Still can’t get over how half of America is engaged in a giant live action role-playing game where they all pretend a dried up corporate fluffer with a small piece of functioning brain matter is a good person who they like.


Things you will eliminate by getting rid of Trump:

  • Trump

Things you will not eliminate by getting rid of Trump:

  • The factors which led to Trump
  • The evils that Trump facilitated
  • Some new evils that Trump couldn’t get away with
  • A system which only allows evil presidents


Do you not think it odd that the single most important civic duty you’re told you’ll ever perform is always a vote for more war, more oligarchy, more authoritarianism, more ecocide, more exploitation and more plutocratic theft?


For Democrats the Trump administration has been like sex: intense, hot, passionate.

Biden’s election will be like the part when the guy ejaculates.

The Biden administration will be like the part when the guy rolls over, steals all the blankets and falls asleep without satisfying her.


Stop bitching at American leftists who won’t vote for Biden. They’re doing a job that somebody’s got to do while you’re all deep-throating delusions about moving Biden to the left.


Most US progressives (A) say it’s wrong to vote third party this election, (B) acknowledge that a two-party system which always creates a choice between two corrupt warmongers is wrong, and (C) will do absolutely nothing to try and end that two-party system after this election.


Trump would be polling much higher if he’d actually taken steps to fight the establishment instead of just tweeting about it.


Most of my tweets during the Biden administration are just going to be news stories about the US government doing something fascistic with the caption “Boy it sure is good they decided to vote out fascism.”


I’m getting more and more brainwashed Trumpists in my comments saying Biden is owned by China, and it strongly reminds me of the dull roar that went on to become the shrieking fever pitch of liberal Russia hysteria that was used to help roll out pre existing cold war agendas.

The same opaque government agencies that were able to engineer cold war escalations against Russia using Russiagate are taking similar steps to assure they’ll get escalations against Iran and China if Biden wins. No matter who wins, their slow-motion third world war continues.


Liberals are just rightists who understand how to market rightist policies.


If news media actually reported the news truthfully and in proportion to its actual importance, Russiagate would never have happened, everyone would be aware of the rapidly escalating danger of dying by nuclear war, and Trump would be asked about Yemen in every press conference.


You can have anxiety without being poor but you can’t be poor without anxiety. If you want to solve the mental health crisis, start by making sure people have enough money to function.


The establishment pushes censorship for the same reason cult leaders and abusive partners work to isolate their victims: they don’t want people sharing ideas and information with each other about their abuser, because that can lead to their escaping from the abuse.


Being fine with a monopolistic behemoth like Google cutting people off for their political opinions is like being fine with PG&E cutting people off for their political opinions.


Things won’t change unless people rise up and use the power of their numbers to force them to. People won’t rise up as long as they’re successfully propagandized not to. People will be successfully propagandized not to rise up as long as dissident ideas are suppressed and marginalized.


I hate it when people decide I’m part of their political faction because it just means they’re going to be freaking out and calling me a traitor in a few months when I fail to fall in line with their faction’s groupthink on some issue or another.


Those who’ve done no serious inner work and never made real changes to themselves think it’s impossible for humanity to change.

Those who’ve done real inner work and transformed themselves know there’s no good reason humanity as a whole can’t do the same.


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99 responses to “Corporate Fluffers: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Caitlin
    I would value your thoughts and comments on this open letter, and appreciate it if you would post and circulate it by what ever means at your disposal. (Sorry, I don’t think the several linked texts will work on this form but if you send me an email address I am
    be happy to send you the hyperlinked text. This URL will take you to the complete text for BioPlatonism: Is it Too Late to Stop the Extinction Trajectory? (
    Thank you,
    CC Lum

    An Open Letter to Chris Hedges, John Whitehead, Paul Craig Roberts,
    I expect that anybody reading this is a regular follower of the non-mainstream political media, be it left or right in critical perspective. Personally, I follow the reporting and analytical thinking pretty much across the ideological board…always have for over six decades. My search is not for “balance”, but rather for the truth in reporting, and, by way of analysis, workable common-good solutions to the pitiful human condition. Given that the MSM has been consolidated into the propaganda apparatus of the imperial state and its global controllers, our dependence on the critical-cum-alternate media and the leading voices therein is all the more crucial.
    Recently I’ve noted a disturbing trend among some of those voices that I most highly respect. Here are three instances from just the past week or so:
    Chris Hedges: (on the Katie Halper Show) Chris laments the public mood as the childish mania of hope which is crippling and disempowering. Chris then turns to Joseph Tainter for his own prognosis of how the future will play out. Tranter’s classic treatise sees history as an inevitable cycle in the rise and fall/decay of civilizations. So it’s crippling hope vs hopeless fate. Chris ponders this in the depressed mood of a man being forced to watch reruns of the worst movie ever made while searching in vain for the switch to change the inevitable tragic ending.
    John Whitehead: I’ve come to realize that Americans want to engage in the reassurance ritual of voting. They want to believe the fantasy that politics matter. They want to be persuaded that there’s a difference between the Republicans and Democrats (there’s not)….Most of all, voters want to buy into the fantasy…
    Paul Craig Roberts: How much longer will dumbshit Americans fall for the flag-waving deception? …The gullibility of the American public will doom the world to extinction.
    I get their frustration…. indeed, I share it. These are weary warriors, exhausted in their dedicated efforts to save humanity from extinction, to use Paul Craig Robert’s word. When they began their careers as truthers and common-good problem solvers, the forces of doom may have been a bit more shadowy. To be sure, the prospect of nuclear Armageddon was on every mind in those days, but the shape of the military-industrial-intelligence conspiracy was not very clear, despite Ike’s tattletaling clue. Then came climate change and the challenge of how to get people to see the truth of it and get off that extinction trajectory. But where are we now with these to extinction hammers? Exactly where we were when our heroes began their quest to inform an insouciant public. I should point out that insouciant has long been Southern gentleman Paul Craig Robert’s favorite adjective, but frustration has led him to the regular substitution, dumbshit.
    Unlike the Pentagon warriors, our extinction truthers apparently find that continuously losing is a depressing business. We want our heroes to be undaunted…but alas there are definite signs of much “dauntedness” and creeping fatalism in the ranks of the critical media voices we depend on.
    However it gets worse. While that “insouciant public” hasn’t seen the third great hammer of doom coming at them, quite a number of our truther warriors have, in particular those barracked at Global Research, MintPress News and Unz Review. That third hammer of extinction has a name: the Global Reset. This final act in the de-evolution of Homo sapiens is facilitated by the rapid advance in biotechnology for public surveillance and gene editing to effect the total (and irreversible) submission of all humanity to those elites with the will to dominate. Put in evolutionary context, the Global Reset presently underway is the culmination of an old political design – Domination/submission – hatched in the neurobiological evolution of Paleoman and effectively launched socio-systemically with the Neolithic socalled domestication of animals, combined with the enslavement of laboring peoples for the benefit of a ruling elite. It has been the go-to and can’t-get-out-of political design of humanity for well over 10,000 years. The Orwellian vision/model of this dystopian future for humanity is on display at your nearest dairy farm…soon to be replicated in the mass human lineups for vaccines.
    In the depressed mood of the weary warriors cited above, one might easily castigate the insouciant public – Bhah…Bhah; you dumb sheep get what you deserve. But even just typing that line triggers a bit of neurological circuitry that goes by the names compassion and guilt. For all their insouciance, neither sheep nor mankind deserves what they are getting. But neither are they armed with a winning formula for breaking the chains of domination.
    Yes, Joseph Tainter was right, the history of humanity is replete with cycles of cultural decay, oppression and rebellion. Cycles is the operative word here. Dostoevsky, in the voice of the Grand Inquisitor, spoke the sad truth about this pathetic cycle which we all need to recognize: today, people are more persuaded than ever that they have perfect freedom, yet they have brought their freedom to us and laid it humbly at our feet. It’s a sad fact, but it is not the sheep’s fault, it’s our primal biology that drives our sociality to dependency on leadership, and those individuals with the will to dominate have always been first in line to assume command. That is a matter of political system design. It’s time to change the design by going back into the neurobiology for some better “stuff”.
    The flaw (and the remedy) in this political design resides in the leadership variable. The Domination/submission (D/s) political design can be broken by systematically replacing those elites, who are neurobiologically driven by a will to dominate, with morally intelligent leaders, who are driven by a will to care for and serve the common good. Those people exist in all societies at all levels; for that resource we can thank the biological diversity of our species.
    And here’s the good news – the same biotech science that is facilitating the Global Reset could alternatively be deployed to screen for and certify Morally Intelligent Leadership worthy of Following (MIL/F). Leadership in human societies doesn’t have to be a choice between the lessor of evils.
    To read further see: BioPlatonism: Is It Too Late to Stop the Human Extinction Trajectory? (

    C. C. LUM

    1. Thank you! I’m fairly new to figuring out just how deep the rabbit hole is. This was a really well done historical synopsis of the zeitgeist. I feel like Neo in The Matrix when he meets the Architect only to discover there have been many Neo’s before and that there is no fixing it…only rebuilding after crash. Really trying hard to meet the insouciants where they are… with grace rather than schadenfreude.

      Thanks to all my fellow truth seekers. You make the journey almost palatable.

    2. Caitlin, comments should not exceed the word count of your article.

    3. Wow. I make a living reading and I am not touching that.

      1. Me neither.
        My bullshit detector was howling from the first obseqity.


  3. Normally, I agree with you, Ms Johnstone, but do you know what happened when the body bags came home after Vietnam? After the Gulf War? Presidents lose elections because Americans don’t like body bags. 9/11 resulted in a stupid war because they literally needed to find someone responsible for causing their body bags; the issue wasn’t the war–they wanted to blame (read kill) somebody. Maybe a national catharsis resulted. You’re right, but trump has just been so incompetent dealing with the pandemic and there are the most ridiculous arguments, rather than a simple recognition the guy didn’t know what to do and rather than ask for help, pretended nothing was happening. He created the body bags. There’s no way he’s going to get back in. I’ll be really surprised if he does.

    1. As planned, 9/11 provided impetus for already lavish money-funneling into the National Security State to go on steroids while neoconservative policy planning (e.g. Project for a New American Century, Which Path to Persia?) took hold. The Patriot Act was on cue and the propaganda push for war on “terrorist Muslims” was in full swing. They got their full-scale invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq-and all that followed….right through Obama’s “watch” and his infliction of horrors upon Yemen, Libya, and Syria. America doesn’t bumble its way into war. America manufactures it.

      So Trump gets the blame for covid body bags? Governor Cuomo presided over dubious policy in New York leading to increases in elderly people with at least one comorbidity being unnecessarily and unwisely exposed to “the virus”. It’s pretty pathetic what ABC fucking “News” is doing right now in the lead up to the “debate”. It’s tough to swallow what kind of society we are fast in danger of becoming under a Biden Administration.

      But alas, “No matter who wins, their slow-motion third world war continues.”

    2. How do you react to a PLANDEMIC. You say dont panic and do as little harm as possible. Just what he did. The state and local politicians are the ones causing all the chaos. People like you are the reason the world is so screwed up. Running around wanting to tell others what to do. Makes me disgusted.

      1. I am talking about the Americans; of course, I hate war and death. But, things only end for the yanks when the body bags come home so to speak–Americans don’t care about anyone else’s bloodshed, but they do care about their own. And, trump is fighting an election where his incompetence caused people to die. Everything else is rhetoric. trump allowed Americans to die, and I will be really surprised if that goes unpunished

      2. The state and local politicians are the ones causing all the chaos. People like you are the reason the world is so screwed up. Running around wanting to tell others what to do.

        Strange that Khatika never notices that she does the things which disgust her when exhibited by other people. This is an example of what i’m referring to, when i use terms like massStupidity … and attribute it to the mudShadows.

        1. Are you just a chronic criticizer or do you have anything constructive to say.

          1. BubblePopper = “chronic criticizer”.
            Khatika maliciously accuses Peter Mann
            of doing what She calls herself : bubble popper.
            Malicious because it is a pejorative lie,
            something that would get her killed in a civilised culture.
            Khatika is a killer of happiness.

        2. Love your made up terms which only you seem to understand. Mudshadows…. Does anyone else know what he is talking about because it is gibberish to me.

          1. “Love your made up terms which only you seem to understand.”
            Khatika means she hates me using terms she cannot understand or manipulate.
            It’s not my term : it comes from the Toltec tradition, and was introduced to the thinking of mankind in 1998, in the book The Active Side of Infinity … which Khatika concedes she has not read,
            Here is another example of Khatika’s willingness to say absurdities in her desperation to harm Peter Mann.

            Being gibberish to Khatika invalidates every intelligeny commentary … within her belief of herSelf as sole owner of moral infallability.
            Hating others is Khatika’s substitute for sexual fulfilment.

      3. Seems to me some bureaucrat somewhere—perhaps the long-time Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases—could have been better prepared to give sensible advice about reinforcing our immune systems and how to best help those most at risk. And it’s not like this “pandemic” just came out of the blue. Johns Hopkins could tell you that. So any lack of preparation for a possible pandemic that could possibly be a bit overwhelming can’t possibly be (even mostly) Trump’s fault. And we know why our health “care” system is the way it is—geared towards pill pushing for profit rather than a holistic approach to health and preventative care that should be a birthright of citizens everywhere. Talk about “allowing Americans to die”! Yeah, but first we bankrupt them. That’s all the while basic infrastructure is so poor in Flint that Obama can atrociously pull stunts, laugh to himself, and move on without fixing a thing about lead in fricking water supplies—you know, that thing people need to drink to stay alive. Talk about lack of accountability.

  4. Y’all do realize that Caitlin is pretty well dead on accurate 90% of the time with her very well composed subjective observations of what makes the world go around. The accompanying humorous coloring is a bonus for those of us unwilling to take life too seriously. If the dealer throws us two jokers, our only option is to laugh and play along or simply fold and walk away. Trust me, neither joker really wants job, really. The chief concern is that risk of continuing to build family dynasties. In which case, son Hunter is a bonus. Americans can’t do the royalty thing right.

    1. Agree fully. I do think some of it is pie in the sky but there is nothing wrong with being hopeful. I enjoy her writing.

      1. “there is nothing wrong with being hopeful.”,
        yet Khatika’s comments never feature hope or optimism.
        Hypocrisy is a shitty career choice, Khatika.
        The alternative is integrity, which requires
        internal consistency in one;s realityMap. .
        Posting praise of Caitlin while cynically accusing everybody else of degenerate morals and voluntary idleness … is a textbook example of hypocrisy.
        Nothing Khatika says can be trusted, which makes her socially useless (and worse.)

        1. I am a bubble popper. Never been much for dreaming. I live in the now.

          1. Calling herself a “bubblePopper” does not change the fact that Khatika rejoices in destroying the self-respect of random victims.
            “Living in the now” is a platitude which any imbecile can claim for themselves.

            Khatika is poisonous, the opposite of an innovator.

  5. A quick poem:
    Fluff huff bluff rough enough stuff is enough.
    Too much stuff stifles minds trying to learn better tough.
    Stuff that up your sniffer.

    1. Here this is even a better start:
      Fluff huff puff bluff enough stuff is enough rough ripples

      Can you add to that? If so, please do.

    2. OK, fuck it. I’ll try.

      Fluff in a huff to bluff through the rough and it seemed enough of the stuff was enough.
      Too much stuff turn you into something else that you never meant to be.
      Stuff stifles minds.
      The minds I care for are the ones trying to learn more.
      A mind that learns is mind that is tough.
      Better tough then dead.
      Stuff that up your sniffer.
      The end.

      This is a test.

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Still can’t get over how half of America is engaged in a giant live action role-playing game where they all pretend a dried up corporate fluffer with a small piece of functioning brain matter is a good person who they like.”
    Functioning brain matter is seen as a liability today. Not good in politics, not good in education, not good in science, not good in the business world, and certainly not good in organized religion. The Powers That Be have identified what is wrong with society… and that is functioning brain matter. Once all that has been erased, we’ll be living in paradise. Getting real close now.
    “Do you not think it odd that the single most important civic duty you’re told you’ll ever perform is always a vote for more war, more oligarchy, more authoritarianism, more ecocide, more exploitation and more plutocratic theft?”
    Got to keep the Big Con going. One of the greatest successes of mass brainwashing in the history of humankind. Vote… for your own destruction. And shame those who don’t vote for that.
    “For Democrats the Trump administration has been like sex: intense, hot, passionate. Biden’s election will be like the part when the guy ejaculates. The Biden administration will be like the part when the guy rolls over, steals all the blankets and falls asleep without satisfying her.”
    What is all this called? (wait for it…) ELECTIAL DYSFUNCTION ™.
    “You can have anxiety without being poor but you can’t be poor without anxiety.”
    In general in modern society, this is true. But Native Peoples around the world in the past haven’t had “money”, and yet were some of the most cohesive and functional groups of people in history. And lower anxiety than in “modern” life.
    “Those who’ve done real inner work and transformed themselves know there’s no good reason humanity as a whole can’t do the same.”
    Sure there is. Chronic Human Laziness, or “CHL” to the medical community. People love being lazy and self-satisfied.

    1. Agree but difficult. Would require an altruistic dictator to enforce agenda while being ruthless enough to obliterate current criminal activity and remove oligarchs. He or she will need to be surrounded by loyal guards as they are attacked. Sort of a khaddafi type motivated with altruistic tendencies but also willing to put alot of people against the wall and shoot them. Hard person to find. Another easier way is play the atomic bomb game and emerge when population is easier to handle. Both ways difficult. This is the difference between mechanics of getting an idea accomplished and philisophizing about it. Guess that is why deep thinkers talk about stuff while more shallow and ruthless thinkers go out and do it. Reality is a bitch.

      1. Khatika seems to have missed Caitlin’s main theme : that a revolution of awareness/morality is the way out of authoritarian nightmares.

        1. So you are advocating the church run state of the middle agesxwith enforced morality. How did thst work out. Or how about the clerics running Iran is that more to your liking.

          1. Still shooting in the dark.
            Not an intelligent strategy, Khatika.
            Putting words in my mouth is the tactic of an enemy.

  7. I’m tired.
    “I didn’t have any clarity on what I wanted or what I needed to do. This lack of clarity is felt in all of us very deeply, so that it shows up in how we talk, how we hold ourselves, how other people feel us. It affects our relationships, our jobs, our health.”

    1. Live a quiet and simple life. Opt out.

    2. Stopping the internal dialogue allows other cognitive faculties to operate.
      Clarity comes not from the cascade of words & symbols ;
      the position of silent knowledge is where clarity comes alive.

  8. You’re as amazing and spot-on as ever, Caitlin!

    I’m going to have a tough choice to make in this election. Do I go with the Candidate from my party (Gloria LaRiva – Peace and Freedom) – or the now officially qualified write-in candidacy of Jesse Ventura/Cynthia McKinney?

    Will Rachel Maddow stay with “Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!!!”… Or join Hannity and Carlson in the “China, China, CHINA!!!”-madness. In a way, she must be hoping for a Trump victory…which ironically makes her a “Russian Agent”.

    And incidentally PG&E ACTUALLY DOES cut-off peoples’s electricity – for their political views (supporting Pelosi’s Nephew – Newsome)… Every time the wind blows.

    1. If you must choose, write in NONE OF THE ABOVE

  9. Is the smallest minority concerned with voting?
    The smallest minority are the super-rich.

    Why do politicians pay more than 10 times the amount of the salary that the job, to get the job?
    Would you pay ten times the salary of your job to get that job?

    Other than elections, when in life do you purposely find the two worst possibilities from which to choose?

    1. The smallest minority is the individual. The minority most abused as well. They are expected to abide by whatever dictates or edicts put forth by the “elected” Psychopaths In Charge. Somehow, the preferences of the “elected” obligate those who did not vote for the “elected” to participate in a made out of thin air “social contract”. A contract written by the majority, as if being such granted some guarantee of moral foundation. Since when was a majority of average intelligence better suited to run your life than your own critical thought? The only thing voting accomplishes is to guarantee that there will be an election, and then the 51% forcing the 49% to abide by the results. Gang rape is democracy in action.

  10. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    The USAWonderland is an outlaw, criminal state that routinely and contemptuously violates not only international law but domestically undermines every aspect of its own citizens legal rights.But would we exspected anything else from a nation that shouts at the top of its lungs for human rights while we had the likes of Abu -Graib,Guantanamo and rendition sites in USAgulags around the world A faux republic that judges, condems and executes people without due process that supposedly defines its legal culture.A country that gently raps economy- wrecking Wall Sreet thieves on the knuckels with wads of tax payer cash while the poor find themselve sleeping in the street A country whose own supreme court,theoretically the unbiased and wise arbitrators of national justice,illegally appoint presidents whose minions fraudulently rig the voting process.A union that signs treaties it has no intention of honoring when inconveniet?

    1. Ask the American Indians. They are quite familiar with treaties.

  11. “For Democrats the Trump administration has been like sex: intense, hot, passionate.
    Biden’s election will be like the part when the guy ejaculates.
    The Biden administration will be like the part when the guy rolls over, steals all the blankets and falls asleep without satisfying her.”
    —-These are the occasions when Caitlin is bizarrely unpleasant. She appears here to believe that women’s sexual satisfaction and its derailment are somehow men’s obligation and men’s fault. She also appears elsewhere to believe that it’s men, almost exclusively, who are domestic abusers, when every independent study shows that it’s women who overwhelmingly instigate domestic abuse; that it’s mothers acting alone who commit an overwhelming plurality of child abuse, and that domestic violence occurs most frequently, by far, in lesbian partnerships.
    That consciousness-raising you routinely speak so well of, Caitlin, appears to elude you in this regard. At least do the basic factual investigation that undergirds every period of enlightenment.

    1. You really ought to reference your strong assertions. It’s only fair.
      I sure won’t repeat a single one until I know where they come from.

    2. Perhaps it’s Caitlin’s attempt at black humor Blair.
      Maybe she should stick to what she does best: incisive, perceptive commentary.

    3. Blair accusing Caitlin of being “bizarrely unpleasant”
      is in itself unpleasant and bizarre.
      I found the cited passages both humorous and accurate.
      The sexual selfishness of ordinary men is exceeded
      only by the social selfishness of feminists, who stupidly quit
      Greer’s aspiration for liberation … by demanding equality instead.
      Failing to see the truth in Caitlin’s writing shows a blindSpot
      in Blair’s cognition of innate differences between women and men.
      If Blair is so easily triggered to verbal violence against Caitlin,
      he has himself to question about bizarre unpleasantness.
      Incidently, my own experience is that women are far more violent
      than men, because they conveniently believe that nagging and
      character assassination is not violence when done by females.
      Getting all bitter and twisted about female indignation is not good use of our intelligence.

  12. You can have anxiety without being poor but you can’t be poor without anxiety.
    If you want to solve the mental health crisis, start by making sure people have enough money to function.”

    Not only is Caitlin’s observation entirely true ;
    it is more than mysterious that this reasoning is
    absent from mainstream thinking.
    Which raises the inconvenient question :
    who benefits from this peculiar blindSpot in our collective thinking ?
    How can something so pragmatic about mental wellbeing be absent from the realityMap of social sciences, humanitarian philosophy, and politicians’ vision of a better future ?

    Contradictions of commonsense decencies … (like abolishing food anxiety)
    fit a pattern of self-harming stupidities which are best explained by sabotage
    of our collective wisdom … by an enemySpecies which feeds on distress.
    Collating examples like this is one of the methods i use
    for investigating the origin of the massStupidity
    which offends the morality of freeThinkers like Caitlin.
    Cruel anti-Evolutionary stupidities do not dominate our beliefs by accident.

    1. Agreed about paying people enough money to subsist. Seriously, what do we do about those too lazy to work or those who prey on the whole. The parasites snd germs of society so to speak. Welfare has crested a culture of free handouts and laziness. Guaranteed basic income is forced inactivity. The fire will not keep u warm unless someone goes out and chops some wood. Society is so screwed up.

      1. Historically, it was the “parasites and germs of society” (non-working people) who have created some of our greatest advancements in science and some of our best art. These were the “idle rich” who had much to do with inventing science, mathematics, and much of philosophy and art, both ancient and modern. Yes, most people freed from the necessity to work will be lazy and improvident, but the few who will use their time to create interesting things will, I think, more than make up for those who do not contribute to the (corporate) commonwealth. This will especially be true if people are well-educated, which we have in our power to do even during hard economic times.

        1. Most novel arguement for guaranteed basic income I have heard. BRAVO. Still didnt answer my question though, who is going to chop wood for my fire while I sit on my butt doing nothing.

          1. Freedom includes the option to sit on your butt doing nothing.
            For those who are so lacking in ability or so injured as to be unable to focus on effort, providing them the mercy of food and shelter annoys
            Khatike to an extraOrdinary degree,
            A healthy human being is glad to have opportunities to contribute to our collective wellbeing, regardless of being paid.

            1. But if they decide to sit on their butt with their freedom, am I required to feed and support them.

              1. Khatika is still having difficulty understanding the word “freedom”.
                So there is no hope she will ever have the intelligence to become free of Stupidity.

      2. The people Khatika sees as useless parasites have had their self-respect and curiosity gravely injured by the cynicism and contempt the mudShadows project through the mouths of nonEmpaths like herself.
        Welfare provides both sustenance and humiliation to the victims of stupid parents and stupefying educators, because the alternative of starving or murdering their neighbours’ children is too horrible even for most Christians.
        A society whose values are dictated by spiritual criminals like Saul of Tarsus injures everybody it touches, especially the wage slaves. The factory fodder and shop assistants know they have been robbed of their dreams of success and freedom, but keep on working day after day because loving their children is a private defiance of complete degradation.
        Before mankind was swindled by the agricultural revolution, hunterGatherers worked about 3 hours a day to meet their living needs, leaving the rest of their days for fun and kindness. This applies to most of mankind’s history. Overwork and poverty is an aberration.
        What Khatika so scornfully condemns as compulsory idleness … used to be a source of happiness and aspiration to exploring higher awareness, before belief and sin destroyed our self-respect and and empathy.
        Once the values we live by are cleansed of puritan barbarism, the delights of well-spent idleness will again be a crucible for creativity and enthusiasm.

        1. Stop attacking me and answer what I say if you have an answer. Who is going to chop the wood to keep me warm, or grow the food to feed me if I have a guaranteed basic income. peter, can you just give a direct answer to a simple question. Where is the motive to work, to contribute if it is guaranteed to me. Everyone is not a hippie.

          1. Khatike talks as if she cannot chop wood. This kind of stupidity needs to be attacked, and since nobody else wants to dirty their hands on poisonous posters like Khatika, the unpleasant task falls to me.
            Howzat for a motive ?

            1. You have no answer. Fine. Just as I figured. So I will tell you. Remove the incentive to work and we starve and go cold. Someone must grow and harvest, others must gather energy. Lets just have robots do it. Good. Who services the robots. Too many people long on great thoughts but lacking common sense. Eloquent words can still be empty words.

              1. Again Khatika accuses me of empty words … because she failed to understand my meaning. It should be a growing realisation that Khatika is the angryAttacker, even though it is me she accuses of gratuitous violence.

  13. Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Your foe is the ‘representational democracy’ system so beloved of sociopaths and psychopaths everywhere. Take the responsibility for your own life into your own hands in a ‘Full Participatory Democracy’ system such as the one Gaddafi installed in Libya. He outlawed political parties and he outlawed usury but that was about the extent of his ‘dictatorship’. He let the people at local level decide what they wanted. Peoples’ Congresses everywhere. The administrative level higher up then put their decisions into action. Simple really. Never mind shock horror, marvel at it in his quite readable Green Book:

    Got 10 minutes to spare? See for yourself the amazing things that people engineered for themselves before the barbaric western psychopaths and sociopaths sadistically destroyed their work:

    1. Tunnel vision on democracy is not the answer we need.
      The current democracies perform badly because they are of primitive design.
      The USA demonstrated the intellectual bankruptcy of European ideas about freedom in choosing to copy the democracy of the Roman Republic.
      If the rebels against Britain were not blinded by racism and the Bible, they would have found a far better democracy in their stolen back yard.
      The original americans had democracies developed and refined independent of the European/Asian clusterfucks of peasants and warlords. Each person had a vote from birth, so children grew up engaged with village decisionMaking.
      Voting from birth is psychologically opposite to the infantalisation imposed by parents, school, and government authorities (who piously steal our decisions by pretending to be our representatives or representatives of a fake god.)
      But the natives geared the influence of their best citizens by awarding extra votes to individuals who distinguished themselves : up to 7 votes could be held by the best members, whereas the immature and foolish had only one or two votes to cast.
      To maximise individual freedom, and to stabilise the democracy there were simple rules : no collaborating in blocks or political parties, plus a guarantee of trustworthiness : Death for the First Proven Lie
      With these simple refinements, democracy provided stable and benevolent governance for countless generations … until the arrival of a culture without counterMeasures to the mudShadows (whom the invaders catastrophically worshipped).
      Muammar al-Qaddafi’s authoritarian rule provided a better environment for most of his nation than do the politicians of USA, but was painfully restrictive compared to the examples of American civilisation exterminated by Church and Capitalism.

      1. You forgot the first rule of politics. Every rule has an exemption, every rule has a loop hole, That is why politicians love rules.
        First rule of human nature. Create an intolerable system and people will circumvent it by black market. Speak easy or mesh masks.

        1. I forgot nothing about politics, Kathika.
          No civilisation has politics.
          Your phantasy that every rule has has exceptions
          is nonsense papering over the fact that rules
          are a form of imposed stupidity.
          Human nature is a bullshit insult to all humans, invented to confuse us about who to blame
          for what the mudShadows have done to
          cultures which lack adequate countermeasures against mindParasites and their lying lunatic proxies.

          1. Please define mudshadows as you use it. You throw it around alot. A little clarity would be nice.

            1. The definition was provided by nagual Juan Matus, a man of knowledge who knew them better than me.
              I have repeatedly referred this forum to this definition, but Khatika never bothered to follow my earnest reference to the most authoritative source of information about the vile creatures that speak through Khatika.
              Khatika’s lack of clarity is not of my doing.

              1. You are very good at ignoring direct quuestions. You need to go into politics or academia if you are not there already.

                1. You are very good at ignoring direct quuestions”.
                  I ignored no questions, and i answer every post addressed to me.
                  Khatika’s disingenuous request for a definition of mudShadows
                  is absurd, unworthy of the effort which providing a description entails.
                  Like all egoManiacs, Khatika has no respect for my time & resources.
                  It would be different if she had really wanted the knowledge,
                  but (as i pointed out) the only reason she belatedly begged for assistance
                  is because she had not done her mental homework.
                  I stay away from academia and politics because i despise futility.
                  Once again, Khatika’s advice about my needs … could hardly be worse.

                  1. You definitely are in academia. Politicians would never use the my time is too valuable ploy. Btw, I am a realistic bubble popper who will always confront your academic philisophies and mudshadows with the harsh realities of this world.

                    1. I am a scholar and a gentleman, which is a world apart from swimming in the cesspool of academia.

  14. These days, I keep thinking of that old song by Enya, “Orinoco Flow,” and that constantly repeating chorus: “Sail away, sail away, sail away…”

  15. Ah, once again, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the whole truth! However, I honestly believe that Donald Trump is going to be re-elected. If the ” deep state ” does not tamper with the vote tally nationwide. The Biden-Harris ticket does not have the public sentiment needed to bring out voters. Joe Biden might lose as badly as Mike Dukakis did years ago. If Donald Trump wins he might make Rudy Guiliani the Attorney General of the United States to go after the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton officials that sabotaged his first four years as POTUS. Donald Trump will likely avoid the world stage and spend his next term getting even with the snakes that derailed his first term. The ” untouchable political hacks ” might find themselves in very deep do-do with a very enraged Donald Trump coming after them. We might end up with ” Gitmo camps ” everywhere. Time will tell.

  16. DO NOT VOTE. My family and friends are trying to guilt me for not voting. I explain why and they look dumbfounded. Their answer is always the same. But it will be so much worse if the other guy wins. Tell that to Iraq (R), tell that to Syria (D), tell that to Vietnam (D,R), tell that to Afghanistan (R,D), Tell that to Nicaragua (R)…….evil lurks in America in the guise of politicians.

    1. Do what I do: go to the polls, dutifully accept your ballot, and insert it unmarked into the optical scanner or ballot bin. This way nobody can rag on you for not doing your alleged patriotic “duty” of voting and you don’t have to vote for any evils, greater or lessor. Voting for no one IS a legitimate option and need not be disclosed if it’s a secret ballot… unless you, like I, want to brag about choosing “none of the above” because they were all so pitifully wanting. Whether your ballot is submitted entirely unmarked, with a few write-in names, or festooned with conspicuous “none of the above” notations, TPTB will be made aware that not everyone is a lemming and there are quiet dissidents out there. I’d be curious to know how the number of ballots submitted correlates with the number of votes actually cast. Every board of elections should be obligated to report this as part of the official results. The “missing” votes would be evidence of the public’s dissatisfaction with the candidates, something we can’t assume when citizens don’t show up at all at the polls.

    2. Another option is to vote for any down-ballot candidates you might like who are on the ballot, and vote on the non-binding referendum questions (if applicable) and just skip the Presidential section.

      1. I do that on the rare occasion an independent or third party candidate is on the ballot. There was one such on this year’s ballot. The judges were all NPA, so I voted for them, plus public referenda.
        It’s not like the old days when the Communists, Socialists, and many fringe groups would always run candidates. Friend of mine in college told me that his old man, for whom I unknowingly worked in a large service industry, was the guy who ran as the Socialist Worker (or Labor) Party candidate for president every four years! Dude, whom I met and had an interesting talk with, was totally cool. I had a dad who voted for the GOPers and Nixon and was deluded into thinking that fighting in Vietnam was an American kid’s patriotic duty even though numerous neighborhood boys and former classmates of mine bought the feckin’ farm over there. Not an evil man, just a WWII vet brainwashed by Amerigov Inc and the media.
        But where are the alternative parties today? Even the Libertarians and the Greens don’t run for offices in most states and they don’t get on all the presidential ballots either. We’ve got monopolies not only in business but throughout government too in this now one-party dictatorship. Government in the USA now apes the Holy Trinity of one God in three persons. Instead it’s one party in two organizational facades, the deceptive hard right Dems and the in-your-face hard right GOPers.
        What’s equally astounding is how fast almost the entirety of Europe has been co-opted into this fascist global establishment crafted by busybody American spooks and tubthumping pols since 9-11.

        1. What’s equally astounding is how fast almost the entirety of Europe has been co-opted into this fascist global establishment crafted by busybody American spooks and tubthumping pols since 9-11.
          Why this is astounding … is that the decisions of European “leaders” areNot due to the power of busybody American spooks and tubthumping pols.
          Those arseholes are only the unWitting messengers … from the Jehovahs.
          These decisions are imposed from outside mankind … by the mudShadows.
          And everybody accepts it, as if this relentless atrocity is “somehow” irrefutable.
          These parasites are masters of bluffing the naive and mentally careless … so don’t be naive and mentally careless.
          What makes Caitlin’s writing valuable … is that She refutes the mudShadow agenda.
          When interpreted from this perspective, a whole lot of nonSense makes sense.
          Even Michael Kahn’s ghastly prophesy of 500,000 survivors makes sense … as the mudShadows harvesting their crop of industrial primates. Like Khatika, Kahn too is an unwitting messenger from our oppressors.

          1. Starting to think you are an anarchist Peter. Never says anything directly or clear, always attacks all points and has none clearly dilineated of your own. I dont with khan but he spoke far more clear and direcymt than yourself. The omly time you drop the verbose fog a little is when you attack.

            1. Khatika’s fog of incomprehension is due to inadequate method
              and lack of effort to understand, as was recently revealed by her
              belated request for a “definition” of the Topic of Topics,
              which i have been expounding & referencing in this forum for months.
              I regard my commentary as direct, specific, and unambiguous … so
              accusations of “Never says anything directly or clear,
              always attacks all points and has none clearly dilineated

              are better explained … as Khatika projecting her own attributes onto me.
              In particular, i select follies for debunking with care, choosing most toxic
              or illustrative examples, rather than “always attacks all points”.
              If i attacked every stupidity, i would be forever bogged in complaining,
              a stupidity well worth guarding against.
              Khan is a blabbermouth, taking a chapter to say what i can in a sentence,
              so saying that i’m verboser than that posturing dickhead is deceitful insult.
              The only reason Khatikaq accuses me of being an anarchist …
              is that she does not understand what an anarchist is. 🙂
              (Khatika would never knowingly say anything complimentary about me.)
              Nor would Khatika the Cynic … ever ask an intelligent question.
              Howzat for responsive ?

              1. I have asked you a few questions from time to time with honest curiousity and get nothing back. Sort of like your use of mudshadows. Really, humor me and tell me what it is. I have tried google and get nothing.

                1. If you are finding nothing, it is evidence that this topic is forbidden by the farmers of mankind.
                  The description provided by nagual Juan is in the Mud Shadows chapter of The Active Side of Infinity (a book which can be downloaded free from
                  The author of the book (a controversial field anthropologist) published this in 1998, yet there has been no appreciable effect of this information on the thinking of mankind … despite the revolutionary ramifications.
                  The entire book is worth reading. It shows nagual Juan leading his apprentice to the idea again and again, while deferring the definitive step until he is somewhat deSensitised to a shattering reality. It also reveals a lot about the man chosen by Mescalito to publish the Toltec body of knowledge.
                  The book begins with a technique of perception based in identifying and analysing events which had a pivotal effect in our lives. Recounting some of these events becomes the framework for the final book in a set of 12 about the realityMap developed by preColumbian scientists of awareness.
                  When you have read this, you will be able to ask questions towards filling in gaps of understanding. This is not an easy topic ; it is actively discouraged and obfuscated by the mudShadows themselves and by their unwitting dupes.
                  However, compared to quantum mechanics, understanding the mudShadows is a cakewalk.

                  1. Thank you. I will read it.

    3. Indeed, all voting does is grant legitimacy to an illegitimate system in which all you are voting for is who will get the power to change the rules in the middle of the game. Elections are nothing more than a sporting event which everyone gets to participate in. Unlike most sports, politics has a real effect on your life, whether you played or not. Whether your compatriots elect a bombastic blowhard, or a husk of a man with no defining moral standards, you are expected to smile and obey. As long as this game is played, there will be no significant difference in the outcome. What if they held an election and nobody voted? Who would “win”? From where would they get their mandate, or their power?

  17. When I was younger in the 1970s we had three major televised news outlets ,and PBS. You only had four stations. PBS was not a news show per se at the time. You had ABC,NBC,and CBS .
    The nightly news always had commentary about our current political situations on a national, and global scale.
    But there was a huge difference in the way journalists reported the news.
    There was NO political bias. I know that sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone, but it’s true. The anchors were not making a million dollars a year ,and up forty five – fifty years ago.
    Mike Wallace as example. He never took a side for ratings or lucre, he interviewed politicians ,and it may have made them uncomfortable , but they adhered to the norms of the day.
    Does anyone believe Watergate could have been exposed today ? Never happen. Russia or China would be accused of tapping the phones, breaking into the hotel rooms, rifling through Danial Ellsberg medical history.
    All the news people were out for the truth without a political bias. That’s not to say that they didn’t hold particular views, rather they never expressed them publicly.
    We have devolved into this quagmire of deceit ,corruption, and high money news reporting .
    Trump was perfect for our news outlets. A former game show host, what could be more entertaining in the political arena. Americans for the most part are either greedy with ambition, or the uneducated class that have no idea what’s going on.
    This is not racist, this is fact. Two black men gave us Biden. The downfall of this cesspool of a country began when Bill Clinton was elected. Did we have problems before Clinton, of course , we had Nixon twenty years earlier .
    This country morphed into a place to rest your head on a pillow from China, and fruit from Mexico etc. Clinton was NAFTA , that was the beginning .
    Wars were amped up, the presidency was a mockery . Who in their right mind as Commander in Chief would allow a situation with a young intern to escalate to the degree it did ? Bill Clinton.
    That opened the floodgates for partisan commentators on both sides of the corrupt aisle.
    Fast forward 2016. American had elected its first black president In 2008 , not once but twice.
    The man was calm, and eloquent beyond belief.
    He was also a greedy, power hungrey ,warmongering villain . It all flew under the radar for a wide majority of the American public. Barack Obama was – is a black man, how dare you call him out, you’ll be deemed a racist.
    Our great black hope was a fraud.
    After Obama being such a great president ( reality had not come to light for the hoi polloi until this election cycle ) it was only fair we elect a woman for president now. Hillary R. Clinton, Wall Streets darling, another greedy murderer of innocent people like her predecessor , or so we thought .
    The Establishment loved her. I mean she was raking in a quarter of a million dollars giving pep talks to Goldman – Sachs. She voted for the annihilation of Iraq with her friend George W. Bush, and Joe Biden.
    Hillary was a shoe in, Trump was the laughing stock of the country, why even have an election. By the time the Main Stream Media was in high corruption mode. Overpaid biased corporate shills posing as news casters, and journalists.
    Clinton showed a hubris that is remarkable. I’m a woman with all the right connections, I got rid of Sanders the socialist son of a bitch that tried to take my anointment away from me, this country owed me, regardless of how corrupt I was.
    The most vilified woman in America lost to a reality game show host.
    The DNC knows how to pick the most corrupt elitist that will serve their donors well, the other 96% of the people mean nothing .
    Trump the populist was our president .
    It’s been an ongoing costly nightmare for almost four years now.
    Trump is up for re-election in 2020 the games began.
    The DNC knew they had a lock this time, Joe Biden VP to Barack Obama was their nominee.
    No need to caucus or primary etc.
    Biden cool just back, and enter at the last moment, he wouldn’t have to campaign.
    But this Bernie Sanders the communist was drawing crowds of tens of thousands of people ( I know this empirically, saw him here in S.F. last year ) while Biden couldn’t draw twenty people, and it was so quiet the only thing you could hear was a name drop. ( Obama ad nauseum )
    Never in the history has a candidate won the first three states,and NOT won the nomination. Sanders won all three, and It was now his to lose.
    The DNC operatives were in panic mode. Wall Street, Big Pharma, MIC would be in real trouble if this self righteous socialist were to ever win the big prize. The party would be over for Obama, and Biden.
    The far left coalesced behind Sanders, a true progressive . One thing did not make sense however. Tulsi Gabbard who gave up her chair at the DNC because she knew the reality of how they really worked, and did everything possible to see if she could help the Sanders campaign wipe out the Clinton cabal. She is also very progressive ,and anti war, would have been a great VP-P. The smears began.
    Now Sanders,and Gabbard are both in the debates four years later, Gabbard is fearless, and the media hated her as much as Sanders , both must be made to pay for getting in Bidens way . ( Gabbard took out the fraud Kamala Harris in three minutes in the debates. Harris is corrupt as they come. ( I’m asking anyone that has read this far to please put “ Kamala Harris pedophile-The Intercept “ in their browser. Remember I have lived in San Francisco for thirty five years, I followed her history since 2004.
    Sanders did nothing for Gabbard, I mean NOTHING ! I felt something was off here. I was right unfortunately .
    As it appeared Sanders would be the nominee ,the DNC was getting very nervous.
    The next state was South Carolina, the Senator Jim Clyburn, and Obama didn’t like this at all. Their shell game could be exposed.
    Three days before the vote in So. Carolina Clyburn ( a black crook ) riles up the black vote in his state to vote for his good corrupt friend Joe Biden, then within twenty four hours Obama steps in. He calls all the Dem nominees ,and suggest they all drop out,and give their support for OBiden , I mean Biden. Obama in effect tells them Biden is going to be the nominee ,and they will most likely all have high level cabinet positions. All the lemmings bit, except Warren. ( that’s another story ) .
    All of a sudden Biden who had come in fourth, fifth in first three states with no money won So. Carolina ,and had the backing from the entire MSM-Establishment-Dem lemmimgs lining up to promote this man Joe Biden. A man that couldn’t even put a sentence together. Then came Super Tuesday ,and Sanders was finished.
    The entire election process was rigged by two black thugs. They played the rave – shame card ,and the American Idiots bought it.
    Biden picks Kamala Harris aka Corruption Inc.
    The Senate is a different story. Black progressives are doing very well ( The DNC made sure Booker didn’t win Kentucky ,they want McConnel to keep his place so they pumped millions into a loser Amy McGrath, a Republican calling herself a Democrat )
    Nina Turner was the true black hope in this country. Honest ,progressive, and has a heart like no other.
    I’m spent.
    Biden-Trump-Harris- Pelosi-McConnel are the worst of the worst. Expect the USA to be involved in more wars that can’t be won. Wall Street stealing the American people blind. Millions of people dying because they have no healthcare. Race riots all over the country. The divide between people will widen.
    Brother Dr. Cornel West what are we going to do ?

    1. Our current leaders in government are the worst of the worst. They are clones of their predecessors. Tip Oneil would be so proud of nancy pelosi and senate leader byrd would find chuck schumer to be an inspiration. Those who rise to house and senate leadership are the most ruthless and despicable of them all.

    2. Thank You, Mr. Berger! You comment was well worth reading. I think that Donald Trump is going to be re-elected. The democratic party has destroyed itself. Some billionaires will still give the party officials money but the general public is turning its backs on the DNC. Chaos is coming soon. How bloody it gets is the only unknown right now.

    3. whiteylockmandoubled Avatar

      Yeah, no. The reason you see so much insane effort to control the narrative and fact-free delusional bilge from big money “journalists” is precisely because there are many more outlets, especially web-based outlets like Rogue Joiurnalist. The 3+PBS were credible because there really was no alternative, so they could put on their suits and set the boundaries of the acceptable without much sweat..

      It’s not like we didn’t have war after war, and coup after coup with the 3+P. There were a few hiccups in the late 60s and 70s, but the actual outcome of the “investigations” was legislation that legalized most of the abuses. The identity of the CIA Chief of Station is real news in other countries and here. Yet all the 1970s investigations led to after everyone furrowed their brows and harrumphed about the “balance” between liberty and security, were laws criminalizing speech that identifies the people exercising power on behalf of the U.S. Same with the NSA. FISA was a meaningless reform that legitimized unconstitutional agencies, and the development of the aptly named congressional “oversight” process simply ensured that congressinoal leaders were unable to publicly challenge the spy agencies. And all of it covered by the chin-stroking respectable media.

      The advent of the internet and the early behavior of FB and Twitter as more like common carriers allowed a flourishing of speech that bypassed the 3+P+Cable. The twin threats of Sanders, who was polling at less than 5% in February 2015 and then exploded, and Trump touched off panic in the political class. hence Russiagate, the banning of Alex Jones as cover for changing algorithms to suppress non-DNC left media, and so on. This idea of a golden age when apparatchiks like Ted Koppel supposedly gave us better and more “in depth” news is ludicrous. I mean ffs, the sainted Edward R. Murrow himself actually founded the U.S. government’s overt propaganda agency.

      Good night and good luck!

    4. The rose tinted glasses of nostalgia! The News in the US was never objective or honest or non-partisan; it’s just that it’s gotten even worse these days.

    5. You give Reagan a pass. Destruction of the Fairness Doctrine, which allowed the “news” reporters to share their obvious bias, leading to Limbaugh, Hannity, et al dominating the AM radio airwaves. Then led to FoxNews and the reaction from the liberals in the press.

      And, of course, St. Ronnie’s “trickle down” and the presentation of the back-of-the-napkin Laffer Curve as some serious economic theory certainly helped get tax cuts for the rich, savings and loan bailouts, and to diminish working class prosperity.

      Let’s not forget the Contras-armed terrorists trying to reinstitute dictatorial Samoza regime rule in a state that had chosen to exit the U.S. orbit-which Reagan illegally financed by selling weaponry to the supposed enemy state of Iran.

      And, of course, it goes back much further in history, such as maybe when Wilson decided to get into WWI. But the corruption of broadcast news, that is on Reagan.

      1. Agreed. Well said Frank.

  18. We were better off in the era of Queens and Kings.
    At least there was a slim chance of a benevolent royal.
    Not now.
    We are flucked.

    1. This is the era of Kings and Queens, they just call them something different.

    I think that the overlord class is now forced into some fevered negotiations regarding the transfer of power in the US. They should really be negotiating now, because it has been effective gridlock for almost 4 years, and it was not working right even before that.
    Obama/Kerry were “not agreement capable” when negotiating with Russia in Syria, as you may recall.
    No group currently has decisive power in the US, so the US cannot act decisively, as it degrades further and further. There has been a deep state holding action, aligned with most Democrats and the Bush/Romney Republicans, denying executive power to the elected weirdo-in-chief. Trump has had the bully pulpit and has used it dramatically.
    Trump has shown himself to be an adequately weird match for these weird times.

    A lot of people have not accepted the inevitability of weird times yet. The elites know, though.
    Current flows of wealth into the US are from outside. The US produces expensive weapons, food, upper-tier electronics production machinery, airplanes and oil and gas. Manufacturing of commodities is offshored, except mattresses, refrigerators and washing machines, which are big, bulky and expensive to ship overseas.

    Wealth comes to North America for dollars, the global reserve currency. A digital central bank currency is being openly developed, and central banks across the world have secured national gold, both some at home, and some in financial centers, for practical reasons in a reset. The rest of the world is tired of having wealth extracted by the reserve currency. The Saudis got “protection” for the deal to only sell oil in $US. They still get that. Is that enough to support a reserve currency these days?
    The US military supports the dollar by destroying countries that sell their oil in other currencies, like Iraq and Libya. The US military is just a bit behind in destroying Iran and Venezuela. It sure is making life hard in those countries, but they are not yet destroyed. Iran seems fairly indestructible lately.

    Poppy Bush is dead, and the CIA was his team. He reorganized it after the Church hearings, did the secret deal with Iran (in Paris) to assure that Iran would not send the hostages home to President Carter, who was concurrently secretly negotiating with Iran. Bush got into the White House with Reagan, and ran the Iran Contra drugs for arms for military parts to Iran for hostages deal. Bill Clinton provided the landing site in Arkansas for the CIA planes full of coke. Bill became a team-player.
    There is a lack of deep state executive power right now. Cheney is still important, but he has an external cardiac assist pump, and he is not a family member like Poppy was, just a retainer.
    Dubya and Jeb are not up to the job, are they?

    The empire needs to negotiate a step-down to a multipolar world.
    China, Russia and Iran are waiting patiently as the strategic situation shifts ever more in their favor. Israel will have to deal with Russia and China, and give up on totally destroying Iran.
    Asia still needs the US as a counterbalance to China. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Indonesia all benefit from the limits the US places on Chinese power. Paying some tribute to the US to keep from paying a ot more to China is a good investment for them.
    There is a good case for a multipolar world, where the great powers are in dynamic balance, and great wars are avoided. The US needs an executive to function in that dynamic, and it has no executive, just a Mexican standoff, where numerous parties have their fingers on triggers to kill other parties, so gridlock.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop has kiddie porn, they say. It has kiddie porn starring Hunter Biden on drugs, they say. The FBI’s top kiddie-porn investigator signed for Hunter’s laptop. That’s confirmed.
    “In an interview this evening with Newsmax TV, former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani announces he has turned over Hunter Biden’s laptop hard-drive to Delaware State Police due to pictures of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.”

    Tomorrow is the last presidential debate, and Donald Trump can either feed Joe Biden into the wood-chipper, or hold him there head first, gazing into it.
    Joe is not a player in this game. Joe is a piece being played. Joe is unelectable. He’s off the board.
    Donald is a player in US electoral politics, set to win the presidency again, and he’s the only clear player to be empowered to play for the empire, on the world stage, at this point.
    Trump’s role will be to negotiate the multipolar world order.
    Nationalism and specific alliances of interests have outmaneuvered the “New World Order” that Poppy Bush spoke so glowingly of. We just can’t afford to be consumed by that big, sloppy blob.

    1. John. Just wanted to say overall your comments are direct, clear well written and helpful. Wont always agree but who fmdoes. Thanks for posting. Btw, I read alot o your links too.

  20. “Liberals are just rightists who understand how to market rightist policies.”

    The way I like to see Republicans vs Democrats is “overt” vs “covert”. Republicans let us know right up front how disgusting and destructive they are, Democrats pretend they’re laudable and then boldface lie about who they are and what they do.

  21. I read an interesting article the other day that appeared to be claiming by extension that all of mankind’s moral decisions are based on smell.
    If that’s true, maybe solving the world’s problems is as simple as giving back psychopaths their sense of smell.

  22. C. you’re a real winner. loved this one! spunky!!!
    i’ve sold my horse my car, clubs and jock strap because of you.
    now what’ll i do.quit Walmart and Amazon and Walk/Run to the local stores.
    OMG. there’ll be peephole there!
    i voted two weeks ago. and now i take it all back. 22 state prepositions like ohhh, ahhh, but yeah nah shudda 5o years ago….but i forgot ’em all plus like 12 city futures to pick like the 15 year rent control. it starts in 15years or wait! 15 years ago. not 1979 sheeeesh so that’s better. and then whatin 15 years fromnow? it’ll be worse. no wait. it keeps renewing because it is alwasy 15 years old. it keep UP! from what. your birthday? the day you moved in? or when it was built. yes. smart peepole. i voted to end it so the old one could live on and die a normal death so this one could replace it if were evenhere in 15 years.
    so that was fun 22 times.
    more fun than a closed roller coaster!
    ps~~ tel yor husband to get up today. and fix this….

  23. Certainly humanity can change, however we have been around 200,000 years and we don’t seem to be able to handle our current situation. Some individuals do fine, but they are not the ones leading the country. In the United States, millions of people are wearing masks, terrified of a virus that is currently killing about one person a day per million. The economy has been destroyed. Of course the only voting that makes sense is to get a third party in the debate. That would be positive change. People currently won’t do it because they prefer voting for the lesser of two evils. Of course the lesser of two evils is still evil. Thinking of positive change when a tribe of evil psychopaths have enough nukes to blow the earth out of orbit is not easy but we have to start somewhere.

  24. “Those who’ve done no serious inner work and never made real changes to themselves think it’s impossible for humanity to change.”

    This is an amazing thing to think about. Based on what is and how it’s been for the last few decades it seems so impossible. But major sweeping change will happen as soon and as simply as the right knowledge spreads like a viral YouTube video does.

  25. “Trump would be polling much higher if he’d actually taken steps to fight the establishment instead of just tweeting about it.” Certainly agree with you Caitlin, NONE are worth voting for, we don’t need no stinking Government ruling OUR lives, stealing from us, lying to us, and getting fat and rich, from us! FUCK OFF GOVERNMENT!
    “The Biden Emails & Big Tech Censorship”

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