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The Official Bad Guy Of The Day: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Missing the cute, innocent days of early 2020 when our biggest concern was just that the continent of Australia would burn to ashes and Trump would start a full-scale war with Iran.


Everyone’s been primed by years of popular post-apocalyptic movies/shows, as well as a growing sense of dread and a general intuition that something’s gotta give soon. Please stay calm and let your better nature win out, humans. We can use this opportunity to transcend ourselves.


The political/media class is largely responsible for its own inability to get the public to take this pandemic seriously. You can’t constantly lie to people about important issues their entire lives and then expect them to suddenly trust you.


The primary reason people are so vulnerable to propaganda is that hardly anyone clearly sees just how much human consciousness is dominated by mental narrative. There’s a night and day difference between reality and the stories minds tell about reality. Manipulators exploit this.

Most people assume that the mental stories in their heads are an accurate reflection of what’s happening outside their skull, and it just isn’t. Manipulators know they can just feed people stories, narratives, about what’s happening and they’ll accept those narratives as reality.

Manipulators know they can trade a bunch of convincing words in exchange for all sorts of real valuables: sex, deals, loyalty, votes, political power. Humanity’s deluded relationship with narrative means you can get real, concrete treasures in exchange for pure illusion.

Most of the things which consume your attention are pure narrative constructs: religion, philosophy, culture, politics, the economy, even what you take to be your very self. But few ever take the time to sift these narratives apart from reality, so we’re hackable by manipulators.

The difference between what’s happening and what the babbling mind says is happening could not possibly be more different. Until our species evolves a new relationship with mental narrative which allows a real relationship with the real world, we’ll keep moving toward extinction.


Obvious cognitive decline is a stutter.

Massive exit poll discrepancies are normal.

An ex-president installing his right-hand man as his successor is democracy.

Facts are Kremlin talking points.

Journalism is a crime.

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.


Oh, you have another Official Bad Guy of the Day, America? It’s the Chinese government today, is it? We’re meant to hate China? Very cool.

So have you you stopped circling the globe with military bases and mass murdering human beings all over the world, America?


Then stop asking me to care about China.


Pandemic priorities:

Priority #1 – Make sure everyone is aware that this virus indisputably originated in China. China, China, China. Call it the China virus or the Wuhan virus so everyone knows. China is very, very bad and we must say so over and over and over again.

Priority #2 – Deal with virus if we have time.


I’ve been saying the US is more evil and violent than China for years, and the shrill, hysterical responses I’ve been receiving when I say this over the last few days have been exponentially more intense than they’ve ever been at any other time. China hasn’t gotten any worse during that time, the propaganda has.

All this shrieking about the virus originating in China does nothing to help address the actual virus, and it isn’t meant to: it’s meant to manufacture consent for future unrelated, pre-planned escalations against America’s chief geopolitical rival. People are being trained to support those escalations.


Someone who bought the propaganda about Russia is dumb, like a guy with his head up his ass. Someone who rejected the propaganda on Russia but bought into it on China is even dumber, like a guy who pulled his head out of his ass, lubed up his scalp, and willfully re-inserted it.


Conservatives: We hate gays!

Fox News: Muslims Execute Gays

Conservatives: We love gays and hate Muslims!

Fox News: China Imprisons Muslims

Conservatives: We love Muslims and hate China!


Officials know they’ve got a few months where there won’t be any public backlash in the form of demonstrations and protests due to coronavirus fears, and it’s a safe bet that they’ll take that fact into account when planning decisions in the near future. Assange’s extradition hearing resumes in May and the DNC convention is in July, just for example.


It’s so dumb having to constantly argue against the latest herd of propagandized human livestock saying I must believe bad things about the Latest Official Bad Guy. It’s Saddam! It’s Gaddafi! It’s Kim! It’s Putin! It’s the Ayatollah! It’s Assad! It’s Maduro! It’s Xi! They always think they’re so original, too. It’s fucking tedious.


China has not changed. What’s changed is that the USA’s leading rival is poised to surpass a dying empire, which will need to take some drastic actions in order to prevent this. Consent for these actions must first be manufactured. Hence the sudden spike in narrative management.

China has always had an authoritarian government. If you find yourself thinking negatively about the Chinese government more than you did a year or two ago, it’s not because China changed during that time, it’s because you’ve been sucked in by an escalating propaganda campaign.


China’s getting its COVID problem under control and helping other nations while American preachers are telling their underinsured parishioners to come to the megachurch and shake hands with everyone. This virus could change the world a lot more than we think.

It’s the perfect storm for ending the hegemony of the US, a nation with a broken healthcare system, dependent on private corporations to make anything happen, full of individualists who reject any collectivist impulse and fundamentalists who think science is a liberal hoax.


If COVID-19 were a nation, that nation would enact domestic policies which kill the most vulnerable members of its population. Then it would spread this to the rest of the world by inflicting endless war and sanctions on other countries, killing the most vulnerable people there.


Starvation sanctions do the same thing the coronavirus does: kill the most vulnerable members of the population. A population with both experiences these effects squared. The Trump administration owns every single one of the COVID-19 deaths in Iran.


It shouldn’t take a new virus pandemic to make people start thinking about whether it’s wise to have a political system that is dominated by very old leaders who won’t be around to suffer the future consequences of their actions.


The American people don’t deserve what’s coming. Their government is criminal, but they aren’t. I’m in Australia and I’ve shed more tears for what’s about to hit the US than here, because they really have nothing in place to insulate themselves from this.


Stop legitimizing the use of the word “corruption” in news reports of Saudi Arabia’s mass arrests; it’s a meaningless term in a nation whose government just openly owns all the treasure and resources. The Saudi government arresting people for “corruption” would be like water arresting fish for getting wet.


Every Trump Supporter I’ve Ever Argued With: Trump is ending the wars and draining the swamp!

Me: No he’s doing the exact opposite, as shown in this mountain of facts here.

Every Trump Supporter I’ve Ever Argued With: Yeah well you can’t expect Trump to just suddenly end wars and drain the swamp, you naive idiot.


It’s amazing how far you can get in life without having any idea what you’re doing, just by feigning confidence and speaking in an assertive tone of voice. You can become President of the United States. You can get through almost a full term before people really start noticing.


Trump being shit doesn’t magically make Biden not shit. Biden being shit doesn’t magically make Trump not shit.

There. That’s the winning answer to 90 percent of the arguments I’m going to get into from now until November.


Biden: I have decided that I will implement progressive policies I opposed up until five minutes ago.

Biden: *tells a mountain of demonstrable lies in one debate*

Biden: You can trust me that I will implement those policies.


Democrats: Trump is an unprecedented threat to our democracy because he’s a vulgar racist jingoistic authoritarian reactionary wingnut with dementia who lies constantly.

Those same Democrats: Here vote for this vulgar racist jingoistic authoritarian reactionary wingnut with dementia who lies constantly.


The Democratic primary is clearly being tampered with in myriad ways and on multiple levels, both overtly and covertly. The general election will not be. Because the dominant power structures know they’ll get exactly what they want with either Biden or Trump.


When I was five, I had a friend who would “be the judge” to whatever game we were playing and whenever I started to win, she would judge that I was actually not winning. I stopped playing with her.

Progressives are correct that the Dems will never stop fucking them over if they keep unconditionally supporting that party. But what many of them fail to take into account is that the Dems will also keep fucking them over if they don’t support the party. Because they’re fine with losing.

Progressives assume that they have negotiating power because they assume, wrongly, that the Democratic Party exists to win elections. It doesn’t. The Democratic Party exists, first and foremost, to sabotage the left.

A Democratic Party leader retains their status and donors regardless of who wins an election. But if the left ever succeeded in taking over the party and implementing anti-oligarchic policies, that would end. Given this, who do you think party leaders perceive as the real threat?

Staying with the Dems is a losing strategy, but so is removing your votes with the hopes of influencing them. This is because the answer has never been in electoral politics, one way or the other. It’s an illusory construct built to distract from reality.


If you object to people calling Chelsea Manning by her preferred pronouns more than you object to the things that have been done to her, you have wasted all of your time on this planet.


If we lived in a truly healthy, sane world, and then it suddenly began acting like the normal status quo of this current world, our collective shock and horror would dwarf the reaction we’re having to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because we’ve normalized so many vastly worse horrors.


America shouldn’t be in the Middle East at all, much less Iraq, and the US government is solely responsible for every American soldier who dies there.


Some days I just can’t write. I have plenty to say, I know all the things I want to write about, I’ve done all the research and prepared all my links, but I just can’t get the words flowing. It’s what I imagine erectile dysfunction feels like.


Doubt anyone remembers this but there was once a time when people expressing socialist or antiwar views were referred to as “pinkos” and “moonbats” instead of “Kremlin agents” and “Russian bots”.


Truth is Russian in an empire of lies.


Whenever there’s an economic downturn I always get my hopes up that maybe this is the one where people go “Hey wait a minute, this whole ‘economy’ thing is made up! We can just make up something different instead!”


I am optimistic that we’ll be okay because I know that humanity has untapped potential in areas within ourselves that we’ve barely even begun discussing, much less researching. The manipulators only understand thoughts and language, and there’s so much more to us than that.

We have the potential to break our conditioning patterns, which is huge because our conditioning patterns are what brought us to this point. Every species eventually hits a point where it either evolves or dies, and I already see signs of mass scale unpatterning. We can make it.

Long-established patterns are now being disrupted on a mass scale, creating lots of space to form new ones. Where there used to be a solid brick wall, there are now many gaps with plenty of space to shine light through. Make sure you take advantage of this, clear-eyed rebels.


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Latest comments

  • “If you object to people calling Chelsea Manning by her preferred pronouns more than you object to the things that have been done to her, you have wasted all of your time on this planet.” Hear, hear; best line on a great article. Thanks.

  • We can “transcend ourselves” if we accept what motivates us – power. Meanwhile we “keep moving toward extinction.”

  • Stunning article Caitlin – I am new to your genius. Today I began to sense that the spell we’ve all been under is soon to be broken as we watch and discover that ‘THEY’ don’t know what to do. That ‘THEY’ can’t fix this. That ‘THEY aren’t SHIT! You are right – watching this unfold will release our unlimited potential for us to discover.

  • Great article, as usual. Caitlin you are the definition of inspirational.

  • “Dear people of the world,
    Are you afraid to lose your love?
    Can’t move freely?
    Is access to health care has become a daily struggle?
    We understand you ..
    We have been living like this for years.
    Sincere greetings and solidarity from Gaza#Coffed_19 #Corona#Gaza
    — Mohammad mhawish (@MohMhawesh) March 18, 2020


  • While everyone is focusing on ” the virus ” our President Donald Trump has sent United States troops to Yemen. Does anyone know how many troops were sent?

  • As the coronavirus outbreak in the US follows the same grim exponential growth path first displayed in Wuhan, China, before herculean measures were put in place to slow its spread there, America is waking up to the fact that it has almost no public capacity to deal with it. Please read this article here:
    Why America Can’t Respond to the Current Crisis by Robert Reich

    • Interesting….. Truthdig staff were on strike the last time I heard. Figures it would be a Democrat that scabs and crosses the (virtual) picket line.

      • There is a problem at Truthdig between personalities and a protest is going on about it. I hope it all works out because Truthdig is a great website.

  • Here’s how China is IMO admirably dealing with the virus:

  • This is ridiculous Caitlin: “Some days I just can’t write. I have plenty to say, I know all the things I want to write about, I’ve done all the research and prepared all my links, but I just can’t get the words flowing. It’s what I imagine erectile dysfunction feels like.” You’re being too hard on yourself to even think this. You’re the very definition of prolific.

  • The elites today announced their definition of “essential”
    Herr Trump today announced that the US-Canadian border would be closed to all “non-essential traffic”. Herr Trump was sure to clearly state that “trade would not be effected”.
    And thus, we learn the definition of the word “essential” in elite double-speak. Essential means whatever makes a profit for the elites. If it makes the elites a profit, then it is essential and must continue, even at the risk of spreading a disease that kills 2% of the people it touches. But, if you are kicked out of work and decide that now would be a good time to go be with your family and help your elders survive this, then you are “non-essential” and there will be people in uniforms threatening you with guns if you try to reach your family.
    That is the elites definition of what is essential and what is not essential.
    People over Profits ….. having it the other way around is killing us.

  • You have to hand it to the guys that create trillions of $$ out of thin air. That this will eventually end badly is not part of their job description. You also have to be impressed with the neat terms they come up naming these manipulations. “quantitative easing” sounds so much more legitimate than, ‘bullshit’.

  • Ms Johnstone asks us to try to ” know what is really going on “. To that end please peruse these two articles.
    China locked in hybrid war with the United States by Pepe Escobar.
    Je suis Julian Assange! Global Lockdown Is a Chance to Reflect on the Plight Facing Wikileaks Editor by Robert Bridge!
    I wish that my government conducted itself differently but it is what it is!

  • The US is purported by its politicians to be The Greatest Nation On Planet Earth that has the best health care system in the world.
    Journalists should be asking politicians the following very simple-to-answer questions, but they won’t.
    1. After WWII the US was the manufacturer for the world, but that is no longer the case. Just exactly WHY is China the place that is now the MAJOR manufacturer for the world — for example, for medical equipment and pharmaceuticals?
    2. A short time after the virus made itself known in China, the Chinese government ordered the creation of a number of hospitals. In TWO WEEKS, two 1,000-bed hospitals were created, one of which has, because of the draconian measures taken by the Chinese government such as quarantine, now been at least temporarily closed. It has been reported that a total of 16 hospitals have been built during the outbreak, but I am not sure if that is accurate. Regardless, the US government has had literally months to prepare for / respond to the outbreak. How many hospitals has the US government created to handle the likely surge in those infected with the virus? How many does it today PLAN to create?
    3. How many people in the US does the medical community anticipate will need the assisted breathing that ventilators provide? How many ventilators has the US government purchased and acquired over the last two months and how many will it be possible for it to purchase in the near future?
    4. How many people in the US have been tested for the virus as of today? How many test kits are available as of today?
    5. How has the US government determined how may people in the US are infected with the virus and how accurate is that number?

  • The narrative managers of the Oligarchs are frightened because the “exceptional” and “brilliant” American system is being shown to be inferior to the Chinese system. And because they know millions of Americans will die because of that.
    I’m not sure what the Chinese system is …. One party authoritarian capitalism let by a party with ‘Communist’ in the name.
    But, whatever its name and label, it is showing that it is far more capable of meeting this crisis and saving lives than the “Greed Is Good!” system. And that scares the crap out of them.

  • What do you expect when sociopaths are granted authority to monopolize violence and force adherence to their edicts at gun point? Which is exactly the nature of all governments. The biggest political problem in the US is that far too many believe that its “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, when in fact it suffers the same tyranny all other nations do. There is no political or governmental solution. They are the problem. To paraphrase Einstein, “A system that creates a problem is not capable of solving it”. Gang rape is democracy in action, and voting lends credence to tyrants. Of course you may continue in your delusion if you wish. The problem arises in that I am forced to live in your delusion, or face the guns of the Sociopaths In Charge, whether they be conservative, liberal, progressive, socialist, etc. Looking for a Kumbaya result from forced compliance?

  • Workers should be aware of possibilities of worker action during this time.
    If your company is depending on you to work from home and do your job in order to keep the company afloat, then this gives you power.
    In this age, it will be more difficult for Bosses to hire and train scabs to replace you. Not impossible, but it will throw them out of the Bosses comfort zone. Since Bosses spend their lives building that comfort zone, they don’t react well to being thrown out of it.
    Be careful, be smart. Each situation is unique. Be careful of how you communicate with your fellow slaves. Don’t use company networks and channels. Make email addresses and groups that don’t link to you nor use the corporate name. You are spied upon at work.
    But, while being careful and safe, realize that their may be unique opportunities in this time of crisis when your corporate masters are depending on their slaves to be loyal and keep working.

  • Chekov’s “old Russian saying” from Star Trek….
    “Fool me Once, Shame on You.
    Fool me Twice, Shame on Me.”
    Or as a Rock band used to scream, back in the days when there were Rock bands ….
    “Don’t Get Fooled Again”

  • I marvel at your column Caitlin long may you scribble. I’m 75 here in Ireland publicly referred to as a “bed blocker” if we fall ill. My children live in U.S. and like us all are terrified by the rise of meónal, me nationalist racism. You omitted that this so called great country was founded on hatred, racism and genocide. Not a position of strength for lecturing and occupying others. Beir bua D

  • The world is watching. And it is laughing. The United States, a country that has been lecturing the entire earth about “free speech”, is now terrified of the alternative views. It is scared of being exposed as a giant on clay legs.
    You can read this article here:
    Is Washington’s Attack Against Chinese Media a Bad Joke? By Andre Vltchek

    • A billion cheers to those like Andre Vltchek and Caitlin Johnstone, for their courageous efforts at actual journalism, especially now in the time where Julian Assange is being tortured to death for his genius at getting the truth out there..

  • “Progressives assume that they have negotiating power because they assume, wrongly, that the Democratic Party exists to win elections. It doesn’t. The Democratic Party exists, first and foremost, to sabotage the left.”

    Someone should paint this on a banner and hang it up for all to see, preferably on the front of the DNC offices.

    • Someone please go tell Hillary that she doesn’t like to win.

  • Caitlyn I found this 1992 declaration in Francis Boyle’s biography – he’s a human rights lawyer in the U.S.
    In an international tribunal and acting as prosecutor he petitioned the tribunal to issue 2 orders:
    Proscribe the Federal Government of the United States of America as an International Criminal conspiracy and a Criminal organization under the Nuremberg Charter; secondly pronounce an Order dissolving same government as a legal and political entity.
    He then proclaimed the Federal Government of the United States ‘Hostis humani generis’: The enemy of all humankind.

  • So refreshing!

  • It’s as if you are inside my mind.

  • You are so spectacular, Caitlin!

    Shine on, you crazy diamond!

  • How did we get to the point where one candidate is a corrupt, lying, demented old fool who has been on the wrong side of most issues for the last 40 years, and the other is Donald fing Trump? It is simple, it was the result of the last election where one candidate was a greedy, corrupt, lying, neolib, neocon murderer who was on the wrong side of most issues for the last 40 years, and the other was Donald fing Trump.

    Ok fellow boomers, here’s how the golden world of our youth ends, not with a bang or a whimper, but with a wheeze from COVID pneumonia filled lungs while Trump tweets and Biden blathers equally mindlessly.

    Jerry was right, what a long strange trip it’s been, and we never had a clue.

    • Will someone please help me with a rhyme? I want to see an old classic updated to these times…..
      Old Rhyme: “Hey, Hey, LBJ, How many Kids did you Kill Today?”
      I’ve got this in my head, but my version doesn’t rhyme or is nearly so poetic. So, if someone could please help out?
      New: “Hey, Hey, Donald Trump. How many Grandparents did you kill today?”

      • Baby Boomers…. the generation born to be murdered by their government.
        It began with kidnapping them out of high school and sending the to Vietnam to die. It ends with CoronaVirus.
        And, after all of that, they claim it has to be Russian Interference if we don’t believe or trust our government.

      • Donald J

  • This is a paragraph from Georg Kuhlewind’s “The Living Soul”, – does it relate, in your opinion, PJ, to your letter above?
    “Within the soul, we can distinguish autonomous functions as well as those that reveal a self contained independence vis-a-vis the autonomous
    part of the soul. Thinking is autonomous, and so is perceiving to the extent that it is penetrated by thinking. The feeling entity, on the other hand, is arbitrary and autocratic, as is everything it stimulates and influences: associations, preferences, passions and the like. Characteristically, the autonomous realm of the soul is form free and thus capable of taking on any form, while the arbitrary intrapsychic elements are always seen in prearranged forms: chains of association, forms of feeling, pathways of sensation with repetitive trajectories, etc. This is why the non-autonomous element is also non-cognitive. Thinking can think any thought; associations or compulsive ideas are not cognitive gestures at all.”

    • Apologies, JF, not PJ

    • Hi Team, the quote I posted was in respect to the Narrative thing, basically that the Narratives are not cognitive, thus giving Caitlin and others a tool to explore further solutions, – I admit the quote is hard for some to read, but am surprised that no one has commented yet.
      Also one paragraph out of a whole book is not the same as the whole book, although I believe it is consistent with it, and the whole book is too difficult for most to read, although it has some other wonderful areas of exploration, – on Intuition, memory, Objective feelings, etc. but as I believe few could understand it, it was not an ad for the book.
      Thoughts anyone?

      • Geoff thanks for your post and your invitation to explore ‘The living Soul’. I think the reason you have not received any comments is that we are almost on a different wavelength.
        This is a socio/political discussion that focuses mainly on injustices perpetrated by the elite on humanity.
        While I respect the spiritual science and specifically any study of how a given narrative interacts with our souls, I feel that anyone who understands the technicalities of soul, including Georg Kuhlewind, would probably not concern themselves with politics.
        I and many others will eventually reach an understanding of what soul is, what spirit is and what the all pervading energy is. Taking part in a political discussion is an indication that I, or perhaps my persona, is focusing more on material concepts such as the fair distribution of earthly wealth rather than a more esoteric overview of the human soul.

        • Thanks Step, for replying, – from my perspective, politics are derived from feelings and relationships, – Laws are frozen feelings that have been standardised, – although this is not the Laws that come from the lobbying of the super rich, etc, – they are corrupt laws.
          That Narratives, associations, etc. are also of the realm of automatic feeling responses, means of course that they are totally divorced from the Human development of Freedom, so I suspect there is a lot more overlap than you realise, but of course I cannot expect you to accept that.
          It is interesting that one of the Objective feelings is that of the truth of an argument, and whilst that can be conditioned out of a Human being, it is totally impossible for a machine to have it.

  • What goes around; comes around. Someday the United States government may not have any friends, allies, or vassals. Someday the United States will be treated the very same way it has treated everyone that it has stepped on. There will be no mercy, no compassion, no pity. Cosmic retribution is coming.
    Arrogance and Condescension Cause Resentment and Blowback by Brian Cloughley!

    • Ron I think the rest of the world realizes that the disgusting greed that has destroyed America is the fault of the oligarchs. In my opinion no country wants to harm America, we just want it to stop acting like a weaponized spoilt brat. The worship of mammon and the fear of fair and just social programs must stop now. I am sure the world will help America recover from it’s nightmare.

      • Step I have very serious doubts that once the United States empire crumbles anyone, or any country, is going to give a shit about anyone living here. How many generations of human beings the world over have grown up being told about the evil coming from the United States. When the shit hits the fan here even Israel will abandon us.

  • Very good, you’re right the good people aren’t all good to begin with which is why the very bad people the Ndrangheta have such an easy time of it, and people like the Bill Gates of the world are members or coconspiritors to the
    Ndrangheta Mafia, as are the George Soros’s of this world, and no doubt possibly the Pope himself along with thousands of Rabbis and other such religious creatures. Until so-called good people realize that the people in this world that are beyond reproach are in fact the most evil people in the world they will continue to suffer greatly. The Ndrangheta did the virus attack with much help from fellow psychopaths such as doctors and nurses, etcetera. Yes, very good people are also very bad people; it’s how our species evolved. Recognize it and deal with it or suffer greatly for your self imposed ignorance.

  • It becomes clear, the more that you look at our life now ,that selfishness (hoarding etc. ) helps no one, not even the protagonist, when it comes to survival. Putting this in an environmental context you may think it perfectly acceptable to help yourself to another fish from the river, so that the angler on the other side has to work harder for tomorrows dinner, but suppose the angler on the other side has the same idea? A river may be able to support the voracious appetites of two, ten or some more for a short while, but eventually an over fished river becomes an empty river; and empty river can feed no one at all. Extreme capitalist have got us to this dilemma and we let it happened . We listen to types of politician that can not say “shit” even when his mouth is full of it. Most off us behave like temporally embarrassed Millionaires. Read “Mutual Aid” by Peter Kropotkin that is the way to a better life.

  • The narrative and the stories we tell ourselves have to change or we’re doomed.

  • Ahhhhh….. I love you.

  • “I already see signs of mass scale unpatterning.” Caitlin, please elaborate on this point in a future article. I would be really interested to read about your thoughts on this. The more people understand how their ‘patterning’ has been shaped (read – manipulated), the more they will be able to unravel it and see the truth & facts behind it.

    Your articles are full of what I’d call ‘translations’ where you take the narrative line and unravel it to reveal the truth behind it. I’d like to see more of these, but listed in some form (a Wiki, perhaps) – almost like a question and answer, so that the reader could browse through them to help with their ‘unpatterning’.

  • Worse than the sars2 virus itself is the vaccine being developed by American biotech company Moderna inc. which has started phase 1 human trials WITHOUT the necessary initial animal health studies.This could lead to a global catastrophe and the so called “original antigenic sin” effect may account for the extremely high morbidity and mortality rates (if we had the real statistics)in China after mandatory vaccine program was instituted at the beginning of December 2019.
    see-Dr James Lyons-Weiler interview by Brett Hawkes-WWDNYK Studios March 14-YT

    • No, this is great news! Torturing animals in laboratories is NOT necessary, and is in fact completely counterproductive, in addition to being unethical. 95% of drugs deemed “safe and effective” in animals are NOT “safe and effective” in humans, yet animal laboratories still consume half the public budget for drug research. Animal laboratories are big business, and like weapons manufacturers, they use their profits to influence public policy to support their profiteering with no regard for the suffering they cause.
      The new vaccine is not novel, and vaccines are particularly species-specific, so bypassing pointless animal torture should be a no-brainer. May this be the beginning of the end of pointless waste and abuse.
      More at:
      episode #111

  • Thanks, Caitlin. Please keep writing. You’re helping me stay sane!

  • The magnitude of the mass deception that the majority of our society lives has me regularly short circuiting. I feel isolated and alone. Once again the email I get from you is a salve of solidarity and connection.

  • I have seen a few articled (not in the mainstream media of course) that Cuba has a treatment for the virus and is working with the governments of China, Italy, several Latin American countries and other to help them contain it. I tried to find something on this in the mass today and came up pretty empty. The damned politicians and their owners and media would rather let us–AND THEMSELVES–die than admit that Cuba has done something positive! Rather a new way for anti-communists to kill people. I did find these articles.


    • The POTUS and the elites are probably already protected by CONVALESCENT PLASMA THERAPY.see above link-Dr James Lyons-Weiler

  • Lovely as ever! All laid out – yet again. I’ve just been exchanging LinkedIn views with retired Colonel Bill or Billy or William SOMEONE who appears to know that China is responsible. “Some sources say…” my opening gambit about CIA/Fort Detrick bio-weaponry labs and possibilities of release via a visiting military games team – to Wuhan, mind – in October last year. Ho! Ho! Ho! Conspiracy – and other charges laid defining me in ways I scarcely recognised – check my line, I suggested: “Some sources say…”! I suggested US military bases encircling the Earth – here in Australia – while Australia has no military bases in the US – inequity… Paranoia about China from a Trumpian/Dystopian US… Posting on Twitter and Facebook was suggested to me – though I am not on either… but nowhere do I present it all as well as do you Caitlin – so thanks, always – for your lucid and knowledgeable presentation/s!

  • duality experienced as what is the difference between:
    shackles and chains?
    meditation and sheltering-in-place?
    vendetta and jihad?
    stranglehold/chokehold/gag and omerta?
    one hand on one’s throat demanding not to breath a word
    about the other hand covering one’s mouth…
    taboo? self-censorship?
    “Loneliness I hardly ever feel during the day. At night sometimes after a gig I feel it a bunch.
    But loneliness, anyway is a state of feeling, whereas aloneness is a state of being — like the difference between bein’ broke and bein’ poor.” TVZ

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