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Ghislaine Maxwell, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Like so many other things, all this Ghislaine Maxwell buzz would be a lot more interesting without all the dumbass partisan angles people are putting on it. People fixate on the Trump angle or the Clintons angle when it’s clear they’ve all been manipulated by forces that are far more powerful than they are.

The real story is still the fact that opaque and unaccountable intelligence agencies use child sex slavery to blackmail powerful world leaders and manipulate our society. It’s weird that people focus anywhere else.

Anyway it’s not like this is going to “bring down” anyone with real power. Even if Ghislaine survives, don’t get your hopes up that her arrest will affect elite power structures in any meaningful way. The FBI is the swamp. The DOJ is the swamp. The swamp will never drain the swamp.

Maxwell, like Epstein, was never the lead player in the sexual blackmail op. There is at this time no reason to believe anyone’s coming for the intelligence operatives or their oligarchic allies who were actually running the thing.


In a society that is dominated by violent extremists, the “moderate” mainstream ideology is actually extremism and the sane path toward stability looks radical. When war, oppression, exploitation and ecocide are the status quo, those who just want health and harmony are painted as extremists.

While mainstream “centrists” will acknowledge that our current way of doing things is unsustainable, they resist making meaningful change. This is because of a cognitive glitch humans have called status quo bias, which can cause us to fallaciously equate change with danger.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d get stuck up a tree, but you couldn’t bring yourself to climb down because clinging to the swaying branches felt safe compared to the risk of descending? You’d be clinging to the high branches and your mother would call up “Well you can’t stay there!” And you knew she was right but the prospect of climbing down was terrifying.

That’s a very concrete example of status quo bias. Change is needed, but it’s so scary. That’s where we’re at right now. That’s the only thing keeping so-called “centrism” going.

These “centrists” maintain their ideology because we live in increasingly scary times, which means they’re stuck up a strange tree where they know things need to change but they can’t bring themselves to actually push for it because “What if I lose what little I still have?”


War is the worst thing in the world. By far. If the rank-and-file public could see past the veil of propaganda and distortion and objectively see war for the horrific thing that it is, ending it would immediately become everyone’s foremost priority. Hence all the war propaganda.


The continued Afghanistan occupation is like if the cops stormed a house, shot a bunch of people, realized they got the wrong house and would never find the guy they’re looking for by staying there, stayed anyway, moved in, and then years later said they can’t move out because they heard a rumor that the neighbors are trying to make them leave.


The fact that mainstream news outlets consistently refuse to account for something as basic and indisputable as intelligence agencies being known liars should by itself fully discredit the entire institution of mass news reporting.


The Julian Assange story is being written right now whether you like it or not. In ten years when the movie comes out with Colin Hanks playing Nils Melzer as the truth-seeking protagonist who would not give up, which side of the story will you be able to say you were on?


People who believe China is responsible for America’s coronavirus problems are even dumber than people who believe Russia is responsible for Trump’s presidency.


Stop calling homegrown US illnesses “Trump’s America”. You’re just seeing America. As it is. As it has always been. Trump is the fruit of America. Trump arose from America. The nation isn’t Trump’s America, the nation’s president is America’s Trump.


People who hide behind irony are just a more boring version of people who hide behind humor.


Supporting the censorship of online speech is to support the authority of monopolistic tech oligarchs to exert more and more control over human communication. Regardless of your attitude toward whoever happens to be getting deplatformed today, supporting this is suicidal.


I spent most of this month talking about US police brutality, which made me a deep state Soros shill. The last few days I’ve been criticizing the latest Russiavape psyop so now they say I’m a Trump shill. Whenever the West Bank annexation happens I’ll be a Jew-hating Nazi. It’s been a wild ride.


People who say privilege isn’t real and they earned everything they’ve got are really just telling you they’ve never done any honest inner work. With a little humble introspection you’d quickly see how little you had to do with the preconditions which led to your circumstances.

The real revolution is an expansion of consciousness in all directions. Consciousness of oppression and exploitation, of corruption and imperialism, of propaganda and manipulation, of unjust social and economic dynamics, of our own egoic structures and unconscious mental habits. People can’t change things they’re unaware of. Once they’re fully aware of them, change is inevitable.


Follow the white rabbit down the hole and you’ll learn that our world is ruled by sociopaths using violence, plutocracy and propaganda. Follow it even further and you’ll learn that we are ultimately ruled by no one and the self is an illusion and the world is not as it seems.


You thought you were storming the gates of Heaven

to become a Fully Realized Buddha™,

but that turned out to be a character in a video game

being played on a beautiful summer day

by a child with popsicle-stained lips

who simply set down the controller,

got up,

and went outside.


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  • do you ever watch/listen to kim iversen>>>she has a good explanation that Epstein and Maxwell both worked for Mossad: Maxwell senior sure did. he got awards for it. is buried there. just another way to control some randt politicians. all the properties revert to owners.

    how did –exactly–Epstein make his “billions?”

  • “People who say privilege isn’t real and they earned everything they’ve got are really just telling you they’ve never done any honest inner work. With a little humble introspection you’d quickly see how little you had to do with the preconditions which led to your circumstances.”

    I’ve done the introspection and here is the result from my :deep thoughts: privilege is a social construct. Entitlement is the real villain, with a healthy does of victim-hood mentality.

    I’ve been my own since I was a young teen; been homeless half-a-dozen times and slept rough most of those times; landed in jail in jail a few times for no good reasons; screwed over by the police more than a couple of times. Knew when Safeway threw out the marshmallows so that was my treat for the week, getting marshmallows out of the dumpster. When in my 30s I knew I had to change my life around or I would die. So I went to college, used fed money loans WHICH I PAID EVERY CENT BACK by working shit jobs 7 days a week for 12 years, 2-3 jobs at a time. Still working 2-3 jobs today, barely can afford my rent of a shoe box apartment, one freaking rent hike away from being homeless again in my 50s. I haven’t had medical coverage since 2004, denied free medical coverage because I wasn’t “in a protected class and have no children.” Wow – I thought women were considered part of a protected class but in CA, I guess only if you are a POC.

    Sick of the lies around covid-1984. Sick of the manipulation of race, sex, gender to divide and conquer. I have never been on the dole and when I say I worked shit jobs, they have been SHIT jobs. And to think I enslaved myself for 12 years believing the lie that education was the key to everything. What a joke.

    Finally, FU ms. johnstone. You have no idea what my life has been like. NOT ONE CLUE. So you take your privilege and your virtue signaling and put it where the sun don’t shine.

    Most sincerely.

  • I support Julian’s Assange human rights, with all my heart. But to come here, and read all the vitriolic Jewish hatred and conspiracy theories in readers’ responses makes me sad. It seems at odds with the noble project of defending Assange. How can people with the same breath both fight for the most exalted values of humans, and engage in dark hatred that has vilified the Jewish people for 2 millennia, and caused enough suffering with its false claims, and horrific actions?

  • While I understand Maxwell testimonies won’t bring down anyone with real power we shouldn’t underestimate or disregard the importance of her arrest. This is big. It’s not like FBI decided to go after Maxwell out of kindness of their hearts. There’s various forces at play both internally and externally that made this possible. Bunch of dominos will fall, elites will feel less confident and world in general will be slightly less evil as a result.

    • Correct. This is big. It involves Joe Biden and even Mayor Pete.

  • “…our world is ruled by sociopaths using violence, plutocracy and propaganda. Follow it even further…”
    I’m not convinced we need to follow it even further. If we solved the problem of sociopaths, we would solve the problem of the rabbit hole.

  • The world has seen a greater number of lives lost from the plots of the Oligarchies’ playbook, compared to a few in concentration camps, under Hitler funded by the Jewish Bankers’ themselves. Its also funny how Germans are blamed for the atrocities in Germany, when they were instructed by the Jews. Project Paper clip brought them to America, they are claimed to be the evil, when they were funded and worked exclusively under the Jews for their agenda. Its no coincidence that the higher echelons are dominated by Jews, secured with power and influence within the shade of the Jewish Oligarchies, who love to pawn Jewish folks under their reign. I mean most of these folks cannot help themselves and pretend to play a game of distancing themselves from Zionists.

    Why do we lie to ourselves that Communism and Socialism is an outcome of Russian think tank, when it is overtly Jewish policies implemented on an enemy soil, Russia and China have expressed the ideology to sell fragrance , while every other country is in some way or the other actively has the hands of Oligarchies in every aspect of life.
    It has become a trend to not hate the Jews, or more over we are instructed so, even when we actually talk about the higher ups we cannot comment about the Jewish aspect. Its alright to use the term “radical Islamist” but every jew is an angel for some reason.

    Every Jewish folk is loyal to “their people”, Israel, consequently the higher ups and the Oligarchies, but please don’t hate them, as you would be labeled for being violent and expressing hatred, lolz.
    I actually do not hate the Jewish people, as they are assets themselves to the Oligarchies. If one wants to know the source of power follow the cask flow or money, and if one wants to know the architecture of corruption follow the Jew !! As there is no force greater than them, one could realize if we get past the mainstream or i call it Jew-stream propaganda media.

    People talk a whole lot of political gibberish excluding the Jews. It like talking about European colonialism, with Europeans excluded. Most people like hitting around the bush than have a sane mind.

    • You can delete this comment if inappropriate, I just realized there was no option to delete it myself!!

    • Nice post. The “The Jews” as if every person born under the identity is evil and rich. You actually believe it as well.

      This is why BLM exists. Idiots like you that round up a group and decide they are the bad guys.

      Israel is a country with a government that like the US is designed to enslave it’s citizens. Are you really so stupid to think every “Jew” in Israel is rich and dangerous?

      How about Russian Jews? Polish Jews. German Jews, American Jews.

      Are you so full of hatred to believe every Jew is part of a club of elite rich fuckers?

      Please, please send me a check every week then. I must have the power to get you to send me money since my heritage is Jewish. I do not personally follow the religion but my parents told me that’s what we are.

      Do you not see what you are doing?

      Look at your post and read it and change the word Jew for whatever you consider yourself to be. How does it feel?

      This is why government’s were created and it’s the worst possible reason. To control people because people fear a group that is gonna get them and need a gang to keep them safe. So they enslave themselves and their future children and children’s children all from the hate of one person who did not understand the simple reality of this world.

      We are all part of the same consciousness.

    • Sorry I left out that

      Rockefeller, Carnegie and Rothschild are not Jewish, by the way.

      But it’s all the Jewish Banksters that created all the world’s word.

      The Cabal were ravaging countries in the 1400s and the Russians told them they had to select a religion or they would have to stop them from their insanity. They selected Judaism. Selected.

      They were not Jews as Rothschild was not. That was not even his original name.

      Wake up. There is no one group to blame for evil. Blaming one group is evil.

  • Remember, when Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell testifies, she must be believed.
    Everything she says has to be believed.
    Because, she is a woman.
    And every woman must be believed. Especially when testifying about sex. A woman would never lie about sex. A woman never lies about anything. The woman must be believed if she says she had no part in grooming young girls for Epstein’s blackmail ring.
    Believe Women!

  • Like in America, where public education has been defunded in favor of police and prisons.
    — Trump attacks democracy in a speech marking the day when America declared independence from the English oligarchs. Honors the nations founders by saying that it is horribly wrong to protest against one’s government. Long Live the King!
    — Meanwhile, in other news, a woman ‘accidentally’ fell into the Grand Canyon. Tells St. Peter at the Pearly Gates that she didn’t see the hole in the ground.

  • To give all the children the opportunity to set aside the controller. True Freedom. Thank you Caitlin.

  • I wish to respond to the some of the reply’s to the above editorial.
    It is OK to hate injustice! Yes it is, because these people that are controlling our lives, seek, to bring injustices upon us, deliberately! So as to build their new Techno-Fascist Systems to the forefront, a live Global Prison System, using Covid-19 as a “back-door” for its FULL implementation. With a Digital payment system in place, they WILL, gain full knowledge of every moment of your life, what you buy, sell, swap, love, hate, eat, travel. Worse, they will ALSO control what you buy, sell, swap, who to love, who to hate, what to eat, where you can travel, etc, until you are completely enslaved & dependent THEIR system.
    There is a saying, those who give up their freedom & liberty, freely, neither deserve liberty nor freedom! Truth, when learned, breaks that person free from the bonds that have enslaved & brainwashed them, it rises like a ball held underwater, very rapidly and for all to see!

    “Over 40 Rights Groups Call on UK to Free Julian Assange”

    • I agree with the intent of the powerful to do these things, but the system they control is starting to collapse in every way, and they cannot command it better, because they have bled it into a big, weal shell.
      So, what?
      It’s the serious question regarding the end of the postwar western capitalist economic world, which gradually corrupted into neoliberal financial capitalism, which showed “GDP growth”, while real economy was hollowed out, and pension contracts were invisibly looted to become overt lies.
      The power elites are not in one camp. They are in several conflicting camps, none of them willing to give up any power or prerogative, as current economy shrinks, and future economy is in massive negative numbers compared to obligations of debt-service and retirements/pensions.
      Somebody, some large group of people needs to be dispossessed, and it can’t be the actual elites.
      This is not going to work. That’s obvious, but not necessarily so to billionaires.
      We can see that this systemic crisis has been pushed into the present by coronavirus, and a response by the system, which includes lies, lack of material resources, denial, and failures of serial retreats of public policy in a variety of directions. “Nobody is in charge.”
      The economic model of neoliberal capitalism has a fatal flaw. It says that “money can replace anything”. An implication of the money-is-enough principle is that “if it doesn’t cost much, it is not very important to the economy”. Provision of food is an example, and so is the provision of power. They are cheap, which allows the rest of the economy to boom and get big numbers, but everybody dies without food…
      We can’t really ignore the rioting and destruction of historical symbols taking place in the US. It is anti-system, but it is also funded by certain financial elites.
      If it continues on its’ current trajectory, America gets left-totalitarianism, and certain people will be dispossessed, due to their sins. That group will need to keep growing, as it did in France, Russia, China and Cambodia.
      If there is a big enough backlash, then America will get more of a right totalitarianism, dispossessing “socialists”, who already don’t have much at ground level.
      People feel the fracture in the world, but things are not actually, physically bad yet. There is food, air-conditioning, TV and internet service. Facebook works.
      There is not yet widespread visceral desperation. The elites are trying out some models and seeing what “we” resonate with, what tools may manipulate “us” most readily to kill each other until we are worn out, and they present us with some slave deal with an end to the mass murders. Everybody accepts those deals.
      Let’s not let ourselves be driven into that chute, OK?

      • Sorry. Human nature is constant so history repeats itself again and again. It will not be different this time. Fully agree with your assessment. My vote is for severe backlash and a right wing dictatorship. Somewhere along the line when it gets bad enough the military always steps in or decides who to back.

  • Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > The Julian Assange story is being written right now whether you like it or not. In ten years when the movie comes out with Colin Hanks playing Nils Melzer as the truth-seeking protagonist who would not give up, which side of the story will you be able to say you were on?
    July 3, 2020: Over 40 Rights Groups Call on UK to Free Julian Assange — International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

    • I dont know. By then there will be no theaters and the internet and media will be so heavily crnsored we will never see it.

  • Go drink bleach you dumb fucking antisemite

    • woops, was supposed to be a reply, didn’t work–sorry

      • not referring to the author– a commenter

    • Why would anyone be pro-semite? so that people can avoid being bullied and harassed by the Jews? Or is it another holocaust guilt people are injected with, which they cannot emotionally bear?

    • Nice family picture of Weinstein, I knew there was something to it, he wouldn’t play ball so rather than give away the plot, they charged him with something else and put him away on trumped up charges in a fake show trial.

  • I’ve had you on my desktop for some time never disappoint getting better all the time thanks. Keep up the good work. Nil illegitimo carborundum!(Alan Sillitoe)

  • “Supporting the censorship of online speech is to support the authority of monopolistic tech oligarchs to exert more and more control over human communication. Regardless of your attitude toward whoever happens to be getting deplatformed today, supporting this is suicidal.”
    Mark Twain purportedly said, “If Voting Made a Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It”. If he were around today, he might say: “If Free Speech was Really Free, They’d Never Let Us Do It”. Free Speech is too important to leave to just anybody, you know. You have to be on the Approved List and never ever stray off the Approved Narratives Path.
    “…Our world is ruled by sociopaths using violence, plutocracy and propaganda. Follow it even further and you’ll learn that we are ultimately ruled by no one and the self is an illusion and the world is not as it seems.”
    Follow THAT even further and you’ll learn that The Self is an illusion that expends a great deal of energy protecting “itself” from all the other illusions around it that are also doing to the same thing to everything else around. In other words, we’re all wasting a lot of time and energy for nothing. Violence, plutocracy and propaganda are all big contributors to the massive energy-wasting going on. One can only dream about what kind of experiences we could be having if all that energy were directed toward something useful. When a person stops hitting their head against the wall, your head stops hurting and you begin to think and see things clearly. And actually start to feel GOOD.

  • The Trump obsessed msm.

  • Dear Patriots,
    If you really support America, and that for which it stands, then
    -you believe in a weak central government and strong states
    -you believe in the central government having a strong legislature and a weak executive
    -you believe in having a small military and a small police with citizen militias providing the extra people-power when necessary.
    This is what the Patriots who fought the Revolutionary War and won this nation’s freedom established as the system in this country. They designed as weak a central government as possible. They wanted a weak executive running that government. They did not want a standing army. To the extent that they were willing to create any of these, it was because they regarded them as a necessary evil which should be as limited as possible.
    This is a description of America.
    This is the description of an America that deserved to be called The Land of the Free.
    If you call yourself a Patriot, but then favor a strong government, a strong executive, and a strong military, then you are a Traitor to the cause of America.

    • Support yourSELF.
      A land mass doesn’t need your support it needs people to stop dumping poison in and on it and to clean its rivers

      Calling people names like traitor is not ” woke” or conscious.

      America is just a concept .
      America is the name of a land mass .
      The people unknowingly still under the Banking Cabal’s rule .
      Naively celebrate Independence Day.
      This is a system we call Bankerism: a political and economic monopoly.
      Its global.

      • When I refer to America, I mean Americans, not a land mass. Or do you think Americans are just a concept? All this cosmic navel gazing is a wonderful concept, but I find it amusing when the bad people, groups or countries are coming after you, you cry like a little B.
        This is a great country to live in. Stop your whining get off your duff and personally do something to make it better. Because after you’ve sat and contemplated all the “concepts” the rest of us are trying to make this world better. What have you done lately?

        • i think it’s more a case of americans being the bad people who go after others. look at the evidence.

        • This article is so mainstream.
          And ego expanded, with abusive language , doing harm then telling others what to do.

          There are no “Americans” just human beings.
          Caitlin/ Bobby you label and condemn others to make your ego feel better than.I don’t think you can speak for the ” we” unless its your multi personalities.

          May the truth be revealed

  • Trump mind programming , anti US and the global banking cabal’s low level players in their pedo ring equals the same old MSM memes.
    The truth is being revealed as the Oligarchs reliance on alt right blogs like this increases.

    Trump is not the concept “America”, he was not even chosen by the American people but by the Zionist banking Cabal that runs the political and economic show. Its a monopoly.

    There is no change in Awareness it is the changeless.

    • Yes CJ the Trump obsession is only one of my concerns.

  • Stop hating. It helps us all learn about our true inner selves. The part that hates is not who you are and what you are hating is not who he is.

    I am truly not talking to you I believe but to myself. While Trump is not my thing that I focus on unquestionably I know just by typing this nonsense this is not who I am.

    Learning to let this crap go is so hard but telling others what to do when we need to do it ourselves is certainly the most popular habit of all.

    So I post this to myself more than to any specific entity. Go and sit quiet and find my heart space and push it out front. Head forward no more. Heart forward is how I need to go.

    • The part of you that hates is most often the place where the propaganda has gotten through and into your brain.
      On one hand, there are actual reasons for hate. If there is a neighborhood bully who regularly attacks you and steals from you, then hate is a rather natural response.
      But be very wary of the hate towards distant others. That can only be from the propaganda getting into your brain. When you hate people you’ve never met, when you hate people who’ve never done anything directly to you, then it is highly likely that your hate is the result of propaganda.
      People can act at a distance. If a Congress passes a bill and President signs a bill that makes you homeless, starving on the street, and dying from being denied medical care, then yes, they have harmed you. But if you just hate people because of what you’ve heard about them, be very, very careful about the path you are walking down. Because it most certainly appears to lead downwards and not upwards.

  • Caity, your position on centrists is essentially what I’ve also been saying about everyday, under-informed Americans. They won’t join the resistance that is needed to replace our broken system with one that will work, first and foremost until they finally lose the little they had left.
    Does anyone honestly expect to hear the truth from either the deep state or the politicians? Really?
    And, as I’ve been saying for 3 years now, Trump (whom I’ve detested for 30 years) is NOT the problem, he is merely a symptom of the problem.
    I’ve been on the Assange -side since the beginning. That won’t change.
    Several online mainstream news outlets enjoy censoring (or completely removing) my posts and replies. I used to think that I’d just stop using them. then I decided, why hide the truth. If I keep them so busy checking what I say, a few of the truths will have to just sneak by. Interestingly, the more I post, the more people agree with me. So, I don’t know which is more fun. Sharing the truth and finding agreement – or annoying the hell out of censors that should just go there.
    Our world is ruled by worse than sociopaths. A sociopathy is but a subset of the greater condition that would label them full-blown psychopaths. They don’t care about anyone but themselves, because they don’t recognize that an obligation to do so even exists. They go for what they want because they know that the fit will hit the shan, but they will be dead by the time that it does.

    • Stop hating. It helps us all learn about our true inner selves. The part that hates is not who you are and what you are hating is not who he is.

      I am truly not talking to you I believe but to myself. While Trump is not my thing that I focus on unquestionably I know just by typing this nonsense this is not who I am.

      Learning to let this crap go is so hard but telling others what to do when we need to do it ourselves is certainly the most popular habit of all.

      So I post this to myself more than to any specific entity. Go and sit quiet and find my heart space and push it out front. Head forward no more. Heart forward is how I need to go.

  • “When war, oppression, exploitation and ecocide are the status quo, those who just want health and harmony are painted as extremists.” This simple observation cuts through all the current confusion and cacophony. Underlying the harsh noise, mind manipulation, and strident conflict in our current world is one fundamental and unifying issue: DECENCY–toward other human beings and all living things. The pressing question thrust upon us by the sudden freeze of the pandemic, stopping temporarily the frenzied spinning of The Great Gerbil Wheel known as neoliberalism, is whether we human beings can bring into being a socioeconomic order that is fundamentally decent. Had we not gotten to the point, pre-pandemic, when virtually everyone recognized that our neoliberal system was nothing but a highway to hell, to increasing oppression and austerity for the vast majority of human beings and to the continuing rape and murder of Mother Nature? Damn near EVERYONE knew this at some level, elites and masses alike. So, as the pandemic gradually subsides and things finally begin to thaw, do we merely climb back into the gerbil wheel and resume spinning it with abandon, knowing as we do the horrendous outcome of that frenzied activity? OR do we find a way–force a way, if necessary–to bring into being an entirely new socioeconomic order, one which meets essential human needs while also “living lightly” on the earth? Caitlin calls for an expansion of consciousness, and that is surely a precondition for the birth of an alternative system. But is it not equally important to begin to envision, in concrete and practical terms, what that alternative system might look like, feel like to live in–how it would operate to create and deliver goods and services, how it would simultaneously maintain individual initiative and social cohesion, etc.? During the first Gilded Age, a now-forgotten American novelist shook his nation and the world with precisely such a concrete, detailed vision of a radically egalitarian social order, a vision with enough apparent viability to unnerve the status quo. Regrettably, the majority of us human beings were not quite ready for radical change in the late 19th Century; many of our backs weren’t fully pressed against the wall, many of our necks weren’t fully under the pressure of the boot; the natural world was not dying before our eyes. Soon, however, VERY SOON, when the post-pandemic depression marginalizes and crushes what’s left of the middle and working classes, we human beings WILL be ready. And the rallying cry that will bring us together and bring us the victory will be one single word that says it all: DECENCY.


  • “Follow it even further and you’ll learn that we are ultimately ruled by no one and the self is an illusion and the world is not as it seems”.

    Well said. To hear the know-it-alls respond when I say you must get rid of self and be a nobody they look at me like I’m crazy. Since I likely am and don’t have a clue on how to explain it I link Tolle.

    It’s hard though. People that do not agree but wear the mask to avoid a battle to buy something in the local store don’t know what else to do.

    The Northeast US is quite insane but it may be true everywhere. It’s simply all I see.

    There are no simple solutions but if you have suggestions Caitlin, please go right ahead, if u dare.

  • I F*^**^ LOVE YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  • Great article thanks for it . At my age sex scandals like race baiting and of late plague panic-demics have become passe, and now more than ever before simply one of the tools of the “propaganda industry”.

    • oh oh “race baiting” “panic-demics”, right wing talking points.

      • Light weight thinkers like yourself see “right and or left wing talking points” on every issue. When in fact they are just rhetorical tools employed by all propagandists in the “us versus them” game you are caught up in..

        • idiots like you see resistance to police murder as “race bating”, and the pandemic as a dnc driven plot instead of a world wide pandemic. i’m not caught up in an us vs them debate, both parties suck but on this issue, not every issue, claiming the protests are riots and the virus is a hoax is typical right wing bullshit. try to focus next time instead of responding with vapid generalizations. every issue my ass.

  • Caitlin, I think you’re a star. There are a few others in the ‘alternative’ media who speak out like you but not enough. Keep up the good work.

  • “Our world is ruled by sociopaths using violence, plutocracy and propaganda.” In other words, ruled by governments. These are the characteristics of all of them. Their only authority is a self proclaimed monopoly on violence. That they are justified in their use of violence to force any and all to do their bidding. Even if one currently suffers under one of a more benevolent bent, rest assured it will not remain so. All are owned by the bank cartel, which has arranged for all economic games to be played in their casino. The house always wins. While the US harbors a great many evils and injustices, when it falls it will likely be replaced by China, which will NOT be an improvement. The west has a culture of resistance, the east does not. At least not to the same degree. Voting does nothing but bolster the authority of the Psychopaths In Charge.

  • Thank you, Caitlin, an outstanding ‘State of the Union’ on this Independence Day. Happy “4th” and hope to you despite the glum outlook.

  • You galloped through a lot of the world’s ills with this one and, I think appropriately, ended by anchoring the piece around consciousness again. I loved the analogy of the kid up a tree which so many people will relate to. The ‘what’ of the problem of change is easier to crack than the ‘how’, but your writing is one step towards the latter. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • This comment was posted in Medium in response to Caitlin’s follow-the-mainstream inability to identify the intelligence agency: “I just wish one of these articles I read about Ghislaine Maxwell had the courage to name the Israelis as the “foreign intelligence agency” that ran Epstein’s operation and most likely did the hit on him. It’s common knowledge but everyone is so programmed not to criticize Israel that they don’t go there no matter what. Espionage was a family business for Ghislaine. When her father died then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said at Maxwell’s funeral: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said.” These aren’t clues. These are billboards. Yet, everyone tiptoes around the topic and it’s quite ridiculous.”

    • how do you know the cia or fbi didn’t kill him? this is like the plot of some mystery where in the end all the suspects were guilty. does queen elizabeth have much sway with the british intelligence services? all we know is that somebody powerful had him whacked, and it was somebody that could make sure he the right guards were on duty and the right cameras didn’t work. would the mossad have the capacity to pull that off with a high profile prisoner in a u.s. prison without american cooperation? and why on earth was she in new hampshire, instead of someplace she couldn’t be extradited from? for that matter, why did epstein himself return? somebody he trusted lured him here with something.

      • I hope you don’t think your arguments are countering the control by a “foreign intelligence agency”. If anything, it’s further confirmation. Thanks.

        • i hope you learn to read and understand what you are reading. i’m not questioning that a foreign intelligence agency could have done it, i’m looking at the details to try to ascertain who did do it. i’m not countering anything, but while we’re at it how did the mossad get so much control over an american prison. if epstein had been offed in tel aviv the cia wouldn’t be the first suspect, it would be the mossad. if you don’t mind besmirching your brain with thinking, that is.

      • Everyone assumes that Mr. Epstein is dead; he may not be. Even federal prisons are ” criminal enterprises ” where anyone can be killed quite easily. I will bet that Ms Maxwell, her lawyers, and her ” friends ” already have a ” sweetheart deal ” lined up for her. I hope that someday a book is written about what she knows happened and who the people were.

        • i think he’s dead, i think he was lured here to set up for capture, and given what he knew that signing a death warrant. the thing i don’t understand is why he wasn’t offed on his island–it suggests that whoever lured him here didn’t want to kill him, at least at first.

  • Yet another magnificent article, Ms Johnstone. I am sure Ms Maxwell is well prepared to exploit her knowledge to her advantage at every turn and situation. As for these United States of America; we are ” in the toilet ” swirling around and about to be flushed into the sewer of histories collapsed human empires. As for me I am still astounded by that political poster that read ” New evidence shows that Mr. Putin murdered Jesus!” 2020 is half over but it feels like it has been ten years since January. What a ride.

    • i don’t remember the rules on profanity here, so i will just say no f’n sh.. times speeding up in subjective time as chaos multiplies.

      • Profanity and mainstream ideas here live here . MSM Trumpism, democracy dogma, anti USA ,Agent Assange, pro Russia, politically low rank pedos, pseudo spiritual(ego) topped off with Ciatlin writing lots of comments as aliases massaging their expanding ego.

        May the truth be revealed.

  • “With a little humble introspection you’d quickly see…” Yup, there is a flow of life that sets the stage for our happy destiny.

    I like the way you think Ms. Caitlin. Keep on.

  • When they didnt convict Senator Bob Menendez from NJ a couple years ago, that should be a clear sign to anyone that no one powerful gets convicted. Why do you think all tge banksters are in NY. The NY AG and court system is the most corrupt circuit in the country. This epstein affair will all blow over like the madam in NYC that had a black book of all her powerful clients. Poof gone, nothing to see here.

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    i get that every timme but it goes through anyway. wonder if it even works at all.

    • sometimes i get 3 little “tests” in a row, sometimes it goes right through.

    • I friggin reposted the same crap after getting the message.

      I then read what I posted and wanted to delete it. Now it’s there twice.

      WordPress is free for a reason.

      • Attention attention Harry (its got nothing to do with wordpress).

  • beautiful! do you know her? ghlassine? classified? can you fix me up…?
    she really sounds exciting.
    wonder if she was a cheerleader back in the day.
    they cling to that glory y’know. if foot ball is glorious.
    oh well.
    you are cool. anyway i agree. so that proves it to me.
    if the picture i saw today of the Epstein cell is true, it had no pipes nothing.
    to throw the shet over to hang oneself. kinda messy like after a brawl.
    i dunno.
    must be Trump who if he controls aaron Bull long enough should make it to the end of his
    career still out of jail.
    now Biden. get ready for the party. like 1929!
    yea…dementnia de vos and other exiles.
    we gonna party til the virus changes….

  • Mossad asset, Ghislane Maxwell has been arrested. It looks like they want to wrap all of this up and encapsulate it in concrete now. It has been hanging over a lot of powerful heads, like the sword of Damocles, for way too long.

    The Comedian-in-Chief can only start illegal wars, not withdraw from them. It’s unconstitutional and stuff.
    The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to put roadblocks on President Trump’s ability to withdraw from Afghanistan, including requiring an assessment on whether any country has offered incentives for the Taliban to attack U.S. and coalition troops.

  • Your Julian Assange reference. He hasn’t been found guilty of any crime; Schapelle Corby was found guilty in a Bali court. Yet, The Federal Government under John Howard renewed its offer to Schapelle Corby for two Queens Counsel to work on her appeals on a pro-bono basis.

    Foreign Minister Alexander Downer confirmed the Australian Government had already committed a substantial amount of money to her defence, and would consider further assistance.

    What assistance is PM Morrison and Minister Payne providing Assange? Please explain.

  • Thank you Caitlin.

  • Not sure why but this reminded me of the film PI.

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