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Don’t Forgive Bastards: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

“Forgiveness” is a concept that is constantly exploited by manipulative abusers. If anything our world suffers from an overabundance of forgiveness: toward murderous power structures, toward lying news media, toward rapacious oligarchs and cronyistic politicians. Don’t forgive them.

I’m distrustful of anyone who prattles on about the importance of forgiveness, because those who do so tend to do it because they have a vested interest in the concept. They’re usually either an abuser themselves, or an abuser’s brainwashed victim defending their indoctrination.

Remember, all abusive relationships have “forgiveness” as a central tenet, because without forgiveness of abuse there could be no ongoing relationship. It’s as true of global power structures as it is of domestic partnerships.


Speak the truth and be loud about it. Choosing not to speak out is just making that much more space for the manipulative liars who are shouting above everyone as they drive our world into disaster, and you are much smarter, wiser, and more qualified to speak than they are.

No matter how unqualified you might feel to speak, you are infinitely more qualified than the loudest voices in our society who normalize and defend our murderous, oppressive, exploitative status quo using lies and manipulation. Speak even louder and more confidently than them.


Without warmongering and militarism, sociopathic intelligence agencies wouldn’t be needed.

Without sociopathic intelligence agencies, government secrecy wouldn’t be needed.

Without government secrecy, the government couldn’t commit evil at home and abroad.

It all starts with war.


If you ever feel unimportant, remember that rich and powerful people are constantly pouring effort and wealth into trying to manipulate the thoughts in your head.


A lot of evil hides behind the irrational assumption that there is a limit to the amount of evil your government would be willing to perpetrate.


Don’t turn your back on anyone who tells you that greed, brutality and domination are “human nature”. They’re not telling you about humanity’s nature, they’re telling you about their own.


Hi I’m Leftish McPundit. I gain leftist cred by speaking critically of past acts of US imperialism and the lies which facilitated them, but I refuse to consider the possibility that similar things might be happening today and I’ll call you a conspiracy theorist or a tankie if you do.


Progressive reform always fails in the US because it’s the helm of an empire held together by endless war and its entire system is rigged to keep everyone poor and propagandized so that those wars continue. Leftists who neglect anti-imperialism are just liberals who own Marxist books.


There’s no legitimate reason why Biden and Trump shouldn’t be grilled about Yemen in every single interview and press conference they do.


Biden’s cabinet is going to be a super exciting mix of Susan Rice and other Obama holdovers plus all the Democratic primary candidates he owes favors to.


You can fix America’s problems by electing Joe Biden to the same extent that you can end police brutality by recording it using fun Snapchat filters.


QAnon is toxic because it’s a fake, decoy version of important truths: that the media are lying, the official elected US government isn’t really in control, and a great awakening is needed. It takes all those ideas, then twists them into support for the fucking Republican Party.


Regular reminder that conmen will always try to convince you that it’s your fault your were conned. If they can do that, they get away with the con. This is true of all manipulators and why you should never blame the gullible. Being gullible isn’t a crime, being a conman is.


Kids on TikTok have been creating culture, completely independent of the authorized plastic culture manufacturing industry that is Hollywood. And it’s better. Much, much better.


If people hate China so much why don’t they just criticize it using true facts instead of dubiously sourced claims and easily debunked nonsense?


Things are so crazy because the reality of US unipolar hegemony’s inevitable failure is crashing headlong into a world order which is built on the philosophy that US unipolar hegemony must be maintained at all cost.


The collapse of a nation will necessarily hurt the people who live there. The collapse of an unacknowledged globe-spanning empire won’t necessarily hurt anybody.


A critical analysis of secretive power structures requires being honest and forthcoming about how much information is missing from the picture and how much we don’t know. Most conspiracy analysts suck at this.


A lot of people seem to think understanding what’s really going on in the world just means cramming a bunch of information into your head. Information is key, but it’s only part of it. Wisdom and inner clarity are also needed, and far too many neglect cultivating that aspect.


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  • Ckaitlynee Joe’s Stoned (I allways spell yuor name wroong ) Why do your trust credit cards and banks to pay you what they bill us when we give patreon and other e-contributions? Why don’t you post the snail mail adress of you or a trusted freind where we can send our anonamous info and $$ contributions? You stopped getting my token little monthly patreon thanks for you because it was the only way to stop payments to sOmethingk else** that patreon had no knowledge nor record who or what it was I was paying $16 a month to. And I got tired of arguing with their polite robotic machine support; The humans are not on the same page. I’d rather trust the mail. Don’t you have any Auzie freinds who can be trusted to take your bag of checks and cash from the post office box to the bank for you? Or are you just into the con-vain-ence of easy-visi-visa that so many of us don’t trust?

  • Caitlin – thank you. Every Day. Thanks for what you are doing. Gratitude beyond words.

    • Gratitude is nice. But gratuity $$ actually helps.

  • Talking about bastards, this article’s Bush–Blair photo above reminds of something already mentioned by Caitlin some time ago:
    “I watched the film ‘Official Secrets’ the other day, which I highly recommend doing if you want to rekindle your rage about the unforgivable evil that was the Iraq invasion.”
    Pro Tip: Mentally Replace All Uses Of “Conspiracy Theorist” With “Iraq Rememberer” — Caitlin Johnstone
    A great film indeed, on Iraq War whistleblower Katharine Gun:
    Film ‘Official Secrets’ is the Tip of a Mammoth Iceberg — Consortium News
    Official Secrets (2019) — Trailer

  • In brief–the western medical model is a total sham–the alleged virus [any virus] is simply a cover for environmental toxicity that no one wants to pay for–there are several rewards [Dr. Young $5 million] for someone to present a scientific example of a virus: Identified, purified [isolated] and either photographed [electron microscopy] or sequenced: It doesn’t exist–the whole model–including pharmacology [beneficent poisons] is totally fraudulent.
    What is not fraudulent is the virus of pedophilia. Children appear to be the currency of the elite–with 8 million missing each year–that’s a lot of adrenachrome and body parts. Covid is both a cover for Gates nanobots [what Kathryn Austin Fitts calls “injectibles”]–but more so a cover for the rampid human trafficking and child molestation: https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2020/08/pedogate-2020-massive-update-3729028.html

    • “In 1901, John D. established the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research … Naturopathic and homeopathic medicine … was now dismissed as quackery; only drug-based allopathic medicine [oil-based, synthetic pharmaceuticals] requiring expensive medical procedures and lengthy hospital stays was to be taken seriously.”
      Corbett Report
      “Rockefeller Medicine”:
      1. How & 2. Why Big Oil Conquered The World:

  • forgivemess is what you feel AFTER you kill them for killing millions of people.
    you forgive your self for hesitating earlier.
    you, me we, should nver forgive a theif or espna murderer.
    want some names?
    monarchs. all of them.
    salazar, franco, hitler, mussolini, somoza, peron. the juntas of Argentina and Brazil name names next time and kil them all. all torturers. K. Louis and marie antoinette.Napoleon.
    Bismack. Alexander the Evil Monster. All of Rome. the Priests who sprinkled the holy water over the slave ships. slavers. leoplod and blob. john gacy. manson. BUSH Bush, the leaders of the AMerican Lie: Dulles Bros, Pompeo, Brennan, Haydyn, Cheney & the 911 clique, (a pretty large number). the driver of the CAT that chopped down Who killed Rachel Corrie?
    American peace activist Rachel Corrie was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver on 16 March 2003 while attempting to defend a Palestinian doctor’s home from demolition.Mar 19, 2003
    find and kill him.
    then the 14 families of El Slavador. AnES et al of Bolivia…we got to include Bolsonaro. and many more….wake up! name names! kill them all. we got to make sure its harder for them to operate than it is for the average black kid growing up in their fucking projects.
    Add the POPE who endorsed Hitler in ’38…and the one who gave nazis passprops to S.AMerdRica. Mengele. All tyrants everywhere. and the shrieks and mullahs who run the madrassahs….which we should’ve blown to bits except that we wanted these wars to inflate the coffers of the MIC…we needed enemies from poor lands with no air forces.
    and then with your fingers dripping with their poison blood, forgive yourself for not enjoying it. and for not doing it sooner. ask what would jesus do? he would not tolerate one fucking dictator anywhere.
    he would be dead already as before. same ol same ol…

  • carrots are not a new wold of happiness and possibility for everyone.
    you do it yoreself to yourself for you own benefit
    more later.

  • “Wisdom and inner clarity are also needed…” –CJ

    “The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.”

    “It is the failure to define terms that has destroyed and is destroying the education systems of the world; the work forces of the world; the marriages of the world, and the friendships of the world [and Justice and Peace, etc.].”

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of WISDOM, it was the age of FOOLishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair …”
    –Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities”

    WISDOM (n.)
    Old English wisdom “knowledge, learning, experience,” from wis (see wise (adj.):
    WISE (adj.)
    Old English wis “learned, sagacious, cunning; sane; prudent, discreet; experienced; having the power of discerning and judging rightly … from past-participle adjective wittos of PIE root weid- “to see” (hence “to know”).

    FOOL (n.1)
    early 13c., “silly, stupid, or ignorant person,” from Old French fol “madman, insane person; idiot; rogue; jester … Fool Killer…”

    *Unknown author, although widely attributed to (Plato’s) Socrates (470 – 399 B.C.)

    Re: “Forgiveness”
    I always forgive — selfishly, for my own good — because to “forgive” means I release the offender from owing me anything; I don’t want them beholden to me.
    Furthermore, if I don’t forgive, I must remain in-need or anticipation of restitution (tangible or psychological); I would rather move-on.
    However, I NEVER forget; I do not give offenders a second chance (unless or until they earn one of their own accord…rare). -X

  • “Forgiveness” is a concept that is constantly exploited by manipulative abusers. If anything our world suffers from an overabundance of forgiveness: toward murderous power structures, toward lying news media, toward rapacious oligarchs and cronyistic politicians. Don’t forgive them.
    Forgiveness does not mean “forgetting” or “wiping the slate clean” or giving someone a free pass for bad behavior. That’s the cheap and empty definition. The first act of forgiveness is something done NOT being directed outward (toward another) but inward (toward one’s own self). Forgiveness means releasing your own guilt or anger or ignorance or frustration or honest stupidity over something YOU did. To “forgive” someone in an outward direction – if one wants to do this – can come ONLY after the offending party has expressed honest remorse and asked for forgiveness, and most importantly, made RESTITUTION for their offending act. Since murderous power structures and others like them never apologize for anything let alone offer tangible restitution, “forgiveness” of them is VOID from the start and not possible in any honest way.
    “Don’t turn your back on anyone who tells you that greed, brutality and domination are ‘human nature’. They’re not telling you about humanity’s nature, they’re telling you about their own.”
    Greed, brutality and domination are part of SOME people’s nature. Sadly, it is a central core for a good number of human beings. They may act like demons, but they are housed in human form.
    Humanity’s nature is the sum total of all the possible natures of all humans. So, humanity is a mixed nature. The good and the bad. The Light and the dark. The evolved and the regressive. The givers and the takers. Those who wish to grow and those who wish to do nothing. Those who seek to help others and those who seek only pleasures of oneself. Those who abuse and those who are Angels upon the Earth. Those who live only for today and those with their eyes on Eternity. All of these and more are part of the nature of the human family.
    But it is always wise not to turn your back on anybody.

    • Good thoughts RBS.
      I’ve been a a tradesman my entire life, and honestly, I don’t have the education, or intellect, to speak about the deeper definition of forgiveness, other than how I feel about it, based on my own experiences, circumstances and perspective. In the, sadly, too few instances I managed to quell my immediate reaction, put myself in the other person’s shoes, cut people some slack, tried to take the high road and tried to forgive people in that way, I have found that transforming. That feels like forgiveness to me. I want to do that more with the people who, like me, have been brainwashed by the robber barons to believe everyone, or everyone who doesn’t look like me, talk like me and think like me, is the enemy.

      • That feels like forgiveness to me and that feels like solutions to me.

  • “Forgiveness” is a concept that is constantly exploited by manipulative abusers. If anything our world suffers from an overabundance of forgiveness: toward murderous power structures, toward lying news media, toward rapacious oligarchs and cronyistic politicians. Don’t forgive them.”
    I am someone who “prattles on about forgiveness” because I believe it is an important part of the solutions we face. However, I also believe those most responsible for the problems our planet faces, must be stopped and held accountable. The psychopaths in control have no idea what compassion and forgiveness are, if they do they are incapable of it.
    I agree that abusers and those brainwashed by abusers use “forgiveness” to manipulate and exploit people.
    The thing is, I don’t see a path to real, lasting solutions without compassion and forgiveness, dignity and respect. Is there no forgiveness for the millions (billions?) of people whose livelihoods depend, either directly or indirectly, on the murderous power structures, lying news media, rapacious oligarchs and cronyistic politicians, the global crime syndicate, the military industrial complex?
    In my opinion, one of the reasons so many people refuse to wake up and face the brutal realities of what is happening on our planet is because they don’t think they would be forgiven for it.
    Besides, the murderous power structures don’t want forgiveness. They want hate and plenty of it. As much as they can create.
    Love. Peace.

    • Sociopaths are a significant portion of the population. It’s unfair and discriminatory to single them out as the root of all human problems. Critical thinking beats manipulation every time – that’s what we need, not kneejerk reactions against the “unhuman other”.

      • “I also believe those most responsible for the problems our planet faces, must be stopped and held accountable. The psychopaths in control have no idea what compassion and forgiveness are, if they do they are incapable of it.”

      • excuse me while I throw up

  • Warning!
    The concentration of truths in this article is excessive and may be hazardous to the mental and physical health of readers. Symptoms of overdose may include shock, stress induced mental paralysis, painful cognitive dissonance, chronic depression and/or a confirmation bias induced manic state exhibiting an increase of heart rate and shortness of breath often accompanied by involuntary seepage.
    You have been warned.

    • Yup, Caitlin was on a tear with this one. Line after line hit me, not like bricks but like sunbursts through dense clouds. I copied this one for a comment: “The collapse of a nation will necessarily hurt the people who live there. The collapse of an unacknowledged globe-spanning empire won’t necessarily hurt anybody.” I would love to hear Caitlin talk about how that collapse, currently underway, might HELP the world in specific ways. I’m not asking for predictions but only for speculations flowing from her “wisdom and inner clarity.” The old saying that it takes both a carrot and a stick to get the donkey to move the cart captures IMHO an important truth. The contemporary left is all stick, relentlessly (and often accurately) beating the hell out of the donkey, one blow of exposing this or that evil after another. But to get us moving in a forward direction I think we need a carrot as well as a stick–a vision, however tentative or sketchy or amorphous, of a destination worth reaching or at least worth trying to reach. It’s weird that I’ve had to go back to the late 19th Century to find such a vision in the work of a forgotten American novelist named Edward Bellamy. Where the hell are his 21st Century counterparts to inspire us, ignite us, impel us with a cogent and compelling utopian vision? Instead, we drown in dystopian narratives, stick-stories that come at us a dime a dozen but take us nowhere.

  • You mention the need for wisdom; you also talked a lot about sociopaths. A sociopath is a person incapable of caring about anyone outside his or her own skin, a person who understands morality like a colorblind person understands red.
    Here’s my take on wisdom, explained through opposites–what’s the opposite of wisdom? Not stupidity–the opposite of that intelligence. Not foolishness–the opposite of that is prudence. Not ignorance–the opposite of that is knowledge. No, the opposite of wisdom is selfishness. Short-sightedness. The wisest person is the one who sees the farthest, in time and geography–who understands the sacredness and importance of his or own life, that of the family and circle of friends and community, that of the nation or religion, that of all humans, that of all sentient life.

  • Thank you Caitlin for posting this. I have never been able to forgive my own abusers, let alone the conglomerate of evil manipulating forces that ravish our planet and expect our slavish, indoctrinated obeisance. You are truly one of the few individuals I’ve been lucky enough to come across during my long life that think this way. And lo and behold most of the comments so far seem to avoid the issue all together, Is it really so ingrained in the human psyche that people feel obliged to forgive when every cell in their body are telling them it’s wrong to do so? Or do they just pretend forgiveness because they’re told it’s the right thing to do? Perhaps it’s easier for individuals who aren’t ruled by religious ethics to disobey and follow their own convictions. Viva atheism!

    There is far too much in this wretched world that is impossible to forgive.

  • I saw a couple sick with typical coronavirus symptoms Tuesday morning, and risk factors, especially for the sicker husband, who was more obese and had badly uncontrolled diabetes. He also had lower blood oxygen, but it was below normal for the wife, also. Both had diarrhea, fevers, sweats, chills, body aches, headaches, fatigue and got short of breath easily. Most of the usual stuff, and worsening, not improving. Test reporting times were getting much better than the 15 days we lived with in July (though not everybody “lived”), but I had no certainty that we would get results this week. He had been sick 10 days, and she had been sick for a week.
    I have been sick for months, sick that I can’t diagnose and treat people, get them better, keep them out of the ICU and the morgue… I have had so many instances of people being hospitalized for severe illness after I tested them for mild to moderate illness, before we got results.
    We talked. I said “you have typical symptoms of coronavirus”. “There are treatments.” They were familiar with hydroxychloroquine, and not worried. I don’t think it’s a scary thing in the Spanish speaking world. I also discussed ivermectin, both in concert with zinc, and either azithromycin or doxycycline. I explained that coronavirus can cause heart attacks and strokes by itself, but the HCQ can cause some heart problems, that the ivermectin combination has a bit less side effects, and might even work a little better, that Its use has increased in India, because of very good results, not politics. They both wanted treatment with “whatever I thought was better”.
    I am tremendously grateful to be able to do this work, and to rightly earn people’s trust by doing the best I can.
    I went and counted out zinc tablets, 3 times per day for 7 days, and put them in a white paper bag and labeled it for use. My personal gift. I prescribed 200 micrograms per kilogram of ivermectin each, 6 pills for her; 7 pills for him. I prescribed about $5 each of doxycycline, to take twice per day for 10 days, I faxed and gave printed/signed prescriptions also. They got it and took it.
    Thursday morning before I got in to work the afternoon clinic, the reports came in, both positive. One of our Spanish speaking nurses called to inform them, and ask how they were doing.
    Both “got better right away since starting the medicine Dr. Day gave them”.
    No more fever or body aches, and no diarrhea. Less tired; doing a little more.
    He still had a cough, and requested cough medicine, but felt much better otherwise.
    It’s better to be lucky, than to be good, but sometimes, you can be both.
    I broke the rules. I treated without a test result. It seemed to work like a charm.
    Of course we’ll need 6 months of randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials, before we’ll really know…
    Or maybe we’ll just be dead before we get those conclusive results.

  • ” ‘Forgiveness’ is a concept that is constantly exploited by manipulative abusers.”
    Sociopaths are those manipulative abusers who play on the empathy of the non-sociopaths, using concepts like forgiveness.
    “It all starts with war.”
    This puts the cart before the horse. It all starts with sociopaths. The ruling sociopaths orchestrate the wars. They gain greater power and wealth from the wars, while the masses lose power and wealth due to the in-fighting from the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy the sociopaths employ.
    “…who tells you that greed, brutality and domination are ‘human nature’.”
    You are right that these traits are not human nature. They are the nature of sociopaths. The root of all evil is the amoral mind of the sociopath.

    • Indeed, no sane person would spend five minutes thinking about how to obtain the power to hold a gun to someone’s head and force them to abide by the dictates of their master. Sociopaths, and other psychopaths, spend nearly ALL their time in such pursuit. Which is why practically all politicians are sociopaths.

  • Why is that large corporations, political parties and the upper ranks of the military attract the most vain, hubristic, arrogant, self serving, power hungry, money grabbing, tunnel visioned excuses for human beings on this beautiful, besieged planet?

    • “Cause that’s where the money and power they crave lies?
      Did I get it right?

  • Ms Johnstone said ” The collapse of a nation will necessarily hurt the people who live there. The collapse of an unacknowledged globe-spanning empire will not necessarily hurt anybody.” This old man’s gut feeling is that the United States of America is going to soon implode and break up into smaller pieces or maybe disappear altogether. The ” myth of the USA ” has been a long great charade but the ” invincible exceptional veneer ” is fading very fast. When the evil empire falls apart every part of it becomes vulnerable to attack from within and from without. The empire has made many enemies through the years; the empire will never be forgiven or forgotten about.

  • Who is there to forgive? Have the criminals who have devoted their lives to destroying any possibility of a just and decent society ever confessed to their crimes? Without an admission of guilt, there can be no forgiveness.

  • powerful article.
    FYI: i give EVERYONE the benefit BUT if they prove me wrong, i cut them off FOREVER.
    FYI: “one who looks around is intelligent but one who looks within is wise”.

    Love from Philadelphia, USA 🙂

  • There is forgiveness and then there is justice. On a personal level God asks us to forgive those who wrong us. But Justice demands an accounting for wrong doing.

    • I agree. We can forgive those who wronged us, even if they don’t ask forgiveness, but not forget. It’s the only way to heal and go forward.
      I also think that hatred is an emotion that harms the hater. It’s unproductive and benefits no one. We can recognize the despicable things people do and hold them accountable, but hating them “with a vengeance” as I hear people say so often about Trump, drags us down and makes it hard to face reality rationally.

    • Precisely. Forgiveness is a Spiritual thing, much akin to Surrender. Anyone who argues against forgiveness has probably never experienced it.
      Someone who understands forgiveness can’t be manipulated by it.

      • Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  • People have the consciousnesses of sheep and forgiving bastards is an international sport. Sheep think farmers are friends. Conditioned from birth to obey they are easily lead to slaughter. Conditioned from birth by the human machine societies clockwork leads people to death.

    Imagine yourself a visitor in a strange land. Imagine yourself free of the strange social conventions around you and watch what people do from a detached view. Do this enough and you can learn why sheep must die.

  • Caitlin,
    How does covid19 play into the power structure?
    Is it for real?

    • Is your stupidity real?

      • “Tolerance allows the spirit of enquiry the confidence to roam freely…”
        -Nick Cave

        For those who aren’t familiar with Nick Cave:

      • I see you are well practised in the use of thought stoppers. Cheap way to “win” an argument.

    • https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/08/14/tony-fauci-and-the-swine-flu-disaster-betrayal-of-trust/

      There’s articles by Rappaport that address CoVid 19 more specifically as well as articles on AIDS.

    • The hoax the real. Sickness from toxins, EMF, and overactive minds is real. The contagious disease they teach us to fear is not. Jon Rappoport is covering this. Makia Freeman. A few doctors, e.g. Kaufman, Young, Cowan, Lanka.

      People asking if covid is real indicates we need more coverage on this topic. This should be alternative media’s number one priority. Please.

      • For the record, Jon Rappoport has laid out a convincing argument that
        1. there is a recognised standard scientific methodology to prove the existence of a virus. This has never been done with Covid19.
        2. there is a recognised standard scientific methodology to prove that a particular illness is caused by a particular virus. This has never been done with Covid19.
        In a sane world, these tests would have been done and published long ago. Without these tests, the entire narrative collapses. All of it.

      • Dr. Judy Mikovits
        “Plandemic II”:
        Criticism Response:

        Dr. Klinghardt

        “The Invisible Rainbow –
        A History of Electricity & Life”
        Summary (pdf):

        5G vis-à-vis CoV19 (pdf):


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