We sit inside and wonder
what the hell is going on
and what the hell is going to happen.
How we’re going to pay the bills
and how the store can still be out of fucking toilet paper.
What the government is hiding from us
and how they’ll screw us over this time.
If we’ll be okay when we get sick
or if we’ll be one of those weird anomalies you read about online.
If those we live with will get bored of us
or if they already are.
If we’re going to be okay.
If the world is going to be okay.
If maybe, just maybe,
out of all this chaos and confusion,
in some secret, safe, and sacred space,
something truly good might be birthed.
We sit inside and wonder.

We sit inside and wait
for the lockdown to end
and for the uncertainty to end.
For the latest disturbing news story
and the latest round of disturbing statistics.
For the delivery person
and the video chat ringtone.
For a family member to awaken from sleep
so we don’t feel so alone and afraid.
To again hug our elderly loved ones
and to have block parties with our neighbors.
To again meet a set of eyes and smile warmly
at a stranger across the room in a public space.
For the earth to heal itself.
For humanity to heal itself.
For that primal sanity
which lies dormant in our cells
to finally awaken.
We sit inside and wait.

We sit inside and change
our old habits
and our old assumptions.
Our fear of stillness
and our fear of ourselves.
Our hearts
and our minds.
From restless
to rested.
From doing
to being.
From a posture of sprinting
to a posture of meditating.
From frenzied momentum
to the fan blades fully stopping.
From guardedness with our loved ones
to vulnerability and intimacy.
From war with the world
to peace with ourselves.
From an insane species in an awkward adolescence
to who knows what the hell comes next.
Our eyes crack open.
Our hearts crack open.
Our cells sprout leaves.
We sit inside and change.






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67 responses to “We Sit Inside”

  1. I have not Got Much to say and certainly not as fancy as some of your readers,, however I am very sure of the fact,, my FACT That I am so glad to have some how come across You and your work and the good work of your commentators,, so enlightened, so Beautifully written. The Poem made me cry like buckets and was Therapeutic and Gorgeous. Thank You Caitlin I will March into HELL with you and never regret it even though it will be Painful beyond anything we can currently compare it to. Positive Energies and Vibes to You and To ALL OF Your supporters

  2. You understand, there will be no meaningful resuscitation of the dear, departed, so-called greatest boom in history. Ponzi schemes don’t “bounce back,” they collapse for the simple reason that the pieces holding them up were not really there. Such are the unanticipated consequences of a media over-saturated culture that we were so easily deceived by appearances.
    The Federal Reserve crew and their allied banksters have barely a few weeks before an immiserated public comes after them with the modern equivalent of pitchforks. Wait for the breaking news on the cable networks: The Hamptons are burning! Please read this fine article here:
    Money Minus Value, No Limit by JHK

  3. “Ask me the question William. Ask me what you so desperately want to know.”
    William: “Am …. Am, Am I Me?”
    “Welcome to the End of the Game.”
    Do you ever question the nature of your reality?

  4. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Good article by Mr Ron Paul who is, after all, a doctor himself:


    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      Mr Stephen Lendman is probably right:


      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    2. Ah, the Right-wing, oligarch sponsored cult of Individualism reaches its ultimate end. Everyone going out and not giving a damn about everyone else and spreading the virus widely.
      I saw a quote from a state health official, who was talking about the need of working for the common good. But, in this crazy society, the oligarchs have long sponsored and funded a philosophy that says personal greed is of primary importance, and that the notion of a common good is just a myth.
      The body bags will be stacked highest in the places where this oligarch myth is strongest and the people working for the common good is lowest.

  5. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    I am afraid the lock-down is not over…

    The wealthy and powerful ruling elites are so afraid for their interests that the current lock-down is kind of a protection for them. With this lock-down their self-interests are protected and they remain in charge.

    They will probably find a way to lock-down forever… until a flood similar the the one during the days of Noah happens or some other cataclysm.

    Truly our days are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bs.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      I remember long ago when I was in college. Our philosophy teacher recommanded us to read George Orwell’s 1984 book.

      Now in 2020 here we are:

      “Footage from a Walmart parking lot shows a surveillance tower fitted with speakers encouraging shoppers to follow the CDC guidelines and to observe social distancing.
      In something out of 1984, a monotone male voice blares from the tower telling shoppers to wash their hands and remember to keep distance away from others.
      “Please remember to wash your hands often, stay home if you are sick, and practice good social separation of at least 6 feet when possible,” the voice says. Loitering inside or outside of the store is strictly prohibited. Thank you for choosing Walmart.”


      I did not expect to see that some day but here we are now.

      This is proof that we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I am fed up with all the bs.

      1. Walmart workers are dying from coronavirus. We shouldn’t worry though, the bosses found room in the budget for some speakers.

  6. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    You said it Caitlin.

    It will become crazier and crazier.

    The fact that we let the wealthy elites get away with 9/11 was an assurance that things would become crazier and crazier. I am surprised that it took so long… I think they wanted 9/11 to be further in time that the golden youth would not have any memory about it and the others will have forget (especially because they endorse everything the wealthy elites did since casting their votes as if everything was normal).

    Truly we live in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough bs.

  7. Caitlin,
    Indigenous humans evolved in and have revered (live sustainably) in nature for 200,000 years. They will continue to evolve indefinitely. 10,000 years of civilized humans are bringing about their own demise and with their pollution and depletion of this planet, may well wipe out indigenous survival as well.
    All of our current world-wide problems (overcrowding, drug and alcohol abuse, mass murders, suicides, mental and physical ills, sullied gene pool, futile greed, compromised immune systems, rampant crime and corruption with continually worsening poor and starving populations can all be laid at the doorstep of our leaving our “natural” state. These problems barely exist among those indigenous who are still at one with each other and the world they sustain and live in.
    All of the (amazing) things civilized humans have accomplished, and now especially technology, along with the lies of religion, continue to blind us to the fact that we are coming to our end. Sad but true. But maybe human evolution can continue via the indigenous. Then who knows what humanity may one day become.

    1. Imminent doom has been widely, even constantly, predicted, for at least as long as people have been able to write anything down (I will bravely, fiendishly assume this means before then, too – why would the ability to yammer nonsense change over something trivial like communication?) My votes:
      Doom, sure.
      Imminent? nah.
      Smart enough, soon enough? How the heck would I know? And therein lies the hugest, juiciest, lushest & spookiest of all problems – indeedy the ONLY real problem: WHY are we SO-OO goddamn inable, unable, and less-than-able to ever, truly say “I dunno? Hmm… bears thinkin’ about?” We do HAVE TO answer that eventually. But this writer assumes, for some reason, that “the indiginous” might fix it, she/he/it assumes that “it” IS broken, and he/she/it doesn’t seem to notice that, broadly speaking, ALL of the indiginous seem to be occupied* with getting diginous as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

      B): Of COURSE we’re going extinct. But, so what? Pretending that we might somehow change this is pretending we CAN change the rules, and isn’t that EXACTLY what they’re bitching about in the first place?!? Just go ON then, GO extinct then, you first before me. I’ll roll up the mat and turn out the lights. I promise. Really….

      *(PLZ do NOT make up lies about it, retro-fitting your own po’ l’il civilized ME attitudes into the minds of poor HONGRY PEOPLE. Really.)

      P.S. (re below: if I WAS a robot – I’d just lie about it. Heh.)

  8. Basically, I sit inside and wait until the next time I have to go out shopping for food and other necessities. After I get home, I sit inside and wait again for the next 2 weeks and hope that I didn’t get infected during my shopping trip.

    1. Mission accomplished. That is exactly how they want you to think and act. Do not forget your dust mask and gloves when you go out. No dust mask then wrap a bandana around your face, works just as well.

      1. Last week, one of my colleagues died from this virus. He was younger than me and died in less than a week. Two other people who work at a store I frequently shop at recently died. That’s why I’m taking this pandemic so seriously.

        1. There are oligarchs out there who want the readers of this blog to die. Thus they send in the clowns who try to convince us to go out and kill ourselves.

  9. Beautiful, and vulnerable.
    Keep faith in what you know to be true.

  10. Jerry Powell, Fed Chairmain, has recently let a very big cat out of the bag, but it’s gone practically unreported. He said that the Fed can print literally an infinite number of “dollars”, literally, out of thin air, and, two seconds later, buy literally anything or any body in the world. For example, these printed-out-of-thin-air USDs were just a few days ago used to “pay for” millions of N95 masks that were originally destined for Germany and France and, after “payment”, were sent to the US of A.
    One of Jerry’s predecessors, Alan Greenspan, printed a big pile of dollars for a more nefarious purpose — to install and support a US puppet government in Iraq.
    “How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish”
    Pretty nice system, eh? Just print money out of thin air and buy whatever you want, wherever you want. I wonder why the people of other nations put up with this bullshit. (Mabye it’s got something to do with self preservation.)
    So here’s the most important question for Jerry. Our lives depend upon his answer. Just exactly WHO is going to be on the receiving end of his literally infinite number of “dollars” in the very near future, and continuing for, say, the next 2 years?

    1. Pre-Revolution or Post-Revolution?
      Well, I suppose we know the answer of Pre-Revolution, although the internet is full of voices who try to obscure that reality.
      But, Post-Revolution? That depends on who wins the struggle?
      Are people ready yet to fight for their lives?

      1. and, even so, if so:
        C) Who do we kill which fixes everything? and:
        D) Who do we get to publicize that we just kilt the Bad Guys, so c’mon, join the fun, join Team GOOD GUYS! Yay, hoo-ray etc. A) and B) are the EASY ones.

  11. Jim Cunningham Avatar
    Jim Cunningham

    Awwwwwww, C’mon, Caitlan!

    Butch UP, Suzy, we’ve got WORK to do!! 😉

    You’re a badder-ass than THAT, Caitlan…go ahead; take one or two more skinny minutes to feel all sorry for yourself, and injured and shit; do a self-pity cry in your beer, then get the FUCK back up off your ass, rub some dirt on whatthefuckever hurts and and GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THERE AND KEEP FIGHTING!
    Look, apparently we’ve got ’em dropping like flies from this shit, so the LAST thing we need is for YOU to pussy out and go all GIRL on us!!! 😛 😛 😛
    DIABLO, SI!!

  12. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    In a way, it is sad and depressing to see that you Caitlin and some others are always forced to set the records straight because well-paid politicians, mainstream media people and experts do not tell you the Truth.

    Another good opinion here:


    Very difficult to know the truth in our days. Almost twenty years after 9/11, we still do not know the truth about that sad event.

    It could have been this way in the days of Noah because everybody except Noah was of bad faith. The truth was never objective. It was always what was in your personal best interest. No doubt, these are the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

  13. Hallejulah, what precious pearls of wisdom, absolutely perfect!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you – YOU get it!
    Hope, change, unity, love, promise, potential, yin and yang, the dark is practically screaming for the light to strengthen and rise up and restore the balance, they lay clues all over the place for us to wake the f up and be the counter weight to them.
    They will never win! And we will never lose! Our fate is forever entertwined, it exists within each of us, we restore our own personal balance and sense of proportion and that changes everything.
    No utopia but no dystopia, either. The dance of life, we need to be a better partner, get in step and maybe even take the lead for once.
    Bless you, be well, feel the love I will be sending you at 9am EST tomorrow specifically but every day generally.
    Bon courage, thank you for your inspiration. xx

  14. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    We sit inside and gape at the
    Demons rising from Shadows
    Hidden in darkness for ages
    Emerging now, The Epic Strike

    We sit around filled with lust
    For fake money to arrive
    To pay fake bills to fake corporations
    With fake currency worth less than toilet tissue

    They are the Screwdriver
    They see us as Their Screw
    To be screwed and screwed until
    There’s nothing left but metal shavings

    Will we get sick?
    But we were already sick
    But we want to get better
    While They always just get sicker

    We sit inside all pining for
    Their Lockdowns to go away
    But knowing all the while
    It is but I who locks myself down

    The eyes of Eternity are upon us
    Eyes filled with compassion
    And of fear and of hope
    For what awaits their offspring

    We are the children of the cosmos
    Are we the children of the living
    Or are we the spawn of the dead?
    Will we live or will we die? Who decides?

    You know the answer. Your life spends on it.

  15. You can bet the ranch and the silverware that the ” owners and the masters ” are soon going to demand that all of us peons and grunts get back to work in the shops, factories, offices, etc. and get back to making money for them; virus or no virus! Your ” vacation ” will soon be over.

    1. I am just an old man thinking out loud; learned and articulate people say it much better:
      The issue for governments – at bottom – is how to resurrect an economy that has been placed into hibernation. Western leaders are fearful that if it is not awakened – and quickly – there may be permanent damage to the infrastructure of the real economy – and consequently, a series of defaults leading to a possible financial crisis, or implosion (i.e. curtains for the status quo). So, we hear a lot now about the cure being worse than the disease, i.e. a locked-down economy can be more harmful than letting people die of Covid-19. Please read this article here:
      Eyes Wide Open: Will the “Masters of the Universe” Notice No One Takes Them Seriously Anymore? by Alastair Crooke

  16. I am a HUGE fan of yours (and a patreon supporter).

    I would love to know if you have been aware of any of the counter argument against covid19? I’m not talking some of the wilder conspiracy theories (which face it, could also be true, because what a crazy world we live in), but just clear headed analysis of the data. I find this site to be absolutely invaluable (and they do good stuff in general on propaganda and the role of the US etc etc) :


    Keep on rocking!

  17. Wouldn’t it be great…?
    If any state leader or governing body that declared war was required BY LAW to send their sons and daughters to the front lines?
    If those who profit from war had to fight it themselves?
    If drone strikes and sanction were also called acts of terrorism? This fine article is here:
    Wouldn’t it be great…? By David Perez

    1. How do they start a war? Who should fight it?

  18. Your poem reminds me that there is hope in the unknown. Thank you for that. It may be all that is left.

  19. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    There is a pattern in all of this…

    Especially since the fall of the USSR in 1990, we have witnessed here the paper mills closing, other factories closing, people falling into minimum wage jobs or no job at all etc… in short, things degrading all the time.

    People tried to change that around 2000 with their anti-globalization protests but 9/11 put an end to those protests (the surveillance state regaining control of the situation).

    9/11 allowed the degrading of the society to continue to today… but people became fed up again and for the last couple of years, there has been protests in many countries.

    And suddenly, similar to 9/11, this sanitary crisis… This is why this crisis is suspicious.

    Truly, we are living in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His return because I do have seen enough bs.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      I would add that the ruling elites are planning to make the “System” impossible to change.

      For example, if because of this crisis, they can abolish cash, the “System” will remain forever.

      The dream of an ideal society based upon the needs of the population instead of money as described in Sir Thomas More’s “Utopia” will be over.

      It will be a violent society as it was in the days of Noah; no doubt we live in the return of those days and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I do have seen enough bullshit.

  20. The handling of this pandemic frankly reveals the staggering incompetence/corruption of many governments, and the increasing fragile fraud of the financial-system/capitalism:

    * Complacency of many governments for not spotting the obvious dangers, so not planning and acting much sooner.
    * Inadequate consideration of the anxiety caused by late, inadequate and unhelpful information, social isolation, reduced privacy, and (risk of) loss of personal finance.
    * No organisation of bulk supply of PPE for the public and pressure for everyone to wear PPE away from home.
    * No timely revised advice on diet and cheap supplementation to help the immune system to better resist infection, because they don’t want to lose face over their rubbish health guidelines and corporate capture, even though this will probably significantly reduce infection, duration, injury and death, thus significantly reduce medical and economic costs!
    * Imposing a blanket lock-down with vague release criteria, and inadequate consideration of the economic and social consequences. Sensible release criteria should include rapid blanket testing ASAP, to identify carriers for full isolation, with lockdown released for everyone else, unless they become a (potential) carrier.
    * Not doing obviously timely Jubilee for full forgiveness of personal, non-commercial debt, but instead doing another effective anti-jubilees, bailing out the rentier shareholders of zombie and negligently managed corporations, in conflict with supposed capitalist principles (creative destruction), the law (chapter 11, bankruptcy), and Judaic Mosaic law (Jubilee years).

    Governments should not be surprised if the lock-down “pressure cooker” damage causes people to loss it and rebel, possibly violently, and not just youngsters; Italy is already showing these symptoms!

    1. Reading your obviously well-intentioned comment, I wonder who is going to provide a “timely revised advice on diet and cheap supplementation to help the immune system to better resist infection”. There is no person or institution able to undertake this function.

      The problem has to do with health, a science that hasn’t yet been developed. Universities train millions of medical professionals. This is related not to health, but lack of it. Health is achieved not just by diet or pills, but by a lifestyle that also has other components.

      Medical guidance about health is a recipe for disaster. Qualified health will not exist until health doctors are created in the academic environment of universities.

      For the moment, the good intentions will only focus on the ever outstanding financial results achieved by the medical industry.

  21. My point is this.
    The U.S. government was already doing whatever it wanted. It didn’t need a virus to accomplish this. People here if you asked them do not have any real clue what fiat currency is. Where are soldiers are? Where are military bases are? What sanctions do to other nations. Or have any real clue what is going on in other countries. Or what their government does on a daily basis.

    This is a nation of endless distractions. I mentioned some of them in my other post. This nation has been on a steady decline since WW2. It is just enough to not cause panic. You can drive all over this country and see the rot and decline. If you don’t, you are just not looking or want to look.

    Spreading a virus that causes mass panic does not benefit anything. It goes from a slow steady boil where people didn’t notice to a rapid boil that people do notice.
    Why wake everybody up?

    So think about it realistically. Not with all the wild theories. If you were in charge what sounds better.
    Keep the people working for us. Give them just enough to eat, have some shelter and distract them with movies and entertainment. Distract them with sports. Distract them with topics that they can fight with each other about.
    Let them have just enough money so they stay asleep.

    Or, crash the economy. Lock everybody in the house. Let people starve. Wake them up so that all eyes are suddenly on us. Eventually, enough people will be out of money and starving enough to really do something about it. There is not enough police or military to control everybody.

    It doesn’t make sense to dominate a population this way. The way it was going was the best way. That, in my opinion, is what I would want.

    All these people with all these wild theories do not make rational arguments as to why or how it benefits the top.

    1. Agreed. Something is coming we cannot see from all of this. It is orchestrated and full of fear but for a reason. Watch this vidro and decide for yourself.


  22. So I would like to ask some questions here. I have been reading this blog for a couple of weeks. Some of it I agree with, some I don’t.

    If this theory that a lot of people on here seem to think is happening, ask yourself this. Would not it safer for a government to have semi happy citizen’s. We already were a nation, especially here in the U,S. of distractions and non sense arguments over nothing. Racism, same sex bathrooms, etc etc. In the meantime the government has run amok for years doing whatever they have wanted with not many noticing or protesting. Why would they want the focus on them? Now we sit in the house day after day and have nothing to do but pay attention.
    This isn’t want I would want if I was in charge. The more distracted the people are the more I can do what I want.
    Keep em fat and lazy. Keep em spinning their wheels day after day grinding out a living. Keep them pumped full of netflix and sporting events . Pump the food full of enough chemicals to keep the energy levels down so they can’t protest.

    The government already had it’s way. Why would they need to do this? What is the end game for them? Nobody working, locked in the house with no money? Eventually that house of cards will fall and people will take to the streets in mass riots.
    Once they get hungry and desperate it is over.

    I agree that this virus is a glorified flu. I have not altered my lifestyle at all. I don’t wear any mask, I go out when I want. I don’t practice social distancing.
    I go to the supermarket the other day and people are breathing all over each other in the aisles, then they have all this tape on the floor at checkout to keep people six feet apart? This does nothing!!!!
    I worked in a prision for 25 years. Full of disease, much worse than this. Never once wore a mask. By the way, most of the masks I see people wearing don’t do a bit of good. If they are not airtight to your face, take it off. It is doing nothing anyway.

    I just don’t see the end game here? Who benefits? The U.S. government already did whatever it wanted. It didn’t need this. They were already bankrupting the people. Nobody noticed.
    What is the gain here?

    1. Americans are not humans.
      Become one or begone?

    2. oh, and your comittment to your suicide is noted.
      Things are on track.
      But you only have 2 weeks – the agony of death by pneumonia will probably be spared you.
      That takes about a month of agony and fear with CV19..
      It is particularly cruel – as you were as a prison screw.

    3. Simple. They have crashed the economy, so they can replace it with what they choose. There will be mass foreclosures, both homes and businesses, so the banking cartels will turn owners into tenants. Privately owned businesses are disappearing to be replaced by corporations, which the banking cartel are buying up on the cheap. They have trained the masses to live in constant fear, which is the tool governments prefer to manipulate their tax cattle. They have trained us to submit, always and completely to any edict they put forth, while thanking them for the privilege of being “saved”. While the US Sociopaths In Charge did indeed do mostly as it pleased, there was always a consideration of what they thought they could get away with. Now such is not necessary. Now they have no constraint. I could go on, but you get the picture.

  23. Thanks Cate.
    I agree that the potential you suggest exists.
    It is a probability .. not a certainty.
    2 weeks I think.
    Then the world must exterminate USA.
    If nations don’t do it? The Earth itself will.
    I feel sorry for the human-shaped objects there .. but they had their opportunity and did not take it.
    This is sad.
    But sadness is a colour of the rainbow of life.
    To pursue the monochrome yellow of hapiness is to hunt it to death.
    A USA has done.
    And the rainbow is a thing of the universe. Not such a pathetic thing as a nation or empire of human-shaped objects.
    It will not tolerate the extermination of a colour.
    Those who attempt it will be swept aside.
    As USA will lean very soon.

    1. Oh yeah, and all the other gangs of Sociopaths In Charge are soooo much better. Apparently the world requires an evil empire, and so if the US falls it will be replaced. If there is an opportunity to assume power, rest assured some gang of sociopaths will happily assume it. I suspect China, which is by far more abusive to its subjects than the US, and so will be to the rest of the world once the US is out of the way.

      Perhaps you are a Socipath In Charge wannabe yourself, since you propose extermination as a solution.

      1. I hear you. But I hear the universe too.
        Extermination is not my choice.
        It is an option I see.
        As for sociopathy? It is one of the cluster-B disorders.
        The rulers of most nations present with the symptoms.
        As for me? I am most likely cluster-A .. the depressives.
        These are the diseases of abuse. The stain of unhealed harm. This last several millennia.
        So you propose the extermination of a color?
        That is sad. You cannot escape the blue of the rainbow.
        As for the diseases of unhealed harm.
        You will have at least one of those you know going through psycho-affective disorder in the last 5-10 years? Why is that?
        Perhaps I am a psychopath .. but no .. Maybe I am just a cluster-A schizotypal?
        Please do some research?
        Comment after?
        Not before.
        But do the research anyway – it will help?
        In the meantime .. please meditate on the difference between empathy and compassion?

  24. Thank You, Ms Johnstone! When I venture out nowadays it looks so weird to see human beings so petrified of life that they have on face masks and latex gloves and assume that they are being protected. We exist in a vast planet of germs and if we colonize another planet we will take our germs there too.

    1. Group insanity is infectious. When it reaches critical mass, it is forced upon the rest.

    2. N95 face masks have openings that are 10 times the size of the virus particles. What does it mean? It means you’re wasting money using a device that allows the particles to penetrate easily. Yet nobody is telling the American people of their own money wastage, it’s bizarre.

  25. Forty doctors did die in Italy, and their names and dates of birth were published much earlier. Then re- published later in order to support the growing narrative of terror. When you look at the dates of birth, they were all well over retiring age, close to the stastical life expectancy for men in Italy, and not on the frontline at all! Source UK Column news friday 3 April

    1. Dead doctors are allowed to practice in Italy.

  26. Just by asking a simple question- well what is a virus actually and how can they be so scary? Guess what? There isn’t a single scientific paper to prove viruses cause illness. In fact, if you were to look at covid-19 under an electron microscope it would look and behave exactly like an exoseme, created by our own cells to eat and neutralize toxins in our body! Take a look at Dr Andrew Kaufman on YouTube- humanity is not a virus, and The real science of germs – what really makes us ill. Haven’t you wondered how medical staff unable to have proper protective gear have not been dropping like flies?

    1. I’ve seen Doc Kaufman’s work. Quite convincing. The BIG lie is that quarantining works. It certainly didn’t in Italy, or China. Meanwhile the UK has been less aggressive in control, and has suffered less. The US Sociopaths In Charge screaming that China lied to us about the death toll, while not recognizing that China was extremely aggressive in locking down Wuhan, and yet accomplished nothing. I strongly suspect that this is not the result of an infectious disease, but some other environmental factor. About a month ago, being suspect of 5G effects, I overlaid a map of C-virus outbreaks and 5G coverage. A near perfect match. People are so consumed with their tech toys they simply can’t accept that 5G could be dangerous. It is after all used as a crowd control weapon by the US Military Industrial Congressional Complex. Not to mention just how much easier it will make total surveillance.

  27. Well, that fellow up above here can pray that Rosary all he wants, if dulling his mind even more than it already is, is the objective. It is like sitting with your legs crossed, endlessly chanting OM, Om, Om……Better to sit still and observe the processes of thought, but this demands great attention, for thought is a master of deception, forged in memory, which is of course nothing but the past, and the past can never be of this Moment, being in the here and now is only possible with the cessation of thought, it requires constant, ceaseless attention…..How is that possible when one is glued to those T.V. sets, to those little magic boxes that now command all of your attention? Tell me friend, what and who are you praying for when you slip those beads between your fingers, what is the purpose of your prayers? I would suggest you quit praying and instead do something helpful, such as donating $100.00 to your local food pantry every month, so as to feed your less fortunate neighbors, that is real action…..

    1. For those who believe no words are necessary. For those who do not believe, words are never sufficient.

    2. Money means nothing now .. it is a religion.
      A thing to give to rent-takers. No more.
      Please plant some food?
      Grow it?
      It is the only currency now.

  28. You are still alive. You still have all of the potential you had when you left your mother’s womb and arrived in this world. You still have the potential and the desire to be fulfilled. You are still you and still appreciate joy. No matter what is going on around you.

    Try a few sips of Prem while you’re in lockdown – it could make at least, some difference?

    Grain of Sand

    Lockdown Series, Day 1

  29. Well Said Ms. Johnstone, “Let me have a few friends whom I can love for themselves, Let me have a few friends who will love me for who I am, and above all, Let me remain friends with myself.” Unknown author……I have been alone since my lady love passed away in Nov. 2019…..What to do? Well, I had not realized what hoarders we had become over the years, so every day I spend a couple of hours going through our Stuff, packing it up for the Salvation Army to pass on, many, many boxes, and clothes, my God we had tons of it! We used to raise goats and milk them, but that was years ago, yet we still had 100’s of gallon & half gallon glass bottles stored away…..20 boxes of candles, all sizes and shapes, etc.etc……I can almost walk through my house now and not bump into some old dusty box! I bought $600.00 dollar drums for myself, 12 tongued, and eight tongued, and I spend an hour or so a day learning something new, how to play on them……I write my thoughts out on word press and medium, share them with mostly fellow writers, meet new internet friends all the time, since I am in an old log cabin, 20 miles from town, I can make as much noise as I want and it bothers no-one! Plus I have always been a reader, books, magazines, whatever, no T.V. to distract me from actually living my life….Is this fun, or what? This year I am going to plant the most beautiful garden, for the bees to enjoy. This is the Infinite Plan, life is to live, so we might as well enjoy it…..

  30. LOL. The snake has injected it’s venom; how will that work out for us?

  31. People can’t live like this indefinitely. The fear of the unknown and the incompetence of those “in charge” will lead to something not good for anyone. We certainly will not be “sheltering in place” for as long as they want us to without some light at the end of the tunnel, virus or not.

    1. Indeed, the treatment is far worse than the disease. If there is a disease. The last I checked the death rate from not eating is 100%. And that’s where we are headed with the willful destruction of the economy. Not to mention suicides, drug abuse, etc.

  32. Haha, well chosen for the times Caitlin, well here is the REAL reason we are in lock-down! The article does NOT include the “mico-chip” that will enter with the vaccine. The proof is out there folk!

    “Did Bill Gates Just Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Lock-Downs?”


    The NWO is progressing rapidly!

    1. And I, for one, will not comply. I prefer death on my feet to life on my knees.

  33. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Good poetry again!

    “We sit inside and wonder
    what the hell is going on
    and what the hell is going to happen.”

    This gentleman seems to know what is going on and what is going to happen:


    Days of Noah all over again and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Our Lord Jesus because I am fed up and I have seen enough bs.

  34. conspiracy theories abound i have messages forwarded onto me ( unsubstantiated ) 5G is the real cause of COVID-19 becoming prevalent across the planet …. “credible” links anybody ?

    1. I don’t have any credible links, but a month ago I overlaid a map of 5G with C-virus outbreaks and it was a close match. For some reason, I can’t currently seem to find a map with a 5G display that can be easily overlaid. All I can find is one which you can extract the data and compare that, but nothing like the Johns Hopkins C-virus map.

      Take a look at these.


  35. For all practical purposes, the Global War on Terror (GWOT) has been replaced by the Global War on Virus (GWOV). But what is not being seriously analyzed is the Perfect Toxic Storm: a totally shattered economy; The Mother of All Financial Crashes – barely masked by the trillions in helicopter money from the Fed and the ECB; the tens of millions of unemployed engendered by the New Great Depression; the millions of small businesses that will simply disappear; a widespread, global mental health crisis. Not to mention the masses of elderly, especially in the U.S., that will be issued an unspoken “drop dead” notice.

    By the end of March 2020, the global framework had changed sufficiently to become — behind the headlines about COVID-19 — about which system and ideology would triumph in the decades after the watershed. That meant a race by each of the major antagonists to determine how quickly national productivity could be resumed.

    The Things You Cannot Say About Coronavirus (only for thought criminals… don’t look)

    1. John I like your blog, thank you.

  36. This whole thing is not going as planned. It has taken on a life of its own and no one knows the full and final results. I am talking about covid 19 but what it has set in motion.

    1. I agree. This was likely put in place as a tool to reduce the population and enslave what was left. Instead the Sociopaths In Charge may have created the means of their own demise as well as ours.

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