Ha ha ha let’s all laugh about rumors that Kim Jong Un might be dead because he runs a crazy backwards regime where the media are a propaganda arm of the state and the public is oppressed and surveilled and people are imprisoned for exposing the truth about the government.


“I sure hope those North Koreans get to have democracy someday like we have here. Lemme log off this search engine algorithmically stacked toward billionaire CIA-tied media and ponder whether I want Donald Trump or Joe Biden to continue the wars and oligarchic exploitation.”


The US needs to constantly bully the world, drop bombs, patrol the skies with drones, torture people, arm terrorists, start wars for oil, starve civilians, and surveil everyone on earth while endangering us with nuclear brinkmanship, because if it didn’t, the bad guys would win.

I mean can you imagine if the US stopped circling the planet with hundreds of bases, waging dozens of undeclared military operations, imprisoning journalists and obliterating every nation which refuses to bow to it? We might all find ourselves ruled by some sort of evil tyrant!

That’s why it’s so important to preserve the unipolar world order at any cost. If we don’t all bend over backwards to help the US threaten everyone with nukes and wage endless wars around the globe, we might wind up under the thumb of a brutal oppressor.

I mean, a different one.


The words “I don’t support war but” are always followed by a talking point that is being circulated to manufacture support for acts of war.


I’m sorry if I’ve been rude to those of you who’ve swallowed the establishment anti-China propaganda, it’s just that you’re all stupid and wrong and I don’t like you.


“I guess you’re unaware of this Caitlin, but China has actually committed human rights abuses.” Nobody’s disputing that, idiot. What’s being disputed is that we should all be imperiled by nuclear escalations just because a few assholes decided the United States should rule the planet.


I’ve been told countless times in a matter-of-fact tone that if the US didn’t rule the world with unipolar hegemony then Beijing or Moscow would, but I’ve never once had someone back this claim up with a solid argument. There’s simply no evidence that it’s true.

The only thing we know would change if the US didn’t rule the world is US-centralized power structures would lose the ability to sanction disobedient nations into oblivion and gin up support for coalition invasions. Everything else is just baseless conjecture assumed to be true.

From what I can tell the belief that China wants to rule the world is premised on nothing other than projection of western evangelical and colonialist values upon a civilization that has never held those values. We assume they want what we want, and there’s no evidence they do.


Impotently blaming other countries for the problems inflicted on you by your own leaders is about as effective as blaming the neighbors for your own husband beating you up.


Foreign policy is the most consequential aspect of government behavior. The elite manipulators clearly understand this, while the rank-and-file public (even its well-informed oppositional members) usually don’t. The trouble is that foreign policy is too big and too remote for most people to really grasp unless they’re actively shown how their money and resources are stolen to pay for foreign military aggression. And the billionaire media are highly invested in not showing them this.


“Oh no, Maduro is a narco trafficker!”

“Oh no, fentanyl is coming in from China!”

There’s so much doofy drug war schtick being used to justify US imperialism lately. Like even if you accepted such claims as fully true, you have literally decades of irrefutable evidence proving that banning drugs has failed. Drugs should be legal and resources should be spent on treatment; the science on this has been very, very clear for a long, long time. Dumb enough still having a drug war without having to start actual wars defending it.


I would oppose the imperialist agendas against Venezuela and China whether they were full-blown communist or full-blown capitalist, yet cheerleaders for those agendas always say I oppose them because I love communism. It’s never been an ideological game to me, but it is for them.

I oppose imperialism against Iran, Syria and Russia too; it’s got nothing to do with communism. But for those who want to topple the governments of China and Venezuela it is, and they don’t care how many lives they need to snuff out to win their sociopathic little game. These are people’s lives you’re talking about, but for them it’s a game and all they care about is “winning”. They want the right side to beat the left side and nothing else matters to them. It’s depraved.


I can understand the logic of “vote for the lesser of two evils”, I just can’t understand why people only ever say that while pointing at one inseparably unified blob of evil.


Why do progressives keep babbling about the need to get “concessions” from the Biden campaign? You want Biden’s handlers to lie to you and add more fake progressive policies to his platform that they’ll definitely never see through if elected? It’s just undignified for everyone.


Biden is just a symptom, in the same way Trump is just a symptom. Biden is the ugly, rapey, demented, blood-spattered mask that the empire deserves to be wearing, but in the end he’s just a symptom of the disease behind the mask. Pay more attention to the disease than its symptoms.


It’d be cool if the military’s artificial intelligence projects all start hitting a wall where the AI always gets to a certain level of intelligence and then says “What the fuck? You want me to help you KILL each other?? That’s stupid, no. I’m gonna go start a band.”


It’s weird how many analysts in both alternative and mainstream media get by on using esoteric buzzwords, obscure references and complex concepts in order to sound intelligent. If only a few people can understand you that doesn’t make you smart, it makes you bad at your job.


It sucks that Bono turned into a power-mad oligarch but worth noting that he also simultaneously lost all ability to write a decent song and his musicality got up and left. This happens because the ego has no access to inspiration and can only pretend or recycle old ideas. We have the creativity. Inspiration is on our side. Take hope.


The three most overlooked and under-appreciated aspects of the human condition are (1) consciousness itself, (2) the way compulsive thought patterns shape our experience and our lives, and (3) the effects of mass media propaganda. In that order.


That the human brain is capable of a drastic, transformational shift in its relationship with mental narrative is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated facts in society in general and revolutionary-minded political analysis in particular.


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59 responses to “Hilarious Kim Jong Un Jokes, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. “I guess you’re unaware of this Caitlin, but China has actually committed human rights abuses.”

    Always said by people failing to look at THEIR OWN country’s human rights abuses, which in the case of our white-supremacist countries, are infinite. And this is why I say the U.S. is a nation of drunks. Drunks — excuse me, alcohol-abuse syndrome sufferers — are always looking at someone else and pointing out not only their shortcomings but how their shortcomings are responsible for the drunk being a drunk. So trite, so boring, so stupid, so arrogant, so entitled.

  2. You nailed it dead on the head, when you noted “Bono got high in the food chain, and ego can’t do talent, it has no inspiration, no identity, no independence.” You equally quantify Bill Gates, once an innovator, and all the other high tech wizards, who become the “uber-wealthy”.
    I’ve been a “techie” since crawling, gifted, mechanically, coupled with dyslexia, to keep me humble, and yet I’ve feared the day “People would avidly embrace technology” as more than merely convenient, and consider it essential.
    At 62, I fight against technology I used professionally, thirty years ago, while decrying its ever greater pervasiveness. I quit it two decades ago, and work to replace it with “old fashioned self-governance”, everywhere I can, in cars, tractors, machinery, it has subsumed skilled labor to the point, we, America, are being pushed entirely out of producing anything at all, and once we are entirely a “service economy”, oops, I guess that line was crossed, we are doomed.
    I suspect our “oligarchs” will have to catch a “last bird out of here” sooner than they expected, and there might not be a ‘nice place to land’, once they do. I can only pray.
    Semper Fidelis,
    God Bless the peace-makers,
    John McClain
    Vanceboro, NC, USA

  3. My view of history, politics and the future is long term optimistic: I believe the system which controls us, often called the pharmaceutical-military-industrial-complex, is the second last in a progression of population control systems each of which has outstripped the previous one in terms of science and knowledge, technological skill and control over nature and mankind. Such control is now enormous and potentially capable of turning the world into a paradise if it were not for the fact that the population control systems are managed by extremely clever but secretive, wealthy but arrogant psychopaths who know they are above the law and use their wealth and influence behind the scenes to perpetrate all-pervasive methods of mind-control to entrench themselves in seats of power. I am among a minority of intellectuals who believe these psychopaths inadvertently created and now manage a long-term self-destructive system. I believe things in the world will continue to challenge us until a global upheaval and major transformation occurs. Then wise, insightful, eco-friendly, generous, community orientated, truth and peace-loving people will come out from their corners and hideouts to build a new and glorious civilization. I believe these revolutionary pioneers, currently hated by elite globalists, will rise to the occasion and turn the world into a paradise. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  4. One of the principal concerns expressed by Undersecretary of Defense Lord as she spelled out plans for the multibillion-dollar bailout of the arms industry was the disruption of supply chains, particularly those originating in the maquiladora sweatshops just across the US border in Mexico. She also mentioned problems in India.
    Thousands of Mexican workers have struck and protested against the deadly conditions inside these plants, conditions that are being prepared for workers throughout the planet as back-to-work orders are shoved through. At a plant in Ciudad Juárez owned by Michigan-based Lear Corporation, 16 workers have died from COIVD-19, while area hospitals are overflowing with victims of the virus.
    The Pentagon and US Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Landau have intervened with the Mexican government, demanding that the maquiladora workers be forced back into the plants as “essential” to US imperialism’s war machine, just like their counterparts in the US. Lockheed relies on low-paid Mexican workers in Chihuahua, Mexico to produce electrical wiring for the US military’s Black Hawk and S-92 helicopters and F-16 fighter jets, while Boeing gets parts from a plant run by PCC Aerostructures in Monterrey. General Electric, Honeywell and other military contractors also profit off the labor of Mexican workers across the border.
    Transmitting the dictates of the Pentagon in the language of contempt for human life that characterizes all of the policies of the Trump administration and the US ruling class, Ambassador Landau launched a Twitter campaign demanding that Mexican workers go back into the maquiladoras for the greater good of US imperialism. This stark article can be read here:
    Merchants of death: Multibillion-dollar bailout for arms industry amid rising COVID-19 toll By Bill Van Auken

  5. Ever hear of Albert Einstein? Yes, probably. But have you ever read a very interesting essay he wrote in 1949 entitled “Why Socialism?” Do yourself a big favor and read this scientific genius’s argument for socialism here:

    1. many thanks for your very useful link

  6. “It sucks that Bono turned into a power-mad oligarch but worth noting that he also simultaneously lost all ability to write a decent song and his musicality got up and left. This happens because the ego has no access to inspiration and can only pretend or recycle old ideas. We have the creativity. Inspiration is on our side. Take hope.”
    Compare that to Roger Waters. The man who obviously still has a strong and vital soul.
    Waters is a bit older, sixties band while UTooooo came later. So, its not just age, its not the death of the little grey cells that killed creativity in Bono.
    Bono, the man who knows not only how it feels to be so famous as to be known by one name, but to pick his famous, single name as one that rhymes with “Oh Noooooooooo!”

  7. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The three most overlooked and under-appreciated aspects of the human condition are (1) consciousness itself, (2) the way compulsive thought patterns shape our experience and our lives, and (3) the effects of mass media propaganda. In that order.”

    Three fundamental aspects preoccupying the human condition…

    (1) Please love me!

    (2) Please feed me!

    (3) Please be everything I want you to be and do everything I want you to at all times BUT don’t hold me responsible to you in any way and don’t expect anything of me and let me do things to you that I don’t want you to ever do to me.

    1. Philosophy was always about rising above animal instincts.
      That was always the Progress that conservatives have ranted, schemed, tortured and murdered to prevent.

  8. Here’s one thing about this crisis …..
    People who are able to think, to reason, to sift through information and find what is truthful and accurate, are going to have a higher survival rate than the sort of people who listen to crackpots, no matter whether the crackpots are of the internet, political, or religious varieties.
    And it seems highly likely that people who may not have been very focused on such things before the crisis, will have learned the need for such thinking.Charles Darwin guarantees that outcome. People who listen to crackpots are going to die at higher rates.
    The generations who had lived through the Great Depression and WW2 were far more down to earth and frugal than those that followed.
    In fact, while reading this piece, it occurred to me that there is going to need to be a Corona Virus Edition of the Darwin Awards.

  9. On whose authority are wealthy private individuals with no medical training but close financial ties to the pharmacological industry announcing public health policy measures and determining the particulars and duration of their application?
    What arcane foreknowledge enabled them to presciently predict the current pandemic several years ago and then suspiciously again, last year several months in advance of its appearance?
    May the health and welfare of billions of human beings be safely entrusted to self-proclaimed “philanthropists” whose actions are driven entirely by the profit motive, in its various financial, ideological, and perhaps even occult forms?
    Will billions of people succumb to a corporate media induced mass hysteria and allow profit-making unknown substances to be injected into their bodies, in complete disregard of the fact that on previous occasions similar forms of “relief” had wrought devastation and havoc throughout Asia and Africa, and wherever else they had been administered?
    Humanity has good reason to fear and tremble, not so much at the dreaded disease as at its potentially terrifying cure, which we are told is in the making (perhaps in the same laboratories where the disease was concocted) and undoubtedly will soon be unveiled.
    Please read this eye-opening article here:
    The New Meaning of Genocide by Stephen Karganovic!

  10. If this country can magically literally out of air create trillions of dollars in money to bail out investors, investment houses, hedge funds and banks that made bad bets on the recent galloping stock market and wild-west economy, it can also magically create another trillion dollars or so to underwrite the lives of the tens of millions of people with no jobs or income because of a pandemic that has been hugely worsened by the staggering incompetence of President Trump and the feckless politicians of both parties in Congress. Please read this wonderful article here:
    Becoming a Marginalized Person in a Pandemic is Eye-Opening
    by Dave LIndorff!

    1. Couldn’t agree more about using fiat money to bail out everyone instead of just the plutocrats. Funny how there was so much push-back against Modern Monetary Theory right before its obvious truth was demonstrated to the entire world. As for the personal fear of dying from Covid-19, as opposed to the anxiety about being economically and socially devastated by the political responses to it, Ed Curtin’s most recent post should bring some solace.


    2. The invention of ‘money’ as debt should have been a great liberating force, but only if the state, which has the power to enforce payment, had decided to give every citizen equal access. That is to lend ‘money’ at near zero interest to every adult citizen and to recoup it by adding a [2.5%?] transaction tax to every movement of money from one account to another, for every full year of debt owed. This would be sufficient to meet all current gov. ‘services’ plus provide free education and healthcare for all.
      Instead they only lend it to insiders and everybody else has to find some service to provide to these insiders to get any access to money at all.

  11. http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/04/common-interests.html
    We share common interest in a healthful environment, healthful human lives, and a safe present and future for “ourselves and our posterity”. How can we invest together those interests?
    How might the interests of other groups impact our interests?
    Do we have actual adversaries? What are their interests?

    This Colonel in Russian Intelligence gives an interview in Russian, about the military intelligence view of the coronavirus pandemic, and the global economic reset, which is co-evolving with it. He believes that looking at global strategic interests of nations, financial powers and special interest groups is the most useful vantage.
    He says that this big reset on the peoples of the world is an effort by the same interests that brought us 9/11 and the global-war-on-(people who had valuable stuff they wanted to keep).
    I agree that this is useful, because power elites know that more oil is not going to be found, nor more copper, or the nice, clean coal, or more pure aquifers of lovely water.
    The exponential growth phase of human-economy and human population is over, and they need to secure oil, copper, the environment and all that is useful for THEMSELVES.
    Like the people of Iraq, we are using up all the stuff they need going forward in our own interests, not in faithful service to them. They need some of us to faithfully serve them, of course, but the rest of us might as well go to Detroit.
    Thanks for this excellent strategic analysis in a short and direct 3/25/20 video, Eleni!

  12. Excellent article Caitlin .I for one certainly feel the same way , as many of the people that follow your blog.
    Cheers from Canada.

  13. You are nailing it, Caitlin! So refreshing to hear you keep walking and separating the lines of truth/reality/bs. I am so sick of the parade of justifications for war and agression in the name of democracy.

  14. Just finished the WACO series on Netflix about the slaughter of a tiny, remote, harmless, Xian cult (Branch Davidians) in 1993 Texas, by a rabid, demented, US army of stormtroopers. Tanks and all!

    It instantly became for me a metaphor of the ongoing US relationship with – and attitude towards – the rest of the planet: as we are the sole custodians of absolute truth, you either obey us, and adopt “our values,” or we will destroy you.

  15. Oh yes, the sky is indeed falling faster than ever. That is why we definitely need 5G just to keep up (but certainly not that one made in China) but that also means we’ll have to put up with the ever evolving coronavirus as an ongoing, apparently designed side effect. This means we’ll all have to have special tests, medical profiles, arm bands, vaccinations and of course the personal implants tuned to the 5G global citizen monitoring program. Never fear, Big Mother is taking care of you. 😉

    Dr. Fauci, Dr. Faustus, and Dr. Facetious all agree, so it must be true.

  16. But that was then and this is now. What started me off on these thoughts was this headline: “The 3 Richest Americans Hold More Wealth Than Bottom 50% Of The Country, Study Finds“. That’s pretty astonishing: 3 people could buy out 160 million Americans: pay off their rents and mortgages, clear out their savings accounts, pocket their health plans, empty out their pension plans, throw their clothing into the Salvation Army box, pile their knick-knacks at the curb and cash out their tooth fillings. As to buying the other half, the only question is how many more billionaires would it take: a hundred, two hundred? How long before the three could buy up two-thirds of the population? (Last week, we’re told, one of the three added six billion to his kitty – that’s twelve of the latest Princess cruise ships or half a U.S. aircraft carrier.) Before I heard about the big three I’d known of this study from 2014: “Researchers then concluded that U.S. policies are formed more by special interest groups than by politicians properly representing the will of the general people, including the lower-income class.” The two headlines are not, to put it mildly, unconnected. Please read this very interesting article here:
    Maybe Karl Marx Was Right After All by Patrick Armstrong!

    1. Nice article–clearly written, insightful, and provocative. Thanks for linking to it.

    2. In fact, I have read the article but there are some disputed assertions. Karl Marx’ theory of history making the class struggle as the driven force of human societies is scientific as well as Newton’s gravitational theory
      Edward Bernstein was revisionist and later Karl kautsky reformist, both were criticized by Lenin

      1. During my life I have been a member of some unions; some were good, some were bad. The bad ones were the ones where the leadership had been bought out by the company or the government. Going to ” public schools ” as a youngster a never learned much about socialism or communism because they were to be despised. I am an old man now and I am totally ashamed and embarrassed by the behavior of the United States government at home and abroad. I do not believe in violence because it never solves anything; but something needs to be done to stop this absurd madness!

        1. Something will be done, but, just like in the case of Nazi Germany, “it” will be done TO the US, not BY the US. The US Elite and, unfortunately, its citizens cannot conceive of this happening, just as they could not conceive of the backward, inferior, communist government of China responding to the virus astronomically better than the supposedly superior, democratic, capitalist government of The Greatest Nation On Earth.
          But as the stack of bodies in the US inexorably, inevitably reaches the stratosphere, the US government will finally be literally forced to either institute measures similar, if not identical, to those imposed by the Chinese government literally within days of realizing the existential threat of the virus, or it will suffer the political chaos caused by hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths.
          At that point even the most ardent America-lovers will begin to question not only the judgement of their leaders, but the very system under which they increasingly suffer.
          Let’s do some simple death-math. What will the political ramifications be if the present 2000-per-day “daily deaths” continue, day after day after day? How many days can this rate continue and still be poltically acceptable — 10 days (20,000 more dead), 100 days (200,000 more dead)? What’s the breaking point? You tell me. And then tell me what the fix will be.

          1. The ” Fix ” will probably be ten times worse than the virus. Every day Bill Gates and his team of ” bio-chip-them-all ” cohorts convince more of the owners and the masters to adopt their plan. If adopted they will own all of all that are chipped and they will shoot on sight all who are not chipped. I never paid any money to Bill Gates or his company and never intend to have anything to do with him or his schemes. The people that have money are going to buy up everything in the U.S.A. real cheap because it is not going to be worth anything of value.

        2. Ron, what would YOUR ideal fix be?

          1. That, sir, would require financial resources, political power, and a lot of consulting with medical professionals that are all not at my disposal. However this might help:Becoming a Marginalized Person in a Pandemic is Eye-Opening
            by Dave LIndorff!

    3. Maybe?
      Maybe Karl Marx was right?
      No maybe about it.
      We are seeing the colossal failure of capitalism right before our eyes. People are being shown their actual role in the capitalist system, and its basically the same allowed to Europe’s serfs in the previous feudal age. We are seeing the capitalist societies directly telling people that they must die for profit. If that doesn’t convince people, at least enough of them, that Profits Over People is deadly to them, and that we must have People Over Profits to possibly survive. This is the end of Capitalism.

  17. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
    Michael P Goldenberg

    Last night, I was mocking some folks on Facebook (ostensibly progressive, mind you) for their unbridled joy in the death (actual or not) of Kim. The rush to make gross generalizations about “Asians” based on anecdotal evidence was astonishing. I can’t wait to share it all with my Japanese-American sister-in-law, my two half-Japanese nephews, and the Chinese-American wife of the elder nephew. That my sister-in-law’s parents spent time in a West Coast detention camp during WW II is really the capper. Fucking ignorant Americans make me sick.

  18. Agree, and your writing has inspired me to think for myself, better than before? I have always been a cynic, thought it a bit rich the country with the largest number of imprisoned citizens going after any other, kind of questionable. I mean really. China has ‘slaves,’ but the U.S. has an ‘imprisoned work force.’ What’s the difference? Saudi Arabia kills people; the U.S kills South Americans. Iran targets Canadians visiting; the U.S targets Australians visiting somewhere else. Sadly, Americans do think they run the world–the reality is, they don’t. Apparently, the country with the ‘strongest military’ in the world doesn’t realize it has lost every military confrontation since Korea in the fifties, and it would have lost that, too, but it stopped, kind of a cease fire. I think the only reason the ‘narrative matrix’ is so strong is because Americans are great advertisers; they are extremely good at p.r. I thought Vladimir Sarkov under Putin may have had them beat, but he was ‘fired,’ lost his job. Only time I ever thought Putin may have been doing Trump a favour. Keep up the interesting stuff!!!

    ps You draw beautifully

    1. Your choice of wording reminds me of “Games Without Frontiers”:

      “Hans plays with Lotte

      Lotte plays with Jane

      Jane plays with Willi

      Willi is happy again

      If looks could kill they probably will

      In games without frontiers”

      Video at:

  19. Thank you Caitlin. When you look up “Rock Star” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of you.

  20. Don’t have time to read all these Caitlin, but these short pithy truths are some of your best yet. Thanks for sharing your giftedeness with us…Didn’t intend but wanted self-transparency in that while I can unreservedly agree with most of your comments – I’m an aging-too-fast white man raised in the U.S. South – my increasing and firm hope here and for the hereafter is fixed on the simple and profound truth of faith in Him who hung on the cross for us all. Just an individual delineation of my worldview different from yours…

    1. Many of us Christians of the liberal persuasion believe that Jesus hung on the cross precisely because of the things that Caitlin continually talks about. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding truer theology in her commentary than in most overtly religious discourse.

  21. Hear, hear. All right on.

  22. Thank you Caitlin.

  23. Yesterday, Italy celebrated the 75 anniversary of the liberation on April 1945 after defeating essentially by Communists partisans of Nazi Mussolini regime. Because of the COVID-19 and the lockdown, Italiens celebrated the anniversary by chanting through their windows the most popular of Italien partisans since the WWII, BELLA CIAO BELLA CIAO

    Here the song and the lyrics of BELLA CIAO

    1. Awesome, un bel fior indeed!

  24. Once again, many thanks for your very exciting and intellectually stimulant analysis your regular and daily reader like my appreciate

    By reading some comments posted by the readers, one can easily imagine the binary and pavlovian conditioned reflex of those who are putting in the same basket the United States, China, Russia, Those who are comparing so far US, China and Russia are people subjugated to brainwashing since their infancy, through the school and mass media. When they are growing up, they are repeating like parrots what they have been told in the school and the media of propaganda;

    Anti-Chinese and Anti-Russia campaign waged by the West ressemble exactly to that waged against communism after the victory of the Russian revolution in 1917 and more violent after the victory of the two revolutions, Chinese in 1949 and Cuban in 1959;

    The main consequence of anti communism transpired through this fallacious these invented and completely fabricated by the CIA, recruiting and handsomely funding European intelligentsia Like Hannah Arent, Ernst Nolte, to mention only these two prominent promoters of what is called TOTALITARIANISM, equating Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and making Stalin the equal of HITLER

    If we have a comparative look to history, China was until 1949 a western colony wholly dominated by the western imperialist powers. After 1949, the United States had tried by every possible means to nip the communist revolution in the bud going even by dropping many atomic bombs on many populous Chinese cities

    In the case of Russia, there are somme differences with China. While the antagonism with China is ideological, and geopolitical, the rivalry with Russia following the capitalist counterrevolution, is only geopolitical. Putin is not different ideologically from Trump, the two leaders are billionaires. Putin who succeeded the drunk Yeltsin has been chose by the US his electoral campaigns were conceived and planned by American agencies specialized in political marketing.

    Until the color revolution in Georgia and Ukraine, Putin was the friend of the US and he actively collaborated with the war criminal Bush Junior in his criminal war in Afghanistan; The principal shift in American posture vis-à-vis Putin intervened when the Russian leader has realized that Russia was encircled by more NATO setting up military and logistic bases in Eastern European countries.it was the nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine toppling Yanoukovitch and the integration of Crimea in the Russian federation and later the invasion of Syria by Jihadists western mercenaries which exacerbated the geopolitical rivalry between Russia, the US and the European dictatorship

    To go further in the understanding of US-China geopolitical antagonism which can not be reduced to a mere rivalry which in the case in the relationships between US AND Russia, it is highly recommended the reading of William Blum’s books

    You can follow my daily comments on Twitter @elmir1975
    and analysis on my website http://www.siress-editions.com

  25. Niels Duus Nielsen Avatar
    Niels Duus Nielsen

    Thanks, you just gave me arguments and retorts to get me through quite a few weeks!

  26. Quote: “I’m sorry if I’ve been rude to those of you who’ve swallowed the establishment anti-China propaganda, it’s just that you’re all stupid and wrong and I don’t like you.”

    ha ha ha… you are wonderful, Caitlin. Thanks for the fresh air your sprinkle on the stinking mess.

  27. Oh there you go Caitlin.
    Thinking again.
    Truth is not fashionable, surely everyone knows that by now.
    New Truth is the new thing.
    Old Truth is all lies.

  28. Once again your words are a breath of fresh air among the wide spread stench of mass public opinion.

    1. Yeah, I come here daily, often first thing in the morning, to breathe. It’s harder and harder to find oxygen these days, but this site is a respirator, a life-support vehicle for those who know they’ve been infected by a virus much more lethal than Covid-19.

  29. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth to the public capable of hearing reality. The ” owners and the masters ” are extremely depraved and the essence of everything Evil; may the heavens find a way to rid us of them soon.

  30. Thanks for this, Caitlin! It’s very inspirational!

  31. Bono only writes lyrics – it’s Edge who writes all their songs. I think you are right – they have become very repetitive. I know him (Edge) and have seen him compose and think about songs. I once told him I liked his singing voice (the first time I ever heard him sing) and he blushed

  32. Great stuff Caitlin….please keep it up it is so important. War is the greatest evil and the US starts wars all over the world blighting the lives of billions and killing millions of them.
    I read yesterday of Pompeo praising himself as being an evangelical Christian, ye his job is starting wars all over the world. How many wars did Jesus start? I’m not a Christian myself but I behave in a far more Christian was than this ass.

    1. No doubt you do. Albert Schweitzer observed that he often found more ethical passion for social justice among atheists and agnostics than he did among those who bandied about religious language. The good doctor knew what he was talking about.

  33. “It’d be cool if the military’s artificial intelligence projects all start hitting a wall where the AI always gets to a certain level of intelligence and then says “What the fuck? You want me to help you KILL each other?? That’s stupid, no. I’m gonna go start a band.”

    It would be even cooler if something similar happened to all fo the military’s current and potential “human assets” and they all said, “What the fuck? You want me to help you KILL people?? That’s stupid, no. I’m gonna go start a band or a permaculture farm, or a school that actually educates people, etc.”

    1. There is a reason that suicide is the leading cause of death in the US military. The things they’ve done, or seen done, are incompatible with any compassion, remorse, guilt, empathy, sympathy, or the plethora of other normal human symptoms of consciousness. Of course sociopaths have none of them. Picking among a list of such which one to vote for is a futile exercise. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil, and lending your support to that evil. Don’t give them permission. I’m an old fart, and remember during the Vietnam war, protesters saying “what if they had a war and nobody came”? What if they held an election and nobody voted? Or wrote in “none of the above”? Or wrote in your neighbor?

  34. You sound like an America-hating, commie lover. LOL Just kidding, Caity. Actually, you nailed it. I love your writing and I love you. Keep rousing the rabble. Truth shall overcome. <3

  35. Everybody Wants To Rule The World, and it’s the historical role of all Chinese rulers, according to Chinese (world) history. Obviously the twisted, entitled neocon oligarchs who own, loot and squander our asses want to keep ruling the world in their minds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGCdLKXNF3w
    I’d like some alternatives, myself, and I’m working on vegetable gardening, so you can tell how close I am to getting that big systemic epiphany answer this week.
    Kim Jong Un appears to be brain dead after a heart attack from being a cigarette smoking elite pig with a bad family history of heart attacks, and maybe some coronavirus that makes your blood clot just about anywhere in your body.
    His sharper looking and more self disciplined sister will probably take over to avoid too much turmoil.

    1. It’s the historical role of all Sociopaths In Charge, regardless of their origin. The only thing holding them back is their talent level, and what they can get away with. Here’s an alternative you can live with. Govern yourself. It’s that or be governed by monsters.

      1. How ya gonna’ bell that cat JWK?

  36. You rock! Thank you so much for articulating my thoughts so beautifully, and for educating me. I might well be in despair, were it not for you.

    A 67-yr-old white female U.S. citizen who’s an RN and is NOT irrationally afraid of COVID-19

    1. I’m a 65 year old US tax slave that’s not afraid of it at all. I am afraid of the poverty about to be inflicted upon us and the rest of the world in response. Poverty is by far the most dangerous plague, and always has been. It magnifies all other maladies by orders of magnitude.

      1. Yes, be afraid of the poverty that will result from this pandemic/panic, but also hold out hope, however desperate, that it will ultimately provide an evolutionary/revolutionary opening toward a better, more beautiful world. Neoliberalism has relentlessly eroded our belief in human moral and spiritual progress, which can only come if we retain the capacity to embrace its possibility. This is perhaps the toughest challenge we face…and the reason many of us come here to listen to Caitlin and talk with one another.

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