The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the oligarchic class in your own country that has been exploiting, propagandizing, deceiving, oppressing and robbing you every moment of your life since you were born.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the people who have been engineering and advancing endless bloodbaths around the world at no benefit to you using your money and your resources and your political energy.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the political/media class and their plutocratic puppeteers who’ve been manipulating your mind to accept omnicide, ecocide, austerity and increasingly Orwellian dystopia as normal and not to be opposed.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the sociopathic manipulators who give you two thieving, warmongering, power-worshipping sock puppets to choose from in fake election after fake election to give you the illusion of control.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the people who pour vast troves of treasure into convincing your countrymen that it’d be evil and insane to demand the same social safety nets afforded to everyone else in every major country on earth.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the people who could have paid you a living wage to stay home safely but instead chose to give you $1200 and tell you to fuck off while transferring trillions to the plutocratic class.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the war profiteers and ecocidal devourers who are destroying your ecosystem and endangering the life of every organism on this planet.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the billionaire class who has a vested interest in making sure you stay poor in a system where money equals power and power is relative.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the people who are doing everything they can to roll out systems of internet censorship, surveillance and police militarization as quickly as possible in your own country.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the authoritarian rulers who demand complete control over what substances you put in your body while creating the largest prison population in the history of human civilization.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the two-headed one-party system which repeatedly threatens to destroy the rights and lives of marginalized groups if you don’t give at least one of those heads your full unbridled support.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the nationless alliance of oligarchs who use your resources to encircle the planet with military bases, wage countless undeclared wars and destroy any nation which refuses to bow to their empire.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the people who infiltrate, undermine, sabotage and smear any political movement which tries to help ordinary people the moment it begins gaining any traction.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the people who are working to normalize the extradition and life imprisonment of any journalist anywhere in the world who exposes the war crimes of your government.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the thugs who demand the unthinking loyalty of not just you and your countrymen but everyone in the world on pain of violent retribution.
The Russians and the Chinese.

The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy.
Not the media-owning class who uses their unrivaled narrative control to sow division among your brothers and sisters at home and around the world so you don’t realize who’s really been fucking you over.
The Russians and the Chinese.




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73 responses to “The Russians And The Chinese Are Your Enemy”

  1. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Critical video, Whitney Webb. Your future is being decided by a group of powerful “elites” and “intelligence” agencies who ; either, are Pedophiles themselves; or, work with and hide Pedophiles and the trafficking for them. Would you trust such people who knew of what Epstein was doing, like Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, the FBI and the CIA?
    Then, would you want these types Using the CV crisis to roll out a mass surveillance grid watching everything you do?

    1. I didn’t see that video, but I saw Whitney Webb on Graham Elwood on the same topic, same day, and I thought it was pretty amazing. If anyone wants to see the Graham Elwood video:

  2. I think they are all my enemies.

    1. Yes China is buying up countries the same way that the IMF and World Bank operated. Give them a loan you know they can’t pay back and then seize their assets when they default. Mohammed Tun Mahatir just rescued Malasia from a take over scheme launched by China. China will do that wherever the opportunity exists. Mohammed Tun Mahatir will also say that United States isn’t in a position to do anything about China’s practices because they do the same thing.

  3. Douglas Newman Avatar
    Douglas Newman

    So good. “Juicy”. *TRUTH* in every line. I love that you keep bringin’ it to The People, Caitlin.

  4. Not knowing languages makes it difficult for usual people to communicate. This is the whole problem, in my Russian opinion.

    1. That’s an excellent point. People are often separated by their differences in languages. Even that which is translated cannot be expected to carry the full and accurate connotation, and much that occurs in one culture is never translated or transmitted to the other.

      Even when the speaker/writer and the listener/reader are fluent in a common language, it is very easy for an intended message to fail. Words are finite, and fuzzy, and their understanding is grounded in separate worldviews.

      1. That is so true. The only common denominator is feelings of the heart and those feelings aren’t really expressible in words.

  5. The last fifty years have seen the near extinction of organized labor and the total takeover, not only of government and the courts, but of society itself, by the ruthless dictatorial power of debt-based Finance Capital. Since the crash of ’08, in which overtly criminal banks were bailed out by trillions of Fed dollars while people got pink slips, evictions, and bankruptcies, the giant syndicate of Finance Capitalism has become ever more concentrated in an economy the main products of which are debt, poverty, and weapons. Please read this magnificent article here:
    Capitalism: The Deadliest Pandemic By Paul Edwards

  6. Our enemies will always be the organized sociopaths, regardless of their gender, race, political party, or nationality.

  7. Our ” owners and masters ” led by Mr. Bill Gates intends to bio-chip every one of us so that we can be monitored at all times just like the people in Wuhan China.
    Police in black uniforms and medical masks seemed to be everywhere. “Scan your code!” they shouted at travelers approaching the departure gates. The public-private “health code” system that China developed to manage Covid-19, hosted on the Alipay and WeChat apps but deeply linked with the government, assigns one of three viral risk statuses — red, yellow, or green — to every citizen. It’s a powerful tool with clear potential for abuse. A green QR code, which denotes a low risk of having the virus, is the general default, while coming into contact with an infected person can trigger a yellow code and a mandatory quarantine. Red is for a likely or confirmed case.

  8. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    The Russians and the Chinese are your enemy…

    It used to be the British… but they were absorbed.

    It used to be France…but they were paid off and absorbed.

    It used to be the Native Americans…but they were eliminated.

    It used to be Mexico…but a third of their territory was absorbed.

    It used to be the Hawaiians…but they were absorbed.

    It used to be the Germans…but they were absorbed.

    It used to be Japan…but they were absorbed.

    It used to be Iraq…but they were absorbed.

    It used to be (fill in the blank)… but they too were absorbed.

    The American people? They too are being absorbed, or paid off.

    The rest of the world? They…

  9. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    Hey, I’ve got no issues with the Russians and the Chinese. Three of my 4 grandparents were from Russia and I love Chinese food and art.

    Besides, they’re not the ones committed to turning George Orwell from a novelist into a seer. That, is happening right here at home.


      Yo as per your grandparents – that was then, this is now. Russia was changed forever under stalin, there was a momentary reprieve with Gorbachev, then the jackboots returned. I pity the Russian peoples. And saying the Chinese are ok because YOU like the food and art – well that’s just silly. Dog meat anyone ?

  10. It is grotesque that millions of workers are being laid off by corporations which are in turn receiving taxpayer funds. Many of these corporations have stashed trillions of dollars away in tax havens and have contributed zero to the public treasury. Yet they are being bailed out due to shutdowns in the economy over the Covid-19 crisis.
    Why are the banks and corporations not being forced by governments to pay for their workers on sick leave or in lockdown? It is because the governments are bought and paid-for servants of the top one per cent. Some political leaders are the embodiment of the one per cent, like Donald Trump and senior members of the United States Congress.
    The biggest orgy of funny money is seen in the United States where the Donald Trump administration and Congress have approved the printing of trillions of dollars to prop up corporations and banks. Meanwhile crumbs are being thrown at millions of workers and their families.
    Please read this timely article here:
    Capitalism on Life Support.. Time for a Cure!

    1. Thanks for linking to an astute and concise article. It’s one error (implicit but big) is in framing its incisive critique without a grasp of Modern Monetary Theory. Any reference to “taxpayer dollars or money” instead of “public dollars or money” perpetuates, however inadvertently, the false household model of federal government, which accordingly must claw back money from the private sector (via taxes or bond sales) in order to spend it for the public interest. What MMT shows is the inaccuracy of this model of monetary scarcity, that the actual situation of a currency-sovereign government (one that issues its own currency unlike, for example, EU countries) includes the extraordinary agency of creating money ex nihilo, literally spending it into existence via legislative decisions. A good analogy is the point system for athletic competition, wherein the score keeper can never run out of points to award no matter how extreme the outcome of the game. No, the money of a currency-sovereign nation is the people’s money in the primary sense, not in the secondary sense of having to be clawed back from the private sector before it can be used to serve the public. Inflation comes into play only when money is pumped into an economy in excess of the existing resources in that economy to spend it on. For those interested in learning the basics of MMT, and no one on the left IMHO should remain ignorant of them, I recommend pulling up Stephanie Kelton’s entertaining YouTube video entitled “Angry Birds.”

  11. Good one Caitlin! It makes me wonder how anyone could read this and not be awakened to what is going on in the good ole USA? However there are two ways they could maintain their trance. One, they could just not read it, and increase there dose of MSM BS. And two, they could read it but black out all the unpleasant truths like our government censors do with unfriendly documents that come to light — thus saving themselves from thoughts that could get them in trouble with the authorities or being dropped by their friends.

  12. Dear Caitlin,

    I/we have been trying to get my friend (his email address: on your newsletter mailing list for at least six months now (I’ve been forwarding your newsletter to him), so far without success, leading us to believe someone may be trying to sabotage your readership base.

    Please look into this and correct the problem if you can, as this may be happening to others as well.


    S.A. Hogan (horror/thriller author & humanitarian)

  13. I had a bizarre thought last night. What if we suddenly discovered access to an alternate universe like in the series fringe. I believe we would set out to infiltrate and conquer them. Just as we would look upon any stranger as an enemy. I cant remember the name of a culture i read about where they had no word for friend. All outsiders were enemies. If we cannot conquer you we exploit you but you are never our friend.

  14. We are on our own in this “increasingly Orwellian dystopia” – but not alone. We can still find a few independent critical thinkers and seek a mutual understanding. For those of us looking for Goldstein’s samizdat book, thanks for putting it out there Caitlin Johnstone.

  15. Since the only thing that government has ever proven it can do well is kill people, I view both the Chinese and Russian governments as my enemy. As I do that of the US, and any other government. That of the US is by far the most dangerous, simply because they are able to be so. The people of these nations are not my enemy unless they willingly assist their government’s insanity. Which unfortunately many of them do. The only significant difference between the Sociopaths In Charge of one nation, and those of another is what they think they can get away with.

  16. Julius Skoolafishoint Avatar
    Julius Skoolafishoint

    Caitlin, you bring to mind Thomas Carlyle – “Heroes and Hero Worship” (6 Lectures) – 1841
    In Lecture (or Chapter) 5 – “Hero as Man of Letters” – we find the quote “In Books lies the soul of the whole Past Time”.
    But reading on, Carlyle writes:
    “By far the most interesting fact I hear about the Chinese is one on which we cannot arrive at clearness, but which excites endless curiosity even in the dim state: this namely, that they do attempt to make their Men of Letters their Governors! […] There does seem to be, all over China, a more or less active search everywhere to discover the men of talent that grow up in the young generation. […] The youths who distinguish themselves in the lower school are promoted into favorable stations in the higher, that they may still more distinguish themselves,–forward and forward: it appears to be out of these that the Official Persons, and incipient Governors, are taken.”
    Who would have thought that in 1841 Thomas Carlyle was virtually writing the script of the rise to power of President Xi Jinping?
    **Xi Jinping: Scholar in a cave**

  17. I just realized that you are providing a way to change my mindset. How revolutionary! Since you are not motivated by a desire to exploit me, how trustworthy! Since you are persistent , how devoted!
    And since you show no quick retreat in the face of opposition, how essential!

  18. Hmmm

    Hear, hear!

  19. Population of Russia: 146,745,098
    Population of China: 1,427,647,786
    Population of the USA: 329,968,629
    Sourced fromWikipedia, fwiw.
    With well over a billion Chinese, you won’t find anything to say about the Chinese in general that you couldn’t find an exception to. So, that’s all utterly meaningless unless you specify which Chinese exactly.
    Thee Chinese, thee Russians, thee murkins, the upper crusts of all empires and would-be empires, have no ideological differences to mention; all of them just hate competition. What gets on my tits is that billions of nation state inmates are held hostage in the narrative fuckery of “national identity”. A great many of us are tricked into identifying with our owners and adopting our owners’ values as our own. The conundrum is, do a handful of goons lead the rest of us by the nose by linguistic fuckery alone? If so, how do we let the goose out of the bottle?


      Excellent points!

  20. Many thanks for your piece which should be taught in schools of journalism, political science and institutions dedicated to the indoctrination of futures “journalists”-propagandists.
    In his seminal work, “the rape of the masse by political propaganda”, Serge Tchakotine considers journalists are the propagandists of modern era

    Your piece can be read as a programme, a platform for a counter-ruling class propaganda

    The coronavirus crisis exposed in full light both the greed and slavish nature capitalist system
    Oddly, since Thatcher-Reagan conservative counterrevolution, we are told, capitalists and their subservient
    governments and corrupt politicians that there is no money for education, retirement and universal health system.
    The solution was and still the progressive dismantlement of what we called the WELFARE STATE set up in the aftermath of the WWII in order to appease the working class in capitalist countries, especially in Europe
    for fear of revolution and the conquest of the power by communist parties like in France and Italy, the two powerful parties in Western Europe which represented the third of electorate
    In 2008, while were told that the state coffers were empty, a miracle of the sky, suddenly, banknote plates have begun to run at top speed in order to bailout banksters and big corporate
    Hier, in France, since the conquest of the power by a former Rothschild broker in 2017, created in only few months by the mass media controlled by 9 billionaires(15 in USA), we ere told the same story, that it was necessary to dismantle labor code in order to create jobs, privatizing the French Railway SNCF imposed by a nazi offspring, European dictatorship whose constitutional treaty the French people rejected in 2005 by the majority of 55% and last but not least, the dismantlement of retirement system against which protests and strikes lasted from September 2009 to February 2020. The main reason for dismantling the French retirement system, laid down after the liberation, we have been told, that there was not money to find it in the long term, that is why we should be dismantled in order to secure its outlasting

    Then, after March 16, capitalist economy put in halt by restrictives measures of the lockdown, a a second miracle, like in 2008, was taking place when the subservient governments and corrupt politicians have begun to turn banknote plates, pouring in plenty trillions of trillons of dollars and euros, rushing to help, giving lion’s share to big capital and big corporate while “cosseting” and reserving alms for under layers ” and “social waste reception center”

    The coronavirus exposes the very essence of the state in capitalist societies, whose rôle is not at all what we call “general interest” or “common interest” but first to repress the working class in the case of revolt or revolution and two, helping capitalist in the case of crisis or collapse of their system

    Like in 2008, nowadays capitalist governments in the west are coming to help, by pouring trillions of dollars and euros while over the four past decades, we have been told that the State coffers were empty.and today, the same governments are opening suddenly their ticket office. We should ask ourselves on the turn about when capitalist system is in danger.

    For those familiar with Marxist political economy, the answer is not very complicated. Capitalists and the subservient governments rule the society and dominate the working class by the capital which not be confused with the everyday money ;

    The capital is generated by daily exploitation of workforce, the source of the plus value, the profit
    When the worker is not present at his workplace, there is no plus value, profit t for the capitalist
    A worker not producing a daily plus value is a nightmare for capitalist, because without the workforce, there is no plus value and therefore no accumulation of capital.

    that said, we understand (1) why capitalist governments are pouring trillions of trillions of dollars and euros in the so called “economy” and (2) why Trump and European dictatorship want at all costs “reopen the economy”.
    Reopening the economy is not for a healthy economy where everyone has his means of existence but for the profit of a capitalist minority and for a corrupt minority of politicians

    Concluding thought : once again, thank you Cathlin, your piece is a very precious source of inspiration and an invitation to reflect and to see the world differently

  21. #whateverwhocares Avatar

    do you think it’s different in chinrussia? better ?
    coz if you do you’re delusional
    the freedom of choice here is real though unrealized
    you need to listen to more DEVO for insight
    if you were in either of them
    you would have no voice and spend the rest of your life in line
    please do not deflect your valid anger with silliness and wordplay
    It cheapens the disparity you rail against
    and your poem is stronger without the metaphor
    and you fall into the trap set by the state
    chinrussia will not help you they will only crush you like they crush their own

    1. – Fewer people in prision in Russia and China
      – No institutional slavery in Russia and China (no private prisons where the workers are paid a slave wage work for the corporations)
      – National health systems in Russia and China caring for ALL citizens
      – Free further education in Russia and China
      – Less police oppression in Russia and China (i.e. fewer citizens killed by police)
      – No illegal wars/occupations of foreign lands by Russia and China
      – Russia/China’s gun laws are the strictest in the world (gun crime is practically unknown)

      With regard specifically to Russia:

      – Russia has abolished the death sentence

      – GMO products (Soylent Green for the poor in the US) banned in Russia, very strictly controlled in China

      NB: There is no real ‘freedom of choice’ in the US for the majority of citizens. It is only for the rich.

      Why don’t you write a poem about it?


        Yo – oh please spare me – if they’re so great I invite you to move – if only to illustrate the point that for every one of you heading there – there would be 200 heading in the opposite direction. They are not nice places. It really is just that simple and to use them as counterpoints to the problems this poem seeks to expose is counterproductive and deceptive.

  22. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    This is just brilliant Caitlin – you deserve inclusion in the Book of Poetry

    Perhaps “Odes of Cait Lin”

    Here is a sample …

    The cricket is in the hall,
    And the year is drawing to a close.
    If we do not enjoy ourselves now,
    The days and months will be leaving us.
    But let us not go to great excess;
    Let us first think of the duties of our position;
    Let us not be wild in our love of enjoyment.
    The good man [/Caitlin] is anxiously thoughtful.

    1. #whateverwhocares Avatar

      do you think it’s different in chinrussia? better ?
      coz if you do you’re delusional
      the freedom of choice here is real though unrealized
      you need to listen to more DEVO for insight
      if you were in either of them
      you would have no voice and spend the rest of your life in line
      please do not deflect your valid anger with silliness and wordplay
      It cheapens the disparity you rail against
      and your poem is stronger without the metaphor
      and you fall into the trap set by the state
      chinrussia will not help you they will only crush you like they crush their own

  23. excellent article.

  24. Christine Smith Avatar
    Christine Smith

    I was on zoom with 3 others talking about the crisis and mentioned that Russia were handling things well. ‘Ah that’s because they don’t tell the truth…….we don’t hear what’s really going on!” I reminded them of the constant lying from our own sorry apologies for a government and got blank stares and “well it’s not easy and they’re doing their best “. I am sick of the people around me! I blame the British media, the trivialisation of media re celebrity and gossip. People would rather talk about Megan and Harry than the shortcomings of politicians or wars in the Middle East. Bad education and selfish ignorance! Until we can get through to these idiots I can’t see things changing. Last night I reluctantly stood on my doorstep and watched a raving Tory bang on a saucepan lid while yelling “we love the NHS!”
    I wanted to strangle her!


      Hi get a copy of “never mind the bollocks- here’s the sex pistols”
      and play it really loud and all the time- you’ll feel better and reassured that we’re not all stupid

  25. Get ready for ” the after virus world that is surely coming!
    The plan that appears to have the best possibly of being adopted is being promoted in a joint venture by Apple and Google that appears to have White House support. Bloomberg reports that “Apple Inc. and Google unveiled a rare partnership to add technology to their smartphone platforms that will alert users if they have come into contact with a person with Covid-19. People must opt in to the system, but it has the potential to monitor about a third of the worlds population.”
    Please read this important article here:
    Monitoring the Public After Coronavirus by Philip Giraldi!

    1. The great irony and tragedy here is that all of these Orwellian measures are in the process of being taken just as we learn, from the best science applied to now-sufficient data, that Covid-19 is, in the vast majority of cases, no more lethal than the flu. Let me stress that we know this NOW, not when this new virus burst upon the scene, so the strongest measures to deal with it were indeed required at the outset. For those still in panic mode about the virus itself–not about the dire economic, political, social, and personal toll it has taken and will continue to take on all of us–here’s the latest, most accurate info from an expert’s expert:

  26. Are you trying to make America the enemy?

    The banking cabals oligarchy are not patriots are not idiot nationalized people.
    They are global.
    Not from America.
    Though they have the loudest puppets in western media there at the moment.

    Its really silly to talk of land mass as enemies.
    Why make any enemies as thats the little ego mind (us V them) .
    The problem not the solution.

    1. Hmm. I guss ‘the very few’ being paranoid schizophrenics who have been deprived of their neuroleptic medication by the COVID19 lockdown.


        Believe what you want I guess – it hardly matters to anyone but yourself

  27. It is just legalized crime. And these are huge risks, and all or most of the $454 billion that the United States is lending to the Fed to guarantee private investors investments could be destroyed in the coronavirus-crisis.
    This is far more socialism for the super-rich than for the bottom 99%. The billionaires love socialism when they are the ones who are getting the bailouts – the public taking on the risks that investors are supposed to assume. The issue for billionaires is not “socialism versus capitalism,” like they always say; it is actually “socialism for us, and capitalism for everybody else.”
    That is not “survival of the fittest,” for the wealthiest class; it is instead their ordering their politicians to: protect our wealth, no matter what the cost to the public could turn out to be. And that is precisely what the President and Congress did. Mr. Kudlow, however, said, instead, that the “package” would produce “a good rebound in the second half of the year.” Maybe for the billionaires it would. Please read this eye-opening article here:
    Why Post-Coronavirus United States of America Will Have Massive Poverty by Eric Zuesse!

    1. Yep & I agree with the other guy who says this is probably all too true. In the rampant capitalist system of course – because the politicians are servants of the capitalists, elected to serve them. Much more stark in the US than most parliamentary democracies with some vestiges of social welfare & much less largesse of capital, but no different. Because we live in bourgeois democracies. Owned & run by the bourgeoisie – who haven’t been the middle class for centuries. They’re the ruling class, duh. They get their wealth in flourishing capitalism off the rest of us, out of our labour power. The richer they get, the poorer we all get – that’s us majority, ordinary working class people. Just take the damn weapons of mass destruction off them, ffs! Please save the rest of the world from your masters/mistresses!

  28. Thank you! You’re brilliant. We are so lucky to have you.

  29. I want you to stop thinking! We will do all of the thinking for you and everyone else. Watch TV, pay your taxes, pay your bills, and never ever complain about anything; you live in the worlds greatest country. The Russians and the Chinese are your enemies. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth!

    1. All the major powers in the world operate essentially the same way. The United States reeked it’s havoc and China stands in the wings to pick up where the United States will leave off once it’s economy collapses.

  30. Pepe Escobar blows the lid completely off the global pandemic scandal, with his overwhelmingly powerful article: “What Did U.S. Intel Know About the ‘Chinese’ Virus?”:


  31. You could also include Iran as one of the misbegotten enemies

    1. Iran is a victim, has been a victim since 1953 when the U.S. CIA launched a campaign to have the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, removed from office to die in exile. The U.S.A. then brought Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from Oxford England, where he was partying, to be dictator of Iran until the Iranian people had enough and ousted him through a coup organized by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979.

      Despite all of these setbacks, setback that continue unto this day via the extraordinary sanctions, the Iranian people have persevered.

      1. Dead right. Except Khomeini didn’t organise a coup in 1979, only one that took over on the backs of the Iranian working class whose 1979 revolution resulted only in renewed oppression by fundamentalist religious takeover. No doubt with assistance from capitalists & probably the US itself. A lovely new target for them ever since. Twisted, aye.

  32. Wow, some fans here, Caitlin! Ordinary people who live in Russia & China or anywhere else for that matter are no enemies of us other ordinary people, some of us living in puppet ally states forever so far of the US empire, like Aotearoa/NZ, Australia, UK etc.

    But we’re all in the same boat as each other, exploited wage workers for international capital, with zilch control over what they tell us is the ‘democracy’ of every nation state, all the ‘managers’ of our impoverishment, which comprise the UN of course.

    Of course. It’s THEIR democracy, bourgeois democracy, ruling class democracy.

    As opposed to that of a befuddling concept of ‘elites’ – sort-of self-important people who own this or that. Well they are important because they’re the ruling class of the world, capital, for short..

    And basically whether your fans like it or not, Caitlin, the vast majority of us are the working class. It’s been capital versus labour since capitalism began 500-plus years ago. So let’s have proletarian democracy then, run by all of us, by all us productive people who care about each other & our future, in all our global & local interests.

    But the propaganda you’re attacking here is fair game. In US empire terms Russia & China ARE deadly enemies of the US, competitors it’s losing to at long last. Most people in the world WANT the US to lose, WANT wars & terror by the US to cease.

    Those most at risk of backing the US though live in nations in the gross ‘US allies’ camp – like, tomorrow is another ANZAC Day. So were WW1 & WW2 just wars? Or imperialist wars? Imperialist wars. Just ask who profited most out of Nazism & fascism in in WW2? Ruling class & US arms dealers.

    Who died in the hugest numbers defending themselves? Russian people. And Chinese people. Now there’s a coincidence.

    Not enough dead ‘reds’ yet? But they live under capitalism, same as we all do. They”re pretty fed-up with war though. They’re the allies of us ordinary working people in the world, allies just like ordinary people are who struggle to survive in the US, UK, Australia, Aotearoha/NZ are too. Got it, Caitlin ‘fans’? Those are virtual shoes in your faces, Trump, Biden, Hilary Clinton etc! Take those!

    1. The Chinese are no different than the good ole U.S.A. They employ all the same tactics that the IMF and World Bank employ. That is the Chinese government any way.

      The Chinese people that live under the authoritarian rule in China are the victims, just like the average person on the street in the United States is a victim.

      Do not imagine for one moment that China wouldn’t do what the United States has done. A Chinese hegemon would be just as brutal and abusive as a U.S.A hegemon.

      Don’t fall for the good guy bad guy argument here, none of them are interested in representing the people in the countries under their rule. There is really no difference between China, and the U.S.A. Russia just doesn’t have the economic clout of China and the U.S.A or they would be doing the same thing as well.

      1. Maybe, but maybe not, not since, “we will bury you”, has there been such outerances as, “you will kiss our feet as our slaves”, by Israeli prime ministers, that particular quote coming from the man who ordered the killing of J.F.K.

  33. China has imperial designs just like the good ole USA. Make no mistake, China is buying up countries across the globe by employing the same tactics that the United States, IMF and World bank used; encumber the country, and when they can’t repay the loan, seize their resources in lieu of payment and take control of governance. Mohamed Tun Mahatir just rescued Malaysia from a Chinese takeover, had to come out of retirement at 96 years old .

    We don’t want authoritarian rule from any country, not the United States, not China, not Russia.

  34. well, that about wraps it UP! nothing left to say. What countries was that agin? i fergit.
    Roumania and Chechz? yep. got it.
    blow ’em up!
    cud be Venereal Colonitis…blow it up? yep. it’s gone.
    How ’bout ‘Tuba? blow it up?
    yep. gone.
    Greenlandia? you wanted to buy it! yep. blow it up!
    wait! i had something to say there….blow you up!
    wish i could say nice poem…but that day is gone forever.
    blow them up!
    all poems have to be nasty until AmerdRica is a democracy. for the very first time….
    awwwww…sweeet. lil chilluns…
    blow it up!
    hey, wait! i live here.
    lived, dumdum….
    Well, blow me up!

  35. Caitlin, I’m so sorry you were harassed and it caused you fear and discomfort. You are a gem and I just wanted to write to express my appreciation for all you do and all you share!

  36. I’ve travelled in China, travelled across what was called the USSR, and to most parts of the edges of the US – I think I counted over 30 states including Alaska, California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, NY, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota – and Hawai’i – most of Europe, Morocco, Turkey, The Trans-Caucasus – most of South-East and Northern Asia (including many years in Japan) – parts of the Pacific – India. And most parts of my own land – Australia – by car/on foot. I’ve seen these lands and peoples up close. Kinfolk from most of them – kinship connections from the rest. The only thing buggering our world up – from my observation – is warmongering and WMD-production. Arm-twisted “free trade” – exploitative bullying militarisation/bases scattered around the world – mal-treatment of own citizens. In all these negatives one nation stands out the greatest – that of the MAGA Cap-wearing Trump.

  37. Well said caitlin. 1984 – sub russia for eurasia and China for Eastasia. How could Orwell have predicted all this so accurately? And knowing the script, how is it we humans let them away with this?


      Life imitating art. “They” used 1984 and Brave New World as the blueprints.

    2. LOL. It wasn’t a prediction it was a blueprint. This plan has been in place since before the US Civil War

  38. Power societies excel at scaring people into a state of fear that is designed to overwhelm their capacity to think and assess what is really taking place around them. In other words power uses fear to gain the submission of its subjects. This is its natural mode of operation.

    The balancing act between mind and body is the natural antidote to fear. But the fact is that very few individuals master that balancing act and so they lose the ability to pause and observe, think, and assess the reality that is unfolding around them. Only a handful among these few individuals are furthermore ever making the effort to understand the larger context of how we interact with our habitat and how, in turn, our habitat interacts with the whole in which we are such tiny particles.

    In power societies knowing is shared by the few who compete for power while knowledge is produced and shared by that handful of sage individuals who pause to assess the facts. Power shenanigans distract the individual and interrupt his capacity to ensure mind-body balance. That’s why in Modernity sages retire in contentment on the margins of power societies where they silently accumulate knowledge by confronting their conscious certainties with their subconscious visions. (1)

    Power societies are driven exclusively by the competition for the control of power and by the submission of their citizenry through fear. The citizens’ daily lives’ are thus impacted in a fundamental way by the powers that be :

    “ National governments really matter, and it really matters which one you happen to find yourself under. Though the pandemic is a global phenomenon, and is being experienced similarly in many different places, the impact of the disease is greatly shaped by decisions taken by individual governments. Different views about when to act and how far to go still mean that no two nations are having the same experience. At the end of it all we may get to see who was right and what was wrong. “ (2)

    Modernity consecrated the ‘private ownership of capital’ as the prime attribute of power. In Late-Modernity China’s adherence to ‘state ownership of capital’ allowed it to industrialize in the blink of an eye. Western private capital holders suddenly were feeling threatened…

    This competition is the general context behind our current societal madness and the break-out of the CoronaVirus only intensifies the madness.

    1. See “From Modernity to After Modernity 28. Part 3. Divination. Introduction”.

    2. “ Coronavirus has not suspended politics it has revealed the nature of power “ by David Runciman in The Guardian. 2020-03-27.


    Truth, at its most relevant. Stop the tyranny now!
    Also, here’s another truth bomb in regards to the Corona Deception: A simple math regression of deaths and infections shows that the virus (developed in London) was started in Europe and spread to China 31 days after the outbreak. Satellite chatter showed that most countries were made aware of the virus as early as August ‘19. China was just the first to officially advise the WHO about its corona staus.The WHO knew about it from September, as their records show.
    Why is China being blamed for being infected by an exoteric virus? Blame the victims, perhaps?
    Lots of deception going on.
    Keep up the marvelous work Caitlin. jw

  40. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    Ha,ha Yeah baby, expose the slight of hand being used while that big, fat, murderous psycho elephant is in the Fricking room.

  41. I teach at an International College with lots of Chinese “enemies.” They loved this! I used it in my class tonight.

    I love it when you tell it, Caitlyn.
    Keep tellin’ it!

  42. As nearly perfect as anything I’ve read in the snark category, Caitlin.

  43. Not the crooks who as I write this are handing billions of our hard-earned $$ to their friends while millions of workers choose between poverty or potentially deadly illness.

  44. Let’s negotiate, Sister Caitlin.
    I see what you’re getting at, that the western empire that owns and manages my meat is really not my friend, but just manages me as meat-on-the-hoof.
    OK, one “frenemy” as things currently stand, still taking it pretty easy on me so I’m nice and compliant, but heading me into the branding chute to put the squeeze on, and sear my flesh with the hot iron to mark me.
    I think the Chinese have done that for over 4000 years, right? I think their ruling class (Communist party lately) considers the normal state of the world to be everybody obeying Chinese elites and paying them tribute. They don’t treat their imperial subjects like Tibetans and Uighurs well at all. Proson camps for a million, and torturing monks and nuns, and so on.
    I’d like to see my current owners and their rising competitors, the Chinese, as my enemies.
    Putin Good. Nice Russians mean me no harm.
    Russians saved us from nuclear holocaust 3 times, as I read history, and gave us Alaska, too.

    1. I really don’t think the western empire that has and still do treat the first nation people and black slaves so poorly has any room to talk about the treatment of the Tibetans and Uighurs. And then you want to bring up torture! Really!

  45. random castagna Avatar
    random castagna

    Brillliant and painful.

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