This gig is kinda weird at the moment. I write about what’s going on in the world for a living, and there’s certainly plenty going on in the world to be written about. But also there’s this acute awareness that anything I write about today is going to look petty and insignificant in the very near future.

I mean, we’re in the first moments of an unfolding pandemic which, from what I can tell just looking at the numbers, is about to change the world in some pretty significant ways. Governmental faceplant after governmental faceplant after missed opportunity after missed opportunity all around the world appears to have set us on a trajectory toward overburdened healthcare systems, severe economic downturns, and, of course, mass deaths.

And maybe chaos. And maybe healing. And maybe, when all is said and done, a total restructuring of power and the way we do things.

Standing on the precipice of that, how the hell am I supposed to write about how Bernie didn’t go hard enough at Biden in the last debate or whatever? So many of the arguments we’ve been placing so much importance on lately could easily look irrelevant in a matter of weeks.

Anyway, here are nine thoughts on COVID-19 and what’s coming.

1 – Everyone in conspiracy circles has strong opinions about what’s going on, so anything I could possibly say about this is going to get a ton of pushback from some faction or another. That’s fine. In my opinion the fears that the ruling class will seize this opportunity to advance preexisting authoritarian agendas are well-founded, and people are right to have suspicions about the official narrative on the origins of the virus, but people who are still saying the whole thing is fake from top to bottom and it’s just another flu/no big deal have been proved wrong by facts in evidence. People should minimize social contact to avoid overburdening healthcare systems and thereby killing people. No matter how certain you are that this is all fake, you’re not certain enough to justify needlessly risking lives.

2 – Google-owned YouTube has just announced that they’re going to be censoring a lot more videos during the pandemic, citing the need to rely on automated censorship as they scale back workers’ presence at the office. No attempt has been made to explain why YouTube staff can’t just review the material working from home. Definitely worth keeping an eye on; if widespread authoritarian measures are going to be implemented during this time, increasing internet censorship will likely be the first step.

3 – I think this is going to hit America much harder than other countries, unfortunately. Combine a literal joke of a healthcare system with a president who up until just today has been dismissive of the threat the virus poses, the fact that the majority of Americans can’t afford a $1,000 emergency expense at a time of mounting layoffs while being chronically uninsured or underinsured, an inability to make anything happen without massive corporations voluntarily going against their own profit margins, a culture of rugged individualism with a reflexive distaste for collectivist organization for the good of the whole, and a highly religious population with many preachers telling their underinsured parishioners to demonstrate their faith by gathering at the megachurch and shaking hands with everyone, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Please stay as safe as you can.

4 – Meanwhile China is having success getting the pandemic under control on its end, with its government’s ability to build hospitals and crank out brand new tech solutions with astonishing swiftness, and of course to clamp down on the public’s free movement as soon as it was deemed necessary. Now Beijing is moving into a world leadership position in tackling the pandemic, stepping in to aid nations which can’t get help elsewhere like Italy and Serbia.

5 – The US became a superpower after being left intact while competing nations were stuck rebuilding themselves from two devastating world wars, allowing it to surge ahead of the competition. China, as we’ve discussed here many times, has been poised to overtake America as the dominant world power, so it’s possible we’ll see China’s relative success and America’s relative failure on this front dance in a way which gives a significant boost in that direction in the same way the US was given a boost by the world wars. It’s very likely China comes out of this notably further along in its agenda to create a multipolar world than before this all began.

6 – And the US of course realizes this threat, which is why my social media notifications right now are full of propagandized human livestock bleating about China being the Latest Official Bad Guy who I absolutely must believe very bad things about. A dying empire knows it’s going to need to take some drastic, dangerous measures to secure world dominance in the face of a surging contender, and it knows it needs to manufacture consent for those drastic, dangerous measures. Anti-China propaganda has been pouring into mainstream consciousness with more and more aggression lately, first and foremost within right-wing echo chambers but also within mainstream liberal ones – Joe Biden compared the Chinese government to Jack the Ripper just last night.

The result has been rank-and-file westerners beginning to lose their minds about China, which has looked exactly like a right-wing mirror of the Russia hysteria we watched unfold throughout late 2016 and early 2017. I have been encountering far more hysterical anti-China sentiment online than I was even a week or two ago; a poll published at the beginning of this month reports US anti-China sentiment is at a 20-year high, and I’ll wager if they took it again today it would be significantly worse.

People are now constantly shrieking about how authoritarian the Chinese government is, which is stupid, because China has always had an authoritarian government. It hasn’t changed; the only thing that’s changed is the narrative management, with glaring adjustments like the mass media reporting on the Hong Kong protests vastly more than the anti-government demonstrations in US empire-aligned nations like France. All this irrelevant emphasis on where the virus originated isn’t there to protect you from the virus, it’s there to make China look bad. China is no more of a threat to you than it was two years ago; the only thing that’s changed is you’re now being hammered with narratives about how threatening it is. Mass media converging upon a single empire-targeted nation is never a good thing.

7 – It’s interesting how the virus which might knock down the most powerful government in the world behaves so much like that government: dominating world affairs and killing the most vulnerable members of the populations it attacks. Nations which are being smashed with US sanctions have already been watching their frail and elderly die of inadequate medical care and malnutrition, and now with the coronavirus they’re experiencing those same exact effects squared. Which is why places like Iran are being hit so uniquely hard. America is like if COVID-19 was a country.

8 – Also interesting is watching people react to the way so many of the corporate and government policies which have been causing ordinary human beings to suffer great pains are now simply being canceled all around the world in response to the pandemic. This Slate article documents a number of the changes which have been made just in America, like how for people being thrown in jail for minor offenses, “San Antonio is one of many jurisdictions to announce that, to keep jails from being crowded with sick citizens, they’ll stop doing that. Why were they doing it in the first place?” Or how “Trump has instructed government agencies who administer loans to waive interest accrual for the duration of the crisis. But why on earth is our government charging its own citizens interest anyway?”

We’re seeing immense burdens lifted from people with an easy “Oh, that’s making the pandemic worse? Okay we’ll stop that then.” And we’re seeing people react with fully justified indignation with, “Well why were you doing that to me in the first place??”

And the answer is very simple: because until now, your suffering wasn’t exacerbating a virus which does not discriminate on the basis of class. Politicians and billionaires are just as capable of losing their lives and loved ones to this virus as anyone else, as the CEO of Universal Music Group just learned with his COVID-19 hospitalization. Simply not causing needless human suffering wasn’t enough to get them to stop crushing people; it had to actually show up on their doorstep to make a difference.


9 – I have long thought that it would be awesome if the world could just take a nap for a minute. Capitalism is built around the glorification of busyness. We’re going to find out how many jobs we can do from home, how many jobs are only busywork, how many jobs we can comfortably consolidate or do without completely, and how many jobs are actually harmful. A big chunk of jobs have nothing to do with feeding, housing or caring for us, and everything to do with persuading people that they are deficient in some imaginary way and require this placebo tonic snake-oil to make us better again. Religion is one such job. Advertising, marketing, and most media are others. If we redesign the economy, we could do away with those altogether and have all that creative effort go toward healthy things.

Primarily though, we all need a big rest from constantly doing such soul-draining things. Having to do this while under the worry that we won’t be able to pay our rent and bills is not ideal, but do as my Mum always says — worry about the things you can change, and for the things you can’t change right now, leave them for the birds. Leave the bills for the birds for now. We will work out something; we always do. But for now, you are safe and you have everything you need. Notice that. Once you’ve established that you’re solid in this moment at least, take this time to really dig as deeply in to relaxation as you can. Watch some stand-up and get yourself laughing, sing to some youtube karaokes, nap often and deeply, take showers and baths, really taste your food and enjoy your breath, yawn and stretch and cuddle and shake it all out. Forget about cleaning out the cupboards or learning that instrument or reading that book or whatever cute thing you decided you really should do now that you have the time — let your animal body lead the way, and give your brain a rest from all the shoulds and shouldn’ts. You’re fine just to do nothing at all. Sink in to that.


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108 responses to “Nine Thoughts On COVID-19 And What’s Coming”

  1. For anyone interested in the latest news on COVID-19 mass vaccination risks during a pandemic, go to this superb Canadian site following this link:

  2. The origin of the virus and whether this is a pandemic are two different issues which most of the clowns here simply conflate. I think there is plenty of suggestive evidence that this virus was engineered, and by spooks in the USA. That subterfuge does not mean this is not a dangerous pandemic to which only frightened Chicken Littles react in panic. In fact, if American authorities knew the characteristics of this beast before being let out of the bottle, they could have easily and accurately predicted a pandemic. That’s it is a pandemic is NOT a ruse as most of you seem to think. Who you should blame for this potential crime is a fair question. Most of you praise CJ for the article, but you fail to apply her rigorous logic to how society must respond to this crisis. Read her essay again, especially point One. On this issue, most of her readers need to go back to school and learn some critical thinking skills. I see the “reasoning” became even more tenuous after I left this venue in frustration.

    1. The only thing I can say about point one is that anyone who is as frightened as they are supposed to be (according to the mainstream media), no problem. Stay home. You won’t run the risk of getting sick. Personally I’m going about my life, nothing to do with money, more a complete abhorrence for authoritarian nonsense being rolled out by petty technocrats and other assorted weirdos who think their time is now and they can tell the rest what to do. Because their lives to date have been devoid of purpose and meaning they will leap on this with great gusto. Watch as the nerds rise from their swivel chairs with their shiny pants sparkling in the sunlight.

      Worried? Stay home, in a small room, away from everyone else, you’ll never get sick. Maybe in the head, but physically you won’t be exposed to “bugs”. Long term your immune system will collapse totally but no problem, you’ll be able to wear a government approve “immunity bubble” with built in contact tracing app.

      Me? I’ll put a big bit of paper in my pocket with “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” in size 48 font, underlined and in bold. Just in the off chance I collapse and can’t speak for myself. While I stay on my own two feet I won’t be going near any medical centres with sniffles or cold symptoms. As long as all you other people stay in your small rooms I’m no danger to you. You’re welcome, have a nice day.

  3. We’ve seen this kind of public deception and manipulation over and over again. 9/11 wasn’t that long ago, and it was a similar psy-op. And we just keep falling for it. You point to facts and evidence showing the threat is real, yet how many times have we seen facts and evidence turn out to be deception and manipulation? I’ve seen it many times, and I’m seeing it now as well. There is no genuine pandemic, there is only the agenda to control us via fear. The COVID-19 virus may exist, may make some people sick, and may kill a very small percentage of those infected, just like the ordinary flu. But that’s no reason to impose martial law in the guise of a health emergency, or shut down the global economy just as it happens to be collapsing from criminal racketeering. 82 years ago, the ruling sociopaths learned some useful things about human behavior from the 1938 Orson Welles broadcast of “War of the Worlds”. They learned the public can be led around like mindless sheep. They successfully used the same technique with WW2. And again with the Holohoax. And the Korean War. And Vietnam. And Iraq, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya, Syria, Iran, China, Russia, and on an on. It is used non-stop now. It is virtually impossible at this stage that the coronavirus is not a well planned and carefully executed pys-op. What we are being told is mostly BS. We should not cooperate. We should resist. We should push back. Resistance is not futile, it is absolutely essential. We are being played. It is all controlled narrative. Surely you can recognize it.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      What I did recognize was that it was being called a pandemic from the very beginning. It’s like holding a cigarette lighter up and saying this is a bush
      fire, then bending over and setting the bush on fire.
      In China 3200 people died and 81,000 were infected out of a population of 1.4 billion people.
      Of course everyone has a right to interpret the information given to them according to their knowledge. After enduring the shocking list of lies and deceptions that you list Chico, everyone also has the right to not believe a single word spouting from the mouths of our self appointed masters.

      1. Yes, Others have noted that it was labelled a pandemic before things started to snowball. That tells you that powerful special interests are pushing an agenda (agendas actually) here.

    2. You nailed it my friend.
      Fact is if Americans had held to account the traitors who perpetrated the 911 false flag attack and anthrax release this virus release would not be happening.
      This is what Americans get for being cowards.

      1. The Sheeple were Never told the Truth about 9/11 in the First place…Remember???
        Why do you think ALL info about WHAT happened that day Only deals with WHAT and HOW that event transpired…NEVER about WHO executed it???
        The Avatar controlled America NEVER tells the Real Truth about ANYTHING…Catching On Yet???
        As for this Covid-19 BS…Remember the movie CONTAGION???
        They want to FORCE Vaccinate the Sheeple…GET THAT???
        The Avatars HATE Humans…Understand???

    3. CJ is very much fence sitting on this one. The narrative control is absolutely in full flow on this one. I’m quite surprised she doesn’t see it. Especially now, 10 weeks or so in and there is clear evidence that it isn’t what it was sold as. Time to get off the fence.
      Is it the Black Death or not?

  4. “No matter how certain you are that this is all fake, you’re not certain enough to justify needlessly risking lives.” That seems like the right thing to say, but I don’t think it is. I’m with James Corbett, who doesn’t slam those who believe and therefore take precautions, but who also points out that if people give in to the fear that the State and its media tools want to cause will in that way enable the State to ram through all sorts of evil agendas (mandatory vaccination) that powerful special interests (like Bill Gates) want to see carried out.

    I’m not needlessly risking lives by pointing out what others (James Corbett, John Rappoport, Del Bigtree) have been pointing out: They are manipulating the numbers. As Del noted in his conversation with Dan Dicks (a target of censorship), he used to have the biggest medical show on tv. He knows what goes on behind the scenes (of your tv ‘information’). He broke from that CBS show, took two other producers (or some management level staff, I forget) with him and began a website that he could use to educate people, because tv, which he pointed out, is 50% to 70% funded by Big Pharma! And that’s people’s SOLE source of information about this non pandemic pandemic. Actually, the panic over it is the pandemic, as others have noted.

    Caitlin is a bit off here in my view. The numbers are being manipulated. It’s the easiest thing in the world to shut off conversation by throwing up some huge number, out of context, that the tv throws up. James Corbett’s show “Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Infection Numbers – #PropagandaWatch” is probably one of the best shows out there right now that have looked closely at this important subject of numbers. The numbers are problematic and that speaks directly to another assertion made by the authorities (in other words, you should doubt the corollary), namely the lethality of the virus.

      1. Thanks! That will be added to my next blog post on covid 19. They are basically just piles of links. The reason that’s important is that they come from alt media and censorship is ramping up again.

  5. Peter Michael Schmidt Avatar
    Peter Michael Schmidt

    Superb article and expression of opinion! Thank you for this!


    Stunning insights into the Corona-panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.
    There are definitely elements of a psyop going on.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Thanks Bobby, that presentation by Dr Wodarg is the most rational one that I have seen so far. He offers an easy to understand explanation about what corona viruses are and how they have always been part of the disease spectrum that we call ‘flu’
      For those people who chose to research respiratory diseases it was obvious from the beginning that no more people than usual were dying yet for some reason a panicdemic has been triggered.
      I guess it will once again fall to the lowest common denominator. Who stands to make a lot of money from this and in the aftermath of restrictions enforced on communities who will be purchasing the companies that go bankrupt at bargain basement prices?

      1. I’m not sure that I buy Dr Wodarg’s view that this – the virus and the manufactured fear and the responses by the State (States) – can all be laid at the feet of careless virologists. He may believe what he says because, within the parameters of his expertise, it makes sense, and what he tells us based on his knowledge is sound (and it jibes with what I know), but when he speculates about the bigger picture and makes the politicians out to be merely careless themselves, he loses me. Remember, they labelled this ‘pandemic’ a pandemic before much had happened at all. Although, Much probably had happened. It strongly appears that the covid 19 was already out in the public, released (deliberately or accidentally; don’t trust CDC on this) from Fort Detrick bioweapons lab, causing illnesses that the authorities deliberately mislabelled so as to not alert the public.

        Obviously, We are a long ways from knowing everything about this. The ‘vaping illness clusters (!) and serious flus in Maryland’ story sort of contradicts, at least on the surface, the idea that the US targetted China at the behest of powerful special interests whose interests aligned with the warmongers in the American political class. That this is an example of disaster capitalism at work is undeniable. But the repercussians, as American Vagabond points out, are going to be BAD. The people may come to regret demanding their own subjugation from a war-making Corporatocracy State that already likes to do that.

  7. Douglas Newman Avatar
    Douglas Newman

    A most excellent take on our shared current condition, Caitlin. I continue to thank you (even when not publicly thanking you) for your always insightful thoughts and your ability to help wrap our minds around this great mystery that we are living through.

    Again… I thank you for “bringin’ it to The People”.

  8. Interesting info at the following links.

    Notice the screen shot from the CDC website that posted MANY job openings for a Quarantine Program Health Advisor on November 15, 2019 at this link:

    If it is a coincidence, impeccable timing!

    Notice the book by Dean Kunz written in 1981 under a pen name of Leigh Nichols called “The Eyes of Darkness.” The plot is about a virus that escapes from a bio lab in China called (you can’t make this stuff up) the “Wuhan-400 Virus.” Other interesting “coincidences” at this link as well, i.e. October, 2019: “Event 201” in New York City & the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, China:

    If it is a coincidence, impeccable timing!

    OR – are we being played?

    1. I’m going to look at the site you linked to more closely. Thanks.

  9. Are all you people who think this whole crisis is no big fucking deal but just one more con being played on Americans by its own government or just mass paranoia by a bunch of end timers at all aware of the shit going down in Italy, Iran, S. Korea and numerous other countries, and all the shit that went down in China before that country got a handle on things with a hard lockdown and extreme social distancing? Have you examined the morbidity and mortality kinetics and correlated them with government actions in each of these places? Do you think for a moment that China and Iran were simply “over reacting” to massive levels of viral infections and stratospheric death rates for what you seem to think is just another ho-hum flu virus? Or that they were playing roles in some orchestrated drama by the US government to make the whole world dance to its tune one more time? Really? You jackwagons think you see a lot of needless panic and inconvenience to yourselves and the public. I see a bunch of deluded fools whistling past the graveyard and putting a lot of cocky attitudes. The people at the CDC & NIH have their reputations and life’s work on the line. The people who have invested billions in enterprises that have been voluntarily shut down cold to ameliorate this crisis are putting at risk what they love most–their fortunes. Wise up and use some common sense. This is not just cover for taking away your job and stealing your bank account as the public convulses in chaos in response to cheap theatrics. There are far easier ways for “them” to do that, which they’ve had down to a science long ago already. That’s all I’ve got to say to all the loose screws on parade here today.

    1. REALIST,
      As you are advocating complete acceptance of the official narratives perhaps you can share your insights on this article? Do you think five detailed fatalities are all as a result on Covid-19, as stated?

    2. There’s only one loose screw on parade here today. Check the mirror. Then check the numbers. Then take a deep breath and go for a walk.

  10. I’ve read thru only about a third of these comments but since already there are so many containing non-science understanding of what’s happening to us I post this and simply ask where were the protective squadrons? Busy on test runs?

    The following evidenced based estimates starkly shows why the USA ‘policy’ of inadequate testing and no contact tracing and isolation is deadly policy (WHO’s phrase).

    Apparently officials knew of this unfolding pandemic in late January. They were offered test kits by the WHO. They turned the offer down saying the USA would make its own. Since epidemiologists know it is critical to identify and isolate a pathogen as soon as possible to prevent a pandemic, qualified medical scientists practicing due diligence did not make this decision.

    Months later testing in the US is still very limited. The number of identified cases should perhaps be multiplied by a factor of 10 or 20 for a more representative number.
    Inadequate early testing, no contact tracing and no isolation to prevent community spread when the virus was easily containable, stoppable, means the US cannot repeat China’s success.

    China did not just “flatten the curve” they terminated it. They stopped the infection. Instead of 800 million people getting sick and 30 million dying, 80,000 cases were identified and 3,000 people died. China gave the rest of the world a chance to do the same by sharing its data and resources. Its policy was test, test, test, contact trace, and isolate; and they stopped the novel virus in its tracks despite no antibody test available yet, only PCR tests to detect antigen.

    So, despite several months of knowing of potential pandemic, this is what we are facing in the USA:

    If assume 70% infection rate or 50% infection rate (Germany is expecting 70%)
    12% will need medical attention.
    5 % will need critical care.

    There are ~330,000,000 people in USA.

    70% = 231,000,000 people will become infected and sick, and/or infected and be invisible carriers; 50% infection rate = 165,000,000
    12% = 39,600,000 people needing medical care at 70 % rate
    = 19,000,000 at 50% infection rate
    5% = 16,500,000 people needing critical care
    = 8,250,000 at 50% infection rate

    The CFR or case fatality rate for Covid-19 depends on several factors — whether there is ready access to medical care and critical care equipment, and state of health of the people infected — do they have existing medical problems, age, etc.

    If there is access to critical care equipment CFR is estimated to be about 1% on average across age groups.  This results in anticipated 2,310,000 deaths at 70% infection rate; and 1,650,000 deaths at 50% infection rate from Covid-19 before vaccine becomes available possibly next year.

    If due to lack of access to medical care and critical care equipment the CFR is higher, then estimates become:

    2% CFR: 4.6 million deaths @ 70% infection rate / 3.3 million @ 50%
    3% CFR: 6.9 / 4.9
    4% CFR : 9.2 / 6.6
    5% CFR : 11.5 / 8.2

    The CFR has been very high in northern Italy, around 5%. Dr. John D. Campbell UK (see his medical education utube channel) suggests there may be two factors involved there. First, if fever-lowering medicines were administered (like aspirin, tylenol, etc) as is the custom there, then the ability to fight the virus is not maximized. If fever is allowed to run its course in an adult patient (children are different) the patient is uncomfortable for a while but the body’s battle guard is operating at the most efficient capacity biomolecularly. Also, many Italian family homes are multigenerational, with sometimes three generations living together. Since children appear to be asymptomatic carriers, thankfully not sickened but still infected, older people are infected widespread and people over 80 have highest CFR.

    Compare the approaches of US and China. Which approach is more civilized?

    1. Thanks for the facts and common sense, quite in short supply on this forum today by those who think the calculated response is panic and an undue hardship for the many who will merely experience mild symptoms, conveying to me an attitude of “why should we sacrifice so you might live?” Yes, due to the dearth of testing and the fact that there’s a 12-day lag before the virus manifests itself with symptoms the REAL infection rates have been reckoned as much as 50-100X too low (but even if “only” 20X that’s still quite a disparity). A massive population of infected carriers have been circulating about this country for weeks already and one can still see the exponential rise in cases in various venues around this country which is not going to plateau (and eventually drop) until the chains of transmission are short-circuited by government policies of social distancing recently imposed. Yes, a major price to pay but the value of the lives saved is beyond measure to the people who would otherwise die in the near future if America used an approach of let them all get infected, then sort out the living from the dead and go on from there (reportedly a policy favored by one of America’s main allies).

      1. It’s not difficult. If you’re at risk or a bit worried, stay at home! Self quarantine! What part of that is so difficult for those of you who want to “save the world” to understand? It’s really easy to protect yourself!

        Now stop telling everyone else what to do and go and do something useful, like look after your elderly and immune compromised. See, problem solved.

  11. I’ve read a host of opinions on this issue, being 62, with multiple sclerosis, and with my wife also having multiple sclerosis, but doing much more poorly, and I’ve got to say, this column is one of your best. You lay the field out clearly, state the issues at hand, and provide good, solid advice for those who will face this for as long as it takes.
    You also provide some very solid, well stated food for thought, particularly for Americans who are at risk. We’ve been under “a heavy thumb” all my life, and it has steadily gotten heavier, particularly in the last three decades. Simply suggesting this corona virus should be treated as “9-11 was” is bombastic, over the top, and at the least, a strong call for greater government power. If there is anything at all we ought to be thinking about, while we can do nothing about the future, it should be the deliberate destruction of my Country, by the political bastards who are willing to do anything, even fake terrorist attacks on America, to see their agenda through.
    If We, America, aren’t willing to stand up and make our voice heard, before, during, and after this is dealt with, we deserve our own fate. I wish I could even think otherwise.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    Vanceboro, NC, USA


    Caitlin, Sorry, but you are wrong about China and Chinese Communist Party. This virus was created in a biolab as weapon and it got out. Now the entire world and the world economy are suffering because of the biowarfar policy of the CCP. If you criticize the CCP, you disappear. Wake up to this reality.

    1. Not disagreeing with you Nicholas, but there may well be a back story. According to Dr Francis Boyle, the virus originally came from the P3 bioweapons lab at the University of Nth Carolina , and was transferred to the Wuhan lab. The Chinese may well have further developed it. Dr Boyle is fairly sure it ‘escaped’ from the Wuhan lab, rather than being deliberately released…..but who knows.

    2. There is equally a case to be made that it was OUR bio-weapon, as the outbreaks coincide incubation-wise with the sudden closure of our bad-bug-lab at Fort Detrick. Caitlin was entirely appropriate above when she said that no matter what position she takes she’s going to get knocked by some faction that, in these uncertain times of hidden ways and devious means and outright lies from our leaders and corporate media, still manages to be CERTAIN that they’ve cornered capital-T Truth on the matter. China isn’t great where individuals are concerned, and the regime has the entirety of its existence as proof of that. But they’re no worse than they were last week, year, or decade. And maybe it IS their bug that got loose. But maybe its ours.

      Wash your hands. Stay alert. And chill.

    3. Possibly. We don’t yet ‘know’. Look at this, because this speaks strongly to another possibility:

  13. Stress is known to lower your resistance to infection. That said, if we ignore the hype of the mainstream media the chances are better we will manage to somehow survive this. Elections being canceled should relieve stress also… any illusion of ordinary citizens having any control at all has been indefinitely postponed. Enjoy your vacation.

  14. As I look back at my childhood I remember the intense dislike I had for anyone that told a lie about me. You just can not abide people like that. This article is very correct that my government officials have made sure that in the future the population of these United States are going to have to deal with the lies being told.
    Arrogance and Condescension Cause Resentment and Blowback by Brian Cloughley!

  15. Frank Thompson Avatar
    Frank Thompson

    A most important lesson that we seem to never learn from the Tao: “But for now, you are safe and you have everything you need. Notice that. . . . You’re fine just to do nothing at all. Sink in to that.”

    What are you doing? I am being! I am Living!

  16. If you have made the 5G/coronavirus connection you’re well ahead of the pack!
    If not, this 2 part video on bitchute will blow you away… please share with everyone you know and love so we can end this charade.

    PART 1

    PART 2

    Thanks & God Bless

  17. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Looks like a way for wealthy elites to regain control.

    The people were too turbulent: environment militants everywhere, yellow vests in France, Hong Kong protests, brexit etc…

    It reminds me of 9/11. It happened also when the people were much turbulent with their anti-globalization protests every time there was a G-7 meeting of another meeting of that sort.

    And because we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, it is very difficult to establish some kind of dialogue with the ruling elites. It always has been the case but now, it is just more so.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I am fed up and I have seen enough bs.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      A dialogue with the ruling elites only exists in the form of our political leaders receiving orders ‘from above’. I am not aware that there has ever been any negotiation between the people and the elites. An absolute monarchy would be a more honest system than what we have today, at least if there was a ruling king or queen we would know where to direct our demands.

      1. Step, you’ve earned the truth of the day award, except of course one simply does not make demands upon the ruling King or Queen, that is, if one wishes to keep his head on his shoulders. 😉

        1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
          Step O’Rafferty

          Yes Lloyd I don’t think I would be keeping my head for long if I lived in the Kingdom of Saud.

  18. What if:
    COVID-19 is not the opening bombardment in an existential struggle for the soul of the planet . . .
    But instead the final 21-gun salute fired over the corpse of the old world order?
    I offer my thought, without hope.

  19. This cannot be overemphasized – it’s important that we fact-check behind the rhetoric and kneejerk reactions and analyze not just the facts and the sources of those facts, but also those who are involved in this, some of whom were involved months before the first reported incidence of the virus. The analysis should include the historical facts of other pandemic alert scenarios of the recent past, because, to paraphrase, those who forget history are condemned to having it repeated on them. One of the best sources of independent I’ve used over the past twenty-some years is The Center For Research on Globalization. Over the past few weeks It has been the only source I’ve trusted for researched facts and in depth analysis on this multifaceted issue written by some of the best credentialed and experienced independent journalists and researchers.

    1. More musings on coronavirus origin.
      Anyone in US media looking into possible origins?

    2. Still at a loss as to why we have no testing kits for the populace. Perhaps the government knows millions are already infected since the virus escaped Fort Dietrich sometime last year?

    3. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Surely everyone who takes part in this forum remembers that the media was telling us that the ‘corona virus’ was a pandemic at the very beginning, when it had only struck a a few people. The fact that they knew it was going to spread was a dead give away that it was a planned event.

  20. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It is depressing to think about that but all of this looks like the continuation of the war waged by the wealthy ruling elites, billionaires and that kind of people, against ordinary people around the world.

    However it is no surprise if you know that we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

  21. PLUTO represents the energy of personal and collective transformation and evolution that inevitably comes about through painful and traumatic experiences of loss, death, power or powerlessness, and fear. It is how we experience the “dark night of the soul” to re-emerge on the other side of crisis resurrected anew, stronger, wiser and more resilient. JUPITER is the planet associated with exponential growth and abundance on a massive, global scale in order to deepen our beliefs, spirituality and sense of life’s meaning. The fact that PLUTO & JUPITER are hanging out together (conjunct) in the Universe right now as this havoc is being wreaked is an interesting thing for astrology buffs to consider.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all appear close together at the moment. This morning 18 March they rose around the same time as the moon, so appeared to be close to the moon.

  22. Literally millions of AmeriKKKans are either employed directly by, or by “spinoffs” of, or by surrounding businesses that depend upon, the military industrial complex (MIC) or the State (regime-change) Department. Many of these adults have children who, therefore, are also directly or indirectly dependent upon the MIC.
    In short, these human beings / voters know very well, better than anyone else!, WHAT they are dependent upon. They are dependent upon perpetual-war/regime-change corporations that have killed literally millions of people, people just themselves, in the recent past; and, hopefully for them, will continue to kill people just like themselves literally forever. THIS, not ignorance or 24/7 propaganda/”narrative control”, is why these millions of human beings vote for, election after election after election, warmongers.
    Just exactly HOW do these people “live with themselves”? Caitlin tells us very beautifully.
    “Once you’ve established that you’re solid in this moment at least, take this time to really dig as deeply in to relaxation as you can. Watch some stand-up and get yourself laughing, sing to some youtube karaokes, nap often and deeply, take showers and baths, really taste your food and enjoy your breath, yawn and stretch and cuddle and shake it all out. Forget about cleaning out the cupboards or learning that instrument or reading that book or whatever cute thing you decided you really should do now that you have the time — let your animal body lead the way, and give your brain a rest from all the shoulds and shouldn’ts. You’re fine just to do nothing at all. Sink in to that.”

  23. Some of the articles presented are in english. The video comes with subtitles.
    The author is a pulmonologist and a social democratic politician

    “We have experienced similar alarmist actions by virologists in the last two decades. WHO’s “swine flu pandemic” was in fact one of the mildest flu waves in history and it is not only migratory birds that are still waiting for “birds flu”. Many institutions that are now again alerting us to the need for caution have let us down and failed us on several occasions. Far too often, they are institutionally corrupted by secondary interests from business and/or politics.

    Some doctors in Wuhan (12 million inhabitants) succeeded in attracting worldwide attention with initially less than 50 cases and some deaths in their clinic, in which they had identified corona viruses as the pathogen.
    The colourful maps that are now being shown to us on paper or screens are impressive, but they usually have less to do with disease than with the activity of skilled virologists and crowds of sensationalist reporters.

    We are currently not measuring the incidence of coronavirus diseases, but the activity of the specialists searching for them.”

  24. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle


    You are wise in your analysis of the situation. I agree.

    Anything is possible because we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and if people are the same they were in the days of Noah, so everything is possible because at the time, Noah was the only righteous man in the world. In our days, there are a few but not many I Believe. You are one of them.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough of all the bs.

  25. My thoughts on all this.

    1. People and governments are needlessly panicing. The common flu kill far more people than this supposed pandemic.
    2. Shutting down the world economy is insane.
    3. The healthcare professionals working the ER of the world are rolling their eyes and sharing memes among themselves.
    4. Do you fear death so much that you run when the press which you hate and call fake news says boo.
    5. The government is run by not so bright people who have no idea what they are doing
    6. Go on with your life, wash your hands and ignore it

    1. Frank Thompson Avatar
      Frank Thompson

      “3. The healthcare professionals working the ER of the world are rolling their eyes and sharing memes among themselves.”

      I would appreciate some evidence of this, rather than a generalized assertion from another anonymous internet commenter.

      In case it is not clear, I doubt what you wrote there and I will not believe it unless there is some relieable evidence of same.

      1. My daughter is a nurse working the ER. At 2 different hospitals. This is what she tells me. The memes she showed me being passed around are hilarious.

        1. Frank Thompson Avatar
          Frank Thompson

          Links? I am skeptical. Alternatively, I could use some hilarity.

    1. Vitamin C is a joke and you’e a slime ball for trying to use the virus to run your scam to hawk the stuff thru the laughable geenmedinfo.

      1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
        Step O’Rafferty

        That’s a very harsh criticism Mark. I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss vitamin C. We do need it whether it is sourced from fruit or vegetables. Most other animals can synthesize their own vitamin C but primates cannot we need to take it in as food.
        Some of the off the shelf vitamin C preparations are useless as they have been made through an industrial refining process however there are some good products available. That being said, nothing beats raw, organic fruit and vegetables, especially if they are still alive – picked direct from the tree or garden.

  26. I find it interesting that a pandemic virus that’s been around for about 3 months has only killed about half the number that die from slipping and falling in their bathtub per annum. True, falling in your bathtub
    does not expand geometrically.

    “Collectivist organization for the good of the whole”? Excuse me, but was this not the stated goal of communists, which murdered more than 100 million of their own citizens in the last century? Go on, keep complaining about the destruction generated by Sociopaths In Charge, and then expect collective solutions. Collectivism requires authority by means of force applied to any who oppose it, or refuse to participate. Which invites the very same sociopaths you object to taking charge. The only sane form of “government” is voluntary participation in community. The hermit does not benefit from the community, but perhaps does not need to. Others may prefer to be part of a different community than their neighbors. Regardless, the initiation of aggression is not moral or ethical. Aggression is only valid in response to the initiation of such. We can govern ourselves or be governed by monsters.

  27. Your hatred of America really shines through on this essay. Typical of Bernie Sanders supporters. We got this America. The progressive, communist, socialist, collectivists are just waiting and hoping for COVID-19 to destroy us so they can divide it all up and get drunk on our labor.

    1. After Kennedy, America fully gestated into an ogre. It has been a malign influence on the world since 1963. If America wants to turn itself into a pig’s toilet, that’s fine (you’ll find out just how much with COVID19). But the rest of the world doesn’t. We reject your selfish way of life, and your worship of Mammon.

      Your empire is crumbling. So go home and stay home. OR WE’LL MAKE YOU – just like the Iraqis are doing now.

      1. ” It has been a malign influence on the world since 1963.” Tell that to the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki>. Or the Filipinos. Or the Puerto Ricans. Or the Cubans. Or your African American neighbours. The US views everything from within the master-slave paradigm. Always has.

    2. Anthony Hawkins Avatar
      Anthony Hawkins

      I live in Europe and I hate to burst your anger bubble, BUT you could never entice me to live in USA. The majority of Europeans are fed up with your exceptionalism. If our continent had not been used as a battle ground in two world wars, there would be a significant difference.
      If you checked were a vast number of inventions originated, you would find that USA history is full of deceit.
      USA have been bullies since their inception, part of their ‘culture’.

      1. Fake alleged exceptionalism, but yes.

      2. Europe has been a battleground for wars for centuries before two world wars. Too many diverse cultures too close together.

    3. Absolutely, we will be knocking on your door soon.

  28. Christine Smith Avatar
    Christine Smith

    Thank you Caitlin. As always intelligent and interesting. I’ve become awake to the manipulation and corruption by the psychopaths who run things since I’ve had to retire, due partly to having to care for parents and being pushed out of my job, because of our useless education system. I’ve had time to read, educate myself and ponder. Maybe just maybe this will encourage people to take time to look and wake up to media, political and establishment propaganda and manipulation. Maybe just maybe people will realise that things must change. I’m an eternal optimist.

  29. There are mass deaths on the planet every day . Italy death rate is10.5 per thousand every year with a population of over 60 million, that works out at 1770 deaths a day without a viral epidemic . The vast majority are very elderly ( 81.6 years ) There is a major inconsistency in this pandemics ( the word only describes geographic spread not virulence or seriousness) which only appears to be killing principly the very elderly , WHY ? I believe this is accounted for by the death cirtification method between the elderly and other risk groups such as pregnant, preterm babies ,children , healthy carers all of whome have pathologist autopsy. The elderly almost never have but a cursory examination ,history and educated guess,made by a GP. I know I have been a GP for forty years .I believe the elderly are dying WITH not Of covid 19 . This will all come out eventually after the mass hysteria has brought about ruination , anxiety and perhaphs suicidal deaths. Very poor leadership or criminality ???

    1. About 50% of the elderly victims have died directly from COVID19 – possibly from ‘cytokine storm’ (similar to SARS and Spanish H1N1). It is not known why this is the case. This mode of death is not seen in the younger victims (mostly immunocompromised patients who died from secondary infection).

      1. Del Bigtree explains cytokline storm. He doesn’t go into extreme detail but his main points come through. He’s a champion of safe vaccines, which isn’t something that CDC and Big Pharma care about at all.

  30. Whenever the government/media start hammering some issue in the news over and over, my first thought is always, “What else are they doing that they don’t want us paying attention to?” The fact that they have declared martial law and sent in the National Guard in New Rochelle is extremely worrisome to me. This has now gone way beyond panic to militarily enforced isolation.

    How much of this pandemic is real and how much is manufactured panic? How much is practice for getting people accustomed to Martial Law and how much is prep for forced vaccinations? There is no way for us to really know for sure. What I do know is I received an email from my state representative saying my state has “…41 presumed positive cases.” Presumed positive?! They are basing a multi-million dollar appropriation on a presumption and clearly stating that. Shouldn’t they be taking a much smaller amount of money to cover testing to confirm these and future possible cases and base a response on actual reality?

    What will be really interesting will be to see where this money goes once they get it. Big pharma is the most likely. As always, follow the money.

  31. This is fantastic. Thank you

  32. Honestly believe the way forward is based in a fundamental shift of orientation…… this quote is from the book Prior Unity by Adi Da and is recommended reading.

    Be Part of Humankind First

    People must take the position of being part of human-kind first. That is the basis for right human discourse, or truly civilized discourse.

    That does not mean that you dissociate yourself from your nation, or your birthplace, or your citizenship. Rather, it is about having a disposition that transcends any kind of particularity of orientation—looking at all human problems as part of humankind’s collective concern, without any “angle” on anything whatsoever. On that basis, you get down to dealing with the issues in concrete terms, whatever those terms may be relative to any particular issue.

    To become part of humankind first is a kind of egolessness. That disposition is not Enlightenment per se, but it is a disposition that transcends the separate and separative “point of view” characteristic of the usual mode of participating in world-business or human happenings.

    There are lesser identities that people commonly presume: There is the personal identity—and there is the immediate identity of your associations, your upbringing, your family, your town, your country, your race, your religion, your culture. All of these “point-of-view” images of “self” encumber people’s understanding. And these identities are characteristically the first thing that people put out front.

    Everyone is play-acting this collection of characteristics of “self”-imagery, this objectified persona that each one tends to identify with. When someone says “I”, that persona is who they mean. However, if everyone is part of humankind first, that universal context becomes the basis for examining everything, and it cools all “self”-imagery discourse.

    This is how cooperation and tolerance become possible—because people are not wearing their separate identities first. Instead, they are wearing the rather universal identity of being a human being, part of the totality of humankind—participant with all other human beings in simply handling the business that everyone has in common.

    Then the handling of business can be focused down to all the particularities, including matters that relate to particular segments of humankind and particular regions of the world. But such (more localized) matters can be addressed in the context of the totality of humankind—rather than in the context of presuming to be a separate and separative identity.

    -Adi Da

  33. Caitlin, I love you but am baffled by the unwarranted reaction to this flu like virus. If you look there are some excellent common sense articles by medical professionals questioning the data that is being used to put us all in lockdown. One by Stuart Newman, professor of cell biology and anatomy at New York Medical College, is especially worth a read.

    On the other side of the coin I saw an article on the BBC website yesterday with a headline indicating 11 more deaths in the UK. When I read the actual article it turns out ALL of the fatalities were immune compromised already and 8 of the dead were over 80 years old. True story. Look it up.

    Let’s take sensible precautions and stop the fear train.

    1. So, old people are dispensable? Whatever would we do for presidential candidates if the bread and circuses were allowed to continue full speed ahead for your enjoyment regardless of the collateral damage to our elderly cohorts? What if the targeted cohorts were children and adolescents, or adults in their prime (as was the case with the Spanish Flu) would you still rail against social distancing, quarantines and closings as less than “sensible” precautions? And, if it’s the money you are so concerned about losing due to economic inactivity, should we put you down as valuing that more than human lives? Even if it were your own life and not merely a bunch of anonymous strangers whom you clearly wouldn’t give two shits about? The Nazis had some of the best medical professionals in the business too. And their “efficiencies” held sway too… until their immoral system collapsed. I’ve mingled with Nobel Laureates in the biomedical sciences and am not impressed by your silly name-dropping. It annoys me no end.

      1. I am pretty shocked by your response. Of course I am not suggesting old people are disposable. I happen to be one myself so accordingly am in the high risk group as it happens.
        I was simply stating that the fear and panic to date isn’t warranted given the data. There are lots of conflicting data sets flying around but the fact of the matter is ‘most’ sources agree the risk to the majority of the population is relatively small.
        The reason I mentioned the particular article that I did is because it is about how, as a species, we develop immunities to viruses. The term used is ‘herd immunity’. I couldn’t care less about name dropping. I don’t know the author and have never read anything else by him. I do know that he has better medical qualifications than the average person, myself included.

        1. I am shocked at your continued lack of empathy for the hardest hit segment of the population. Sure reads like your attitude is, they were all old and infirm already, soon to die from something, and society should not inconvenience itself for them. If you really did want to give them the best odds of getting through this you’d realise that EVERYONE must maximize social distance to slow down the spread of the disease and buy time to develop a vaccine or simply to shrink the chains of transmission until they mostly eventually disappear. And, yes, that does involve lockdowns, shutdowns, and quarantines of ALL ages–even those who will suffer only minor cases because they will be carriers and exacerbate the spread of the contagion. This “herd immunity” you speak of is usually achieved by weeding out the most susceptible through death leaving largely the most resistant members of the population–at least a resistant population large enough to stop short lengthy or persistent chains of transmission. It is still quite clear that you do not give a damn about those most at risk. Your only concern seems to be for the “majority of the population” whose “risk” is “relatively small” rather than helping those most at risk. Do not expect others to give you accolades for your brazen selfishness. And do not be mislead by a few others who sympathize with your egocentric point of view, giving you cover to express such heartless disregard for your fellow humans. Turns out there are far more individuals, not only in biomedicine but also in government, business, industry and other areas of huge financial investments and stakes that were willing to take enormous hits in shutting down their operations (as for example in most of sports, show business, transportation and the travel industry) even before the federal government stepped in and made demands upon them, all in order to save the maximum number of human lives rather than to preserve maximum profit or convenience for their workers or clientele. Those of you who say that the old, the infirm, the immunocompromised, or those with predisposing conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart, kidney or liver disease shouldn’t be a drag on society and the economy because they were going to die anyway, and their more fortunate fellow citizens in better health should not be expected to make sacrifices for their benefit is downright fascistic. Especially egregious is the nonsense spouted by some that “we shouldn’t blame the virus about these unfortunates because it was really just some secondary infection from a bacterium or fungus that put them in the ground, ergo let’s just relax and stop being so ‘panicky’ about this trumped up crisis.” This is just more selfish bullshit being floated by assholes, many clearly for political reasons. If you are part of that crowd, that’s another reason not to like you, or at least your callous thinking. And, Khatika, you added nothing with your inane comment about “not panicking.” Focused concern and remediation is not panic. Starrygordon is right, not you. Leaders of this country should have taken notice and reacted against this crisis long before they did. Their nostrums about having this all under control until it became late in the game was just self-serving ass-covering and inexcusable, but it’s what the politicos do in virtually every crisis in this highly unexceptional country.

      2. Your mindset is the problem, not the solution. Peter is correct and sensible. You are one of the mass of panickers.

        1. Being 80 myself, and having no desire to leave the world just yet, I must say the casual, contemptuous dismissal of my interests and indeed my life on the part of so many has definitely caught my attention. But just as I am alone and on my own, so I think you will be, because the social fabric is one and when it gives way, it gives way for all.

          1. Sorry to say but the world does not care about your or my interests. The world owes us nothing. I would think you would realize that after so many years

  34. Iraqi soldiers are bayonetting Kuwaiti babies! Iraq has WMDs! Daffy is about to slaughter his own people! Assad is gassing his own people! Maduro is stifling democracy! Russia poisons the Skripals. Russia meddled. Russia hacked. Russia controls the Tangerine Jackass and Commie-loving Bernie. Iran is state sponsor of terror. Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters are being killed!

    It never ceases to amaze me how just a very few days of intense Elite/gpvt.-sponsored propaganda (not that the Covid virus is not very real and very dangerous) can change the day-to-day behavior of the millions of individuals in their bewildered herds. Just look at the change in the herd’s behavior over the last two weeks. Again, absolutely amazing.

    1. It only takes less than 10% of a herd to stampede to get the rest to follow. Some people are dumb and have kneejerk reactions, the rest have herd instinct and follow. Those who refuse to follow get run over.

  35. The REAL Truth is that What is happening is nothing more than Bill Ryan’s testimony in his video about “The Anglo-Saxon mission (Actually Agenda)
    Now called “Agenda 2021” .
    The OTHER Reason has to do with a VERY Ancient prophecy, “Written-In-Stone” about this planets Real Future foretold by OUR Creators from the “Cosmos”.
    The SAMBO series videos: (IF the Avatars haven’t tried to delete It)…They HATE Real Truth.
    It might explain WHY they started this FAKE Virus, so that they can Run and Hide in Their BUMB’s (Underground bases)
    By the way…Anyone can read about Their god’s latest plans for the planet (IF they haven’t run for cover too!) at their website:
    That god has been hard at work making False predictions (None have come to pass!)
    Heck! Even most Celebrities are attempting to escape too…There is a list at one of the Avatar’s other site at: (Laugh!!!)

  36. Meanwhile, the Russians have counter-attacked the US economy. And the impact, thus far, has been devastating.

    But “coronaviruses”!!!!

    So, the Russians actually DO something, and no one pays attention?

  37. There is nothing like a bash to the head with an article of unsugar-coated truth to wake you up and make you face reality. Please read this wonderful article here:
    Four! More! Years! By Paul Edwards

    1. Excellent, I agree. Thanks for the tip, Ron.

    I first had good enough information about the novel coronavirus to post some details and projections in Year Of The Rat Fink, 1/25/20 ​
    That information was fleshed out to it’s present form by 1/28/20 post, Viral Valentine ​

    Chloroquine phosphate disappeared from pharmacy shelves by early March, here in the US, after 500 mg dose twice per day for 10 days was recommended for coronavirus disease.
    Here is today’s GOOD NEWS:
    I just got information from Michael-the-communist that hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil 200 mg twice per day, is just as effective in treating novel coronavirus, maybe even a hair better. This is available, used long term in some forms of arthritis and autoimmune disease, but would only be used short term for this.
    Good Rx Coupons show #60 of hydroxychloroquine 200 mg costing about $20 to $60 at area pharmacies. That would be 3 X 10 day treatments of 200 mg twice per day.

    The scientific journal, Nature posted this article 11/12/15
    Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research
    Lab-made coronavirus related to SARS can infect human cells.
    Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this story is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus.

  39. If you have a chance to watch, there’s a short YouTube video by Sam Vaknin (expert in the study of narcissim) called: “A Narcissistic Virus for a Narcissistic Civilization.”

    1. I watched Sam’s video just now. Not impressed at all. The only thing I agreed with is his notion that we tend to be a narcissistic bunch. I did make a cogent comment in Vaknin’s comment section. But he probably will not concede my good points. I am not sure what part of “novel virus” some people just don’t seem to understand…

  40. I see a money making opportunity here. If you have COVID-19, sell it on the net. Advertise that you will infect anyone who pays and those out there that believe it is nothing to worry about can become infected to prove their point. And those that are super fearful can become infected while hospitals can still offer side-saving services. it’s a win-win for all!

  41. Here in the good ol’ U.S.A. almost everything to do with medical is owned and controlled by the Mafia, the same people who own and control both Israel and the U. S., So, for non payment of a non moving vehicle ticket, the courts are also owned and controlled by the Mafia, a 97-year-old woman was murdered by not giving her enough insulin, while simultaneously feeding her extremely high calorie food for three weeks until she had a stroke. They used the same technique on me at another hospital, but I just refused to eat. Our healthcare is so poor because our medical facilities are being used as places for executions. But, I know you all too smart to figure that one out.

  42. Thank you.
    If I should die of a maladay, so others may heal, I shall consider it a life well spent.

  43. Goran Bozickovic Avatar
    Goran Bozickovic

    Thank you Caitlin and stay well!

  44. As usual, nicely written and well thought out by CJ, although perhaps surprisingly conformist . The Corona virus numbers don’t aggregate to a level which evokes the description of ‘ global pandemic’, and declarations of national emergency. Corona virus is common. Very. It gives us most of our upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Is this variant any worse than usual ? It may be more contagious, and they say it is a ‘stable’ virus, which is a bit unusual. These features suggest it has been ‘engineered’. However it’s very unlikely to kill anyone except the already frail. Just like a serious flu. It has caused the clogging of health systems because of medical over-reaction, and that is a subset of massive Govt over-reach. These reactions are a mystery, and real investigative journalists should find out more. A lot more. My only concern about the whole scenario is that it is a dress rehearsal for something much bigger, much worse. We live in interesting times. Stay alert.

    1. There is no way of knowing whether this is a real deal or a sham overreaction. I must admit I go backwards and forwards in thinking the overreaction is nuts and suss and in also thinking that I would like my 72yo mum and my immunocompromised self to be around a little longer. As there is no way of knowing whether this is manipulated or not, I don’t see anything wrong with doing the things that might not kill a whole bunch of people.

      I get why you are paranoid. You live in the US and you know what the government does to its citizens and the world. I’m paranoid too because I live in Australia and we love kowtowing to the repulsive foetid gargoyle that is Washington. But you also live in a country that encourages the idea that anything on a group scale is massively suss all the time. I don’t share that view.

      I do hope you stay well and well fed and that out of this comes good rather than more authoritarian psychosis. We can only hope. Darkness runs out of stuff to feed on after a time xo

      1. Thanks for the good wishes Sue. You sound like a like mind ! Just to be clear though….concern isn’t paranoia.
        And I’ve watched these ‘gargoyles’ as you put it, long enough to know that they love to double down. They are watching our reaction to this ‘event’, and collecting data.

  45. Wehrwirtschaftsamt Avatar

    US Intelligence Agencies Moved Early to Classify Any Corona Response Info

    More Than Just A Virus – Italy Only G7 Country to Sign Up To OBOR

  46. Ms Johnstone all I see is widespread ” Panic “. People are belligerent, selfish, rude, etc. The supermarket shelves are empty; the schools are closed. Is this the ” End Of Days ” or what.

    1. I see the same thing – unlimited greed and ugly selfishness. Long gone is the community spirit that held people together in times of war and other great disasters. My heart goes out to those who have nothing, no job, no home, no money, no food, no prospects of survival unless we help them. They’re hardly “solid” are they? Neither are the sick, the old and the lonely.

      We can’t just resign ourselves to sit in a bathtub and admire our stockpile of loo-paper. we must continue to be vigilant, to listen, to watch, to read and, above all, to care.

  47. In America, the oligarchs are already using this. Note Trump’s big proposals for a giant corporate tax cut in the form of “Payroll Tax Cut”.
    Sounds good, right. Like most oligarch confidence games. What this would do is
    1) Give a very slight increase in paychecks (to those still getting paychecks as the layoffs progress).
    2) Meanwhile, the corporations get to keep 6.2% of the payroll for their entire company. Its a giant windfall for the corporate books.
    3) This is also a sleight-of-hand attack on Social Security and Medicare, programs the oligarchs have hated and fought against since their beginning. Another oligarch confidence game has long been to pretend they are going broke. This is a lie. But their financial state will not be helped by most of a year with no payroll tax contributions. Also, when this temporary slight boost in paychecks is reversed, it will seem like a tax hike. Or course, the oligarchs would want to make it permanent.
    Naomi Klein wrote elegantly about how the oligarchs used crisis’s, both real and manufactured, to achieve what they could not normally achieve in a democracy. Her latest article warns that this can happen now with this crisis.

    1. Hope Sheets Sanford Avatar
      Hope Sheets Sanford

      Cassie, thank you- this is brilliant and I’d have missed it w/o your recommendation.

  48. GOOD NEWS ! Massive hoarding of toilet paper worldwide means, that when the Zombie Apocalypse extinction event occurs, we will have the cleanest bottoms in the Universe.

  49. Seizing control of the narrative means not letting them control the name.
    I suggest we refer to this as …..
    ……”The Grandparents Plague”

    1. though it does effect elderly people , it does kill people in there 30’s & 40’s & in some countries youth are going down

      1. Yea,and people of all ages are dying of a multitude of things. So what. This is fearmongering at its best. Even better than the nuclear scare of the fifties.

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