Fight it all you want, but there’s nothing you can do. “The emails are Russian” is going to be the official dominant narrative in mainstream political discourse, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Resistance is futile.

Like the Russian hacking narrative, the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, the Russian bounties in Afghanistan narrative, and any other evidence-free framing of events that simultaneously advances pre-planned cold war agendas, is politically convenient for the Democratic party and generates clicks and ratings, the narrative that the New York Post publication of Hunter Biden’s emails is a Russian operation is going to be hammered and hammered and hammered until it becomes the mainstream consensus. This will happen regardless of facts and evidence, up to and including rock solid evidence that Hunter Biden’s emails were not published as a result of a Russian operation.

This is happening. It’s following the same formula all the other fact-free Russia hysteria narratives have followed. The same media tour by pundits and political operatives saying with no evidence but very assertive voices that Russia is most certainly behind this occurrence and we should all be very upset about it.

“To me, this is just classic textbook Soviet Russian tradecraft at work,” Russiagate founder and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is heard assuring CNN’s audience.

“Joe Biden – and all of us – SHOULD be furious that media outlets are spreading what is very likely Russian propaganda,” begins and eight-part thread by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, who claims the emails are “Kremlin constructed anti-Biden propaganda.”

“It’s not really surprising at all, this was always the play, but still kind of head-spinning to watch all the players from 2016 run exactly the same hack-leak-smear op in 2020. Even with everyone knowing exactly what’s happening this time,” tweets MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“How are you all circling the wagons instead of being embarrassed for peddling Russian ops 18 days before the election. It’s not enough that you all haven’t learned from your atrocious handling of 2016 — you are doubling down,” Democratic Party think tanker Neera Tanden tweeted in admonishment of journalists who dare to report on or ask questions about the emails.

Virtually the entirety of the Democratic Party-aligned political/media class has streamlined this narrative of Russian influence into the American consciousness with very little inertia, despite the fact that neither Joe nor Hunter Biden has disputed the authenticity of the emails and despite a complete absence of evidence for Russian involvement in their publication.

This is surely the first time, at least in recent memory, that we have ever seen such a broad consensus within the mass media that it is the civic duty of news reporters to try and influence the outcome of a presidential general election by withholding negative news coverage for one candidate. There was a lot of fascinated hatred for Trump in 2016, but people still reported on Hillary Clinton’s various scandals and didn’t attack one another for doing so. In 2020 that has changed, and mainstream news reporters have now largely coalesced along the doctrine that they must avoid any reporting which might be detrimental to the Biden campaign.

“Dem Party hacks (and many of their media allies) genuinely believe it’s immoral to report on or even discuss stories that reflect poorly on Biden. In reality, it’s the responsibility of journalists to ignore their vapid whining and ask about newsworthy stories, even about Biden,” tweeted The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald recently.

“You don’t even have to think the Hunter Biden materials constitute some kind of earth-shattering story to be absolutely repulsed at the authoritarian propaganda offensive being waged to discredit them — primarily by journalists who behave like compliant little trained robots,” tweeted journalist Michael Tracey.

Last month The Spectator‘s Stephen L Miller described how the consensus formed among the mainstream press since Clinton’s 2016 loss that it is their moral duty to be uncritical of Trump’s opponent.

“For almost four years now, journalists have shamed their colleagues and themselves over what I will call the ‘but her emails’ dilemma,” Miller writes. “Those who reported dutifully on the ill-timed federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and spillage of classified information have been cast out and shunted away from the journalist cool kids’ table. Focusing so much on what was, at the time, a considerable scandal, has been written off by many in the media as a blunder. They believe their friends and colleagues helped put Trump in the White House by focusing on a nothing-burger of a Clinton scandal when they should have been highlighting Trump’s foibles. It’s an error no journalist wants to repeat.”

So “the emails are Russian” narrative serves the interests of political convenience, partisan media ratings, and the national security state’s pre-planned agenda to continue escalating against Russia as part of its slow motion third world war against nations which refuse to bow to US dictates, and you’ve got essentially no critical mainstream news coverage putting the brakes on any of it. This means this narrative is going to become mainstream orthodoxy and treated as an established fact, despite the fact that there is no actual, tangible evidence for it.

Joe Biden could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and the mainstream press would crucify any journalist who so much as tweeted about it. Very little journalism is going into vetting and challenging him, and a great deal of the energy that would normally be doing so is going into ensuring that he slides right into the White House.

If the mainstream news really existed to tell you the truth about what’s going on, everyone would know about every questionable decision that Joe Biden has ever made, Russiagate would never have happened, we’d all be acutely aware of the fact that powerful forces are pushing us into increasingly aggressive confrontations with two nuclear-armed nations, and Trump would be grilled about Yemen in every press conference.

But the mainstream news does not exist to tell you the truth about the world. The mainstream news exists to advance the interests of its wealthy owners and the status quo upon which they have built their kingdoms. That’s why it’s so very, very important that we find ways to break away from it and share information with each other that isn’t tainted by corrupt and powerful interests.


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64 responses to “‘The Emails Are Russian’ Will Be The Narrative, Regardless Of Facts Or Evidence”

  1. “e-mails” add nothing relevant to Portland State history Prof George Sussman 2010 treatise exposing entirety of Biden-neocon Ukraine regime change, + “hunter” record. Here is excerpted book-record, courtesy, “Counterpunch”:

    “Biden’s Ukrainegate Problem”:

    and here is liberal history Prof Sussman’s 2010 (nothing to do with 2020 election cycle) documentation-book: “Branding Democracy: U.S. Regime Change in Post-Soviet Eastern Europe”, which can be found on Amazon.

    Beware however, as Craig Murray defined today, of internet censorship surrounding this intel..

  2. Right on cue: (see third last paragraph: “Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post have been accused of unwittingly letting themselves be used by Russia to spread disinformation about the Democratic candidate…”) I love that Guardian article where they investigate the veracity of the Hunter Biden emails, concluding based on a well-considered examination of the facts that the emails are fake and planted by the Russians. It’s an awful pity they didn’t link to it here though.

    Indulge me, I wanna break this down a bit:
    “Trump’s personal lawyer and the New York Post have been accused…” Accused by whom? Do we just take it that we don’t need to concern ourselves about who’s doing the accusin’ cuz The Guardian does the knowin’ for us?? I love how they save me from thinking.

    And accuse on what grounds? Could we not just get a teenty-tinty smidge of something like evidence, pleazzzzzeeee.

    ‘Spread disinformation…’ Again, please refer to the excellent article where The Guardian convincingly repudiates the authenticy of the Biden emails. You’ll have to find the link yourselves; The Guardian, despite its name, has misplaced it.

    So apparently we can add the New York Post, of all media outlets, to the growing list of ‘unwitting’ Russian stooges. Thank God we got un-named accusers not-quoted by The Guardian to call out the unwitting.

    This BS is relentless.

  3. I made the stupid mistake of responding on a standard-issue liberal friend’s FB page to some comments regarding the general fabulosity of Pete Buttigieg and got roundly howled at for my trouble. My inclusion of sources such as GrayZone, CounterPunch and Current Affairs was of course responded to with a chorus of “Russia-Russia-Russia!!!” I crept back to my lair with the exact same feeling I have after dealing with my Trumpist brother-in-law and/or a particularly screwy musician friend (SUCH a musician, though…). The idea of consuming anything beyond their usual news sources (NYTimes, WaPo, CNN, or the icky Rachel Maddow) is unthinkable to them. The inconvenient notion of the corporate ownership of mainstream media is not even on their radar, much less enough knowledge of history to be even aware of “Mockingbird”. I am profoundly depressed about all this. BTW, since having my position at MIT eliminated and having to depend on my home Verizon/AOL email account, censorship has raised its ugly head. My email subscriptions to Black Agenda Report, Democracy Now!, GreyZone, Venezuelanalysis, and the WSWS (to name a few) are not immediately sent to my spam filter, nor to the trash. They simply do not get in at all. If I want to read them, I have to seek them out. So much for the freedom of the press.

  4. I agree completely that the constant refrain of “Russia did it” is pure BS. However, what do we know about the actual provenance of the Hunter Biden emails? After all, if their source was either Steve Bannon and/or Rudy Giulliani, questions must be asked, just as most of us insisted during the Russiagate fraud. Just saying…

    My personal take is that Hunter Biden is a notorious grifter, and his father Joe, an enabler. The Burisma scandal is likely real but is being swept under the rug by the MSM and Democratic Party. The emails may be genuine, but I await corroboration.

  5. Caitlin wrote: “That’s why it’s so very, very important that we find ways to break away from it and share information with each other that isn’t tainted by corrupt and powerful interests.”

    Craig Murray is of the same opinion. Today he has written a powerful article about the shadow-banning of his coverage of the Julian Assange trial, and the outright banning of the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story. His title says it all: People Need To Reclaim The Internet.

  6. George Tirebiter Avatar
    George Tirebiter

    “If the mainstream news [and the writer of this post] really existed to tell you the truth about what’s going on, everyone would know”…..that all of these Oval Office Puppets are globalists, being run by the same puppet masters, with the same agenda relentlessly continuing no matter which one is the current selected puppet.
    All of this Enquirer level distraction is blatantly obvious to anyone with a few extra brain cells firing. So……anyone focusing on the distraction is clearly not interested in exposing the real perpetrators manipulating these puppets.
    Move along….nothing to see here.

  7. The left aren’t getting out of this one folks , it’s over for them .

  8. The Russian narrative is already falling apart. NY Post is already verifying with email recipients that emails are legitimate. This is not going away unless Biden wins, then poof it becomes a nothing burger. Of course if republicans lose they could pursue it and voila, the democrats will join in to have Biden step down for President Harris. I am wondering if this has been the plan all along.

    1. I think President Harris has been the plan at least since the debates. If the emails don’t get him, his dementia will.

    2. to logical people the russiagate narrative fell apart a long time ago. as long as the msm feeds it, the zombie keeps popping up alive.

  9. I needed to see this.

    “They believe their friends and colleagues helped put Trump in the White House by focusing on a nothing-burger of a Clinton scandal when they should have been highlighting Trump’s foibles. ”

    Day glow paint of hypocrisy. If the orange man is bad why not get him on bad shit? It has never made sense that nobody wanted to try. Proof to an IQ above room temperature that maybe our reality is being managed?

    Not drinking of the poison well is hard to bear in the miasma of common delusion which fills the air in every breath.

    And herd immunity is madness.

  10. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    And this is the core reason I detest CNN (and FOX on other issues) … the reason news people exist is to find out if something is true. I expect them to be curious people. I find it repulsive when they look for reasons to bury a story.
    In this case, CNN goons called their govt Intel handlers and begged for talking points to use to kill this story. Maybe it is disinfo but at least be curious enough to investigate it.

    The new credo of CNN/FOX, ‘It’s only true If I want to believe it and then it must be true’

  11. And the sun will rise tomorrow.
    What must somehow be overcome is the brainwashing of vast numbers of people who still believe that if one is not going to vote for an R or a D, it is somehow better to not vote at all than to vote for a third-party candidate that “can not win”. It should be obvious that this non-voting behavior creates a self-fulfilling prophecy because the present-day political reality is that in order for third-party candidates to be elected, people have to vote for them, even if those voters absolutely believe that they are “wasting their vote”. There is literally no other way that third-party candidates can take the reigns of power. For example, there is not going to be divine (or superhero) intervention that’s going to miraculously put third-party candidates into office.
    Picking a candidate for whom to vote is/should NOT be like betting on which horse is going to win a horse race. Prior to voting, voters should determine the best candidate or party and then march into the voting booth and vote for that person or party, regardless of what the Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC) MSM and 24/7 polls “predict” will happen in an upcoming election. The MSM and polling businesses are not being paid by OTEC to predict the behavior of voters. They’re being paid by OTEC to DIRECT the behavior of voters to select an R or a D; it doesn’t matter which.
    Once again with feeling, the reason that third party candidates have not won elections is not that they were/are incompetent or unworthy. It is that voters are brainwashed by OTEC’s employees into thinking that “they can not win”.
    I should add that not all voters are brainwashed into voting the way they do (for Rs or Ds; makes no difference which). The tens of millions of voters who are directly or, just as importantly, indirectly employed by the MIC, as well as millions of investors who are heavily invested in war corporations, will very deliberately vote for Rs or Ds in November because either of those parties’ candidates/robots will expand the war budget forever. Those tens of millions are “just looking out for No. 1”. They don’t care if their selfish behavior leads to WWIII, which it will.

  12. In other words: the U.S. and its allies consider imperialism — the supposed right of a nation to command another nation — to be something that should be within the bounds of, and accepted by, international law. The U.S. Empire doesn’t call itself an “Empire,” but it is one, and its empire is therefore called instead “the Washington Consensus”, which is a “consensus” in hostility against whatever countries the U.S. Government wants to become regime-changed — to turn into an American colony. The “Washington Consensus” is actually an imposed ‘consensus’. It is a consensus against nations that disobey that ‘consensus’.
    This great article can be read here:
    U.S. versus China, and U.S. versus Russia by Eric Zuesse!

  13. “This is surely the first time, at least in recent memory, that we have ever seen such a broad consensus within the mass media that it is the civic duty of news reporters to try and influence the outcome of a presidential general election by withholding negative news coverage for one candidate.”

    Don’t be so sure; ex-governor Buddy Romer made the mistake of trying to run for president on a platform of campaign finance reform and was censored by the U.S. press. His campaign died from lack of exposure. Ron Paul and his presidential runs have also been exiled by the press. Semi-antiwar candidate Howard Dean saw his campaign destroyed by the press over his “shout”.

  14. Stumping for Trump again Caitlin?
    Just come out and admit you’re a MAGAt already.
    Hunter is not running for office BTW.

    1. That is a very simpleminded and dishonest take on what she wrote.She’s been pretty clear that she’s in the nome of the above category…like many Americans who can actually vote.

      Evidence that Joe Biden is corrupt liar seems pretty concrete, here – based upon his statements on his relationship to Hunter’s business dealings in the Ukrainian Gas sector – and what the emails show… The upside is that anyone with eyes and ears knew that Biden is Corrupt AF – and that it seems like he just uses family to receive the kickbacks. So really – ‘old news’. This is just the smoking gun that puts to rest the credibility of his earlier assertions about “debunked Russian Conspiracy theory”.

      1. Laughable.
        The idea that Biden would use his drug addict son as a bagman is pathetic.
        What you have is a dad that is trying to help his addict son as much as he can. As any decent father would do.
        Trump, who I believe has molested his daughter Ivanka does similar. Appoints his daughter and son in law to positions they certainly are not suited for. Difference being that Ivank’s problems (psychological) were created by Trump molesting her. where as Hunter’s drug problem is morethe result of our current society.

        1. Since there’s video of Joe molesting gurls on CSPAN… You. Should probably avoid throwing stones at that glass house.

          And your’re compjetely ignoring the content of the emails – which clearly shows Hunter’s one skill-set in regards to the Ukrainian Gas business … Getting his dad on the phone – to the the of $50K- $80K a month. And to help keep that in perspective – Exxon Mobil only pays it’s board members less than half of that kind of figure…and they’re the most profitable oil company on Earth… Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe – and so the money the Hunter was looting was coming from customers who can leaat afford it.

          And then there’s tbe question of the illegal NAZI COUP that Biden helped orchestrate. From my reading of tge Hunter Emails – Viktor Shokin was one of Biden’s Nazis – from the Banderovite SVOBODA party… Who wanted to get his beak wet, like hmHunter and Joe. So this was NeoLiberal Corporatist on Nazi crime – with the Quid Pro Joe.

    2. smedley butler would disapprove of this post.

      1. Smedley would certainly be against Trump’s war with China.

      2. I think that’s really David Brock or Sally Albright – of Shareblue Infamy.

    3. Don’t deliberately misinterpret what people are saying on the internet. It’s an obnoxious habit.

  15. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Like the Russian hacking narrative, the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, the Russian bounties in Afghanistan narrative, and any other evidence-free framing of events that simultaneously advances pre-planned cold war agendas… the narrative that the New York Post publication of Hunter Biden’s emails is a Russian operation is going to be hammered… until it becomes the mainstream consensus. This will happen regardless of facts and evidence…”

    The World’s Great Holy Empire can do no wrong. It is impossible for Them to commit error or mischief of any kind whatsoever. Therefore, you must have a go-to scapegoat, a patsy, a fall guy for whatever ills there are and to cover up your own gross misconduct and larceny. Sometimes it’s in the form of a certain Middle Eastern country, sometimes it’s a huge Asian giant, and sometimes it’s those old nasty Sputnik launchers.

    How Americans are conditioned to see Russia…

    (Cue the KC & Sunshine Band backing tracks)

    “I’m your Bogeyman, Bogeyman, that’s what I am
    I’m here to do whatever I can
    Be it early morning, late afternoon
    Or at midnight. It’s never too soon
    To want to seize you, to want to leap you
    To want to take it all from you
    I want to be your, be your Fall Guy
    I want to be the one you fear most of all, oh yeah…

    I’m your Bogeyman, uh-huh
    I’m your Bogeyman, uh-huh
    I’m your Bogeyman, uh-huh
    I’m your Bogeyman, uh-huh, UH-HUH!”

  16. I once asked why is it that on the one hand foreign nationals have historically paid so many millions of dollars to US political leaders in graft, bribes, kickbacks, charitable donations, speaking fees, etc. while on the other hand Obama flew an airplane slap full of off the record cash to the Persian rug merchant Mullahs. Apparently there is an “October surprise” that has recently been released which rather fully addresses this question. It ain’t pretty.

    1. That “off the record” cash belonged to Iran and had been illegally seized by the US. Obama was returning the billions as a goodwill gesture to get Iran to sign the nuclear deal, which was easy for Iran because Iran wasn’t creating nuclear weapons according to the US’s intelligence agencies. However, I expect Iran is developing nukes now, because it’s obvious that destroying Iran on behalf of Israel and the US-controlled banking regime is on the menu for any US regime.

      1. I heard that story about “just returning the money” too, but any legitimate transactions involving actual cash even approaching such magnitude would seem implausible. “Hey, how much black budget cash can we put our hands on without asking Congress or letting the People know?” There is currently another explanation which seems quite plausible. We’ll see.

  17. Dear Caitlin,

    This is not something dreamed up by cold warriors. Alexander Hamilton writing as Publius in The Federalist Papers No. 59 wrote, “It ought never to be forgotten that a firm union of this country, under an efficient government, will probably be an increasing object of jealousy to more than one nation of Europe; and that enterprises to subvert it will sometimes originate in the intrigues of foreign powers and will seldom fail to be patronized and abetted by some of them.” So get over it and move on to how to make America better.

    1. The US doesn’t have a firm union or an efficient government, and Russia is already under constant economic and military attack by the US. An increasingly unstable US empire is in no one’s interest, especially Putin’s.
      It’s transparent that the US deep state blames Russia not least because it can’t tell the US public the truth about deep state crimes. Funny how Putin is called a corrupt dictator by the toadies of a US regime that is at least as authoritarian and corrupt.

  18. I, for one, think the Russian government does try to influence our elections.
    Of course, their efforts are minuscule compared to the influence, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the global crime syndicate have.
    I think there should be as much focus on who owns the media as there is on the dung they’re spewing. The consolidation is mind numbing and I think most people don’t realize how bad it’s gotten. Six corporations no longer own 90 percent of the media. It’s more like three now.
    As of 2019, Disney, Comcast and ATT now own the vast majority of the media. Here”s a partial list, as near as I can make out.
    Here’s a partial list, as near as I can make out:
    Disney: 20th Century Fox/Pixar/Lucas films/Searchlight pictures/ Disney pictures . . .
    ABC/ESPN/Hulu/A&E . . ..
    Comcast: NBC Universal/Dreamworks animation/Xumo/ large European entertainment company SKY . . ..
    ATT: Warner Bros./HBO/CNN/Turner/ DC comics/Direct TV . . .
    The thing is, it’s much worse than having only three companies owning most of the media. The, even, worse problem is that a handful of institutional investment companies own most of everything.
    From what I gather the five largest institutional investors are: Blackrock/Vanguard/UBS (Switzerland)/ State Street and Fidelity. And they have their crooked hands in everything.
    But I don’t think just railing at these corporations will do much good. Blaming the people who have the most control over them would do some good.

    In order to have any impact derailing the Russia narrative (or any narrative,) it seems to me, the truth about who has the most accountability needs to be told.

  19. All the real journalists, if there are any, are afraid to open their mouths. Given the treatment of Julian, rightly so. The CIA infiltrated the US media more than 50 years ago with project Mockingbird. They have had agents installed in every news room in the nation ever since, many of which are widely acclaimed “journalists”. For Gods sake, Anderson Cooper was openly on their payroll. Given the hatred the CIA has for everything liberal, including the US Constitution, it’s no surprise that the Mockingbird Media is all in on every thing “Russian”.

  20. The Evil Empire is getting its snipers and sharpshooters ready for the massive crowds that will be in the streets hollering at each other, screaming insults while throwing rocks and bottles. Many will be shot and killed on both sides including police officers. Each day the violence will only get worse until the general public cries out for ” Martial Law ” and the United States ” color revolution ” will have succeeded. CIA Big Sister Ms Gina will be running everything right out in the open for all to see. Everyone will obey her orders immediately or die. No more democracy; no more liberty; no more rights; for you or anyone else; the servitude will be absolute!

    1. That’s depressing…because it’s probably pretty accurate. 🙁

      1. Our Lord and Master Ms Gina Cheri Haspel will cure every United States problem in 2021!

  21. “Chrome Dome Clapper” – Harry Vox

    1. Putin believes in The Golden Rule. Trump believes in The Golden Shower.

  22. “Alexei Navalny & Novichok Hoax” by Nicholas Kollerstrom at JamesFetzer(.)org
    When Christopher Steele testimony exposed GCHQ and their RussiaGate coup, MI-5 released Porton Down toxins of Skripals witnesses. Now the crooked OPCW, from ISIS gas attacks in Syrian, Shahin and Douma are smearing Putin to stop Nordstream gas line. All roads lead to EU bankers.

  23. Seriously considering a move to NZ…
    OH, shit, I have an American passport, I am not allowed to go ANYWHERE!

  24. As if the 40-yr. denial that neoliberalism has been a silent declaration of war on the American people isn’t Orwellian enough, now we’re encouraged to vote for one of two parasites who helped to create and/or profit from the battlefield landscape of expanding tent villages and looming evictions, packed prisons for profit and have decided to “build back better” by installing a Global Fascist Reset as their platform agenda, which of course, will also be ignored by the Robo Stenos.

    1. Thank you for posting this video. It’s imperative that everyone sees this before they vote.

  25. I haven’t heard Trump say anything about this- has he?

  26. “That’s why it’s so very, very important that we find ways to break away from it and share information with each other that isn’t tainted by corrupt and powerful interests”

    Caitlin has it right – DO IT, everyone! Start by providing the links from those stinking sites so people can easily follow you away! These sites only exist because WE use them and empower them. Once the users drop, the advertising money will also disappear and they will dry up and die.

    Stop using Google – switch to Brave or Firefox! Use duck duck go, or some other search engine! Ditch your gmail addresses everyone!!!! There are other free mail services, protonmail is even encrypted. If everyone just keeps complaining and that is all, things will never get better. Or more likely things will get so much worse that change will become much, much harder than it already will be now.

  27. To Confirm your suspicions – Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” news parody – you would THINK – would be all about a Presidential Candidate’s son taking selfies with a crackpipe… I mean totally humorous and adequately embarrasing – but not threatening to the system in any way. Instead – they literally made no mention of the story – except to float the idea that the FBI has been investigating whether Rudy Giuliani has been the target of a “Russian Influence Operation” – for about a year now.
    Because anything that explores the corruption of the Obama/Biden shenanigans, in Ukraine – the NAZI COUP, or the Burisma kick-backs, or the Quid Pro Joe around the firing of a prosecutor…well that MUST be disinformation…and as we know – disinformation is a uniquely Russian thing…

    So they made it about ridiculing Giuliani – AND RUSSIA…because why target THAT GUY – to “influence”?

    And then they followed it up with a long segment attacking Trump’s kids – including bringing up his ‘black sheep’ ‘party-girl’, Tiffany Trump – whom to my knowledge, they haven’t even really talked about much, for the past 4 years. It seems like a really odd choice, but not really a coincidence.

  28. Caitlan, If you give a troop of Baboons hand grenades; you could sit in your easy chair and sanctimoniously hope they won’t figure out how to use them. Look on the bright side …there’ll be fewer baboons.

  29. “Those rascally Russians and their Chinese sidekicks. It’s about time we surrounded them with soldiers, guns, bombs, missiles, chemical weapons, listening devices and satellite surveillance”

  30. I think everyone is going insane. Does anyone in the political, media, tech and corporate arena have any morals or are they all just souless shills that believe their own lies.

    1. The latter.

      Bend over. Kiss your ass goodbye

  31. This force-feeding of ludicrous Russian babble by the Evil Empire has gone way beyond ” George Orwell’s ” 1984. The year 2020 should go down in history as humanities U.S.A. brain tumor. The year 2021 is slated to bring political mayhem to a cauldron eruption likely to exterminate this entire planet. The shit-show circus is going to require massive neck twisting to get to see every one of its many rings.

    1. You could take most of that babble, replace the word “Russian” with the word “Jewish”, and it would be perfect Nazi propaganda.

  32. I’m actually horrified by the weird directions and dynamics of commentators on this crazy Republican vs Democrat situation – given that while not exactly the opposite sides of the same coin – at least the Demo’s give some form of lip service for rolling back the damage that the Trump Administration has done to environmental issues and the license the Trump administration has given to folks like Bolsonaro.
    Sadly most commentators are urban – and are afflicted by the “shifting baselines” mindset – “Hey, when I look out of my office window – it looks the same as yesterday – so hey, buddy, what’s your problem?” If Trump gets re-elected – it will be a disaster for the planetary environment “hey – do we care? Elon has promised Mars” – suicide.

    I’m seeing otherwise reasonably rational commentators as Kunstler – heading rapidly for the “Dark Side” – and it’s horrifying. And his commentators have really shifted to the extreme right.

    Look – NOBODY in US politics has a clean slate – sadly you can’t do politics there without some shady shit – it seems, (maybe Bob Brown (Australian Greens) would be one of the few – and perhaps Jacina Ardern too.

    The world really exists outside Washington (DC), New York, Atlanta, and Houston. (Hard to believe!).

    If the Republicans get re-elected – then that will really empower the ultra right elsewhere – and our planet’s future as a liveable planet for us is in serious jeopardy.

    Think about it. PLEASE

    1. Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to Joe Biden’s environmental record… DAPL – he was FOR IT. Fracking? – Frack yeah! Wall Street Billionaires – “Nothing will fundamentally change”.

      And on Latin America – he’s actually to Trump’s RIGHT. Have you ever heard him say anything bad about Bolsonaro or Dueterte? I haven’t.

      The sad fact, is that Biden is just a friendly face on fascism – a smoother salesman for the Empire – a more competent manager for the slaughterhouse.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong by the way – but it is reasonable to question which of our two allowed, evil choices, is actually lesser, and which one is greater. A Trump Presidency with a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress – might work out better long term. I’ve watched Democrats get lulled into 8 years of slumber under Clinton and Obama – when there was ample reason to be angry, and get out into the streets. The media has shown itself willing to lie and cover-up for Biden’s faults and corruption. They aren’t afraid to help make things up about Trump.

  33. Sad when the current reality has surpassed even the limits Of George Orwell’s fertile imagination !!

  34. I am reminded of an old Tom Waits song, “The Piano Has Been Drinking.”

    1. That is a bunch of rightwing drivel. Trump has been a rightwing racist douche his whole life. If he wasn’t Mob-connected, and pockets full of ill-gotten loot…the Democrats would necer have been fans of his. And his racist and xenophobic heel-persona have pushed him away from eveyone but GOP/Spook infilrmtrators like $hillary Clinton, since

    2. That other relply was misplaced onto your comment – feel free to ignore it. It responds to Chris somebody’s right-winger fantasy article.

  35. It feels like we’re swimming against a tsunami of lies from the Dem party and their journalist minions, and if we don’t buy into the lies, we will be resoundingly punished. As an Independent, free-thinking person, this is beginning to terrify me.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      It doesn’t terrify me. It enrages me. I will be voting for the Socialist Equality Party in this election as I have done for the last 20 years. I refuse to be a collaborator with imperialism and its lies.

      1. The below article has turned every socialist into a Trump supporter and it’s written by A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT , you need to get educated .

        “Op-Ed: Why the World Hates Donald J. Trump”

        1. That is a bunch of rightwing drivel. Trump has been a rightwing racist douche his whole life. If he wasn’t Mob-connected, and pockets full of ill-gotten loot…the Democrats would necer have been fans of his. And his racist and xenophobic heel-persona have pushed him away from eveyone but GOP/Spook infilrmtrators like $hillary Clinton, since

    2. Independent, free-thinking person? Go directly to jail, do not collect $200. Do not pass go

    3. It is terrifying. Not only are they trying to silence us and censor the information we’re allowed to explore, some of them are actively calling for the arrest and prosecution of “anyone who’s enabled this,” including Trump’s supporters (who will all be labeled “racists” even though there is no evidence to back this up). I believe they will use “hate speech” and “domestic terrorism” laws to go after anyone who pushes against the neoliberal/neoconservative agenda.

      Let’s hope we’re wrong.

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