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Ellen DeGeneres Is Hydraulic Fracking With A Face

Ellen DeGeneres is hydraulic fracking with a face.
She’s like if Walmart union busting was a person.
She’s like if Amazon and Disney had a baby
and raised it on a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier
on a steady diet of digital surveillance and NAFTA desolation.

Most people have birds behind their eyes.
Some have owls, some have flamingos,
some have crows,
I have lorikeets.
But most have birds.
Not Ellen DeGeneres, though.
Behind Ellen’s eyes, there are fentanyl patches
and eviction notices.
I swear to you I saw them once
during a particularly labored monologue
when she clearly didn’t want to be there
and had probably thrown a plate of cheese fries
at the makeup lady minutes before.

Did you know Ellen stopped dancing during her shows?
She says she never liked it.
I believe her.
The whole universe believes her.
Ellen DeGeneres is the opposite of dancing.
Ellen DeGeneres is the Australian coal lobby.

Ellen only enjoys dancing
when she dances with George W Bush,
which she does constantly
for all eternity
in the center of every tear
that falls from the eyes
of Gaia.

There is a sacred, primordial spark within all of us.
It rejoices.
It delights.
It dances.
It is the exact opposite of Ellen DeGeneres.
May the whole world be the opposite of Ellen DeGeneres.
May the whole world dance.
May the whole world delight.
May the whole world de-Ellen,
and may Portia do the same
(come on girl you know you gotta get outta there).







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Latest comments

  • Ellen Degenerate/Ellen Disingenuous Such a tool!

  • Each one of us must live our own life and live with the decisions we make both bad and good. Power corrupts. Not everyone in power or celebrity are sociopaths but merely individuals corrupted by power. Sadly by then you cannot tell the difference.

    • Perhaps not every one, but enough to quite easily control those few who aren’t. Every time we promote or vote for one, we grant them more power.

  • She was a “personality” with a TV show, and a wife, right?
    I heard about her sometimes when I walked past a TV, in recent decades.
    Is she something?

  • That was as refreshing as watching Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue at the GG this year.

    Ellen is ice skating on Chris Cuomo’s cold, dead, trapped eyes.
    Ellen is Tom Hanks laughing about being in a “roomful of sharp forks”.
    Ellen is an adrenachrome junkie.
    Ellen is centuries of death consciousness.

  • How low can my government go?? The ” bottom can never be reached!
    The burning question is inevitable: how could the NCMI possibly know all about a viral pandemic, still in November, when Chinese doctors positively identified the first cases of a new type of pneumonia only on December 26?
    It is never enough to repeat the question in full: how could United States intel have known about a contagion one month before Chinese doctors detected an unknown virus?
    Mike “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” Pompeo may have given away the game when he said, on the record, that Covid-19 was a “live exercise”. Adding to the ABC News and Israeli reports, the only possible, logical conclusion is that the Pentagon – and the Central Intelligence Agency – knew ahead of time a pandemic would be inevitable.
    That is the smoking gun.
    And now the full weight of the United States government is covering all bases by proactively, and retroactively, blaming China. Please read this explosive article here
    What Did United States Intel Really Know About the “Chinese” Virus? by Pepe Escobar

  • A great many of these self-appointed, importance-craving, empty-suited, corporate media-manufactured, faux celebrities without portfolio (just as it also is with the so-called Elites who are in fact mostly elite at being nothing resembling human)… in reality are just not very nice people. They mostly have succeeded in building and maintaining a powerful PR and image-making machine to carefully craft them into the shallow appearance of being something they are not. Rarely, but sometimes, we are allowed to see these empty vessels behind the curtain in all their magnificent naked ugliness and emptiness. What had appeared to be a Great Mountain suddenly now is revealed as being just an empty hole as deep as the Grand Canyon.

    This is yet another example of the apparent world around us being mostly illusions and lies and manipulations and the general lack of anything of substance being behind the countless false fronts that you see surrounding you all around. But they do serve a great purpose by showing us an example of how NOT to live our lives. Thank you, Empty Vessels.

  • i did not know that….because i have not had a TV since the Lusitania….but this is the cheery on my banana split. i remember thelady winking at me and asking if i wanted my nuts crushed. i said no but you can whip my cream.

    I love Lesbos that are nice. twice i lost one to a butch. i was not hurt. i laughed knowingly AND unknowingly.
    i was winner AND loser. i could see everything for a while ….sorry no more to report. as then iy all faded. into the sunset. and i was me just me again. what wee the ratings on the Bush PROGRAM. WILLHE BE BACK. he could dance through Iraq like a waterspout.

    • 35 months and counting. No tv.

  • Ellen DeGeneres is a fraud. I never found her to be humorous and every one of her prior TV shows flopped and was canceled. But she had a contract with the network. So together, they set about remaking her nasty personality for on air presentation.
    You see people aren’t all that smart. Most don’t remember how badly she treated Anne Hesch and tried to have her banned from all types of performing – TV, movies, etc.
    You see, DeGeneres, now 62 yeas old, was close to 40, while Hesch was a very young girl whom DeGeneres seduced to be her gay lover. It turned out that Hesch was experimenting and found out that she was hetero, not gay, so broke off the relationship. Apparently, DeGeneres can be the one to relationships, but no one is permitted to break up with her. The mess that followed displayed the real Ellen, who is very much nastier than the one who feigns being charming on TV. You couldn’t pay me to watch her any more than you could get me to purchase anything manufactured or distributed by Koch Industries, Nestle, Amazon and a few more. I don’t support people and business that I dislike, nor those that will spend a lot of their profits in order to screw you and me. Are you listening Jeff Bezos?

  • Yes, Ellen has made of herself a bland, grinning nonentity, and that’s probably the sweet spot where she feels safe, admired, and financially rewarded. I don’t blame people for disliking her, but should political beliefs be allowed to control social expectations to the extent that we feel entitled to shame others for treating members of the political opposition with pleasant cordiality? Personally, privately, we do congregate in small social groupings, but with the world at large, we are all, all human beings living together on a planet, so why not be broadly, generally, decent, fair, and courteous?

    (I had to do a web search on the name “Portia” to discover the connection to Ellen. Sheesh. I thought “celebrity culture” was an oxymoron. Oh well, if that’s what you need to do to unwind, Caitlin, then okay, have at it. You do such intensely, vitally good work, you deserve to muck around in the garbage and the flowers for relaxation.)

  • I like this which I found somewhere :

    The sight of Ellen, an LGBT icon, befriending a president who refused to acknowledge and properly classify LGBT hate crimes, seemed very much at odds with Ellen’s publicly-stated values.
    The countless innocents slaughtered during the Iraq War, along with fallen U.S. soldiers, were apparently no match for the power of Ellen and George’s friendship, forged in the private seats of a Dallas Cowboys game.

  • She is what the French calls a “people”, meaning “celebrities”.

    Here in Quebec, our local “celebrities” ( tv people, actors, singers, media stars etc…) are appearing on commercials telling us: “Ça va bien aller!” meaning in english “Everything will be all right!”

    When it comes from those people, it means tough times are coming…

    And those “celebrities” are the ones who are discrediting people who have doubts about what the mainstream medias are telling us about this health crisis.

    Remember, it was the same people in 2001 who were discrediting 9/11 truthers.

    No wonder the current crisis is suspicious to many people…

    Truly, the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus are here and I pray the Rosary to hasten His glorious return because the bs is becoming unbearable.

    • Really? So you’re a dead ender?

  • The photo dancing with Bush is disgusting enough to me to justify this poem, but I’m wondering if there is something in specific that happened to inspire these words or is it her classist mainstream corporatist self that oozes out in general?

  • Exactly. So she can can more shit than she needs and hang out with fellow sociopaths and be known to countless sheeple, she’s become a monster. No, I don’t think that very many of us would be willing to become moneters so we could have what we don’t even want.

  • Poor Ellen. Gone over to the dark side? She’s not alone then. So many have gone that way. Poor souls missing their chance for real love.

    • Love and wisdom, growth in which seem to be the principal reasons we are here…assuming there are what we call reasons.

  • Very good!
    Could you do one for Christine LaGarde?
    Thanks a lot!

  • She’s an imperfect human being. Stop worshiping these people, and then it’s easier to accept that they fuck up just like the rest of us.

    She’s not the worst person in the world. Not the best either. Like you. And like me.

    • We don’t all sell our souls to the devil….

      • Exactly. So she can can more shit than she needs and hang out with fellow sociopaths and be known to countless sheeple, she’s become a monster. No, I don’t think that very many of us would be willing to become moneters so we could have what we don’t even want.

    • She’s in a position of power, and she used her power to whitewash the crimes of some of the most heinous people in the world. She did not fuck up like the rest of us do. People of conscience need to boycott her.

  • Poetry is a great liberating force. Only time I liked Ellen was when she interviewed Wanda Sykes. I like that woman; I think she is funny; and, coincidentally, I don’t think she’s ever danced on Ellen’s show. I haven’t seen her. Maybe real dancers don’t need an audience? And, maybe we should we should be sceptical of those that do?

  • “Truth About Fauci, Featuring Dr Judy Mikovits” > Children’s Health Defense on TheirTube
    “Plague of Corruption” > PlagueTheBook(.)com

  • Is that true? Is she dying now?

  • Ellen Degeneres belongs in Dante’s 7th circle of Hell.

    • Not for us to decide, but why 7? Are not levels 4, 8, or 9 more appropriate, were we a vengeful God?

  • Amen. She might have been human once, but she’s the spirit of death in this culture. May we all keep the birds in our eyes (mine are pelicans). Thank you, btw!

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