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Violence After The Election Will Only Benefit The Powerful: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Any violence arising from the US election or its aftermath will only benefit the powerful, will be used to justify authoritarian agendas which serve the powerful, and will in all probability have been instigated by the powerful.

There are plenty of arguments to be made for situations in which intelligent application of force by the citizenry could have good results. Killing each other over which oligarch crony will be the president is not one of those situations about which such arguments can be made.

Please everybody stay cool and live to fight another day.


Most of the Democratic establishment’s arguments are basically “Vote Biden so we can stop deliberately psychologically brutalizing you with nonstop hysterical clickbait about Trump.” It’s just a more complicated version of “I’ll stop hitting you when you give me what I want.”


Russiagate is the largest clickbait operation in history. It’s a clickbait operation conducted by the entire western political/media class upon the whole world. Only difference is instead of just making money it was designed to reignite the cold war and make money.


The probable next elected leader of the most powerful government on earth frequently exhibits signs that his brain is literally dying, and it ranks like twelfth on his list of flaws.


I don’t know that the Hunter Biden October surprise shows anything more scandalous than you’d expect for any major US presidential nominee. I do know that the uniform conspiracy of silence from the mass media about it is uniquely scandalous and says bad things about the future.


All of the most influential anti-Trumpers support all of Trump’s most evil policies.


The establishment is getting everything it wants out of the Trump administration and if you think you’re sticking it to them by supporting him you’re just as brainwashed as the people you criticize.


MSM isn’t truthful. It isn’t even partisan. At least if it were partisan it would’ve spent the last four years attacking Trump for his warmongering and persecution of Assange, which would have been very politically damaging to him. It’s been lying by omission to Trump’s benefit, because it isn’t biased against Trump, it’s biased for the oligarchic empire.


If you ever want to understand what the US power alliance is doing on the world stage, just think about what it would need to do in order to ensure continual unipolar global domination, then ignore all the excuses it makes up for doing those exact things.


The US empire is the creepiest thing in the world. This smiley faced serial killer monologuing about freedom and democracy and churning out movies about how fun and happy it is while butchering human beings all around the world. The more you think about it the creepier it gets.


Liberal media: Glenn Greenwald is an evil monster because he goes on Fox.

Greenwald: Well can I go on your shows instead then?

Liberal media: LOL no.


I can’t believe there’s still a debate about whether leftists should go on huge conservative platforms or just wait eternally for a call from the liberal platforms who hate them. Yes, getting leftist values into the mainstream by any means is better than being ignored. Duh.

Letting leftist ideas and values remain marginalized under the notion that you’re “legitimizing” people who already have audiences of millions is the absolute dumbest thing you can do. Get the ideas out there if for no other reason than to force the bastards to push back on them.

The left will never have a meaningful movement as long as it’s relegated to the unseen fringes, and there are people whose entire job is figuring out how to keep them there. Don’t give them your marginalization for free; at least make them come out in the open and fight for it.

Refusing to let leftist ideas and values be heard by conservative audiences just deprives conservatives of something they need, and it deprives liberal audiences as well since if you can get your point into the mainstream the liberal platforms have to talk about it too.


Antiwar journalists should never go on Fox to share urgent information with a large audience. They should instead wait until a respectable outlet like CNN will have them on, and keep waiting, and just keep waiting and waiting until we all die in the nuclear winter together.


Leftists are immature children who don’t understand the importance of being practical and making compromises. The real adults are the ones who advocate strategies that never work, believe whatever the TV tells them, and support murderous power structures who constantly destroy lives at home and abroad in the name of an imaginary economic system.


If you were sent to a foreign civilization to report on what they do, you would slowly start absorbing their language, culture and customs, and gradually their strange ways would become the norm for you. Anyway, that’s what goes wrong with journalists who report on politicians.


Anyone you ask will tell you they think world peace would be great, then as soon as you start talking about rolling back the worst disruptors of world peace they start experiencing cognitive dissonance.


In an empire that is held together by propaganda brainwashing, freeing your mind is literally an act of insurrection. That’s why truth tellers are being increasingly treated like terrorists.


An entire globe-spanning empire depends on the ability of the ruling class to keep “unity” an impotent feel-good buzzword instead of something people do to remove their oppressors.


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  • Don’t ever mess with the sound people!

  • The U.S. and most of the world is run by a global crime syndicate. Not that I’m surprised by anything at this point, but how is it possible that the Federal Reserve entrusts $2 trillion to a bank that has been found guilty of five felony charges. One of the charges was for laundering money for Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme.
    “Not only did the Federal Reserve look the other way at five criminal felony counts, but it looked the other way as JPMorgan Chase was repeatedly charged with fraud involving the very same securities it was holding for the Fed.”

    “As of this past Wednesday, the Fed has a $7 trillion balance sheet and $2 trillion of its agency Mortgage-Backed Securities are sitting at JPMorgan Chase, the bank that the Department of Justice has charged with five criminal felony counts since 2014 – all of which it admitted to.”

  • R.I.P.
    Robert Fisk, veteran Middle East correspondent, dies aged 74

  • “The probable next elected leader of the most powerful government on earth frequently exhibits signs that his brain is literally dying, and it ranks like twelfth on his list of flaws.”
    This describes most all of the elected leaders of the most powerful government on earth since 1963. And plenty of them before that date as well.
    “…the uniform conspiracy of silence from the mass media about it is uniquely scandalous and says bad things about the future.”
    The mass corporate media is paid for two things: Say what We tell you to (elitists), and DON’T say what we tell you not to. Your check is in the mail… (or We left it on the bed).
    “If you ever want to understand what the US power alliance is doing on the world stage, just think about what it would need to do in order to ensure continual unipolar global domination, then ignore all the excuses it makes up for doing those exact things.”
    You know the old saying: Empires gotta empire.
    “The US empire is the creepiest thing in the world.”
    It’s pretty creepy. But what’s even creepier are the legions of zombies that perpetuate the Empire like lost deranged sheep without souls or conscience. Empire couldn’t exist and prosper without them.
    “In an empire that is held together by propaganda brainwashing, freeing your mind is literally an act of insurrection. That’s why truth tellers are being increasingly treated like terrorists.”
    Your Mind is OUR mind. You veel believe vhat ve tell you and you shall LIKE IT!
    “An entire globe-spanning empire depends on the ability of the ruling class to keep “unity” an impotent feel-good buzzword instead of something people do to remove their oppressors.”
    “Disorder” makes it more difficult for THEM to control people and events. They need unity to herd us cats to Submission Into Unity under Their control.

  • Ms Johnstone; your call ” for peace ” has little chance of overwhelming the chorus for the direct opposite. The election is tomorrow and even more ” Biden revelations ” are coming out. I can not vote for Trump or Biden’ but the ” political chaos ” can become ” a sight to behold “.
    Historians of the future, pan-frying sowbugs over their campfires, will recollect in wonder and nausea the election of 2020 and the attempted controlled demolition of the USA by the Woke Rebellion and its incongruous avatar, Joe Biden, the Holy Ghost of Grift and Gaslight. All the forces of empire were arrayed in his support, as behind some sacred effigy of an obscure saint in a church processional, and yet all the voting public saw was a pitiful figure ranting at an audience of cars, an old dog barking pointlessly in a parking lot in the gathering darkness.
    This article can be read here:
    The Awful Reckoning by JHK

    • The real problem is that for eight years the Obama administration, in which Joe Biden was the putative Number Two figure engaged on a Helter-Skelter, crazed descent towards mindless confrontation with Russia and also institutionalized a reckless and plain wicked policy of toppling governments around the world in straight defiance of international law.
      The true architect of these policies was neither Obama nor Biden but their first secretary of state Hillary Clinton. It was she who ordered the CIA to collect DNA samples of Latin American national leaders, an unprecedented seven of whom contracted cancers, some of them exceptionally rare and virulent, including two democratically elected presidents of Brazil and the late democratically elected president of Brazil Hugo Chavez who died of his.
      Clinton also unleashed the dogs of chaos and war across the Middle East by approving the undermining and successful toppling of the government of Libya and the undermining although unsuccessful efforts to topple the government of Syria. This unleashed a ferocious civil war, the greatest catastrophe the Middle East has seen since Iraq’s attack on Iran in 1980, also at the time recklessly supported by an ignorant and incompetent president Jimmy Carter.
      This article can be read here:
      The Return of the Democrats and the Undead Past by Martin Sieff!

  • So while reading your article it reminded me of how Hollywood put out thecWizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind and musicals during the Despression. People need such escapes from oppressivd times bdvig a movie ir video game.

  • Like so many people, I despise Joe Biden and his minions for all the harm he has done and will likely do in the future, but I will join others on the real left in voting for him. I think Trump is the greatest threat to respect for people that has ever been in the White House. Perhaps, most important of all is the fact that Trump is far worse in bringing out the most vile emotions in people, and such feelings, including massive contempt and hate for other Americans, and the truth itself, will not just disappear even if Trump is defeated in this election. This is where great evils begin, in us, and leads to even violently supporting them. Hardened anger against science, and violence against certain religions, races, and the people of other countries, and the heightened conceit evoked by Trump will be corroding our country for years to come. He has degraded Americans far beyond what even a creep like Biden has done with all his bad actions.

    So I will not stay home in disgust over the rotten choice that has been forced on us, but will hold my nose and hope not to retch and vote for Biden. I will not feel dirty after voting for Biden, really against Trump, because I do this to help keep this country from going over the tipping point and quickly and irrevocably sliding into fascism, war, and climate annihilation. Biden may be worse on foreign policy than Trump, but give that murderous clown another four years and I am sure we will see this horror of a man doing things overseas even Biden and his crew wouldn’t. At the very least I want Trump’s dirty hands to no longer have in them, the codes to launch a nuclear holocaust. How anyone can rest easy sitting home letting the fate of mankind depend on the latest mood of this egomaniac, is beyond me.

    • Trump has NO say in anything – Trump thinks independently but his hands are tied !!

      Every time Trump tries to make an independent decision – well – Trump Towers catch fire or he is accused of a ‘stormy’ affair with Stormy the porn queen !!

      Biden has dementia and you don’t need to be a Doctor to know that !!

      Trump is there to sign executive orders pertaining to decisions that he does NOT make !!

      JFK was the last independent thinking POTUS – Vale JFK !!

      • I am voting against Trump AND the cast of murderous clowns he brought into his administration. In bringing the evil out of us ensures that our awful governments will only get worse. As powerless as we may seem, the consent of the American people is still necessary AND the Trump gang is encouraging the worst in us in order to have us actively supporting all his hateful policies. The Democrats constantly lie to us, but there is still remedy in learning the real facts. If we are being run by hate and contempt the facts do not have a chance, and that is what Trump most attacks directly.

        What would you rather do: wake up one morning and realize how much you have been lied to and that that had you support what were really awful policies, or wake up after willfully participating in some violent or even murderous misconduct? And who would more easily regret what they have done and change instead of justifying it?

        • “I am voting against Trump AND the cast of murderous clowns he brought into his administration.”

          No. You are voting for the Democrats and you’re naive enough to imagine that your preposterous excuse will work.

          You are signing every bullet or bomb, every fascist measure, every war against the people of this or all other countries and we’ll remember that you signed.

    • I won’t rest easy knowing any of these maniacs can launch a nuclear holocaust next time a glitch in the system says incoming missiles.

      • Take a sleeping pill, it will help. Take two if one doesnt work.

    • I am afraid you are deluded just like others who put their hopes or failures on politicians.

      • The latte sippers want a “respectable” smooth talker to sing them a lullaby while Empire murders millions of innocents around the globe. Trump the buffoon ripped the mask off of the face of Empire. Biden will let them fall back to sleep in front of their TV sets.

        • You nailed it. U.S. exceptionalism/democracy in a nutshell.

        • There’s truth in what you say, Skip, but doesn’t Alan have a point? It’s hard to imagine a more polarizing, demoralizing, and dangerous president than Trump. And while he’s not yet started a new war, I understand the fear that “give (Trump) another four years and I am sure we will see this horror of a man doing things overseas even Biden and his crew wouldn’t.” I live in a solidly blue state and thus had the luxury of voting for an unknown socialist candidate. But if I lived in a swing state, I, too, might have found myself holding my nose, voting for Biden, and then puking…preferably outside the polling place.

          • I am not sure that there would be fewer murders under Biden than Trump. I believe there would have been many more murders had Hillary defeated the Donald in 2016. Furthermore, I would like to see Bill Barr prosecute the perpetrators of RussiaGate. With a Biden win that becomes impossible. With a Trump victory it is merely unlikely. That said, I have foresworn voting for any evil. I have seen the film-flam game too many times.

            • I agree about 2016. Clinton was intent on escalating confrontation with Russia. Trump was an unknown who at least said he wasn’t a warmonger.

        • Biden IS asleep in front of his TV…
          we’ll all have work
          after election…
          no matter who wins.

        • I wanted to say “excellent choice, sir” in response to your entry directly below, but the column had already narrowed to just a couple of letters! I agree, to choose either Trump or Biden would be to support a long established conspicuous liar on matters both trivial and profound. Actually, Biden’s been dispensing lies in the political arena rather longer than Trump for the simple reason he’s been a politician much longer. Jimmy Dore compiled an excellent video of Joe’s embarrassing career months ago. It served to remind me of Sleepy Joe’s almost comical fandango with the truth starting with his brazen plagiarism of Neil Kinnock back in the 80’s. The Donald is equally exposed to his own hypocrisies and gauche behavior but on a different stage in the media–“reality” TV, which is usually about as far from objective reality as one could venture. Whichever guy “wins” tomorrow, America and the world loses yet again. (The rest of the candidates in the field–save for Tulsi Gabbard–were no paragons of virtue either.)

  • What else would one expect after putting psychopaths in charge by way of democracy, which is best demonstrated by gang rape. Without an educated population in possession of a sound moral foundation, democracy is the worst possible form of government. 51% of the amoral idiots forcing 49% of the amoral idiots to live their lives per the desires of the majority, at gunpoint. What makes it the worst is not so much the tyranny involved, though it is just as severe as any other tyranny, but the fact it can and will change direction at the drop of a hat, as it may this week. The fundamental tenet of all governments is the assumption of authority to hold a gun to people’s heads and force them to do this or not do that, and the assumption that government has the sole power to do so, and is the sole source of what this or that might be. We can govern ourselves or be governed by monsters. Pick one.

    • Wishful thinking. Actually 51% telling the other 49% how to live is not bad. Beats a dictatorship where 0.1% tell the other 99.99% how to live. Communism is just as bad. We are incapable of living our own lives when others are hell bent on telling us what to do. Too many busybodies and know-it -alls.

      • It was only within the last few years I realized only a very small percentage of people actually want to be free and that I was wasting a lot of time reasoning with people……

        The goal has to be to be happy. There are many ways…countless off the shelf offerings, but the most rewarding are those customized to our inner self. I don’t waste much time on most people, but have a soft spot for those sincere truth seekers who are getting chewed up by the insanity……

        To be free you have to treat everyone as a guide, although many will present as gatekeepers.

      • All true. The sin of democracy is its pretension of righteousness. The 0.1% don’t bother.

    • Yes, American “democracy” is the shitstorm you describe. But how, at this point, do we Americans begin to govern ourselves instead of being governed by monsters? Intelligent, sensitive people are again questioning whether the very idea of democracy, of the people governing themselves, is workable –whether we might be better off with some sort of Chinese or Vietnamese model despite their authoritarian downsides. During the first Gilded Age, compelling doubts were expressed about whether capitalism, in the long run, is compatible with democracy. Indeed, democracy itself was deemed to be essentially an economic system, the polar opposite of capitalism.


      • At least one of the logical alternatives is real anarchy, not the chaos presented as such. There is no service that a gang of psychopaths and its gang of armed thugs can supply better than private party(s) acting in their own self interest, without coercion as an option. In a true free market, one can only gain wealth by serving others, by supplying the best product or service that people want or need at the lowest price. Democracy is far from people governing themselves. It’s people governed by the majority, which have never displayed any special reason or morality. The smallest and most abused minority is the individual.

    • The only place where the US is still portrayed as a democracy is in the corporate mass media. It is a full on plutocracy.

  • Anyone who believes that actual cast votes will be legitimately counted to arrive at an indisputable winner representing the objective will of the people rather than convenient numbers being conjured out of thin air and proffered to justify a choice already made by the power elites is just being naive. All the Sturm und Drang before the final act of the drama and all the celebratory hullaballoo afterwards is just to deflect any suspicions that gullible Americans may have about the legitimacy of the whole bizarre and byzantine process. The professionals have had a lot of experience orchestrating such performances for generations.
    If they want another 4 years of Trump they will cook the books and hack the computers to accomplish that just as they did last time. If they no longer have a use for Trump, he will be proclaimed the loser and gibbering Joe Biden will be declared the winner no matter what really happens at the polls. The public will never know the gods’ truth of the matter. It’s easier to steal an American election than it is to counterfeit an American bank note.
    Even if pristine digital evidence of cheating were to survive and emerge through the fog of relentless obfuscating propaganda, it would be as surely ignored as all the evidence relating to the infamous Clinton emails and how they got out of the bag with absolutely no hacking or involvement of Russia in the last presidential campaign. Contrived narratives, not reality, determines the course of political events in the American Empire. Recognise it. Deal with it in whatever way keeps you from going stark raving bonkers.

    • Very well said
      Readers might also be interested in the following:
      • The great falsehood of our time (Lie of Democracy) Konstantin Pobedonostev
      From the book “Reflections of a Russian statesman” (1898) by Konstantin Pobedonostev
      • Matthew Raphael Johnson discusses Konstantin Pobedonostsev

      The book
      • “Reflections of a Russian statesman” (1898) by Konstantin Pobedonostev
      and a relevant quote:
      “Democracy, as practised in Western Europe today, is the forerunner of Marxism. In fact, the latter would not be conceivable without the former. Democracy is the breeding ground in which the bacilli of the Marxist world pest can grow and spread.”

    • “Contrived narratives, not reality, determines the course of political events in the American Empire.”
      The death of George Floyd, which sparked months of political protests, was not reality, but a contrived narrative?

      • Most likely so. Not his death, but the cause. Even if it isn’t, there is no proportionality applied to it. Yes, police kill people. Often without cause. Sometimes race may be a factor. That does not make every white male a racist. In fact, the US is one of, if not the least racist nations on the planet. Blacks in the US are the most pampered minority there is. They are given abundant privileges based on race alone.

        • If I interacted with people carrying guns and failed to follow their orders, there is a strong possibility I would get shot. Doesnt matter if I am right or wrong. Doesnt matter if the orders are ridiculous. Now when I also interact with guns pointing at me, if I twitch wrong, i can get shot. People are idiots, metally deranged, mentally impaired or suicidal when this happens. Ah, but it is wrong. So is getting hit and killed by flying debris during a hurricane while going outside. Blame the cops, blame the guns or blame the perps. Doesnt matter who you blame. You are still dead. Or use some common sense and stay alive.

      • Which version of that specific story do you choose to believe and why? Asphyxiation? Overdose? Cardiac arrest? Are you aware of the lengthy interaction between Floyd and the cops before they took him OUT of THEIR car and let him lie on the ground because he claimed shortness of breath soon after being extracted from his OWN car–well before he expired on the pavement? Knee on the neck, not advisable (though common protocol) but may or may not be cause of death. Did you view the body cam shots from the beginning? Hard to know yet what version of the story to believe. What I can predict is that the prosecution and defense will both have vastly different tales to tell at trial.
        Perhaps not every received bit of knowledge dispensed by the media is fabricated, but the deceptions happen far too often when ANY intentional prevarication is despicable and dysfunctional. Besides, most events are such long chains of individual working parts, it’s difficult to get a consistent story even if you ask a group of people all of whom witnessed the same event. You might be wrong in your interpretation of events even though you are trying to be honest and accurate.
        Ever watch a slo-mo instant replay of a disputed call in the NFL? Even when parsed isolated at high magnification the refs and the TV announcers often cannot agree to what they have just seen! Ultimately some narrative is chosen over all others as the official (not absolute) truth.
        So, yeah, we are constantly building narratives of what we believe to be the truth from what we perceive through out senses, though often with gaps, distortions and other limitations. Your parents’, your friends’, your supervisors’, your parole officer’s or your enemies’ narrative of your life may be very different from the one you yourself accept as the truth. Most folks do not set out to construct such a narrative that runs counter to their own interests. Consider it a bias-generating survival mechanism probably selected in the course of Darwinian evolution. We learn what is advantageous and what we think is true. We learn that the two are not always compatible. How far the two views deviate is arguably an approximation of character.

        • A police officer with his knee on George Floyd’s neck for at least seven minutes, while others pointed out George was dying. Is there anyone who disputes that narrative?

          • Apparently, along with the much larger, longer, indisputable narrative of unnecessary and brutal police violence toward black people and other vulnerable minorities. While each such incident deserves to be understood in context, that context itself is a given for any reasonable, well-meaning American. As they say, the exception (when found) only proves the rule.

            • I think the psychos think the sky’ll fall on them last, and that’s as far as they want”Apparently.”
              Like who? Even the police and their lawyers only dispute the exact length of time Chauvin had his knee on George’s neck.
              Seems to me that narrative is undisputed and uncontrived, and it resonated with many around the world, whatever the details of how they interpreted it or reacted to it. to see.

              • Sorry, NEWTON, that reply should start at “Apparently.”
                Don’t know what happened.

        • I believe this version. Floyd got high on drugs. Then went outside and caught the attention of the cops. Then he died. Case closed.

      • The officer that supposedly killed him – had worked with him in the same security company for quite some years – amazing how these events are all captured on camera – It was staged – the ‘news’ is now complete fantasy !

      • I do – George Floyds apparent ‘death’ was used to turbo boost the George Soros funded BLM movement !!
        It was also used to start the ‘defund’ the police movement and now Police officers in Philadelphia are banned from using rubber bullets or tear gas on the ‘peaceful’ domestic TERRORISTS !!

        Of course ‘ Divide and Conquer ‘ is always the strategy of choice of the deep state – out of chaos comes order !!

        Russia and China are well aware of this strategy – Russia has banned most foreign NGOs’.

        ZIO/US is currently using the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy on Taiwan and China – they NEVER give up !

    • You are correct, Realist. Computer balloting was ” mandated ” to make sure that cheating was guaranteed throughout these United States. This country is going to experience a very bloody week.

  • Election violence, like the pre-election violence, is a tactic and a diversion, the participants unwitting expendable fools. Follow the money, as they say. Yet there is another dynamic beyond which figurehead occupies the position. The global corporate elites have a plan of total technological subjugation of the masses and this particular election threatens to interfere with that process. Street fighting only plays into their hand. Where the proponents at the forefront of this great reset made a mistake is in not being quick enough and the game afoot is becoming recognized. It is a mistake of arrogance. Timing is everything and overconfidence in their abilities has put them in a less desirable position. President Harris would give them what they need with alacrity and President Trump would create endless difficulties. It was Putin who described negotiating with Trump like playing chess with a duck. He quacks a lot, shits all over the board, knocking over the pieces and then waddles off. The global conspirators act as any other terrorist organization without a central command, each cell ideologically united to the cause but acting independently as it sees fit. Organizations like the Atlantic Council and World Economic Forum maintain focus readily while cells subject to turmoil like local governments and rogue corporations detract from efficiency. Having an untried plan is not implementing that plan. This is our saving grace, for if there’s a chance, it is in the deeds done incompetently. Defining the actual issue to enough people is the challenge. The longer the process drags out the more become aware and a counter movement forms. Violence is the tool for when enough will rise but not in the mass numbers needed to force a peaceful capitulation.

    • I heard the quote was directed at negotiating with Obama, and it was a pigeon, not a duck. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board, and then struts away declaring victory.

      • Sort of reminds me of George Castanza.

      • LOL. Are you sure it was a bird? Maybe it was a weasel, a dirty rat or a snake in the grass? If it was a bird, the actions sound more typical of a turkey rather than a noble water fowl. The shit part seems plausible, but was it typical bird guano, floating logs, tight round sinkers or explosive diarrhea? If it strutted rather than waddled, it was definitely Obama. That’s my narrative and I’m sticking to it.

  • “Any violence arising from the US election or its aftermath will only benefit the powerful.”
    I do hope Caitlin’s wrong about this. If it were true, it would mean any post-electoral violence, whether from the Proud Boys, the police, or the US state in the form of another war, would benefit the powerful. And such violence, never mind the everyday violence of US capitalism reducing lives to misery, is likely to continue whoever wins.

    • Election violence has already started with suggestions that the proud boys and so called security companies will patrol the streets armed with weapons the army take with them to the battlefield and all this on the streets of USA.
      Violence begins when you are threatened with violence

      Across the world the USA behaves as if it is the ruler of this whole planet dishing out punishments and rewards outside its jurisdiction as if it were a god .
      The truth is most of what it does is akin to evil

      • The violence of the USA globally, and the Proud Boys domestically, began when they were threatened with violence?

        • My father told me when he was a kid two other kids cornered him in front of a local pharmacy and proceeded to beat him up. He then had no choice but to fight. He proceeded to whip their ass. The pharmicist watched the whole thing without intervening. After the kids run off he came out took my dad inside. Tended to his wounds and gave him an ice cream never mentioning what happened. There are several lessons in this story but most would see the wrong ones.

          • Wow, that’s pratically koan …
            And you handled it like a master … Thanks for not spilling the beans on the any of the lesson(s) … We’ll all be wondering.

  • Ms Johnstone, ” the powerful ” are depending on complete chaos after the election to do away with ” the U.S. Constitution, the Congress, and the Courts ” and replace them with ” Martial Law “. No more rights or freedoms or choices will be permitted. Everyone will follow orders or be shot.
    The opinions of other humans can bring insight!
    Donald Trump, like all Presidents, has fulfilled the two critical jobs expected of him, protecting Wall Street and the military budget. What else has he done?
    A Vaporware Executive: An Attitude, Not a President By Fred Reed
    ‘Democracy’ is popular because of the illusion of choice and participation it provides, but when you live in a society like ours where most people’s knowledge of the world extends no further than sports, sitcoms, reality shows and celebrity gossip, it’s downright dangerous. Until people are properly educated and informed, democracy is nothing more than a clever tool used by the ruling class to subjugate the rest of us. Noam Chomsky, who can’t get published in his own country, put it this way: ‘It is regrettably, no exaggeration to say that we are living in an era of irrationality, deception, confusion, anger, and unfocussed fear – an ominous combination, with few precedents. There has never been a time when it was so important to have a voice of sanity, insight, understanding of what is happening in the world…’
    This article can be read here:
    As Henry Cate said – ¨The problem with political jokes is that they tend to get elected¨ By Joan Coxsedge
    Calling this “our democracy” is like slaves referring to “our plantation”
    By Frank Scott
    The United States bloodbath hits center stage this week; the owners and the masters are hungry for it.

  • When the sky falls, it will fall on every, single, human, being.
    There is no plan(et) B.
    The fact that the psychos who rule can’t see this is frightening.

    • Right now, they think New Zealand is on another planet. But one little missile or one large ecosystem collapse…

    • I wonder if that is why Elon Musk is making plans to live on Mars.

  • This is another reason the US hates Russia.


    Putin must be a fan of Oscar Wilde who said :

    ” Always forgive your enemies – Nothing annoys them as much “

  • The ‘Deep State’ (courtesy of the deep state media) have successfully ‘divided’ the most heavily armed population on the planet – guns are being sold in record numbers and the anti – gun lobby has been deliberately and completely silenced !!

    Civil War is the desired result !

    Assange’s drawn out prosecution is an intended, obscene warning to other potential ‘truthers’ – DON’T even think about it !!

    • Fear not, President Harris will be bringing back mass-casualty events before next summer …

  • Cate, you state: “Refusing to let leftist ideas and values be heard by conservative audiences just deprives conservatives of something they need…”

    Because “left“ is analogous to “Progressive”, but doesn’t contain the politically charged suggestion of the bogeyman “communism“, progressive values would be much better served by using the word “progressive“, rather than “left.“
    If my high school Latin serves me correctly, the word for“left“ is “sinistra” which sounds like “sinister” and carries that negative baggage.
    “Right” connotes positive things like “correct”, or “righteous.”
    So those who believe in progressive values would do well to encourage the word “progressive” and discourage the word “leftist.“

    • When a term gets a bad rep they just change it. Euthanasia becomes end life decisions. Eugenics becomes planned parenthood, progressive or whatever term Bill Gates is currently using. Aborting the unborn becomes prochoice. Then other terms are simply kept and rebranded like the term feminism. Marketing is powerful. People are so susceptible to marketing, just attack their core beliefs to find out.

      • damn i thought that was Youth in Asia.
        of well. i’m just catching up. i got a kinda fluey feeling.
        And … i’m gonna go and listen to kingston trio records.
        South Africans hate the Dutch
        and i dont like anybody very much.
        virus is better than nukes so do not worry. viruses leave factories intact so you will always have woks that work.
        All this from Agenda 2020, 2030 and the Rockefeller Foundation.

  • As though somehow Jesus was the one and only human that has ever been sacrificed to a Sun God. Western Civilization would collapse in a heartbeat without a constant supply of humans to feed the Gods. What do I think of humans personally? Not much. If you can’t figure out that God, whatever the hell that might be is talking to you personally, then you’re no different than the rest of the animals that you all eat. Let’s not forget that Hitler was a vegan. That the modern method of raising chickens that we now consider to be abusive was proudly a Jewish invention, and the interior sleeping quarters of the camps mimicked what the birds had to endure. But you all running around like chickens without heads because you refuse to recognize that you’re just another piece of straw on the camel’s back if everyday of your life is not devoted to the love and care of comete strangers.

  • I keep trying to have hope for the citizens of the United States to wake up, but I have trouble believing it will happen. The United States steals about 25 percent of the wealth of the world with a small percent of the population. It is burning up the oil, eating the bananas, sucking the fish out of the ocean, drinking the wine and buying billions of dollars of shit made by the Chinese. A small percentage of people have most of the wealth. But the imbecile population is sitting at home watching Netflix and wearing dirty masks. They have no idea what is coming down the pike and they wouldn’t believe it if you told them. “It can’t happen here, ” they would say. Well is is going to happen, just a matter of when, the plug will pop and the clueless population of the “greatest country in the world.” will be sucked down the drain.

    • Same applies to Europe though. We’re in for a rude awakening here as well.

  • WoW! Spot on, Caitlin.
    Keep up the good work.

  • https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/11/rejecting-salvation.html
    Why Propaganda is Vital In Upholding The Illusion of a Democracy​ Cynthia Chung​
    ​ ​The Arthashastra written by Chankya (350-283 BCE) who was chief advisor to the Emperor Chandragupta (the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire) discusses propaganda and how to disperse and apply it in warfare. It is one of the oldest accounts of the essentialism of propaganda in warfare.
    ​ ​Propaganda is vital in times of war because it is absolutely imperative that the people, who often need to make the greatest sacrifices and suffer the most, believe that such a war is justified and that such a war will provide them security. To the degree that they believe this to be true, the greater the degree of sacrifice and suffering they are willing to submit themselves for said “promised security”.
    ​ ​It is crucial that when the people look at the “enemy” they see something sub-human, for if they recognise that said “enemy” has in fact humanity, the jig is up so to speak.​”…
    ​ ​Mass propaganda is the very reason why in this so-called “age of information”, we are more confused and divided from each other than ever
    ​…​There a many different forms of warfare, but namely there is warfare that exists in the physical domain of aggression vs defense and warfare that exists in the mental domain of ideas.​..
    ​ Though we still use much of the same old strategies today, war is ever more located on the plane of ideas, and along with this the ever increasing focus on the manipulation of information and the populace’s perspective of who is good and who is bad.
    ​ ​The war that needs to be fought against the present tyranny is thus increasingly a mental war.​..
    ​ ​The higher battle ground is being fought on the plane of ideas and which proposed ‘new system’ will replace the current collapsing one we are presently in. On the one side the hegemonic rule of a one world government who thinks that they can use force and oppression to rule and on the other side a multi-polar system of cooperating nation states committed to progress that will offer a real qualitative return for the future.​..
    ​ ​Orwell identifies this under two forms of “doublethink”, which are “crimestop” and “blackwhite”. “Crimestop” meaning the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of a dangerous thought.
    ​ ​Orwell further states “It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments…and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop in short, means protective stupidity.”
    ​ ​“Blackwhite”, is the act of contradiction of plain facts, applied to an opponent. And when applied to the Party, it is the willingness to say black is white when the Party discipline demands it so.​..
    ​ Orwell continues “The splitting of the intelligence which the Party requires of its members, and which is more easily achieved in an atmosphere of war, is now almost universal, but the higher up the ranks one goes, the more marked it becomes. It is precisely in the Inner Party that war hysteria and hatred of the enemy are strongest.” ​…(Does anybody come to mind?)

    ​ ​After all, you live in a system whose managers either are too dumb to understand the Vitamin D data (very unlikely) or have decided that they’d rather not promote it to the general populace for some reason. It’s a ridiculously safe vitamin with almost zero downside and virtually unlimited upside.
    ​ ​Either they’re colossally dumb, or this is a calculated decision. They’re not dumb. So we have to ask: What’s the calculation being performed here? It’s not public safety. It’s not your personal health. So… What is it?
    ​ ​This is our line of questioning and observation. It’s like the short story by Arthur Conan Doyle in Silver Blaze that many of us informally know as “the case of the dog that didn’t bark”. As the story goes, because of a missing clue – a dog who remained silent as a murder was committed – this conclusion could be drawn: the dog was already familiar with the killer!
    ​ ​The silence around Vitamin D alone is extremely telling. It is the pharmacological dog that did not bark.
    ​ ​One true inference suggests others. Here, too, we can deduce from the near total silence around Vitamin D that the health managers would prefer not to talk about it. They don’t want people to know. That much is painfully clear.
    ​ ​Such lack of promotion (let alone appropriate study) of safe, effective treatments is a thread that, if tugged, can unravel the whole rug. The silence tells us everything we need to know.
    ​ ​Do they want people to suffer and die? I don’t know. My belief systems certainly hope not. Perhaps the death and suffering are merely collateral damage as they pursue a different goal — money, power, politics? Simply the depressing result of a contentious election year? More than that?

    • Iran wasn’t ‘faking’ it – I believe they ‘received’ a severe strain of the virus – they same one they will use on Americans no doubt !

      The media has already ‘flagged’ the more deadly virus – scarlet fever has also made a ‘mysterious’ comeback according to the media !

      I’m pinning my hopes on Russia as they stopped the Ebola hoax in its tracks by providing a vaccine to Africa free of charge !!
      Ebola went down the Orwellian ‘memory’ hole !!

    • Cant we just pick up Vitamin D by going outside on a sunny day.

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