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In A Universe

In a universe where death exists,

in a universe where love exists,

in a universe where scientific mysteries exist,

in a universe where eyesight exists,

in a universe where hummingbirds exist,

in a universe where giant oceanic manta rays exist,

in a universe where starling murmurations exist,

in a universe where octopus stinkhorn plants exist,

in a universe where black holes exist,

in a universe where quantum physics exists,

in a universe where consciousness exists,

in a universe where DMT trips exist,

I am going to spend the next five hours arguing

about the effectiveness of face masks

with a stranger

on the internet.





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  • In a universe where 95 percent of the population is culturally conditioned to cover 95 percent of their bodies 95 percent of the time for no good reason, we argue vehemently over the coverage of an additional 2 percent in crowds and mixed company. To anyone who considers this an argument over independent thought and behavior, I’m sorry, but as they say in Texas, “that horse has done left the barn.” Let’s hear what you have to say “standin’ nekkid.”

  • Traffic! Over a million people die every year due to traffic. It maims millions more. This is an absolute travesty. Not a single one of these people needed to die. The solution is incredibly simple. 5 mph speed limit (or 8 kph). Strictly enforced. Done.

    Huge numbers of lives saved. So many life-changing injuries avoided. This would accomplish far more than ridiculous masks against whatever pandemic people have been conned into believing.

    Even if this speed limit doesn’t yet exist, we can all do our part anyway. Choose now to drive 5 mph (or even slower!). It’s the right thing to do.

  • I think everyone should wear masks and face shields because you may make me sick. I think all overweight people should be banned from fast food because their increased health problems puts a strain on society. I think all cigarettes should be banned because it may cause lung cancer. I think we should stop all sports because someone can get hurt. I think we should try again to ban alcohol because it increases domestic disputes. I think we should ban all bicycles on the road because they may get hit. I think we should prohibit all activities on the water because you may drown. Should I go on,the list is limitless.

  • It is unlikely that your argument will succeed in changing anyone’s mind. I applaud your efforts, but if people haven’t been convinced by now in unlikely that your efforts will be successful.

    To be so thick-headed ( I have other words, but you get my point) that by this time a person hasn’t learned the value of face masks, it is obvious that don’t want to hear any scientific evidence, only political B.S.

    Best of luck in your efforts.

  • Wearing a mask to reduce exhaled particles works pretty well. Wearing a mask to reduce inhaled particles, works somewhat.
    Exhaled particles last up to a half hour in a closed room. They build up.
    It’s no problem if they don’t carry contagious viral particles, but if they do, other people i the room can get infected by inhaling them.
    Don’t be in a closed room with a lot of people, to reduce COVID spread.
    As you live your daily, imperfect life, use little patches like masking and handwashing to reduce the risk of living a a human, somewhat.
    This is not the hill to die on. There is a lot we must do to survive the next decade. We should get to work. Fighting about masks distracts us.
    That’s welcome, but it’s an excuse to avoid necessary thoughts and actions.

  • If life is a death sentence, then death is a life sentence. What we are currently experiencing is Death. When we die, we are born.

    • Uh, be careful.
      Words cannot actually express truth, and these are pretty high stakes you are playing with.
      Best be certain on this life-and-death thing.

  • One correction Caitlin.
    Death does not exist.
    The ‘experience’ of death being utterly subjective and unreportable does not, cannot exist.
    Dead bodies are not death.
    Being dead is the same place we were before we were born.
    Pure, unadulterated, blissful awareness.

    • You express some interesting and useful points, “Fair Dinkum” (whatever the heck that means). I would be interested to know where you acquired such insights. I am myself reminded of Saying 18 of the Gospel of Thomas:
      The disciples said to Jesus, “Tell us how our end will be?”
      Jesus said, “Have you discovered the beginning, then, that you are seeking to know the end? For in the place where the beginning is, there the end will be. Blessed is one who will stand to his feet at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death.”
      (The use of the term “stand to his feet” here suggests the relevance of Saying 23 of the Gospel of Thomas, which tells us (along with Ezek 37:10) that those who will be chosen to bring the Kingdom of God to earth will “stand to their feet as a single one.” Also, “the place where the beginning is” suggests the relevance of the “place of life” of the child referred to in Saying 4.) Study of some of the other sayings of the Gospel of Thomas has led me to what I can express as some apparently bad news and some good news. The apparently bad news is that everything in the real world which is familiar to ordinary people will eventually perish. The good new is that you are not a real world entity.

  • If a fart can get through underwear and a pair of pants how is a mask going to stop the coronovirus which is way smaller. Think about it the next time you wear a mask.

    • Freedom is absolute when one being lives on the planet. Otherwise, the exercise of freedom by one will be tyranny upon the other, unless tempered somehow by empathy, compassion, law, fear of reprisal,… something.

      • Agree. But who decides. Life is getting more oppressive with each succeeding generation. It has reached the point of near tyranny. The west is unraveling because of this obsession to tell others what to do. Global socialism has exceeded its limits. Cspital fascism has exceeded its limits. Strangely both are happening at the same time.

  • I am not against masks. I am against not having the right to decide if I need to wear one. Deciding to take my freedom away for your sake is going down a rabbit hold none of us want to travel. I feel the same way about seat belts and driving a motorcycle without a helmet. Next thing you will tell me that if I am overweight I cannot eat fast food. Imagine going into a restaurant and have foods designated only for people not overweight. I know, all of this is for my own good. Thank you soooooo much.

    • Perhaps the greatest hypocrisy is the pretense that our government gives a damn about our health.

    • Some of us “want to travel there” because some of us have a civic responsibility and a love for our fellow humans. We want to protect ourselves and help protect others, too. Masks are a very small ask. Mandates are for knuckleheaded dummies who won’t do the right thing. So be it, if they are needed in some instances.

      • There’s no contagion to protect against. Don’t be a sheep pushing the establishment’s deception on others. Become informed. Here’s a start:

        • There is a gain-of-function mnipulated military virus on the loose. The US, China and Canada all certainly had it, and probably other countries, too. It slipped out. Maybe in Ft Detrick MD in June 2019, maybe in Wuhan China in October 2019. It’s loose. It attacks the lining of the blood vessels, causes clots, viral cardiomyopathy, heart attacks, strokes, long term lung damage, kidney failure and diarrhea.
          Denial is the wrong defense mechanism, this time around. Try something better. “Intellectualization” might be start. Study Up!

        • John Day. Understandably you have some gaps in your conception. Doctors Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka, Young have all exposed the virus theory scam. Many others. Contagions have been a hoax from the very beginning. However, disinformation abounds. We’ve been indoctrinated from a very young age on Germ Theory and the false belief there are infinitesimally small bits of dead tissue floating around to be feared. Supposedly these stealthy, insidious bits of dead RNA can invade our cells and make us sick. Think about it. Does that really make sense?

          We get sick because we’re poisoned, or stressed, or due to our thoughts and beliefs, e.g. nocebo effect. Read Bruce Lipton. Or we find our body breaking down simply because we’re getting old. (We don’t live forever, and we don’t necessarily run smoothly right up to the end.) Humans are complex systems, as are causes of their dis-ease.

          Dismantling The Viral Theory

          The dismantling of the viral theory

          What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong

          Dr. Tom Cowan – COVID-19 Is Just Smoke and Mirrors (56 minutes)

          Makia Freeman has written many great articles on the topic. These provide a great overview and point to further research. Here’s one:

          There’s also Kelly Brogan M.D., Jon Rappoport, qestioningcovid.com, much more.

          The information is out there. It’s not that hard to find really. Enjoy the red pill.

      • I am sure you do. That is the trouble with the world today. Too many people wanting to tell others what to do for their own good. You should become a politician.

    • I am all for personal freedom and freedom of choice, except when your choices impact the lives of others. By not wearing a mask you are putting other people at risk and setting an example for some who still on the fence about whether or not to wear a mask.
      Driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet is just plain stupid, but people waiting for organ transplants are happy with your decision.
      Not wearing a seat belt falls into the category. Any accident that would involve physical injury will be made worse by not wearing a seat belt.
      If these accidents only involved you and your death, I would be less concerned. Your accident will be made worse, but necessarily fatal, only giving you a lifetime of disability which carries an impact to society and the people who care about you. We started giving up “our rights” when we started living in groups and it continues today. Try to think less about yourself and more about those around you. Yes, you are giving up a “right”, but you are doing so for the potential benefit of the group.

      • When you seek to control others action for your supposed personal safety this is true tyrrany. Lets look at this from another angle. You change your behavior if you are concerned. Avoid people without masks. Avoid going to establishments around people without masks. Stay home if you are concerned. Exercise your freedom to isolate. Stop demanding people change for you. You change if you are concerned. Wear a Hazmat suit. I wont try to stop your freedom to do these things. So stop trying to tell me to wear this, stand here, etc etc.

        • Watch out for the deluded self-righteous on their mission to fix the world.

  • Love it!

  • There are other matters on the horizon! This article can be read here:
    Gates Tries to Justify Side Effects of Fast-Tracked Vaccine

  • “in a universe where quantum physics exists, in a universe where consciousness exists, in a universe where DMT trips exist, I am going to spend the next five hours arguing about the effectiveness face masks with a stranger on the internet.”
    Masks work, but not for the purpose most people think they’re being used for. Masks work great in fostering fear, division, irrationality, and the worship of Fake Science and Unfounded Bogus Consensus from Bought-And-Paid-For Technocrats. Masks are a personal statement of faith that a piece of cloth that can’t filter out the tiny virus is more important than developing herd immunity that would end the crisis. Having faith in masks is a renunciation of having faith in the Higher Powers to lead and protect us. Why, we don’t need God to protect us. We have a piece of cloth that was ordained as sacred by the High Priests of Government and Bought-And-Pay-For-Scientific-Opinions-Without-Portfolio. Wearing a mask gives me the right to shame all those who don’t. How dare anyone question our great false gods of today? We have built unto them a Golden Calf (that looks like a facial cloth) and placed it upon the desecrated altar of our God-given facial flesh that was once used to worship The On High. We cover our mouths with it so we cannot speak. We cover our faces with it so we can’t show our uniqueness. We have to look the same. We have to believe the same. We have to demand that all others do as we do. We have to shut off our minds and our hearts and worship The Cult of the Mask. “Oh dear mask, our great protector, hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done!” To that, one might ask, has anyone bothered to read the First Commandment lately? Oh, sorry, that’s not science, is it.

    • Yes. The mask is becoming a symbol of compliance with the powers that be and all the crap they’re shoving down our throats. It’s ridiculous and not worth arguing about in itself and yet it’s definitely a sign of things to come.

    • Well stated. Could go on a rant about it but you stated it very well.

    • If we all wore masks, who would see us smile?

  • I used to fear that the universe was irrational.

    No. The universe is eminently rational. Otherwise physics wouldn’t behave as it does.

    Then I feared that human beings are irrational.

    No. For the most part not. Even the street people wandering around screaming at invisible assholes come back the next day, fed and well enough to return to the same street to scream at the same invisible assholes, day after day.

    Now I realize it’s not about rationality or sanity at all.

    When you get that queasy gaslit feeling and the frame is woo-ooing in and out and the images morph back and forth and you start feeling like you’re losing touch with all semblance of reality…

    Someone is _lying_ to you.

    A whole shitload.

  • Our world is very similar to the world in the days of Noah. We are full speed decadent and the more you climb the socio-economic ladders, the more decadent.

    The good news is that it means the return of Jesus is very near.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    • Sometimes I feel like we’re all on a sinking ship and the officers are busy auctioning off tickets for the lifeboats.

  • Simply priceless.

  • How absurd, right?

  • “I am going to spend the next five hours arguing about the effectiveness face masks…”

    in a universe where contagions do not exist.

  • Oh yeah, the Masks!! Blah blah blah blah. Good move, don’t spend your time on it. Just remember, ‘we have not yet exhausted our potential for stupidity.’

  • Wonderful, Caitlin!

    Typo: effectiveness OF face masks…
    And, I am Not? going to…? Works either way.
    Hope you see this before it posts.

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