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Friendly Reminder That This Photo Happened, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Just a friendly reminder that this photo happened. For the record this is the only image anyone should ever use when sharing any information having to do with Jeff Bezos; I don’t care if it’s about Whole Foods stocks or a new series on Amazon Prime.


I feel like we don’t talk enough about how there are flying death robots constantly dropping explosives on civilians from the sky but all the news is about Trump tweeting mean things about Obama.

I also feel like if there were flying death robots constantly dropping explosives on American civilians from the sky, the news would not be about Trump tweeting mean things about Obama.


Watching liberals trying to feign enthusiasm about Biden is like watching a gay Republican trying to get an erection for his wife.

“Ooh yeah, I’m totally into this! This is so hot to me, yeah!”


It will never stop being fall-to-the-floor laughcry hilarious that the US has an evil idiot president who can’t form a coherent sentence and exacerbated a deadly pandemic, and the only answer has been a fake Russia scandal, a fake impeachment, and a candidate with holes in his brain.


I used to say capitalism is making us all crazy and driving us to extinction, but then some smart person on the internet totally owned me by saying I should move to Venezuela.

Touché my clever fellow. Touché.


People who are still wearing war propaganda goggles are often shocked that I am fine with saying things that are offensive to US military members. This is because I don’t see them as some magical class of special people. When you take off those goggles, you won’t either.

They’re just people with jobs. Of course they’re not the ones primarily responsible for starting wars, but they absolutely do facilitate the imperialist agendas of an insatiable war machine. They’re not “heroes”, they’re not defending anyone’s freedom, and their employer is evil. The only purpose all that “blah blah our brave men and women in uniform” bullshit serves is ensuring that there will always be more young bodies to throw into the gears of the war machine. It’s a toxic viewpoint which serves no one but powerful sociopaths.


People often argue against my criticisms of US warmongering by citing World War 2, blissfully unaware that having to reach all the way back to the cusp of living memory to find an example of a US war that could arguably be justified proves my position right and theirs wrong.


“You shouldn’t knock QAnon people, Caitlin, we want the same things and we’re on the same team. Now do as the 8chan anon says and place blind faith in the president of the United States.”


QAnon people would be way less annoying if they weren’t all also suffering from the delusion that they are well-informed.


Money is power. Power is relative. Sociopaths seek money to obtain wealth/power and are incentivized to bring down the relative wealth/power of everyone else. This is why the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” doesn’t work in real life; someone’s drilling holes in all the other boats.

In a system of capitalism/competition, sociopaths always win, since they’re the ones who are willing to do anything to get ahead (a problem made worse by the fact that wealth kills empathy). Once they’re ahead they’re motivated to keep everyone else down. The narrative that competition and the rat race uplifts everyone is necessarily false, because the rats who climb to the top of the rope have every incentive to cut it behind them. Everything they value is offered as an incentive to keep everyone else from succeeding.

Capitalists argue the real problem is too much government, which plutocrats can manipulate to gain more power. But even if we eliminated government altogether and went full ancap, wealth would still give you a huge power edge and power would still be relative, maintaining this same dynamic. A very wealthy person will necessarily have more power than someone with very little wealth, regardless of how much government you have.

It’s impossible to design a system where one can obtain way more wealth than anyone else and not be incentivized to, and capable of, sabotaging everyone behind them to expand their own relative power. Some sort of collaborative model is the only way our species survives.


Space colonization will never happen and can never happen. People mistakenly believe it’s possible for the same reason we’re killing our environment: we egotistically imagine that we are separable from the ecosystemic context in which we evolved.

The closest we’ve ever come to space colonization is glorified scuba expeditions, where supplies are brought in from our native environment. And this is as close as we’ll get (with perhaps some relative advancement), because the human organism will never be a separate entity. The closest we’ll ever come is extending our ecosystem a bit beyond its natural boundaries by carrying finite parts of it out with us.

Space colonization isn’t impossible due to some limitation on the potential of technological innovation, but because of a fundamental misunderstanding of what the human organism is and its relationship to its ecosystem. People believe space colonization is possible because they believe, erroneously, that we’re separate from earth in some way.

We’re not separate from the planet, and we never will be. We’re connected to the ecosystemic context in which we evolved in innumerable highly complex ways. You have an entire ecosystem in your guts with its own relationship with the outer ecosystem, to name one of many possible examples.

Believing you can use technology to extract a human organism and send it to a separate space colony with its own artificial ecosystem is like believing you can extract a ripple from the pond in which it’s appearing, or believing technology will someday enable your shadow to run around separately from your body. We are just not nearly as separate and separable as conventional minds imagine.

The unspoken assumption behind the infinite growth required by capitalism is that we can expand into space and explore the stars, and we just can’t. That’s a delusion arising from a fundamental misperception of what a human organism is. We’re destroying our home like idiots while looking to space for salvation, and we simply will never live there.


Another dumb thing rich people talk about is uploading our minds onto computers to obtain immortality and survive an apocalyptic world. Science doesn’t even know what consciousness is or how it works, but they imagine they can put theirs into a machine somehow.


Believing people can learn to self-govern in healthy collaboration with each other and with their ecosystem is infinitely more sane and rational than believing the world’s problems will be solved by greedy tech oligarchs.



The ego says “You can’t dispense with me; I am you, I am your true nature, without me you will fail.”

Capitalism says “You can’t dispense with me; I am you, I am your true nature, without me you will fail.”

Both are liars.

Both are impostors.

Both are sickness posing as health.


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  • “People often argue against my criticisms of US warmongering by citing World War 2…”
    People don’t know the real history of WW2, as that narrative has been carefully controlled for over 75 years. It is an outrage what we have been taught to believe, because it is the total opposite of the true reality. Nazis weren’t the bad guys, the Allies weren’t the good guys, Pearl Harbor was “prepared” by FDR, no one was gassed in German labor camps, Churchill and FDR conspired to use biological weapons on German civilians (a blatant war crime), the Nuremberg Tribunal was totally rigged, and on and on it goes. It’s sickening how badly we are fooled even at this late date.

  • I agree with your general sentiment about the “hero” appellation given to those in the military, but: those of us on the left need people trained in violence to balance the many on the right, and the military is the best place to learn that.

    • The trouble is Peter, the military is indoctrinated in right wing thinking. I served in the RN for over 20 years and most of my former colleagues think I’m quite weird and out of step with my left wing views.

  • “Another dumb thing rich people talk about is uploading our minds onto computers to obtain immortality and survive an apocalyptic world. Science doesn’t even know what consciousness is or how it works, but they imagine they can put theirs into a machine somehow.”

    Yeah, and it assumes that the physical thing which supports the process of mind is the brain only, rather than the entire body as in The Embodied Mind.

  • It amazes me that so many on the Left uncritically accept the “good war” myth of WWII. Historian Murray Rothbard succinctly described it this way, “Our entry into World War II was the crucial act in foisting a permanent militarization upon the economy and society, in bringing to the country a permanent garrison state, an overweening military-industrial complex, a permanent system of conscription. It was the crucial act in expanding the United States from a republic into an Empire, and in spreading that Empire throughout the world, replacing the sagging British Empire in the process. It was the crucial act in creating a Mixed Economy run by Big Government, a system of State-Monopoly-Capitalism run by the central government in collaboration with Big Business and Big Unionism. It was the crucial act in elevating Presidential power, particularly in foreign affairs, to the role of single most despotic person in the history of the world. And, finally, World War II is the last war-myth left, the myth that the Old Left clings to in pure desperation: the myth that here, at least, was a good war, here was a war in which America was in the right. World War II is the war thrown into our faces by the war-making Establishment, as it tries, in each war that we face, to wrap itself in the mantle of good and righteous World War II.”

    • Name the C A B A L , which
      can traced to before the
      rise and fall of the Sumerian


    • Very well said.

    • @HistorIcvs – I was born in 1950 in the America South apartheid so my first decade was filled with the sentiment Rothbard described and being one of the few Jews in a small town it made it okay to like us since we were finally the victims and not “Christ killers”. And the other still alive rallying point was the Rebel flag. Strange world to be born into I’d say.

      I’m reading this wonderful book JFK and the Unspeakable – Why he died and why it matters. Kennedy was the last great leader who was also a decorated war hero and author with a super high IQ. And he went through a major transformation after befriending Harvard professor Timothy Leary. I don’t need to say any more. As someone who also wanted to see the world turn to peace I leave you with this Prophetic song by Jackson Browne – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfF0x8e38Kg&feature=share

  • I long ago got tired of explaining this, and so rarely do of late. All economies are capitalist. The differences lie in who controls the capital. Those who create it, or those who steel it. All governments belong to the “stole it” category, and use a variety of methods to steal it. The differences in economy range from totally free enterprise, to government confiscating all wealth and distributing it as the current gang of Psychopaths In Charge see fit (socialism). The free kind does not guarantee every single one of us does well, but does allow real charity to help compensate. The government kind guarantees only that the current Psychopaths In Charge do well, with the welfare of all others subordinate, and dependent on your value to the Psychopaths In Charge. With wealth among them reduced by theft, there is less real charity possible (steeling from one party to give to another is not charity). The smaller the political unit, the less thievery, since one can vote with their feet. The centralized political unit leaves one with little to no such vote.

    Please explain to yourself how going to the polls and selecting which masters to put in charge of the government that is going to confiscate some or all of your wealth and distribute it as they see fit is different from slavery. Please, don’t pretend that you actually have a choice of masters, and the slave does not.

    And don’t put forth the proposition that without government we would be subject to tyranny by war lords, since that is exactly what governments are. Without government, people could voluntarily agree to cooperate in defense from warlords. Voluntarily, as in without having a gun put to their heads.

    We can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters.

    • Yeah, “real charity” is great. As long as you aren’t the one on the verge of eviction with no food in the refrigerator. Just get in line and hope they don’t run out before you get to the front.
      Charity though, it makes the well off feel so good about themselves.

  • Both are false.
    Both are just beliefs,
    Both are just concepts.
    We have Banksterism not capitalism as the private money men control your govt.
    It is an economic monopoly of which your govt is a part of thus its called Banksterism.
    John Key was a bankster , Jacinda is a bankster and so on.

  • .

    Speaking of Venezuela and halfwitted trolling, their economy is approximately 70% free market capitalism, which goes a long way towards explaining hoarding, price-gouging, and the inability to find some necessities.

    Chavez’s biggest mistake was probably leaving so much in the hands of a few rich families. A bit like the New Deal coalition’s error in leaving so much of capitalism intact: As long as you permit great concentrations of private wealth, everyday people will always be fighting off their back foot.

  • The fantasy of living another place in the universe is a dangerous illusion thoroughly promoted to the ignorant by Hollywood. This allows the eradication of the place we do live as an expendable set of resources from which it’s creatures are separate. Consciousness is universal. There is no second consciousness. Your interpreting mechanism is separate. It is the erroneous belief in core separation that makes sensible all these illusions and delusions.

  • Tastes Like CHICKEN!


  • Pretty sure her blog is not about complaining a lot. Caitlin is expressing truths, some quite brilliant. I see that you are complaining that no one is telling you what you should do.

  • “I also feel like if there were flying death robots constantly dropping explosives on American civilians from the sky, the news would not be about Trump tweeting mean things about Obama.”

    I don’t know about that. I think it would depend on where the flying death robots were from and which American civilians they were constantly dropping explosives on.

  • Don’t blame the capitalism nor socialism for the problems we see in society. Blame smart, greedy, crony, lying psychopaths at the top of the pile who operate and exploit the system, either capitalism or socialism. People are the problem, not the system. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  • The Communist “Socialism” a desire of the NWO is going to be bad for your health.
    C’s Really plugging away with the mainstream memes.

    • I spent some time in Yugoslavia. The people were healthy, educated and cultured.

      • The people were unhappy, alcoholic, indoctrinated and educated .

        • What I saw was very different than what you imagine.

      • And a great many of them were exterminated, by forces within and without. Yugoslavia, like most middle eastern nations still are, was a fabricated nation, put together by force through the efforts of a monster, and very short lived.

        • Sounds more like America than Yugoslavia.

  • As we have never had what is defined as Capitalism we have Banksterism, its when the private money lenders loan & Own your govt .
    Don’t fall into all the same mainstream memes its done to death.

  • Howard Zinn wrote a book with the title “You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train.”
    Of course, what that means is if the train is going to a destination, being neutral means you go there as well. When the destination is war, you may not like it there.
    Except, you can be neutral on a moving train. I suppose its my engineer training, but it seems quite obvious.

    The way to be neutral on a moving train is to pull the emergency stop cord and to force the damn train to stop.

    You can be neutral on a moving train, but it takes performing an action that will likely upset the other passengers. This action will ultimately save a lot of lives. People who find themselves on a train that is suddenly stopped just short of a cliff will initially be upset at the jerk who pulled the emergency stop cord. But, eventually, they’ll be glad he did.

    • Well said Mike, but can you be more specific about how we pull the emergency stop? Caitlin’s blog is for people who complain a lot and eloquently so but what actions should we do?

      • It’s been pulled, TANLAR. That’s where we are right now, sitting stone dead on the tracks in a freight train that been hurtling toward a chasm without a bridge. What we are to do now is a hell of good question, but perhaps we should begin by being thankful that the nightmare ride has abruptly brought to a stop.

        • Right On!
          Start some projects, like a vegetable garden and fruit trees.

      • Join forces. Where you at? Become economically literate. Lefties love to parrot neoliberal talking points. You don’t know what to do because you never learned how to solve the problem because you’re conditioned by Mikton Friedman austerity economics, the very basis of neoliberalism. #LearnMMT and see how quickly the cobwebs fall off.

        • MMT is THE issue of our time, because it is only fiat money (used so far only to expand the privileges of the rich and to fund endless imperial war), which also gives us–the masses, “the people”—both the capacity and the agency to reverse course and begin to heal people and planet. My hope is that the severe and lasting socioeconomic repercussions of this pandemic/panic will be sufficient to permanently stop the neoliberal gerbil wheel we’ve been mindlessly, frantically spinning. Only then will we be able to accept not only the accuracy of the MMT lens but also the necessity to see things through it for the sake of our survival.

  • The Roman Polanski film J’Accuse appears to be worth watching. I just began it, and I’m hooked.
    It is the tale of a 19th century French officer who was sent to Devil’s Island after having any rights or fair trial denied on reasons of “national security”. The command wanted him where he could talk to no one. The charge was “Treason”, and the fact that the officer was Jewish made it go down easier with the French conservatives who would later happily accept HItler as their ruler.
    The film has been banned in the USA.
    We are told that this has nothing to do with America being uncomfortable about a scandal where a person is denied rights and thrown into the worst prison for terrorists available. Nope, that wouldn’t strike any nerves among America’s ruling elites. They never do anything like that to anyone named Julian Assange. Nope, we are told that the reason we can not see what appears to be an excellent film about an important story is because of the “Me Too” movement and people being upset about sex charges against the director many, many decades ago. Just like we are told that Assange must be in the modern Devil’s Island because someone cried rape and of course must be believed. Oh, wait, that’s not the current excuse for his imprisonment, so strike that last part. Nope, Assange is a traitor just like Dreyfus was a traitor.
    J’Accuse is the headline in the French press when the story finally broke. It of course means “I accuse”, IIRC.
    I like that. We need more of that.
    J’Accuse Except, now, its Julian that needs to be heard.

    • Re: Jules
      Indeed good sir, “We need more of that.” And, we need far less false equivocation, narratives pretending to oppose narratives, serial indignation founded upon fringe ideological group-think, and the intellectually lazy grouping of all successful people under the false-flag of destructive and greedy capitalism.
      And another observation: Why are so many pretending to “Reply” to your excellent comment, while not honestly having anything to say in response?
      As Usual,

  • “Money is power. Power is relative. Sociopaths seek money to obtain wealth/power and are incentivized to bring down the relative wealth/power of everyone else…”

    Money is a commodity whose “function” is to measure the relative scarcity of every other commodity. With abundance money loses its power. Not only are rich sociopaths acting to keep us all poor so they can have power relative to us, they’re acting to maintain scarcity in our collective economic life to keep capitalism as a system in place. Without their efforts abundance would break out, an extinction level event for their system rooted in scarcity.

  • I agree that non-sociopathic people can learn to self-govern in healthy, collaboration ways
    – with each other and with our ecosystem.
    So now the QUESTION IS:
    How do non-sociopathic people get rid of all the greedy oligarchs – who use their big money to control governments – in order to keep the proletariat in the capitalist prison-?

    • Normal people cannot immediately and directly get rid of sociopaths but we can eventually do that indirectly. Good people think they can defeat sociopaths through their votes and protests but that is a waste their time and energy trying to fight evil and correct the harm which evil people cause. Wise people don’t waste time in a rigged fight which we cannot win when evil people fight dirty and do not follow the rules. Wise dissidents must share the Great Liberator’s Vision and Mission and this must become a grass-roots, social, spiritual, tactical movement, networking around the world. The revolutionary Liberator I refer to is Yeshua, a Hebrew name which means LIBERATOR. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

      • Wait, it’s EASIER than that.
        “Why does our species have a subspecies of sociopaths?”
        There must be an evolutionary advantage to the gene pool
        (Sorry about the evolution theory thing 2/3 of my fellow Americans)
        I postulate that “the line of kings” exists as an apex-predator’s-apex-predator because our species is so successful at eating everything until the entire group starves.
        Sociopaths see when that is about to happen, and arrange for half the people to kill the other half. Problem solved for a few decades.
        We just don’t need that any more, because we have late night TV and birth control of multiple kinds.
        Just wait awhile. This will work out if they don’t overshoot this century and get us all annihiliated.

  • “I used to say capitalism is making us all crazy and driving us to extinction, but then some smart person on the internet totally owned me by saying I should move to Venezuela.”

    I was born in Venezuela and lived there many years before the revolution, an expat but still seeing it up close. The old Venezuelan oligarchy was crazy and with the US was driving the people to extinction… so they elected Chavez!

    • I’ve always noticed that the places the conservatives sneer at are always places that I’d like to live.
      The People’s Republic of Berkeley
      The People’s Republic of Boulder
      I’d like to live in either. But both places are way too expensive. Interesting how the free market makes left-wing places incredibly expensive, but conservative areas like bum-#### Kansas very cheap.
      It has crossed my mind several times that I’d be more likely to see my next birthday if I lived in China.
      Venezuela has also done a decent job of keeping this killer virus under control. So, again, I’d be more likely to see my next birthday if I lived in Venezuela.
      Living in the capitalist west is the worst possible thing I could imagine, but its where I’m stuck. Tell me I should move to Venezuela, and I immediately ask you to buy me a ticket. C’mon, put your money where your mouth is. I want to live. Donald Trump wants to kill me. Living in Venezuela sounds great to me, as its living versus dying. And I want to live, despite Donald Trump and all of the politicians and media and bosses telling me that I should be proud to die for my country.
      Living in Venezuela sounds a whole lot better than Dying in America.

  • “All the lonely people; where DO they all come from?
    All the lonely people; where DO they all belong?”

  • Did everyone miss it?

    A reptile eating it’s young!

    Thank you young lady.

    • You’re not calling Bezos a cannibal are you? He’s a capitalist, not a cannibal (although capitalism is cannibalizing itself these days).

    • I dont understand how eating an animal that would otherwise be killed and just thrown away, because it is an invasive species, could be a bad thing.

      • Strictly symbolic, the most invasive species on earth is man.

  • Wow! Spot on! Thanks for the reminders….it’s a challenge right now to keep remembering what’s real.

  • “Believing people can learn to self-govern in healthy collaboration with each other and with their ecosystem is infinitely more sane and rational than believing the world’s problems will be solved by greedy tech oligarchs.” If we’re really, really lucky and throw ourselves into our evolution/revolution with everything that’s in us, sowing without thought of reaping, then Caitlin alludes to the sane and rational long-term outcome of this pandemic/panic crisis. Shaken to their cores will be politics, economics, science, academia, media, medicine, law, technology, and all other oligarchical institutions. As they collapse in the storm like houses built on sand, what will be left standing, if anything, will be self-governing people rebuilding their lives together on the rock of reverence for life. Given the incredible long shot this best case scenario seems to be, may there be a god or something like it.

    • The people who lived through WW2 and the Great Depression were much more down to earth than the generations that followed. The survivors of those generations look at the world today with disbelief. A more down-to-earth population is less likely to accept and believe BS. They certainly never accepted that going into debt would somehow lead to future wealth. Getting later generations to believe the BS and to pile on mountains of debt at loan shark interest rates has been key to creating this world.
      The people who survived the last crisis would have none of it.
      Is it really such an incredible long shot that the people who come out of the far side of this current crisis won’t be the same?
      Because, in a crisis, believing in BS kills. Those who believe in BS are more likely to die. The extreme is the people who drink Draino because the Great Leader says so, but the trend holds towards the middle as well. The simple math of the gullible dying at higher rates means that not believing in BS is a survival trait. Those that either already have it or those who can acquire it will be the survivors.

  • As always I greatly appreciate your perspective Caitlin. As you have mentioned numerous times the solution to all of our problems and the key to a more harmonious world begins within inside each one of us. Being a part of the “peace movement” that opposed the Vietnam war a half century ago, I started asking questions and seeking answers which no words could provide me with no matter how flowery or passionate they were. Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? What is blocking us all from coming together in peace and stop this futile fighting? Whose voice is it that is constantly playing in my head and why does it lead me astray so often? Well the necessity to uncover them lead me on a lifelong journey toward self knowledge which is the most important aspect of my life.

    In recent years, seeing the destructive nature that comes from feeding the bad wolf has led me to explore the seeds of a new humanity that’s rising from the ashes of decaying one we’re currently witnessing. Courageous innovative creative people all over the world are turning towards new ideas that seem promising while returning to some old ways we probably should have never abandoned. In the midst of this moment in our evolution we have an economic system that has been deeply corrupted and is crumbling before our very eyes. While our attention has been distracted by the pandemic a giant elephant is standing in our room to remind us of the inevitable hard times we are facing.

    Back in 2008-2009 some of us recognized that the giant government bailout and consequential stimulus (QE) were a temporary band-aid we put on top of a very nasty wound. At the same time the introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology brought the reality of a decentralized world into focus. For most people cryptocurrency is considered something abstract and a speculative trading vehicle to attain unforeseen wealth. This mentality has attracted greedy whales who can manipulate the market along with countless scam artists and thieves. This was not what Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned when he/they introduced this technology to the world.

    So about 5 years ago I joined a group of crypto enthusiasts who wanted attempt to do something that’s never been done before – build a whole new economy for and by the people. We started as a ragtag bunch of neophytes and kept going overcoming seemingly impossible odds to launch TREOS which is a full scale alternative marketplace that all who are ready to walk away from the old economy are welcome to participate in. We opened up on Jan 1 of this year and are an ongoing work in progress. The greatest issues that crypto faces are price volatility and governance. As advocates for all the people TREOS sought and found solutions for both. This isn’t a promotion; just an invitation to your readers to join us as we set our controls towards a better system where peace, dignity and prosperity are within reach for all. Our appeal is to the 99% who are enslaved by the prison system created by the cruel, greedy and powerful 1%. Our wish is to restore humanity’s core values of integrity and freedom for all. Interested? You’re welcome to learn more. “If you build it they will come!”

    • Nice picture, Jeff.
      Nice idea.
      I hope it works out. Meanwhile, don’t fly in small planes.
      It sorta’ threatens capitalism, ya’see?

      • Hi John Day

        Thanks for your response. You’ve got to scroll pretty far to get to my post. The last time Flew in a small plane was in a sea plane that flew over and into the Great Barrier Reef we’re I had the most incredible snorkeling trip ever.

        You expressed you wish TREOS succeeds. It really depends on the people who decide to utilize it. It’s one of the most brilliant innovations I’ve ever seen. And that’s why it’s gotten this far. It’s funny that Caitlin’s blog had Bezos’s picture up. We like to consider ourselves the antithesis of Amazon. I see you are in Austin. I’d love to talk or chat with you but not on this platform.

        It’s the best picture of my wife Chris and me that I have. You were born in 58? So was she.

        So if you’re moved please get back to me.

  • A rising tide sinks the leaking boats.

  • People believe space colonization is impossible because they believe, erroneously, that we’re separate from the wider cosmos in some way.

    We’re not separate from the stars and galaxies and we never will be. We’re made of star dust. All of the heavy life-forming elements (C, N, Fe) that make up our own living bodies are synthesized deep in the interiors of collapsing stars. As they burn all their fuel and reach the end of their existence these chemical building-blocks of life are thrown out across the universe the giant supernovae explosions that signify both the death of a star and the chemical enrichment of the cosmos.

    This dynamic tension between contraction and expansion, instability and transformation, gravity and electromagnetic energy, where the catastrophic end of a stars life leads to the emergence of the complex bio-friendly chemistry that is necessary for terresrrial existence via order out of chaos, means that we are inseperably connected to the deeper, cosmic context in which we evolved in fundamamental and highly significant ways.

    • Consciousness might just incarnate in some other life form, somewhere else, another time.
      Check it out!

  • “Remember the A La Mode Review” >
    principia-scientifis(.)org > Open Texas Rally at Dealey Plaza > important WuFlu bioweapon and medical mafia facts

  • We are like a young healthy mother alone in the wilderness with a newborn infant. Oh how much easier it would be if we simply let the babe go; if we put it down and saved ourselves. But of course, after growing the child, after birthing it, how can one simply abandon it? And like all new parents, what beautiful—perhaps fantastic—dreams we have for this child’s future. How could we ever simply abandon it?

    But we must be wise, we must be careful, and like many mammal mothers, if someone attempts to harm this child, we will defend it. And, of course, like many mothers, we hope to be able to see our child in an honest light and to guide it as it develops and grows.

    Make no mistake: This child could bring great darkness. But it could also bring great, much-needed light to this bleak world. Like everything, the ultimate result will likely be in-between, but we will not voluntarily sacrifice this child upon your altar of materialism and greed and self-interest. You will need to come kill this child yourself. And when you do, know this: You’re coming through us first—and we’ve been preparing for your arrival.

    Real love ain’t clean. Real love ain’t like the movies. Real love is dirty. We love our people enough to attempt a revolution in the United States.

    Do you?

    November 2024.

    We are coming. Expect us.

    Spread the word.


  • There is no doubt that the current containment is a very effective way for the upper classes to maintain the status quo of the “System”. Indeed, how do you want, under current conditions, that someone improve their situation or climb the socio-economic ladder?
    Thus, the socio-economic class divisions are preserved. I sometimes get the impression that for the ruling elites as well as for the collaborating bourgeois class, the current situation is like a dream come true.
    Maybe that was the situation in the days of Noah and the Flood. If so, we can expect large-scale natural disasters in the near future.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  • There’s a song that goes ‘He’s the universal soldier and he really is to blame, for without him there can be no war’ He and She now of course and a lot of them sit at a keyboard.

    • I don’t understand why people still join the military. We know and they know that their purpose is to kill and be killed. I know it’s largely economic desperation but jeez, why not just deal drugs or rob banks?
      Oh, I guess they wouldn’t be called American heroes then.

      • Video Games.
        Recruiters go to high schools with Semis full of the best shooter games.
        It’s cool. They’re completely free.
        Big screens. Interactive gaming.
        Come by any time we’re here.

      • Apparently, a great many of those that do join don’t understand why they did either, since the leading cause of death in the US military is suicide.

        • As my husband used to say, young and dumb and full of come.

  • What are the alternatives to ego and capitalism?

    • Caitlans writings as always are brilliant and for the most I agree with her sentiments … except.
      The ego says “You can’t dispense with me; I am you, I am your true nature, without me you will fail.”
      Imo … not a lie.
      Ego can take a back seat , allowing our Essential Self (or whatever you want to call it) to “drive the bus” so to speak.. but ego plays a valuable role when it is not inflated and can even contribute to wise decision making .

  • Some random thoughts, Caitlin:

    Why use Marxians’ language?

    Marx gave us the term, “capitalism.”

    The Founders/Framers gave us
    S E L F – G O V E R N M E N T
    premised on M E R I T, while
    tyrant Abraham Lincoln gave us
    B U R E A U C R A M E N T ( my
    term ) based on C E N T R A L I –
    Z A T I O N.

    It had been Lincoln’s WAR against
    S E L F – D E T E R M I N A T I O N,
    destroying the Framers’ brilliant
    constitution, twice over, bequeathing
    to us this rotting society—ripe for
    bloody application of Bolshevism
    (( read/study this too-long book:
    “ The House of Government “—
    and learn how Nazis appear as Boy
    Scouts in comparison with Bolsheviks’
    mind-blowing, gut-wrenching
    savagery )).

    Also, find and read:
    “Lincoln’s Red Republicans.”

    So, re more precise language, use
    “capitalism”/ . . .

    And use: “M A R X I S S I V E S” ( my
    term), not “progressives,” which is
    Leftism’s code for hiding end-game
    C O M M U N I S M !

    Study Quaker women’s efforts at
    pestering, nagging, cajoling,
    shaming and embarrassing Lincoln
    into bloody war, rather a negotiated

    Study DeLorenzo’s scholarly reports
    in the Lewrockwell.Com archive, re
    bloody tyrant Lincoln’s “War Against
    S E L F – D E T E R M I N A T I O N” ( my
    assessment-term )—his war AGAINST
    individualism and FOR collectivism.

    Contact me at my mail box, if you wish
    to engage any mental combat.


    • Oh, here we go with the dead Colonial autocratic-slave holder worship again. There was nothing to do with merit in your hopelessly outdated constitution which rich people have long since learned to subvert. Better find another fetish.

      • Slavery had been then, and is now!, U B I Q U I T O U S.

        Without Founder’/Framers’ efforts, and legacy, you
        would be suffering terribly under a Lenin- or Mao- or
        PolPot-type collectivist tyranny.

        I understand your anger and resistance—partly due
        to M A R X I S S I V E S’ deadly grip on education.


        • Hey Understander, why is it you even bother to read what’s posted here? Are you lonely?

    • LOL. The Nazis and the Bolsheviks were the same people as are killing you now. Anyone who has ever lived with and/or loved a killer psychopath knows that it’s always the psychopath who’s the victim, neither loved, cared for or understood. Your callousness deserves your death.

  • Life is finite. The sooner we accept this the happier we will be. Our food and resources are finite. The finite of this earthly plane will catch up with us far before we can escape into the infinite.

  • Hey’ that Bezo’s photo may have shown his one good act in the last century. That iguana was an invasive species in Puerto Rico.

    It probably is like eating rabbit in Australia.

    Now if we could only find a recipe for zebra mussels in my part of Canada.

  • Reverend Caitlin, I liked this one the most. Your pulpit is glowing light. For some reason, now I can’t get the movie “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” out of my head.

  • While I agree that we need to solve this planet’s problems before exporting ourselves to other planets, I don’t agree that we will never terraform other planets and live there. It may take several centuries before it is technologically feasible and sensible to do so, but it is a failure of imagination to think that it won’t happen. However, as things are now, I agree we should spend our resources on creating a more sustainable world right here. And Bezos of course should be thrown in jail and his wealth distributed among the common people.

    But you should read some more science fiction. It is actually the most politically progressive genre of them all.

    • I was thinking the same thing. If by space colonization is meant colonization of other planets which could be terraformed, that’s at least a theoretical possibility. Of course there could be nasty pushback from native life forms that might decide they want to colonize our world, but when did that possibility ever deter imperialists?

    • If our descendants will bestride the stars, it would follow that you and I bestride the planet today. How’s that working out for you, dear reader? As you trudge from one part-time, minimum-wage, no-benefits job to another, or fill whatever other role you happen to have in a society that increasingly treats you as a disposable asset for corporations to exploit; as you cope with decaying infrastructure, collapsing public health, a political system caught in permanent gridlock, and mass media that seems to take each new day as a challenge to top the breathtaking dishonesty of the day before; as you watch, one after another, each year’s grandiose predictions of the allegedly inevitable benefits of progress land with a deafening flop—does the thought of your supposed mastery over the Earth fill you with a sense of meaning, purpose, and grandeur?

      That question, of course, traces out the chasm that’s widening right now between the old dream of perpetual progress and the billions of us who live in the world that progress has made. Has the pursuit of technological progress brought benefits? Of course it has, but it’s also brought a bumper crop of burdens, costs, and problems. In a good many cases, the downsides of new technologies outweigh their benefits, and of course neither of these are equally distributed—the well-to-do minority get the lion’s share of the benefits, while the poor majority has to carry nearly all the costs. For the comfortable and the sheltered—who never stray outside the bubble of their privilege—it’s easy to insist that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds; in the increasingly mean streets outside that bubble, that illusion doesn’t last long.

      And what still nobody has been able to explain to me: what are we supposed to do exactly on Mars and in space that is more awesome than on earth? Having fun with friends? Hiking on mountains? Drinking well-aged whiskey? Kicking around red rocks?

    • So, on Earth you can walk away from any job and still have free air to breathe, cheap or even free water to drink, and yet many think that they can’t quit their jobs. How about living in space where you don’t even get that? And, Elon Musk, like most wealthy individuals believes that people are to be disposed of when they are of no further use. Space would be a great place to live.

  • ‘The ego says “You can’t dispense with me; I am you, I am your true nature, without me you will fail.”

    Capitalism says “You can’t dispense with me; I am you, I am your true nature, without me you will fail.”

    Both are liars.

    Both are impostors.

    Both are sickness posing as health.’

    Wonderful insight.

    • What are the alternatives to ego and capitalism?

      • If we are playing word association, the words Meditation and Socialism are the first two that come to my mind.
        Both are very pleasant and will greatly improve your health.

        • No Ism will improve your health.

          • The British NHS is arguably a product of socialism and it’s existence improves the health outcomes of many millions every year, and has done so for many decades.

            • The exact opposite is the truth. GB has become a social/cultural/sewer at the hands of Marxians—from the Sixties forward. -Rick

            • Oops! Correction: The exact opposite is the truth. GB has become a social/cultural/POLITICAL sewer, at the hands of Marxians—from the Sixties forward. -Rick

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