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The Cocoon Sessions Episode 2: People Aren’t The Problem, Capitalism Is

Snuggle in with us for another Cocoon Session where we give you a really cool and easy trick to hack your anxiety, talk about the way the quarantine is changing the world good and bad, and finally Caitlin has her proof that humans are not the problem after all.


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  • Did it ever occur to you that the “capitalism” of which you speak is to capitalism as cancerous tissue is to healthy tissue?

    Where can I find this perfect exemplar of “capitalism” replete with monopolies; banksters; parasitic, lying politicians; lobbyists; blackmail artists; corrupt elections; millions of parasitic foreigners stealing jobs; corporate sellouts; a bought, dishonest media; and crushing laws and regulations. I’d hate to live in such a system.

  • For the moment I’m stuck with two conflicting thoughts that both may be, to paraphrase Saint Gulik (who was a cockroach), true, false, and meaningless.
    1. We’re being shock-doctrined on a global scale.
    2. We may be witnessing the high-water mark of capitalism right now.
    A coronavirus outbreak was wargamed in a posh joint in Manhattan by a bunch of insiders, under the title “Event 201”, on october 18, 2019, four weeks before the actual outbreak in Wuhan. These people may or may not have had a hand in it, but at the very least they must have been discussing how not to let a good crisis go to waste. Either way, and this is a contradiction that baffles me, the US government doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. As we can tell by the epic slow-motion faceplant of the Trump regime.
    China allegedly has the situation under control already. It may well be back to its version of normal soonish. The US meanwhile is very poorly equipped to deal with this. Trump has with characteristic dumb mob boss cleverness saddled the utterly incompetent Mike Pence with the Corona response, setting him up as the fall guy.
    Donald Trump met with a Brazilian delegation at Mar-A-Lago on March 7th. Fifteen of that delegation have now tested positive. Trump has let the world know that he tested negative, though he didn’t share any information about how he was tested. Now I assume he had the greatest and most beautiful Corona test, because of course. He can’t be delusional.
    In case anyone influential in the US gets serious about this after all, the Cubans would probably be willing and able to help out.
    There will be a different power balance in the world when this is over. Which way it will have shifted, I have no idea right now.

  • In the first place, all economies are capitalist. The only difference is who controls the capital. Those who create it, or those who stole it. To suggest that electing the correct sociopath will solve anything is delusional They will still be sociopaths, whatever shirt they may wear. “We must all come together” to defeat a virus that may or may not have been produced and delivered by one of the gangs of Sociopaths In Charge whom you wish to empower, if we can elect the correct sociopath. Nonsense. Government is defined as the forced submission to the edicts of those in power. This will NOT attract such correct sociopath. I would prefer to die from the virus than live under just another tyrant wearing a different shirt. Better to die on my feet than live on my knees. Human nature does not allow for your Kumbaya moment. We can govern ourselves or be governed by monsters. There is absolutely nothing preventing us from working together voluntarily. The minute force is involved, we are no longer working together. Some, perhaps even most, will be working under duress. The dismissal of libertarian thought demonstrates perhaps I have thought more of you than I should. Just another pie in the sky collectivist? Do you insist that force must be applied? Is two wolves and a sheep discussing the lunch menu your preferred solution? Tell me, who is more likely to prefer force, the good, or the evil.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, thank you

  • The oligarchs need the “System” to maintain their rule over the people and at the same time, their money and power.

    This is why the current pandemic is so suspect. Could the oligarchs be behind the pandemic? The following article in a way asks the question:


    Because it seems to me that the oligarchs, knowing that their puppet politicians have so little credibility and legitimacy, might be tempted to foment a crisis to give their puppet politicians some of the legitimacy they are currently lacking in the eyes of the population.

    Truly it is the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

    • Jesus returns every other day only to be promptly admitted to a mental institution. But if mantra yoga works for you, go for it. It can’t hurt.

      • “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8b)

        It does not seem so…

        Keeping my Rosary in hands.

  • REALITY CHECK….My daughter works in tbe ER. She says they are being overwhelmed by people. Not with Covid 19 but people coming in everytime they catch a cold wanting to be checked for the covid virus or wanting a face mask. They cant do their job due to this fearmongering media driven panic. So they are right. The hospitals are overwhelmed just the wtong way. Get a grip and go on with your life.

  • Thank you for this, Caitlin. I agree 100% with you take on capitalism being designed to reward only certain types of work performed by certain types of people. Too many of us have discovered this the hard way. Imagine if people could be compensated based on the value they provide to society. Caregivers (mothers, teachers, nurses, volunteers, etc.) and support staff — who often do the bulk of the work — would be some of the highest paid people, and CEOs and capitalists (those who make money from money) would be some of the poorest.

    Stay healthy!

    • I get very tired of repeating this. All economies are capitalist. The difference being who controls the capital. Those who create it (free market), or those who steal it (socialism, fascism). In a free market, unlike any that now exist, all are compensated on par with the value they provide. Oligarchs need not apply. Perhaps what most value and how much they value it is not your preference, but that’s a personal problem. Please, do not confuse current economic systems with free markets. They are all controlled by Sociopaths In Charge.

    • I agree. Like feudalism in it’s day, capitalism just isn’t working. Too much of the wealth we produce disappears into the bank accounts of the rich; money needs to circulate. We need to abandon our religious devotion to the idea of capitalism and get realistic about the future.

      • So you want government, which is the very vehicle the oligarchy uses to acquire undeserved wealth from their tax slaves, to somehow have an epiphany, and start being moral and sane? Good luck with that. I’m still tired of repeating that all economic systems are capitalist, and only differ in who controls the capital, those who create it (free market) or those who steal it (socialism, fascism). Government is an excellent tool for theft, since it will be most pleased to do so, at gun point.

        • We can change the government and have commerce without capitalism. Socialist countries do it all the time, it isn’t stealing.

  • I loved the yawning!

  • “The whole world cries out “Peace, Freedom, and a few less fat bastards eating all the pie”

  • Permculture sez:
    “The problem, itself, is the solution.”

  • Caitlin,

    Please woman, don’t be part of the word salad problem and obfuscation of the social contract/organization issue.

    Humanity is in a civilization war about public/private finance. I don’t expect to have to identify the two sides.

    China has lots of Capitalism but they have Socialism where it is most important, the PBC, which is integral to public governance. This is contrasted in the West by global private banking at the core of the Western way/empire.

    I believe that China is showing that mixed economies (which all nations have) with a public core financial system is providing the most benefits to China and world citizens.

  • It is time for the warm blooded, furry, baby nursing MAMMALS to exterminate our ruling reptiles.
    “We Are Being Played” > great investigative reporting by AMAZING POLLY

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