “Mother of ALL Corporations”???
      The “Divine Female Creative Energies” is Returning to this planet to FOREVER correct this Massive LIE the Avatars were “Allowed” to let be…to answer this universal “Question”.
      Also the Question: “What IF”???
      There was a Hollywood movie created by the “Satanic Element” of “Man-KIND” called “Live and Let Die” witch actually best describes the Avatar’s relationship with Anyone of “Melanin” Beings of COLOR.
      WHY do you think these folks are so worried about IMMIGRATION on this planet…so much they are ATTACKING It with a Virus now called “The Corona-virus”…Patented by the “Corporate USA”???

      • Jee! I almost forgot to add, If one wants to Learn HOW All this BS about Sexual Deviations now being “Promoted” all over this planet since the ancient Greeks and Romans…Just buy a copy of a book by Dr. Francse Cress Welsing: “The Isis Papers; Keys to the Colors” for the Extremely Detailed answers.
        It can by acquired on the internet via E-book or paperback.
        Intelligent quest welcomed!.

        • You would not know the meaning of “Namaste” if it slapped you on the ass and turned around and French-kissed you.

          • I am a Direct descendant of the “First Humans/Melanin” Seeded on this planet, there I’m afraid YOU are mislead about the meaning of that word…Namaste.
            VERY Soon everyone will SEE the Real Truth about Everything.
            ALL False “HIS-Story” will be exposed by the REAL-Story.
            By the way I already KNOW Who I Am…Therefore FEAR nothing.

      • You’re despicable.

      • Kenny the word salad you have written indicates that you need to have your mental health assessed. I have noticed a similar disorder and clutter of cliches in the minds of people who have over zealous and abusive religious parents. Try to meditate at least once each day, be loving to yourself and you will find your true loving essence. It will be there under all that hellfire and brimstone.

  • I donated to Chelsea’s fund! It’s just a different form of paying a ransom for her.

  • Glory Hallelujah! Thanks for the donation
    links. Now is the time for all good people to support her and make her whole again. I agree she would probably be better off away from the land of her birth, as sad as that is.

  • number one:
    Get Chelsea out of there(the U.S.A),
    otherwise She will never be safe .
    number two:
    Collect money from friends etc and help her start a new live.
    Not a single penny for the fascist banana state!

    • Great post, Laurens. The big questions are whether Chelsea would want to emigrate, and which country would she choose to go where she would be (relatively) safe from extradition. Just about any country in South America would be a problematic choice because of political instability… Ecuador, Brazil, and Bolivia being obvious examples. ANY countries seen as sufficiently loyal lapdogs to the empire would be just as problematic. Two choices (unappetizing as they might be to many) are Russia and China.

    • Even if it means the money ends up in the state coffers, it will help Chelsea start a new life. Please do not discourage people to donate via the internet, which is the only choice for us who live outside the US- Use Caitlin’s link to GoFundMe it’ works fine.

  • Just made a donation at GoFunkMe and I encourage all of the regulars and non-regulars here to do the same. Thank you in advance.

    • GoFundMe…. sorry. I’m okay with the laughs at the typo.

  • Just imagine, if every person in the Western World donated $10 to this worthy cause. That $10 would be like a punch in the nose of the establishment, and kick in the pants to the Judge who imposed it. If money was made readily available, any fine being imposed would be pointless, and clearly establish to the cabal, we’ve had enough.

  • If and when the United States government finally gets its nasty hands on Mr. Julian Assange; Ms Manning will be arrested again and tortured to testify. Ms Manning needs to get out of the United States as soon as possible to prevent that from happening!

    • Yes, but what country? Most of ‘the West’ and many other countries’ rulers are afraid of the US, and would buckle under just as Ecuador did in the case of Assange.

  • QUESTION?…Was Cheisea Manning that person that joined the military as a MAN…Then changed over to a FEMALE???
    Because I could post a link to a site that explains WHY that person is being dealt with adversely …only this site would NOT allow it.
    That Person is simply another victim of a Extremely corrupt system that rewards service with TREASON against them…This planet is ruled by a JUST-US System…Instead of a JUSTICE SYSTEM…Any one Remember???

  • Her bravery and resistance is truly awe-inspiring. The thought of so many people round the world who will be donating to her fund makes me just so HAPPY and I hope it’s some kind of confort for her abd buffer against that massive pile of fuckfuck cunt motherfucker inhumane turds

  • It was a judge with a grudge.

  • Fuck you.

  • Bernie, has millions remaining from his failed campaign, he could easily donate $256,000 to heroic Chelsea Manning….She might even be willing to give Sanders advice on why revolutionary leaders must be brave.

    • Too right! There is nobody alive on this planet today that has even a touch of the amazing courage, and integrity of Chelsea Manning. We need her so much more than we need a career politician such as Sanders,. who ended up endorsing Killary in 2016. Has he ever mentioned freeing Manning or Assange from the gross injustices that have ruined their lives? No, he hasn’t. A true social democrat would make justice for all a priority.

      • As Chris Hedges put it before the ’16 election, “you can’t be an imperialist and a socialist at the same time”. For that reason, Hedges did not support Sanders in ’16 and, AFAIK, still does not.

    • Bernie is not dead yet. Do not wish him so. I need Bernie to win.

  • I think that YOU are probably an agent.

  • I made a donation. I have encouraged my friends to do the same.


  • Caitlin, I live in Mexico. I tried donating via you link, but I was unable to do so, despite putting accurate info in reach time. Any suggestions, or alternatives?

  • Chelsea is a SUPER HERO!! A SHERO!!

    and an amazing person. This world is a better place because she’s in it. I’m donating. Please everyone, do the same.

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