Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the United States is now all but certain.

In order to have any chance of successfully advancing his legal narrative of electoral shenanigans President Trump would have to both (A) really want to remain president and (B) have the backing of sufficiently large power structures, neither of which appear to be the case. When you’re a Republican president and Murdoch is actively fighting against you, it doesn’t matter what the facts are. The narrative war is lost. Trump is done.

[Forrest Gump voice:] And just like that, the Russians were gone.

Every Kremlin agent hiding under every bed, every Saint Petersburg troll lurking around every corner, every Russian hacker we’ve been told was working around the clock to destroy America’s imaginary democracy–poof! We’re not hearing a word about them anymore.

If the Russians had really been trying to influence this election, as we’ve been told for years they most definitely would, and if foreign election interference really is an act of war comparable to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, as we’ve been told for years that it is, then it should be just as big a deal regardless of which candidate win. Yet we’re not hearing a peep on the subject from the blue-checkmarked commentariat who’ve been shrieking about the Russian menace for four years.

We have, oh so very predictably, been hearing a fair bit about China though.

Liberals are heaving a sigh of relief around the country, not because their actual lives have gotten much worse as a result of Trump’s presidency (they have not), but because it means at long last they’ll stop being psychologically abused by the mass media who’ve been screaming hysterical nonsense in their faces and making them feel crazy.

Bit by bit cautious celebrations are beginning to erupt from coast to coast (okay maybe just the coasts) as Biden’s January inauguration becomes less of a possibility and more of a certainty. It’s not the thunderous rejoicing it will be when they make it official, but little expressions of glee are popping up everywhere. Kids are being hugged. Parents are being called. Bold tie choices are being made.

“At long last there will be adults in the White House again!” goes the common refrain.

And I couldn’t agree more! I think we’re all breathing a lot easier knowing that the US government will now be run by grown-ups who murder people instead of emotionally stunted children who murder people. We’ll all sleep so much better knowing that there are adults in the room who murder people, and that the insatiable US murder monster is under competent management once more.

And make no mistake, murdering people is what the Biden administration will be doing. This will in fact be the only president in recent memory who actually campaigned on being more interventionist and attacking his opponent for not being hawkish enough. Trump ran on a platform of scaling back US interventionism, as did Obama, as did even Bush, but Biden did the opposite. He is beginning from a much more hawkish position than he predecessors right off the bat.

Add to this the bloodthirsty ghouls who appear likely to wind up in Biden’s cabinet and the hawkish rhetoric of his foreign policy advisors, and you’re likely looking at a president who will serve as an empty vessel for whatever the US war machine wants to pour into him. Mass murders are being planned, and it’s going to get ugly.

It’s odd, you know. US political leaders are so revered by the media and so normalized on our screens that it’s easy to forget how many children they’ve killed. You see the doddering old man eating ice cream enough times and it becomes difficult to marry him in your mind with the butcher who played a crucial leading role in advancing the Iraq invasion which killed a million people and ushered in an unprecedented new age of military expansionism.

But the important thing is that he won’t be making rude tweets and bungling coup attempts in the Global South. He will be a Competent Grown-Up, like the daddy we always wanted. He will pilot the insatiable death machine with grace and decency, right into the homes of the world’s most vulnerable.


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83 responses to “US Murder Machine Now Under Competent Management”

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  2. So much to do about Russian interference. There are advantages.

    If you are sleeping with your partner and you fart. Blame it on Putin since he is hiding under your bed.

  3. “And I couldn’t agree more! I think we’re all breathing a lot easier knowing that the US government will now be run by grown-ups who murder people instead of emotionally stunted children who murder people.”

    Nailed it

  4. Still the same management as 2015, except Poppy Bush died, right? It’s still Bushes and Clintons and their retainers like President Cheney and President Obama.
    This Trump thing was a practical joke.
    Get Back To Work!

  5. FYI Two Capitalist Parties Compete, Humanity Loses

    November 6, 2020 BY Rob Urie

  6. #Elections2020: A Nation of Televangelists
    This piece was almost written when the word got out about calling for Biden’s victory, so I get to it in the middle of the story.
    ABOUT : I am Tessa Lena, and I fight robots.

  7. Looks like the Russians wanted Biden to win this one.

  8. This is why I am against Clinate Change. It has taken the conversation away from true ecological disasters such as the article linked below.

    1. Exactly. The ecosphere is being destroyed, all 100% human-caused and therefore 100% human-fixable. But the politicians would rather bloviate about something they know very little about, and most of them know can’t really be fixed by humans in any complete or timely way. Meanwhile, the destruction continues.

  9. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    There’s an odd feeling right now in The Exceptional Nation. Half the nation dances with joy as if some great dragon has been done away with. The other half is seething like volcano lava that is getting ready to blow and send hot magma in every direction. One wonders what will be the first location in Exceptional-land that the eruption becomes evident and how far the magma will spread.
    Most everyone agrees that things feel wrong. One half of the nation believes that the last four years have been some kind of Twilight Zone mistake. And other side knows that so much corruption and rot has taken hold that the stench is becoming unbearable.
    The biggest event in all these four years is not that Donald Trump made America great or that the Dems have risen from the grave to reclaim the chosen land. The biggest thing is that millions and millions of Americans can no longer believe in some of the myths they used to fall for. Myths like The Exceptional Nation. Myths like the voting process works. Myths that elections are not riddled with corruption. Myths like the American Dream where you can work hard and get ahead. These myths and more have been shattered and can not be reassembled. And more and more people know that now.
    The next question becomes, so what are The Handlers going to do about that? They aren’t stupid. They read the tea leaves. They don’t want any trouble from The Riff Raff. There will be a forceful response to deal with the emerging awareness of the public, and it won’t be pretty.
    All you people that are dancing right now… enjoy it while you can. It won’t last long. Pretty soon, you’ll be joining with The Other Half that already knows that an ill wind is blowing across the land. First it will burn your face and foul your senses. Then it will blow your walls down. And finally, it will…

  10. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    It won’t be long until the Democrat supporters now celebrating open their candy box and find a dead rat inside.

  11. The fact remains that the election has produced a result in which it is abundantly clear that one half of the United States of American electorate precisely voted to oust the other half. It is gridlock – with the Supreme Court and Senate in the hands of one party, and the House of Representatives and White House (possibly) in the hands of the other. As Glenn Greenwald warns:
    No matter what the final result, there will be substantial doubts about its legitimacy by one side or the other, perhaps both. And no deranged conspiracy thinking is required for that. An electoral system suffused with this much chaos, error, protracted outcomes and seemingly inexplicable reversals will sow doubt and distrust even among the most rational citizens.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Gridlock – Joe Biden May or May Not Win, but Donald Trump Remains “President” of Red America by Alastair Crooke!

  12. If Biden wins, do we get to call him Putin’s puppet?

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Oh, no. China will become the new demon.

  13. Your first link goes to a MSM paywalled site? Is that supposed to be real journalism?

  14. Well, it’s over. Not the election. The capitalist democracy. However biased it was towards the interests of the rich and however hostile it was to the poor and minorities, the capitalist democracy at least offered the possibility of incremental and piecemeal reform. Now it is a corpse. The iconography and rhetoric remain the same. But it is an elaborate and empty reality show funded by the ruling oligarchs — $1.51 billion for the Biden campaign and $1.57 billion for the Trump campaign — to make us think there are choices. There are not. The empty jousting between a bloviating Trump and a verbally impaired Joe Biden is designed to mask the truth. The oligarchs always win. The people always lose. It does not matter who sits in the White House. America is a failed state.
    “The American Dream has run out of gas,” wrote the novelist J.G. Ballard. “The car has stopped. It no longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams, its fantasies. No more. It’s over. It supplies the world with its nightmares now.”
    This article can be read here:
    American Requiem By Chris Hedges!

    1. Too true, the US nightmare isn’t out of gas. It supplies the world with coups, bombings, invasions, sanctions, instability, death and chaos. Even on the simple topic of gas, the US military is the largest institutional consumer of oil in the world.
      “The US Military and Oil”,the%20Earth%2C%20assuming%2025%20mpg.

  15. The House always wins!!
    The heart of the matter is that this think tank gaming transcends both Red and Blue. It’s all about the Deep State’s end game.
    There’s nothing like a massive psy ops embedded in a WWE-themed theater under the sign of Divide and Rule to pit mob vs. mob, with half of the mob rebelling against what it perceives as an illegitimate government. The 0.00001% comfortably surveys the not only metaphorical carnage from above.
    Even as the Deep State, using its Blue minions, would never have allowed codename Buffoon to prevail, again, domestic Divide and Rule might be seen as the least disastrous outcome for the world at large.
    A civil war context in theory distracts the Deep State from bombing more Global South latitudes into the dystopian “democracy” charade it is now enacting.
    And yet a domestic Empire of Chaos gridlock may well encourage more foreign adventures as a necessary diversion to tie the room together.
    And that’s the beauty of the Blue gaming exercise: the House wins, one way or another.
    This article can be read here:
    Bidding farewell to America’s failed democracy By Pepe Escobar!

  16. I read somewhere that one of the persons considered for a Biden government was called Anne-Marie Slaughter. Can’t make that stuff up :o)

    1. I recall that she was championing a concept named “concert of democracies”, but one can hope that she will not live up to her name, and Biden, as it is usual, will break some promises. Or forget them.

    1. “His main issue is that he likes the sound of his own voice too much, he voices his own opinions too much, he’s egotistical, too flippant and needs to get off twitter.”
      Absolute garbage (though that may be why some people hate him).
      His main issue is that he was president of the US Empire, and did little to steer it away from a course of planetary destruction, and much to keep it bulldozing ahead.

  17. Does this mean Hunter gets his job back at Burisma?

  18. Some readers along with me have surely noticed and been puzzled by an almost “bipolar” shift of mood or tone in Caitlin’s posts during the last several months. We get depressing posts like this one, essentially an accurate assessment of what a Biden presidency will look like (at least short-term), and then we get an occasional uplifting post about a potential moral/spiritual evolution of humanity which may be working its way out behind the scenes. And if many who see this recurring shift are honest with themselves, they will admit that the same “bipolar” process–down/up/down again/up again–is being experienced in their own inner lives. So, IMHO, what is going on here? Although Caitlin leans toward Eastern forms of spiritualty, this unorthodox believer in Jesus will frame his answer in the terms of this tradition, leaving others grounded in other religious traditions–or none at all–to explain the enigma to themselves (and perhaps to us) in different ways. Another unorthodox believer in Jesus, named Albert Schweitzer, said that by far the most difficult demand Jesus makes upon those who would follow him is to believe that the Kingdom of God (that better, more beautiful world we dream about, in its full glory) will come on earth. What makes this demand so difficult is obvious–just look around and try to imagine how all this pervasive evil could be overcome, transcended, healed. It defies all reason, all odds, all of history, all of what we call “reality,” to believe–better yet, borrowing from William James, to will to believe–that somehow, someway, someday (and clearly it must be sooner rather than later), we human beings, as a species, will evolve ethically/spiritually so that we might continue to live, with a myriad of other species, in this fragile, decaying, ever-more-threatened, ever-more-dangerous world. So I think that what we see in Caitlin’s “bipolar” posts, what many of us see in our own interior dialogues, is a sudden shifting back and forth, up and down, as we summon the courage to believe that the Kingdom will come on earth, only to look around once more and feel that courage crumble in the face of entrenched and escalating evil. To return to Schweitzer, he also said that humankind, on its own, could not bring about this better, more beautiful world, that we could only work in modest and limited ways toward it, that instead it could come only as a gift–and that the best we could do was remain open to that gift by engaging in a most difficult struggle: willing ourselves, eyes open to reality, to believe in its coming.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Caitlin see clearly and speaks the truth, much like Julian Assange. I am a Marxist and supported the SEP, and I believe that the now-euphoric innocents celebrating the Biden/Harris win are in for a rude awakening. Caitlin has been calling the world political scene correctly from day one. I am not a pacifist, nor do I support any kind of mysticism. But everyone has something to fall back on in times of turmoil. As long as Caitlin continues her admirable hawk-eyed reporting on Empire, I will continue to support her.

    2. Thankyou Newton. I love Caitlin’s writing, and share her rage and despair – but love what you have written, and share your hope. Thankyou.

      1. I appreciate your kind words, Kathnz. I, too, love Caitlin’s work, the incisive analysis of the dark side and the bursts of sunlight cutting through it–the rage and despair as you call it–both delivered in a style entirely her own.

  19. I do not support either major political party in America, but even I noticed a difference in the “Trump led” Republicans. Also there is enough global murder going on among all countries.

  20. LOL. Then later at the War Crimes Tribunal; crimes against humanity etcetera, Biden will claim that he doesn’t remember, can’t recall, etcetera and everyone will believe him, because that’s why he was ever offered up as a nominee in the first place, so even though they’ll make him the fall guy, he’ll still be lovable and innocent, and the deaths of 100 million Americans will be reduced to an unfortunate mishap of political intrigue.

  21. Thank you Caitlin Johnstone for reminding us that Biden “ushered in an unprecedented new age of military expansionism.” You are right it Is no time to be complacent. I think what you wrote is true and does represent what he did, and how much we need to be against him and his murderous crew, and their accomplices in the media.

    I am also relieved to see that the American people can still get rid of the closest thing we have ever had to Hitler. And perhaps, people’s efforts to repair the damage he did to core American values especially the equality of all people, including in economics and the the peoples of other countries can be successful. I think Lincoln described what we need to do in his Second Inaugural Address: “With malice toward none and charity for all with FIRMNESS in the right…” We should not gloat or lord it over Trumpites and any honest regret for supporting Trump’s madness should be welcomed. This is no time for another version of a Versailles Treaty. We need, as much as possible, a united front against the evils Biden will want to continue.

    1. You just dont get it. Trump was only a magnifying glass on politics and you just didnt like it. When hitler finally arrives I feel people like you will be the first to cheer him on. Of course you will not see them like that until it is far too late.

      1. Hyperbole on your part, now. No, we didn’t “like” Trump. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. And we don’t like Biden either. Not a thing wrong with either position. Stop playing the us against them card. “A house divided against itself will not stand.”

        1. When I see Trump haters calling him the closest thing to Hitler use such language for some politicians on the left, I will believe you. Until then I think you are just fooling yourself. There are many people far more dangerous in politics than Trump.

          1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
            Carolyn L Zaremba

            Yeah, like Joe Biden.

  22. Of course nothing will change. After all, no government has ever demonstrated competence or effectiveness at anything except killing people, which they are quite good at. They produce nothing. Which means they’re parasites, and not very good ones, since the most successful parasites do not kill their host. Now on to the CAPTCHA eye test.

    1. Come on, some governments have lifted a lot of their citizens out of abject poverty, and done it quite quickly, though they often end up the victims of coups, wars and assassinations if they aren’t careful.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        The Russian Revolution lifted more people out of poverty and illiteracy faster than anybody.

        1. What Russia did was indeed extraordinary, Carolyn, but Cuba likely did even better if the eradication of poverty, illiteracy, etc., were measured per capita. And, sad to say, American Empire finally got the best of the Soviet Union (strange story that), while Cuba remains, at least for now, proud and strong.

      2. No government is capable of lifting anyone out of poverty. They produce nothing, and so have no money they didn’t steal, or as in the US, borrowed in the name of the people’s progeny for several generations. The very best government is the one that leaves its people alone, and lets them keep the wealth they create. By that I don’t mean leave the professional thieves alone to steal from the rest like they do in the US and various other nations. The only service government can supply to increase the living standards of people is to protect their property and their rights from those who would take all they have. Instead, they are far more often in league with those thieves.

  23. Do you expect the BLM to dissipate if Biden wins?

    Along the lines of, you mean you believed that anyone was bothered about police extra judicial killings in the US? Are you f*cking stupid? It was just to dog and undermine the Trump presidency, ‘cos heh, when you’re fighting untermenschen anything goes, right? (Hat tip to Gene Sharp for designing these tactics, very effective not only abroad but also at home).

  24. I suspect the new boss will be bringing the war home to America.
    He’s gonna have to do something to distract us from the economic collapse already far advanced, with grand plans to stay the course and keep creating new funny money from debt.
    Then there’s that pesky pandemic he really hasn’t suggested anything new to try to eradicate. (Doubling the testing program–Joe’s brainstorm–is not a new or even promising concept.) Maybe he’ll catch a lethal dose of the covid himself, and he’ll be the last white man they erect a statue to honor.
    It will keep getting hotter and more polluted on this planet, and not just from Greta’s endless verbiage. (Imagine being 16 and already the world refers to Ms. Thunburg by a single name. Caitlin might be jealous. Not me, the world doesn’t know either one of mine, which is how I like it.)
    Potable water is being rapidly polluted, tapped out, and too expensive to use for drinking because it’s being squandered to frack for the natural gas and oil our unctuous oligarchs would prefer to sell to Europe in this vain folly to “isolate Russia.” (Or what John McStain referred to as “Gas station Russia.” Funny how Obomber embraced this concept after browbeating McStain for it during their campaign and made it central to his grand plan to raise some global hell for no good reason… other than reminding folks of why Pepe calls us the “Empire of Chaos.”)
    More people will be dying, not just from the covid, but because they can’t afford the largess of Obamacare to fix anything that ails ’em. Mitt Romney’s testament to America’s Pseudosinistral Messiah, otherwise known as the Unaffordable Care Act, will stand (unless Trump’s legacy SOTUS really wants to dump a load of turds in Joe’s punchbowl), but people still won’t like going bankrupt whether they get sick and use it or stay healthy and don’t use it. In the end it comes down to when they foreclose on your house, not whether…
    Meanwhile the infrastructure and educational systems will continue to erode just like under Trump (and his last half dozen predecessors) because no one is ever willing to tax to raise revenues any longer… might chap a few plutocratic asses if they tried. If they live long enough, half of Millennials and Zoomers will probably end up having their Social Security benefits garnished (not the food as a decoration definition) to continue paying the interest on their college loans. Since a dollar come 2070 will probably be worth 2 or 3 mills in today’s currency (Keep the money, I’ll take the wheelbarrow.), the lending institutions will probably lobby for legislation that holds all future reincarnations responsible for such debt until paid in full, even if that takes a thousand years and a score of lifetimes.
    Biden will not and cannot change any of the above, especially if it involves money or any sort of fungible assets. In fact, he made it clear he will have to cut those frivolous “entitlements,” like Social Security and Medicare. You wouldn’t want the generals to run out of the latest hypersonic missiles that launch from orbit just because you need that hundred thousand dollar prescription anti-cancer drug, now would you? Heart transplant on the country’s dime? Get real. And don’t start talking like a commie and suggest that Big Pharma cut back on their profit margins: they lobbied hard to eradicate the very concept of “usury” from the English language… they and the credit card companies, Joe’s first romance as a highfalutin US senator. Every John Q. Public, including yourself, will have to put some skin in the game; literally you will have to donate several pounds of live epidermal cells to use in more bioweapons research. (The viruses, being obligate parasites, require a living host… if you MUST know.)
    Joe has always been a big thinker, so I’m sure he’s got more frozen conflicts planned for us all to make our scintillating lives seem almost retrograde. But you know that, and you know there will not be a hill of beans worth of difference in your quality of life under Joe than there would have been under Trumpty Dumpty. That’s why Joe, Kamala, the Deep State, Russian meddlers, Hillary Unchained or whoever makes our daily lives a living hell, will eventually have to turn to a good old fashioned kinetic war with a major power to set our minds right… to get our priorities straight and to quit complaining about their sociopathic policies.

    1. Short version. People must die. Lots of them to make the world a better place for the rest of us. Your mission if you decide to accept is to try to figure out how to be one of the survivors.

      1. How about a lottery? Allow me to sell you a ticket?

  25. People (i.e. Democrats) don’t want to see or hear this, at least not today, but it’s true. Time to revivify the Peace movement, again…not that it had any effect the last time. Remember the literally millions of people in the streets protesting war in Iraq, under Bush-2? Deaf ears.

    1. 100% Correct, Diana. Yes, indeed!

    2. Then the movement disappeared and Obama got a Nobel peace prize and started 3 more wars—-only in “america.”

      1. But ya gotta admit it was a great song.

    3. I think the peace movement did have some effect. The USA’s major wars since then – Libya, Syria and Yemen – have involved air strikes, special forces, jihadi proxies and Saudi pilots. But no more invasions since Iraq. Unfortunately, many of the peace movement’s more prominent hangers-on seem less interested in peace than minimisng US military casualties, a goal the war machine can get on board with.

    4. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Time to support socialist revolution, the only thing that will bring REAL change. Pacifism is useless.

  26. A lot of useful idiots in the comments here duped by Greta and the climate change hoaxtsers, as well as the WEF’s Great Resetting covid scamdemic – two wings of the same totalitarian technocratic agenda, celebrating the election of a demented corrupt establishment old boy that was a known liar even in the 1980s. Fools – absolute fools. You’re about to learn the magnitude of your folly – totalitarianism will now come to the US and the World. Well done morons – it’s all on you!

    1. Actually, it’s been moving in that direction for quite some time for us “morons,” now hasn’t it? Except now, Americans will hear it coming out of the mouth of false teeth Joe instead A-hole mouth Donnie John. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

    2. I was duped by Greta long before she was born, along with thousands of scientists.
      Who have you been duped by?

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Listen, Ian. You are the ignorant one. Anyone who is anti-science is an ignorant fool.

        1. Sorry, I didn’t have time to reply before. My reply was a poorly phrased swipe at Brian’s comment, meaning much the same as yours!
          I’ve thought climate change a real threat for around thirty years now, ie. long before Greta was born.

  27. Thanks Caitlin, your sardonic wit hits the mark once again. I would like to add:

    Sense Making
    The presidential election has made one thing very clear. it doesn’t work.The current system does not work. Covid 19 has made at least two things very clear; our health system and our system of governing doesn’t work. The health system wasn’t prepared for an epidemic and the government had to resort to authoritarian means to respond to the situation. Both are unacceptable.
    Our situation with the climate crises that has us facing extinction makes at least one thing clear, our economic system doesn’t work. Putting personal profit above all other considerations, limitless extraction within a limited system, that has permitted the fouling of our environment to the point of possibly no return is a form of insanity and has led to species extinction on a massive scale to the point where now it is our species that faces extinction.
    The war machine, the idea that might makes right, is so unethical, so criminal, so destructive, and so barbaric that it should have never been permitted ever.
    Humanity cannot continue making the same mistakes over and over like a totally insane and unethical species. We all know at some early age that something is wrong with the way humanity is. Along the way, almost everyone I would surmise, learns that “all is corrupt.” Yet as individuals we feel powerless and that it seems that everything beyond our personal existence is beyond our control and we learn to accept our impotence in this regard and all the unacceptables are accepted as a part of life. Accepting what is unacceptable is unacceptable. This is what must be changed, which is almost everything.
    For one person to be in charge of such complexity doesn’t make sense. Power needs to be decentralized. The time for world leaders is over, maintaining their power becomes more important than serving the people. The same could be said for the nation state. These antiquated, historical ideas of managing systems are way overdue for the trash bin. The first step was to end the idea of kings, now it is time to end presidents, premiers, and dictators. I never wish to be “led” and I don’t wish to lead.. I would rather share the responsibility of managing society with everyone.
    We have three strategies to accomplish this, to share for your consideration: First is to unite all like minded individuals, organizations, and networks digitally such that there is a clear and easy way to communicate, collaborate, and organize, a network of networks (
    And secondly to promote the idea of horizontal governing (…), which is virtually incorruptible, more equitable, and more effective. In this way a new paradigm can emerge organically, autonomously, and collaboratively. We don’t need a blueprint or a plan for something that is far too complex for any static idea.
    A third strategy is to reinvent cities for localization. We can exchange the need for things (quantity) and the commercialization of all life for a deeper kind of existence based on good and honest relationships, a society that is founded on love and caring for one another (quality). These ideas I submit for your evaluation and feedback.

    1. Tom…….excellent comments. We also need a spiritual awaking in order to transcend the global greed that is taking place on the part of The Transnational Capitalist Class. The people have to come to a point that all of us, globally, are part of a Presence that is bigger than ourselves.

      Many addiction programs offer a 12 step program to overcome the addiction that is slowly killing the person and those around him/her. Once we get to a point that we all want and need to aspire to a higher good in this world, is when we will break free and connect with each other as a global community.

      The awareness and connection to a higher good will transform the external forms that the world needs to reorganize itself for systems and structures of Justice and Equality. This will not be easy. Suffering and sacrifice will need to be implemented in order to pull this off. This is the reality that we are facing in a world that is not only slowly dying from a lack of love and compassion but is also reaching out for those of us who hear and must respond to the call. Peace.

      1. The network will include all areas that exist in a society, including spiritualiy, self-evolving, etc. Once a healthy, sane, ethical system is in place through horizontal governing, the people will begin moving to a healthy mentality of caring for everyone, within one generation.

        People who are raised in a system of lies that most believe are true, you get a society of confused, traumatized, addicted, insane people. So, the structure of how we govern and our economy of competitiveness and greed, the commercialization of our lives is changed to one of transparency, decentralized, by and for the people, bottom up, trading collaboration for competition, etc. we will begin creating societies of beautiful people: (currently under construction). Soft launch nov. 30.

        As a long time radical anarchist activist, I am offering real solutions that even here are being virtually ignored, even by Caitlin. It may seem to pie in the skyish, but just wait and see.

  28. It hardly matters who declares themselves the undisputed queen of fairy princess land.
    The reality is that one set of criminals is arguing with another set of criminals, and nobody is telling the truth about any of it.
    In my lawful capacity as supreme ruler of all that I elect to accept and all that I elect to refuse, I declare that all of those idiots are fired anyway.

  29. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    The corpseorate Democrat will be aided and abetted by the sisterhood: Harris in cahoots with Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin), Kathy Warden (Northrop Grumman), Phebe Novakovic (General Dyanmics), Leanne Caret (Boeing), with able assistance from Ellen Lord, Heather Wilson, Lisa Gordon-Hagerty and Andrea Thompson. [c.02 Jan 2019]

    1. You forgot to name all the men! Lol.

  30. The anger and resentment boiling throughout these United States is not going to go away anytime soon. The ” deranged and un-hinged ” are out and about hellbent on anarchy about anything. Chaos is just around the corner.

  31. Here is one reason I am pleased to see the end of lame Duck Donald Trump: all those gullible Christians who hailed him as America’s saviour will now have to admit they were fooled as I have been saying when he started his campaign nearly 5 years ago. Now gullible voters will welcome another lame duck.

  32. i´m one of the liberals you mention whose life will not change much, but I do have hopes for DACA, hopes for reinstatement of TPS for many people, an end to the ¨Migrant Protection Program¨, and the separation of kids from their parents/family after crossing the border. Everybody knows people affected by DACA and most know folks affected by TPS even if you´re not aware of it. And almost all of us know people whose families have been trashed by ICE and deportation. I hope very much that fewer lives are wrecked by the current policies and their aggressive implementation.

    1. Obama deported about 50% more people than Trump.

      1. More of those pesky facts getting in the way of the narrative. How dare you.

    2. And maybe we will get medicare for all, and a green new deal and a rebuild the crumbling infrastructure so those DACA folks and new immigrants can– along with all the native american workers who need decent jobs because of 40 plus years of bipartisan neoliberal rule–live a decent life. Todo, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore………………

  33. Foster Goodwill Avatar
    Foster Goodwill

    You may be right Caitlin about this and many things, I say may be right,because you come across as so certain on so many issues,but it reminds me of Voltaires’ comment that they who come across as certain about things,are charletans, (not expressing real wisdom). just my observation.

  34. Note to self: send Caitlin Johnstone a Christmas bonus before the monetary system completely crashes.

  35. oh hi! biden won? the electoral college? kamala will be the deciding vote in the Senate.
    i guess that makes those things all all right.
    biden is stupid selfish and demented or getting there soon. the EC is also another stupid relic of times long gone. i mean Slavery–it was created to save or make slavery easier.
    And kamala will probably make a ton of wrong decisions to assure the planet burning the rest of the way.
    plus: get ready for this. no one can predict it, but under US Law each State Legislature has to “CERTIFY” their election results. All four remaining un-finished counting states are under Ripuglican legislative control. What is the logic–assuming logic has a playin any of this chaos and devious perfidy–in all four bodies voting to send electoral delegates to DC to vote Trump in again?
    That was a question: i’m not scared. Trump is cute. Biden is not pretty. just dull. Both could end the world i suppose, and in differing ways. not the button. no general is that suicidal. foget that. but conversely no one not even general know shit about micro-bioLOGICal warfare….and viruses are way better than blowing us all up. no ownership trail.
    just another wild conspiracy.
    But to be cleqar how weirdly stupid this could get: the US has about 8-10bio-warfare labs on the continent, as they say. 6-8 more in Ukraine. A couplemore in Georgia…not our Ga. and one in Winnipeg that specifically designs corona viruses to do funny things. Because we know them, partly fro. years of designing new vaccines to stop them, and they are so EZ.
    A Chinese Couple has been fired and evicted to China fom Winnipeg: a Mrs. Qiu. Two men were accused of theft and CONSPIRACY by the FBI for stealing viral samples, i guess, fom the CIA lab at university of North Carolina. ulp.
    Iowa State lab in Ames made the Anthrax virus which was already made pretty damn well by nature–go figure. if yo have a college age child: ask around….before….oh, nevermind. won’t help to scare them. bio wr is the next big thing. imagine a drone flying by say, some moslem barrio and letting a tiny packet dump out. this is the new chem trails.
    based upon my impressions of 911, i’d say Covid 19 was a US invention. not too hard.
    some other genius got arrested recently for bragging about putting 4 ebola genes into a corona virus. he said he did it with $100K invested. now where did that story go…
    do you suppose, Bill and Mepretty had anything to do….nah. they rich. what do they care?
    bio-war labs exist in China, Russia, France, UK, US, and about 40 global corporations…i think my weird rich Uncle Billy has one up in Sassykatch, juan…
    pretty aMerdRica, nice dawg….

  36. For Americans, and the rest of the world, the .01% are still in charge, but for us Climate Crisis persons, the difference between Trump and Biden is chalk and cheese.
    Firstly the Paris agreement, at last America is no longer the chain dragging petulant child, but a part of the real world, – it will help.

    Secondly in america there has been a lot of opposition to states with real environmental visions that have been baulked by Trump, – although he would have to lose the Senate for some of the really interesting changes to happen.

    Thirdly, in eg Australia we have a climate change nincompoop as prime minister in the person of Scomo, who will now find it a lot harder to get public applause by rubbing bits of coal over his trousers, and no doubt many other conservative govts worldwide also.

    Fourthly, the .01% has basically moved away from fossil fuels as the big money is in Renewables, – this is no surprise, – they were a bit late, not being good thinkers, but it doesn’t matter who owns the wind mills, just that they keep the carbon dioxide in the ground.
    So, in summary, a Biden win is a big win for the planet, – renewables will now have barriers removed, the fossil fuel industry will have to die gracefully, as it is no longer affordable, and Japan, China and Korea, have joined the wind down of coal, – this is all an awakening, and the .01% will have less power as things unfold.

    Whatever, Climate change will kill us if we do nothing, the .01% will kill us later, (unless Nuclear, but the .01% don’t want Nuclear,) so more time to deal with them, but Biden will help us survive our climate lunacy a bit longer, – the rest of you posters can tackle the .01%. – Cheers, Geoff Thomas. Australia.

    1. The US military is the biggest polluter on our planet. Biden had promised to increase military spending. He has also promised not to ban fracking. California is one of those states that you probably think has “real environmental vision”. It’s run by Democrats, including a governor who has ramped up fracking permits in a state with a shortage of water and a history of earthquakes. Biden will do nothing for climate change, just as his boss Obama did nothing to fix the lead-poisoned water in Flint, Michigan.

      1. Imelda, sorry, you are wrong, China is the biggest single polluter on our planet, America 2nd, and then it gets complicated, – California 3rd? India, Africa, -? Australia is right up there with huge tree felling, as is the Amazon bullies, – there is still more CO2 from dead trees than we understand, but sadly not as much as Fossil fuels, – though neck and neck.

        It is interesting that America has exported much of it’s emissions through buying from China, – whose emissions are they.? – similiarly with the coal barrons that own the Coal reserves in Oz, (and the US) – who takes responsibilitiy?

        This sort of stuff is totally beyond the power of the bidens etc, – saving the world is not some vague group of friends wanting so to do, – although all can help, it goes much farther than individual nations, – It is saving our planet, and us.
        Cheers, Geoff.

        1. Green is not green. There are severe environmental costs to solar and wind too and they produce a fraction of the power of concentrated fossil fuels. Once everybody is on board with the green agenda you’ll start to hear about “clean nuclear” just like we had to listen to that “clean coal” nonsense. The system of global domination and total control through technology needs lots of additional energy. Demand is set to skyrocket with the placement of 30,000 low level satellites already approved for the US to facilitate the much wider bandwidth necessary to accomplish these aims. China and Russia are also themselves set to launch comparable numbers to the same end. Knowing if you are being misled is simple. If the speaker does not indicate that we need to consume less then you are being fed disinformation. It is not a question of how, it is a question of what.

      2. Imelda, just as you’re wrong about pollution & China, you’re also wrong about Obama & Flint Michigan.

        1. I said nothing about pollution and China. I said the US military is the world’s largest polluter. I wasn’t referring to entire countries, obviously.

          Obama went to Flint and said a bit of lead poisoning is ok, joking about eating paint chips as a child and look how he turned out.
          The pipes in Flint have still not been fully replaced, years later. Sending in bottled water is polluting in itself.
          Also, I tend not to trust Facebook’s “fact-checking” org, especially since their foray into censorship.

      3. I think the US military may be the single most polluting organisation on the planet, at least in terms of CO2. It definitely accounts for more C)2 than many countries.

    2. So let the killing begin. Admit it, climate change is another word for genocide. Curtail the west which curtails food production which kills people. Petroleum products keep people alive from fuel to medicines. No petroleum products no electricity. You are supporting genocide with such stances.

  37. Prediction: If Biden becomes President, the US will initiate at least one “hot” war before 1 July 2021.

    On a positive note, Biden being President will speed the collapse of the US government. So, in the long term, this will result in fewer wars and less destabilisation across the world.

    The principal risk is whether US nuclear weapons will be used as a desperate measure to maintain US power. (Keep in mind, it has been the ONLY organisation to use nuclear weapons.)

  38. Biden might pilot the US death machine with more grace and dignity than Trump, but will he be able to use it to achieve any more than Trump, or is the Empire still in a death spiral, doomed to failure even in its own demented and disgusting way of measuring success?

  39. Why would anyone expect the USA to stop its nefarious activities just because of a change of president? Only the fools that believe the narrative.

    A huge part of its economy is dedicated to interfering with and manipulating other countries and its own population. It’s a business after all, and lots of Americans are profiting by it. For them, that’s all that matters.

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