For a full week now the Israeli army has been bombing Gaza, a population that is about to run out of fuel for its only power plant due to a years-long Israeli program of deliberate siege warfare.

Yesterday the US ordered an airstrike on Syrian forces, killing one, when they refused to let the illegal occupying force past a checkpoint in northern Syria.

In both cases an arm of the US-centralized empire used wildly disproportionate force against people who stood against a hostile occupation of their own country. In both cases the more powerful and violent occupiers claimed they were acting in “self-defense”. In both cases dropping explosives from the sky upon human beings barely made the news.

Bombs should not exist. Explosives designed to blow fire and shrapnel through human bodies should not be a thing. In a sane world, there wouldn’t be bombs, and if some mentally unbalanced person ever made and used one it would be a major international news story.

Instead, bombs are cranked out like iPhones at enormous profit, and nearly all bombings are ignored. Many bombs are being dropped per day by the US and its allies, with a massive civilian death toll, and almost none of those bombings receive any international attention. The only time they do is generally when a bombing occurs that was not authorized by the US-centralized empire.

This is one of those absolutely freakish things about our society that has become normalized through careful narrative management, and we really shouldn’t allow it to be. The fact that explosives designed to rip apart human anatomy are dropped from the sky many times per day for no other reason than to exert control over foreign countries should horrify us all.

An interesting social experiment when you talk to someone might be to tell them solemnly, “There’s been a bombing.” Then when they say “What?? Where??”, tell them “The Middle East mostly. Our government and its allies drop many bombs there per day in order to keep a resource-rich geostrategic region balkanized and controllable.”

Then watch their reaction.

You will probably notice a marked change in demeanor as the person learns that what you meant is different from what they thought you meant. They will likely act as though you’d tricked them in some way. But you didn’t. You just called a thing the thing that it is, and let their assumptions do the rest.

When someone gravely tells you “There’s been a bombing,” what they almost always mean is that there has been a suspected terrorist attack in a western, majority-white nation. They don’t mean the kind of bombing that kills exponentially more people and does exponentially more damage than terrorism in western nations. They don’t mean the kind of terrorism that our government enacts and approves of.

There’s a lot of pushback nowadays against the racism and prejudices that are woven throughout the fabric of our society, and rightly so. But what doesn’t get nearly enough attention in this discourse is the fact that while some manifestations of bigotry may have been successfully scaled back somewhat in our own countries, it was in a sense merely exported overseas.

The violence that is being inflicted overseas in our name by the US-centralized empire is more horrific than any manifestation of racism we’re ever likely to encounter at home. It is more horrific than the pre-integration American South. It is more horrific than even slavery itself. Yet even the more conscious among us fail to give this relentless onslaught of violence a proportionate degree of recognition and condemnation, even while the consent for it is largely born of the unexamined bigoted notion that violence against people in developing and non-western countries does not matter.

Like many other forms of bigotry, this one has been engineered and promulgated by powerful people who benefit from it. If the mainstream news media were what it purports to be, namely an institution dedicated to creating an informed populace about what’s truthfully going on in the world, we would see the bombings in foreign nations given the same type of coverage that a bombing in Paris or London receives.

This would immediately bring consciousness to the unconscious bigotry that those in the US-centralized empire hold against people in low and middle income countries, which is exactly why the plutocrat-owned media do not report on it in this way. The US-centralized empire is held together by endless violence, and the plutocrats who run it have built their kingdoms upon the status quo of that empire.

When people set out to learn what’s really going on in their world they often start cramming their heads with history and geopolitics facts and figures, which is of course fine and good. But a bigger part of getting a clear image of what’s happening in the world is simply turning your gaze upon things you already kind of knew were happening, but couldn’t quite bring yourself to look at.


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86 responses to “On Bombs And Bombings”

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  9. Johnston is a breath of truth—this is why she is censored

  10. The ruling sociopaths love bombs. German civilians packed into old-world cities were indiscriminately massacred in genuine holocausts (“sacrifice by fire”) during WW2. Japanese civilians were too, and they even got to be massacred by the first atomic bombs, genuine WMDs in the hands of genuine madmen. Today Lebanese civilians get massacred, and Palestinians, and Syrians, and who knows who will be next. Americans are targeted too, with the Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City, and the World Trade Center in New York City. Both were falsely blamed on patsies, but it was the ruling sociopaths behind the bombings, as it always is. Bombs align perfectly with their psychology in almost every way, making them the weapon of choice, plus it is easy to create plausible deniability so that the perpetrators are never brought to justice. But the “new normal” in WMDs for the ruling sociopaths will be bioweapons. We are being subtly prepared to live in such a world right now. And the only way to stop it is to remove sociopaths from the levers of power and control. But how?

    1. Most Americans don’t know that Germans cities were bombed in World War II to kill civilians, not to destroy strategic targets. Watch this short video for details.

  11. Off subject. I am a US citizen with three siblings who support Trump. I’ve been arguing with one about the COVID19 response–and she just sent me this thing about the HORRORS of the police state in Melbourne. Since you live there, Caitlin, or at least know people who do, I’m hoping you will tell me–is this bullshit? That there are large fines for setting foot outside, that cops can enter homes without a warrant, that neighbors are turning each other in for violating the rules, that you can only exercise once a day and only one person can go out and you must have a valid reason, etc. And that there was a lockdown before any cases in Oz but it escaped anyway.

  12. I absolutely hate all sorts of war. By any group of people against any other group of people. I also do not like arch-conservatives like Netanyahu, nor the crooked ways that many managed to hold on to their regimes. However, I also absolutely disagree with some of your assumptions in this article. One thing is clear, namely that you and I will never agree on the issues, beyond the hatred of war and bombing.
    for that reason, I will not comment further on this article, nor will I share it.

    1. Thanks for leaving us hanging on what exactly offended you so much.I thought it was an excellent piece, particularly the social experiment regarding US bombing.

  13. The universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice.

    It speaks in the language of hope
    It speaks in the language of trust
    It speaks in the language of strength and the language of compassion
    It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul.
    But always it is the same voice
    It is the voice of our ancestors, speaking through us,
    And the voice of our inheritors, waiting to be born
    It is the small, still voice that says
    We are one
    No matter the blood
    No matter the skin
    No matter the world

    We are one
    No matter the pain
    No matter the darkness
    No matter the loss
    No matter the fear
    We are one
    Here, gathered together in common cause, we agree to recognize this
    singular truth and this singular rule:
    That we must be kind to one another
    Because each voice enriches us and ennobles us and each voice lost
    diminishes us.
    We are the voice of the Universe, the soul of creation, the fire
    that will light the way to a better future.
    We are one.
    That’s from Hollywood in the 1990’s. From a TV show named “Babylon 5”. The above is Ambassador’s G’Kar’s Declaration of Principles for the new Interstellar Alliance. An excellent science fiction writer named Harlan Ellison has a credit on the show as “Creative Consultant”, but I have no idea whether he had a hand in creating the above.

  14. Israelites claim to be a special nation having a superior God and religion. An ancient account of the origin of Israelites, including Judeans (abbreviated to Jews) is rather surprising. It describes “a mixed multitude” who left their slave drivers in Egypt and joined Israelites in search of freedom and a land for themselves. In successive generations, this mixed multitude (other races) adopted Israelite’s God and religion. Another opportunistic mixing of races took place when a ninth century king of Khazaria adopted the Law of Moses for governing his territory and welcomed/integrated Jews from neighboring countries. Historians and geneticists now know that nearly all so-called “Jews” are of mixed racial descent and that Palestinians (derived from the name Philistines) are genetically similar to so-called “Jews.” Any nation or religion which claims to be special and superior should demonstrate superior ethics/behavior and that should be obvious to other races, nations, or religions.

  15. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Many bombs are being dropped per day by the US and its allies, with a massive civilian death toll, and almost none of those bombings receive any international attention. . . .
    > An interesting social experiment when you talk to someone might be to tell them solemnly, “There’s been a bombing.” Then when they say “What?? Where??”, tell them “The Middle East mostly. Our government and its allies drop many bombs there per day in order to keep a resource-rich geostrategic region balkanized and controllable.”
    > Then watch their reaction.
    > . . . the consent for it is largely born of the unexamined bigoted notion that violence against people in developing and non-western countries does not matter.
    That’s it, and today’s big difference is that, during the Vietnam years, people could *see* the war. People talked a lot about “photographs that ended the Vietnam war”, such as the napalm girl, etc.
    The US government noticed this. After that, in order to overcome the war-paralyzing Vietnam syndrome, there were enormous pressures on the press during the First Gulf War, even a ban on returning coffin photos, etc. Most of the press information came from the military. As a result:
    “The specter of Vietnam has been buried forever in the desert sands of the Arabian peninsula.”
    — President George H. W. Bush, 1991, celebrating the Gulf War
    Now, since the two Iraq wars, people *don’t see* the reality of war anymore. The TV and press don’t show Afghanistan, don’t show Yemen, didn’t show the real Iraq… except for investigative journalist and publisher Julian Assange, who is in prison because of this.
    And the wars go on:
    “The US government and military are preventing the public from seeing photographs that depict the true horror of the Iraq war.”
    Censorship of graphic Iraq war photographs — 29 Jul 2008
    From 1945 Until Today – 20 to 30 Million People Killed by the USA | Global Research
    This is what they don’t want us to see (and better don’t ask what all this have to do with us, because you could find out):
    Happy Xmas (War Is Over! If You Want It) — John Lennon

  16. I am impressed that Caitlin includes Israel in unprovoked warfare against defenseless people. I lived in Israel in 1983 and heard Palestinians telling me how the Israeli military deceived Palestinians and took control of their land and homes. People in general have no knowledge of Israel’s disgraceful politics and racism. They heard all about South Africa’s former disgraceful racism but Israel is as bad if not worse.

  17. “…explosives designed to rip apart human anatomy are dropped from the sky many times per day for no other reason than to exert control over foreign countries…” If this were true, any reasonable imperialist would see that a much greater degree of control could be achieved much more economically, as it is here in the US, by simply buying off the entire political establishment and all major media (narrative control) apparatus. Throw in a few infrastructure improvements, hospitals and schools, and public approval of imperial control is assured, still below the current wasteful military budget.

    Bombs are a capitalist’s wet dream. The more you drop, the more enemies you create, justifying the need for more bombs and bombing in a continuing upward spiral of supply, demand, and profit. “Winning”, in any sense of the word, is unacceptable, as it shuts down the cycle. And that, as they say, is the bottom line.

  18. The real answer to the Post Office’s funding woes has been successfully discovered long ago by the countries of Europe as well as Taiwan and many other nations: allowing the Post Office to also be a public bank.

    I saw how that works as a Fulbright professor living in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan in 2004. I’d go to the local university postal station to mail some letters and along with postal clerks, there were windows for the post office bank. Usually the lines were longer at the bank windows than at the letter windows. I got an account there with a pass book. It was great for cashing my paycheck, changing money, and other business. My Taiwanese friends told me that they always put their savings in the Post Office bank for the higher interest they got, and that they also got the mortgages for their flats from the Post Office bank because it had the lowest rates and best terms.

    1. This was removed from this post:
      Ms Johnstone we United States citizens are kept in the dark on purpose so that we never discover how other countries function. This article made me aware of something I did not know existed.
      This article can be read here:
      Save the US Postal Service and Defend the Vote! by Dave LIndorff

  19. Abby Martin has been shown to be a minor CIA asset and or a wll paid clothes horse?

    1. Thanks for sharing a link to evidence supporting your BS statement.

  20. Wars and violent strategies will never produce peace. Since the dawn of civilization, psychopaths have taken control and deceived and oppressed their uninformed and less aggressive fellows. Every generation has seen liberators trying to reform their society and every new group of leaders who replaced the previous rulers were either as bad or they slowly deteriorated into the same oppressive evil control systems. None of the historical examples of liberation lasted more than a generation or two; but we are in a unique situation where technology, industry, population density and energy production has increased exponentially to the point where our finite planet will no longer be able to support continued infinite growth and elite globalists know this. They are psychopaths but that does not mean they are stupid. They employ top class scientists and economists to predict the future and plan strategies for sustainable life on earth. Few if any people know the minds and plans of these elite globalists but this much I know: Their plans, technologies and wealth for controlling the world will soon turn to disaster when oppressed people eventually realize what is really going on in the world and what is planned for them. Then a secret, underground, subversive, non-violent but ultimately successful liberation movement will start. I hope I live to see that day.

  21. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Bombs should not exist. Explosives designed to blow fire and shrapnel through human bodies should not be a thing… Instead, bombs are cranked out like iPhones at enormous profit, and nearly all bombings are ignored. Many bombs are being dropped per day by the US and its allies, with a massive civilian death toll, and almost none of those bombings receive any international attention.”
    Today, the call heard is Black Lives Matter. But the fact is, since humankind has been upon the Earth, most human societies operate under one working principle: Some (Few) Lives Matter, and Some (The Many) Lives Don’t. If you have money or more powerful weapons than others do or you kiss up to the right people who do, then your life “matters”. But all the others don’t. Life is seen as a thing to use and exploit, just like resources or relationships or anything else that exists.
    Most people just want to live their lives and be left alone. But whether it is bombs being dropped on your head or lies being fed into your head and brain by rotted-out, stench-filled media manipulators, these self-appointed soulless Masters of The World who assume the Earth and all its inhabitants are their playthings to have their way with, just won’t let you live in peace.

  22. Republican Report claims Trump campaign “eagerly accepted help from Russia”, and had three different sets of compromising material related to Trump existed. The Republican Report also claims the Trump adminstration obstructed their investigation.

    “”Russia and other countries took advantage of the Transition Team’s inexperience, transparent opposition to Obama Administration policies, and Trump’s desire to deepen ties with Russia, to pursue unofficial channels through which Russia could conduct diplomacy,” the report says.”

    Note carefully the “other countries”, one of which we know was Israel. We know that Trump transition team members improperly interfered with the outgoing Obama administrations vote against Israel in the UNSC.

    Note also that this is the official report of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which since the Republicans have a majority in the Senate is chaired by a Republican and the Republicans hold an 8-7 majority on the committee. Chairperson Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) ordered the report to be declassified.

    Republicans say that the Trump campaign eagerly accepted help from Russia.

    1. The Republicans told us that Saddam had WMD’s, even though he didn’t. They wanted to start bombing but needed an excuse first. Not exactly a reliable source.

  23. As a young man I had very good thoughts about John F. Kennedy. When he became President of the United States I knew that governmental changes were coming. On the day that he was killed many many people knew that our own government had killed him to prevent those changes from ever happening. This article today brings some new light to that ” regime change operation “.
    The CIA Versus the Kennedys by Jacob G. Hornberger!
    Here are some of the important links in that article:

    1. I had similar good thoughts, Ron, even though I was only in high school when JFK was assassinated. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to read a number of good books about his presidency and his demise, and I, too, am utterly convinced that the deep state did him in, and that we would have a quite different America today had he lived to provide the leadership he seemed destined to give us. Same with RFK, who, although most don’t know it, was also apparently assassinated by the deep state, according to another good book I’ve pored over (see link below). These days, I also find myself wondering whether Teddy, “womanizer” like most of the males of his clan, was not also set up to be killed or compromised, AND whether JFK Jr.’s plane crash was really the result of “pilot error.” I know it’s a wormhole, but then again there have been a hell of a lot of “worms” digging around D.C. for a long, long time. Let me quickly add my apologies to one of the most amazing, beneficial, and necessary of God’s creatures. Shakespeare noted that even the small worm turns when tread upon, and maybe someday our species will catch some of its courage.

      1. JFK Jr. was a particularly bright editor of “George” magazine. He possessed a fine awareness and acumen that would have bode well had he pursued the Senate seat in New York which Hillary coveted. He wouldn’t have let the “explanation” for 9/11 just go, either. He was in the way.
        The Pentagon took over the news “coverage” of the “plane accident”. As father to the father, so son to the son??

    2. When I was about 12 years old I thought: “Gee, it seems like maybe Lincoln and Kennedy got shot because they both printed a new kind of money…”.
      Many years later I thought: “Gee, maybe Saddam Hussein & Muammar Gaddafi got “put down” because they both were talking about creating new, regional financial systems (to trade THEIR oil) to get away from the US Dollar…”.
      Time will tell. Truth will out.
      Anyway, there’s this:
      And this:

    3. If you ever get the chance to purchase the DVD ” Executive Action ” starring Burt Lancaster pick it up. It is a movie more closer to the truth about the murder of JFK than anything I have yet seen. Our ” intelligence agencies ” are just criminal enterprises paid for with taxpayer money with complete immunity from all law enforcement. Just like Hitlers gestapo and the SS.

  24. Nothing personal – just policy.
    “Democracy”* as it exists today is merely a label which serves to distract from the reality – You have your fears which may become reality and you have Godzilla, which is reality.

    Very excellent article:

    * I estimate about 50% of American public live in an area which has only a single viable political party – is that really anything like a democracy?

  25. Great idea.
    “An interesting social experiment when you talk to someone might be to tell them solemnly, “There’s been a bombing.” Then when they say “What?? Where??”, tell them “The Middle East mostly. Our government and its allies drop many bombs there per day in order to keep a resource-rich geostrategic region balkanized and controllable.’ ”

    “Then watch their reaction.”
    ” Someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister . . . innocent people died in that evil bombing. Why? An accident of birth? In the wrong place at the wrong time? Or because the planet is controlled by a psychopathic, robber baron, evil crime syndicate?

    1. God yes. But is there something behind the psychopathic crime syndicate, a deeper level of the demonic underlying and fueling it? I suspect there is, but it’s goddamn hard to get a handle on and talk about. Probably because it’s also seeped into us.

      1. There does seem to be a lot of evidence pointing to a relatively small group of people pulling the strings behind the larger crime syndicate, but good luck finding out who and “proving” it to the population as whole. Their media has made sure that those that talk about it are discredited.
        I’m just going to keep questioning, keep trying to recognize and break through that conditioning that has seeped into us. And keep thinking about things like Fuller’s “trim tab effect.”
        I’m going to keep trying to fight all the hate they create, at every opportunity, by not giving into my negative reactions, in the moment, and trying to treat people with dignity, respect and compassion.
        Stay strong, Newton. Love. Peace.

    2. ”Someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister . . . innocent people died [and/or lost their homes] in that evil bombing….”
      See at 1:08:45

    1. has anyone else thought Snowden is a plant? im just a nosy person, no one important but the reporter he gave the stash to hasn’t released anything. and if you really think about it, what Snowden did release was already public knowledge. just food for thought.

      1. Come on ? A plant like Lee Oswald who defected to Russia , then returned wife in tow only to get gunned down in Dallas as the “Patsy” ? Give your head a shake. Wait a minute now that i see that idea in print I kinda like it.

  26. War is hell but it is also very profitable. Will never change until we bomb the bomb making factories.
    In other news Trump just announced he would pardon someone very important today. It would not be flynn or snowden. Many are wondering if it will be Jullian Assange.

    1. Are you kidding me. Susan B Anthony is not someone important. Dead people are not important. Should havd known. Trump is all talk. Never sticks with anything.

  27. As a perfect demonstration of the insanity of warfare, the Geneva Convention prohibits the use of soft point or hollow point pistol and rifle ammunition, because of their excessively destructive effect. But high explosives, napalm, and white phosphorus are OK.

    1. When I was 15, my father took me into work on a weekend and showed me a film of napalm being dropped on a VC convoy. He was an AF instructor. It was horrible. It was horrific to watch. Nobone should die like that. Even your worst enemy.

  28. Another important and provocative piece; thank you Caitlin.

    I was going to critique (i.e., disagree with) the final paragraph; then I thought, just do this:
    “When people set out to learn what’s really going on in their world they …[can begin by investigating verifiable, documented, and scholar-corroborated]… history and geopolitics[,] facts and figures …[in order to develop a critical-thinking lense to achieve a]… clear image of what’s happening [today] in the world …[because knowing & understanding True past events] … [enables you to understand the causes and probabilities of things you] already kind of knew [or suspected] were happening [now], but couldn’t quite bring yourself to [see or believe].”

    Respectfully, -X

  29. im an American Goy but grew up with Jewish people. i live 15 minutes from Cheltenham High School, where Benjamin Netenyahu & his brother went to school. my first girlfriend was Jewish. there are good & bad people in every race. Race is irrelevant to me. that said, if one turns off the TV and look around.. the truth is out in the open. what is happening to the Palestinians, is coming to America & the world. FYI: i NEVER judge a book by its cover. i give EVERYONE the benefit but if they prove me wrong, i cut them off FOREVER. i am a firm believer is the Golden Rule. Live & Let Live.

    Love from Philadelphia, USA 🙂

    1. Jew IS NOT A RACE! A Jew, like a Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, et al, is an adherent of a religion. The entire world’s population (including religious Jews) was conned by rabid Zionists in the 19th century into believing and accepting that Judaism and its adherents were singularly chosen by “God” to be the superior religion, people, nation, and RACE (and thus deserving of a “homeland”).

      If you feel a need to refer to these people other than by their nationality, use Chosenites. Or whatever!

  30. With our penchant for violence and our arrogant, uncivilized behavior, we’ll in the near future become a third-world country. Covid-19, high unemployment, and debt doubly assure that. Thank God!

    1. Yes. America will fall hard when it collapses.

  31. Those who make the bombs, also create terrorists to drop the bombs on.
    Those who hate must make others hate back.
    See Millie Weavers “ShadowGate” film.
    How we are manipulated, like herding sheep, but the Sheepdogs are Wolves, as per the Fabian Society coat of arms
    Fiat money is not Capitalism. It is Fraud. Capitalism is a straw man argument. We are an Oligarchy now, Globally.

  32. Out of sight and out of mind. That is the way it is. If people knew about bombing reports people would care but as long as people refuse to band together and create a peoples network of news, hope for humanity is bleak.

    You can read in the URL if you want to peak or not.

    People take shit (steal) from strangers. It is in our blood until we know better. We can know better. You can decide who is a stranger and who is not. Who is human or not, and there is only one kind. Thinking that there is more than one kind of person is medieval ignorance. Don’t bomb your friends or other humans and when it comes to bombing, there is no difference between people.

    Don’t vote for a killer.

    1. That is a URL worth watching, here is another.

      And staying on topic Trump is Ahead of Obama on Drones:

      “Be assured of one thing: whichever candidate you choose at the polls in November, you aren’t just electing a president of the United States; you are also electing an assassin-in-chief”

    2. “People’s News Network”
      I like it.

    3. Are we taught not to steal…or TO steal? I go back and forth on that.

  33. A really amazing piece. Thank you Caitlin.

  34. Maybe when it was muttered under one’s breath that the meek would inherit the Earth, what was meant weak in the mind, and that they most definitely will inherit a dead planet upon which they will bury themselves, while the rest of humanity will inherit the heavens upon which the love of God will be lavished on those who reject hatred as the most righteous means of worshiping the unknown.

    1. I suspect that Jesus, as usual, along with other prophets and sages, was talking about THIS life, how to live it with awareness of, but not preoccupation or obsession with, the next.

  35. in vietnam we bombed farms, houses, city neighborhoods in order to starve them into submission…only grannies ad kids were there…as young men and even women were in the jungles. like wounded knee, or dresden or north korea….the pilots returned from our bombing raids with bombs still attached. the general screamed at them ..why? they said nothing left but rice paddies. “then bomb the rice paddies” he said.
    where’s the love.
    what would jesus do?
    they hate us for our freedoms” to kill them at random on a whim. for no reason…
    for capitalism which is not strong enough as a system to compete with normal family style communalism.

    1. Heard a tale not so long ago of such “missions” whereby bombs were dropped repeatedly upon the exact same “target” apparently for the sole purpose of expending more bombs than they really had any use for. Government budget… use it or lose it?

  36. Are we finished with our anti US rant Caitlin? Ideally no bombs or billets et al. But your positioning of be side aggressor and the other victim is dishonest and propagandist. You expect the Jews to run and hide and America (as imperfect as it is) to ignore all provocation and behave impeccably whilst her enemies flout every jaw rule and moral and decency code in flagrant disregard for any human existence, including their own people’s and families. Life is cheap in these shitholes run by thugs and bullies, but you my popularist wee thing are happy for these broken cultures to be the mainstream, to the point of them infecting our cultures via uncontrolled immigration, all the while bashing the system that fought for the freedoms and quality of lifestyle we enjoy. You can do much better than this tripe you’ve hashed up today Caitlin.

    1. no one is doing better than her…freedom to. kill. you. mean.

    2. Boy have you bought into the propaganda!! “Fought for the freedoms and quality of life we enjoy”. Like the fighting that created the aboriginal genocide and the quality of lifestyle that does not exist for 40 million Americans. Strange how all those Palestinian “provocations” have caused far more Palestinian deaths, displacement, imprisonment and loss than ever suffered by the Israelis.

    3. Yikes. ‘Infecting our cultures via uncontrolled immigration’. What a vile racist rant.

    4. When you can reach a guy like this, the revolution has truly arrived. If you don’t even try, it’s a half-arsed revolution. If this guy truly believes this stuff, then he’s deep in denial. If he’s a paid troll, he’s deep in denial. If he’s just trolling for fun, he’s deep in denial. But what’s his point?
      Jamie, life is beautiful, and you are actually safe. Relax more. Find a way to tell us what your issue is.

    5. “…freedoms and quality of lifestyle we enjoy.”
      Speak for yourself.

    6. Disgusting rubbish, Jamie Moodie. You are part of what is wrong with the world today.

    7. Who is provoking us here, on our shores? Be honest. Our filthy military budget is like a bloated cyst that infects all it touches.

  37. The eventual massive public protests within the United States of America were caused because the ” Vietnam War ” was seen by the world as it happened. Young men who had the means left the country to keep from being drafted. Martin Luther King Jr. was allowed to talk about ” civil rights ” but he was shot to death because he began to talk about the war and the soul of our country that allowed it to happen. Four unarmed students were killed in Ohio by national guard troops. The United States was humiliated and supposed to be ashamed; but it was not. The ” owners and the masters ” eliminated the draft; they took over the ” media ” so that what they did never came into public view anywhere. And the Evil Empire just keeps on killing anyone it wants to anywhere on this planet. It is almost a ” sin ” for any American to express displeasure or guilt for the war crimes our government engages in 24/7. Our government can not do any wrong; it is exceptional and must be allowed to be as evil as possible. That is the reality of these United States!

    1. The “owners and the masters” (central banks, et al.) are Supranational — they have no allegiance to any particular country; Control (by control of money) is their locus — therefore, they have no patriotism or shame thereby.

  38. profit counts. rapid. continuously replicating under wars.

  39. This opinion piece and the two first comments are just so right on. I don’t see any argument against what anyone has said so far. We all have to look inside ourselves to determine and redetermine moral right and wrong. I wish all humans were capable of doing this.

  40. John Ricahrdson Avatar
    John Ricahrdson

    Hi Caitlin. I sometimes think that the failure of people to speak out stems from a sublime conviction that it just won’t make any difference.
    For all of its bleetings about democracy, respecting the rule of law & upholding international norms & standards, the US has shown itself to be an arrogant & proud war criminal, willing to commit any crime to achieve its ends, while its people believe their ignorance is a mark of their exceptionalism.
    But the reality is that probably the overwhelming majority of “friends” of the US probably detest America & wish her poorly, but they just aren’t game enough to say so because of the inherent danger of poking the crazy one-eyed cyclops in the eye.
    The “man in the street” feels even more powerless & so turns the other way, much the same as a small child will cover its eyes if it sees something that frightens it.
    It seems we are all headed down the road to perdition.

    1. I like this very much. But kids do eventually learn to open their eyes, so maybe we “kids” will also, somehow, someday. I’m not yet ready to give in to inevitable perdition, nor it seems are you, given that “seems” also appears in your final line.

  41. The military budget of most nations can only be justified by one thing:
    manufactured FEAR

  42. It’s true, but there is a side to our nature that we deny, our collective-mind side. We are entering (you may notice) a collective mass psychosis, as we periodically do. We are afraid of losing what we have”, the flows of wealth, whatever little fraction may come to us. It’s a real thing. Wealth is falling and we sense it. We fearfully cling to “what is ours”, but that perception crosses into lots of what other people perceive as “theirs”. To elites, the muppets and muppet-stuff are all theirs, but the same thing affects their ranks. The claims-on-wealth are ten or a hundred times the current wealth in physical existence, and that realization, that psychic mass transmission, leads to clinging, fear, and willing to kill others that are-taking-what’s-mine. The elites mainly have to direct us as to who to kill. They get deleted, too. Some of them lose each time this comes around. We have beeter means of population control than bombs and DU machine guns on choppers and starvation blockades. We need to transcend sociopathic rule.

  43. Thank you Caitlin for this piece. I am reading a book which others might like by the Palestinian author Susan Abulhawa, Against the Loveless World. To remind ourselves that the Middle East, and Palestine is full of real human beings who love, work, eat, celebrate life and do their best to survive against enormous odds. I recommend it as a counter balance to the dehumanising news stories we constantly read.

    1. You might find Abby Martin’s Journalistic/film work on the subject of Palastine worthwhile:

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