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America’s Two Right-Wing Parties Keep Accusing Each Other Of Being Far-Left

The Biden campaign has a new Spanish-language ad out claiming that President Trump is cut from the same cloth as leftist leaders Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro. This is not the first time the Biden campaign has done this, with the same comparison made to Spanish-speaking voters in Florida ads last month.

The hashtag #ComradeTrump is trending on Twitter as of this writing because a well-funded Super PAC run by never-Trump Republicans put out an appallingly stupid viral video featuring footage of Trump splashed with red hammer-and-sickle symbols interspersed with images of Soviet leaders while an English-captioned narrator gushes about Mother Russia’s support for “Comrade Trump” in Russian. As of this writing the video has over two million views on Twitter alone.

This tactic of negatively associating Trump with communism and socialism, combined with the consistent pattern of attacking the president for being insufficiently warlike, would only work if it was directed at the members of a reactionary, jingoistic right-wing political ideology. And it does work, because that’s exactly the ideology of the Democratic Party.

Trump, meanwhile, appears to have positioned his entire 2020 campaign around portraying his right-wing opponent as far left, spending the last month tweeting absurd statements like:

  • Not only will Sleepy Joe Biden DEFUND THE POLICE, but he will DEFUND OUR MILITARY! He has no choice, the Dems are controlled by the Radical Left.”
  • Sleepy Joe Biden will be (already is) pulled all the way Left.”
  • “Sleepy Joe Biden refuses to leave his basement “sanctuary’ and tell his Radical Left BOSSES that they are heading in the wrong direction.”

You’ve also got cartoonist/MAGA thought leader Scott Adams promoting the increasingly common belief there’s going to be some kind of American Great Purge of Republicans by the radical left Democratic Party, claiming that “If Biden is elected, there’s a good chance you will be dead within the year. Republicans will be hunted.”

Yes Republicans, your very mainstream status quo ideology which challenges power in no meaningful way whatsoever is going to literally get you all murdered.

So one of the innumerable insane developments of 2020 is that both of America’s mainstream political parties are using different strategies to attack one another as being far-left extremists, which is absolutely bizarre since by global standards they are both very much right-wing parties. Neither party even has any interest in the basic social safety nets that are the norm in other developed nations, let alone wealth redistribution to end economic inequality, and are both as far as you can possibly get from having actual leftist goals like ending capitalism and worker ownership of the means of production.

Whenever I say that America has two right-wing parties I always get Republican victims of the incredible shrinking Overton window sputtering in confusion and outrage because they believe people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are far far far far far left communists. This is of course a total propaganda construct.

Both parties work to advance the interests of oligarchs, war profiteers and imperialist government agencies in more or less exactly the same way; all they did was shift the spectrum of acceptable debate to issues which powerful capitalists do not care about like gay marriage and unisex public toilets. So now mainstream “conservatives” think leftism means having pink hair and mainstream “liberals” think Trump supporters are useful idiots of the Kremlin, but in terms of actually challenging actual power there’s not a bee’s dick of difference between them.

This dynamic of attacking one another from the right and accusing the other party of being far left of course continues to move the US political spectrum further and further right while killing the possibility of any leftward movement, and that is of course by design.

Noam Chomsky once said that “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum,” and you really couldn’t ask for a clearer illustration of this than the American political uniparty. People are encouraged by establishment narrative managers to squabble about inconsequential nonsense on the periphery with fever pitch intensity, and to never even think about addressing dynamics which would actually inconvenience the powerful like ending militarism, government opacity, or plutocracy.

The Democratic and Republican parties can’t even rightly be called different ideologies; sure they behave a bit differently in the same way a boxer uses his left jab and right cross in different ways, but just like a boxer’s fists they are both used to advance the exact same agenda. In the case of the boxer it’s knocking his opponent senseless, and in the case of the uniparty it’s advancing the interests of oligarchy and imperialism.

That old saying that both parties are just two wings on the same bird is true, but it’s a weird mutant bird with two right wings.


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  • Seems to me that american public is being channel into proper voting channels – red/blue – bad/badder.
    I believe that in a false democracy the only system that could work is a random selection of candidates.
    In interim I will waste my vote on third party.

  • It is now dogma that both Hitler and Stalin were left-wing. Moderate ideas must therefore be right-wing, and all right-wing ideas must therefore be moderate. 😀

    High time to drop ideas of ‘left’ and ‘right’.

  • This one reminds me of a lyric from that rare Stephen Sondheim flop, “Anyone Can Whistle” — one of the male lead’ s riffs in a song called “Simple”:

    The opposite of Left is Right,
    The opposite of Right is Wrong,
    So anyone who’s Left is Wrong —

  • Sculpting in Time – film director Tarkovsky on being an artist in the time of Stalin and violence esp his film on Orthodox painter Andre Rublev — Goodreads has wonderful reviews esp the second on modern arts in America comparison.


    The Catalog of Good Deeds

  • I just saw a picture on another website that claims the Russians are guilty of everything!
    New evidence shows that Mr. Putin murdered Jesus!

  • Both Parties ARE “leftist”, the rest is just a “show” to make it LOOK like this is a Democratic System, which it is NOT!
    Please, I ask you to take the time to “bookmark” the links below and to read in your own free time, they are invaluable information to OVERCOME the brainwashing (rinse & repeat) most of us have suffered for many years, please take the time search for truth, it really is a matter of life & death, maybe even your children’s!

    Im sorry, there is little good new in the above, its ALL bad, though take note of the Health System narrative portrayed by these links, and the LARGE difference of information given to us by MSM in regard our own Health System! The deceit & lies we are being spun is really difficult in coming to terms with, though this further link below, may just spark some real anger in you!
    “As of May 2020, a total of 73 studies have investigated the relationship between fluoride and human intelligence. Of these investigations, 65 studies have found that elevated
    fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ in humans…..”

    • “Now, I don’t *avoid* women, Mandrake, but I *do* deny them my essence!”

  • Caitlin does well to bring the farce of US political theatre to mind. But Caitlin, what should we be doing about this diversion and population mind control besides developing higher consciousness?

  • Right on, Caity! Excellent piece. Just got sent this video from the Lincoln Project by one of my Dem friends. “Oh, the irony” I replied… She’s dear, but seriously misguided secondary to the intense propaganda machine that is and has been, U.S. mainstream media for many, many years. It’s really quite disconcerting. And there appears to be no cure… I have largely given up, but I did send her this. It will do no good, though. Still, I try. Thanks for nailing it.

  • “America’s Two Right-Wing Parties Keep Accusing Each Other Of Being Far-Left”
    Why do they even call these things “Parties”? A “party” is something fun and enjoyable. These Two Right-Wing Monstrosities are anything but fun or places any decent soul would want to get within a hundred miles of. What’s the opposite of a party? Getting a root canal? Going to a funeral? Having your heart ripped out by an unfaithful lover? They’ve got to stop calling these collections of rot “Parties” and call them by a better name…
    “Both parties work to advance the interests of oligarchs, war profiteers and imperialist government agencies in more or less exactly the same way…”
    And they say that Washington can’t agree on anything! Bah!
    “That old saying that both parties are just two wings on the same bird is true, but it’s a weird mutant bird with two right wings.”
    Both parties aren’t so much birds. Birds are proud creatures that know how to soar. What these two parties are is two versions of what the birds leave behind after eating while sitting on fences or telephone lines.

    • Roundball Shaman – ” Why do they even call these things “Parties”?”

      Think “partisan.”

  • Another day, another corrupt government story inside the United States of America. From the very top to the very bottom all government here is corrupt. You can read this article here:

  • The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man.
    – Huey P. Newton

    Are we there yet?

    • Not doomed: I am convinced that dissidents who want change must share the Great Liberator’s Vision and Mission and this must become a grass-roots, social, spiritual, tactical movement, networking around the world. The revolutionary Liberator I refer to is Yeshua, a Hebrew name which means LIBERATOR. Unfortunately, His revolutionary strategy and tactics are so brilliant, exceptional and powerful that this is way above the mental abilities even for highly intelligent and well-educated people who fail to grasp what Yeshua said and meant. Read more of this here: http://www.wisdompage.com/2013%20Articles/Molyneaux%20essay.pdf

  • What is the best way to debunk a conspiracy theory? Call it a conspiracy theory, a label which in and of itself implies disbelief. The only problem with that is there have been many actual conspiracies both historically and currently and many of them are not in the least theoretical in nature. You can read this entire article here:
    Some Conspiracy Theories Are for Real by Philip Giraldi!

  • The entire world has been moving to the right, if not already there. Again, this article is spot on and anyone with even half a brain, when reading it, would recognize the truthe’s it contains. Everything that the major politicians do has one goal in mind, well two, to remain in power and to do the bidding of the oligarchs who fund their campaigns.
    I keep repeating this over and over again, but one perfect example is Trump’s military-bloated budget. The Deomcrats railed against it for months calling it horrid and worse. However, when it came up for a vote, Bernie Sanders and 20 Republicans voted against it, while every Democrat voted for it.
    Nuff Said!

    • I’m not sure how I ended up here, but it was a fascinating read for me, along with all of your thoughtful comments.

      I am confused by something though. The way that you use the terms “left wing,” “right wing,” and “fascist” seems to contradict the definitions that I grew up with and can be found in dictionaries. How do you all define them?

      Thank you.

      • You are correct but politics have become so emeshed that extreme right wing and left wing philisophies and being exhibited at the same time in America. America is war-like while expousing very far left tendencies sich as basic income for all. Basically America wants to use the dollar to rule the world. However MMT is a pipedream and the dollar dominamce days are numbered. Remember the Nazi were the National Socialist Party. Socialists are more aligned with communists than the far right. However they hated the communist. Thus political terms of right and left are meaningless imo. It is either authoritarian or not. Label it as you see fit.

      • Political Compass (politicalcompass.org) has it right — left/right is an *economic* continuum with specific meanings about how economic life should be organized. Decades of all sorts of other issues (partly reflected by their Authoritarian/Libertarian axis, but not everything fits neatly even with a second dimension) being denounced as “right wing” or “left wing” has left most people these days conceiving of both terms as representing a loose coalition of people rather than having any meaning themselves. Caitlin’s sentence about how millions of people now think left wing = pink hair (or more generally, identity politics) is a good example.

        It is amazing, and illuminating, how much more people agree with each other when you take these labels out though. Ask someone who angrily denounces “the radical left” what their ideal economy would look like and half the time they describe a system far to the left of the existing order or anything anyone in public life is proposing.

  • Since I am a Marxist and a supporter of the Socialist Equality Party and the WSWS, being called a communist and socialist is merely accurate and there is nothing shameful about it. Only the right wing (in particular the Democratic Party fakers) would think it was bad and use the accusation of socialism against a fascist, hoping to hide their own support for fascist tactics and capitalism.

  • Wow! Donald Trump a commie? I didn’t know that the Biden campaign is that stupid, although working for a granny dumping one can’t expect a flight of fancy. Trump isn’t much better. Sleepy Joe is corny. Caitlin, you are right, that there are only two right-wing parties in the US, differing only in rhetoric.

  • Both parties wings on the same cockroach!

  • We no longer have anything even remotely resembling a “Left” in the United States … or a “Center.”
    We have Far-Right-Wing and “You’ve GOT to be shïtting me, RIGHT?”

    • Yes, we do. We have the Socialist Equality Party, publishers of the World Socialist Web Site. We are running Joseph Kishore and Norissa Santa Cruz for president and vice-president in the 2020 elections. Why don’t you read the WSWS and learn about our campaign and help us get our candidates on the ballot? The SEP and the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) have been around since Leon Trotsky founded it in 1938 and the WSWS has been on line since 1998. Learn about us.

  • Arizona has now officially moved to the “Kill All Old People” stage.
    They’ve announced official rules that says young people and police officers will live, and that old people must die.
    A great writer, Carl Reiner, recently died.
    So, it seems to fit to view Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks in their classic routine, “The 2000 Year Old Man.”
    Now that fascism has moved to the Kill All Old People stage, we’ll never see the like of him again.

  • http://www.johndayblog.com/2020/07/wanna-revolution.html
    Jim Kunstler says Biden for President is “Bait and Switch” (That was Sanders-for-Clinton & Sanders-for-Biden already)
    ​ ​This Joe Biden thang is being set up as some kind of bait-and-switch, but the scheme is a little too obvious, dontcha think? Mr. Biden has obliged himself to choose a “woman-of-color” as his running mate, of course, and so it is assumed that about twenty minutes after the swearing-in on January 20, 2021, Stacey Abrams (or Val Demings, or Kamala Harris, or Tawana Brawley) will become de facto president, and we’ll be off to the races, so to speak. It’s a cute gambit, but I don’t see it playing out. You may be unaware of this but the Democratic Party is actually owned, lock-stock-and-barrel, by the Clinton Foundation. It has something else in mind. Due to the unfortunate last minute discovery of Joe Biden’s incapacity to serve, She Whose Turn Was Thwarted in 2016 will perforce be the party’s nominee for an epic rematch with the Golden Golem of Greatness. Let’s face it: everybody wants to see that contest. And an election with mail-in ballots will cinch her victory.

    Racism and anti-racism as lies​, ​by Thierry Meyssan
    ​ ​In reality, racism and anti-racism are two sides of the same coin. Both are based on the fantasy of races that we know do not exist. In both cases, it is an outdated conformism. The racists corresponded to imperialist and colonial ideologies, the anti-racists to financial globalization. Their only common political utility is to occupy the ground to mask authentic social struggles.

    • Yes.
      The Great Leader is in huge trouble. Its looking like the Fourth Reich won’t last nearly as long as the Third Reich, and won’t come close to the goal of a Thousand Year Reich.
      So, lets get out the “They’re All the Same” propaganda and convince people that opposing fascism is just the same as supporting fascism. Just like opposing racism and supporting racism are the same thing, at least deep in the heart of Texas.
      It won’t work.
      Trump needs two things to have a chance at re-election.
      One, is for the right-wing fantasy of running against Hillary again to come true.
      Two…. the second is one of those mind-wipe pens the Men In Black movies use. Because the only way Americans could vote for Trump again would be to completely erase all memories of the last four years.
      And, I could add a Three to the list. Trump would need to shut the fuck up. Because everytime Trump opens his mouth, Biden and the Democrats look better and better.
      None of those three things are likely to occur. It would take all three for Americans to be convinced that anyone is just as bad as Trump.
      Trump might not even win Texas.

      • Why even bother voting. Makes no difference.

      • Of course, “everytime Trump opens his mouth, Biden and the Democrats look better and better.” The irony, which might well be the only real takeaway from the upcoming electoral “dope opera”, is that the reverse is equally true, if not moreso. If Biden were allowed out of the basement for even a single debate performance, he would be eviscerated by Trump before the first commercial, except for the fact that a straw man has no viscera. This spectacle might well convince enough voters that, in fact, “No One” IS worse than Trump, and sweep him into a second term.

    • Agree with your estimation of the Democratic Party and thanks for the Tawana Brawley mention. Too many people have forgotten about that little episode.

  • There is a Deep State. It controls both sides of the two-party tyranny. And its run by a powerful cabal of racist, supremacist Jewish Zionist’s. We know this because the last eight chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank, the CEO’s, Presidents and VP’s of all the major media networks, the wealthiest donors pulling the purse strings of both Democratic and Republican parties, all of Hollywood’s entertainment moguls and the warmongering neo-conservative brain trust still driving US foreign policy in the Middle East – they all come from the tribe.

    But there is no conspiracy.They do everything right out in the open. We’re just not allowed to talk about it.

    • I suspect that like in Dr. Strangelove, you have a hard time keeping your right arm from flinging itself upwards in the traditional “Heil” salute.
      Its all a Jew plot.
      Yeah, right.

      • From Wikipedia: “member banks, in voting for the directors of the Federal Reserve Banks of which they are a member, do not get voting rights in proportion to the stock they hold. Instead, each member bank regardless of size gets one vote. Concentration of ownership of Federal Reserve Bank stock, therefore, is irrelevant to the issue of control of the system.” Yep, nothing to see here. I will believe in the Revolution when these matters can be discussed without someone calling you a Nazi. Who was Trump’s major donor again?

  • There are no “wings” involved. There is only profit for the bank cartel and its multitude of servants in government positions, along with another multitude of corporations owned by the bank cartel. Imperialism and corporatism facilitate such profit. Any delusion one suffers that nations with a leftward bent are not engaged in securing that same profit is just that. A delusion. Any “basic safety net” will be just enough to keep the tax slaves in order. Likewise any “redistribution”‘. ALL nations are operating in the red, and your progeny are liable for the bill. I have zero regard for Grover Norquist, but do like a quote from him. In part, “…..cut government …..down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub”. As long as gangs of Psychopaths In Charge have near absolute control over all aspects of our lives, there will be no beneficial change. They’re only concerned for your welfare when it intersects theirs.

  • Hi Caitlin,

    excellent article again, as you like to draw as well I`d like to see an image
    of that mutant bird with those 2 left wings .
    I am writing from the american vasall-state of germany
    where we have so much more diversity
    and it is much more colorful as well.
    As funny as good, here each party has her “own color”
    to highlight the variety, so we have much more partys who act in unity as they are supposed to do.
    Coming back to birds, the german bird would have several different coloured wings attched
    to the left hand side.
    Maybe a bird with 2 left wings could move by feet but never fly,
    the german bird can barely move at all, maybe small circles.

  • Noam Chomsky once said that “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum,”

    Pretty much describes what goes on here too. If you want to control the opposition, be the opposition.

  • I think you’re spot on in that the USA has a political uniparty in policy, and that they’re both right wing. However, depending on the party in control of the government, the spoils of ‘corporate socialism’ are divided differently. So the war between factions is about controlling the government, and rigging the legal system (prosecution and courts) to improve and preserve their portion of the spoils. Both Repugnants and Demoncrats had no problem bailing out wall street to the tune of 4+ trillion, but argue fiercely regarding identity politics and other wedge issues. I doubt either side really cares about ‘abortion’, however, the issue conveniently divides the Catholic vote. Likewise, BLM is intentionally incendiary (with 97% of BLM donations going to the “you’re not black if you don’t vote for me” Biden campaign) in creating a racial + anti-patriotic voting wedge in the population. Both sides are seeing each other through blood red eyeballs.

    The difference between this year and other years in American politics, is that both political parties have been radicalised to the point that reconciliation is not possible with either candidate winning. You make fun of Scott Adams prediction, but he accurately conveys the feeling that permeates the country.

  • No question that but both parties are right wing status quo which are happy to play the field between the two 45-yard lines. If ever it appears that the ball may be moved to the 40, or heaven forbid the 35 yard line, someone in the appropriate party will step up, change his or her public political philosophy and march the ball back close to the 50 yard line (which by now represents moderate fascism), where both parties really aspire to be and cohabit. The latest establishment figure to pull this stunt was John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    For nearly 50 years the Dems have nominally championed a woman’s right to an abortion under the constraints only of Roe v. Wade, whereas the GOPers have nominally opposed abortion in any circumstance under their “right to life” banner. Of course, it was never a big secret that the true power figures standing behind the political front men and women in the legislature, executive and judicial branches from both major parties preferred the actual practice of gynecological medicine to remain just as it has been for those five decades.

    Whenever asked about its relevance to their own personal life and family, they’d say they’d defer to their wife, daughter or other female relative and the female pols and other women of influence would say they’d do what’s necessary to save lives and preserve good health.
    They’d practice realism in the real world, i.e., they’d choose abortion even if that choice contradicted their public stand on the matter in the political arena.

    The long drawn out political contest was, of course, just a charade as Justice Roberts proved this past week when he flipped to protect the Roe v Wade decision against the most recent anti-abortion legislation emanating from Christianist Southern states. Much as the true believers in the GOP thought the war against abortion had been won when Trump appointed Justice Kavanaugh, they once again have to resolve themselves to fight for more Republican presidents and conservative judicial appointments. So, it really works out quite well for the elites who own that party. Their worker bees are still angrily incentivised, but they don’t have to yet live under the consequences of their own professed ideology. The Dem apparatchiks get to feel self-satisfied and motivated for the next skirmish around the 50-yard line.

  • Biden is not good enough to shine Castro’s shoes.

    • Nor is Trump, of course. Existentially speaking (a value system derided in postmodern discourse), neither man, along with the entire crop of current American toady politicians, is good enough (man or woman enough) to even wipe Castro’s behind. Fidel certainly had his faults, as do all of us, and made some tragic mistakes, but just look at the universal high-quality health care and near universal literacy rate of this small third-world island, which had to make its post-revolutionary journey a mere 90 miles south of the world’s sole remaining superpower, burning with unrelenting hatred toward everything Castro and Cuba stood for. In most cases, the Cubans in Miami who will condemn Castro to the grave were either in bed with Batista or wanted to be. So naturally, they’re quite comfortable here, hitching a ride on the back of the malevolent mutant “eagle” which Caitlin describes.

  • Americans today are the strangest creatures. They embody generational slavery in so many ways, and on so many levels, that it is nearly unspeakable. Just take the Whites, for instance. The ancestors of the white population in America were absolutely slaves. Every single land from which they immigrated had been long ago conquered by the Roman Empire, and the entire population of each of those lands completely enslaved. The empire quite literally killed all of their men, and rounded up all of their women and children in wheeled cages, and took them to Rome to be bought and sold as slaves. Those who were left behind were bound unto the conquered land and enslaved right there, and made property, upon the land which they were born upon. All of the native tribes of western Europe were subjected to this fate. This was the fact of the matter for what, a thousand, two thousand years? No white man in America is a blood relation to anybody at all who has ever known anything different, by which I mean fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, etc. Nobody wants to admit it, but the institution of slavery is so deeply imprinted into the physical genetic memory of whites in America, that they don’t even consciously think about it anymore. Look at the social structures, the hierarchies, the mechanics of societal interaction, it’s just beneath the surface, but just past the veneer that we are taught to project to the world we know that if we ‘step out of line’, we’re fuckin’ dead. It’s instinctive, at this point. That is the real reason that nearly all white Americans either act like ‘an Uncle Tom’, or like ‘the nigga with the whip’. Pardon my rudeness, but that is about the size of it. That’s how our society is controlled, and we don’t even realize it. That’s fucking slavery. It’s no wonder at all that we are so easily led to treat others in exactly the same way.
    I invite anyone at all, who can read words, to read a history book. Look at the history of the natives of western Europe. Look at, and read the annals of the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire, the historical archives of the Vatican, the Papacy, the actual records upon which property and holding claims were founded.
    We have to change this.
    We have to come to realize that we are not property.
    We have to come to realize that nobody else is either.
    That’s what it is going to take.

    • Joshua,

      I assume that you have seen Dana Ashley’s recent video on that video channel. I didn’t watch all of it yet, but I also assume that it provides all the basis for all that you have said.

      Alex S.

      • Do you have a link for the video you mention?

    • Absolutely correct. Unfortunately no one bothers to read history.

    • But white European aristocracy now lives in secluded castles and huge remote estates with their bullion and cash in Swiss vaults and they send their sons and daughter to control the EU parliament. Their paid agents infiltrate US secret services and control the Federal Reserve Bank. White European aristocrats are not slaves but Lords and Masters of all other classes.

    • White European aristocrats are not slaves. They live in secluded castles and huge remote estates with their bullion and cash in Swiss vaults and they send their sons and daughters to control the EU parliament. Their paid agents infiltrate US secret services and control the Federal Reserve Bank. White European aristocrats are Lords and Masters of all other classes.

      • You are so tired you wrote the same thing twice.

        That said it was accurate and well said. Thanks for Posting

  • The original ‘Left Wing’ were butchers who guillotined thousands in months.

    I’ve met quite a few proud ‘left wingers’ and I don’t understand why anyone would associate the label with being _opposed_ to bloodshed.

    • norway is associated with bloodshed? the us is drenched in blood, and both parties splatter it with abandon.

      • yes norway ican be associated with bloodshed. norway is member of eu and nato and bombed afghanistan and lybia. I think norway also were in Irak.
        Jens Stoltenberg, a norske, is the secretary general of nato, courtesy of the usa for norway helped usa destroy the lybian Jamairiah, which was a true leftist nation.
        But norway is like the usa it is not a leftist nation, that is another us myth that danemark, sweden and norway are socialist nations. They are not, they are arch-capitalist usa lackey nations.

  • Ms Johnstone this is great ” there is not a bees dick of difference between them “! Of course you are right about these main stream United States polical parties; however just how asleep are the voting public’s minds that they gobble up this bullshit up day after day after day? If you want people to vote for you you have to get their knees jerking about something they respond to. There is still four months to go before the election and this sick twisted crap will be so high by then the public will need medication to calm down. By then you might be writing three articles a day.

  • Former UK MP George Galloway gave a colorful alternative to your “two wings on the same bird” characterization of the Democratic and Republican parties:
    “Two cheeks of the same arse.”

  • On target !!
    Last paragraph is beautiful (knockout punch ).

  • America has been drifting leftward for generations. Maybe you are comparing America to Cuba when you call it right wing. America is a weird place in that business and government compete with one another for control. Socialism is dying because everyone is going broke trying to pay for everything. Something is going to give and that is the social umbrella. That is why they desperately want to go to a digital currency. When the collapse comes it will be worldwide. Bad times are coming. Dont bother voting. It wont matter. This will be the most corrupt election in US history.

    • no america has been drifting rightwards as both parties move to an aggressive imperialist foreign policy and right wing economic ideology espousing austerity and deregulation. taxes don’t fund government spending so no, socialism is not dying and is not practiced presently except when bailing out big money, as is currently happening in the stock market.

      • i said Americs is a weird place. International policy is definitely far right, yet at home social engineering and free stuff reins. We are in the bread and circus phase of the Roman Empire and we know how that turned out.

  • You’ve got to define your terms better. Political spectrum runs right to left obviously. At the far right, you have anarchy or no rulers. On the far left you have total government control. While I agree with the premise of the bird having the same wings, they are left wings. Both parties want to control and empower central planning over freedom.

    • Back around 1966, my poly sci professor at the U of I resolved the left/right conundrum you seem to experience when confronted with authoritarians from both sides of the spectrum. He said the spectrum is NOT a simple straight line but rather a circle where left and right merge at some point along the circumference and become hard to tell apart.

    • no marxism was supposed to transition to no rulers. the nazis, extreme right wingers, favored strong government control. right wingers love cops when they are bashing the heads of left wing protestors; again, strong government control

      • If Kamal Harris gets Biden VP slot and wins you will see how much democrats like law and order. She is very pro cop. Follow her record as LA prosecutor. Now Look at Seattle. The mayor did nothing until BLM gathered in front of her home. CHOP was dismantled the next day. It is a circle and the left and right are meeting at the most dictatorial point in US history.

        • I think Kamala has too much in common with Augusto Pinochet. I hope we don’t go there.

          • Michelle = V.P. (in name only)

            Hillary = S.S. (has the most experience)

            John Bolton = Under S.S.

            A Dream Team!

    • Left and right may have been meaningful terms in the past, but we are now in an era when the concepts of left/right politics are no longer relevant, and just confuse and confound our perception of what’s happening. The emotions around left and right are just emotions attached to labels. Those concepts are no longer useful, it’s a false dichotomy. We are in a different reality now and we need to develop a different language to discuss it. By clinging to outdated concepts, we limit our ability to imagine appropriate solutions to today’s problems.

  • This piece helps explain in no small way how the same comment can get me branded a Communist, a Nazi, a Trump supporter, a libtard, a Putin Puppet, a totalitarian fascist, a racist, a tool of Black Lives Matter, ad nauseam. It’s almost fun.

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