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Today In MSM Faceplants

I really hope I’m never raped by a future US presidential candidate, because apparently if you’ve made blog posts which can be taken as favorable to the Russian government you’re not entitled to seek justice against your rapist.

The New York Times has published a jarringly sociopathic hit piece on Joe Biden’s sexual assault accuser titled “What to Do With Tara Reade’s Allegation Against Joe Biden?” The column serves no purpose other than to help liberal feminists feel good about themselves when dismissing the increasingly credible rape allegations against Biden in cool defiance of the “believe women” narrative they were all promulgating with #MeToo hashtags online during the Supreme Court confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh.

“Reade seems almost engineered in a lab to inspire skepticism in mainstream Democrats, both because her story keeps changing and because of her bizarre public worship of President Vladimir Putin of Russia,” argues the column’s author Michelle Goldberg. “’President Putin has an alluring combination of strength with gentleness,’ she wrote in a since-deleted 2018 Medium post.”

Goldberg’s claim that Reade’s story “keeps changing” is false. Nathan J Robinson of Current Affairs reports that Reade’s story has been consistent since she first started telling it in 1993, which Goldberg could have learned and addressed with even a scintilla of research.

More importantly, the way liberal narrative managers keep insinuating that sexual assault allegations are somehow invalidated if the accuser has foreign policy views which disagree with the US State Department is jaw-droppingly depraved. So what if Reade thinks Putin is a good leader? That has literally nothing to do with whether or not she was sexually assaulted, yet spinmeisters like Goldberg and the odious Krassenstein brothers keep framing it as though it does.

There are only two possible claims that these propagandists can be making when they frame this story in this way:

  1. They are claiming, based on no evidence whatsoever, that Reade is a Russian agent who is lying about a rape for the benefit of Donald Trump, or
  2. They are claiming that it is okay to rape women who support the Russian government.

As both a rape survivor and someone whose Medium posts frequently get me accused of supporting Vladimir Putin, I find it deeply disturbing that a leading US publication believes that either of these things are an acceptable claim to make. But such is the world we are now living in.

This is not the only time Reade’s allegations have caused The New York Times to drop its journalistic facade in the last few days. In its recent formal report on this story (co-authored by professional Bernie Sanders smearer Sydney Ember) the line “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable” was quietly edited to simply “The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden.”

The Times’ executive editor Dean Baquet was asked about this change in a New York Times interview titled “The Times Took 19 Days to Report an Accusation Against Biden. Here’s Why.”

“Even though a lot of us, including me, had looked at it before the story went into the paper, I think that the campaign thought that the phrasing was awkward and made it look like there were other instances in which he had been accused of sexual misconduct,” Baquet answered. “And that’s not what the sentence was intended to say.”

Sorry, who thought the phrasing was awkward??

This admission from the executive editor of one of the most influential news publications on the planet that they made a stealth edit to their report because a presidential campaign voiced a problem with its “phrasing” is as close to an admission as you’ll ever get that the mainstream media is propaganda, not news. Journalists are supposed to make powerful politicians squirm under the bright light of truth and accountability, not take editorial instructions from them.

Continuing on the theme of The New York Times and Russia hysteria, another “Here’s a bunch of cherry-picked Russian media stories which make it sound like Moscow is orchestrating a grand malevolent plot to destroy us when we frame it in an ominous tone” piece has been published by the Times, this one titled “Putin’s Long War Against American Science“.

“On Feb. 3, soon after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus to be a global health emergency, an obscure Twitter account in Moscow began retweeting an American blog,” the article begins. “It said the pathogen was a germ weapon designed to incapacitate and kill. The headline called the evidence ‘irrefutable’ even though top scientists had already debunked that claim and declared the novel virus to be natural.”

Oh no! Not an obscure Twitter account! Could Putin be more diabolical??

“The coronavirus disinformation spread by Russia is only the latest effort by Vladimir Putin to undermine the American medical system,” The New York Times tweeted in its share of the article.

Ah yes, yes that’s who undermined the American healthcare system. Not the health insurance and big pharma lobby, not corrupt US politicians, not the powerful American leaders who’ve created a system that costs twice as much as the universal healthcare systems in other countries while shortening life expectancy, a system that freakishly premises healthcare on employer-provided benefits which just saw millions of Americans thrown off their insurance in an unprecedented unemployment spike.

Nope. No it couldn’t have been them. Definitely Putin.

Other recent MSM faceplants include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yukking it up with CBS’s James Corden and showing the poors how to cope in the new depression. It’s easy! You just get your massive commercial-grade freezers “re-stocked” with luxury ice cream in every flavor.

The tone-deafness and lack of self-awareness as people grow more and more furious with rich celebrities and their “Look at me I’m one of the commoners!” Princess Jasmine schtick has to be seen to be believed.

With failures this epic it’s easy to understand how even scumbag propagandists like Chris Cuomo are getting fed up with what they do.

“I don’t like what I do professionally,” the Democratic Party royal dynasty princeling recently told an interviewer on SiriusXM after what I can only assume was an existentially confrontational bout with Covid-19.

“I’m basically being perceived as successful in a system that I don’t value,” Cuomo added. “I’m seen as being good at being on TV and advocating for different positions … but I don’t know if I value those things, certainly not as much as I value being able to live my life on my own terms.”

“I don’t want to spend my time doing things that I don’t think are valuable enough to me personally,” Cuomo said. “I don’t value indulging irrationality, hyperpartisanship.”

When even Chris Cuomo has gotten sick of Chris Cuomo, you know you’re living in interesting times. If more of these establishment manipulators contract this unfortunate virus, let’s hope that it at least forces them to sit still, do some deep self-reflection, and sincerely consider if this is what they really want to be doing with their lives.


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  • The planet would definitely benefit if these stool-pigeons like Chris Cow-moo would stay home and distant. Not just socially distant, but also kept away from any cameras and microphones. Funny how he thinks he’s away from the problem; he’s one of the main sources of the problem that he so decries!

    As for the New York Slimes: Their job is to report news. Period. Not to think about the possible consequences to their favorite politicians when the truth is revealed. The original statement was very clear; the hack job that was done, apparently with the guiding of the Bite-me organization, did not present the same meaning. I would posit that there were other instances of sexual harassment in his past; however, they were just made to go away without being reported. That example of presstitution should not go unchallenged. If the Bite-me campaign wants to present their version of the alleged facts, then they should have been permitted to do that. They should NOT have had any effort in attempting to quash the original reporting.

  • Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins’ campaign twitter account is suspended. Hmm. He has two twitter accounts:
    This one from staff (I think he used this one for other campaigns):
    And this one for 2020 presidential campaign, which is showing as suspended:

    Random incompetence from twitter? Or more deliberate twitter fuckery?

  • Vladimir Putin certainly seems to be involved in every facet of American life. You Australians can be thankful Putin hasn’t turned his attention to your country.

    The way to have the rape allegations against Biden taken seriously is for Biden to start an organization which leaks documents revealing American war crimes.

  • Ugh Caitlin!
    You’re going to use “judge” Reggie Walton’s famous “scintilla” quip that he used to help the Anthrax killer escape justice?

    Truly vomit inducing.

  • I believe that the only alternative is to sit tight and watch things play out for a while longer. Everyone is in such a rush, yet in reality there is no need to hurry. They can throw the kitchen sink at you and threaten you about dire consequences until the cows come home, but, as Caitlin Johnstone says, until they address what you are demanding, their fury is their problem. They are playing volleyball and you are cleaning the beach. This fine article can be read here:
    Finding a Strategy in the Wake of Bernie Sanders Cave-in By Laurie Dobson

    • Thanks for this Ron. Laurie Dobson’s response is encouraging. Other young people such as Fiorella Isabel (The Convo Couch) and Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk) are responding in kind. My heart breaks for this bright young generation and I stand by them in their morality, courage, and insight. Roll up your sleeves and stay true. Shame on you you Sanders. Shame on all the hypocrites and enemies of truth, justice, and humanity.

  • Ugh, sad to see James Corden playing cutesie with disgusting Pelosi. I know, it’s the price you pay to get to be on TV. Still, I have a weakness for late night talk shows. I used to watch Carson and Letterman every night. I’m getting better though. I’m boycotting the shows that have been particularly egregious, like John Oliver smearing Jill Stein, and Conan O’Brien frolicking with the heinous Netanyahu. I can’t help looking to see if the other shows are interviewing a celebrity I want to see, and most of the time I can resist. I think I’ll be resisting Corden for good now.

    And also, could Pelosi get any closer to actually saying, “let them eat cake?” She just about said “let them eat ice cream with their cake.” It was maybe more literal when Hillary said to open up the exchanges – you know, we tell her “the people have no health insurance” and she says, “let them buy health insurance.”

    WTF oligarchs, pull one more block out of the jenga tower you made of our economy, I dare you.

    • I quit after they murdered Dick Cavett.

  • “Oh no! Not an obscure Twitter account! Could Putin be more diabolical??”

    LOL! Ok, that one made me literally lol…

  • Another outstanding piece by Caitlin. I read the linked Current Affairs piece as well, which was excellent.

    I wonder what would happen if that logic of “changing story” were applied to other things, such as for example someone coming out as gay. Can you imagine if someone were to say, “Oh that so-and-so, he didn’t tell anyone he was gay until he was 15, then he only told his closest friends, then he waited five years to tell his parents and didn’t even tell them he was dating, then he waited 10 years to come out at work. He keeps changing his story! You know I bet he’s not really even gay!”

  • This is quite interesting!

    The wealthy elites and the socio-economic upper classes are, in their view, making sacrifices during the current crisis and encourage the proles to do the same by following their example.

    The problem is that in the end, the sacrifices will pay only for the wealthy elites and the upper classes because it will save the statu quo of the “System” in the long run; everyone will remain in their place in the hierarchy of the System, that is to say the poor always poor and the rich always rich … the rich always important and the poor always unimportant, the rich always dictating the rules to the lower socio-economic classes.

    It seems to be the plan…

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  • Lacking empathy, sociopaths naturally think rape is just fine, especially when they are doing the raping. The ruling sociopaths running this pandemic scare are just raping humanity once again, just like they’ve always done, examples being Palestine, Syria, Libya, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WW1, and countless other rapes. And as they rape us, they slap us about the head while yelling, “Stop raping yourself! Stop raping yourself!” These sociopaths are sick monsters, and why we don’t eliminate them from our society is perhaps best explained by the Stockholm syndrome.

  • http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/04/dr-days-covid-cocktail.html
    Though information is rapidly proliferating, it currently looks likely that the way hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil works is by opening a channel for zinc ions to enter cells, where they interfere with the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There have been reports by treating physicians in the field that the hydroxychloroquine really needs to be taken with zinc to work.
    I have been trying to get some zinc lozenges for almost a month now, and oral zinc is just not currently available in lozenges or capsules. Sold out.
    I was able to get zinc citrate as a dietary supplement from Bulk Supplements online, and it was delivered promptly in a few days, which is quick as things now stand.
    According to the package 150 mg of the powder contains 51 mg of elemental zinc. I don’t havea milligram scale, so I looked up (took a while) the density of zinc citrate bulk powder, which is 980 mg/cc. That’s very easy to work with.
    A level 1/4 teaspoon is 1.25 cc, which is about 420 mg of elemental zinc.
    (I will point out that zinc sulfate is much more dense at 3.54 gm/cc, so a straight substitution for zinc sulfate would have a lot more zinc.)
    The best oral zinc dosing I can find for coronavirus treatment is on the order of 220 mg per day, which is not a critical number, as far as I can tell.
    Zinc is not accumulated in the body in any kind of storage form, so it is absorbed and the excess is excreted. The main thing is to have extra zinc available, and sipping on an oral hydration solution should be ideal.
    Coronavirus illness in general can also cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and loss of appetite. The people I have been seeing who test positive have little appetite and various digestive tract symptoms like pain and runny stool..
    When the immune system is fighting coronavirus hard, creating fever and other symptoms, there is a lot of debris and toxic oxidants that the body needs to get rid of. High dose vitamin-C has been used for this at doses up to 20 grams per day IV drip. Oral dosing is more typically 2 to 3 grams per day in divided doses.
    Both zinc and vitamin-C will be easily integrated into an oral rehydration solution, which optimizes the ratio of sodium to glucose, to get water, salt and sugar into the bloodstream faster. This was initially devised to save people with severe diarrhea, who did not have access to IV fluids, and went on to be marketed as sports drinks, too.
    Lets make a gallon at a time, to make measurements a little easier for the zinc citrate and sodium ascorbate (vitamin-C) powders.
    1 gallon of water
    8 level tablespoons of white or brown cane sugar
    2 level teaspoons table salt
    1 level teaspoon vitamin-C powder, sodium ascorbate, which contains 4.4 grams vitamin-C
    level 1/4 teaspoon zinc citrate powder, which contains 420 mg elemental zinc

    I would like the taste better with some lime juice squeezed in.
    This will be absorbed more readily at room temperature, than refrigerated, but it will grow bacteria if left out a long time at room temperature.
    A dosage range of 2 to 3 quarts per day should be safe and fairly ideal, while treating active coronavirus infection.
    This is not a preventive. Take while sick, then stop when well.
    That much zinc long term reduces absorption of copper, which your body also needs.

    CJ Hopkins writes “satire”. That’s his defense. It’s funny, see?
    What we are experiencing is a further evolution of the post-ideological model of power that came into being when global capitalism became a global-hegemonic system after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In such a global-hegemonic system, ideology is rendered obsolete. The system has no external enemies, and thus no ideological adversaries. The enemies of a global-hegemonic system by definition can only be internal. Every war becomes an insurgency, a rebellion breaking out within the system, as there is no longer any outside.
    As there is no longer any outside (and thus no external ideological adversary), the global-hegemonic system dispenses with ideology entirely. Its ideology becomes “normality.” Any challenge to “normality” is henceforth regarded as an “abnormality,” a “deviation from the norm,” and automatically delegitimized. The system does not need to argue with deviations and abnormalities (as it was forced to argue with opposing ideologies in order to legitimize itself). It simply needs to eliminate them. Opposing ideologies become pathologies … existential threats to the health of the system.
    In other words, the global-hegemonic system (i.e., global capitalism) becomes a body, the only body, unopposed from without, but attacked from within by a variety of opponents … terrorists, extremists, populists, whoever. These internal opponents attack the global-hegemonic body much like a disease, like a cancer, an infection, or a virus. And the global-hegemonic body reacts like any other body would.
    Is this model starting to sound familiar?
    I hope so, because that is what is happening right now. The system (i.e., global capitalism, not a bunch of guys in a room hatching a scheme to sell vaccines) is reacting to the last four years of populist revolt in a predictable manner.
    GloboCap is attacking the virus that has been attacking its hegemonic body. No, not the coronavirus. A much more destructive and multiplicitous virus … resistance to the hegemony of global capitalism and its post-ideological ideology.

  • Morgan, when Russia attacks the US, you’ll have neither the time nor the inclination to make a video announcing it.

    • Yeah his real name is not Morgan Freeman – it is Morgan Iamadoingthebiddingofthedeepstatestoogeman

  • “We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times.”

    As a Catholic, maybe Mme Pelosi should read what fellow Catholic author Mark Mallett has to say:

    “When a pregnant mother’s water breaks, she packs her bag, goes to the hospital, and does not return home until she has her baby in her arms. So too, with COVID-19, the waters of tribulation have broken upon the Church and the world, and the labor pains will not end until the birth of a new era. But why? The answer is straight forward:

    Because “abominations remain with you.”

    To my friends south of the border: America will never be “great again” so long as it continues to abort a million babies every year. My country, Canada, and Europe will never know true peace again for the same reason. The entire Western World continues to spill the blood of the innocent. I have been following news headlines around the world only to find that, while churches have closed, abortion facilities have remained open because they are considered an “essential service.” Yet, almost no one, including churchmen, is saying a word.

    Your abominations remain within you.

    It is curious how the Western World has raced to shutter their economies and place their populations under a near police-state—all to save the most vulnerable, namely the elderly. How is it that, just a few months ago, these same nations were encouraging the euthanization of the elderly because they are a “financial burden” to the health care system?

    Your abominations remain within you.”


    I think Mr Mallett is right with his analysis.

    Looks like biblical times as it was the case in the days of Noah. And so, we truly are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His glorious return.

    • Yeah, Jesus really fixed things last time he was here didn’t he?
      Get a life ffs.

      • And I can tell you have clearly seen airplanes wreckages in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11.

        Truly we are living in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I am fed up with people of bad faith and with all the bs in general.

        • Until you can prove the existence of your god, and explain its reasons for creating evil and suffering, and why its first commandment is to “have no other gods before me” (knda like Trump), and who exactly are these other gods that he must have created are and why wecan’t just worship them, and why god in books like Leviticus thinks that humans should own each other as slaves and also commit mass genocide because some people just aren’t part it’s “chosen” people. I would be asking him those questions while praying that rosary. But I also wouldn’t expect a reply from someone who you still can’t prove exists and doesn’t seem to be that into you anyway.

          • If you pray the Rosary, you will find the answer.

            God Bless!

    • Then I guess your god is evil and you should probably find a less evil one to worship.

    • You are a woman are you not, Michel?

  • Mainstream medias won’t let go the virus scare. The wealthy ruling elites and their mainstream medias have truly found their golden vein with this virus.

    So, they won’t need a war for their “reset” which will be more and more surveillance of the proles to enforce a very favorable statu quo for them.

    Truly we live in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His glorious return because I do have seen more than enough bullshit.

    • If you are a practicing catholic, then you believe all this evil is gods will so stop your whining, embrace the suck, and be evil like your god and his church. What is he gonna do when human extinction has wiped us all out? Pick lint from his belly button, or create a new intelligent species to torture, punish, and suffer for his own perverted pleasure?

  • I can only imagine the discussion in the CNN boardroom when the topic of “What are we going to do about the Chris Coumo problem”, comes up.

  • The problem is not with our “parties” but with “Our acceptance of a two-faced party, with rape allegations, a common tool, and real rapes, happening by any with power, on a common basis, and power being used to shut the victims up.
    I am a fan of President Putin, not because I’m communist or hate America, but because he is a good, proven leader, has a plan, is rational, and has prevented my own government, the U.S., from getting even deeper in evil, than it would otherwise. I like “multi-polar societies”, if everyone were just like me, we’d fight all the time. We each have our best ideas, and few of us are exactly alike, I fix machines, I live among farmers, who need their machines fixed, and I need food.
    The Multi-Polar world advocated, against the U.S. Hegemony, is something to fight to see come to fruition, and anyone who desires a functional world, after our economic failure, should jump on board. I don’t know if this “rape charge” is for the purpose of upsetting the election parameters, but there is no excuse for ignoring it, nor for ignoring the utter incapacity of Mr. Biden. If there is a rational candidate in our next election, I will vote for such, but if there isn’t, I am not voting. Voting for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil.
    If we, America, would have any future, we must vote against the Fed, Banking Power, Corporate Power, and vote for a reckoning of our economy, our jobs, our ability to be productive, and for having productive jobs, and not merely returning to a “service economy”, which has steadily transferred all wealth from skilled labor, to banking and Corporate hands.
    Unskilled labor is intended to be the doorway to skilled labor, and life’s work, not sufficient to raise a family on. We have to believe we can rise, by improving our skills, and be able to believe, because we can see jobs, just out of reach, that time spent learning, will open up for us.
    I’ve lived in this way for better than fifty years, and gone from unskilled factory labor, to engineer, because I worked long hours, and studied long hours, becoming skilled at efficient production, and learning new skills needed, desperately.
    This “rape allegation” is being ignored, because it has become a common tool used to deplatform politicians, whether true or not. We need to separate the crime from the politics, investigate the crime, apply what is found, each and every time, but “we need to be an honest people”, if we ever expect to have “honest public servants, willing to do an honest job”. We’ve lied to ourselves so long, we can’t discern the truth from fiction, and that is us, we, “the American People, our sort of culture, absent any security for principles once believed”. We must stop hating ourselves, to be something we can “self-respect”.
    On another note, “The D and the R volley ball game was exactly on target, without regard to which end of the government party would speak.
    “We, The People” have a party, but we don’t support it, because we are silly, easily distracted by irrelevant twitter and twaddle. We are ignorant, foolish on history, bigoted by education, and too ignorant to note our ignorance.
    I was raised by parents who “escaped West Virginia coal country”, by becoming educated, and spending their lives, educating others. I am self-educated, having begun at two, walking through “western history”, a “navy brat” in Barcelona, and then two more years in Naples, and discovered on returning to the States, nothing I was to be taught of history, was true, and much of science was hidden, with deliberate intent.
    If one is to be educated, it must be a personal intent, focused, and a realization, there are limits, and demand focus on one’s “natural talents” to be most effective for life.
    We can’t let “politicians control our world-view”, they only intend to rule, never “govern”. They choose their way to have power, not to be servants. We must allow them be servants, or not at all, if we would have liberty.
    Semper Fidelis,
    God Bless those working for liberty
    John McClain
    Vanceboro, NC, USA

    • This American feels much the same, and with regard to Mr. Putin, thanks him for two extraordinary gifts to my country: (1) derailing, it not ending, through Russian support of Syria, America’s insanely cruel and destructive series of regime-change wars in the Middle East; and (2) re-achieving the MAD stalemate (the only thing that has kept us from WWIII) by developing a new class of nuclear weapons beyond any current missile-defense capability. Because Putin and Russia gave us (and the world) these gifts, they are hated by the American government, vilified by the CIA-controlled MSM, and respected by only the tiny minority of American citizens who understand and deplore the deep state takeover of their country, which began on November 22, 1963.

  • I would expect nothing different from a gang of Sociopaths In Charge and their Mockingbird Media, controlled by a bank cartel. Expecting anything resembling sane honest moral behavior from them would equate with fish doing calculus. I suspect if the truth could ever be exposed, that most of them are guilty of such sexual misconduct, among their several other sins. Sexual assault typically has nothing to do with sex, but with power, so why would one expect anything else from those who seek it? The only way to dispose of such is to dispose of that power. Anarchy would be an improvement. At least then if someone attempted to assume such power, the majority of victims would not whole heartedly approve and voluntarily give up their ability to resist it.

  • Ethics, morality, and integrity are human traits that are very easy to twist, bend, or mutilate in most human beings. Money, a title, etc. cover them up in most of us. Very very few humans have ” principles ” that are completely unbreakable and unbending; usually such people are shunned because they make everybody else so uncomfortable. As a species we have too few of them existing among us.

  • Rabbi Schittzjak Shapira, author of “The King’s Torah: Why Raping and Killing Goy Youngsters is Totally Kosher. “. Veteran’s Today

    Hasn’t said anything that hasn’t been known and practiced for thousands of years by those who created the virus that is killing us now.

  • exactly when does the next civil war start except it won’t be the north or south to travel to participate ! it’ll be in your own neighbourhood
    Brump Tiden
    same shit different bucket

  • Nothing new and nothing good happens as we watch, rant and all complain with loud sighs as the world drowns in lies, fabrications, political theatre and ever widening scope of poverty. Caitlin does well to bring the farce and sham to our homes. Caitlin, what should we be doing about this besides watching, ranting and complaining? We tried telling our friends and family that this is all political theatre but they don’t believe us even a little bit! What do you suggest we do, Caitlin?

  • Seems to me that corporate media hates Russia because Wall Street hates Russia, and Wall Street hates Russia because they nationalized their oil.

  • Ms. Johnstone! Perfection, again! Sincere congratulations on your continued success.
    Precisely what happened to last year’s sheeple mantra? “Believe victims (except mothers of vaccine-injured kids; ridicule them)”?

  • Biden and Trump are contending for the title of “The Last American President”. Each in their own way illustrates the decline of America.
    I doubt America survives long after the Corona Virus Crisis. One way or another, whatever emerges on the North American continent will be very different than the America of today. Either there is a revolution that overthrows a failed system that let millions of people die, or if the revolution is crushed the title will be abolished for the reign of Emperor Jared I.

    • Actually, America , under Trump’s leadership (?), is already preparing for business as usual,wich is all he really cares about. After all, the business of America has long been business. But if we do return to business as usual, your prediction of the decline of America will be come a reality. Right now, this country is on a slow slide toward total and complete totalitarianism that only a revolution has the potential to stop. The problem is that too few Americans either see or will acknowledge that the problem even exists. Pity the fools – it is so obvious that even Stevie Wonder can’t miss it.
      PS Nancy Pelosi and James Corden ( he of the fake carpool Karaoke) – what a frightening image that evokes.

    • “Biden and Trump are contending for the title of “The Last American President”. Each in their own way illustrates the decline of America.
      I doubt America survives long after the Corona Virus Crisis. One way or another, whatever emerges on the North American continent will be very different than the America of today. Either there is a revolution that overthrows a failed system that let millions of people die, or if the revolution is crushed the title will be abolished for the reign of Emperor Jared I.”


      Yes, Trump and Biden are in a furious competition … to become the Mikhail Gorbachev of the country formerly known as the (dis)United States of America.

  • Pelosi just handed Shahid Buttar a made-to-order campaign ad. Did I actually just see an 80 year-old woman who happens to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America “self-reflecting” (in the almost giggling manner of a child during a birthday party) about whether she could live without ice cream?!?! This, during a “lockdown” and job loss of unprecedented proportion with so many in dire straits!


    • Sounds like an interesting fall for TV watchers, because the Biden campaign ad will be videos of the mass graves being dug laid over of Trump’s quotes that say stuff like “it won’t ever get here”, or “its just a flu”, or “lets defund world health in the middle of a pandemic”.

    • Interesting, because this pandemic will be the only issue in that election. And generally, I’d rather be the outsider saying the incumbent screwed up. Regardless of how true that is, that is always a powerful position.
      If I look at the graphs on the Johns Hopkins website, America could possibly be described as being at the inflection point of that familiar s-curve. So, just maybe the current 600k infected could level out at around double that … or 1200k. Currently 4% are dying in America, but its likely that in the coming days as the hotpots intensify the failure of for-profit American health care raises that to the European levels of 10%. 4% is 48,000 dead. 10% is 1.2 million dead. Higher if Europe’s health care turns out to be superior after all.
      There are a couple of problems with that hypothesis. The first is that America has religiously refused to test for the virus. Currently testing is limited only to those hospitalized with respiratory distress and health care workers. Thus, the numbers of people infected are far, far beyond the numbers on the Johns Hopkins website. In fact, it is far more likely that the reason the line appears to be going linear in the middle of an s-curve is that the numbers found infected is constrained by extremely limited testing ability.
      The reality is that outside the limited numbers being tested, the pandemic is likely following the traditional geometric growth of an infection. The reality is that thanks to the capitalist systems of the USA and western Europe there is no hope of containing this virus. Everyone is going to get it. Its just a question of when. Or perhaps people in China might not get it because they should insist of 21 day quarantine for any traveler from USA or EU.
      The American health care system is the second reason why deaths are unlikely to be limited to just a million. Using health care as a source of profits is not only evil, but it is a system that is unable to respond to such a crisis. All the ability to respond has been seen as fat and cut out of the system. Now the piper must be paid.
      It is important to realize that the death rate of this virus is only partially because of the illness. Germany so far has held to 2.4%. It is the failure of health care that creates the higher death rate, as hospital beds and ICU beds and ventilators become limits to who can live and others are left to die in the hallways.
      When there are millions dead by the fall. That will be the defining issue of this election. Trump’s racist screams and other tricks can fulfill Lincoln’s dictum that you can fool some of the people all of the time. But not nearly enough. Plus he has the added problem that people who listen to Trump and take him seriously are more likely to die before election day. Chloraquine poisoning and patriotic wage-slaves hurrying back to create corporate profits on Herr Trump’s command will decrease his voting base.

      • “If I look at the graphs on the Johns Hopkins website…”
        Beware, because those graphs are great examples of “garbage in, garbage out”, or perhaps more accurately “propaganda in, propaganda out”. John Hopkins is helping to propagate this psy-op, as is Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation. By parroting their controlled narrative, we are helping to propagate it too.

        • Exactly right, Chico. I find it interesting that this virus has resulted in far fewer hospitalizations than the H1N1 flu. In 2009, hospitals were overflowing within a month or two of the first few cases, and large tents were set up in hospital parking lots in order to handle all of the overflow patients.

          With this virus, we are many months into it (many people believe that it’s been here since at least December), and the hospitals are empty.

          The fact that the official narrative doesn’t fit with what people are seeing in real life is why people don’t trust these highly vaunted establishment “experts” and “authorities” who come from establishment-approved universities and institutions. They’ve been lying to us for years.

  • The controlling faction within the Democratic Party is the “We Want Nuclear War, And We WANT IT NOW!” faction. The NYT has long built its business model on being aligned with the controlling faction of the Democratic Party. What excited the editors at the NYT was the statement that Putin was showed both strength and gentleness. That directly contradicts all the hard work build up during the daily Two Minute Hates aimed at Putin/Goldberg. Thus, it had to be crushed in the minds of all of the sheeple who get their opinions from the NYT.
    Strangely, a combination of strength and gentleness used to be image that the USA cultivated. A famous American President had a slogan of “Speak Softly, but Carry a Big Stick”. That became an American slogan for several generations that followed.
    Now of course, the American slogan is “Kneel and Kiss the Godfathers Ring or Guido will kill your family in front of you”, and no dissent is tolerated.

  • Its going get a lot worse for “Manunkind.”
    But the air seems to be better.
    Folks are seeing mountains in the distance
    they haven’t seen in a long time!.
    Imagine a planet with no vehicles?.
    What you think Jared Diamond?
    My “Still Suit” is in working order.
    .”Keep Scribbling” Caitlin.
    you are fourth on my morning cup of coffee reading list.
    your Pal Duncan Idaho

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