Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris was able to visit him with their children at Belmarsh prison for the first time since March of this year, and reports that his physical condition has deteriorated noticeably since that time.

“He was wearing a yellow armband to indicate his level of prisoner status, and you could see how thin his arms were,” Moris told the PA news agency.

“Moris said her partner is still suffering from a frozen shoulder, and had recently sprained his ankle,” PA reports.

“He is in a lot of pain,” Moris added.

This additional physical pain is just one more piece of information on top of the mountain of evidence we already had that the United States and United Kingdom are torturing a journalist who exposed US war crimes.

It has already been established by UN Special Rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer that Assange has for years been suffering from psychological torture at the hands of the tight empire-like network of allies that is loosely centralized around the United States. It has already been established by scores of medical doctors and later backed by many more that Assange has a well-documented “history of denial of access to health care and prolonged psychological torture,” adding, “Should Assange die in a UK prison, as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has warned, he will effectively have been tortured to death.”

The fact that Assange’s condition has reportedly continued to deteriorate while his suffering has continued to escalate is just a continuation along an already established trajectory of publicly brutalizing a journalist for revealing US war crimes.

And make no mistake, that is the sole reason for Assange’s persecution. The US extradition charges relate to basic journalistic activities and source protection between Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning a decade ago, in which leaks which exposed US war crimes were published.

Manning for her own part has also been tortured at the hands of the same brutal authoritarian regime because of the same truthful publications about its misdeeds. United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture Juan E. Mendez stated unequivocally that Manning’s treatment was “cruel, inhuman and degrading,” and 295 legal scholars signed a letter declaring that she was “detained under degrading and inhumane conditions that are illegal and immoral.”

“I conclude that the 11 months under conditions of solitary confinement (regardless of the name given to [her] regime by the prison authorities) constitutes at a minimum cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in violation of article 16 of the convention against torture,” Mendez reported in 2012.

Since her abuse at the hands of US government, Manning has repeatedly attempted suicide, including once after she was cruelly re-incarcerated for refusing to testify at a secret grand jury against WikiLeaks.

It should enrage us all that governments keep secrets from us about evil things they do. This by itself is wholly illegitimate, and Julian Assange realized this, which is why he started WikiLeaks in the first place. Add on the fact that not only do they keep secrets from us but actively imprison and torture people who try to bring those secrets out to the public where they belong, and our rage should be shaking the earth right now.

Australian award-winning investigative journalist Andrew Fowler explained the reason for Assange’s torture as follows:

“The ultimate purpose of Assange’s treatment is a warning to others. Particularly other journalists. It’s the modern day equivalent of crucifixion, putting heads of enemies on spikes, or public hangings. The torture of Assange involves two main areas: being confined to three rooms in a single building for 7 years, and unable to leave without fear of arrest and extradition to Sweden which was playing an underhand role to allow Assange to be extradited to the US. As the UN rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer wrote that never in the two decades he had spent investigating war crimes had he ever seen such a ganging up of so many powerful nations against one individual. It is a testament to Assange’s mental strength that he resisted at all.

Our governments should be too afraid of us to hide ugly truths from our view. Instead what we have is the exact opposite: our governments have us afraid of trying to find out about those truths because they smear and brutally punish anyone who tries. This is gravely disordered, and it cannot stand.

The more secrecy governments are allowed to have, the more evil they will do. The more powerful those governments are, the more egregious those evils will be. We cannot have a just world without the ability to see what the powerful are doing and hold them to account, and any assault on our ability to do so is an assault on every one of us.

London protests against Assange’s extradition are set to begin when his hearing resumes on September 7th. Stella Moris has a crowdfunding campaign for Assange’s legal case which has been endorsed by the WikiLeaks team; you can donate by clicking here.


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38 responses to “Reminder: The US Empire Tortures Journalists And Whistleblowers”

  1. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    Don’t forget America’s infamous murder of local Reuters journalists in Iraq, as captured by Wikileaks’ Collateral Murder video.

    Collateral Murder

    It is chilling how casual these imperial American stormtroopers are in willfully murdering these civilians.

    These war crimes perfectly represent the banality of American Evil and expose the Nazi-style Big Lie called American/Western “Freedom and Democracy.”

  2. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Julian Assange’s partner Stella Moris was able to visit him with their children at Belmarsh prison for the first time since March of this year, and reports that his physical condition has deteriorated noticeably since that time. . . .
    > London protests against Assange’s extradition are set to begin when his hearing resumes on September 7th. Stella Moris has a crowdfunding campaign for Assange’s legal case which has been endorsed by the WikiLeaks team; you can donate by clicking here. . . .
    You know, with whistleblowers — and, from now on, journalists and publishers — who act in defense of the law, constitution, and human rights, the usual process is as follows:
    1. Unlawfully, the government commits crimes.
    2. Then, unlawfully, the government classifies its crimes. This is explicitly outlawed by the US Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information.
    3. Then, unlawfully, the government boycotts the official whistleblower process and protection, forcing honest citizens to leak government crimes to journalists.
    4. And then, unlawfully, the government charges whistleblowers — and now investigative journalists and publishers as well — with not obeying the unlawful classification of unlawful government actions.
    So Julian Assange, like Chelsea Manning, etc., by revealing corruption and crimes, maybe didn’t obey the code of silence of organized crime, government sector, but that’s not a law.
    The law is for example the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the above mentioned law on Classified National Security Information.
    This means that whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, and investigative journalists and publishers like Julian Assange are the ones defending the law here, while the US and UK governments are the criminals.
    Yes, the extraordinary reality is that Julian Assange — imprisoned for revealing crimes and corruption — has himself literally not broken any law, as Raúl Ilargi Meijer quite clearly explained in a brief essay, worthy to read again now. A few excerpts:
    “The only person who’s abided by the law the entire time this epic tragedy has now lasted has been Julian Assange (and his lawyers, and others who work with him, and former Ecuador president Correa). All the other players, the people who’ve been chasing, torturing and now murdering him have all broken the law consistently, one after the other, and in coordinated fashion. But they have the media on their side, and that’s how the story got turned upside down. Propaganda wins.
    “In 2010, Swedish police invented a rape allegation out of thin air and against the expressed wishes of the alleged victim. . . .
    “This was followed (after 7 years!) by the new Ecuador government that violated any and all international law by rescinding Julian’s asylum, but only after hiring a Spanish ‘security’ company that recorded all of his -and all of his visitors’ – talks and phones etc., including client-lawyer and doctor-patient conversations that we all know are confidential . . .
    “And now he’s in a super high security prison for no apparent reason at all . . . And then Monday in court, a British court, it was a bunch of Americans who openly decided what should happen . . .
    “What Assange practiced when he published ‘US war files’ is called journalism. Which thank god is perfectly legal. Much of what those files reveal is not. What he did when he allegedly ‘skipped bail’ in the UK is called requesting asylum. Also perfectly legal, a basic human right. He never broke a law. . . .
    “If you live in Britain and you think Brexit is a more important issue than Assange, you’re delusional. Nothing is more important to anyone in a society than a government torturing a man to death in broad daylight, a man who moreover has not broken a single law. We don’t even torture mass murderers, terrorists or child rapists to death anymore, at least not at home. But Julian Assange IS treated that way. And whether the UK will be a part of Europe or not, that is the country it has become. A lawless medieval banana republic.”
    Assange Is The Only One To Abide By The Law — Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    As the saying goes:
    “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, then you know you are being ruled by criminals.”
    — People’s wisdom
    See more UK and US legal details related to Julian in my comments to:
    Julian Assange Hearing – Your Help Wanted — Craig Murray

  3. Nicolas de la Forge Avatar
    Nicolas de la Forge

    In 2001, a Predatory Selection process had been put into place and activated, in the ‘land of the free’. Camps were erected around individuals: one for you, another for me, and so on, a team of predatory actors incarcerating the life of a targeted individual. Pinochet needed just twenty-eight thousand victims! As did the Argentine Junta. Those victims were brought to a camp, a stadium, to be tortured, interrogated and killed. Here, in the ‘land of the free’ we do it differently. Same predators; different methods. Here, the camp comes to you. To your home. It is for you alone, this one; this camp is yours! All yours! It is your own individual camp! What an honor! The other thousands or tens of thousands or one hundred thousand camps are individually erected around each victim. Everyone has his own!
    There are no crowded camps, no fences and barbed wire; no guards, no trucks or trains, no transporting of victims: the camps have come to us, instead! Thus, nothing seems to be happening at all. The camps have been erected around our homes, our lives, where we live – where we exist – individually! Those of us Selected out are not to exist. Ideally, we are not to exist! Physically, it has to be done as if nothing at all is happening; as if the predators did not exist. This is how we do it, in the ‘land of the free and the brave’. In the U.S., psychological torture and secret assault has attained a level of sophistication never before seen in human history.



  4. You have to hand it to the sociopaths running United States foreign policy, they are very adept at creating no-win scenarios for their opponents. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was just handed a major defeat at the United Nations Security Council, who voted down a resolution to extend the arms embargo against Iran.
    The strategy employed by Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo here is so absurd even the United Nations harshest critic, madman John Bolton, thinks they are nuts to go this route.
    The reason for this push to extend the arms embargo on Iran is simple, both Russia and China are deep in negotiations with Iran to upgrade both its air and air defense capabilities. China is ready to deploy over $400 billion in Iran while Russia stands ready to “sell” the Iranians new Suhkois and S-400 missile defense systems.
    And there is no way to pressure Iran to the negotiating table and create a new JCPOA to President Trumps liking if it can credibly defend itself from Israeli and United States aggression. This interesting article can be read here:
    Trump and Pompeo Craft No-Win Solutions for the World by Tom Luongo!

  5. Julian Assange in ‘a lot of pain’ says partner. Research proves that constant exposure to WiFi directed at someone from several different router/modems will cause serious disorders in skin, intestine/bowel, ears, eyes, etc., within 6 months. Easy invisible torture technique.

  6. Both of the players pictured in this article are now out of the game and no longer relevant ? In fact the whole game has been has changed , As Johnny Cash pointed out in 1965 the one on the left is now on the right. Or maybe it has to do with the shift in the Earths polarity of late?

  7. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “It should enrage us all that governments keep secrets from us about evil things they do.”
    “Citizens” (actually, Subjects) of a legal fiction known as a Nation are not seen as valuable human beings with Divine rights. Instead, they are seen as owned objects to be used or eliminated by Those Who Retain And Possess All Rights And Power To Themselves. As property, they have no right to know anything about anything. Instead, they will be told what to do and they will like it and be quiet about it, or they had better if they know what’s good for them…
    “The more secrecy governments are allowed to have, the more evil they will do. The more powerful those governments are, the more egregious those evils will be.”
    Governments “cannot” do “Evil” because governments themselves reserve the right to define what is just and legal and right and nobody else has any say in the matter. As such, everything they do (even when absolutely wrong) is just and legal and right and nobody else is allowed to say or do anything about it. At least in the twisted, sick social structure we have had in our world for ages. Many years ago, these words were written: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

  8. Botched SWAT team raids have resulted in the loss of countless lives, including children and the elderly. Usually, however, the first to be shot are the family dogs.
    SWAT raids are usually carried out late at night or shortly before dawn. Unfortunately, to the unsuspecting homeowner—especially in cases involving mistaken identities or wrong addresses—a raid can appear to be nothing less than a violent home invasion, with armed intruders crashing through their door.
    That’s exactly what happened to Jose Guerena, the young ex-Marine who was killed after a SWAT team kicked open the door of his Arizona home during a drug raid and opened fire. According to news reports, Guerena, 26 years old and the father of two young children, grabbed a gun in response to the forced invasion but never fired. In fact, the safety was still on his gun when he was killed. Police officers were not as restrained. The young Iraqi war veteran was allegedly fired upon 71 times. Guerena had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home. This relevant article can be read here:
    Attack of the Tomato Killers: The Police States War on Weed and Backyard Gardens
    By John W. Whitehead!

  9. The treatment of Julian Assange is another example of how the NWO treats any threat to THEIR agenda. This is a good-courageous-person, honest journalist trying to expose war-crimes and crimes-against-humanity, “get-the-truth-out”, do the right-thing etc…

    No-one that cares about the world they live in should tolerate it. Its an outrage!

    I want to add: Julian Assange is not the only victim of torture perpetrated by the NWO and the governments THEY control. Countless innocent journalists, whistleblowers, private-citizens etc…are being tortured covertly, globally by government programs that include various tactics and technology pulled out of the military-industrial-complex. This is happening now as I write this. These criminal-operations, which include sophisticated psychological-operations and war-weapons related to the weaponization of the electromagnetic-spectrum are “acts-of-war” and are another part of the “hidden-hand” of the NWO trying to gain complete-control of the planet.

    If anyone reading this is new to the covert-targeting that is taking place globally, simply enter Targeted-Individuals into a search engine. You will get plenty of results.

    I can state flat-out that this is happening because I personally have been targeted for almost 20-years. The targeting has almost cost me my life and has cost the lives of many targets across the USA and globally.

    The world needs to know this is happening and is another part of the evil-agenda of the NWO.

    People need to WAKE-UP! before its too-late and stop THEM!

  10. I remain sick of hearing about Assange. My own blog about it from way back January is still up.


    He has a death wish so let him die. There are better hills to fight the war on.

    One other respondent of Caitoz made the observation that; “Taking someone and making them an example often works wonders for subduing the masses. Has been used for centuries.”

    It goes further than that. In helping someone with a martyrdom complex set hisself/herself up as a martyr they create a distraction. Huge energy and resources get expended in unproductive ways in trying to get The Martyr back out of jail.

    I would suggest that if we all forgot about Assange and focused on what we really need to go after, they would soon forge about Assange as well. He might even be able to get out of jail, if that is what he wants.

    The moral of the story is that if you have a death wish and want to be a martyr, the forces of darkness will be quite happy to publicly torture you to death.

    1. Ridiculous nonsense. Legal precedents matter. Setting a precedent of letting the US empire extradite anyone from anywhere for journalism will have disastrous effects on world journalism. This isn’t about Assange, it’s about all of us.

    2. Julian is a great hero and should be the hero of all decent citizens

    3. You are not only heartless, but you are a cretinous fool to boot. The world doesn’t need one more heartless fool. Maybe it is you who should be forgotten…

  11. Agree with all comments, just feel powerless to constructively help , Julian should be released immediately andJohnson can take his place.

  12. About the US election, polls tell us the Democrats are going to sweep in November.
    I learned in 2016, beyond question, that polls are a tool for those that
    want to affect election results — the herd effect.
    That doesn’t mean that polls are always necessarily wrong, just that truthfulness
    is not part of their equation. The polls, by coincidence, may have it right in 2020.
    But what happens if the polls are wrong again? This time around the manipulative polls may
    have a lurking, secondary agenda set to be triggered if Biden fails.
    The LSM (aka MSM), LickSpittle Media, was the essential mouthpiece for the perpetrators
    of the Russiagate Coup, and Democratic voters have licked it up for well over three years.
    Reality has not set in yet even as indictments are being rolled out against the perpetrators.
    In November, the polls will have played their part and created expectations of a Biden
    victory, and thus a loss will easily be blamed on Russia again. What other reason could there be
    for the loss? It couldn’t be the Democrat’s corruption, incompetence, totalitarianism,
    tone-deftness and arrogance.
    “The election was stolen AGAIN! ***Polls proved it!***”
    Is this a second reason for the polls favoring Biden, beyond the herd effect –
    to foment insurrection?
    The LSM will once again assert that POTUS is a Russian agent. The avalanche of indictments
    will make the Russiagate Coup perpetrators look like martyrs that need rescuing and Democrats
    will be up in arms, hopefully not literally.

  13. https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/08/nightmare-spreads.html
    Don’t Trust The Medical or Security Establishment, RFK Jr. Particularly watch 4:00 to 12:45 as he discusses the assassinations of his father and his uncle. There is alot about vaccine toxicity and chronic lifetime conditions, including autism, after that RFK Jr is a friend and advocate of science, but the science does not say what big pharma says it says, or their spokesdog Tony Fauci says. It doesn’t have to. Congress exempted them from liability 3 decades ago. Fact-free-profits. Thanks Eleni.

    “We Are Entering Into A War Period” – Catherine Austin Fitts Warns “Nothing Will Ever Be The Same” We are in the process that I would recall is a global reset. The entire financial system is being reset. There are two aspects of this: One is extending the old system, and the other is bringing in the new system. It’s very much being done on the fly by trial and error, but the new system is 100% digital.” The new system, according to Fitts, will be a top down control system where “tyranny” will be the key feature. Fitts predicts, “If you look at the tyranny they are working on delivering, I don’t think most people realize how hideous some of their plans are. So, the tyranny that’s coming and the printing that’s coming is greater than anything we have seen so far…

  14. Australia belongs to the London City Mafia, he already is home. Maybe someday Australians will realize that they’re all slaves of the Mafia thugs of the Queen bitch of the City of London.

  15. “Our governments should be too afraid of us to hide ugly truths from our view. Instead what we have is the exact opposite: our governments have us afraid of trying to find out about those truths because they smear and brutally punish anyone who tries. This is gravely disordered, and it cannot stand.”
    I think just about everyone who visits this website agrees with the above statement. But I also think that just about everyone who visits here wonders what the solution to this problem could be. I think that an important clue to the solution can be found in Saying 78 of the Gospel of Thomas:
    Jesus said, “Why have you come out to the countryside? To see a reed shaken by the wind? And to see a person dressed in soft clothes, like your rulers and your powerful ones? They are dressed in soft clothes, and they cannot understand truth.”
    I believe that Saying 78 is what those human beings who will be chosen in accordance with Saying 23 will say on every Sabbath day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) before stating publicly and precisely what it is about the truth that the political and economic leaders of humankind do not understand at that time. There will be thousands of such “chosen” people. All over the world. There will be far too many for the governments of the world and their servants to be able to apprehend, murder and smear them all. They will identify themselves as they are instructed to do in Saying 50. Others may think of them as spiritual clones of Jesus. The end of Saying 50 (with “say to them, ‘it is motion and rest’” interpreted as the grammatical skeleton of “say to them, ‘it is motion of the lips and rest of the soul’”) suggests that they will serve as oracles of God. They will speak with a single voice. And so I think that Jesus will indeed return to the world, as traditional Christians have always believed. But this thing will happen in a way which no one has anticipated. And yes, Caitlin, the bastards won’t see it coming.

  16. Taking someone and making them an example often works wonders for subduing the masses. Has been used for centuries.

    1. it may work for some.. not me. it brings the animal out in me. like they say: you can only corner an animal for so long before they lash out. im an empty nester becase of the govt. they’ve ruined the country. bastards. i have nothing to lose. im fighting for huamnkind. fuck these parasites.

      1. People like you they just put down quietly. Not being funny. Thats how they do it.

        1. They can’t put us all down quietly…and they know it. That’s why they make obscene examples of heroes who step forward ahead of the rest of us, like Julian and Chelsea. Yet Jim Andrews observes that “(t)here will be far too many for the governments of the world and their servants to be able to apprehend, murder and smear them all.” Similarly, Caitlin urges that “our rage should be shaking the earth right now.” What both (and many others) are saying, at least to me, is that we will bring down the plutocratic, imperial bastards and their oppressive, ecocidal system by not by direct engagement but by sheer OVERWHELM. This will be a revolution/evolution like no other in human history, a global upsurge of the human spirit as sudden, startling, and irrepressible as the pandemic that provided the opening for it. Our challenge at this moment is to believe in the human spirit and little else, to ride this revolutionary/evolutionary tidal wave and and push it forward in whatever ways we can, large or small.

          1. Tell Stalin that

  17. i can confirm, the US govt tortures its own citizens. not just journalists.. but dissidents, and anyone whom they don’t like. gotta give props to Chelsea.. she kept her mouth shut. did not snitch. did her time. handled it proper. big up. fuck the police, snitches, and the entire US govt.

  18. There is much sick irony being played out in the claims being made by the Trump clown show that they are unwitting victims of “cancel culture” assaults and denigations by those who sponsor and thrust hate and violence on they who represent “law & order”, love, and equality.

  19. Thanks for your initiative Caitlin. I hope we don’t forget that the UK has blood on its hands, as well as the UK, when it comes to the war and other crimes exposed by Julian and Wikileaks. It is a double tragedy that Julian, one of the great intellectuals and activists of our time, will ever be able to fully recover from the unforgivable torture he has had to endure, and the vilification and guilty silences from cowardly media “colleagues”.
    I can’t praise you enough for your timely, perceptive and challenging writing and support for just causes.

  20. The real crime of Assange was not that he revealed government crimes but that WikiLeaks was about to reveal Wall Streets and bankster crimes.Timing is telling in regards to this.
    The war logs were revealed in May and June of 2010 to lots of noise from the DC bullhorns. Manning was discovered because she could not keep silent and so was outed. In August of 2010 esecutives of Kaupthieg Bank in Iceland were indicted because of documents published by WikiLeaks. To this day the only execs indicted for criminal behavior that cause the 2008 crisis.
    On Nov. 29, 2010 Forbes Magazine published an interview with Assange in which he said that WikiLeaks had important documents related to bankster and Wall Street crimes. He stated that the release would possibly result in the failure of 2 TBTF banks among other things and that the documents would be released in early 2011. On Dec 1 Amazon kicked WikiLeaks off their hosting service. Most of Amazon’s profits come from hosting government sites. If the government was so concerned about WikiLeaks, Amazon would have been forced by DOD to remove WikiLeaks from their hosting services in June. On Dec. 2 PayPal refused service. On Dec. 3 Mastercard, Visa, Western Union and American Express followed suit. WikiLeaks was unceremoniously thrown into the street and stripped of support by the business establishment, the shadow government.
    While in London free on bail, Assange appeared at a public presentation probably June 2011. An audience member asked him about the business documents that were supposed to be publised earlier in the year. Assange’s response was that he was not at liberty to discuss that issue and that people could imagine why. Wellll, I imaggine he and his family and associates were threatened if those documents were published and they responded that if anything happened to them the documents would be published. A classic stand off.
    Because there was much official villifying of Assange there was the possibility of a loose cannon doing his duty and disposing of Assange, the banksters arranged for him to be secuestered in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The Ecuadorian president had a reputation of being a leftist anti imperialist so it made sense.
    Again timing is telling. Assange was ejected from the embassy when the statute of limitations on financial crimes that would have been in the documents had expired. The HOUR that Assange was thrown into the arms of the bobbies, the IMF released $4.5 billion to Ecuador. As per IMF’s M.O. there were requirements for austerity measures including cutting state funding for medical care which made Ecuador vulnerable to the pandemic.
    I think Assange’s real crime was threatening the banksters with exposure of their criminal behavior. That cannot be tolerated.

    1. Thank you, I think you are making really pertinent connections and the emphasis on a possible US extradition is a bit of a red herring….

    2. Well stated Antisandman.
      The psychotic puppeteers despise the brilliant light of Truth.

  21. Hollywood usually portrays psychopaths as chainsaw waving, gun wielding, bomb throwing, howling madmen, with wild looks in their eyes.
    We know different.
    Psychos wear $$$$$$$$$UIT$$$$$$$$.

  22. The very sad and awful truth is that the perpetrators are never going to be brought to justice for their torture of decent human beings. Things should not be this way.

  23. “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9:5 “Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.” John 3:19.

  24. Charles Andrew Robinson Avatar
    Charles Andrew Robinson

    My two cents for today.

  25. It isn’t just the USA that tortures whistle blowers and journalists. The UK, Australia and Sweden are all part of this persecution of Julian Assange, directed and controlled by the USA. So far, the UK has done the most to hurt him, by its inhumane treatment since he was forcibly dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy.

    1. Which is exactly the point I was going to make. All governments are guilty of such. None of them can bear anything resembling complete scrutiny, since most of their actions are psychotic in nature and detrimental to those they proclaim to be protecting and serving. The only difference between one government and another is what they think they can get away with. Which just so happens is quite a lot in the US, where the primary intelligence agency is in control of the major news sources, the CIA controlled Mockingbird Media, and has been for over 50 years.

    2. Exactly. I am wondering why Australia is not fighting to bring one of their own citizens home.

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