The record turnout for Biden wasn’t for Biden. It wasn’t even really to stop Trump. Ultimately, though most voters were unconscious of their true motive, it was to stop the mass media from shrieking hysterical bullshit in their faces all the time and making them feel crazy.

Trump will leave office on January 20th, a sound refutation of the widespread narrative that he was a totalitarian dictator who presented an unprecedented threat to democracy.

The hysterical exaggerations of the threat Trump posed weren’t destructive because they were unfair to Trump, they were destructive because they created the false impression that those who came before him and those who will come after are not equally depraved.

There’s zero chance of Trump challenging the election with any efficacy unless (A) he really badly wants to remain president and (B) sufficiently large power structures want him to remain president. It is already clear that neither A nor B are the case. He’s out. The people who spent four years being wrong about Trump draining the swamp are now laboring under the delusion that he’d be willing and able to stop the entire swamp from stealing an election from him. He isn’t.

“I voted against fascism.”

No you voted against what you perceive as a more dangerous order of fascism. That’s fine, but don’t lie to yourself about it. To pretend that a lifelong murderous authoritarian like Biden is fascism-free is to deceive yourself into future complacency.

A dangerous faction of American extremists has been greatly emboldened by the election of Joe Biden, and they’ll soon begin calling for widespread organized violence and bloodshed as their fascistic ideology rises to power. I am speaking, of course, of mass media pundits.

Trump’s presidency emboldened white supremacists and other crazies. Biden’s presidency will embolden the elitist commentariat whose job is to call you a naive little child if you don’t think it’s good to brandish armageddon weapons and murder foreigners for crude oil.

America’s election integrity ranks dead last among western democracies. Nothing has ever been done to fix this, so there’s no valid basis upon which to simply dismiss concerns about their validity. Yelling “conspiracy theory” is not an argument.

That said, the entire process by which Donald Trump and Joe Biden became the candidates Americans were given to choose from is also corrupt and rigged to its core, so I see no reason to get super fixated on the general election being rigged as well. It’s fake from top to bottom.

There is no legitimate reason why Biden should not be grilled in every single press conference for specific details on how he plans to fulfill his promise to end the war in Yemen. If the US had an honest and responsible news media, that is exactly what would happen.

No Biden is not going to enslave you to communism, you fucking idiots. He’s going to enslave you to end-stage imperialist neoliberalism like everyone else.

Sure looking forward to a cabinet full of neocons, spooks and cold warriors rolling out long-planned military agendas while the liberal media talks about Kamala’s shoes and the right calls Biden a Chi-Com.

Some deeply, deeply evil agendas are set to be rolled out during the Biden administration. It’s not going to be pretty. The empire hasn’t gotten less desperate since the Obama administration, it’s gotten more desperate. Get ready.

Biden will be the first president in recent memory who promised to be more interventionist and attacked his opponent for being insufficiently hawkish. Trump ran on reducing interventionism, so did Obama, even Bush. Biden’s starting out from a much more hawkish position.

The US federal government is an entirely evil institution. All this cheering about an insatiable death monster now having competent leadership and grown-ups in charge is psychotic.

At long last the competent grown-ups who murder people have returned to the White House. We can all sleep much better at night knowing there are once again adults in the room who murder people.

US political leaders are so revered by the media and so normalized on our screens that it’s easy to forget how many children they’ve murdered.

New rule: you instantly lose any argument in which you utter the word “Trump” when trying to defend Joe Biden.

No legitimate defense against a criticism of Biden contains the word Trump. The voting is over; “TRUMP!” is no longer an answer. Trump being bad doesn’t make Biden good any more than heart disease being bad makes cancer good.

That the wealthy exploit the working class is an outrage. That they continually restructure all of society around that exploitation is a crime.

At the highest levels it’s always ultimately about expanding and tightening geostrategic control. If you see elite maneuvers as revolving around profit or anti-communism or zionism etc you will miss things, but if you see it as a movement toward global domination everything fits.

The US empire, like any other predator, prioritizes maximum reward for minimum expenditure of energy. It targets small, weak nations with lots of resources to control, ensuring maximum geostrategic control for minimum effort. The ultimate goal, though, is total planetary rule. This way by the time the empire finally works its way to its stronger targets (Iran, Russia, and ultimately China), they’ll have been cut off from the controlled smaller resource-rich regions and badly weakened as a result of slowly being choked off.

Celebrities are the very last people whose opinions you should consult on how to think, what to value and how to live.

All our problems are fundamentally due to the fact that things aren’t happening the way we think they’re happening. Power structures. Financial, economic and political systems. Consciousness itself. We misunderstand what’s really going on, and it impedes our ability to function.

Investigating the nature of self and experience is the most important thing anyone can possibly do. You can do it here and now, you don’t need any special equipment or training, and you don’t need to ever accept anything on faith. And what you find can wildly transform your life.


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69 responses to “Totalitarian Dictator To Leave Office After Losing Election: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. At some point it becomes pretty obvious that there has been millions of votes which were either totally fabricated, systematically dumped and/or selectively switched/changed for the benefit of the 2020 Presidential election. This was accomplished using any number of techniques for committing election fraud, all of which have been long practiced by various intelligence agencies within numerous political systems around the world. Perhaps this is why the “U.S.A.” is so engaged in spreading and promoting their special kind of “democracy” around the world even though the total failure of same is increasingly evident?

    Reality enters the picture as one realizes that a substantial portion, if not all the true power in the world lies with the multi-generational cutthroat pirates of the international oligarch controlled deep state cabal who know that once their own special brand of “free elections” are put into place they can then fully control any country and the people therein. Instead of now quaint recitations of “Abracadabra, Hocus-Pocus” the new magic words thus become, “The People have spoken!”, and/or “Power to the People!”. On such occasions where propaganda alone is not enough to secure victory, it then becomes time to whisper the really magic words… “stuff the ballot boxes!”. The standard program then calls for claiming victory even before the election has completed, quickly seizing power, shutting down any opposition and carefully sweeping away any inconvenient evidence of foul play.

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything,” – True statement regardless of any attribution. It’s good to be King, right?

  2. Great notes except for that one line! Faith is important. People today don’t trust Faith because there are too many deceivers and too much bad faith. The mind in perpetual flux, not grounded in faith, can be led anywhere. Without faith you will doubt that your mother is your mother, that truth exists, that your mind can be explored, that it is wrong to rape and kill. Faith in the Good is what keeps people getting back up after their dark side pulls them down. Without Introspection people make a show out of faith, even fooling themselves that they have faith in Truth when maybe they have more faith in money, power and sex. Faith preserves the results of introspection and motivates the cycle of continued introspection.

  3. Regarding your last statement in this post….

  4. Almost a week after the election and still no solid evidence that anyone in particular won. Don’t believe everything the MSM says.

  5. Caitlin I notice you are being republished widely, Saker et al.All good.
    Just which horror to contemplate is a tough call, but I would like to see your growing influence take aim at the overarching problem i.e. the Scamdemic/WEF/devil gates cabal whose plans dwarf the USA subdivision sideshow.
    Thanksfor all your work.

  6. For a long time, people around the world said, it’s America that’s bad, an Empire. We’re good. We’re the good ones. We only join US because we’re afraid, otherwise, we’re good. The global Empire said to say this. Everything was working as planned for ages, the global thinkers, with policing by their partner, the US. British brains, US brawn. One 4 year intruder said he’d ‘expose it all’. Clean house. There’s a secret govt. a Deep State. So, he tried. From the very beginning, the old order spied on his campaign & presidency, e see the info & lied to the world, his associates we’re rounded up, arrested, he was accused of being a Russian agent, a puppet (no, seriously), the super honest global MSM propaganda poured out-he’s a fascist, white supremacist, American Nazi, a traitor, along with the squares (sovereign nation lovers) who voted for him, he’s a dictator, he won’t leave. He was set up over & over, even impeached, nearly zero truth about what he said vs what was reported. Oh, now, we need censorship, now more vote fraud, & public, ride up, he won’t leave, he’s Hitler, Mussolini, evil, a murderer, cages (like Obama’s), add your own orange man reported claims. No one thinks the real fascists, the global 1% club, did everything they could to destroy him before he exposed them/their crimes? You believe this was not some op? He’s a dumb outsider,ok. He’s no Assange. But, in a way, he is.

    1. lame duck Donald is not dumb. He’s a smart psychopath who enriched himself as US president like most others before him.

      1. Trump is a nobody. Not an insider. That’s why people like Barr & Pompeo and all the others were put in beside him. To watch him, keep him away from inner workings, stop him from doing anything & wait him out till 2020, when he would be removed, period. No indictments for spying, Russiagate. No indictments at all for any of them, despite massive crimes. My point is, anyway, they have 6 ways from Sunday (as Chuck Schumer said) to take out anyone who threatens the global system. An obvious coup, a jubilant global embrace of one of their own, the prodigal son (US) has come home.

        1. lame duck Donald did what the Deep State wanted him to do, namely irreparably damage the US economy with lock-downs and massively increasing national debt.

  7. I voted with less than one % of my overwhelmingly Biden State for the Green Party.

    “I voted against fascism.”

    I don’t know what the rest of you were doing. As my vote was mail in I had voters remorse before the election day and would have switched to Biden. A tool of the oligarchy he may be, but Trump is a psychopath. Evil comes in degrees.

    I advocate a new American party with SOLIDARITY as its platform. Solidarity begins with health care.

    Covid and Trump stupidity won the election.

  8. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “…most voters were unconscious of their true motive, it was to stop the mass media from shrieking hysterical bullshit in their faces all the time and making them feel crazy.”
    Most voters are unconscious of their true motives, period. They react like Pavlov’s critters to what their choice of mass corporate media handlers tell them to believe. Most voters are flesh-and-blood robots. If people really understood what they were doing, they’d never vote for any of those political clowns in all eternity.
    “The people who spent four years being wrong about Trump draining the swamp are now laboring under the delusion that he’d be willing and able to stop the entire swamp from stealing an election from him. He isn’t.”
    Trump never drained The Swamp. The Swamp drained Trump. The Swamp grows ever larger with each passing day. Splish…splash…glug…glug…
    “Some deeply, deeply evil agendas are set to be rolled out during the Biden administration. It’s not going to be pretty.”
    Nice to know that all that taxpayer money is getting some good bang for the buck.
    “The US federal government is an entirely evil institution.”
    Not entirely. There’s a low-level government clerk working in Cleveland that’s not entirely evil, just entirely incompetent.
    “Celebrities are the very last people whose opinions you should consult on how to think, what to value and how to live.”
    Celebrities become celebrities because they sold their soul to the devil. Therefore, you can consult with celebrities on issues that deal with evil and how to become a sellout.

  9. Caitlin, you surprise me. You put all this effort into a pro Biden campaigned when there is evidence of mass fraud is out there for everyone to see. Also, where is all this effort re the scamdemic which you have totally left alone. I’m sorry, but you are cherry picking so that you don’t get censored – how courageous of you…. Information is coming to light of massive voter fraud none of which you are mentioning – dead people voting, record number of over 90 year old voters, dates being changed on mail-in ballots, etc., etc., I’m sorry, I have been a follower of you but this breaks the straw.

    1. Just so that you know. I didn’t vote as my green vote wasn’t being counted. Biden’s history is littered with crime plus of course his son. And Kamala as President will be Americas death knell .

      1. Rober, I agree that Caitlin keeps her website out of scrutiny by AI censoring robots and that is understandable or else freelance journalists like her cannot operate and earn their living. I do not blame Caitlin. I blame Google, Twitter, Youtube and the defamation league for this unacceptable situation.

        1. Yes, you make good points – thank you….

    2. Caitlin put a lot of effort into a pro-Biden campaign? She must have done it ever so subtly and subliminally. The message I keep getting consistently from her is there ain’t much to choose between Biden and Trump, or the Dems and Reps, and little point in doing so.
      And why isn’t D J Trump showing us all the evidence of massive voter fraud? He levels a lot of non-specific allegations, with virtually no solid facts to back them up. Is he secretly part of the deep state conspiracy against himself?

      1. They will service very soon…..

  10. Let me say something tantamount, on Caitlin’s comment threads, to swimming upstream at the edge of Niagara Falls. In several decades, I have never been MORE HOPEFUL about the future of America and the world. So many on the left are writing off the next four years in knee-jerk fashion based upon recent American history, the current corruption/desperation/division, Biden’s sorry record, etc. And YES, they’re right to be worried about the likelihood of another criminal geopolitical war. But in other respects, these knee-jerk write-offers are precisely what neoliberalism wants and needs. Unwittingly, they become the supporters and facilitators of TINA, in love with and locked into their self-images as leftist virtue-signalers. They see no hope remaining, the neolibs have won, humanity and the ecosystem are toast, but THEY, by God, will have the COURAGE to impotently despise and condemn it. And no, I’m NOT talking about Caitlin, whose posts intermittently break through the dark clouds with blinding rays of sunlight. Where does my hope come from? From the glaring fact that the human species has suddenly entered uncharted waters in which the past is no longer prologue to the present or the future. As in the late 60s/early 70s, the zeitgeist is shifting, inverting, and this time it’s not the liberal/radical young versus a more conservative generation, fighting over war and racism in the context of a prosperous (though not for all) society. No, the context of the new revolution/evolution now building has DRASTICALLY changed in ways never seen before: (1) there are now TWO existential threats to our survival, nuclear war AND ecocide; (2) the hyper-capitalism called neoliberalism has already tightened its vise-grip on the masses to the NEAR-BREAKING POINT; (3) there is now an ADDED EXISTENTIAL THREAT to the neoliberal economic system, a persistent and paralyzing global pandemic; and (4) we haven’t yet BEGUN to see the staggering consequences of this recurring paralysis, consequences which governments, whether they want to or not, will be COMPELLED to address if their citizens are not allowed to to die like flies. And no, that WON’T happen, because humanity en masse no longer has the stomach for it, including even the neoliberal bastards. How exactly this unprecedented situation will play out is anyone’s guess, but to automatically write off the next four years as hopelessly more of the same–or worse–is IMHO to be about as dense as one can get. The so-called end of history has yielded a stunning new chapter with a surprising twist, an unexpected change in plot, a chapter we’ve only begun, and who but a fool would flippantly close the book?

  11. You are so right about voting to stop the shrieking. I know that I voted against Trump because I am tired of my family ranting and raving about whatever the news said today.

  12. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    “That the wealthy exploit the working class is an outrage. That they continually restructure all of society around that exploitation is a crime.”

    It reminds me of what Thomas More wrote 500 years ago in his famous book “Utopia” about governments in his time:

    “Therefore I must say that, as I hope for mercy, I can have no other notion of all the other governments that I see or know, than that they are a conspiracy of the rich, who, on pretence of managing the public, only pursue their private ends, and devise all the ways and arts they can find out; first, that they may, without danger, preserve all that they have so ill-acquired, and then, that they may engage the poor to toil and labour for them at as low rates as possible, and oppress them as much as they please; and if they can but prevail to get these contrivances established by the show of public authority, which is considered as the representative of the whole people, then they are accounted laws; yet these wicked men, after they have, by a most insatiable covetousness, divided that among themselves with which all the rest might have been well supplied…”

    It is just worst today because of the actual decadence…

    The fact that 19 years ago, I was totally unable to see the wreck of a plane in the Pentagone or in a field in Pennsylvania on 9-11 has awaken me to the reality.

    We are truly living the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus. I witness all the decadence; I do not understand it but it is definitely there.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. I think you are right, Michel. Keep that Rosary on hand. If in the future you change your mind about some features of the standard narrative of traditional Christianity you can still use it as a martial arts weapon. Hahaha. (I am just kidding of course. I think that you are a good person and that God has a purpose for you in what is coming.)

      1. God Bless you Sir!

    2. Good comment Michel but a rosary will not save you. Start preparing your escape. Read more of this here:

  13. I pray for the dissolution of the US, and it may be closer now than it has been since 1860. Even though the two sides are not nearly as far apart as they perceive, they believe they are. When it comes to nations, smaller is better. The less able they are to inflict their psychosis on others. The people of the US are no happier with their government than the rest of the world is. The constant propaganda just convinces them it can change, and that the change the propagandists propose is the best. Now the propagandists may have shot themselves in the foot, by convincing the people that there really is a difference between the two parties.

  14. A Democratic congresswoman called for the word “socialism” to be banned from the party. The Dems won the White House and are still figuring to kill off the Leftist wing of the party. At least it’s open warfare and not behind the scenes.

  15. It’s difficult to imagine Old Joe taking daily decisions at machine gun speed as required by the job, travelling extensively, delivering frequent speeches in public and sleepiing six hours a night. More likely the US will be governed by a council – “soviet” in Russian :o)

  16. Let’s start pressuring Biden to stock his Cabinet with scholars and scientists. Big business does not belong in government — not if we want a government for the people. #CleanCabinet2021

    1. As if there were no corruption in scholarship and science, and they weren’t in fact big business themselves. They are people, and just as corruptible as any other people are. In fact, more so, since they are granted unearned respect, much like politicians. No government has ever proven itself competent at anything except killing people, and they are quite good at it.

    2. You have to be kidding me. It is those types with no real world experience that are least capable of leading. Most academics have a totally screwed up view on what needs to be done since they have no idea the improbability of implementing grand plans.

  17. Some citizens are cheering in the streets since MSM took it upon itself to declare final victory over a person they’ve been denigrating, lying about and trying to remove for over four years? It is almost as though those who control the media are the final arbiters of such matters. Why even bother with the nonsense of elections if we’re going to watch and even cheer as they are systematically stolen? As to the Congress, the fully entrenched Leadership dictates all decisions under the control of their overlords so why bother trying to maintain any illusion of a working democratic republic? Spend all that narrative control money instead to boost the human misery index out of the gutter.

      1. Ian, why s there a question mark when it a statement of fact? Those particular “Republicans” are multi-generational globalist deep state cabal members, which identity transcends political parties. Of course they would rather have one of their own (Biden) than anyone who hasn’t taken the “blood oath” as Newt Gingrich so colorfully put it. Lots of very dirty laundry with those guys, but don’t expect MSM or apparently even our own Justice Department to let that spoil their game. But really, We the People are ultimately screwed regardless of how this excessive nonsensical drama plays out.

        1. And you, of course, are not a multi-generational globalist deep state cabal member? How do I know.

          1. Ian, I’ll have to check through my stack of secret society membership cards to check on that, but true enough, it may be that “We can’t talk about that”.
            Hmm, projection? 😉

  18. A few questions from the ” peon gallery “: In 80 days Joe Biden and Ms Harris will be a part of the Washington,D.C. ” swamp ” is that swamp going to come after Donald Trump and make an example of him the same way that they are making an example of Julian Assange?? To protect her children is Donald Trump’s wife going to file for a divorce?? What countries would be willing to shelter Donald Trump and his mouthpiece Rudy Guiliani?? How many Trump followers are already planning dastardly plots against Joe Biden and Ms Harris?? This shit-show is far from being over; if anything it is just going to get a lot uglier real soon!

  19. The only thing America that is united on is its hatred of Julian Assange. Can you imagine if truth should came into fashion only for a blink. What would the new age Leopold Blooms of Madison Avenue do?

  20. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    There are some interesting prophecies here but prophecies they are , nonetheless.Nobody knows what the future holds but anybody can offer up a wet dream or dry dream of what my come to pass.Now the insatiably greedy mobsters capitalist predators and untermenschen parasites have figured out a few new ways or are they old ways just a bit more sophisticated change from mobster a to mobster b.Dived and rule yes is nothing new..Its predictable that eventually the exploited many will as always before,turn on the exploitive minority as they did to the Bourbon cake eaters and the Romanovs vodka guzzlers then the Ottomans,the Hohenzollerns and the Habsburgs were all shown the door just before the vacuum they left behind was filled with bankers, wankers, fascist and Bolshiviks.The big difference now is the nuclear weapon. In this contemporary apocalyptic Darwinian struggle for life, between the two culture coalitions,opposed in the ongoing culture wars none are deserving of any votes they are Exstinction Partys They are not sustainable.SERIOUSLY

  21. Reagan, Bush, Trump and Biden.
    What a bunch of inarticulate, feeble minded dolts.
    And they say evolution is for real.
    No fucking way!!’

    1. Clinton was NOT inarticulate. He said, ” I didn’t inhale and I didn’t enjoy it.”

  22. You are obviously delusional and out of touch with reality. The fact that you’re not American is equally disturbing. Before writing this I researched you. You are the fake news expert stop spreading propaganda.

    1. “fake news expert”

      Tell us about the point that you disagree with most.

    2. Only through a propaganda-warped worldview is it “disturbing” for a foreigner to voice opinions about the most powerful government on the planet, which uses its military and economic might to bully and manipulate the rest of the world into obedience. Your government has staged more than one coup here in Australia and has effectively transformed us into a US military/intelligence asset. Of course I get to voice my opinions about your government. Hell, I should get to vote.

      1. Australia is having a pretty bad go of it right now.
        I follow Max Igan over at
        He is also Australian.

    3. More than 80% of the world’s population is not American, and nearer 95% are not US citizens. Does that disturb you?

  23. wow, you are a fukcing loon.

  24. Glenn Greenwald makes a lot of the same points in a long article, “No Matter the Liberal Metric Chosen, the Bush/Cheney Administration Was Far Worse Than Trump.”

  25. Just what the world needs – a POTUS that is a creepy child ‘predator’,who can barely put a sentence together – unless he is on some type of ‘focus’ medication !

    Who do you think will be running things Caitlin ?

    Certainly NOT Mr Coherent !!

  26. Trump made NO decisions – any independent policy was met with – Trump Towers catching fire OR ‘ porn queen’ comes forward and says Trump has an appendage that resembles a mushroom – which – he apparently aroused to have sex with her !

    Americans thrive on ‘drama and chaos’ !

    TV – broken homes – dysfunctional family units -American children rarely develop normally because of the shit they are fed daily and a school system that develops one dimensional zombies.

    Don’t blame Trump for being ‘totalitarian’ – like Solzhenitsyn observed when speaking of the Bolsheviks “The perpetrators of these unspeakable crimes – OWN the media”

    I really thought you were smarter than that Caitlyn !!

    1. Poor Trump, just a helpless innocent pawn, manipulated and controlled by the ruthless evil media (and porn stars). He never decided to run for president in the first place, I’m sure. All the tweets he supposedly decides to send out are really the acts of the Deep State too.

  27. Assuming the election to be a done deal is to accept the narrative mongers intentions. By giving credence to its being so, we give life to the lie. A manipulated determinism is not the actuality right now. There are still laws and plots and counter-plots, and time. And when the heady excess begins to wear, there will be distractions.

    For those who do have certainty, why not make your own distraction in the form of a football style pool in which each participant kicks in twenty bucks and gets a pick at Biden’s last day in office between January 20th, 2021 and January 20th, 2025. O ye of little faith.

  28. One of your best yet! You said it all, and it was a bit shorter than usual. Not that I mind longer, but most people probably do. It was all good, but I especially like the last paragraph: it’s up to each of us.

  29. Our political elite will continue to be subordinate of the evil empire!
    Only Whitlam and Rudd tried to walk away, a bit, at least,from the empire.
    Both suffered catastrophic consequences: FIRED

  30. Biden’s’ magical power has made you acquiesce to the Dark Winter…….
    First and last time here, a little advice, just turn the media off if you can’t take it, a much better idea than changing who you are because of it.

    1. Are you aware that this author is not even American? She is Australian.

      1. She lives in a puppet state of the US empire. How dare she comment on her betters.

      2. You sure we’re allowed to say we’re not American?

      3. Oh, you think people outside of America are not to think and have an opinion about America. Well then be sure to shut up when any subject outside the US is discussed.

      4. Oh no! However did you discover this awful truth that Caitlin’s worked so hard to conceal from us all? Did you diligently track down her birth certificate, or did Q tip you off?

  31. Either way, the USA is still a huge global threat. To me, the best part about getting rid of Trump is that Biden won’t take up so much airspace in the media. Trump blitzed the media non-stop, distracting far too many people from other things that needed attention. I know that it was part of his & the Republican strategy, and to a large extent it worked to enable them to get away with changes that might have been difficult to push through otherwise.

    I don’t expect anybody to learn much from Trump’s behaviour, nor do I expect anything to change in the way the USA does things.

    1. And they are a global threat because the governments of the rest of the world are for sale to the highest bidder as well.

    2. The media was only too happy to cover Trump and his klan, he didn’t chase after them, they chased after him.
      One of the very interesting moments anticipated is when voters who voted for Biden realize that pervert Joe and slimeball Kam won’t be treating them any better than those who voted for Trump. As appendages to the real swamp, Joey and Kammy will shove it to the Democratic voters hard and fast where the sun don’t shine. Tell me, again, that you voted against Trump because you didn’t like him even though the current regime is regulating your diet, your freedoms, your work station, what you believe and what you say…..the disillusionment will be deafening. When Al Gore comes to your door asking for donations so he can clean up the ecology and you realize the money goes straight to his pocket, perhaps you’ll forget you disliked Trump. The election pitted 2 cretins against each other and YOU chose the wrong cretin ‘cuz you didn’t like one of ’em. Ain’t that rich? Now everybody will be unhappy except the Karens and capos who are willing to serve their masters. Oh, by the way. It’s my guess that we have seen the last election in the US, presidents aka head Bolsheviks will be placed in the Oval Office by chosen elites. Bye, bye Constitution…….and only spilt blood can even start to address rectification of this mess.

  32. Tessa Fights Robots has a refreshingly healthy look at all this, including the human-level participants.

    1. Thanks for this. And Tessa Makes Love as well:

  33. Well, the vote-rigging part of the elite power struggle is almost complete, but the lawfare is just beginning.

  34. Bye bye, Caitlin

    1. Bye bye, Levi. Bye bye.

    2. Calm down, Levi, there’s no need to act petulantly. We enjoy discussing things with you, and we’d like you to stay. Please come back soon.

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