They sailed out centuries ago to tame the godless savages
and teach them how to die by gunfire instead of spears
like proper Christian gentlemen.

They brought cages made of plague.
They brought cages made of bullets.
They brought cages made of words,
dead words, dead men’s words.

And now the world is Civilized,
with proper Civilized chainsaws and drones
and proper Civilized doomsday weapons,
and the rainforests and our sexuality are Civilized
and dead.

And now we are all Civilized,
with hearts unable to feel
and eyes unable to see
and loins girded with chastity belts made of shame
and minds girded with chastity belts made of Hollywood.

With Instagram souls and Botox chakras
and clumsy crayon drawings of sex on Pornhub
and affordable streaming video services
that show your face getting stomped on
by any boot of your choosing.

With vision obscured by the words
of parent and preacher and teacher and news man
whose best guesses were only ever as good
as a newborn infant with psychosis and amnesia.

Do not stay here.

Do not stay in this cage.

Let your beasts uncivilize you.

Let your beasts summon great change.

Let your beasts release Pan.

Let your wolves howl asunder the lies of civilization
and the slander you’ve been fed about your own nature.

Let your raptors rip through the scales of doctrine and decency
that have been placed on your eyes by the civilizers.

Let your leviathans shape your deep waters
with their song.

Let your cicadas buzz your sex up your spine
and carry the refuse of civilization out your mouth
in a geyser of white light humility.

We are too big for cages.

We are stampedes in skin suits.

We are hurricanes with pants.

We are volcanos with vibrators.

We are a disaster waiting to happen.

A glorious,
uncivilizing disaster.

Prepare your beasts, beloved.

These bastards have no idea what’s coming.







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  • If only raw uncivilized energy would fix everything that’s broken, and give us a new and better world! But of course it won’t — probably just make a big mess. We need some other ingredients in our healing potion, and a higher power to make it all work properly together. That power is Unconditional Love.

  • Look who’s creating just as Caitlin suggests!

    The Great Realization by Tom Foolery on YouTube.

  • They began weeks ago to herd the scaredy-cats
    to teach them how to live by fear instead of honor
    like properly schooled indoctrinated slaves

    They brought cages constructed of lies
    They made cages packaged as smartphones
    They stuffed cages with their deranged superiority
    The jailers’ tools of depravity

    Now they conquer the world
    with more fear and projections and technocrats
    waiving properly Civilized doomsday weapons,
    of bullying, abusing, fake science, and shaming

    Now we are all To Be Afraid
    with our hearts emptied of courage
    and our brains unable to discern
    and our loins kept aroused by easy porn
    and minds as barren as deserts

    Emptied souls and clogged chakras
    Clumsily texting foolish chatter
    Pursuing cheap gasoline
    to fill oversized pickup trucks headed nowhere
    to no place of our real choosing

    With true destinies erased by generations
    of clueless parents teaching
    clueless children to become
    clueless parents teaching more clueless children

    Do we care to wake up?
    Do we adore our keepers too much?
    Do we passionately embrace our lies?
    Do we live to share these lies far and wide?

    Are we as a dead battery
    That no amount of recharging will awaken?
    Have they succeeded in draining
    All the life essence out of us?

    Do they define us?
    Do we define us?

    Or do we define them?

    The bastards have no idea what’s coming.
    But who will be the bastards?

  • we are *all* warriors.

  • I am an old man so I know that the propagenda of today is a great lie. We will never be able to repay the ” Russian people ” for thier sacrifices during WW II!
    What is Victory Day ?
    That does not mean that anyone should forget the meaning of 9 May and why Russians celebrate it. May 9th is Victory Day, den pobedy. On that day in 1945 Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, commander of the 1st Belorussian Front, which had stormed Berlin, received the German unconditional surrender. The Great Patriotic War had gone on for 1418 days of the most unimaginable violence, brutality and destruction. From Stalingrad and the northern Caucasus and from the northwestern outskirts of Moscow to the western frontiers of the Soviet Union to Sevastopol in the south and Leningrad and the borders with Finland, in the north, the country had been laid waste. An estimated 27 million civilians, men, women and children, had died, although no one will ever know the exact figure. Villages and towns were destroyed; families were wiped out without anyone to remember them or mourn their deaths. Some ten million Soviet soldiers perished in the struggle to expel the monstrous Nazi invader and finally to track it down in Berlin at the end of April 1945. Red Army dead were left unburied in a thousand places along the routes to the west or interred in unmarked mass graves, there having been no time for proper identification and burial. Of the male children born between 1922 and 1924 in the USSR, three out of a hundred survived the war. Most Soviet citizens lost family members. No one was left unaffected.
    Victory Day: Remembering the Great Patriotic War by Michael Jabara Carley!

  • GRRRRL! i hope yur right!
    You know who has all the N-95’s in US? 1.2 million…a friggin’ million held by TSA. discovered andthey say for when the airporst come back. huh? then we won’t ned them! such pigs.
    BUT also a much larger stash growing as i write this, is held/managed by jared Kushner and Cias, evil personifried….several million …one stash i Dallas. figgers.
    want another crime? in a time of outrageous impossible rents in california, Black Rock some under Wedgewood, INC, their subsidiary, hold over 40,000 EMPTY homes not for sale not for rent just held for playing the market.
    Steve Mnunchkin our brand shiny new Sec’y of the Treasury evicted some say (fact check this one) OVER A MILLION HOUSEHOLDS IN CA DURING THE CRQASHOF ’08 THROUGH ’12 OR SO. H3E. WAS CEO OF BANK ONE….SO YOU CAN SEE THE KLEPTOCRACY FORMING, huh.
    The latest feint–has to be–is our fleet going over to China Sea to intimidate the Chinese war machine….only someof our ships have Covid infections….this one is still secret…i.e., radio only.

  • I am writing this book for all those trapped within the world’s latest caste systems. You may be locked up or locked out of mainstream society, but you are not forgotten. To those who would rather be doing something useful with themselves. To the memories of those who died. To their families. To those who survived. To the those that suffered. To those who anguished. To those who did their best. And to those who continue asking what will come out of it all.



  • Report: ‘Lockdown’ Suicide Rise To Kill More Australians Than COVID-19


    Maybe time to expose lockdown in Australia? What gives? Why are all the lefties afraid of a virus and ready to give totalitarian control to corporate controlled governments? Are you first in line for the vaccine or something? Give all your money to Bill Gates and Big Pharma??? Lots of low cost and effective treatments for the non pandemic.


    • Don’t like Bill Gates? Help us take all his money and make him ride the bus. We also promise to ban him from all pandemic cosplay events.

  • Truth. Every. Word.

  • Lyric overkill. We are not dead yet. Are you?

  • 75 years ago, today marked the end of facism in Europe. 75 years ago today was known as V-E day, Victory in Europe day. Several days after Adolf put a bullet into his brain before the People’s Army could capture his bunker, the remnants of the German Nazi regime signed a peace treaty with the anti-fascist alliance. Hitler’s pal Mussolini, had already been dead for some time, killed by the Italian people for what fascism had done to Italy.
    Notice of course that this day goes unremarked in the NeoFascist West. The neofascist corporate news makes no mention of it. While nations like Russia still mark and honor this day with parades, the neofascist West does no such thing, and in fact engages in an annual criticism of those celebrating the end (temporary as we now sadly know) of fascist. If you live in America, your town is almost certainly not holding a parade to mark the fall of fascism in Europe. There was likely no parade planned before the Trump Plague was spread across the world by the neofascists, so its not the Plague that cancelled the parades. Nobody in the neofascist West wants to celebrate the defeat of the earlier version of fascism.
    Today is the day to remember that fascism can be defeated. The first wave of evil fascism in the world ended with Mussolini hanging naked from a meat hook and with HItler’s brains spattered on a bunker wall. It won’t be easy to defeat this modern neofascism either, but it can be done. It must be done. Any society that puts profits over people is trafficking in death, and such neofascist societies must be defeated if the people want to live.

    • Not sure where you are, White Rose, but the U.K. government stole our May Day public holiday by moving it to today and repurposing it as VE Day, thereby killing two birds with one stone – wiping out any recognition of International Labour Day, and simultaneously encouraging a jingoistic nationalism in celebration of what should be an international remembrance of the lives lost in defeat of their very own political tendency.
      Covid is preventing parades, but all across the country people have been moving chairs and tables out onto the pavement to publicly celebrate while socially distancing, and bunting and Union Flags are strewn all over the place. It disturbs me, in fact – an effectively neo-fascist government has taken ownership of a celebration that nominally commemorates a victory over fascism, in much the same way they encourage the nation to stand outside every Thursday night at 8pm and clap and cheer and bang pots and pans to celebrate our health workers – the very same health workers they still chronically under-pay and fail to provide sufficient PPE (personal protective equipment) for in the National Health Service they’ve covertly been parcelling up and selling off to the US Health “industry” for years, whilst denying they’re doing so. If we had any independent media they’d be up in arms about it, but sadly we don’t. Even the BBC, once a bastion of Truth and genuine reporting of actual news, has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the right wing of the Conservative government. So this almost fascist country IS celebrating VE Day, but no-one’s making the connection, which to me is more chilling than omitting to celebrate it.

  • “These bastards have no idea what’s coming.” Nor, to tell the truth, do WE bastards, longing for liberation from the “civilizing” gerbil wheel grinding people and planet in its frenzied spinning.

  • I believe this will continue unabated getting worse and worse until we get a worldwide mandated vaccination. It is then all hell will break lose. I for one will refuse along with many others. We will see where it goes from there.

    • Thank Gawd you won’t be taking up a space in front of me to get the vaccine when it is available. Of course, that assumes that you are not a liar.

      • Only scared people will run for a rushed through useless vaccine. By all means take mine. Fear is a terrible and effective agentvof change.

  • We reap what we sow. If one believes there is a political solution (an oxymoron if there ever was one), one will get a “civilization” that is anything but. Civilization is defined by how we treat one another, not by the dictates of psychopaths.

    • Yes

  • NOT.
    I don’t want to be ” ized”.
    Nationalized Civilized Cannibalized
    Canonized socialized individualized marginalized or Capitalized .

  • What a great bunch of stuff, look what you did, K.

    Civilization’s Doomed

    This pretty planet grows in green
    It’s the color of this scene
    Natural systems keep it clean
    It’s life we need to breathe

    4 million years of our success
    Must not have meant too much I guess
    Because 10 thousand years ago
    Civilizations began to grow

    Now that’s when Kings began to rule
    People reduced to a tool
    To rape and pillage nature’s jewel
    It’s the history of denial

    I guess that’s why some don’t see
    Planet Earth’s reality
    Compliant to authority
    And schooled to stay in line

    Civilization’s doomed
    Half the planet’s been consumed
    Tribal ways will be resumed
    Because civilization’s doomed

    Archaeologists surmise
    On the Great Empire demise
    Read those Hieroglyphic lies
    But the people did survive

    Utopian philosophy
    Don’t let people be too free
    Eliminate diversity
    It’s spirit that they mine

    Civilization’s doomed
    Half the planet’s been consumed
    Tribal ways will be resumed
    Because civilization’s doomed

    The problem for the majority
    Is this rich minority
    Who control the economy
    They see no other way

    While some insist we play the game
    Even while their candidates are lame
    Talk like we know where it’s at
    And then go vote Republicrat

    Civilization’s doomed
    Half the planet’s been consumed
    Tribal ways will be resumed
    Because civilization’s doomed

    • Howey
      What civilization???
      Don’t be a Doomporner:(
      Smile and know you are not what your ego mind thinks you.
      Stop consuming falsity and lies and believing in them.

  • Here is a article about covid 19 that will make you think twice about the Narative we are being fed(from a Stanford professor)

    • COVID never was, its just operation COVID19.
      Don’t be a believer in the false with all the fearmongering.

    • Thanks for linking to another non-polarized view of the pandemic, somewhat similar to that of Dr. John Ioannidis and others. It’s both disturbing and predictable that those scientists (no matter how previously well-regarded) who diverge from the official script of the “monster movie” being shown to us 24/7, are quickly disparaged as right wing tools.

      • Sort of like climate change skeptics.


  • Nice one, very fierce. It reminds me of one of my favorite 80’s songs, which more and more plays in the back of my mind as time goes by. I hope it comes, it comes, it comes, it comes around:

    Driven Out by The Fixx

    Driven out by thieves,
    I watch them pillage the planet
    fueled by a fattening greed,
    trees fall to the hatchet
    we’re chopping against the grain,
    our spirits in a vacuum
    sadly ignore the pain,
    the end arrives, we all lose

    I hope it comes
    it comes
    it comes
    it comes around

    Driven out
    holding out
    day by day survival
    Castaways have silent lives
    with the strength to rival you

    Now I’m driving in my car
    I used to be able to walk this far
    now I turn on the light.
    I used to be able to sleep at night
    I’m cooking with microwaves
    to warm up food that’s not seen the soil
    plugged into my TV
    I’m used to the lies they’re telling me

    I hope it comes
    it comes
    it comes
    it comes around

    driven out…

    Now I’m hoping that we’ll find,
    more to life than meets the eye
    can we escape the grind,
    build a life that’s more worthwhile
    be rid of this empty pride,
    full of selfishness inside
    bathe in a turning tide,
    until then we all hide

    I hope it comes
    it comes
    it comes
    it comes around

    driven out…

    • A nice Doom Tune. Thanks. I put it in my Doom Tune Jukebox at my website.

  • (Sung to “When you wish upon a star” melody)
    When you wish upon a Vaccine
    No request or sacrifice, is too extreme
    When Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have a wet dream
    it’s not about women.
    Gates’ and Fauci’s wet dreams are about injecting you
    with a GMO, RNA vaccine out of their asses they blew.
    And if you take their vaccine
    then have a kid or two
    they won’t look, like, you!

  • This article is not a part of the ” brainwashing ” administered every day by the MSM: The perspective is quite different. Please take a look for yourself:
    Coronavirus knocks at the United States door
    In mid-March, the coronavirus knocked heavily on the United States door and from the wealthiest country in the world, whose president boasts with the best institutions and whose government enjoys giving lessons to other countries, it was expected that pandemic would be a piece of cake.
    But what do we see, and what is the difference between the United States and Iran?
    Anti-Iranian Boomerang Policies: How America Celebrated the Pandemic and Incited the Oil Crisis, and Got Stuck by Both by Ivan KESIĆ!

    • yeegads Ron you sound a bit like gordon Campbell
      NWo shill extrawdenear.
      Brainwashing laundry mat.
      There is no “new deadly disease” called COVID you’ve been had.
      Pawpaws test positive in the CDC PCR tests paid for with foreign aid .
      Looks like the CDC are m banking on this fake pandemic based on a computer model that was … A LIE.

  • People think that I have come to throw peace upon the world?
    They do not know that I have come to disrupt the deep divisions upon the earth?
    You fight always with others, this is just a trick that you use to avoid your own inner war.
    You are not at ease with yourself.
    So either you suffer this unease and make yourself ill, or you project it on somebody else.
    And the outer war continues.
    An inner transformation is needed, an inner alchemy is needed.
    But until you have become enlightened, your illusions are needed to live in this false and tragic world created by unconscious minds.
    And see, you have become almost centered in your illusions, but this false center is only your ego, it is only your imaginary deluded self.
    If these illusions can give you so much energy to fight, can you conceive how much energy will be released when the truth is realized.
    But that happens only when the truth is realized!
    Only when you are really centered beyond mind, which is your true self.
    For only when you have fought the war within and have become victorious, then the war without will cease.
    That is the only way.
    Only the person who has realized themself has no inner conflict.
    Their war has ceased.
    In life there are no shortcuts, only illusions are shortcuts.
    But mind always tries to find a shortcut.
    You fight with others because this is an easy way.
    You think you are good, the other is bad, and the fight is outward.
    If you really begin to look at yourself, then the fight becomes inward.
    And then an inner fight, an inner war starts.
    If there is inner conflict, then all your energies are involved, your total being is in turmoil.
    Chaos is created and out of that chaos a new being is born.
    Any new birth needs chaos.
    Remember, this whole universe is born out of chaos.
    Before you are really born chaos will be needed.
    And you have to pass through the chaos, because as you are with mind, you are absolutely wrong.
    In this state if somebody consoles you they are your enemy.
    With them you will lose time, life, energy, and in the end consolations won’t help.
    When death comes all consolations will evaporate.
    As you are you cannot get true peace.
    And if somebody tries to gives you a false peace from mind, that will be death to you.
    As you are, if you think that you have become peaceful, what will that mean?
    That will mean the struggle has ceased before you have attained anything.
    As you are, if somebody makes you silent, what will that mean?
    You won’t have achieved true self, and you will be consoled by your situation.
    I cannot give you a false peace.
    I will give you growth from chaos, and out of that growth some day you will flower.
    And that flowering will be the true peace, the true silence.
    This is one of the greatest techniques that has been used through the centuries.
    If there is inner conflict, only after fully passing through this fire, do you then become integrated, awakened and intelligent.

    • I’m not fighting a war within myself.
      I’m a civilized civilian, sir.
      Who you, sayin’ how I can “become integrated, awakened and intelligent”?

      • Lying dead on the battle field he says.

      • Just look around, look at people’s behavior and you will be surprised.
        This idea that we have become civilized is very dangerous.
        It is preventing us from being civilized, because once you accept that you are civilized there is no need to work for civilization.
        Once you accept you are healthy, there is no need to remove any sickness that you may be suffering from.
        The first thing to be recognized is that you are sick!
        Then only can something be done for your health.
        But if you deny sickness, which has been done for centuries by your so-called politicians.
        They deny that we are uncivilized people, they say we are civilized people.
        And this camouflage prevents us from being civilized.
        We have completely accepted the idea and forgotten that we have to see whether it is true or not.
        It is certainly not true.
        Unless each man comes to the consciousness of a Gautam Buddha, there is no question of civilization.
        Civilization has not happened yet!
        Yet you say ‘ I’m a civilized civilian, sir’ really?
        It is a false idea that we are civilized people.
        Are civilized people continuously preparing for war?
        In a civilized humanity a few things are absolutely necessary.
        There should be no possibility of war because it is life-destructive.
        And a civilized humanity will have the sensitivity not to destroy life in any form.
        Tell me, what is the need of so many laws, if humanity is civilized?
        What is the need of so many courts, jails, so many legal advisers, if humanity is civilized?
        But we keep this whole paraphernalia of courts, laws, constitutions, legal experts, for whom?
        Something is basically wrong, something is missing.
        What is missing?
        Perhaps you can enlighten the people John Day?
        Do you call this an intelligent world, a civilized world, a cultured world?
        This world is not yet civilized.
        It needs civilization, certainly.
        But up to now no effort has been made to civilize it.
        The only people who have been civilized were people who were in touch with their own being.
        Only individuals once in a while have been found civilized, but the collective mass is still far below the standard of civilization.
        So our civilization remains only a mask!
        A civilization can only exist if it is based on meditation.
        Only meditation can make humanity civilized, because meditation will release your creativity and take away your destructiveness.
        Meditation will bring your compassion and will take away your cruelty.
        Meditation will make you responsible to your own being and then you cannot be a criminal.
        We have to create that revolt around the world.
        It is not against anybody, it is against your own false ideas, your false personality, your masks.
        You have to discover your original face, you have to discover your authenticity.
        Otherwise you just remain a poseur Johnny boy!

  • http://nietzsche.holtof.com/reader/friedrich-nietzsche/daybreak/aphorism-206-quote_c431e9fbb.html

    Caitlin, I share your feelings so well expressed…the deep desire to destroy the beast. But then I ask: What then, if it is indeed destroyed by the stampede of our humanity? Do we have a common, shared and clear vision and plan of where we want to be next? The sage Yogi (Berra) said: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

    More importantly, what about the beast that lives within each of us, the one that enables the larger beast to be, the one guilty of the “folly of nations” that Nietzsche identified? To bring down the system and to replace it with a society and economic way of life that’s sustainable in harmony with the earth, our own natures, our fellow humans and other living things means we start by changing our own lifestyles and taming our inner beasts. There’s no longer any place left on this earth like N described and so…Simplification of your desires, stopping your own pursuit of the current (and perennial) “folly of nations”, trying to adjust all aspects of your life to the way you think is right, reducing your contribution to and reliance on the beast are the only ways. Therein lies the revolution and resistance that might work, but it’s a path that requires time and persistence…long-term weakening of the beast and transformation/rebalancing of our priorities from materialistic to spiritual. The path of destroying the beast will only lead to the next beast or to the strengthening of the current one. The only true hope is that beast will either destroy itself with help from our weakening of it, or it will transform into something not so beastly.

    • There has always been truth in the counsel that in order to change the world, you must first change yourself. But I think you would agree that inner work must never become an all-encompassing goal that displaces outer work. To put it in the terms attributed to Jesus, the Kingdom of God comes into our hearts to enable us to work to bring it on earth. IMHO, the seeker of personal salvation alone is just another capitalist consumer, albeit of an experience instead of an object.

  • The machine breaks. Good Job!

  • Your poetry always comes to my inbox when I’m crying my eyes out in rage and frustration… and, like the rain, it brings the clarity I called out to the Universe for. The beasts are out. The monster is free.

  • This is awesome!

    • Oh yes, yes, that’s it ! Awesome !

  • Oh ho, that last line!

  • fucking brilliant Caitlin!

  • Wow, that must have felt good!

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