Trump is a bad president. He’s coddled oligarchs both in America and around the world, he made a mess of the pandemic response and lied about it, he’s incited violence and inflamed hate, he’s done nothing for ordinary Americans, he’s facilitated ecocide, any good decisions he’s made on foreign policy have been far outweighed by the bad, and his recent refusal to guarantee a peaceful transition of power if defeated in November is concerning.

That said, Trump is not a uniquely bad president. The only way to see him that way is to believe that American lives are far, far more important than those of the millions of mostly brown-skinned human beings who have been murdered by the US war machine under the leadership of both Trump and his predecessors.

Just since 9/11 several million people have been killed and tens of millions displaced by American military violence to shore up control of key geostrategic regions with the goal of total global domination. Trump has not been any worse in the facilitation of this butchery than his predecessors. Where he differs significantly is in the amount of stress that his presidency has been causing Americans.

I don’t mean to make light of the stress, disruption and anxiety that Americans have experienced during the Trump administration, but to suggest that it comes anywhere remotely close to the unbroken streak of blood staining presidencies long preceding this one is absurd. Millions of people brutally murdered for imperialist resource control agendas and war plutocrat profit margins is vastly more significant than the emotional discomfort of Americans. It just is. If you disagree with what I just said, you are wrong.

I am not saying who Americans should or should not vote for. What I am saying is that the belief that this election is uniquely important because this president is uniquely bad is the product of a worldview which sees American lives as much more important than non-American lives. It is the worldview of American supremacism.

American supremacism is like any other supremacist ideology which holds an empowered group as innately superior to disempowered groups, except since its consequences are exported overseas its adherents don’t have to look at those consequences. For this reason, most American supremacists are not aware that that’s what they are. Their politics don’t hold all people as equal, but they are able to compartmentalize away from that fact since its consequences are out of sight and out of mind.

If they were executing immigrants in American streets by the millions, there’d be a very conscious divide between those who support this and those who do not, because everyone would be constantly confronted with the fact that it’s happening and forced to come down on one side or the other on the issue. But since it’s an atrocity Americans don’t have to look at, and since their oligarchic news media are all too happy to passively conceal it from them, they wind up unconsciously selecting American supremacism as their default position by supporting the status quo which promotes it.

Americans who support status quo politics, whether by the oligarchic warmongering Democratic Party or the oligarchic warmongering Republican Party, are American supremacists. They might not know it, but they are. They support a political paradigm in which people in other parts of the world are violently butchered to protect a US-centralized power structure which exists solely for the benefit of the powerful. Their American supremacist worldview allows them to see their own emotional discomfort as more significant than human bodies getting ripped apart by explosives every day around the world in support of the status quo their mainstream political faction promotes.

And it’s just taken as a given that it has to be this way. It’s taken as a given by both of America’s mainstream political factions that endless military expansionism, bombings, starvation sanctions and cold war escalations are going to continue, and the only things up for debate are the specific details of exactly how it’s going to continue and whether or not saying “black lives matter” makes you a communist.

And of course it doesn’t have to be this way. America could just function as a normal country, minding its own affairs inside its own borders without murdering anyone for happening to live near fossil fuels. There’s no legitimate reason why it could not. The endless slaughter benefits no ordinary people in any way.

It would be one thing if Americans actually benefited from all the bloodshed; that would just be garden variety human predation. But it’s not even that; the American supremacist worldview serves nobody but a few elite sociopaths who’ve enmeshed themselves with the world’s most powerful government. Ordinary Americans consent to the interminable churning of the US war machine at their own expense and to their own detriment because they are kept ignorant, poor and propagandized so they don’t get any grand ideas about intervening in the empire-building of the manipulators.

Regardless of what happens in November, this is madness and it must not continue. Don’t let the sideshow of electoral politics distract from this vastly more important fact. Vote for whoever you want, but have no illusions about that vote addressing what is by far the most crucial issue with the US government.


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95 responses to “Americans Who Support Status Quo Politics Are American Supremacists”

  1. Calling Trump a bad President is kind of meaningless. What is the standard of good?

    Trump is Reagan without acting school. He’s no Obama. He’s the anti-Biden. And Trump is definitely not status quo.

    The whole never Trump movement is based on Trump’s supposed ‘unsuitabilty’… to do what? Sell war-based American supremacism, essentially.

  2. It’s all good inshallah. The status quo is unsustainable, and nationalists will always be refuted and humiliated. The good guys win in the end. The God supremacists are never defeated because God is undefeatable. Choose your sides wisely, Americans!

    1. … We’re actually fighting over a fork in the path of the status quo; Godless European globalists versus God-fearing American nationalists over who owns America.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that Joe Biden is a status quo donkey. That said, Donald Trump is a fascist wannabe. Those on the left who cannot see the difference are blinded by their own ideology. Back in the thirties, virtually all leftists, socialists and communists were ardent anti-fascists. They could see in their own time the horrors of fascism. That awareness seems to be missing in many of their left-wing descendants today. I, for one, prefer the status quo to fascism, though what I really want is progressive change. The latter will have to wait for another day.

  4. So, when considering if we wish to change the status quo at least just a little bit, which of the two actually viable candidates should we support and vote for as we exercise our right and duty as citizens? Do we cast our single, precious vote for that guy who has already been well entrenched within the interminable status quo for well over 40 years and has already ridden that system to its second highest elected position for two full terms? Do we again vote in that same guy who carries the full unquestionable open support of the increasingly less secret globalist cabal of puppet masters and their totally owned mainstream media? Do we vote for him along with the cancerous minions of the now exposed, formerly “dark” deep state operatives who either once did, or still do occupy top positions within the U.S. government inclusive of the leadership of Presidential Administrations, the Congress and the Supreme Court? Do we simply fall in with the same status quo which fully backs “their guy” regardless of the illegal fortune in treasonous graft that “their guy” has already received from corrupt foreign nationals, not to mention similar fortunes received from U.S. corporations over so many years? Should we as intelligent citizens and voters at the same time ignore the massive graft and kickback schemes having also been received by any number of the aforementioned deep state operatives? Is this as easy as “follow the money” and/or “follow the blackmail and extortion” as opposed to “follow the baseless accusations”? Where is Lady Justice hiding all this time? One might, however, instead vote for “orange man bad” who has actually accomplished more good things within only part of his first term than several previous “status quo guys” combined, this in spite of a continuing massive amount of opposition, persecution and oppression having arisen to ridiculous proportions from the (as previously described) status quo. Any decision between these two exclusively viable candidates is particularly perplexing because, once upon a time, “orange man bad” was most definitely an oligarch status quo kind of guy. So is it to be door number one, behind which is blue snakes and weasels, or door number two, behind which is red weasels and snakes? Read aloud… Lady Justice, Lady Justice, Lady Justice. Nothing is so dangerous as a bored omnipotent entity. Peace be upon you.

    1. You said “Single, precious Vote”. Tee Hee. I guess you missed yesterday’s article about throwing sand in the machine. If you vote for either of these two mass Murders… YOU are an accessory. (To Murder)

  5. Can someone give me example of who the few sociopaths that Caitlin eludes to are? If there are few, somebody should be able to name a couple of them. Please

    1. I could be totally off base here but doesn’t Forbes magazine publish that list every year? 😉

  6. Which is why I don’t vote. I refuse to authorize either party/candidate to continue such monstrosity. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. And the difference is minor. All voting does is legitimize them. Anarchy would be a definite improvement.

    1. Fascism or neoliberalism. Which is worse? Are you even capable of discerning a difference, or are you unwilling to think more deeply than you have?

      1. Are you incapable of understanding that your vote for either of these two systemic holograms is an endorsement of the system that they would each almost equivalently facilitate? The system itself is fascist. ‘Neo-liberal’ relates to superficial qualities within the status quo, not fundamental ones. Indeed Trump is in-your-face ugly. But that just presents a more stark image of the actuality of things. Biden has corporate constructed veneers of ‘progressiveness’ wrapped around his brutally demonic form. Evidently you like being fooled, or are at least highly receptive to being so.

        1. No point arguing with you, as you obviously have no concept of fascism. Read some history.

          1. Mussolini was quoted defining fascism as the merging of State and Corporate power. Would you accredit him as being an expert on the subject? Would you agree that his definition applies well to the current evolution of things within the so-called ‘Neo-liberal’ regime? If not, then maybe you its you that needs to better research and think about things rather than simply swallow and regurgitate popularly confected notions of reality.

            1. That highly simplistic definition by Mussolini was a massive understatement and whitewash of the true nature of fascism. Just consider what life was like under fascist dictators such as Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler, to name its most notorious practitioners. Try reading more deeply on the subject before you opine further.



              To reiterate what I said previously: Trump is a proto-fascist; Biden is not. If you cannot see the difference, it is because you suffer from an emotional and intellectual block. I’m sure that nothing that I or anyone else can say will lead you to a better understanding of yourself.

              1. Consider those main features of Fascism as listed in the first article you linked and tell me how they do not apply to the mainframe of current US political machinery, whether under either Biden or Trump?

                Foremost is Extreme Nationalism. How does American Exceptionalism not fit that frame?

                Secondly, a totalitarian system of Government, meaning a complete way of life in which the government attempts to arouse and mobilise the great wars of ordinary people? Another perfect match.

                A one party State? The US has just one, albeit with 2 heads that posture in slightly different ways. No place for democracy? What influence does public opinion have on US Govt. policy and action? An especial hostility to communism explaining much of its popularity?

                Economic self-sufficiency – austerity. Just how are the 99% doing across the board?

                Another vital characteristic of Fascism was that the military strength and violence were considered an integral part of the way of life.

                What on earth did you read when you scanned this synopsis before tendering it as evidence to your misbegotten assertion? Moreover, what on earth blinds you to the true nature of your beloved nation that you fail to recognise it within each of these features? Maybe you’re just a little bit fascist?

              1. The article in your latest link simply identifies Trump’s ‘old-fashioned’ direct approach to fascistic method. Typically the author conveys no idea of exactly how abysmal his nation has become sans Trump. Neo-fascism in the US has developed within an evolving framework of much less transparent, yet far more pervasive and effective mechanisms of surveillance, control and retribution than Trump’s old-school form of it. That is why the more ‘advanced’ fascist operatives within both parties abhor Trump so much. He is giving the game away.

  7. There is nothing we won’t swallow, to have a leader we can follow

    Indoctrinated and infantile
    We eat up every insane lie
    As denial, blind hope and optimism,
    Hold up walls that are our prison

    Evidence, data who needs that?
    It’s just a bunch of useless facts
    That only make me feel uneasy,
    A little sick, a little queasy

    It’s the migrants NO it’s the Jews
    So many scapegoats, its hard to choose
    Don’t forget the neo- Marxists
    Hiding at home in your bread baskets!

    Now, I haven’t studied history
    Or any political economy,
    Don’t know shit about anthropology
    Or developmental psychology

    I have no expertise at all
    No diplomas hanging on the wall
    But I know everything there is to know
    Because Jordan Peterson told me so
    Now I am registered with Jobster
    Looking for work as a lobster

    Hang on tight we’re going down
    Slavish fools to knaves and clowns
    No money left for the sick and poor
    We’ve spent it all on endless war
    And edumacation, who needs that?
    Surely there’s an app for that

    Now, faster than the world’s revolving
    Humanity is fast devolving
    While good ol’ Donald is no one’s hero,
    Why, he’s fiddler just like Nero

    Can’t believe it’s come to this,

  8. Tommy Robinstein, Alex Jonestein, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, etc. are all agent provocateurs, race baitors, status-quo defenders. it’s not race, but class. only feeble-minded Sheeple see race. race is used to keep the masses divided & bickering with each other. the US govt has been abusing, manipulating, oppressing, killing poor people since its inception. the enemy is govt, not your fellow man.

  9. Hi Caitlin,

    I found you last month via RT and have greatly appreciated your perspectives.

    With regard to American supremacy – a great term – this helps me to make sense of the strange and rancorous debate surrounding treatment of illegal immigrants to the United States. Conservatives view illegal immigrants as “not Americans” and therefore undeserving of any sort of basic human rights. Liberals place these people in the “Americans” category and therefore deserving of empathy and compassionate treatment. I occasionally point out to liberals that it is hypocritical to start caring about people simply because they have succeeded in crossing an arbitrary border. Both sides are clearly devoted to American supremacy; they just draw the line in slightly different places – “American citizens” vs. “people on American soil.”

    1. Actually Biden and the Clintons before him were anti-American globalists serving the interests of globalism, which is essentially Western European supremacism.

    1. Found a synopsis of the book, by its author, in this old major newpaper article:

      Looks to be a spot on analysis. How sad things have only gotten worse since. IHO is indeed flourishing. I doubt that particular paper would even print such an article today. Since then all of the mainstream media seems to have jumped on the express train hell-bound and well beyond the edge of reality. Julian Assange doesn’t exist within the standard ‘news’ narrative.

  10. Signs you’re either a mob manipulated useful idiot or simply one more permutation of a MSM propaganda mouthpiece desperately trying to differentiate yourself from the others:

    – you see the USA as the root of all evil in the world and refuse to delineate it’s foundational ideals which have been increasingly realized over the last 200 years from the scattered, destructive actions of bad actors

    -you arrogantly see or present yourself as a free thinker completely unable to recognize your own conditioning and training which led you to the pathetic cult of socialism/marxism/communism which has been a miserable failure since inception everywhere it has infected

    -you deny the reality that western colonialism, capitalism and free market, although severely flawed, have lifted the standards of most of the civilized world more in the past 500 years than since the dawn of man

    -you parrot identical climate change dogma to that of the MSM and as if the source of the Faith’s doctrines (ruling elite vs MSM) can be trusted

    -you actually buy into and parrot the created fabrication of large scale “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” vs facing the reality that it minimally exists in the USA and that the media systematically amplifies theradical fringe for purposes of division and weakening its target

    -you come back to the same echo chambers of like minded washed up and wanna be hippie radicals seeking something to rage against

    -you refuse to acknowledge that the majority of MSM hysterical propaganda about “racist” incidents by police and citizens began with lawless and criminal acts committed by those that reap consequences of their choices and who have a long history of the same (can’t even admit it can you? you free thinker you). sorry friend,protecting society from criminal behavior does not constitute a police state

    -you believe the path to enlightenment is the mob (physical or academic), your favorite echo chamber and drugs. keep looking within and chanting your cult narrative… you’ll need the drugs to avoid really facing yourself

    -you conveniently ignore the far more massive scale of slavery and indentured servitude by most countries outside the US, dutifully having your focus on amplifying the US fringe to foment division (not going to rag against the Islamic world?)

    -you support anarchist, fascist organizations such as antifa and phony marxist ‘anti racist’ groups which spout only racism and division

    -you allow your understanding to be curated by anti american, radical sycophants

    -you’re a thinly veiled anti Semite

    -you believe that the only absolute is that everything is relative, especially morality, you sophomoric fool

    -you ignore the far more egregious human oppression enforced by cultures out side the US ( come on you rebel, how about those jihadists, urghers and multinational expat-fed tribalism across plundered continents?)

    -you hide behind erudite bullshit, you coward

    -you conveniently ignore the self-evident fact that certain individuals and groups (certainly not you) are pissing off those who wish to control and who have aggressively mobilized the organs of the controlling elite against them and try to dismiss it as just another fake play to reinforce the US two party system. it clearly is not. national identity and individualism are the threat to them. you, my friend are nothing but their ally and another tool in their belt

    -you believe this site to be more than entertainmen and propaganda

    -you are compelled to discredit and dismiss this

    -wake up. speak truth.

    1. You seem like a stereotypical Yank libertarian. Wouldn’t know reality if it bit you on the arse. However, due to the insularity of yobs like you, and that of the vacant social fluff that mostly surrounds you, reality is rapidly bearing down to deliver your crazed nation a major head injury, probably fatal, regardless of your unwillingness to see it coming. You’ll then unavoidably feel just how the rest of the world has suffered for your depraved sense of entitlement. The utterly befuddling thing though is that so many US residents are already suffering, yet they seem to think their relief lies in more energetically doing the things that make them miserable. A more generally clueless crowd has probably never before existed.

      In shorter form, your dot points are drivel.

      1. Such falsely entitled people have always existed usually due to wealth, power or ignorance. Not all Americans are such but far too many. It is usually most obvious when they travel outside the US. Roman citizens were similar. Funny how similar America is to ancient Rome. Kind of scary really. All societies and countries have such people.

    2. Caitlin HAS spoken the Truth.
      She must have, because it’s made you squirm and grasp at straws.
      Beliefs, unlike Truths, blind and burden all believers.

    3. ‘Sam’ hey?
      Would that be ‘uncle’ Sam, or $am I am?
      When the shoe fits _ _ _ _

    4. this is just incoherent. i could wade through it but i don’t think i’ll bother, the gist of the first bullet point is just more vapid american exceptionalism. i’ve heard that horsecrap all my life, and the crappier it becomes to live in america the more i seem to hear it.

    5. – and you think this is true:

      -… western colonialism, capitalism and free market, although severely flawed, have lifted the standards of most of the civilized world more in the past 500 years than since the dawn of man

      A person can build a bridge even as he is burdened. People working hard to make a better world is what has lifted standards. But it wasn’t necessary to have a diseased economic system be part of it. Western colonial capitalism, which is not the same as the economy itself, was just a parasitic financial system living off the efforts of many people by channeling the rewards mostly to a relatively few families and with some of it going to their willing servants – including those who either knowingly praised this disease, those who hope to benefit from it, and those whose intelligence, and likely their care for people, is so limited that they are content to think its a choice between just capitalism and communism. Or perhaps they wish just vent their spleen on all people who do not agree with them,. and think it is honest to say capitalism did so much good.

      We may not be the worst country when it comes to economic exploitation of our own people, but, as Caitlin shows, we have become the worst elsewhere, and we are on the path to treating our own people that way. And the police are often the means to going in that direction.

    6. Thanks for your input here Sam, it provides necessary balance even though many people prefer to teeter/totter. Basically, the problem with castigating the teeter of capitalism as being inherently evil totally ignores the totter of communism which is inherently evil. History as well as statistics proves this is correct. “It just is. If you disagree with what I just said, you are wrong.” (See how that works. 😉 Then there is the magical, lovable word “socialism”, which is a useful, nice sounding word, kind of like their oft utilized word “workers” which to insider “party elite” members means “definitely not any member of us intelligent, elite few who are actually fit to rule”… On the one hand using the word “Socialism” we have Nazism, formally known as National Socialism, which is the ideology and practices associated with the Nazi Party (evil) ’nuff said. On the other hand we have a “proper” Socialism which is described as a political, social and economic philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership of the means of production and workers’ self-management of enterprises. (See how good that sounds to people who currently own nothing?) This may be exemplified in the term’s use by the Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Nominally a union of multiple national Soviet republics, in practice its government and economy were highly centralized (“elite few”) until its final years. It was a one-party state governed by the Communist Party (evil) whose membership was ultimately composed an elite, especially favored group within that society. As it turns out the previously mentioned “social ownership and workers’ self management” sales pitch always in the long run means “so long as you are one of the Communist Party elite”. Basically it says “tax the rich until there are no rich, but also that we “smart people” who run the party will hold and control all the money, services and means of production “for the workers”. It might pay to notice that a great many people continue to want to enter a capitalist country even at great risk to seek a better life for themselves and their families, while a great many people also seek to leave “socialist”/communist countries sometimes at great risk for the same reason. Are all these people wrong headed? Kindest regards.

    7. Climate change is real; the solution is just being denied by the globalist (Euro, with U.S./Anglo collaborators) power elite. Simply iron dust the open deep ocean plankton pastures.

      The Euros just want to play finance games with carbon credits funded by carbon taxes, all the while manipulating their proxies, the faux progressives of the West.

      Long term, thawing the poles to access polar resources and play geopolitics.

  11. The thing is there is no normal country. But some are more normal than others.

  12. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Then again, there are those of us Americans who are Marxists and do not support either party of imperialism and who consider ourselves internationalists and who ARE aware of the death of millions, not only in other countries, but here in our own country, as well.

    I spend a lot of time trying to convince the Americans you describe that the United States is not the center of the universe and that capitalism, far from being the ne plus ultra of socio-economic systems, is in fact a cancer on the planet and a death machine. The more friends who drop me, the more I know I’m right.

    1. Cronyism is the problem, and, the reason the Left is in such poor lights nowadays is that pure leftism is pure cronyism.

      Crony capitalism doesn’t work well because it seeks to subject the free market to cronyism in service of its power elites over real market demand, inevitably leading to fascist-like controls to reign in the free market (of ideas, as well as goods and services).

      Crony communism doesn’t work at all (lasting only 70 years supported by a massive black market). While acknowledging a truly free market does not exist, Communists seek to deny it entirely with central planning in the service of its power elites.

  13. Caitlin, you just described every empire in the history of man. Replace the word American with Roman and your article would make just as much sense. The problem is if the American Empire falls, another will fill the void. Humanity hates power vacuums

    1. Have you ever considered that Nihilism constitutes a mental illness and provides a validation of horrific alienation via its normalisation? Perceiving it from a position of humanity that is, rather than from the psychotic condition commonly and necessarily inculcated by Empire.

      1. Possibly, but nihilism is usually but not always a prerequisite of empires. The Church in the middle ages filled the power vacuum after the Dark Ages until Kingdoms rose in sufficient power to wrestle control from them. But overall I feel that true powerbrokers are actually true nihilists who seek power at any cost. Thus power vacuums are always filled by such ruthless people and utopian communist and socialist beliefs are just dreams that are not possible. Nihilists exist in all systems of humanity.

        1. Collectivist, generally hierarchically flat societies are not a utopian delusion. They are the standard human social form outside of the relatively isolated trend toward social power structures identifiable only since the beginning of the neolithic. Isolated events across less than 10,000 years out of a span of more than 100,000 is not a standard. It’s an aberration. This relatively isolated phenomenon has now briefly become a global one, but it won’t last. It’s crumbling as we watch. Sadly for us, and for what we perceive to care about, this finally excessive hegemonic flourish may take the whole biosphere down with it, however the planet will regenerate and move on regardless.

          Such a relatively ephemeral aberration arises and continues as catastrophically as it has due to the Nihilism of a) lustful belief in and pursuit of its zero sum equations, or b) seeing its horror but embracing the form as inescapably inevitable, which also well serves to rationalise the individual’s profit-taking.

          1. Wolves always always roam among the sheep. Humanity has never ever been withour wolves no matter what people postulate about humanity 10000 years ago. Just quit eating meat and the sheep will go away. Poppycock.

  14. Kudos to most and to CAitlin for sure…the CA is for California and you are always welcome to visit Frisco. only 90 covid dead so far.

    some additions: the elites want a new world Eden perfect playground for them no lines at the Grand Canyon or Versailles…open beaches…after 7 billion humans are eliminated.
    what a mess. stepping o’er da bodies will become a hazard. another better faaster virs will be needed. US has 8 semi-secret bio-warfare labs and some semi-private ones like U of North Carolina’s where two Chinese natinonals were arrested by the FBI for “conspiracy to steal” corona virus samples to bring back to China. google Ms Qiu if Winnipeg, also CAnada’s only official bio war lab….although a single man has added ebola genes to a conrona flu virus for 100,000 using CHRISPR…any genius can play god in a rich daddy’s basement now.
    Bill and Melinda own outright MODERNA and He at least was there in Kenya where 100,000 females fro 14 to 44 found them selves sterilized when they expected immunization for Dengue Fever. He also controls WHO by right of his donatins: and they sent boxes of vaccines to Guatemala marked male and female. uh-huh….
    so the elites might want to make us dead so they can play with their 14 year olds who might be invited into the future at least until they get over 30.
    check it out.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I live in San Francisco and we do NOT call it “frisco” unless we want latte in the face.

      1. What about at Hardees when you order your Frisco burger. 🙂

  15. “I don’t mean to make light of the stress, disruption and anxiety that Americans have experienced during the Trump administration…”

    I can see Caitlin’s point, but frankly Americans do everything possible to avoid disruption and anxiety. They shop, they drink and drug, they spend hours looking at their phones, they buy guns and motorcycles, endless escapist routes. When they yak on TV about people’s mental health during the virus, what mental health are they talking about? We are a society of everything from outright psychopaths to delusional Pollyannas, a spectrum that does not include mental HEALTH. Focusing on Trump as the source of all evil is just as delusional as thinking that armed left-wingers are coming for your fetishistic weaponry.

    1. Oh well. Back to facebook.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Again, you are making a generalization about Americans (or more correctly, “USA-ans”). You are talking about the spoiled and pampered bourgeoisie, not the working class. The working class is suffering badly. Jobs have vanished. Pathetic unemployment insurance is not helping and workers are being threatened with firing if they don’t return to work. Our Congress is handing over trillions to corporations and the military and squabbling about giving a few hundred dollars a month to desperate people. Landlords are evicting. And don’t even get me started on health care (or more correctly the LACK of same)!

      It is true that a great majority of USA-ans still look to mainstream media for their information about the world and even about their own country. Those of us who try to enlighten them and yank their mesmerized eyeballs away from that brainwashing machine, the television, are vilified and smeared.

      Oh, yes, it’s great fun living here.

    3. “I can see Caitlin’s point, but frankly Americans do everything possible to avoid disruption and anxiety.”

      Which, as Caitlin observes, is exactly why Trump upsets them so much. He interrupts the cotton-candy fairy-land self-image they are inculcated to believe in, despite the litany of evidence extant to the contrary. He embodies the repugnantly coarse, self-interested brutality that they wish to avoid recognising as truthfully being their national heart and soul. As you note, they pursue myriad escapist routes to deny the horrific futility of their violently empty lives. Agitating and voting against Trump is just another of those delusional escapist pursuits.

  16. solid thought: keep on keepin on.

  17. “Trump is a bad president… he’s done nothing for ordinary Americans…”
    Trump was elected by forgotten working-class Americans in Swing States he fed his message to (added to the usual Religious Right types) who were looking for a savior — or at least someone who acknowledged that such people existed. Of course he has done nothing to help those people except to satisfy their need for a Savior Figure which he still occupies today for them. He is fulfilling his role as Empty Figurehead which to the forgotten class is better than nothing at all.
    “Their American supremacist worldview allows them to see their own emotional discomfort as more significant than human bodies getting ripped apart by explosives every day around the world in support of the status quo their mainstream political faction promotes.”
    Most Americans (except for recent immigrants) don’t even pay attention to the fact that there is an entire world out there beyond American borders. How can you care about people and nations if you don’t even know they exist? As long as it’s “Not In My Neighborhood” they don’t think they need to care about it. Not that they would care even if they knew.
    “America could just function as a normal country, minding its own affairs inside its own borders without murdering anyone for happening to live near fossil fuels. There’s no legitimate reason why it could not.”
    Except for the fact that such a country would not be “America” anymore. “Manifest Destiny”… “the Indispensable Nation”… “Our way of life is not negotiable”… Exceptionalism is buried deeply into the DNA of America. Take away Exceptionalism and the American identity goes away with it. That’s good or bad depending on which side of The Exceptionalism in the World you are on.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Again, an infernal generalization about USA citizens. The working class is waking up. Massive strikes in all types of fields, from education, to health care workers, to factory workers to agricultural workers are occurring more and more. Workers in auto and meat packing plants are forming rank and file committees to demand adequate protection from Covid-19 infection. Multi-racial demonstrations against police murder and other violence are occurring everywhere.

    2. Trump is not a bad president unless you consider them all bad. He is an average one. You just dont like his style. If Obama did the exact same thing everyone would be all smiles. People just cant admit it to themselves.

    1. That is a “keeper”.

      It is dated – 2017 – but still a keeper.

      Here is how the NYT sees the MIC.

      “Above all, Mr. Trump has transformed the world’s view of the United States from a reliable anchor of the liberal, rules-based international order into something more inward-looking and unpredictable. That is a seminal change from the role the country has played for 70 years, under presidents from both parties, and it has lasting implications for how other countries chart their futures.”

      Scary thing is that there are sheeple out there that believe in the NYT, even subscribe to it (or, as I express it, pay for their own indoctrination) and wouldn’t blink an eyelash after reading that paragraph.

      Think I’ll try out something different for a while. Instead of NYT I’ll use NYT-1984.
      Any chance that will catch on?

  18. Ms Johnstone, next year ( 2021 ) people within these United States will be hunted down and killed or seriously injured and we will see whether if the MSM or the general public give a damn about it or not. This is a bloodthirsty nation; the only thing that keeps ordinary people here from committing wanton acts of violence are the police and the courts. If the police and the courts shut down; wholesale slaughter would surely ensue.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Get a clue. The mainstream media is a tool of the CIA and the government in general. Mainstream television is a brainwashing machine and everyone should get rid of theirs. The print press, as in newspapers like the NY Times and the Washington Post, are stenographers of the ruling class and the military. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the WaPo, is working on behalf of the government, providing cloud services to the Pentagon.

      The genera public is slowly awakening from its torpor. Decades of propagandizing by the ruling class take a while to eliminate. But people are more and more listening to independent journalists and we must support all of the independents.

  19. LOL, I get what you’re trying to say but telling us to vote is like telling the farm animals at the meat processing plant to vote. It’s not going to change a thing because there’s no real choice; all the candidates at every level are butchers. I have just one pointless recommendation to make and that is to watch a very old, poorly made, black and white movie called, “The Forbidden Planet”. That could be us, who killed themselves unintentionally, but we’ll never get that far to fail that way. “Mans Grasp Should Exceed His Reach; Or, What is a Dream For?” Sadly, we know all too well why we aren’t being given the opportunity to think about.

    1. Our version of “Forbidden Planet” was shot in Eastmancolor and CinemaScope.
      Of course, yours was “THE Forbidden Planet”, so maybe we aren’t talking about the same thing. Perhaps only the black and white version was available on your pirate island.
      Imagine the 26 inch thick Krell metal door…Melting. Do you see it in black and white?

      “Guilty, Guilty!, My evil self is at that door but I have no power to stop it”
      Some day we will think we are consciously directing AI, but unbeknownst to us AI will also have access to our subconscious ID.

      ps. All candidates are **not** butchers. I am voting for Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker

      1. And just think – younCOULD have bern voting for Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney – and then the Greens would have had a shotnat getting 5% of the vote. Instead you got RussiaGating red-baiting CIA propaganda fountain – because even the Green Nominations process was rigged thos year.

        Of course you still COULD write-in Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney… – check for the current status and plan, in your own State.

        There’s also Gloria LaRiva… But sadly – in terms of viable candidates with half a chance of winmimg anything – we get a choice between two warmongering, serial sex offenders – and maybe Jesse Ventura as a dark horse, coming up from behind.

        1. We must also give credit where credit is due. The Libertarian party doing it’s part to prop up Trumpenfuhrer. By nominating an unknown female named Jo to siphon votes off of that other Joe currently running.

          1. You have “stinkin thinkin’. You believe everything belongs to the Duopoly, everything else is just “Spoilers”. *Your* vote may be owned by one party, but I have a soul and a mind that is my own.
            You don’t have a vote, I do. You may as well be a sheep that votes for wars, the security state, support for Wall Street banksters, … because you don’t have a choice, just a bleat.

          2. You don’t seem to understand that folks who vote third party are fed up with the two-party farce. Most wouldn’t vote at all if there were no other options.

    2. Lol. Love the analogy. Yes vote for chute A or B as you enter the slaughterhouse.

  20. It’s not about fossil fuel either. Once you’ve peeled all the layers of the onion, you’re left with the evidence that it all builds down to selling weapons. The US got out of the Great Depression by becoming a war economy and it’s remained one ever since. Selling weapons enriches banks and shareholders and maintains employment. And it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. In both cases, you sell weapons. During the Vietnam war, pilots would drop bombs at the end of the runways and they secretly bombed uninvolved but neighbouring Laos 24/7 for nine years. In Iraq, they dropped bombs in the desert. Trump has not started any new war but he drops on average almost four times as many bombs as Obama, who already pulverized Bush’s record, and he’s gonna start a new arms race. That’s all there is to it. The rest is gesticulations, pretexts to keep this industry booming in spite of recessions, Covid and what have you. Mammon’s your guy at the wheel.

  21. Caitlin wrote: “his [Trump] recent refusal to guarantee a peaceful transition of power if defeated in November is concerning.”

    How can Trump “guarantee” that the Democrats aren’t going to conduct corrupt treachery?
    Trump should just roll over and take it regardless?

    Trump said: “Well, we’re gonna have to see what happens.”

    That brief answer to, “if he would ‘commit to a peaceful transferal of power’ if he lost the election”, has
    generated a lot of faux handwringing by the Demo-nsphere.

    Trump said: “Well, we’re gonna have to see what happens.”

    Are people aware of the shit storm that is coming, c/o the DNC?

    Hillary has already made it known that “the game is afoot”.

    In August Hillary said,

    “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton said in an interview with her former communications director Jennifer Palmieri for Showtime’s “The Circus,” which released a clip Tuesday.

    Are people aware of the shit storm that is coming, c/o the DNC?

    A flood of suspect mail-in ballots will delay the determination of the winner. Democrats are hoping to game the post-election process in their favor. It gets very complex if there is a delay, for example, has anyone ever heard of a Contingent Election?

    The recent death of RBG has created a serious hurdle for their designs, especially if Trump is successful in seating a new Supreme Court Justice before the post-election process. How will the Democrats game that process? (Quorum Call – anyone?)

    How can Trump “guarantee” that the Democrats aren’t going to conduct corrupt treachery?
    Trump should just roll over and take it regardless?

    Trump said: “Well, we’re gonna have to see what happens.” and the Demo-nsphere has a conniption fit.
    We’re they half as upset when Hillary said:

    “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win”

    You think the last three years have been interesting? Russiagate, Covid-19, Ukrainegate… just wait and see what the next few months bring. Holy Heck ! Hollywood could never dream up such a far out script!

    1. Definition of Reality, 2020 edition:
      “What you didn’t see coming”

    2. And yet you think that supporting a white supremacist’s plan to remain in power afyer losing an election…is a GOOD thing?

      If Trump loses the vote – he needs to go. Continuity (of Government) means Ablatant rightwing dictatorship – and the Constitution is no more. By what stretch of the imagination os that Patriotic?

      1. I am voting Green Party.
        The Constitution is a GOOD thing.
        The smashing and disappearance of the corrupt and totalitarian DNC is a GOOD thing.
        “White supremacist” is tossed about as opportunistically and hypocritically as “anti-semite” has been.

        1. Caveat, I will be voting Green Party. I was going to vote for Trump as the Democratic leadership aided and abetted the treasonous coup by the intelligence agencies. There *had* to be a price for their treason. All I have is a vote. However, as of this writing I am voting Green (stay tuned).

            1. Ok, thx, checked your link and there are several issues I have with the article with respect to the Green Party.
              First off he was talking about the *British* Green Party, you and I are talking about the US election. Secondly, he was very short on details. Thirdly…(why continue?)…he was talking about the *British* Green Party.

              1. Thx. I wish he’d have made that clear b/c it could have been either one.

      2. Stop listening to MSM nonsense. Stop following the election. Tune out. It doesng matter who stays or goes. This election will be all about corruption and naked power. Evil people fighting it out. No good guys, all bad. Some bad actor will emerge and take over. Could be a general, could be someone we know. Pretend democracy is winding down in America.

  22. Tragically, this is the state of our pathetic nation. A “friend” recently was ranting to me about Trump being responsible for the 200,000 “covid deaths.” Without even getting into the absurdity of her statements, I merely reminded her of the MILLIONS of deaths caused by the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations. She told me to fuck off.

    1. Funny thing is they never cite anyone who did it right. I prefer Swedens approach.

  23. John McCain was the biggest warmonger in Washington DC. His former staffers and wife have endorsed Biden. Americans are unaware of the thousands who died because of the 2014 American coup in Ukraine where Biden played a key role. McCain was upset that NATO allies were unwilling to go to war with Russia over its reannexation of Crimea after 94% of its people voted in favor. I constantly hear fools exclaim that Russia invaded Crimea, not knowing that 20,000 Russian troops have been based there for over a century. More details here:

  24. Do Americans in general ‘support the status quo’? Most of the people I encounter, from all parts of the ideological and cultural spectrums, seem to think that things are going seriously wrong. However, they differ greatly about what they want and what they want to do about getting what they want. As a result, the present sociopaths in charge stay in charge. A friend of mine who will almost certainly vote for Biden (if he hasn’t keeled over by then) said of the present situation: ‘It’s war. Many of my relatives are poor; if the Republicans win, more of them will die. So we have to take our friends and allies where we find them. This year as in many recent years, the price seems to include dropping bombs on the Middle East. I don’t want to drop bombs on the Middle East, but that’s the price I have to pay. When the United States fought Hitler, we had to ally with Stalin to win the war. That wasn’t so nice either.’

    This attitude is not what I would call support, and if conditions change in certain ways — and conditions are always changing — the present ruling class will be removed so quickly it will make your head spin. The fact that half the people would elect a person like Trump shows how desperate they are.

    1. Yes things are out of control. I cannot get another trash can from the city after mine broke. What is the world coming to.

  25. I too find this idea that American lives are much more important than non-American lives repugnant. The many songs and speeches during the war on Vietnam bemoaning the 60,000 US dead without even mentioning the Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian lives lost typify this US view of themselves as the only people who matter.

    1. It is both repugnant and outrageous. The millions of lives lost in in that illegal conflict is staggering. The fact that lives are still being lost even today from unexploded ordnance is downright criminal. The USA government LIED to its citizens about the need for war and even when folks like Robert McNamara knew the conflict wasn’t winnable, he remained silent. Shame on the US citizens who believe anything our government tells them without independently verifiable evidence.

      I was in middle school during Vietnam and even a cursory examination or the history of Vietnam led me to the conclusion that the USA was feeding us bullshit.

  26. In my view the fact that POTUS’s coddle oligarchs is part of their job description . I agree that whether for twiddle-dee/Biden over twiddle-dumb/Trump gains power is of little consequence, since both read from the same script.. Biden being the greater evil based on seniority alone ? The history of the horrors committed during the American hegemony that began with WW1 has little to do with Trump Hysteria?

  27. Biden is no better than Trump.
    You are right about Fossil Fuels too.
    I have been saying that Capitalism is the problem, but maybe I should start saying that Fossil Fuels are the problem, as Michael Moore’s new movie shows us.

    1. In short, ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us.’

    2. No, it is capitalism. Think about the fact that capitalism doesn’t have a mechanism for sustainable growth. Unless your company sells more stuff this quarter than last quarter, then your company is considered “in trouble”. Unless your company maximizes “shareholder value” your company is in trouble. It blows my mind that capitalism treats finite resources as if they’re infinite is so whacked it is hard to conceive anybody is buying this nonsense. Unless we’ve got some way to mine stuff from another planet, asteroid or moon, what we’ve got is what we’ve got. When it’s gone that’s it. Yet we in the Western world look condescendingly at cultures who want to live in harmony with the environment not lord over it.

    3. Fossil fuels do much more than run cars. They are integral to every aspect of society from farming to medicine. When people complain about fossil fuels what they are really saying is to kill off 80% of the world population and turn back the clock to 1880. I believe it is just ignorance speaking for most who parrot the people leading the green revolution. The people in charge umintend to kill us off. Btw, electric cars take more fossil fuels to produce and operate than small gas powered cars. This is allbpie in the sky. To reduce CO2 emmisions alot of us have to die.

    4. Fossil fuels are a salvation.

      Never before in history have so many people been so economically and politically empowered, all by the energy of fossil fueled modern societies.

      Human corruption and cronyism, well that’s the problem.

      All that loose carbon could grant a thousand year golden age, if the open deep oceans were iron dusted and phytoplanton pastures brought back to life.

      There seem to be no real progressives around in touch with genuine humanitarian roots.

      1. “Never before in history have so many people been so economically and politically empowered, all by the energy of fossil fueled modern societies.”

        Empowered to drive a mass extinction across global lands and waters, along with extreme depletion of global soils and fresh water. These depletions fundamentally stem from the scale of intervention and chaos unleashed upon global geomorphic structure by fossil-fuelled human expansion and activity. Very little of this unravelling is directly due to accumulating carbon emission. That will now just be the icing on the crumbling cake.

  28. Caitlin, I follow you on twitter. Once again, the medium link in your tweet for an article didn’t work for me, I don’t know if there is something wrong with my twitter account or what….fine analysis

  29. Yes, certainly agree with this as this is something radical anarchist activists(myself) have been saying since the sixties, but still people seem oblivious. The choice for president is no choice, unless one thinks choosing between Pol Pot and Hitler is a choice. It is an insult! But the american peepole are too insensitized to realize this. Fortunately, we are going to launch a gigantic network nov. 30, hopefully, which will give humanity a real voice. Please respond to my previous comments. I can’t understand why you seem to ignore them. What we need to do in every country is restructure all gov’ts. from vertical top down to horizontal bottom up which is virtually incorruptible: Abrazo, Mofwoofoo

    1. Good video. Communalism, decentralized, horizontal governing makes total sense.

      “The people” should be doing the “reset” that we hear being talked about, not the WEF, or the CFR etc., or any other unelected entities, but unfortunately these elites have been planning this “reset” for some time. Let’s not let them take our power.

      And yes, I totally agree that this election is a an insult! Have we no self-respect? That we would allow this failed system to impose on us a phony choice and make it look like there is no other way to go. To participate in it is to legitimize a fraud.

    2. Peoples’ Congresses [and a usury-free Peoples’ Bank] are in fact the vastly better option. I argue this along with monetary reform wherever I go. It must be from the bottom up. Peoples’ Congresses were working ever so well in Libya until the psychopaths of the West conspired together to bomb it back to Stone Age rubble and open air slave markets. Political parties have no place in any decent future. Read how Gaddafi helped put Libya’s Full Participatory Democracy together here:

    3. Good luck with that until the ATF or some other state player decides your independent new way must go. I think what you propose has a chance only after the present system collapses.

    4. Mr. Osher
      I like the video and I checked out the site and like that as well. The Ecuadorian “getaway” (assuming I have my facts correct) seemed like it could be a sweet place in another lifetime. Maybe next time I’ll get down there. I liked the woodwork of the place.
      I support your efforts and intend on providing some info regarding my professional expertise (using the site link for this purpose) just in case there is a chance I could help out. I’ve had a similar philosophy I believe….and have publicized my views for about the last 15 years or so. I’m happy to see you providing comment here because the author of this site has some great ideas. Not all of them necessarily, but nobody is perfect.

      1. Thanks Buffalo Ken, we are hoping to get the platform up by nov. 30. And we are totally open to collaboration and your ideas and help. (to be revamped, hopefully, this week).

    5. I’m supportive of the theory presented, although doubtful it can work effectively upon the existing scale and complexity of the modern socio-economic conflagration. Regarding the working example presented in the video can you give some outline as to how the bottom up decision-making process in Rojava embraces the shape-shifting ‘alliances’ the Kurds in that area are having with the US occupying forces?

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