Yeah I’m a hopeless romantic, a real sappy guy,
got my heart on my sleeve and a tear in my eye
Gonna sing you a song ’bout how ya make me feel
cuz if you ain’t bein’ honest you ain’t keepin’ it real

Ooh girl, you look so fine
you make me wanna sniff your hair from behind
Gonna lay it all out girl, ain’t no use hidin’
You make me wanna sniff ya like I’m Joe Biden

Yeah I’m singin’ out loud cuz baby I can’t sleep
and you make me wanna grab ya like a handsy veep
I need ya like the rivers need the drops of rain
I need ya like Biden needs a brand new brain
Lemme whisper sweet nothings in your sexy ear
Things you never asked for and you don’t wanna hear
If love is a horse then giddy-up I’m ridin’
Gonna perv on ya hardcore like I’m Joe Biden

Ooh baby girl, you gone and blown my mind
like a candidate with cognitive decline
Now I can’t even think and I can barely talk
and I can’t drive a car, and I can’t draw a clock

Girl there’s nothin’ in the world I wouldn’t do for you,
Invade Iraq or write the Patriot Act for you
Go on a live debate and take a dump for you,
ensure the re-election of Trump for you

Yeah I’m singin’ out loud cuz baby I can’t sleep
and you make me wanna grab ya like a handsy veep
I need ya like the rivers need the drops of rain
I need ya like Biden needs a brand new brain
Lemme whisper sweet nothings in your sexy ear
Things you never asked for and you don’t wanna hear
If love is a horse then giddy-up I’m ridin’
Gonna perv on ya hardcore like I’m Joe Biden
Gonna perv on ya hardcore like I’m Joe Biden






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31 responses to “A Love Song”

  1. Caitlin, dear. I have loved your articles for many years now – passed them on for analysis by my students and friends, etc., but I just cannot support your participation on obnoxious, lying, unscrupulous social networking propaganda echo chambers.

    There are alternatives. Yes, I know your livelihood depends on some of these bastards but damn it, you are supporting them – and I don’t. It can be a hardship as I have come to know personally, but f*&^k their eyes and lying mouths, I CANNOT in good faith support.

    Adieu. I hope it is temporary until we “meet” again.

    BTW – all of my closest friends and besties are “on top of the world!”

    1. What you’re saying is thank you Caitlin for being a champion of truth but I reached the limit of the truth I can swallow.

  2. This is extremely rude. I love it.

  3. The man is brain be dead, give him a break. Ask instead who the puppeteer is. Trump’s great; why would we ever want more? I used to think that people were pretty great, but in my state a billionaire who never paid income tax in his 70 year adult life is now governor.

  4. The crooks, creeps, liars and perverts who occupy all the top positions in officialdom and the deep state are psychopaths and so-called “democracy” is mere political theatre. Nothing good and permanent will come from voting. History proves over and over again that only effective revolutionary action will end tyranny and only Yeshua’s revolutionary strategy and tactics will succeed in the end. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here:

  5. Damn, that’s about right.
    One of the most important things that we can do, is to bring these evils into the light, so that we can face them and eliminate them. Doing so is very much within our power. I am not just saying so because I think it sounds cool. I am saying so because that is true.

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    Those who lust for power – including most all of those who have sat in the Big Chair – bring that lifetime of insatiable lust for conquest into their pursuit of fleshy pleasures of various kinds.

    Some of the fatherly-types who have sat there have been fairly discreet about that. At least as far as the public believes. The old legacy press used to keep that kind of thing hushed up well.

    Others… like back in Camelot Days, and those who might speak with a Texas or Arkansas drawl… were much less discreet about their activities. Weeee!

    One guy was super paranoid and that took his mind somewhat away from the usual pursuits of pleasure. Another guy was just a place-holder and didn’t stay in The Chair too long.

    There was one guy who sometimes spoke like a Georgia preacher. But he didn’t play ball with the Right Folks enough and so they laughed at him and drove him out of office. Treated him like peanuts.

    One was a West Coast grandfather-type who made a living mouthing the words of others and trying to look sincere while playing a role as somebody else and he did the same things while sitting in the Big Chair.

    Some of these guys who lust for power and fleshy pleasures make it all the way to the Big Chair. Others get caught with their pants down – so to speak – before they get to sit there. Either way, the end result is the same. Let those who are sinless cast the first stone!

    What are we electing? A pope? A saint? No, those jobs are already filled. We cast our assent to one of two versions of the same critter. A critter who lusts for power who brings a lifetime of insatiable desire for conquest to the Big Chair.

    No social distancing allowed or needed for some jobs! Weeee!

  7. Facing reality means facing reality. Many years ago I posted this very crude prose on my blog:
    Right Is Always Right And Wrong Is Always Wrong!!
    There Are Never Any Moral Exceptions!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not genders!!
    Right and Wrong are not religions!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not hair colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not money, nor the lack of it!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not north nor south!!
    Right and Wrong are not east nor west!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not tall or short!!
    Right and Wrong are not fat or skinny!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not political parties!!
    Right and Wrong are not dreams or fantasies!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not surnames!!
    Right and Wrong are not spoken or written languages!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not how old you are!!
    Right and Wrong are not how young you are!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not points on a scoreboard!!
    Right and Wrong are not sex acts!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Right and Wrong are not the newest car!!
    Right and Wrong are not the newest electronic gadget!!
    Right and Wrong are not skin colors!!
    Twisting Facts; Bending The Rules; Friends Or Relatives;
    Nothing Changes Wrong Into Right, Ever!!
    Human beings have abused other human beings throughout the entire history of humanity. Some of us are acute abusers and some are not; extremely few of us have never done anything wrong
    to someone else our whole lives. Human beings are full of bad traits and evilness; it may take a lifetime of constantly correcting yourself to get rid of them. Perfection is something none of us have.

  8. Omg, lol and also eww… but also lol, and then ewww some more.

  9. Biden for President…OF HELL!

  10. Laurie Dobson Avatar
    Laurie Dobson

    Some real resistance and excuses and denial from the commenters. Wow. Guess it depends on your perspective. Me, I have had this happen and though our stories are all different, the male entitlement bleeds the same in every single one. Or the female variety of enabling the creep, which is harder to bear and is the deeper betrayal. Keep the fires lit, Caitlin!

  11. Seems like only the pervs survive….trump, clinton…* except jeffrey Epstein…what up wit dat?

    *Strom Thurmond comes to mind: he had a black mistress, mother of their child he supported, but would not let them vote.

  12. Laurie Dobson Avatar
    Laurie Dobson

    Thank you seems too mild a thing to say for the gratitude I feel, for you, that you are out there making this clear. Love how it grabs and twists the satirical shiv.

  13. Hahaha, great lyrics in search of a tune!

  14. Kim M. Brantley Avatar
    Kim M. Brantley


  15. Ah, those raging male hormones that make you an asshole and manipulate you your whole life are surely a curse that you never really see until you get past middle age. Some males never leave their teenage hormones behind and have no control at all over them. It is the curse of mother nature that blinds every males reasoning ability. Mr. Joe Biden is just one example of male overreach of the ” ownership syndrome “. He saw it so it belongs to him. Donald Trump and a lot of others have the very same problem; some males never get over or past it their whole lives!

  16. Stephan Borau Avatar
    Stephan Borau

    It’s a brilliant little song. You are a wunderbar, creative, lucid writer.

  17. Michael Harrison Avatar
    Michael Harrison

    While I have found much to agree with in your past writing, I think your history and bias have caused you to go all in on a rather questionable 27 year old story. You seem to be using narrative (poetry?) in place of critical examination. I can’t say I find the woman credible.

    1. Nothing here has anything to do with Reade; his creepy handsiness has been well known for many years. I don’t write about Reade anymore because I’m a rape survivor and can’t really handle the way Biden defenders are so unbelievably disgusting and obnoxious in the way they talk about her.

    2. Stephan Borau Avatar
      Stephan Borau

      Probably her history and bias make her much more aware of how these kinds of situations actually happen. I’m all in on this as are several other people who have established platforms (Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, Aaron Mate, etc).

      Not sure you understand narrative/poetry. Don’t you think Bob Dylan made a lot of critical examinations through his songs? You don’t use poetry to do the critical examination, but you express the process and outcomes of critical examinations through narrative.

        1. Way to go after a rape victim. You won’t think it’s so funny when it happens to you.

          1. Michael Harrison Avatar
            Michael Harrison

            My bad, I should have been more verbose in my first comment. First, I wouldn’t vote for Biden, he is not robust enough for office, and arguably has a touchy/feely problem. That said, if Tara Reade is the standard bearer, and she should later be discredited, that might suggest that Biden be exonerated of all charges of a similar ilk….and that one should therefore vote for him….(ie his current statement that “if you think he did it don’t vote for him” is a setup, just waiting to be spiked)

            And that may be in the cards…the Politico link below paints a troubling picture, and includes the following statement from Kelly Klett, an attorney and domestic violence victims’ advocate, who rented Reade a room in her home in 2018:
            “I support women who have been assaulted. Unfortunately, I cannot support Tara Reade,” she said. “When she first contacted me regarding this issue, she could not provide enough credible information. And since that time the story has evolved in the media. I question her motives.”


    3. Do a web search on “Biden fondling little girls” — without the quotes. It’s well-known; he has done it for decades. The girls either freeze or lean away. One girl called out “Dad … dad.” In another case, the girl’s grandfather swatted Biden’s hand away and stood between Biden and the girl. I’ve seen the videos for years; sometimes he reaches around to feel the girl’s budding breasts. Often he sniffs and nuzzles their hair. I am surprised that you’ve never heard of this.

      1. The cup of iniquity is almost full and the Lord Jesus will come to rule with a rod of iron against the unspeakable things done to children and adults and all of His creation. This is the Blessed Hope, all who believe in it are purified. Read the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation and see if you don’t recognize The Signs of the Times Jesus said to look for in Matthew 24.

      2. You are right, the series of clips all over You Tube of what Caitlin calls handsy Joe In action do not lie. They turn my stomach. That this is what we are handed (yes, pun) by the DNC as a candidate is unconscionable. The servile reasonableness of those who go along and defend him is pathetic. They are handing the election to Trump and, sadly, they’ll deserve the results. We need a real candidate, and soon. We don’t have to settle for demented Creepy Joe but it’s got to be made clear Now that we won’t. When he self-destructs into blithering idiocy just before the election It will be too late.

    4. Shame on you Michael H. She’s completely credible and anyone not ruled by contemptible partisanship can see it. Clearly. Not voting for that creep, who is by the way, not only repulsive, but wholly unfit with his dementia on full display.

  18. Likely to be a song in the near future. Rap or Rock w an edge. I’m beyond party politics but people need to know the info/ impact of this perspective.

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