Governments make evidence-free claims which the mass media report uncritically, with ordinary citizens expected to either prove them wrong or shut up and believe. The burden of proof is fallaciously placed on members of the public and tiny indie media outlets with no resources to disprove the claims, instead of on massive news media outlets with abundant wealth and resources. It should be the exact opposite: with unproven government claims ignored until hard proof is provided, and with mass media reporters doing their goddamn jobs.


No institutional changes were made to ensure that the evils of the Iraq invasion wouldn’t be repeated. It’s one of those big, glaring problems people just decided to pretend is resolved, like racism.


Whenever someone says “I oppose Assange’s extradition, but,” everything before the “but” is a lie, and it’s a safe bet that everything after it will be too.


Truth is the first casualty in war. This adage is especially true of cold war, where the absence of hot firepower makes an emphasis on mass-scale psychological operations necessary.


People who tell you that now is not the time for truthful criticisms of Joe Biden are telling you they only like the truth when it’s politically convenient. Do you know what people who only like the truth when it’s politically convenient are called? They’re called liars.


The main thing that will change if Biden wins the election is that when the president does something evil Democrats will shift from saying “I hope you Jill Stein voters are happy” to saying nothing at all.


A Biden win will actually make my job easier. I see the Democratic Party as the main obstacle to real change in the world’s most powerful and destructive government, so it will be much easier to cleanly attack once it’s in a position of power and still advancing oligarchy and imperialism.

The mass delusion that America’s major problems are caused by Trump is a huge propaganda win for the empire. Without that cover they’ll be forced to expose themselves a lot more, and they’ll be doing it with former Trumpers actually drawing attention to it instead of ignoring it.


Democrats and Republicans will argue all day about whether evil policies were actually started by Obama or Trump, yet the debate almost never gets into what causes presidents to advance the same evil policies regardless of political party or campaign platform. This serves power.


It’s not that Democrats and Republicans are the same; if you look at each individually, you can see some differences. And that’s how they get you. That’s how the illusion is upheld. But if you zoom out a bit further, you see they’re both used in conjunction to advance the same agendas.


Nobody ever needs to justify focusing their criticisms on the most powerful and destructive government on planet earth.


Whenever troops from your country are attacked in another country, your anger does not belong with anyone in the other country but with the powerful people in your country who sent them there.


Wealth is just the dumb luck of finding yourself on the receiving point of inheritance, privilege, and a system set up to reward manipulative middle men instead of laborers, all of which have their roots in some point in history where some asshole stole some land from the people who lived there before him.


So many problems would disappear if news outlets would just stick to reporting known, verified information instead of unproven government claims, dumbass Russia conspiracy theories, and opinions by pundits who support imperialism and oligarchy.


Russiagate and QAnon got traction because people inform themselves about what’s going on in the world using online platforms whose functions and algorithms are designed to create an echo chamber which feeds into their confirmation biases. If countervailing evidence could get through even ten percent of the time, they’d get no traction.


A lot of men pour their powerful male energy into becoming successful in order to attract women, but what a woman really wants deep down is a man who’ll take that drive and pour it into her. Into learning, understanding, healing and uplifting her, and freeing her up to do the same for him. This dynamic, where both partners are pouring their energy into knowing and uplifting each other, creates a kind of free energy system that’s so much better than the way people tend to operate.


Deep inner work allows you to see the vast difference between life itself and the stories our minds tell about life. Taking this perspective to political analysis exposes the glaring difference between what’s actually happening versus what mass media narratives say is happening.


Most of humanity’s problems boil down to an unhealthy relationship with narrative. Individually our suffering ensues from believed mental narratives about self, other and world, and collectively our destructive behaviors are driven by the propaganda narratives of the powerful.


The world would be so much better if everyone just watched people’s actions and ignored their stories about their actions. It would radically change politics, it would prevent abusive relationships, it would stifle manipulators and it would transform human civilization.


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45 responses to “Truth Is The First Casualty In Cold War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. People are waiting for some saviour to come and deliver them from all this misery.

    The saviour is not going to come.

    You have to be the saviour yourself.

    If we really want to solve all our global problems, we will have to go to their roots, to their very roots.

    Politicians have been befooling you.

    Politicians are diverting the attention and energy of the people in the wrong directions.

    They have managed the whole strategy in such a way that you never become aware what is happening.

    Politicians give you all kinds of fake protections, insurances.

    They go on telling you, “Trust us and we will protect you.

    We are your guardians, your guides, your friends, your saviours.”

    Yet politicians and MSM news media live in constant paranoia that if anybody should find some truth that goes against their false, fear-fuelled virus narratives, then what is going to happen to all their other lies that they continuously go on propagating?

    Will their whole house of cards collapse?

    By using such powerful media propaganda machinery to maintain total narrative control, is it not suprising that the majority of people believe all the politicians and their lies, and get taken in hook, line and sinker!

    Lies which are ninety-nine percent myth, invented, propagated to support the false power elites’ global structure narrative and control agendas.

    We are living in the greatest prison system the world has ever known, where you enter alive and leave only when you are dead.

    This they call freedom.

    This they call democracy.

    But in actual practice this is slavery, pure spiritual slavery.

    I do not see democracy as the freedom to choose between the politicians.

    To me, democracy means there are no longer any politicians around.

    You individually choose somebody you feel is the right person, who is not belonging to any political party, there are no longer political parties.

    In a real democracy, political parties cannot exist, there is no reason why they should exist.

    People are intelligent enough to choose on their own.

    The politician need no longer go on deceiving and lying to the people.

    Politicians only want to exploit you, to oppress you.

    In a real democracy what is the need of political parties, of politicians?

    The real need is to make people more alert, more intelligent, so they can choose individually, and not be impressed by party propaganda.

    A real democracy will choose only the wise people.

    They are all around.

    But remember, a person of wisdom is not going to beg you for a vote.

    They are not going to kiss your children and shake hands with you.

    The wise person is not interested, in fact, they will not be inclined to be dragged into this mess.

    You will have to persuade them.

    The whole scene changes, not the politician persuading you, but you persuading someone to represent you.

    This way, more fresh intelligent blood will be coming into the government.

    Whenever great problems arise, it is the time for a leap forward.

    Human consciousness takes a jump when such great problems surround you.

    They compel you to think and reflect, to struggle and to stake your very life.

    Only when it is really a question of life and death does consciousness prepare itself for a great leap.

    The time has come to face the fact, with these existing politicians, we are on the very verge of a total global war which will destroy everybody.

    What is intelligence?

    It is a state far beyond the mind and its limits.

    Intelligence is not of the mind, intelligence is one of the qualities of your being.

    But mind is being used as a vehicle for it, hence the confusion.

    People think intelligence is of the mind, it comes through the mind.

    Mind is the instrument for its expression.

    But mind itself is only a bio-computer.

    It has a memory system just as any computer has, you feed the memory system and the mind keeps the memory.

    But memory is not intelligence.

    Intelligence is the clear insight into things about which you don’t have any information.

    What is needed is for the Western ego to be shattered completely, only then perhaps we may start looking at our intelligence behind the mind.

    If you are in the mind it means you are not conscious.

    If you are unconscious you cannot be complete in anything.

    You are not integrated.

    You may appear to be sophisticated, educated, logical, but you are not wise, not really intelligent.

    Just conditioned, obedient, compliant and fearful.

    Intellectuals are not the real intelligent people.

    That’s what all your universities and all your educational systems are doing, they are simply feeding your memory with more and more information, and whatever is known to your memory system, you will answer immediately.

    That answer does not prove that you are intelligent!

    Western behavioural psychologists direct politicians to make the ego/mind mechanism of the masses fully compliant, to fully enslave them.

    Yet this is a psychology of the false, rooted in the false, supporting the false.

    This false hypnotic sleep is like a tranquilizer, it is very consoling, comforting, cozy, secure, safe.

    That is comforting, secure and safe for the politicians, to know that we are all fully asleep, compliant, enslaved!

    If we want to change the whole world.

    We will need to change ourselves.

    We cannot change anything unless we go through the change simultaneously.

    The real disturbance is within you.

    That disturbance is mind!

    Great courage is needed to meditate, courage to drop all the investments.

    Great intelligence is needed.

    Truth needs no defense, it is self-evident.

    It needs no propaganda.

    Lies need to be defended, lies need to be propagated, but not truth.

    Truth shines almost like a sunrise, you don’t have to declare it.

  2. “A Biden win will actually make my job easier. I see the Democratic Party as the main obstacle to real change in the world’s most powerful and destructive government, so it will be much easier to cleanly attack once it’s in a position of power and still advancing oligarchy and imperialism.

    The mass delusion that America’s major problems are caused by Trump is a huge propaganda win for the empire. Without that cover they’ll be forced to expose themselves a lot more, and they’ll be doing it with former Trumpers actually drawing attention to it instead of ignoring it.” – Johnstone.

    Um, what? The only reason the Democrats haven’t totally cancelled their opposition, as their private-sector supporters have attempted to do, is because there’s a President Trump.

    Your job won’t be easier under Biden; your job would be over.

    There’s no empowerment in saying “I told you so’ from the back seat of the careening imperial wreck. The top of a sinking pyramid is a very small place. There’s no room for real progressives any more than real conservatives and libertarians under globalist humanitarianism.

    1. Some pause here for me too. The Democratic Party is the main obstacle to real change. The party hasn’t ceased wielding power, advancing oligarchy and imperialism, and playing phony show games with Republicans—keeping the campaign coffers flowing and the electorate largely hoodwinked. There are plenty of clean shots to take at the Democrats and the way they wield power (even without the White House or a Senate majority). They are exposed. They are especially exposed as a phony opposition to Trump. Not a dimes difference between Trump and Pelosi for most of what’s important. And I think voters are figuring things out and that now is the time to rid ourselves of the New Democrats for once and for all. If we are ever to build a political consensus to challenge the hard right, it needs to hurry up. If the Biden set (Obama, Rice, Clinton-I’m aghast) gets back in the White House the Democratic Party will only be strengthened and emboldened while continuing to subvert challenges to the right wing Establishment.
      Maybe politics is a lost cause, maybe our country is too far gone and a lost cause. Maybe game over. We still gotta fight and have causes don’t we? Even if it looks really bad. Since politics really at its basic level is simply the exercise of power, and since power doesn’t have to be a pejorative, then good people should get more together with our causes. I want the Democratic Party to lose and die. Then we can take on the right wing on honest terms.

  3. I dont believe the MSM when it suits me. When they parrot my personal beliefs I accept all they tell me. People are so blind. Either disbelie it all or swallow the blue pill and go backvto sleep. You cant deride and then quote MSM. Covid is a hoax and a conspiracy. It is being used for a Global Reset of tyranny and population control. Whatvproof dovIvhave. I dont believe in coincidences. Fauci and gates were roomates in college. Gates father was a eugenics believer. Bill gates hascput all jisvinfluence into healthcarr. Vaccine trials takevplacecin Africa too often. Gates speaks of sterilizing women for 5 years with a shot. Bill Gates is a eugenics believer like his father. Worldwide conspiracy, yes. Need proof, listen to gates speak about it on youtube.

    1. Try wring when you’re either not totally drunk or when you have the lights on so you can see all your inane typos. I count at least 14. Gibberish walks!

      1. Try writing, that is.

      2. We can’t edit anything here, but I meant “Try writing, that is.”

        1. Lol. Yea it was a fat finger mess

  4. Da world reacts to the word that Der Maskless Fuhrer has the novel coranavirus …..

  5. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Do you know what people who only like the truth when it’s politically convenient are called? They’re called liars.”
    People will tell the truth when it serves their purpose. People will do anything when it serves their purpose. Truth is always subservient to advancing one’s chosen agenda. Agenda first, truth optional. Truth is a tool to use or hide at their pleasure.
    “The mass delusion that America’s major problems are caused by Trump is a huge propaganda win for the empire. Without that cover they’ll be forced to expose themselves a lot more, and they’ll be doing it with former Trumpers actually drawing attention to it instead of ignoring it.”
    All of America’s problems are actually caused by one single guy living in a small New Jersey apartment. No, that’s not true, but that makes as much sense as blaming the current Oval Office Sitter.
    “It’s not that Democrats and Republicans are the same; if you look at each individually, you can see some differences… but if you zoom out a bit further, you see they’re both used in conjunction to advance the same agendas.”
    Here’s the difference between R’s and D’s. When R’s set policy, they make one right turn. When D’s make policy, they make three left turns.
    “A lot of men pour their powerful male energy into becoming successful in order to attract women, but what a woman really wants deep down is a man who’ll take that drive and pour it into her.”
    Each man decides how he chooses to see a woman. Does he treat a woman as an equal life partner, an “Other Half”. If not, that’s where everything goes off the rails. Too many men are incapable of seeing a woman as an equal because they feel this diminishes rather than empowers him. And they never grow out of that because their self worth is so shallow and easily bruised. Little boys in mens bodies.
    “Most of humanity’s problems boil down to an unhealthy relationship with narrative.”
    More important than narrative is one’s personal framework for dealing with narrative. If you recognize garbage narratives for what they are, you will reject them like a bad taste in your mouth. Garbage will always be piling up no matter what. It’s our job to clean that stuff out and get it out of the house every day.

    1. Sure does take a lot of words to say “Vote Fascist”, but I guess when you support an evil and unpopular party, you can’t just come out and say it directly.

  6. You wrote, “… unproven government claims ignored until hard proof is provided, and with mass media reporters doing their goddamn jobs.” If the so-called journalists did their jobs in an hi=onest fashion, they would no longer have a job.

    “But” and “however” automatically negate what came before those words. No need to clarify.

    A Biden win will make superfluous about 85% of reporting/opinion staffing. Your array of topics will be at least halved.

    By your definition its not Trump or Biden or the “,,, most powerful and destructive government on planet earth.” It’s those who really manage Trump and Biden and set the policies of that most destructive government. Why not identify the real cause … or don’t you know?

    “Men become successful to attract women”? That reason would likely be quite far down the list of reasons to become accomplished. It is ipso-facto that women are attracted to successful men. The ability to attract women just comes naturally to successful men. Men don’t even have to think about that as a reason to become successful. Sorry …

  7. Yes, folks, “push” is finally coming to “shove” in the land of the free and the home of the brave. For just one example among many, an extremely-civil war II in the US has been ongoing for the last 4+ years. But, unlike the Civil War of the 1800s, the Elite warriors in today’s war have been impeccably-coiffed and richly-dressed in custom-tailored suits and dresses. THESE warriors are/have been “educated” in the “finest” schools. Never in history has so much been spent by so few on personal appearance and dental hygiene.
    Not only are many VIP careers at stake in this war, but so too is the future of the USA’s “place” in the so-called “international community”.
    The US’s vitally-necessary war-making industry has got to somehow, by “whatever it takes”, start generating much more profit, so the US has to decide in the near future whether it’s going to escalate its attacks on Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran, and whether or not to attack the DPRK. However, the latter two potential conflicts could lead to all-out nuclear war with Russia and China, so the Elite’s tried-and-true, normally-straightforward, profit-based decision-making process is getting a bit bogged down on the issue of survival of the human species. No doubt saving face and protecting the reputations and “legacies” of very old, astronomically-wealthy people and their TBTF banks will finally decide those matters.
    And speaking of TBTF banks, there have been several fatal errors in US history, but IMO the second-most egregious was the recent de facto creation of, or at least the official recognition of, the so-called too-big-to-fail (AKA “systemically important”) banks. Carefully ponder how dangerous that single act/acknowledgment truly was/is to humanity’s future. Start off by answering the simple question “What happens after a TBTF bank repeatedly, irresponsibly makes bad decisions and repeatedly loses a lot of money, or, in the latest money-laundering revelations, continues to commit crime after crime after crime?” The Only Answer Allowed: The US government, purportedly on behalf of US taxpayers, will do “whatever it takes”, including ignoring every law on the books, to keep any TBTF bank “in business”.
    AFAIK, the ONLY things in the world that the US government considers to be TBTF are itself and those banks. Human beings, and even the planet itself, can suffer and die, but that government and, by extension, its banks (of herd-control) must be rescued, no matter what. Therefore, they, not us, will be the last men standing.
    But, IMO the most fatal error (among many) on the part of “western” central banks is believing that they can continue to print a literally infinite supply of “money” out of thin air and, literally two seconds later, buy literally any thing or any body on Mother Earth, REGARLESS OF NATIONAL BOUNDARIES, with that “money”. If the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “system” is to survive, the latter fatal error not only will, but MUST, cause WW3.
    Ever since the beginning of the ONGOING great financial crisis over a decade ago, so-called TBTF banks have been ruling the waves. TBTF bank CEOs are TBTJail. The military-industrial complex has been TBTF ever since the end of WWII. The US’s perpetual wars are, if history is a guide, TBTF, because their failure would cause the US’s war-based economy to fail, and the US’s economy is, a priori, TBTF. The US stock market is now, prefectly obviously, TBTDrop (the Fed proves this literally every single day).
    It should also be prefectly obvious, even to a cadaver, that all of the above TBTF are literally holding the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “economic system” hostage (but it isn’t because of 24/7 propaganda). The Fed is paying ransom (“profit”) to all the TBTF in order to maintain/sustain the present economic system — the “living end” of centuries-old “arrangement” in which a microscopic percentage of the human population owns or controls the vast majority of LARGE SCALE capital equipment, land and wealth (upon which the vast majority of humanity vitally depends) for their own astronomical profit.
    What does the future look like? When, not if, the Fed outright starts buying shares in TBTF US corporations (instead of doing so through foreign central bank proxies), you’ll know that either the end of the present arrangement is near (with a resulting sudden, dramatic lowering of the “western” standard of living), or that WW3 must begin very soon in order to maintain USD hegemony and that lifestyle. Don’t worry, the Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC) will be making that final decision for us because they know what’s best for humanity.
    BTW, if you want four more years of what you’ve been witnessing for at least the past 30 years, only ever-increasingly worse, just vote for more Rs and Ds in November; makes no difference which.

    1. Just to drive the point home, hard as it may be to believe, the problem for corporate war-capitalism is that the US’s present wars don’t generate enough “profit” for the war corporations, even when helmets cost $400,000 each.

  8. Thanks for helping Caitlin. Your light is shining through the darkness.

  9. This beautiful world is a present waiting to be unwrapped.

  10. America is becoming exceptionally exceptional. In some votes at the United Nations General Assembly – the Assembly of nations – only Israel, or one or two other United States allies, vote along with it, and all others either vote against it, or else abstain in order to prevent United States retaliation against their own nation.
    No other nation is anything like that.
    In fact, on many occasions, the United States arm-twists other delegations in order to get them to abstain from voting so as to make less stark, and less embarrassing, the United States of Americas international isolation.
    But the United States of America is also extraordinarily exceptional in other ways, which have nothing to do with the United Nations.
    The United States of America is thus truly an exceptional nation.
    This revealing article can be read here:
    How Exceptional America Is by Eric Zuesse!

  11. If the president was exposed on Tuesday as reported he could not have developed into an infectious state to infect Melania this quickly. (48 hours total) Nobody on the fucking planet is a bigger liar than Trump.

    Trump will do anything to stay in power and this is one of the anythings. CNN’s National Security Advisor Samantha Vinograd reads the riot act and says this is “the most dangerous moment in the nation’s history.” She may as well be working for Trump. This will likely win the election for Trump after he ‘recovers’.

    This is a setup.

    Trump recovers from his phony Covid and election is a slam dunk. This lie will fuck us all.

  12. Leonard Michael Ross Avatar
    Leonard Michael Ross

    I am afraid that’s if Biden wins all the so called liberals will go back into dreamless sleep while the military-industrial complex will find new wars to make their evil profits. Although Trump is more than eager to fund more billions of dollars for the military, quite a number of generals and intelligence officials are backing Biden. Why are they against the man who funded them over two trillion dollars in 4 years? Because the real money is in foreign wars, military adventures and regime change hostilities against other nations. The more bombs you drop the more you have to make. True, Trump has dropped his share of missiles and other destructive weaponry but it pales before his immediate predecessors Bush and Obama. Seems like the MIC can’t get enough of a good thing for their financial bottom line as they destroy and displace millions of innocents.

    1. Trump is not liked by most of the ruling class because he is a loose cannon. They actually approve of his right-wing prejudices and policies. It is easy to incite the proggies and liberals to frothing at the mouth because they’re not very bright and in any case they don’t seem to study, to examine things and reason about them. Just kick their sacred cows and they’re off. Trump is ideal for keeping the proles fighting one another, but I think for most of the bigdeals he is a bit over the top.

      1. The Don J. Trump is in fact the Alpha Dragon. Even the name “Trump” fits perfectly for his particular role in this cosmic drama. He fearlessly speaks truth to power, fully intimidates lesser mortals and totally dominates all foes while continuing to endear himself as a rare and wonderful genuine leader to his many fawning followers. Apparently ageless, Trump has boundless energy, seemingly requiring neither sleep nor rest. That said, never trust a man who doesn’t drink.

  13. I don’t see anything inheritantly ‘good’ about females, if there is anything ‘good’, about public television in the US it’s all the animal shows that they run incessantly. Watch the behaviors of all these animals and it becomes abundantly clear that there is nothing ‘good’ about people either. Just another worthless species doing its animal behavior thing. It’s the animal that controls its thoughts rather than the other way around. The only thing human is the word ‘but’ everything before it and after it is a lie. Humans are nothing more than dumb animals and that is the reason why we are what we are.

    1. speak for yourself.

    2. Humans are less than “dumb” animals who don’t shit where they sleep.

  14. How many of Donald Trumps loyal fans did he turn completely off with his shitshow tirade tuesday night??

  15. Yer bustin’ my brain Caty. How you can say these truths about so many important issues and yet avoid applying these same truths toward the COVID scamdemic frustrates the fuck out of me. Go to OffGuardian and see how much you are missing.

    1. Or maybe get out of your echo chamber and consider the possibility that maybe you’re not seeing the picture clearly.

        1. MoA’s rebuttal was too technical for me to grok but then I don’t need a sociology thesis to explain why a mugger is mugging me. I’m being mugged! And Cook’s ostrich-like conflation of all the other big problems alongside the insignificance presented by COVID is disappointing. There is no left-right to the hoax. It’s a hoax and with one NYT article I’ll show you how. All that data MoA cites is dependent on testing and even the NYT somehow let this one slip by. There is much more to argue and MoA is arguing only one OffG article when there are many simpler and more cogent there to be read. See 21st Century Wire, (Patrick Henningsen awesome) Corbett Report, (Corbett itireless) UK Column News – see the fascistic takeover of the UK. Funny how in comments you and MoA are put into the same formerly with-it reporters file. I still love you Caty but fail to see how the rigor you put to other topics is far far more than this one. Jimbo

          1. Covid 19 has gotten deep into the psyche of people. Because of this I know any such discussion is a waste of time. When people are afraid, rational thought is the first casualty.

          2. Yeah this is about the same level of shitty argumentation that I’ve come to expect from your faction. Vague and unfounded condescension, a bunch of hand-waving at other people, a feigned confidence that is entirely the product of marinating in a self-reinforcing echo chamber all year, extremely weak arguments, and an inability to clearly and concisely defend your own position because you don’t really understand your own position. I’ve been researching this thing all year, and the claim that there’s any kind of monolithic global power grab behind this virus is utterly lacking in solid evidence. There are opportunistic power players using the virus to roll out pre-existing agendas like they always do in a disparate, uncoordinated way, there are indicators that governments may not be responding to this virus correctly, but there’s no strong case to be made that the virus is part of an orchestrated global power grab. There are indeed orchestrated global power grabs happening right now, but they have little to do with Covid, and your faction has been completely ignoring them. The fact that you think Covid tests being imperfect proves any kind of conspiracy shows you only believe your faction’s arguments are strong because you’ve insulated yourself in an echo chamber which tells you so while ignoring all contradictory evidence. Nobody in your faction can even account for the fact that lockdowns and authoritarianism in response to this virus aren’t happening along any existing power lines; parts of the US and US allies like Sweden are far less authoritarian than many other US allies, while completely unaligned nations like China and Russia are indeed implementing those policies. There are no existing power structures which would be able to orchestrate authoritarian responses across the US power alliance (but not all of it) and also unabsorbed nations like China and Russia. That claim makes no sense whatsoever. What does make sense is a bunch of governments clumsily responding to a new virus in the way they think is best based on what experts are saying and what other governments have done to successfully bring it under control. Your herd mentality has completely ruled out this possibility, on no legitimate basis.

            1. “the claim that there’s any kind of monolithic global power grab behind this virus is utterly lacking in solid evidence.”

              So much you omit Caitlin. (I’m not a good debater, especially against your sharp and professionally wicked tongue. Hoping one of my more erudite Covid skeptic compadres spells me.) You know this scenario was gamed out in advance by Gates, Johns Hopkins and co, and, the planned amping up of the fear factor and the relentless propaganda (fake news) worked like a charm roping in friends and foes and countries aligned and unaligned. What do you call an international committee who plan something as sinister as shutting down economies all over the world? What do you call it when media agree to one narrative allowing almost no debate? What do you call it when drug companies rush to make a unneeded but still profitable vaccine? A coincidence? Incompetence? Smells a little conspiracy-y to me. And that is just the beginning. Now six, seven months into this horseshit and you hear on and on about “cases” and “infections” which don’t mean you are sick. not even a sniffle do you have. You must know that actual deaths and hospitalizations are waaaay down and yet the same curve flattening measures – and worse – are in place, even in democratic places like Australia where they just love Julian Assange (not).

              “The fact that you think Covid tests being imperfect proves any kind of conspiracy”

              Not the Dr. Evil-type conspiracy you plaint but a hoax nonetheless. The data is (are?) fake and propagated hard enough you still believe it.

              I am not denying that other shit isn’t going on in the world. That’s why I read your column – for the news. But this madness is going on, too, and not only do you ignore it you deride skeptical people like me. Hey, I’m with you all the way with Russiagate and just about everything else you write. But this is BIG and yet you seem so blase’. I know you give a shit, Caitlin. How about giving another shit.

              1. The fact that this thing has upended everything, the world over, is evidence enough that it is no mere virus. It’s really weird that Caitlin is so off-base.

                1. That’s just sloppy thinking. Something causing change does not equal monolithic global power grab conspiracy. One does not follow the other.

                  1. You use the term “narrative” alot in your writing. Well, the narrative we’re being fed makes no sense. It’s destroying people’s lives in real time. I’m not buying it. It’s not possible to know all the diabolical details of what is happening, but it sure ain’t what they’re telling us.
                    Question the narrative!

                    1. I question every narrative. That doesn’t mean believing baseless claims on blind faith or believing the opposite of everything the MSM says. That’s as dumb as believing everything the MSM says.

              2. I’m not deriding you for being skeptical, I’m pushing back on your obnoxious accusations against me and my work. You come in here falsely suggesting that I’m not researching this thing and you can’t believe I’m not reporting on it the way you want, and when I give it right back to you and point out the glaring plot holes in your position you accuse me of deriding people’s skepticism. This is a common trait with your clique, and I’m fucking sick of it. People who have truth on their side don’t need to resort to bullshit all the time.

    2. I have learned to take nothing in the media, msm or alt, at face value. Sadly, I now view everything with skepticism. I’m not going to make a case here, one way or the other, about Covid, but I do know that the consequences for more robber baron,police state, control over the planet are becoming quite clear. Who benefits and who loses is becoming quite clear.
      It does seem like a “911” level incident. Regardless of whether, I believe the official narrative or not (I don’t,) as Caitlin once said about 911(paraphrased:) ‘they have won the narrative.’ Of course, we could say that about most of the narratives, I think.
      That does not mean that I accept it.

  16. “Much better world if everyone just watched people’s actions” I disagree.
    My friends and I have been watching for 65 years and we noticed that most people are coerced into right living by their parents, by peer pressure, by law enforcement officers, by employers, and when they can get away with bad behavior without being found out they are not consistently good, honest, fair, responsible and peaceful. Only a minority are inherently good and honest without threats and coercion. This civilization will not improve until effective passive resistance leads to a revolution and global crisis from which only the best of humanity will survive and build a new and better society.

  17. Big Bush > genocide in Iraq
    Slick Willy > genocide in Rwanda and Bosnia
    Baby Bush > genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq
    Obombie > genocide in Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Syria
    Orange Man > tapering off genocide in Syria
    demand an end to feudalism


    This is the definitive analysis and commentary on the recent disgusting debate.

    I hope you read it, quote from it, write to its author, Paul Edwards, and share it with your readership.

    Thanks for your work!

    1. Like Ms Johnstone, Mr. Paul Edwards is a heaven sent truthful writer that blesses us with wisdom and wit while the owners and the masters defile this planet and all of humanity.

    2. Thank you for that recommendation Lanny. I just read it. Makes for sobering reading. He is correct. However America ,I fear it is just too late.

      1. Maybe it’s not too late. I’ve yet to talk with anyone who watched the debate who wasn’t nauseated by the horrifying spectacle. Let’s hope the video of it goes even more viral than the one showing the latest cop atrocity. This one may have legs like the ones on the starlet we can no longer talk about.

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