It’s extremely foolish to let monopolistic tech oligarchs have this unprecedented influence over the flow of information. I shouldn’t have to keep saying this, but here we are.

If online censorship keeps tightening, the internet will cease to be an information-democratizing tool of the people to any extent at all and will instead just enable ruling power structures to administer propaganda much more quickly and efficiently than they could previously.


“You should oppose censorship because it will eventually come for you too.”

This is only true of people who oppose the establishment power structures with which Silicon Valley oligarchs are aligned. It’s not true of establishment liberals, who know they’ll never be censored.


I have no idea what Alex Jones is even up to anymore. I used to see his face all the time, now I routinely forget he exists. That’s how powerful these Silicon Valley megacorporations are; they can completely disappear anyone from public view. This has nothing to do with Jones as a person, it’s about an immense amount of power which must be left unchecked.

If you witnessed someone you hate being snuffed out of existence by a powerful new weapon, you’d be afraid of the wielder of that weapon and worrying about who they’re going to target next. The ability of monopolistic oligarchs to completely silence people with coordinated cross-platform removal can hit anyone else at any time.


Most of our problems would go away if our institutions just did what they claim they do. If the media actually told people the truth about what’s happening and votes actually enacted the will of the electorate, you’d have an educated populace shaping their world based on truth.

The problem is not the official system, the problem is that the official system is a lie. A lie used to propagandize and deceive the public into thinking they’re not being fucked over by unelected oligarchs and opaque government agencies bent on world conquest.


People are hoping for some big new revelation which exposes the oligarchic empire for the corrupt establishment that it is, but really that exposing would have happened a long time ago if MSM reporters simply did their jobs responsibly reporting known facts about what’s going on.


Every once in a while I remember how the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation doesn’t have an actual healthcare system and how both its political parties are just like haha yup oh well.

The US doesn’t deprive its people of basic social programs because all its money goes into the war machine, it deprives them because if Americans stopped being so poor, stressed and busy it would become much harder to manufacture their consent for the actions of that war machine.

An entire globe-spanning empire depends on the American people not waking up to what’s going on in their government. The imperialists have every incentive in the world to prevent that from happening. US imperialism and economic injustice are linked directly, not indirectly.


The establishment: *rigs presidential elections so it’s always two corporatist warmongers running against each other*

Also the establishment: “You have to vote or it will mean the end of democracy.”


Know what’s way more destructive than a dogshit president? A system which consistently ensures that voters always have to elect a dogshit president.


Biden could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and the mainstream press would attack any journalist who so much as tweeted about it.


Most military issues are a lot more simple and clear-cut than most “experts” claim, because those experts are paid to narrative manage military agendas. Pundits who babble about the “complexities of the Middle East” are just obfuscating the simple fact that we shouldn’t be there.


Mentally replace all China bashing with “US imperial hegemony depends on stopping the rise of China and I’ve been propagandized toward that end by obsequious mass media stenographers.”


Capitalism stans who talk about how much capitalism has done for the world while ignoring the fact that it’s killing the ecosystem are like proponents of a miraculous new cancer treatment which shrinks tumors like nothing else and its only side effect is that it kills the patient.

Capitalism stans are like a guy waxing exuberant about the wondrous things fire has done for human civilization when someone points out the fact that his house is burning to the ground.

Removing profit-seeking as a driving force of human behavior would end the artificial creation of demand for planet-destroying bullshit that people don’t need, and open up the possibility of planet-healing action that capitalism does not and cannot value.


Anarcho-communism is basically just a description of what a healthy society full of psychologically healthy people would look like. It implicitly holds as an article of faith that people can collectively change not just their conditions, but their conditioning as well. I like it.

The most boring people in the world are those who insist humanity cannot transcend its self-destructive patterning and create a healthy world. Sure it’s possible to make that argument, but imagine being so dull that you’d choose to do so and live your life as though you’re right.

Those who claim humanity will keep repeating its same tired old conditioned patterning ad infinitum are just projecting their own dullness onto the collective future of our species.


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99 responses to “Dogshit Presidents, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. michael lewis kahn,…you couldn’t debate your way out of a wet paper bag if it had a hole in it !

    you are a legend on your own mind. nothing revolutionary about you,..not one iota.

    here is your answer. it’s the only answer for you at this stage in your development,…

    i’m over this thread. it’s been some mild entertainment but i have far better things to do.

    bye, bye now.

  2. I am no longer Christian. I do not need to be threatened with hell or to be bribed with heaven to do what is right. I debunked the bible. BUt I remain in the realm of sanity despite my past faith. I was institutionalized to protect me from the other realm and to teach me survival skills as well as leadership abilities. I do righteousness for righteousness sake.

  3. To Michael Lewis Kahn (CON)

    You’ve got nothing new,…NOTHING.
    All you’ve done is do some research which anyone, and everyone can come up the same conclusions you postulate you’ve got a handle on. Its information that is accessible allover the internet. So you’re late. Its information that is decades old.
    You remind me of an angry old man who has never gotten the attention you sought.
    Again,…your books have not been read “tens of millions of time” as you suggest. AMazon shows no customer reviews at all for the kindle version. NONE ! That is complete and utter bullshit suggesting millions have read your books.
    You appear to make up things, create excuses gfor your shortfallings/shortfailings as you go. Kind of like what Trump does. .
    I watched about three minutes on one of your youtube videos’ What a bunch of crap.
    Nothing new,..just an angry old man with nowhere to go except the internet.
    Your presence on those videos are horrendous. You come off very unprofessional and not at all an orator of any kind.
    You are fooling your self,..totally in denial if you think anyone would support you for potus. LOL.
    You can’t even eceive a customer review of yur books and you think you’re going to get attention for a run for potus ??? ROTFLMAO.
    Basically, are a legend in your own mind.
    Have a nice life.
    You sincerely have my empathy and compassion to heal as quickly as possible of your delusions on the proportions of T-rumposoraus.

    1. from EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE.. something original
      Psychology is by definition, the study of the mind. Now you can’t study everybody’s mind without the ability to know another man’s heart. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even know myself very well at all times. I have introspected my motivations correctly, and at times, they can change a day later. A psychology researcher, if they could, might after years of self-analyzation, know themselves. Are we clones? Of course not. He can project, but not know what, how, and why we are. Man’s inclinations are not always logical, and we are individually unique.
      Now, the fathers of psychology all practiced introspection to see how their own minds worked, as they could not infiltrate the minds and behaviors of others. They figured out their motivations and inner workings, and developed theories on how the mind functions. Then they claimed to understand how others think and process thoughts. The practice of many people of thinking that other people act and behave and react to situations like they do, is called in teachings of psychology: “projecting” and is a cognitive distortion; in layman’s’ terms, a thinking error. By the definition of psychology and its discoveries, all of psychology is based on thinking errors.
      Much psychology is valid however, but only works dependent on the recipient. We are products not only on choices we are given, but also on those taken, and the decisions we make. Reverse psychology and other modalities are successful when wise choices are made. Many counselors of the mentally ill bounce any question back to the patient. “What do you think?” That would be fine for a normal person, but for somebody with serious mental illness, just maybe. A serious mental illness means you have faulty cognitive abilities. It is kinda stupid to bounce back questions to a person who has difficulty using their brains correctly. I am now quite capable of making decisions wisely. Yet for me, and it would be a wise idea for everyone, is this response to questions; “What is the most righteous choice, for the general good of all parties, and considered carefully and with counsel and introspection and insight.” …

      If you wanted to hold a planet in captivity, a prison holding too many people and including too much land to make it easy to keep them from breaking out, makes it impossible to do by the traditional concept. But there is a method to keeping a planet’s population in check. The crafty warden deceives his inmates by making them unawares even that they are in their captivity. Why then, should they attempt to be free? Imagine if your parents were both prisoners, and you were born in prison. All you would know would be concrete floors, iron bars, brick walls, guards, barbed wire fences, and other prisoners. You would not even be able to conceive of wide open spaces, trees, birds, wild animals, the sky with thunder and lightning and wind, or the smell of autumn leaves or spring flowers.
      In like manner, a prison has been made for us. We are told that to have a family (which is what everybody does, so it is the only right way {thinking error}), we need to keep them comfortable (thinking error), and to keep them comfortable, you need a good income. For a good income, you need a college education. Sooooo…You get a two hundred thousand dollar-plus loan and spend at least four of your best years of your youth in college. There, you learn mostly false information that you are expected to believe, and false concepts passed down for decades to be indoctrinating the world with lies. For four years or more, you learn to be submissive to your “superiors,” smiling while they deceive you and force you to deceive and to swindle others, to be a sex toy, to be used by the system, and to basically conform to capitalist materialism. Now you can get married (the good old ball and chain), buy a house (get further in debt), buy a car or two (more debt and headache), and spend your life in the rat race of competition, screwing each other and making the rich boss-man richer and more powerful, so that he can hire more people to be as happily employed as you are. The best part is that every Friday you can go to a restaurant and eat cooked cattle flesh and have a beer. Plus you can go to Disneyland for a week once every year. This method of earning …

      1. Nice avoidance technique…not really addressing the post and attempting to prove your, what you think, are superior intellectual talents.

        So what, have a mind that retains information that you can later spew out and appear smart about a topic.

        Socartes stated,..” The more I know the more I realize I know nothing.” a humble man not the arrogance that you possess.

        By the way,…the individual that wrote your bio was you. You are the only individual that thinks you are revolutionaey thinker.

        Dude,.it’s nothing new what you are postulating. Nothing at all.

        Books with far greater revoltionary content have sold millions of copies for years and the author has not gone to jail.

        So,…you are tripping on your self and what you think is revoltionary.

        You appear to be proud of being incarcerated for the content in your books as “revolutionary”. Which you maintain is why you were incarcerated.

        You want to prove yur self to this forum. I have a suggestion.

        Post your incarceration information,…the state you were incarcerated in,…the county,…the date,..the actual document stating the reason for the incarceration,…the release date of the incarceration.

        Prove that the content of your alleged “revolutionary thinking” that you are was the cause of your prison sentence.

        I maintain it was probably not paying traffic tickets or domestic abuse of your partner or some other infraction.

        Prove me wrong.

        1. I DONT PRETEND HUMILITY. Furthermore, if socrates looked at others and saw that he was not smarter, then maybe he wasnt. IF he was really wise, he would have seen that. Any fukn moron knows that saying repeated everywhere so that nobody will dare think he knows more than authorities. That debunks psychology. Who else has done that?
          this is from ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH. I was incarcerated under the pretense of a parole violation of having a restraining order placed on me by my sister with lies. IT was my second incarceration for the same unrepeated incident. I had threatened her property with no intent to do any harm. Upon getting records of my parole officer, it was shown that he had communications with her. She did keep the entire will from my mom doing so, and parole got me in prison where they wanted to watch me. IN the end of EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, I show my job history, psychiatric history and legal history fully.

          ⦁ The “Lone Wolf” provision allows intelligence gathering on people not suspected of being part of a foreign government or known terrorist organization
          Three months after publishing EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, an intelligence agent went through my files and computer. A month later I was in prison. I have evidence that implies that my sister and parole officers colluded to make it appear that it was a parole violation of having a restraining order placed on me. I had already served six months incarcerated for the same incident (a threat- words never meant to be carried through). The first question the guard asked me when I arrived at Northern State Prison was: “Do black lives matter?” I answered: “Very much” I had distributed scores of emails gone viral with videos attached exposing cops killing unarmed blacks, and almost always being awarded a paid vacation (administrative leave with pay) as punishment. I was then told that they were investigating everything about me. They wanted to see how the book sold, who my friends were, my affiliations etc.. I was asked if I was with the PLO. I had a year sentence, but they let me out after 8 ½ months. I am exceedingly clean. In addition, soon after arriving, before the election, I wrote a 35 page letter addressing many subjects, it included a solution to many problems, and a blueprint for an ideal civilization that would eliminate pollution, eliminate unhealthy bodies and minds, corruption, false religion, overbearing rule, injustice, and basically provide an ideal existence to all future generations. Seeing that not only did I bring attention to the faults of the US and other nations, but that I also had viable, do-able solutions that far surpassed any others, I was released.

        2. i was charged with a parole violation on September 22 2016. Was in sussex county jail for eight days when Finn came and told me what to do to get into the best facility. I was put in NOrthern state prison around september 30th. Then transferred to Southwoods about a month later. Spent the rest of my 8 1/2 months there, except for two weeks in Trenton sTate dungeons for speaking back at guards as I Did every day-told them how wicked they are- i showed the character of the injustice system in the last four chapters of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH-and told them every day what I knew then. They almost beat me but was rescued by a cop who knew of my conspiracy facts.I have spent a total of eight months solitary confinement, i was released from that incarceration June 9th 2017 released to the streets, not even to a shelter as asked for. I lost everything. Because I was without an address, that was another parole violation, and I was again incarcerated from July 3rd 2017 to April 22 2019.
          I finished THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY there, and wrote the first part of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH at that incarceration as well

      …Global warming. Hmmm. A good word for what has been taught us as being global warming would be geo-engineering. The change in weather, which is happening; is not caused by careless pollution. At least not due to unintentional causes. It is very intentionally and very deliberately planned and executed. Do you remember that twenty-five, thirty years ago or more, that airplanes flying in the sky left a trail after them which lasted a couple of minutes? Well, you should recall that for a good ten or fifteen years, until just recently, airplanes left trails (called “chemtrails” in slang) lasting hours. Their paths criss-crossed in every which way, and some planes seemed to have no direction or planned destination. Many of those planes had no passengers, but they did have huge tanks of aluminum dioxide and magnesium oxide which they spewed all over the skies. I remember that scientists were talking of ways to enable precipitation artificially using chemical means fifty years ago. I believe that these chemicals are related to H.A.A.R.P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which are in Alaska, Mexico, and China. They are sets of about fifty immensely powerful transmitting radio towers set in a rectangle. They are targeted to a triangular area anywhere in the world. These towers can, and have, caused hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, birds falling from the sky dead, or fish and/or porpoises in the sea dying for no apparent reason.
      We are told that pollution has caused global warming, with a major danger being in the “greenhouse effect gases.” While that fits in with what I just stated, their hot air about it being caused by automobiles emissions is what will prevail in the media and in legislation. Instead of developing technology (special oil mogul interest) to alter emissions, (we do already have electric automobiles), auto owners will be taxed according to carbon emissions and miles driven. This will drain our incomes. I know, I know. Those genius scientists show with their complicated diagrams, complex illustrations, and scientific terminology (science-babble) how harmful all the carbon is to the planet. And no, I don’t pretend to understand it. Because it is all BS. I was told as a youth (by Lewis Saper, the inventor of the heart defibrillator) that a trademark of a highly intelligent person is the ability to explain complicated matters in such a manner that anyone, even a child, could understand. The complicated explanations fed to you by the “experts” are intended to confuse you, impress you, and deceive you into thinking that they have valid points and highly developed cognitive abilities. Do not be deceived. It is all a “snow job.” The simple truth is that plants breathe in carbon and breathe out oxygen. Animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon. Plants and animals, using oxygen and carbon, are inter-dependent, they need each other and benefit one another.
      THAT was published in May 2016- i introduced the information to the planet.

      Regarding the pursuit of happiness. To me, that is equated with a purposeful life working towards the benefit of human beings, in opposition to the widely perceived concept that the pursuit of happiness is best defined as the pursuit of money and/or possessions. I am content to be at all times helping others, to benefit mankind. In reality, for those who pursue money, their possessions in truth possess them, these possessions are so valued that the owners are in a sense enslaved to them. They serve the possessions to such an extent as to destroy a human beings life who wants a piece of their wealth. Rich people wheel and deal to the day they die. Billionaires and trillionaires never cease accumulating more, their fortunes are never enough. Have they achieved happiness? Yet, in the United States, leaders insist that the mere evidence of their wealth is “proof” of their intelligence, as if the two are related. It appears that they have concluded that all truly intelligent people desire riches. Is it that happiness loves company, or is it misery that loves company? Or, better worded, is it righteousness loves to influence, or evil loves to corrupt? The answer is… . all of the above.
      The result of that wording, “the pursuit of happiness” being a “right” and the values of the world being shaped by those who control the education system and the media have been (more on this later) the downfall of humanity. This pursuit has evolved into chasing the wind, and what a few people who claim to be of that pursuit has destroyed the happiness and quality of life of hundreds of millions of others. Nobody gets rich without exploiting others.
      The leaders of the United States, past and present, and the rulers of every land have established a hierarchy that enables them to wield not only overwhelming power, but in their evil scheming manipulations, have imposed skewed values and priorities into the character of virtually all peoples, primarily via the media. As a result, most people’s top priorities are monetary and material plenty, security and safety, respectability, as well as access to entertainment. The people have been influenced by the media to value the security of their property above their freedoms, and above the freedom and lives of others. That is why there is little protest over metal detectors, police brutality, homeland security, video cameras, and invasion of privacy and surveillance of phone and internet use. But of primary result, military intervention and annihilation of foreign peoples. All in the name of protecting their way of life. The joke is that no foreigner ever put their way of life in danger, the only enemy they need fear is the establishment currently in power. The brave pioneers of America would turn in their graves if they saw the cowardly selfishness of those people who inhabit the land that they courageously ventured to explore.
      I do not agree with the concept of birth privilege, especially not for those who are born of “pure holy white lineage.” No god who sends people to hell has any relationship with rights or equality. Furthermore, the words that we have a “right” to “pursue happiness” have been hijacked by a class of parasites who use these words to justify their gain by means of oppression, deception, exploitation, and murder. Here in America, the “American Dream,” a goal that has transformed from being the prospect of enjoying the freedom to practice the religion of one’s own preference into achieving that wonderful illusion of success- a “respectable” employment earning enough money to purchase one’s own “castle” and “chariot” and the inevitable trappings- stocks, investments, security alarm systems, plenty of toys, and a trophy wife. The more employees you hire (slaves you own) the more wealth you acquire; and this can only be achieved by oppressing your employees with meager pay, deceiving your customers and the IRS, and cheating those who purchase your product or service. God bless America. ….
      Every authoritarian system has a “motivational” or “moral” goal to attain, be it piety, industriousness, wealth and power, or the like. The political regime shapes the people into accord with its foundational principles by employing the media and educational systems. It is made obvious that the United States is a hegemony (oligarchy or plutocracy) by the evidence that these avenues promote wealth, indeed which is the American Dream. In contrast, a democratic citizenry would be characterized by the love of the values of equality, fairness, and humanitarianism; and its education system and media would promote those priorities, not the gods of prosperity and virility.

      As if the founding fathers had not done enough to destroy our freedoms, values, and rights enough; the treaty of Verona signed in 1822 by the king of England, the pope, and world leaders furthered the purposes of the “high contracting powers” (the masters). It’s first article decreed that representative forms of government, and those governments that recognize the sovereignty of all its citizens are incompatible with “divine right,” and the signers agreed to exercise effort to end such governments. The United States does not have “representatives” in power. In power in that country, as currently with all nations, there are politicians who line their pockets doing the will of the rich, the Vatican, and ultimately Satan, who is the highest power. The second article that the “high contracting powers” agreed to, was the detriment to their power that freedom of the press was, and the powers agreed to adopt measures to suppress the press. Finally, article three was the agreement by the powers that religion contributed powerfully in maintaining the populace in a submissive and obedient state, so the “high contracting powers” agreed to further the Vatican’s efforts and policies in measures to control the people. My previous book “THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY” uses hundreds of scriptures, independent research, logical analytical reasoning, common sense, abundant evidence, together with intelligent freedom of thinking to support my claim that the bible is a fallacious fabrication devised to deceptively manipulate the planet’s people to be easily ruled over by the Romans; to not only render them to be submissive gullible followers, but also to skew our values, and to preferring appearance over substance, forgiveness over righteousness or justice, and to intentionally insure that the people will accept any behavior or idea as long as it is supported by rhetoric claiming endorsement by God.
      This book adds supportive evidence to that claim, as it records the results of the effect of Christianity on the planet. Furthermore, I will show the state’s contribution in concert with the church in the role of subverting mankind, and how a few elite have had overwhelming destructive influence of mankind. What is of great importance, though, is the implications of these books. The Roman Catholic Church states its claim for authority on the bible, and the Pope’s authority as being derived as a “descendent of the apostle Peter.” By proving the falsehood of the Bible, that the vicar of Christ is a vicar (substitute of, or representative of) of somebody who never existed, the whole church should fall like a monolith with a straw foundation in an earthquake. But I am sure that even when exposed and naked, the emperor will not abdicate his pompous luxurious throne. It will take force to depose evil power. But as of now, it is proven that the Holy Roman Church and its rule of power is based on falsehood. The kingdoms whose foundations are related to Christianity, or for that matter, any religion, have a foundation on lies and deception. The laws and treaties that have been signed in the name of God have no authority. Neither does the pope, nor does papal bulls. Nobody is legally required to obey them…
      …..There is a planned annihilation of seven billion people by the year 2025 , and the Vatican is behind that scheme. A careful reading of my two previous books combined with the knowledge here leads to that unfortunate fact. As innately having an inclination to doing good, most people don’t want to accept that conclusion, as the concept that some people are pure evil is not a natural characterization, but we must face the facts….
      ….. One of the points that I have been making in my books is that we have been intentionally and deliberately deceived. If one deception is not believed, another one will be fabricated to replace it. And even more disturbing is the knowledge that the purposes behind these lies are devious and malicious. The mystery of evil, the concept of the depth of evil, is a concept difficult to comprehend by people who are foundationally good. But unfortunately, malicious evil is very real. While it does use money and power as tools, those are not always its motivation. You will be aware of why (as I have concluded) the theory of evolution has been promoted. Another falsehood had to replace the bible, and evolution has provided whole new avenues of entertainment, but the motivation for its fabrication is more devious. ….


      When Hitler came to power in Germany, before he let loose his works of destruction, his administration manipulated and created legislation to assure that everything he did was legal. That is the way of Roman civilization. You can do whatever immoral, unethical, or downright wrong and evil thing you want to, but first you have to make it the right thing to do by using words in legislation to justify it and say that the evil act is okay. Attorneys have a way with words. Is it coincidence that most politicians are lawyers?
      “Don’t ever confuse what is legal with what is moral. You’re either principled or you’re not”- Oprah Winfrey
      These next few pages are hilariously scary. The Bush administration rejected, withdrew, and/or blatantly violated several important treaties that were enforcing global peace. The early 2001 choice for undersecretary of state for arms control was John Bolton. His words: “The United Nations is valuable only when it directly serves the United States.” He made it clear that he does not negotiate to resolve international disputes. “I don’t do carrots.” The Bush and Trump administrations have made it clear that the United States does what it damn wants to, and harbors no love for citizens of any other country (and displays no concern for all but the prosperous in their own country).
      One treaty that was trashed was “The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,” another was “The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” which had been signed by
      Bill Clinton and 138 other countries, protecting the people of the world from criminal acts like genocide and other war crimes, and other crimes against humanity. Bush…

      This is where we need to take a look at people, and their character. In the two previous books that I wrote, I brought forth evidence that we have been misled intentionally and deliberately. It is becoming obvious that rich, famous, and/or powerful people have no concern for, nor any interest in the rest of us, and do not intend to assist, help, or protect us in any way. If they do anything for the poor or weak, it is a token measure to gain trust, or has some benefit for themselves. Politicians are not stupid, although some of them put on an appearance that they are. A genius can act and appear ignorant, stupid, innocent, or any which way. Less intelligent people cannot appear as genius, and few can act convincingly in any way. Trump plays the buffoon, but trust me, he is a crafty and conniving deceiver, an evil actor. Money, power, and sex do things to people, as can the true reason-serving under the rule of an evil entity….
      When you want to judge a product or doctrine, it is necessary to view its source, its integrity and validity, by comparing specifics and the big picture. In addition, it is wise to inspect how it has affected civilization and why. Research those who promote it, and their character. Do not be fooled by appearances. If a package is wrapped in glitter and ribbons, it is promoting something that may not be wholesome, it is trying too hard to be attractive to entice the buyer. Substance is what matters, not appearances. I have come to the conclusion that religious leaders, wealthy people, and rulers, are all evil; they are deceivers who have no true inclination to benefit others in any substantial way. They have hijacked the planet and are facilitating our destruction willingly. In the public’s ignorance and naivety, they have found sheep to be easily led to slaughter. Your trust in them and their guile and manipulative deception has made you vulnerable to be open to be misled to adopt wrong values and concepts, to be forced to conform to a wicked system. The “money machine” is a malicious monster that has enslaved the planet. Keep reading, there is more.
      I am unfolding a malevolent conspiracy. Though you may not have seen this before, and it may be novel to you, I beseech that you continue to read this book, as not only your future, but also the future of the entire planet earths’ people, depends on the defense that we can muster together united against the evil powers. I will later outline a skeletal plan of action to initiate, specifics can be elaborated upon further collaborative development.
      Politicians deceive and make promises that they don’t keep. Do they really intend to do them, but were impeded by other politicians? We are so accustomed to broken promises and voting for the lesser of two evils, that we don’t react with strong responses. Are they incapable of creating solutions to society’s problems? Look at op-eds in the newspapers. Some of them, especially in the NY Times, present accurate summations and good solutions that are viable. I have also. But our policy makers in Washington cannot originate, nor can they implement correction to the problems? Or perhaps they have no intention to do so.
      On October 11th, 2001, George Bush said about those who destroyed the twin towers; blaming Arabs: they were “instruments of evil” and that backing them was “a cult of evil” and “it is enough to know that evil, like goodness, exists. And in the terrorists, evil has found a willing servant.” That is an interesting observation from a person in power who belongs to the cult “skull and bones.” He and his administration took down the flag of freedom and equality, and raised the Jolly Roger, laughing at the gullible citizens. Talk about false flags. Remember his expertise on the motivation for the “arab” terrorists? Bush said it was done because “they hate our freedoms.” Is that why we have the Patriot Act and Homeland Security?

    5. Why do you think BLM is rioting? over a meth case?Or revolution? Look at the rioters. mostly white youth.
      Now regarding terrorism. We have some very real and dangerous terrorist organizations in Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram, and others. And ISIS. But let us rethink and reconsider the situation. ISIS is clearly the most dangerous and evil organization. It’s leader al-Baghdadi, is not profiled in the news. We have been told only minimal information about ISIS’ leader, and none of his origination, by the establishment media. They don’t seem to know much about him. But some people have done some research, and it is rumored that one of them was Snowden. According to viral information some time ago, somebody reported that ISIS’ leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is an Israeli Mossad agent born to Israeli parents by the name of Simon Elliot. Snowden’s lawyer Ben Wizner denies such claims that the information was originated by Snowden, but Snowden has not denied such. Al Qaida’s leader Ayman Zawahiri said that Al Baghdadi had been a member of Al Qaida, but they broke ties with ISIS in early 2014. Supposedly they have a similar mission, so why the rejection? Al Baghdadi had been “trained” in Camp Bucca, a US prison camp in Iraq. He was third in the terrorist hierarchy, and the two above him were killed by US military, yet somehow, Al Baghdadi was freed. Now observe who ISIS attacks. Not Israel, not the US, but more than anyone else, they target Shiite nations. Notice that when they attack the US and its allies’ forces, they do so from within Arab citizen habitats; and in retaliation, U.S., Saudi, and Israeli (as well as others) bomb the civilian areas to rubble and dust. Syria is nothing but concrete destruction. Yemen is almost gone. Iraq is a graveyard. The US forces somehow can’t defeat ISIS, but Russia and Hezbollah have success. As much as we are told that Hezbollah are evil, the truth is that they are freedom fighters that remind me of the black panthers. Defending Iran and their allies militarily, they also provide medical and social services, to their credit. ISIS is a dangerous terrorist organization, and are obviously a covert US and Israeli operative. “Oh heaven forbid, how could you have the nerve to accuse the US of terrorism? They are the good guys.” “Oh yes, and they would be the first to tell you so.” What is the motivation? One deeper level I mentioned already was oil, and I have spoken in my previous book of it being a show and example of military might, a warning. Now let us go to the ultimate reasons, the core root of what is happening here; the devious and unthinkable concept that is so hard to comprehend and accept.
      I have displayed clearly that the Vatican is evil, and that the United States is an extension of Rome. First, remember what the Jesuits teach, and the meaning of INRI on their flag. Now, recall the crusades, the planned number of people to be inhabiting the planet circa 2025. You saw the letter written by Albert Pike, and the very real existence of fema camps. It has been common knowledge passed around the internet for the past half dozen years (according to my awareness-but it may have been out there years before) that when martial law is passed, and the expected herding of the people to be slaughtered, that those targeted first would be rebels, then blacks, then Latinos, and so on. The letter I disclosed was not common knowledge. If you put the puzzle pieces together, you might come up with the conclusion that I have. The first peoples to be eliminated are the most rebellious, those who have least conformed to the Vatican’s agenda; in the past, and today.
      The evidence points to a more devious, deeper level of purpose for the destruction of the twin towers, the blaming of Arabs, their vilification by church and state, and the slaughter of whole Arab nations. The Arabs in general, do not have western values, are not motivated to abandon principles for money, refuse to be sheeple, are intelligent, and have some power in oil. When they are eliminated, the strongest resistance to the beast is eliminated. The powers’ plan is to neutralize the most powerful opposition first, to neutralize us before we know what is happening. Was it a mistake that I was falsely imprisoned, then further incarcerated as I was exposing what was occurring? I was aware that ISIS was a US and Israeli operative since 2015, maybe earlier. Time is fleeting, we need to unite in resistance, and quickly. Knowledge is power, but it must be channeled into proper action, or it is useless. I suggest that you start packin’ and I am not talking about luggage. The time that weapons will be available is not much longer. The purpose of the Las Vegas disaster, and at least some of the school shootings, and sundry other ‘”terrorist attacks” was to convince Americans that the possession of guns by citizens is harmful to the public’s safety. I have uncovered evidence, as has Alex Jones, that at least some, if not all, were contrived spectacles, and that the Las Vegas shooting was not done by the man found dead in the hotel room. Most likely it was a military or secret service agent, and the dead body of the accused shooter put there to mislead the public. During the entire Las Vegas shooting, and for more than half an hour later, the hotel security and police had been stationed in the hall by the door of the sniper’s room. Were they cowardly or complicit? I think the latter.

  4. I am an an antiwar, gay, animal rights activist. I am covertly tortured daily with pain and zapped into submission using DEWs (directed Energy Weapons) I am only allowed to leave my home for haircuts and food. I am not allowed to socialize or organize. Every time I get a few thousand twitter followers my accounts are deleted without warning. Caitlin’s writing sets me free. The brutal, honest truth is sooo refreshing in such a fucked up world. Thank you so much.

    1. my books ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY, and EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE speak truth also. In addition my website where there are some videos is as follows:
      I am interested in hearing your story. You may write to me if you have the inspiration to.
      I am also campaigning for president, read below
      I have been incarcerated repeatedly because of my writings

      1. Your desperation is totally revealing you.
        Your constant posting is obvious you don’t really have an audience anywhere except this forum.

        Prove me wrong.

        No one can be successful when they plagurize. I’m not sayng you have,..but your concepts are not anything new at all.
        The same ole same ole narcissistic mind that thinks it has the answer for everyone. LOL

        Get over your self, soon as possible and maybe something of value can emerge.

        “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”
        ~ Rumi

        1. bullshit artist – you are a gasbag. You enjoy decieving and think you have something to say. YOu have not read my books and have no idea what is in them, but say that they are plagiarism. NAME ONE PLAGIARISTIC IDEA IN ANY OF MY THREE BOOKS. you are trying to defend your gas and are failing. I dont know why nobody reviewed my books, but there are no mentions of my name on the iternet, but that is because people have been hiding my popularity, as look what happened to MLK, X, Kennedy’s, Panthers, etc.. but they hear me and love me. i am shown love everywhere i go. When i was arrested in 2016 for writing EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, the cops wanted my autograph, as I was taken in Kraft, where they decide which prison you are assigned to, they had all the other inmates turn around and face their backs to me. I was told that they were watching how my book sold, they investigated all about me, my affiliations, and wanted to watch me. They let me out early seeing that i had solutions, not just pointing out evils. I am exceedingly clean. I was told that if there had been one lie, that i would have been dead. But you, in your comfortable and safe home, say that i plagerize. READ THE BOOKS MOTHERFUCKER AND THEN TRY AND FIND ONE POINT. IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO READ, HAVE YOUR CHILD READ TO YOU. STUPID AND IDIOTIC WARRIOR SHEEP- YOU ARE SO STUPID AND DISRESPECTFUL TO ONE WHO IS TEN TIMES YOUR BETTER.

          1. You’ve nothing new,…NOTHING. All you’ve done is do some research and anyone, everyone can come up the same conclusions you postulate you’ve got a handle on.
            You remind me of an angry old man who has never gotten the attention you sought.
            Again,…your books have not been rad “tens of millions of time” That is comlete and utter bullshit.
            I watched about three minutes on one of your youtube videos’ What a bunch of crap.
            Nothing new,..just an angry old man with nowhere to go except the internet.
            Your presence on those videos are horrendous. You come off very unprofessional and not at all an orator of any kind.
            You are fooling your self,..totally in denial if you think anyone would support you for potus. LOL.
            Basically, are a legend in your own mind.
            Have a nice life.
            You sincerely have my empathy and compassion to heal as quickly as possible of your delusions on the proportions of t-rump.

    2. ps- I am not gay, so don’t think about me in that way. I mention that as in jail and other places, I have experienced gays who dont respect straight people’s wishes to be left alone. I defend myself at every attempt they make, and it will not bode good for you to think of me as a mate. In addition, if elected, and I have been violated too many times, gay rights may be diminished.

      1. I don’t think I made a pass at you or anyone? I was stating the foundation of my activism. My current focus is on voiceless animals. Why would you focus on taking away rights instead of fighting a corrupt system? B.t.w. jail is not a sane place it’s a house of torture. I would tread very lightly about judging anyone based on jailhouse experience as it brings out extremes in ppl including straight guys who think they can use gay men as cum dumps. Have a good day.

        1. i did not say you had made a pass. I was simply protecting myself. Jail is not the only place gays have violated me. I find that their feminity is a result of not liking girls, and I find that highly offensive. That there is the “gay lifestyle” being promoted, basically saying that their whole life centers around their depraved sexual preference. I mention all this because you found it necessary to mention that you were gay, which I thought about after sending the first comment. YOu may not email me thank you. There was no need to mention that you are gay unless you want a lover. I am not going there with you or with anyone else.

          1. It’s very odd that you feel that the only thing to being gay is about sex. Is sex the only aspect of being a breeder? No. The focus of my activism was years of work towards same sex marriage and employment protections for LGBTQ ppl. We have had our success in those areas. I am married and have been with the same guy for 20 years. You can rest assure I wasn’t “looking for a lover.” As you’re not my type anyways. I’m not sure how this came down to a discussion about my sexuality. I was talking to people who may be in my shoes, who live under the thumb of the government and that face torture and censorship. I’m not looking for new thought leaders as I am very happy with the writings of Ms. Johnstone. Have a great day.

        2. Straight men certainly do have lots of sex with gay men in and out of jail when they cannot find a woman. Not everyone defines their lives by your narrow, strict, biblical view of how Michael says that men should behave.

          1. No where in any world or by any stretch of the imagination did I say that nonconsensual sex with anyone under any circumstances was ok. I find your hijacking of a great writer’s comments section to be very disrespectful of said author. Your tired and exhausting, angry fire and brimstone sermons can be found in millions of churches. You’re not a revolutionary nor inspiring whatsoever. I wouldn’t read your books if you paid me to and I’m done wasting my time arguing with naracists like you who think they have something valuable or earth shattering to share and shame people with.

    3. DO NOT USE HOMOPHOBIC SLURS HERE. For fuck’s sake, dude. Have a little respect for the site. I am deleting your posts using slurs. This is your one and only warning.

      1. Caitlin. IF you had read the posts in there, you would see that he condoned and justified that I was violated with unwanted homosexual sex. But you dont chastise him, you chastise me for using language regarding gays. People on your site have said “F***k you” to me, and you stood by and ignored it. I ask for an apology from you. David the queer did not apologize to me. I have not much reason to stay after how I have been treated by your bloggers or by you. you are the one that needs to show respect. i demand respect. Words are just words. But character, especially fake and deceptive character that hides behind nice words while condoning evil behaviors, must be revealed.

        1. I do not care if people here are mean to you. People are allowed to be mean to each other on my site. What they are not allowed to do is use homophobic and ethnic slurs to make my site look like trash. You will respect this.

          1. Michael in no way, shape or form did I say anywhere that you should be sexually assaulted. I do not believe that nonconsensual sex or rape is ok no matter the gender or sexuality. You viciously attacked me for saying I was a gay, antiwar, animal activist and invited me to come read your books as long as I did not make a pass at you. But I assume you don’t understand how extremely insulting that is. To imply that I can’t control myself around you or equate me to a jailhouse rapist. I find you to be an exhausting bigot who only dreams of being halfway as enlightened and gifted writer as Ms. Johnstone

          2. People. Caitlin made a point to tell me that she doesnt care what people said to me, and that all she cares about is that I not use homophobic language. I used a “homophobic” word “Fa++ot” because a queer here by the name of David justified that I had been violated by homosexuals in jail and elsewhere, after telling them i was straight, then lied about it.
            “I do not care if people here are mean to you. People are allowed to be mean to each other on my site. What they are not allowed to do is use homophobic and ethnic slurs to make my site look like trash. You will respect this.”
            his words after i told him I had been violated in jail and other places by homosexuals:
            “Straight men certainly do have lots of sex with gay men in and out of jail when they cannot find a woman. Not everyone defines their lives by your narrow, strict, biblical view of how Michael says that men should behave”
            “Your tired and exhausting, angry fire and brimstone sermons can be found in millions of churches”

            by the way, I am an atheist and have never preached as he says, though i was christian until six years ago.

            “wasting my time arguing with naracists like you who think they have something valuable or earth shattering to share and shame people with.”

            Caitlin took this liars words over mine and defended him, not me. I said that by using the words “gay lifestyle” that it implies that their whole lives revolve around unnatural sex. if it doesnt, then dont’ call it a “gay” lifestyle. obviously the sexual preference is very important to be named as such. this is a no-brainer. and caitlin did not apologize. I will not apologize as i make it public to my readership, about ten million people get my emails. IF i call somebody a name, there is good reason for it. I will not be here again, and let caitlin try to get new members.

            I let him know that i have never in my life so much as thought of having sex with a male, and he gave back that hateful answer, and lied later saying that he never would condone unwanted sex being forced on anybody. he had condoned it happening to me. I do not endorse gay people who find no problems with other gay people violating heterosexuals. and that is probably all of them. I have been violated in such a way by christians, by inmates, and others, and find it highly offensive, as I do their lies, and those who dont allow dissenting views to their perversions. and it is not my business what they do with one another as gays, but that many are pedophiles (man-boy organization defended by aclu) or do like they did with me. I have strong feelings here, and will not be back again without a sincere heartfelt apology from caitlin.

  5. Excellent article and content. Very well thought out and very well written.
    I can tell that you are not relying on this outside world for your ques how to live your life Caitlin.
    You most undoubtedly take time and go inward (meditation,self-actualization practice,etc) to arrive at your conclusions and perspectives.
    I for one appreciate that.
    Thank you for doing your personal work to manifest the best that you are.


    Domestic Policy
    Outlaw GMOs and pesticides, organic farming only will be permitted.
    Remove subsidies from unproductive farms, if we have a surplus, it is to be distributed to poor people instead of wasting land and taxes
    Reduce taxes on farms that hire workers being paid well, rather than using machinery like combines. Research has found that hiring workers is just as profitable as big machinery.
    Allow strong punishments on pharmaceuticals that are harmful. Allow suits as well. Remove the indemnity.
    If producers of vitamins or natural cures want to claim that they are legitimate at curing ills, let them be tested and be able to advertise as such. Current FDA regulations prohibit vitamin manufacturers from such claims. Promote research to find more cures with vitamins and all-natural ingredients.
    Overhaul the FDA, making sure that the Pharmaceuticals have no access to paying them and bribing them. Fund them and have civilian oversight to distinguish that they are really doing what they should. If not, hold them accountable and to be subject to criminal charges and suits themselves.
    Remove the requirement of vaccinations. They are to be voluntary only.
    Take back the Federal Reserve. The money belongs to the people, not the bankers.
    Trump said he would clean the swamp, but was in reality the chief swamp creature> I have the balls to carry out that job in earnest. I don’t love money and cannot be bought- nor do I scare easy.
    Raise minimum wage to $15 an hour.
    Confiscate all savings from people over two million dollars. We have been robbed by the rich- they have cheated, exploited, oppressed, murdered, and poisoned us to amass fortunes.
    Dismantle 5G and prevent forced vaccines– that will restore health and covid 19 will disappear. Prosecute the creators of such, including the investors- Gates, etc.
    Dismantle Homeland Security and restore constitutional rights- amend constitution to criminalize deceiving the people- these deceptions are more harmful to mankind than drugs are. Get rid of the Patriot Act. Dismantle the CIA. Review other intelligence agencies for removal being fazed out.
    Deal with TV-get rid of its evil influence. Most certainly do not allow religion on it-maybe laws to rid us of any deceits or manipulations on it. Possibly eliminate it entirely.
    Get rid of minimum sentencing for crimes. Decriminalize some drugs- fines instead of incarceration and criminal records. I would be willing to hear others’ suggestions on how to address drugs-try to eliminate them. Provide better education than “just say no”. Reduce police forces and have civilian citizen oversight. Revive and employ Guardian Angels to protect the streets. Make sure that police are properly prosecuted for any abuse of position-especially murdering people who are not armed. Remove privatized prisons, and prohibit forced labor. Inside, provide real job training and real rehabilitation. Trials by jury=real peers to be enlisted, not people unaware of the accused’s situation. Strong sentences for pedophilia, rape and murder. Also strong sentences for “white collar crime” such as what happened with opioids, if a pharmaceutical has harmful effects that pharmaceutical has been aware of, and it was hidden, and people died or other harm done by them, those who were behind that are to be tried as murder and/or other felony charges. Release those imprisoned unjustly. Fund the judicial system to make certain that fair trials are resulting. Investigate better avenues than plea bargains- there should be no such thing if people have a fair trial.
    Remove the vast moneys made by oil, and give it to US government. The lack of ability to make substantial profit should remove the desire to create more. Continue to fund solar panels and wind energy, but not for long-term, the self-sustaining agricultural communities will be the norm.
    The bankers hold the nation, and thus the world, in a death grip. I propose to venture a radical revolutionary power move to bring the power back to the people. I will do this by making the biblical concept of “JUBILEE” where all debts are cancelled. This would mean that mortgages are cancelled, and that the banks no longer own the real estate that they hold liens on. People may continue to live where they have been. Because no landlord is thus required to pay back mortgage responsibilities, the savings will be passed on to renters. Landlords will be required to charge no more than one hundred dollars per room per month, plus the property’s share of taxes and utility bill. This way, residences will be affordable to virtually all Americans, landlords will be making a moderate profit, and banks will lose their leverage of power.

    Foreign Policy
    Withdraw troops from foreign lands
    Worldwide disarmament of nuclear and chemical weapons
    Remove sanctions from all nations, and do not use sanctions as manipulative and abusive strategy- it is as cruel as military war.
    Remove funding from Israel and support Palestinians.
    Remove our economic policies of exploitation from all third world nations. Make international laws prohibiting and prosecuting oppression and exploitation of indigenous people of every land.
    Eliminate the petrodollar and our military presence in the middle east.
    Restorative measures and a 21st Century New Deal
    Instead of welfare roles increasing, and the mass unemployment created by covid 19 government employment of many people to plant non-gmo organic fruit trees throughout USA and other nations.
    Government also employ people with building self-sustaining agricultural communities as proposed in my book.
    These are just proposals for you to view. I have had nobody to bounce ideas with for several years, and while most of my ideas have no room for change, some issues do. I invite comments, criticisms, additions, suggestions, and collaboration. I would like to be a “father” to a nation that has allowed itself to be subject to wrong values, wrong mindsets, and wrong worldviews due to the propaganda of television, religion, bankers, and freemasons. With that in mind, I would also like to have the education system overhauled to promote our youth to have good strong values of integrity, service, discipline-strong bodies and strong minds, ability for critical thinking, and to do their own research; not learning to memorize and obey. We will deal strongly with television and media to stop propaganda and manipulation, if we allow it to exist at all. Economic health and protection from terrorists (in reality our own government) are not as important as strong body and mind health, as well as liberated thinking and values. Instead of imposing (dis)information to be memorized, further education for youth should be redirected towards skills and trades to enable contribution to society rather than focused on making money for the rich.
    I am going to advocate for a new type of civilization to be initiated, as outlined in the conclusion of the book I penned titled ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH

  7. … Interesting article, but anarcho communism is simply another form of capitalism, possibly more efficient than most versions, though its never been fully realized to assert this with certainty..

    Captitalism, Adam Smith’s ‘natural means of production’, is a very adaptable concept.

    The computers we use to read and write on this blog, would not have been possible without a very complex production chain. Furthermore, these computers improve with every passing year. Capitalism drives that.

    Capitalism, ultimately, is about the production and distribution of goods and services.

    Crony capitalists are parasites who introduce unnecessary inefficiencies for their free ride, but the urge for a free ride isn’t restricted to them, just ‘best’ expressed by them.

    1. You need to read ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, it takes down US capitailism, and promotes a new form of civilization. The scientific facts are indisputable, and if you have a valid argument against the benefits of the proposed communities, which are different than any past civilization and oppose many assumed concepts that we take for granted, as well as being a healing of global warming, provide a solution to EVERY world problem. IF you can successfully take down my ideas, I will withdraw, but you cant.

      1. The angry, loud, and clear truth is, we’re living a Global Reset that will restore a more yawning gulf between the power elite and the rest of us.

        Especially if Trump is defeated, since there is no-one left who can really oppose police statism and war without end by accident, never mind by deliberation.

        I can take down ideas founded on lying, cheating, stealing, bullying and murdering by identifying the amoral components and pointing out how they fail the system.

        Its not clear what new communities you’re proposing, but if they need to obliterate the exiting aboriginals in favour of installing new aboriginals, its not a good deal even if the promise is Utopia. Except to those who think they will have power over others in Utopia.

        Humanity has never been more empowered by access to information and ideas. Yet there are those wanting to foster a revolution denying the realization of ever more accountability and egalitarianism by peaceful natural evolution.

        They want to do this under the pretext of… accountability and egalitarianism by force of revolution. The latter outcome proposes mutually exclusive conditions.

        Capitalism did not fail. Crony capitalism failed. Real market conditions will always seek to redefine inaccurate artificial systems. Political-economic parasites, will always try to assert a system of artificial prices and incentives that benefit their parasitism.

        The fall of the Soviet Union, likewise saw the most corrupt and powerful politically connected oligarchs seizing control through chaos and corruption, trying to preserve their places in the failing social order. They failed to create a new capitalism that worked and Putin kicked most of them out.

        Read our ‘crony capitalism’ as socialism – and it is, socialism for the rich – the end fits like a glove.

        Unlike the Soviets, we have a free-ish market economy and kind-of democracy already in place than can only be improved upon, just by shaking of the forever war parasites of European imperialism. Not by collapsing the whole thing into crisis and authoritarianism.

        1. You have said nothing. The book shows how the United States was founded to promote slavery and materialism, how our forefathers meant for there to be a deceiving media, how they all lied just as we do today, that they were freemasons. There is a better candidate to win, and that is me. IN a minute I will post my platform again. Trump never meant to take on the globalists, he is a liar. He is doing their will. As I said, he gave the bankers 6.2 trillion dollars, he placed Pompeo as secretary of state, he did not get rid of ONE swamp creature. He enabled the destruction of the economy, he did this for the globalists. You have been duped. i have courage to take on the establishment in truth. I am of the people. I have courage-having been incarcerated repeatedly for my writings exposing the government and those above. I Dont want violent revolution unless absolutely necessary.

          1. I said the truth, and you seek to deny it, perhaps the way you wold tear down the historical statues of racists, as if to pretend they didn’t exist and racism won’t be baked into the a Reset new normal.

      2. Your last sentence displayed who you really are. An individual that says he will listen but that is your bullshit answer.
        You are as narrow minded and arrogant and narcissistic as Trump or Biden or any of the other dumbasses you rail against.
        Get off your high horse and become human.
        As the saying goes,..”What you are speaks so loud I can’t hear what you say.”

        Here’s your last sentence I’m refencing,…

        “IF you can successfully take down my ideas, I will withdraw, but you cant.”

        What a punk you are.

        1. Prove it. The book has been out for six months and read by tens of millions, and no negative feedback. But you tell me that I am a punk and hate me without reading it. Says volumes on you, not me.

          1. IF it is a fact that it has been read, so you say tens of milliosn of times, that just says how duped the people can be,. they dont recognize their own bullshit so they dont recognize yours. So,…get over your self. Additionally it was self published. If it is a book that has been read “tens of millions of timnes” why has not a huge publishing house picked it up ? I’ll tell you why,..because you are full of bullshit ! A narcissitst is what you are and you don’t even know it… because you are in denial of your narcissistic nature. You might think it is intelligence you possess,… i say its the ego mind mimicking and plagurizing nothing genuine nor new.
            Your book has 1 review, probably by you and no, zero, customer reviews on amazon. So much for your tens of millions reading it claim.ROTFLMAO. The kindle version has zero customer reviews,..ZERO. So if tens of millions have read it why no reviews ? Again,…total narcissistic bullshit flowing from your lips.

            1. I attached it to emails that went viral. But instead of reading it, you tried to debunk my words, but have not. Your character and lack of both that and integrity show. I asked you to read it to debunk if you can my idea. Instead you took the lazy shortcut and failed. All my emails are seen by millions. In addition, I have been made famous by my first major book for which I was jailed- EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, which started a huge new paradigm of thinking and made people, including Trump, realize that the news is fake. So, like all your other posts, you are a gasbag. I am, and remain, a visionary and revolutionary, while you remain a failure in ability to do correct thinking.

        2. You just admitted you can’t deliver a real rebuttal to my ideas therefore demand that I withdraw.

          Do you have real answers? Did people like you ever deliver a pause in America’s relentless wars for European supremacism?

          Trump delivered no new wars. And so you need Trump out and Biden in to validate your agendas and egos.

          1. I don’t always respond to idiocy. But here I will again. You called me a punk for saying that you can’t take down my idea for a new civilization. I then responded and said that ten million or more people have seen it and agree with it, or at least have not said anything negative that stands against it rationally. But you, without any rational response, call my confidence in its worth, as words of a punk, having not read the book nor the plans.
            So sir, (not the word I think of you in my mind) the word punk is bounced back, and your own words betray your character.

    2. Wouldn’t it be good if there was no reason for angry and rebellious blogs, if we could live in harmony and with nature in free and thriving community. But in this evil civilization, we take comfort in the ability to complain and commiserate, and you say how wonderful it is to have such luxury. MATERIALISTIC BUFFOONERY

      1. The problem is not freedom of speech but loss of freedom to act without extremism.

        Wearing a mask everywhere is utterly ridiculous, but not wearing a mask has also become an extremism, because acting normally defies the new extremism.

        Overthrowing capitalism, seems to be the obsession of the extremist rich as well as the radicalized poor. They would share only one thing; the desire to avoid paying a fair price for anything they want.

        1. What planet are you on? Have you heard of people by the name of Snowden and Assange? Michael Kahn? Black Panthers, MLK, Malcolm X, Kennedys? The problem is not freedom of the press? YOu dont know that we are intentionally fed disinformation? Trump is lying when he says “fake news” ? And the book I wrote proves that the CIA is behind it. You are totally out in left field. WAKE UP, YOU STUPID IDIOT!!

          1. Snowden and Assange acted, heroically one might add, on truth to demand justice and save our way of life, to keeping our way of life, our system, evolving into the something better it can be.

            You wrote one of many books in the alt-left industry of book writing, but perhaps in the vein of hoping to condemn and throw away our victories towards lasting moral accomplishment..

            Trump took action to try and thwart the Deep State. Trump denied new imperial wars for four years.

            And all people like you can do is hate Trump for not giving you something bloody juicy to write about.

            The alt-left gets tired of winning, FAST.

            1. Look at how we are preparing for war with china. AS we talk, Iran is just about to arm itself as it has been forming alliances with Russia and China, who have been made into common enemies of the US, and are now being approached by US military.
              Trump has saved the time for world war to starting after his election. In the meantime, we worry about the destruction of world economy of nations that have listened to CDC , WHO, and leaders in cahoots with Gates. Trump allowed our poverty and blames democrats. I am not what you appear to think. Did you even bother to read my platform? I get it, that you are playing a rumper, and pretending to be one of those clueless idiots repeating what they have been told is the character of those who have different opinions, but please refrain from the parody and be real.

    3. my campaign platform is at the top of the page

      1. … Um, OK.

  8. Don’t forget the dogshit a-holes who have added fluoride to most of our drinking water. Did you know that fluoride was also used in both Russian and Nazi concentration camps to keep them docile?
    So we have a population of 330 million people who are basically asleep.
    In Europe they protest for at least one reason is because their drinking water is free of fluoride (except Ireland and some communities in Spain as I recall).

  9. ‘Those who claim humanity will keep repeating its same tired old conditioned patterning ad infinitum are just projecting their own dullness onto the collective future of our species’
    Dullness? Really Caitlin?
    The dismissiveness of cynic (or an optimist?)who chooses to ignore the precedents of history.

    1. The precedent and history is, the United States was an empire that robbed and murdered indigenous people for the land, used blacks as slaves to work that stolen land, and women as cheap domestic labour and breedstock to fill that land and its armies…

      …. yet still became a nation state where all natural-born races and genders have the right to vote, participate fully in the political economy alongside straight white males, and are aware of and may advocate for redressing the sins of the past and a better future.

      The last vice that needs to go, are wars of aggression, and also the resistance of nay-sayers, cynics, and others who would exploit the precedents of history for the worse.

      Seeing reality through the lens of facts, probability, and idealism suggests the repeated tired old mistake is heeding and abiding by the nay-sayers, cynics and never-Trumpers.

      We are living in a better world than the past. That’s why the globalists are trying so hard to Reset the world into something that world better for their vices.

      The precedents of history are a glass half-empty or a glass half-full.

      1. Do not assume that globalists are trying to reset to mend this world. They brought it to the point it is at deliberately, and are not well-intentioned. Remember that they control the military industrial complex and the prison complex. They control all world systems. They plan to kill 7 billion people. You are so far off in your brainwashed thinking that you really believe tRump is good. The globalists are Lucifereans, they worship an evil entity and hate what is good, and have no love for us, nor for anybody. Do you need evidence. LOok up THE MORALS AND DOGMA OF FREEMASONRY by Albert Pike, who was a freemason and globalist, as well as being a cofounder of KKK> He declared that the freemasons worship Lucifer. Virtually every president has been a freemason. That is exemplified by every president, republican and democrat, all have worked to harm the nation’ s poor and middle class citizens one way or another.

        1. The Globalists are the problem with the world. There is no Globalism, just Western European Imperialism giving their selfish selves a universal and inclusive label to mask in.

          The middle class is naturally under pressure from the rich and the poor to produce for both.

          Regardless of the actions of every President, the failure of electoral politics is not to choose the best deal or even make the demand. The partisans will always offer as little as possible and love it when the centre bows out.

          Democracy has evolved little beyond the war band, with every free warrior lifting sword in favour or against the next raid.

          Trump, however, offered no new wars. That hasn’t happened in 40 years since Gerald Ford. Its a win, yet everyone denies that, even those who call themselves antiwar activists.

          No new wars is something to vote for, and only Trump delivered on that the first time around.

        1. Yes, there’s a doc on Youtube describing the war on blacks.

          That only means they have to work harder to know the truth and not be misled into crime and violence the way whites are lured into the glory of war by pop culture and tradition.

          1. you didn’t even bother to read THE CHART proving my point. takes one minute, and you assumed it was a video- you are such a hypocritical moron in every comment you have been dead wrong. supporting wrong values and ideas EVERY time. at least you are consistent in stupidity

      2. Are you in a cage for an extended stay, under rule of the police system? I have been and am, for a crime i didn’t do, and incarcerated for speaking truth. But hey, this is wonderful, I get to vote for the one of my choice out of two rich men I wouldn’t want to lick my boots out of fear of the dirtiness of their lips. They would not be permitted to kiss my ass. White males usually don’t have to go to jail, but because we have an appearance of democracy for idiots to really believe it, especially privileged stupid ones, we have few real courageous people to rebel. They are so glad to have opportunity to vote. MORON

    2. to Brockland- Blacks are still experiencing slavery. An equal percentage of all races do drugs. Three times as many blacks are arrested for drugs as whites. 85% of inmates are there for drug related offenses. In some states there is privatized prisons, which have terrible conditions and no governmental oversight. These states also have the three strike law,, and coincidently they have forced labor in these prisons, with inmates being paid pennies, with phone calls and necessities being expensive. It is slavery. MLK and the civil rights movement was blocked by NIxon who imposed the war on drugs for the purpose of demonizing blacks, as has the media done in cooperation. The CIA introduced drugs to the streets, and certain cheaper kinds used primarily by blacks (crack), despite being similar to what whites use, has greater punishments.

      1. The point is, legally, blacks have the same legal and moral rights as whites.

        That they don’t, is enforced by insiderism outside the fundamental law (the Constitution), corrupting the formulation and application of statute laws.

        Understanding and acting on this is far more effective than hyping the race divide without a plan. That’s been done and…? Whites and blacks are more inclined to fight one another than system corruption.

        1. okay einstein the constitution with the words “god given rights of life, liberty…” was written by Jefferson, who had 180 slaves. Our leaders have been deceiving satan worshipers and manipulative evil people from the start, parading as gentlemen of virtue. Don’t give me any of your balderdash regarding how the institution is well-meaning. It was designed to be subversive. Why were we given free speech, and no restriction from deceptions? WAKE UP!! LEARN TO THINK!!

  10. I like the way capitalism was described in the movie Syriana. One fat cat says to the other: “Capitalism can not exist without waste”. To me, that says it all. You can’t get anymore concise.

    1. … No system in our universe exists without waste; its built into the laws of thermodynamics.

      Critics of capitalism are not unlike purveyors of perpetual motion machines, fostering schemes for easy eternal prosperity.

      Reality is, there needs to be inputs, there will be waste. Its only a question of efficiency in reducing input and waste.

      Anti-capitalists, whether crony communists or crony capitalists, have a funny way of running out of other people’s money in pursuit of their utopian fantasies. Also a funny way of backing that pursuit with violence.

  11. Thank you Rickardo2000. I read these columns with despair. Some clever and thoughtful blogs get crowded out by dumb statements that are made in the face of the clear evidence. That the Inscriptions on the Public Library in Boston has been ignored by the populous continues to amaze me. Just why are your great thinkers ignored? That you goal is to become an economy rather than a society may be at the heart of the issue. Good luck You’ll need it!!

  12. Dogshit? Really?

    1. Yeah, not really constructive criticism….

  13. Wow! If the US Border Patrol would simply mount big screen video displays every quarter mile or so along our southern border to play an endless audio visual loop of Caitlin Johnstone’s rantings such as these our illegal immigration problems could be solved a lot cheaper than building that wall! Besides, I’m increasingly uncomfortable knowing the border wall will be just as effective keeping us in as keeping anyone out. 😉

  14. I like those last two paragraphs the best. Too bad we can’t upvote some of the comments.

  15. UK ‘dangerous’ bill provides MI5, police with crime license: Amnesty
    “Amnesty International has warned against passing “deeply dangerous” legislation into law, saying the proposed law would give devastating power to undercover agencies to authorize torture and murder in the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas.”

  16. I don’t think humanity is incapable of doing better, I just think we’re incapable of doing better in time. We have maybe 100-200 years before climate change forces humanity off Earth, and there’s no will to do what it takes to survive that, whether it’s by mitigating or adapting to climate change or by fleeing to space. Humans seem to lack biological rewards for long-term thinking, so we don’t do much of it.

    1. That is if we actually have until, as the “experts” say, when the climate is 1 1/2 degrees higher. It is currently about 5 degrees higher than it was fifteen years ago, according to my memory of childhood living about where I do now, and seeing that we really don’t have winters any more, nothing like we did when I was a child. In my estimation, it will reach 20 degrees higher in ten years or so, and before that the methane already being released will have made the atmosphere unbreathable. But don’t worry, if you are at least seventy years old, you may live to your ripe old age, not affected by geo-engineering to speed your death.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Whew! I never was so glad to be 72 years old.

    2. More like 10- 20 years before we are gone. Check out the latest climate change posts by reputable climate scientist.

  17. “Capitalism stans who talk about how much capitalism has done for the world while ignoring the fact that it’s killing the ecosystem are like proponents of a miraculous new cancer treatment which shrinks tumors like nothing else and its only side effect is that it kills the patient. …Removing profit-seeking as a driving force of human behavior would end the artificial creation of demand for planet-destroying bullshit that people don’t need, and open up the possibility of planet-healing action that capitalism does not and cannot value.” In two sentences, Caitlin has summed up the agenda for the revolution/evolution sought by many readers of her blog. It’s either such a socioeconomic rebirth or death–fast by nuclear war or slower by ecocide, like dying from a heart attack or cancer. Yet behind our current “neoliberalism,” the clumsy and vague word we use for global hyper-capitalism, lies a deeper philosophical/spiritual/religious issue. Here’s how F.W.H. Meyers succinctly put it in “Human Personality,” published at the beginning of the 20th Century. “The pessimist holds the view that sentient existence has been a deplorable blunder in the scheme of things. The egotist at least acts upon the view that the universe has no moral coherence, and that ‘each for himself’ is the only indisputable law.” From that perspective, why hesitate to be a mean, aggressive, self-centered, grasping, and exploiting bastard in a universe which itself is nothing but a random and tragic accident? For someone with that perspective, and those sorts of people are now totally in charge of things, Caitlin can stick her westernized, watered-down Buddhism up her ass along with all her meaningless moral drivel about this or that action or event being good or evil. And the same would go for all others who claim to have any sort of philosophical/spiritual/religious principles, which are nothing but smokescreens to help them avoid seeing hard, harsh, and meaningless reality. I wonder how purely secular humanists who read this blog would respond COGENTLY to this sort of asshole, once you admit his premise, which is the foundation of neoliberalism and its driving force, as well as that of mainstream science itself.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Does liquid shit always spew out of your mouth?

      1. Are you always so gracious in disagreeing with others?

  18. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Every once in a while I remember how the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation doesn’t have an actual healthcare system…”
    Those officials in government and the medical and corporate world who perpetuate how the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation doesn’t have an actual healthcare system all have gold-plated health care systems for themselves and their families. That’s why the wealthiest nation doesn’t have an actual healthcare system. Those who run things have no skin in that game.
    “Know what’s way more destructive than a dogshit president? A system which consistently ensures that voters always have to elect a dogshit president.”
    Dog crap is better than the system. Dog crap never killed anyone. Dog crap never started a war. Dog crap never abused another person or called them hurtful names. Dog crap never reached into your pocket and robbed you of your wealth. What dog crap does do is stink to high heaven and leave a big mess, just like the system that ensures voters always have to elect a dogshit president.
    “The most boring people in the world are those who insist humanity cannot transcend its self-destructive patterning and create a healthy world.”
    Can’t expect backwards-thinking people to provide a good perspective on anything. They view life through a filthy cracked lens and can never provide clarity or vision about anything. All they can do is work to cloud your own vision as well.

  19. Caitlin, thank you for expressing very eloquently everything I stand for. You are my voice and cheerleading squad, and my justifier. Thank you loads!

  20. If you could remove everyone with a destructive attitude from the world, they would all come right back within a couple generations. Thus destruction would continue again.

  21. The USA doesn’t have a healthcare industry, it has a profit-care industry, based on the illusion of appropriate healthcare.
    George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796: “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.”

    Washington knew the face of Fascism before it was given a name. Washington would have no problem recognizing Donald Trump and ‘Senator’ Lee’s character, or their redcoat uniforms.

    H.L. Mencken: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    Voltaire: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

    1. Thank you Rickardo2000. I read these columns with despair. Some clever and thoughtful blogs get crowded out by dumb statements that are made in the face of the clear evidence. That the Inscriptions on the Public Library in Boston has been ignored by the populous continues to amaze me. Just why are your great thinkers ignored? That you goal is to become an economy rather than a society may be at the heart of the issue. Good luck You’ll need it!!

  22. Michael Schmidt Avatar
    Michael Schmidt

    A slightly less damning view is that humanity will not transcend its self-destructive patterning, if individuals do not perceive the destructive patterns to be self-destructive – if the patterning harms things downstream, like grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

    A less boring view of humanity would be a more personal one – that humans cannot transcend their willingness to harm their grandchildren, to benefit themselves. Such a lack of ability might prosper within a society where it is considered absurd to suggest such a thing.

    Such a lack might explain why people are so willing to deny whatever needs to be denied – climate change (temperature), science, racism, greed, etc. Why am I allowed by 40% to simply deny the temperature and related science models, when I know nothing about the subject? I can, because of course I would never harm my grandchildren to benefit myself.

    Maybe the first step in self-help for humanity, is for everybody to agree on the universal response, “yes you would”. If this response is boring, it must be because too many are willing to harm their grandchildren to benefit themselves, or very few are.

    1. A simple example of this was a local school budget meeting a number of years ago. I’m an old geezer so I can call others old geezers, and the old geezers showed up in their Cadillacs and Lincolns to vote against the school budget where their grandchildren went to school (the school was so outdated the public was spending a lot of money renting TRAILERS for classrooms). Endless yapping of “I love you to death!” (what does that mean?) which seems to go hand-in-hand with wanting to deprive others of basic necessities.

  23. We need to wake the f**k up! We need to stop blaming the government, presidents’ senators, the Jews, the Chinese, Arabs, Russians, etc? Look in the mirror. We are on the edge of extinction as a species because of the choices we have made. We thought our way into this situation. yes, you and I. We sold our kids future for a flat-screen TV an iPhone and a BMW. The only thing we as humans have that has any value is time, we spend that time in working to acquire stuff that has no worth. The 1% are not the problem, we have enslaved ourselves and given our whole lives and countless suffering for what?
    We have taught our children by example, they watch the disconnect between what we say and how we behave as we educate them to be obedient consumers of worthless junk that serves as caretakers while we avoid reality, and place our creditworthiness and financial indebtedness above their growth into decent, caring human beings. Shouldn’t we be teaching our children how to think rather than what to think?
    Face the facts, we are all brainwashed idiots and anyone of us who thinks he is capable of leading a nation is a danger to himself and others.
    This fine article can be read here:
    The last train to Auschwitz By Tom Feeley!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Marxists have been telling people to wake the fuck up for 175 years.

  24. Thanks. You just also explained, brilliantly, the hidden agenda behind the scamdemic dogshit.

  25. Thank you! I have to copy today’s reflections, so much said in so few words.
    I imagine you and Orwell would have liked each other.

  26. You said: Capitalism stans who talk about how much capitalism has done for the world while ignoring the fact that it’s killing the ecosystem are like proponents of a miraculous new cancer treatment which shrinks tumors like nothing else and its only side effect is that it kills the patient.

    I say: Communist Russia had a horrible environmental record. China is #1 global polluter and biggest climate change offender. China is not capitalist…not in the way you define it.

    The reality is any “ism” is going to rape the planet if left unopposed. Instead of going after the “ism” why not go after the offenders?

    1. Communism can be environmentally conscious, but capitalism by its nature cannot—it can’t even depend on the ‘good will’ of private individuals to be ‘green’ because it encourages competition, punishes losers, and demands endless accumulation. The fact is that, in order to address the climate crisis, we’ll have to scrap our current economic system.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Hear, hear. but the knee-jerk anticommunists cannot understand this.

    2. China is phasing out plastic this year completely. they have miles and miles of wind turbines and solar panels. they have whole cities running on renewable energy. silent cities where cars are entirely electric. you’re just repeating the anti-China propaganda you’ve been fed because the West is trying desperately to gain your consent for their next strangling action on another nation. There’s no mention of the Belt and Road initiative, which is an attempt to really democratise the world through trade and transport, to lift struggling nations out of poverty in the same way that the Chinese government has taken 800 million out of poverty. They have universal healthcare too, and have for decades. you really are uninformed and parroting propaganda. Do some deep research and you’ll find it is true what I’ve said. And also there are 400 military bases around mainland China. how many overseas bases does china have. like the majority to fail to see who the real culprits are. Western Imperialism is far reaching.

  27. War what is good for
    Franchise Opportunities of course .
    looks like dog shit smells like dog shit feels like dogs shit
    No matter who takes the crown
    We’ll all be tasting dog shit in one form or other

  28. The Middle East situation is very simple. Close all the American Military Bases, prosecute the Zionist War Criminals and send them to Guantanamo and that includes the dog shit presidents who supported them. Let the Sunnis and the Shiites sort out their own bullshit, but buy oil from them until it is gone. Of course that would make the Arabs very rich while the American Plutocrats starve since everything depends on sweet crude. Probably the only thing that will save the world is when the Yankee Empire bites the dust, that will happen sometime in the future; and the rulers will smother in their own ape shit.

  29. “Anarcho-communism is basically just a description of what a healthy society full of psychologically healthy people would look like. It implicitly holds as an article of faith that people can collectively change not just their conditions, but their conditioning as well. I like it.”

    Rather than an implicit article of faith, I would say that it is based on the fundamental understanding that people can only change their conditions by collectively changing their conditioning. That’s just the way this reality works. And in over the past 2000 or more years, the oligarchs have controlled the conditioning, not the people.

    1. “And in over the past 2000 or more years, the oligarchs have controlled the conditioning, not the people.”

      Hmmm. Do I smell “Roman Empire” in the past 2000 years? Are you forgetting the other previous empires, like Egypt, Greek, and others before it? In my heart of hearts, I think that all aspects of rule by kings, gods, governments, and powerful people, there has been imposed wrong values, unjust rule, and the interest of the few has dominated over the interest of the community. Democratic tribalism is probably a better type of civilization, but I will continue to promote my idea of self-sustaining agricultural communities as the kind of civilization most suited for the survival and thriving of future humanity.

  30. Caitlin, your communist anarchism needs to be more fully developed.
    If people aren’t paid to work, what is the incentive to work?
    If people don’t pay for what they want with money, how does the communist anarchist know what the people want?
    How come China didn’t evolve into a communist anarchy instead of a capitalist economy with a single party, single ruler set up?

    1. Yes! People WON’T work unless they are paid in MONEY, and that is exactly why for the majority of human existence—all ~150,000 years—people just didn’t work at all. They just scrounged about, hoping food will fall from the sky or something. They wouldn’t work unless they got monies. And, of course, nobody even knew what people wanted, because people cannot express desires WITHOUT the monies! For most of human history, people just couldn’t figure out what others wanted: did they want food? Who knows! Did they want shelter? It could be anyone’s guess! Did they want human interaction and relationships? We’ll never know, because there was no monies!!!

      1. Karl,
        Thank you. Best laugh I’ve had all day.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Your comment is nonsense. People don’t need to be given an “incentive” to work if they are free to do anything creative they want to do, like study, write, paint, act, dance, sing, design housing, do scientific research, etc. Artists and scientists work harder than most people and are paid less, yet they keep on creating and innovating. Perhaps you are thinking of yourself when you say shit like this.

    3. Marty, you haven’t finished your question. It isn’t “…what is the incentive to work?” It’s “what is the incentive to work for people who want to enslave/control other people, rather than for themselves and their families and communities?” The answer, of course, is NONE. This is why the destruction of homelands and native cultures and the theft of resources is always the modus operandi of empires. Environmental destruction is not just a byproduct of capitalism. It is a deliberate tool of control. That is why the American bison was driven nearly to extinction, to deprive the indigenous people of their traditional culture and livelihood. The oligarchs don’t want people to have the choice not to work for them, i.e. become enslaved. Without wage slaves, the entire system collapses. It is also why traditional medicine systems are attacked by the sick care system we currently have. The drug pushers don’t want people to even know that they can take care of themselves without the pusher’s poisons, let alone how.

      People don’t need anyone dictating to them what “they” want. They are quite aware of what they want: namely, clean water, food, clothing, comfortable shelter, good health, and meaningful relationships. All of these things require work to obtain, including possibly the production of tools to help people obtain them. The vast majority of people happily would do the required work without the benefit of money, given the opportunity and knowledge of how to do so. This is meaningful work. The incentive is having what you need and want and having time to pursue whatever other activities you might enjoy with the people you love and care about.

      Money doesn’t enter into any of this unless someone insists on injecting it into the situation. Money is just a way of disconnecting people from what is truly important and making them think that money is what is important. Money, as it exists today, isn’t even anything real. It’s just numbers that bankers make up and enter into computers. Then they brainwash people into thinking it has more value than their effort and their lives.

      1. Money is a system of stored value, enabling access to goods and services far more flexibly than barter.

        The North American aboriginals used wampum, an early form of fiat that was influential in developing the first fiat currencies of the United States. Wampum, was mostly divorced from any specific commodity, unlike fiat based on a precious metal standard. It was a pure promise of value.

        Not understanding what money is, results in abuse of money, but its a valuable tool for preserving value in an economy.

        American dollars are regularly watered down, but at the same time, America produces an expanding basket of goods and services to back demand for U.S. dollars.

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