Exactly zero of the world’s worst people are in prison.


The main obstacle to humanity forming a collaborative relationship with each other and our ecosystem isn’t because of “human nature”, it’s because manipulative psychopaths keep working their way into power. Finding a way to deal with psychopathy would solve most of our problems.


Some people find it offensive that I say Trump is no worse than his predecessors. I find it offensive that they ignore the barbarism of Trump’s predecessors.


The way politicians pretend to despise their opponents’ depraved actions and then get all cuddly later proves they’re not each other’s enemy, they’re yours.


Biden will probably be the next US president unless something drastic happens (which of course is always possible), and anti-imperialists are at least somewhat aware that this will likely mean an increase in military interventionism and cold war escalations. We should all start getting real and preparing for that.

I guarantee that anyone who’s made a thorough study of opposing US imperialism suspects it will get worse, maybe a lot worse, under Biden and his ventriloquist team. But they’re afraid to say so because being perceived as supporting the Trump disaster can hurt your reputation.


Always side against US imperialism. You’ll always be right, you’ll always look cool, you’ll win every argument, and history will always vindicate you.


People who accept cold war escalations against China and/or Russia simply haven’t thought hard enough about what nuclear war is, what it would mean, and the way it would be likely to happen.


“Of course I know the US lies about everything and circulates propaganda constantly, I’m not a fool,” said the Smart Internet Person. “But also for some strange reason it’s become very very important to me over the last year that we all hate China.”


Chinagaters are all the dumbest things about Russiagaters plus all the dumbest things about Republicans.


These are US military bases. One of the two countries in question is behaving aggressively, the other is behaving defensively. If you can’t figure out which is which, it’s because your media echo chamber has turned your brain into soup.


“I don’t trust China” is like half the comments I get on social media these days.

Nobody’s asking you to “trust” China. You don’t have to “trust” anyone to advocate for detente over world-threatening cold war escalations. This really isn’t complicated.


Pundits are like “Beijing is just trying to control Xinjiang because its location will play a crucial role in Belt and Road!”

Uhh yeah, duh. And the western empire is fighting to remove that region from Chinese control for literally the exact same reason. How is this not obvious?


Mentally replace every news headline about every US-targeted government with “Nation Insists On Its Own Financial, Economic, Resource and/or Military Sovereignty”. You’ll get a much more accurate picture of what’s going on.


I despise antisemites. The real, triple brackets-using kind, not the imaginary Jeremy Corbyn kind.


Notice how most of the mainstream buzz about psychedelics today is about their usefulness in a turning psychologically troubled people into functional cogs in the machine, not in letting everyone use them so we can all see the insanity of the machine itself.


There’s a common misconception that talking about conspiracy theories is a good way to get clicks. That’s false. Talking about conspiracy theories which confirm mainstream partisan biases is a good way to get clicks. Those also happen to be the shitty kind of conspiracy theories.


When imperialists yell the word “whataboutism” what they really mean is “Stop pointing out the damning contradictions, inconsistencies and hypocrisy of my position.”


There’d be a lot less confusion online if people really intuitively understood that there is no correlation between how confidently someone says something and how true it is.


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74 responses to “None Of The World’s Worst People Are In Prison: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. “…it’s because manipulative psychopaths keep working their way into power. Finding a way to deal with psychopathy would solve most of our problems.”
    Quite right. I’m happy to see you finally on board. But, be careful with “I despise antisemites.” Many psychopaths are Jewish/Israeli/Zionists. Their favorite trick is to call their critics antisemites, when their critics are really just opposed to criminality and evil.

  2. On a practical note, Caitlin, how do you imprison the criminals in a world without police?

  3. Aww c’mon Caitlin, we did psychedelics from mid-60’s on……..and on. So some of us knew it was crazy almost from the get-go,(like when I was 8 yrs old….’Mummy, mummy why is there so much suffering in the world?’ ‘Don’t ask me things like that, they frighten me.’) so you have to put up with the scorn and derision and disapproval, and now THIS. Carryonavirus/Carrionavirus!
    When I was 16 I wanted to put up a Museum of Human Suffering at Piccadilly Circus, but no takers. So then a life of both healing and trying to get healed myself. A work in progress.

  4. I agree completely. It’s not like China twisted the western hoodlum cult to export jobs and manufacturing to them. The greedy retailer wanted slave labor goods to support a presumptuous conceit. The poor representative of elite slime; The International Chamber of Commerce and the US Trade Representative demanded China take on the role of slave labor in order to fulfill the exulted deranged demands for “Profit”. Yet none of them is in a mental institution. “There are no sins in Paradise” As if they are anywhere close to Paradise.

  5. ‘Democracy’ was only allowed because those behind the artifice of authority knew they, and they alone, wielded the real power.
    These three TURDS are window dressing.

  6. people are being killed by your panic and calling fire where there is none?

  7. Pow, baby!

  8. You are right Caitlin, and it is because sociopaths and psychopaths are both driven to seek power, and good at manipulating people who aren’t thinking very hard. The best, most successful criminals are the people in power throughout the world. It has kind of always been that way. As you have pointed out many times, until a sufficient mass of people realize that sociopaths and actual criminals are running things (including the corporate news), there won’t be enough push back to stop them. Between Trump and the pandemic, enough people might be starting to pay attention. We’ll see.

  9. It was raining this morning when I left my apartment building; and as I walked to the bus stop I wondered just how long the Covid 19 pandemic is going to last. As I rode on the bus with my mask covering my nose and mouth I wondered what else is going to permanently change. When I got home I read this article:
    Things Going By

    1. Ending with the trend is local and smaller for all of these things was banal. I guess JHK had nothing to say. Nothing this choir does not know.

      1. A great read!

        Sharp points!

  10. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Exactly zero of the world’s worst people are in prison.”
    There is a vigorous ongoing competition in our world today to see who is the Most Terrible Person On The Face Of The Earth. Numerous beings (not right to call them “human”) are figuring out every way they can to promote depraved, inhumane, monstrous ideas and programs and force them on to all the people of the world. Sadly, much of the world is eagerly embracing these ideas from Hell as they want to please Daddy in the form of these demented Elites.

    These demonic beings may not be in a prison…YET. But they already live in a dark and twisted prison of their empty minds and rotten souls, and they have a date with The Best Prison Of All when they must account for their life-long depravity of thoughts and deeds. Fun times ahead, people of the World. Who says there’s nothing to look forward to these days?

  11. “I don’t trust China” is like half the comments I get on social media these days.”
    No one should trust ANY government of ANY nation. Their leadership is all cut from the same cloth. The power, wealth, attention, and privileges that come with a government position, elected or otherwise, constitute the perfect environment for psychopaths. So, governments quickly become saturated with them. All of them. We can govern ourselves, or be governed by monsters. However well any particular politician has pulled the wool over your eyes, they are still psychotic.

  12. The imaginary inner world of a fool is a dangerous place, especially if he happens to be the Secretary of State of the United States of America.
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeos July 23 speech on United States policy with China exposes the vast empty realm between his two ears. This man, who also served as a veteran congressman and ran the Central Intelligence Agency for a year and a half reveals himself as so ignorant of diplomacy, history, competence and commonsense that in assessing his comments and their dire consequences it is difficult to know where to start.
    Far from isolating China, Mr. Pompeos narcissistic fantasy of “diplomacy” has isolated the United States and revealed himself to be the monumental buffoon he truly is.
    This may be a cause for global laughter: Instead it truly ought to inspire sober and fearful concern. What even greater and more dangerous idiocy will “the top man in his class” come up with next?
    This great article can be read here:
    The Smartest Guy in His West Point Class by Martin Sieff!

    1. “Lyin’, cheatin’, stealin’” Mike Pompeo! AKA Mikey the Pomp …

    2. I have no particular fondness for Putin, but compare Pompeo to Lavrov. The U.S. can never seem to see that the only thing it need fear is itself.

  13. The democrats are no better than the republicans when it comes to the warfare/welfare state.
    Both support the use of military force against any who would oppose Washington’s hegemony. After all it was Obama and his cohorts such as Victoria Nudelman (real name) who passed out cookies to the Maiden thugs who then proceeded to massacre tens of thousands of people. Libya and Iraq are another of Obama’s successes(sarc).
    Clinton’s merciless bombing of Serbia/Bosnia and his sanction against Iraq that killed 500,000 children….but it was worth it.
    Lest we forget Wilson who got America needlessly into the war in Europe in 1917, and if you don’t know how that happened just look up Benjamin Freedman and his speech in Philadelphia in 1960.
    FDR and WWII, another needless involvement.Truman and the Korean war,LBJ and Viet Nam. Almost forgot, the Bay of Pigs disaster.
    The truth is democrats love war as much as the Republicans. They also love welfare only for those who refuse to get a job.
    No one, absolutely no one can ever convince me the Democrats support peace and non interventionism.
    Only people like Dr. Ron Paul and his son Rand, Justin Amash, Massey and only a handful of others. Forget the dems. The not only support wars but the police security state.
    They voted en Masse to re-authorize the NDAA, the DHS and TSA.
    How many democrats in Congress have spoken out against the unlimited spying on Americans?
    Or the abuses by the TSA?
    How many?
    I have turned my back on both of these rotten, corrupted parties. They are both dinosaurs and need to be relegated to a museum.

  14. Notes from the edge of the Matrix?

    So Caitlin are you a he who wishes he was a she, a boy who likes other boy/girls, a man trapped in a girl’s body, or an all of the above cis- trans- identity gender blender?

    Because that’s what the Matrix is.


    1. Oh is it really. Well I guess millions of fans can be wrong after all. I guess nobody is allowed to have their own ideas, or draw their own analogies from any art of any kind. Because that’s what Wokeism is.
      And do you notice that this fun piece of revisionism is brought to you by … THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! Nice distraction from the big, existential problems of the world. Let’s all of us focus on my identity! Because once we cancel all the trans-phobics, then all the world’s problems, and all the world’s worst criminals, will magically disappear (like in a Hollywood movie!), at least that’s what I read in The Guardian.
      From “https://www.rt.com/usa/497309-lilly-wachowski-matrix-transgender/”:
      “This woke revisionism of art only works to alienate fans and to box in art; and whenever such revisionism happens to attach itself to some modern, trendy topic, it should be taken with not a grain of salt, but an entire truckload. It comes across as little more than virtue signaling to earn praises for being part of whatever social movement is gathering national attention.
      Saying ‘The Matrix’ is a trans allegory is not wrong. It’s a worthwhile interpretation of the film. Saying it’s the only interpretation is simply harmful to art in general. And the creator herself confirming this is the only reading is valuing politics above storytelling. ”
      And for a final piece of irony, does this mean we can now ignore all the modernist, deconstruction bullshit and just accept the stated meaning of the ORIGINAL AUTHOR for every piece of genuine great art going back to it’s inception.
      Phew! I’m sure glad I got that off my gender-non-specific chest.

      1. You people just make shit up all the time and convince yourselves it’s real because you’re special, don’tcha?

        The author and director can come right out and tell y’all what the book or movie is about and you’ll still yell “No, you’re wrong!” at ’em, won’tcha?

        This world is so eat up with narcissism, it’s a wonder any of us look at anything other than ourselves, isn’t it?

  15. Brilliant! Your best yet that l have seen. You’re right on my page and you take it to the next level. Thanks for your work.

  16. Comparing presidents and other politicians is like comparing weapons on the battlefield. This plane dropped more bombs than that one. That artillery gun was more accurate. This other tank had a better kill rate. Who cares?

    Weapons aren’t to blame, it’s those operating them. And Presidents aren’t to blame, it’s those operating them.

  17. That he does, WAY too much. By way of contrast, here’s the mythological America I grew up in. And myth aside, we did have JFK in the White House when Jay & Co. cut this:

    1. This was supposed to be in reply to Eugene Marner’s comment below. Either something’s screwy with my computer or with me.

  18. Actually, Trump, abhorrent as he is, is nowhere near as bad as his predecessors. What makes it worse is they continue to fool the silly liberal class which has even absolved W of his massive crimes against humanity.
    On another topic, Caitlin, I hope you can distinguish anti-Semites from anti-Zionists.

    1. So you see antisemites different from antizionists. So just because I hate China does not mean I hate Chinese people. So you hate the whole but not the individual components. That is a cop out. So you can hate America but be ok with americans. You hate Nazi germany but are ok with Germans. Wishful thinking. When you hate one the other naturally follows. It is just a cover for antisemites. I am not for Eugenics I am just ultra progressive. When one term has bad press just call it something else.

      1. One can certainly hate the government of a country and not hate the citizens. I think that’s the how the majority of the world feels about the United States.

        1. At some point, the citizens of a (so-called) democracy need to accept personal responsibility for the actions of their government. Because citizen silence is citizen violence.
          If the US can be ravaged by violent protests as a result of an alleged (now totally debunked: view the body-cam footage, and reference the autopsy report) police killing, then why have there been no similar protests over the continuing US wars, or for that matter Jewish protests over the continuing Israeli aggressions, violations of international law and human rights violations?
          BLM insists that white people bear personal responsibility AND pay reparations, for sins they did not personally commit. Where is the difference?

          1. Media control.

            What’s covered.

            What isn’t.

            Fucking media control.

            Same as your country, btw.

            1. Oh, since in the US we’re doing things every day, with zero coverage (I even ran for office & won, only to be jumped by ‘the 2% ‘control ’em gang’ in the smoke filled back room, me and about 98% of of us average Joes), been soar at, punched, do protests, hold candlelight vigils, pass pamphlets, register voters, give speeches, drive cross country to meet 5,000 friends, but get ZERO coverage (just doing square stuff, govt corruption, anti war, Food for Peace, working wo/man stuff, etc), so do us a favor, if you’re on ‘The Island’. Go out every day for Julian Assange, please. I would, but I’m so far away. I can’t think of ANYTHING more important, tho. Thanks!

      2. Equating Semites with Jews is a bit like equating America with the United States. It disappears so many people and nations that have equal claim to that term. But I guess the term anti-semite has already been co-opted, so let’s go with popular usage, because that’s what narrative is all about.
        There is a real difference between Zionism, which is a political ideology, and Jewishness which is a tribal/cultural identity (probably not the correct sociological term, but certainly not a genetic/racial category). In particular, not all Jews are Zionists, and not all fans of Zionism are Jews.
        A better analogy would be to say you hate Communism but don’t hate Chinese people, or you hate Neo-Liberalism, but you don’t hate the USers.
        BTW, Khatika, I have really enjoyed some of your comments over the last few weeks, I just got a bit behind in reading the articles.

  19. If Donald can teach us one big thing !?!?!? And exactly when did pigs begin to fly?

    Fine theory but you have a bad case of wishful thinking. The lessons you wish learned are currently beyond the power of contemporary culture to value. Even had the polis the basic moral training to understand, mass-media is fully under the thumb of sociopaths don’t you know.

    1. This comment is a reply to Eugene Marner. The first person to comment today. I did not do things quite right which is why it posted here.

  20. Sociopaths can be appealing cons. You put you finger on the problem. They would rather we die, get out of their way. Do they even know that not everyone is like them? What I don’t get is their own death wish, their pushing for wars and environmental destruction with have a good chance of obliterating them as well as us. They are not stupid…but seem delusional.
    This is THE crucial topic, Caitlin. Have to keep delving into it. When you begin listing sociopath heads of state, it never ends…. For me, besides Drumpf, Bolsonaro is the most egregious, with a clear goal of extinguishing his own country….and degrading the world, ASAP.

  21. As I’ve said for years – probably in response to other of Caity’s articles as well – the fighting between the every day people on the right and left is nothing but an intentional distraction (much like a magician uses), so that we do not see the oligarchs stealing more of our country and freedoms every day.
    When it comes right down to it, though, regardless of side, we all have far more in common with the other side than any of either side has with any of the oligarchs. They, the oligarchs and the politicians they control, are our real enemies. It’s time that the people banded together to take back the power we let them grab when we weren’t looking.

  22. “There’d be a lot less confusion online if people really intuitively understood that there is no correlation between how confidently someone says something and how true it is.”

    Hmm. If it’s a politician or lawyer saying this, then it’s an inverse correlation, that is, if a politician or lawyer is 100% confident, you can be 100% confident it’s a lie.
    A true scientist, on the other hand, would never with 100% confidence state anything, even that the sun rises in the east. (On Venus, for example, it doesn’t.)

    1. “True Scientist”? = someone who flips burgers on the late shift to keep up with their student loan debts. No cash in true …
      100% confidence in COVED1.9 vaccines = “more “scientists” than I can name.

      1. Whores are everywhere. I’m talking about scientists. They are not yet extinct, even in the West.

  23. The main obstacle to humanity forming a collaborative relationship with each other and our ecosystem isn’t because of “human nature”, it’s because manipulative psychopaths keep working their way into power. Finding a way to deal with psychopathy would solve most of our problems.

    Exclusive penury considerations will lead to a Parable Of The Tribes phenomena. There not being an ideology of peace in place to mandate decent behavior the ill-informed society selects for assholes and this one will continue to do so.

    Hollywood, as you described in your last post keeps this society brutal and violent. It promulgates ethics of conquest and years of Hollywood propaganda have produced a culture of all about me . A culture now about to binge watch its own self-serving destruction. Nations of high-tech Attila the Huns shall try and keep the unsustainable growing until infrastructure fails and seals the fate of all. The four horsemen will ride.

  24. Edward Hackett Avatar
    Edward Hackett

    Your points are well taken, and hopefully, not all of them will come true. The enormous problems facing humankind – climate change, clean water, and feeding all of us – demand that we all work together. China is certainly no saint, but we need to work with everyone to solve these problems.

    I believe it was Rand Paul, a Senator who had a map of the world showing our military bases surrounding the Arab world. Assuming that it was accurate, it is no wonder that so many in that world wish to harm us. I want to point out that there are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, and there are very few who are terrorists. I don’t know how Christians there are, but very few of them are terrorists either.

    By reducing our military expenditures and reducing the tax breaks given to wealthy corporations and individuals, we could make a significant dent in the problems facing our country.

    If Trump wins, all bets are off. If Biden wins and gains a Democratic congress, there is some hope for the above improvements; however, we must keep up the pressure for our political leaders to back off from the saber-rattling and work towards cooperation with other countries.

    I don’t disagree with the analysis of our political class, but what else do we have to work with? If we merely throw up our hands and say nothing can be done, they will win. We must keep trying to move our country towards peace and cooperation and away from confrontation and war.

    1. Mr Hackett I fear you are wrong in choosing Mr Trump as a greater evil than Mr Biden who has been serially corrupt and treasonous for all of the 4 decades or so he has been active in US politics. The notion that there are policy differences between the ruling faction is naive. As to muslims and christians I agree with you . Rand Paul however is as phony as his toupe . A pale shade of his neo-libertarian daddy.

    2. Buden is a senile old man being manipulated by handlers. That you can see him as a savior is bizarre. Trump is not the problem. It is the corruption of the Democratsxa and Republicans. They are bought and paid for before they are even elected.

      1. Will you kindly hold my nose for me as I vote for your “better”, stinky candidate?

  25. Great post should have added the covid panic to thar list? Too soon perhaps ?

  26. The title and picture say it all ! The rest is boilerplate nonsense that detracts from the opening impact ? Western faux socialists continue to support the repression of human rights by covid fanatics while giving
    transnational neo-liberal globalizers a pass .

    1. More freedom! You get the right to cough at me without a mask, I get the right to shoot you with a 12 gauge. Freedom for everybody! USA! USA! USA!

      1. Mr Knox you do not have the “right” to force me to accept your beliefs and scream for my head if i do not comply. Covid is neither deadly or highly contagious to 99.9 % of the population . If you feel at risk , by all means where a face nappy ,keep your distance and or stay home.

        1. Yes I do, it’s self defense.

          1. Guess you have a self that’s worth saving. Go for it. Take a selfie.
            Me? I want to shout “THEATRE!!!” in this very crowded fire.

        2. Amazing how many people there is in the world who think they have a right to tell others how to live.

          1. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, because innocent people get killed. That’s why it would be OK for you to infect yourself as long as there was never any chance of you infecting the rest of us. The innocent are not harmed.

            1. people are being killed by your panic and calling fire where there is none?

              1. Wasting your breath.

              2. Yes, people are dieing every day because of loonies like you who spread a deadly virus.

        3. You desperately need to start watching Med Cram videos on the properties of this evil genius virus, Jim. Seriously, study up! It’s quite an amazing little bug. Science wins against ignorance, always.

          1. I have checked out the Med Cram videos, and will watch them a bit more. They are certainly crammed with Science, and seem authentic. Thanks for the heads-up. Please be aware that even real science can be manipulated to enforce a narrative, especially if it already conforms to your existing bias.
            “Science wins against ignorance, always.” That is so wrong!
            The original meaning of ignorance is a wilful decision to ignore something. In other words, none so blind as they that will not see. Science has no traction at all with such people.
            Second thing. Must people have little to no understanding of science, and absolutely no desire to understand it. What this means is that charlatans can claim the backing of science when there is none, can misrepresent scientific knowledge, and can pick and choose which science to report, and how to interpret it. Most people will be unable to detect any of this and will just lap up whatever they are told – because, you know, SCIENCE! And then propagate that deception further as in an echo chamber. Are you sure you are not in that spectrum? Do you know when you’re being manipulated?
            Third thing. Much of the science around covid, and most of the mainstream reporting of the science is by people with a vested interest in the matter. For example big-pharma, vaccine promoters, the CDC, US politicians and main-stream media. Big pharma is a major campaign contributor and lobbyist in the US and a major source of advertising revenue. And a major funder of research. Doctors and medical professionals have lost their jobs for telling the truth about their own experiences. You don’t think that creates a bias amongst the main-stream medical professionals, for example the ones who appear in Med Cram?
            Fourth thing. Science is only as good as its application. The most wonderful scientific discovery is useless if not implemented, and the most abysmal psuedo-science can be pursued by governments and industry and change the world. How has Science won against ignorance?
            Fifth thing. You personally need to refrain from vaguely waving your hands around, professing science as though it’s some sort of legitimate argument. Jim made several points, and your response addressed none of them. These points were:
            – Western faux socialists continue to support the repression of human rights
            – you do not have the “right” to force me to accept your beliefs and scream for my head if i do not comply.
            – Covid is neither deadly or highly contagious to 99.9 % of the population
            The last of these is, as I understand it, a fact which has been proven by Science. This is the only point which you could dispute using Science. But you didn’t.
            You might also like to check out https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/ and https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/ and https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ for links to the science that is suppressed by the MSM. Jon Rappaport and Paul Craig Roberts are not exclusively concerned with medical science, but they do a good job of passing on this information from time to time.
            If, as you claim, you are a fan of Science, then you have no excuse not to do further research. Especially if it contradicts your prejudices.

            1. Excellent response.

        4. Here’s another one of y’all just making shit upand pretending we can believe whatever we want to and that makes it real.

          Here’s what reality says. You should check into it some time.

          Or not. Gene pool needs chlorine.

          “The basic R0 reproductive number indicates the average number of new people to whom a single infected person can spread the virus.

          For context, the reproductive number of the flu is about 1.3 and SARS-CoV-2 is between 2 and 3, meaning it’s a highly contagious disease.”

          Therefore, COVID-19 is around twice as contagious as the influenza virus.

          Do us all a favor. Go get some and weed yourself out – thanks!


        5. When the masses buy into a hoax, many will defend it to the end. For years I’ve observed this, and I’m sure the PTB factor this in. Generally this can be identified by citations of establishment information sources, and often involves arrogant incivility and outright insults.

          1. Dear you goddam idiot called “Lynn:”

            Please go outside and play in the hoax. My best friend died of COVID-19 in April. Suggest you join him. His name was David.

            Fuck you. How’s that for incivility, beeotch?

      2. This “virus” has never been proven contagious, or even to exist. The UK govt has failed to respond with such proof. Why? Because of course there is none.
        The letter:

        Just because the sheep buy into the mainstream B.S. pandemic hoax surrounding this make-believe virus, doesn’t mean the rest of us should be forced to play along.

        1. Good God, woman. Lol.

  27. Conspiracy Theories are a field of exploration that truly boggle the mind. I think the likes of the JFK assasination should be a required topic at all schools (with certain safeguards) of course, becuase it cover so many areas of Politics, Science, Journalism……

    In most cases, like JFK, the subject matter is so large, that it puts people off, so I use ‘The Columbo Method – Just One More Thing’

    So taking JFK as an example.
    1) How does the head move back and to the left from a bullet from back, up and to the right?

    For 9/11
    2) How does a person with nearly zero flight experience in fliying a general aviation aircraft fly the profile that the jet that hit the Pentagon did?

    3) How close was the gun to the right rear ear of RFK and explain how Sirhan managed that kill shot. Hint the autopsy notes will tell you and one wonders which side th defence attorney was on.

    They only have to answer those questions, and they’ll try everything in the book to not answer them.

    It’s funny to watch, and in some cases you get a warm feeling watching as realisation sparks start flying in their eyes…its priceless.

    Just One More Thin……………………..Gets them every time.

    1. Just One More Thing.

      How come the body-cam footage of the George Floyd arrest was not presented as evidence during the trial of the officers involved? How come the footage was not released when the USA was rocked by violent protests. How come the autopsy report was not reported even though it is was publicly available and obviously newsworthy.

  28. A simple thought experiment is to imagine what might happen if we released the 10,000 most violent imprisoned murders on the entire planet – and replaced them in prison with the 10,000 wealthiest people on the planet. I don’t think it requires a reliance on “rocket-science” to deduce that amount of global death, human suffering and ecological destruction would decline dramatically through such an exchange.

    1. I’ll meet you halfway. Put the two groups in the same prison. (Obviously after confiscating the money and power of the 10,000 wealthiest people).

  29. Amy Goodman on DemocracyNow! spent most of the hour this morning interviewing Mary Trump. It was not very interesting. Not through any fault of Amy’s or Mary’s or because her sub-title is wrong about how dangerous Donald Trump may be but because Donald is such a sleazy piece of shit that, even his sicknesses and depredations lack the authenticity of the evil doings of monsters like Genghis Khan, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Vlad the Impaler, Ilse Koch, of course Hitler, and that lot. The family story is pathetic rather than monstrous and, had Donald not become president, it would just be another story of repellent disfunctionality. Maybe that would be true of all of them; I don’t really know of course. But I am really tired of hearing about him, even from comedians for whom he is apparently a vein of precious metals. I don’t think so. If Donald can teach us one big thing, perhaps it should be that the problem is not Donald Trump but us, all of us who lack empathy, compassion, love, kindness and reverence, who profit from multiple systems of extraction, exploitation and enslavement that we ignore at our peril as COVID-19, social and economic collapse, and climate catastrophe are all demonstrating. Sorry to rant on like that but that shallow, ignorant motherfucker takes up too much bandwidth.

    1. So I gather you dont like Trump and blame him for all our troubles. I am sure things will get so much better once he leaves office.

      1. I don’t like him but the problem is obviously not Trump but us, as I said, and the system that vomited him up.

      2. Your reading comprehension of Eugene’s comment is lacking. Do re-read it. Because what you “gather” is not what he said.

    2. Good post, Eugene. And 100% true.

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