Well you’ll be happy to know that the next US president and his crack team of ventriloquists are assembling a cabinet of mass murderers that’s as diverse, inclusive and intersectional as America herself.

It’s been obvious for a long time that Joe Biden’s cabinet would be packed with Obama holdovers, war pigs and whatever primary opponents he owes favors to, but now that he is the media-anointed winner of the presidential election we’re getting a bit more confirmation on who they’re expected to be.

A new Politico report informs us that the heavy favorite to lead the US war machine into further imperial conquest as Secretary of “Defense” is a butcher of the fairer sex named Michele Flournoy, who was Obama’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from 2009 to 2012.

In an article titled “Biden: A War Cabinet?“, Antiwar‘s Mariamne Everett writes the following:

Flournoy, in writing the Quadrennial Defense Review during her time as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy under President Clinton, has paved the way for the U.S.’s endless and costly wars which prevent us from investing in life saving and necessary programs like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. It has effectively granted the US permission to no longer be bound by the UN Charter’s prohibition against the threat or use of military force. It declared that, “when the interests at stake are vital, …we should do whatever it takes to defend them, including, when necessary, the unilateral use of military power.”


While working at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a “Top Defense and National Security Think Tank” based in Washington D.C., in June 2002, as the Bush administration was threatening aggression towards Iraq, she declared, that the United States would “need to strike preemptively before a crisis erupts to destroy an adversary’s weapons stockpile” before it “could erect defenses to protect those weapons, or simply disperse them.”

“In 2009, she joined the Obama administration as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, where she helped engineer political and humanitarian disasters in Libya and Syria and a new escalation of the endless war in Afghanistan before resigning in 2012,” report Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies in another Antiwar piece on Flournoy. “From 2013-2016, she joined Boston Consulting, trading on her Pentagon connections to boost the firm’s military contracts from $1.6 million in 2013 to $32 million in 2016. By 2017, Flournoy herself was raking in $452,000 a year.”

Flournoy would be the very first female head of the US war department, and if that doesn’t make you want to listen to P!nk and kiss your Hillary Clinton pendant I don’t know what will.

A favorite to lead America’s other war department, also known as the State Department, is former National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. Rice is an ideal choice for a leading role in the Biden administration because she holds the valuable trifecta of being (A) female, (B) Black and (C) an enthusiastic promoter of the Iraq invasion which murdered a million human beings.

Some quotes from Rice, courtesy of Everett:

“I think he [then Secretary of State Colin Powell] has proved that Iraq has these weapons and is hiding them, and I don’t think many informed people doubted that.” (NPR, Feb. 6, 2003)


“It’s clear that Iraq poses a major threat. It’s clear that its weapons of mass destruction need to be dealt with forcefully, and that’s the path we’re on. I think the question becomes whether we can keep the diplomatic balls in the air and not drop any, even as we move forward, as we must, on the military side.” (NPR, Dec. 20, 2002)


“I think the United States government has been clear since the first Bush administration about the threat that Iraq and Saddam Hussein poses. The United States policy has been regime change for many, many years, going well back into the Clinton administration. So it’s a question of timing and tactics. … We do not necessarily need a further Council resolution before we can enforce this and previous resolutions.” (NPR, Nov. 11, 2002; requests for audio of Rice’s statements on NPR were declined by the publicly funded network.)

Rice, who is also notorious for helping to deceive the world into the destruction of Libya, may have difficulty getting confirmed for Secretary of State in a Republican-held Senate. But one way or another she’s guaranteed to be playing some role in the Biden administration.

Also under discussion for a role in leading the US threshing monster is Senator Tammy Duckworth, who has for months been aggressively attacking the Trump administration for not confronting Russia over the completely discredited claim that Moscow had paid Taliban-linked fighters to kill occupying coalition forces in Afghanistan.

You might think that someone who promotes cold war escalations on a daily basis which have no relationship to facts or reality might make Duckworth an unsuitable candidate for military leadership, but what you are apparently too bigoted and Russian to realize is that the Senator from Illinois is both a woman of color and handicapped. I bet you feel silly now.

Up for consideration as leader of America’s most sociopathic government agency is Obama’s former CIA Deputy Director Avril Haines, who protected all perpetrators implicated in a Senate report on CIA torture from suffering any consequences for their unspeakable brutality, and helped redact that same report. If selected Biden would become just the second president with the highly progressive distinction of selecting a female CIA Director, the first being Donald Trump when he appointed Torturer-in-Chief “Bloody” Gina Haspel (whose appointment Haines supported).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how else the Decency President plans to uplift us with girl power and diversity of ethnicity and sexual orientation in the most powerful force of human slaughter in the history of civilization. 2021, here we come!

Intersectional Omnicide

Our weapons will be manufactured by corporations
that have pansexual CEOs and Muslim shareholders.

The bombers will be emblazoned with rainbow flags
and flown by empowered women of all colors
who will scream “YAAASSS QUEEN!” as the mushroom clouds arise.

The desert sand will turn to glass in the blasts,
and that glass will become a ceiling,
and that ceiling will be shattered
by a lesbian CIA Director.

People will be vaporized on the spot,
or watch their own bodies fall apart like sandcastles,
but they will never be misgendered.

We will march as equals,
white, black, Asian, indigenous,
and whatever miscellaneous extras we can find
(so long as they’re photogenic enough for Instagram),
arm-in-arm singing “Fight Song” in one voice
beneath a drone-filled sky
to the edge of extinction
where we will leap together
screaming “This is all Susan Sarandon’s fault!”
into the face of the abyss.

It won’t be pretty,
it won’t be wise,
but at least,
for one glorious flash,
we will get to feel like we really tried.




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92 responses to “Biden Will Have The Most Diverse, Intersectional Cabinet Of Mass Murderers Ever Assembled”

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  2. It’s for PEACE! When the enemy sees our diverse and inclusive war machine headed their way, in flamboyant uniforms and with all 37 gender categories represented in their exact demographic proportions, they will finally realize there is nothing left to fight for. That the world is finally perfectly unified and harmonized. That we can all get back to politically corrected sports, news and Nteflix series. That the only battle left to fight is to get Gina Carano to put her REAL gender pronouns into her Twitter profile. It’s a brilliant military strategy that could only come from the mind of a 77 year old man with dimentia. It’s why he legitimately and totally honestly got the most votes of any President ever. All of the world’s problem can be so easily solved if we just approach it with a statistically accurate team of diverse colors and genders, being paid to do nothing besides be black, Asian, gender queer, transracial, cis-native, cross hetero, left gay, homo incel, etc. Thank God a CCP contractor with a crack addicted son came along to open all our eyes to this!
    Sing it with me now:
    “Kunbaya my Lord, Kumbaya…”!

  3. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    Thank God that Joseph Biden/Kamala Harris and the Democrats are now in charge, and America can return to being the Politically Correct, Multicultural, Queer-Friendly, Gender-neutral mass murdering evil empire that we all know and love.

    The American Empire’s wars of aggression are peachy keen–just as long they are Woke Wars of Aggression!

    Remember the Obama-Biden Regime and its “Human Rights” war crimes against Libya and Syria!

    Help Obama Kickstart World War III!

    America is bringing back its beloved Woke Wars and even a Woke World War 3!

    1. Well said. Gross Domestic Tolerance is going to skyrocket. We might all be eating rations and vaccines under rolling solar blackouts, but our hearts will be rich. What else matters if a man in a dress can’t take a dump in the women’s bathroom? We will overcome!

  4. Were he to nominate Tulsi Gabbard for either State or Defense, my opinion of Biden would improve considerably.

    1. That won’t happen. Tulsi attacked the anointed fake black woman whose actual Jamaican ancestry is 100% slave owners. She, like AOC, will have to settle for doing everything the hard way.

      For some reason, some people in Hawaii dislike Tulsi. I haven’t ever been able to get any substance on it. Mostly liberals.

  5. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    I love you, Caitlin!!! Right on, right on, right on.

  6. You need new material.
    This shtick is old.

    1. It’s quite possible it will be irrelevant, because Joe Biden is not the president yet and may not be.

  7. Maybe a few unknown models or actors, but everyone else will be Mafia and Mossad.

  8. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “… I can’t wait to see how else the Decency President plans to uplift us with girl power and diversity of ethnicity and sexual orientation in the most powerful force of human slaughter in the history of civilization. 2021, here we come!”
    When a nation’s only functioning industry is war, war, and more war… then it’s not surprising that we would get a a bunch of ruling lackeys that promote war, war, and more war.
    For too long, the American War Machine has been led by White males. It’s damn time to diversify and let some others into leading the killing machinery. Equal-opportunity death merchants. If that’s not progress and being Woke then I don’t know what is.
    When you have no soul, you have no soul to lose. If you have no ethics and morality, then you don’t have those pesky things to lose either. Once you’ve given yourself over to The Death Machine, life becomes easy. No big moral or ethical dilemmas. You know what you want to do. You how how to do it. And you do it. And you groom the next group of soulless zombies to take your place one day.
    As Groucho Marx once said… “We know what you are. Now we’re just arguing about price.”

  9. The Oligarchic Transnational Elite (OTEC) have one, and only one, goal — to remain the OTEC. They are necessarily, desperately attempting to accomplish this goal, from literally one moment to the next, through, for lack of a better expression, whatever-it-takes “economics”. In the year 2020, anno Domini, this “effort” by the OTEC overrides literally ever other human effort on planet earth. OTEC’s effort is literally ruining planet earth.
    “Necessity is the mother of invention.” “Sometimes desperation brings out the best in people.” There is no better proof of the last two sentences than what desperate, despondent Dr. Richard Wolff had to say from 45:23 to 51:34 (a mere 6 minutes) in the following video.

    1. Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (OTEC)

    2. “I think at this point we have to look to the kind of mass movements that we’ve seen in Beirut, that we saw in Chile, that we’ve seen in other places. I’m not saying it’s going to work. But it’s all we have left…I think that the moral squalor of the two parties…asks you to surrender just about every ethical or moral position that you have…We’ve got to stand fast on these moral issues and take the heat—‘cause we’re gonna get it.” Chris Hedges

      Good discussion all the way around. Thanks for the link.

  10. It’s not surprising that women, a broad group indeed, can be sociopaths. Witness Madeleine Albright, the first female US Secretary of State (i.e., foreign minister). She declared on US TV that half a million dead Iraqi children were “worth it”.

    And what do these plum jobs, for these particular women, mean for other women in the workforce? Nada.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Don’t forget Condoleezza Rice and the champion, Margaret Thatcher.

      1. Iron Lady quotes – “… no such thing as society.”
        “… no such thing as public spending.”

  11. It would be wonderful if the ” curtains ” were finally drawn all of the way back to reveal the extent of the ” massive voter fraud ” carried out within these United States!
    Then there are the janky numbers in all those other states where the Dominion vote tabulation software was used: 130,000 here… 27,000 there… et cetera. By the way, the company that puts out this Dominion product is partly owned by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum; one of its top executives is Nancy Pelosi’s former chief-of-staff; and the software’s development was funded by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2014. I guess they know a good thing when it jumps up and bites them on the lips.
    I suppose you’ve also seen rumors about the Intelligence Community’s election-meddling software programs, HAMR (“Hammer”) and Scorecard allegedly being employed in last week’s election, but that is only a rumor so far. Sidney Powell, lawyer to General Michael Flynn, dropped it on the airwaves, and recall that General Flynn was the Director of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), so there’s a chance that he knows about these programs in excruciating detail. There’s also reason to believe that General Flynn retains connections to many loyal intel techies who worked under him, and are capable of sussing out the situation. Also, by the way: do you suppose that any of this election-meddling software was used to ensure Joe Biden’s mysterious out-of-nowhere victory in the Super-Tuesday primary? Hmmm….?
    This article can be read here:

    1. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, a main source for this ‘information’ about HAMR and Scorecard, says
      a) Nobody knows about them, and
      b) They were hatched by the NSA, taken by the CIA, and used by the Obama administration and the DNC among others.
      Not only do a) and b) seem directly contradictory, but b) implies an awful lot of people know about them. So how come no leaks from insiders, only this stuff from an obscure retired Air Force general?

  12. Very peculiar. This post has really brought out a diversity of commenters. Lots of people going off on their own tangents. I don’t think the word conspiracy was mentioned but a lot of theories being floated here.

    Another fine post Caitlin. Love the poem.

  13. Mariamne Everett is on the money in saying that Flournoy “has paved the way for the U.S.’s endless and costly wars….” She’s off the money, however, in saying that such wars “prevent America from investing in life saving and necessary programs like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.” Obviously, endless criminal war should be condemned and resisted on humanitarian grounds. But the money squandered on these wars has little impact on America’s capacity to invest ample federal funds in beneficial social and environmental programs. Only when more on the left grok Modern Monetary Theory will we stop hearing the relentlessly tiresome question posed whenever a beneficial new federal program is advocated: “How are you going to pay for it?”

    1. I thought one of MMT’s core tenets was the need for fiscally sovereign nations like the USA to focus on real resources. If these resources are being used for war and weaponry, they’re not available for programs like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

      1. What are the specific resource shortages that would currently impair implementation of Medicare for All and the New Green Deal? How are these specific resources now stretched to the breaking point to wage war and manufacture weaponry? The resource that Mariamne Everett seemed to be talking about, mistakenly, was money, how we would run out of funds if we did one thing to the point that we wouldn’t have funds to do another. America can never run out of dollars because they’re created merely by computer entries every time the federal government chooses to spend. Indeed, seeing money itself as a scarce and limiting resource (on the federal level of a currency-sovereign nation) is precisely the erroneous viewpoint, deeply ingrained in both the left and the right, which MMT addresses and refutes head-on.

        1. Scientists. Technicians. Rare earth metals. Energy. Supporting infrastructure. To name the first few that come to mind.
          They may or may not be stretched to breaking point yet, but they’re all in short supply, and more money won’t suddenly make them abundant. Enough new money directed at M4A or the GND, without a concomitant or greater increase in military funding, would diminish the resources the military can access, but just watch them sit back and accept that.

          1. In any case, I don’t think we know what the resources of the country are any more. Certainly the routine deprivation of the proles has had a significant effect. The government has already had as MMT programs of sorts for the rich, such as extremely low interest rates and generous bailouts. It hasn’t made them productive; it has mostly run up asset prices like real estate.

            1. Yes. If MMT’s going to be of any use, money has to go into socially useful projects, not the banks and stock markets, and the military’s share of the total has to be decreased.

          2. So you’re telling us that IF the U.S. federal government decided to expand Medicare to all its citizens and launch a vigorous Green New Deal, it wouldn’t be able to come up adequate natural and human resources to meet its objectives? I don’t believe that for a moment, nor, do I think, do you. It’s not the resources that are lacking here but the political will.

            1. Medicare for All would negatively impact Insurance Company revenues, Big Pharma Revenues, and Doctor and Hospital Revenues. The Green New Deal would negatively impact Petroleum Company Revenues. These groups OWN our Congress. It’s not a matter of having enough money, it’s a matter of who gets it.

              There is no Political will. There is Corporate will that any politician with a future must always be subservient to. Revolution following a nearly complete societal collapse is the only avenue open to the proles.

            2. I’m saying a decent M4A and GND would mean diverting resources away from the military, and they won’t take that lying down, MMT or no MMT.

  14. Julius Skoolafishoint Avatar
    Julius Skoolafishoint

    The whole ‘democratic process’ is satire – so
    Joe Biden- Victory speech (Andrew Lawrence)

  15. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    I simply do not understand why people are still voting in these elections.

    The simple fact that in 2001 on 9-11, I was unable to distinguish any wreckage of an airplane in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania convinced me of the futilily of voting.

    My guess is that there is not just the elites that have in interest in the statu quo always brought by the election; a lot of people do because the “System” is what is maintaining their social status, money and assets.

    I will participate in the “System” to get a needle in my b… (vaccine) because it will soon be the only way to participate in society but I do not intend to vote.

    We are truly living in the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, a totally decadent society.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    We are truly living in the days of Noah

    1. I saw the recent election as a possible choice between civil war (Trump) and foreign war (Biden). One could also choose to not vote, or vote for a splinter party candidate, which is usually what I do, but this year the case seemed to demand my personal attention. Since civil war is closer to home and I am a bit long in the tooth for street combat, I went for running up Biden’s vote in the hope that it would discourage the civil war side of Trump and company. I don’t know what’s next. The Supreme Court may rule that the ACA is unconstitutional, in which case Biden — the secret left-wing Biden no one has ever seen — may grow certain body parts and push Medicare For All into the gap. If that’s the controversy of the moment, maybe Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Libya, etc. etc., will be safe for a while.

      1. There is zero chance of passing Medicare for all through this upcoming Congress. The only reason Biden came out in favor of the “Public Option” was because he knew it would be impossible to get through Congress. It was pure theater meant to get him votes.

        Furthermore, I think it is equally as likely we’ll fall into Civil War with a Biden win. The “deplorables” are shouting fraud (which is most likely the case, and is SOP) and they are heavily armed. From one old fart to another my advice is stock the pantry, the liquor cabinet, and the armory, and hide out.

  16. Fight for voting reforms like rank choice voting. It’s an uphill battle of course, but Maine has implemented and so have many cities.
    “Ranked choice voting (RCV) makes democracy more fair and functional. It works in a variety of contexts. It is a simple change that can have a big impact.
    “RCV is a way to ensure elections are fair for all voters. It allows voters the option to rank candidates in order of preference: one, two, three, and so forth.
    “If your vote cannot help your top choice win, your vote counts for your next choice.
    “In races where voters select one winner, if a candidate receives more than half of the first choices, that candidate wins, just like in any other election. However, if there is no majority winner after counting first choices, the race is decided by an “instant runoff.” The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and voters who picked that candidate as ‘number 1’ will have their votes count for their next choice. This process continues until there’s a majority winner or a candidate won with more than half of the vote.”

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Fight for socialism! Topple the capitalist oligarchy!

  17. Yes but you forget to mention that these wars will be fought for freedom and democracy.That makes all the difference! Given the chance, wouldn’t you be happier to get killed (or even maimed or tortured) by a minority soldier spreading freedom and democracy for Biden all the way to Guantanamo than by a majority one only interested in keeping the oil for Trump?

    1. And if you’re not happy getting killed by the US war machine, that proves you’re a dangerous terrorist who deserves to be killed.

  18. There are many people under the impression that Joe Biden may not be elected POTUS after the lawsuits have been finalized.
    The old mechanical voting machines left paper trails that were hard to falsify so they had to be gotten rid of so that rampant vote rigging would become the way things are done. It seems nothing in these United States is on the up and up anymore. Cheating is are way of life now!

    1. “The old mechanical voting machines … had to be gotten rid of.”
      Is that the real reason Gates and the Deep State genetically engineered the coronavirus hoax?

  19. The US Psychopaths In Charge grow ever more desperate as their fiat currency debt based economy collapses around them. Money can be printed, wealth cannot. The illusion, or delusion that it can be is the very foundation of the current world economy. Such economic systems always fail. ALWAYS! Historically they have been relegated to a local economy. Not so today. We are indeed headed for hard times. Wherein getting groceries may be more of a challenge than avoiding a war.

    1. Correct. Local economies recover.faster than the highly interconnected system of food production we have today. Food shortages will be commonplace, prepare now.

  20. I like the picture of the head of Mossad getting “cozy” with Susan Rice. In his position, he probably could have grabbed her by the pussy and she would have just smiled. Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words.

  21. Charles Edward Lain Avatar
    Charles Edward Lain

    The world will wish that Trump was the President, he fired warmonger John Bolton, also Maddog, Trump hates war. We needed four more years of Trump to bring down the swamp more than what he has done already, The Republican and Democrat party hate him because they cannot do behind scene deals to flush their bank accounts in offshore banks. Trash Trump all you want but he cannot turn over a corrupted warmonger deep state in four years but he is getting close to it. He has had to battle the deep state along with you Catlin. If he does not get this overturned of voter fraud I predict will be in a full-time war within 18 months.

    1. A more full-time war than the war on Afghanistan, nearly twenty years so far without counting Operation Cyclone?

    2. He also hired those people. Is Pompeo any better? Tell the people of Yemen how much Trump hates war.

    3. he hired bolton first, and still employs the lying swamp scumbag elliot abrams. trump had that iranian general assassinated, continues the ongoing u.s. efforts to overthrow the government of venezuela, and went even further than obama to rendition julian assange, whose only crime was exposing u.s. war crimes. one party, 2 faces. oh with biden we get slightly different warmongers, with just a touch more diversity.

      1. Kamala Harris, the first woman President of the USA, will not want to pass in to history without starting her own war It’s a tradition and Kamala Harris is very traditional.

  22. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    Sino-American confrontation has been building for some years, following a clear historic pattern. That will be no different under a Biden administration.

  23. Diana Allen, MS, CNS Avatar
    Diana Allen, MS, CNS

    Not happy to hear this at all! Biden should stock his cabinet with scholars and scientists – not warmongers tied to big corporate money. Military, pharmaceutical, industrial agriculture and fossil fuel interests are not human interests. Is there any way to put the pressure on? Or do we just settle in for another 4-year kvetch fest while millions suffer.

    1. So scholars and scientists are not part of the Military or Medical Industrial Complex? Quite the contrary I’m afraid. The vast majority of them are actively engaged in one or both. Who do you think is inventing all these new and improved weapons of murder and destruction, or the “medicines” that are substituted for a healthy lifestyle? Do you think the authors of the ongoing psychological warfare against sanity are out of work plumbers? I imagine that there has never been a government MORE dedicated to “experts” in science and scholarship, in place of basic human virtue. The trouble is that there is no connection whatsoever between science and scholarship and ethical, moral behavior. In fact, their “expertise” is used as an excuse for them to create their own morality out of whole cloth.

      1. Don’t often agree with your comments, but IMHO you nailed it with this one.

    2. Stephane Bruneaux Avatar
      Stephane Bruneaux

      Nothing in Biden’s extensive political history suggests he will value human interests over “(M)ilitary, pharmaceutical, industrial agriculture and fossil fuel interests”. He is rather a demonstrated intellectual lightweight suffering from obvious cognitive decline and will outsource his decision making to the US war machine currently preparing to take charge. Enjoy.

    3. Biden is a warmonger tied to big corporate money. Why would he choose people unlike himself? Now it looks like we will have warmonger from column B. It is a flimflam game. All possible peace candidates are removed in the primary process, and all cabinet members must meet senate approval. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    4. not now there isn’t, now that he is the next president. sanders caved in, he could have exerted some pressure, he was either a sheepdog or he got threatened. same result.

    5. Biden’s war-loving record has been available all during this miserable campaign. It’s been horrifying how few “educated” people took the time to research it and now will be shocked and appalled as the warring and whoring continues. It will actually be worse.

      1. Didn’t take the time to research it?
        Or aren’t really bothered about it?

        1. Both. They didn’t do the research because they aren’t bothered by it. They would never admit it but many are fine with it, as it keeps the gravy train rolling for them.

  24. No transgender people of colour?
    As soon as President Harris rectifies this unfortunate oversight, the US military will undoubtedly lead the world into a new age of peace and prosperity.

  25. Are any of these women Mothers ?(in the traditional sense)
    Where are their Motherly instincts?
    (I think it’s called Love).
    Surely they wouldn’t initiate a mass/suicidal war.
    Would they?
    Where are the benevolent aliens when we need them?

  26. Here’s someone who has accumulated evidence of possible voter fraud….. I particularly “enjoyed” the CNN story where in an update the voter tally for the republican went DOWN !!!! haha
    I cannot seem to copy and paste the link for some reason so…….

    1. Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney is obviously a deep state operative. Why else would he be concealing the proven fact that Iran now controls the internet, the US electoral process, and the Proud Boys? The fact that Israel doubts this clearly indicates it must be true.

  27. How depressing. Change but no change. War pigs win every time.

  28. The media is now a TOTAL programming tool – social distancing and masks – lockdowns to keep the average idiot glued to the box !!

    Ah yes – (((THEY))) have thought this one out – we are pretty much isolated from anything except the lying media !!

    1. masks have nothing to do with the media, or even lockdowns. there’s a virus, it spreads through the air, and masks help lessen the danger. they don’t isolate you, people conduct their normal business just fine.

      1. If you believe the propaganda about the virus and think cloth masks are stopping airborne particles much smaller than the weave of these masks, you are contributing to its spread by conducting normal business.

        1. The idiots in Taiwan, China, South Korea, Singapore and several other east Asian countries have been hoodwinked into believing that masks can reduce the spread of the droplets via which this virus travels.
          And just look at their statistics, for deaths, hospitalisations, infections or whatever.

  29. Anyone who thinks you can change American imperialism with elections is delusional. Conservatives enjoy being bullies and liberals like well-paying jobs in the defense industry.

  30. Obombie, Reptillary and CIA Operation Zero Footprint armed the big Mo overthrows in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Libya > LibyanWartheTruth.com > James & Joanne Moriarty documentary, killed 250,000

    Obombie, Reptillary and CIA Operation Timber Sycamore shipped Libyan weapons to ISIS in Syria, killed 500,000

    BIDEN is unindicted war criminal

  31. WELL, RIGHT ON! We who did not vote green now must hope that the od man will change.
    no prediction. and remember for now, this is Caitlin’s prediction. lots of hair andneck there for the Sniffer-in-Chief. hard to see them joke around. the snse of humor soon will make Hil da Shill’s half joke “we came we saw he DIED! cackle cackle”…look like a kindergarten teacher. Rice is ominous. and Flournoy scary…the CIA is the D’evil’s last best friend.
    The rest of the world has had dozens of femme presidents.
    maybe Kamala will succeed. we only know for sure that mail-in votes work they really work! it’s better than standing in the snow dodging proud boyz barbs and bullets. cops driving by screaming at you for voting.- in their city. to infer black conspiracy to thwart white voters is to blaspheme 400 years of perfidy and cheating by white people.
    for that alone chill. the pot is still not right. black voters who got cancelled by Kemp? i Georgia up to 300,000 voided as people, got revenge by signing up properly about twice that to vote this time around and do it safely by mail. Stacy Abrams for State!
    Medea Benjamin for CIA director. yep.
    now all we got to do is do that voting trick again and Kamala Harris will take Mitch’s job away from him for 4 more years and maybe Gavin Newsom will not blow it and appoint a right wing honkie as her replacement. i’m still worried about getting the power then i’ll worry about how they want to use it. there will be nothing worth war if we lose the entire planet to too much heat. wars won’t help that very much. AND we still have a nasty man-made i’m sure, virus, creeping us out. BEWARE! the vaccine might be worse than the disease.
    i am Brilliant and Mepretty and i approve of this vaccine.

  32. At least half the population of the United States agrees that the Biden/Harris (or is it Harris/Biden ?) administration is going to be a disaster. The other half is going to find out the hard way.

    1. nice. but the big Q is: SHOULD WE BE SCARED SHITLESS?

      1. I think, in the bigger picture, we should be scared shitless if there is NOT a disaster of sufficient magnitude to crash the neoliberal economy and paralyze the waging of endless war. Only when things get worse will there be a chance of them getting better. On the other hand, when it comes to the individual and family level, we should be scared shitless that we and our loved ones will not survive that crash.

        1. Real economic security in today’s world is a garden, a shotgun, and a good dog. Even then, mushroom clouds could really ruin your day. “I’m goin’ up to the country, baby don’t you wanna go.”

    2. At least 110 million Americans are dependent on some sort of welfare !

      The sheep are controlled through the fraudulent – counterfeit ( print money out of thin air ) monetary system !

      “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper. – Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife.

  33. Now on to the really important question, where should we put the statue of Kali, or would multiple statues strategically placed in all Federal buildings be more appropriate?

  34. So Ms Johnstone, how does a country go about stopping the planetary wide wholesale slaughter of human beings by United States women with government titles?? The more female warmongers Joe Biden appoints the easier it gets for his administration to kill people everywhere. When a woman shouts ” Nuke Em ” they will be Nuked without any hesitation whatsoever. The United States lust for blood is set to go unequaled in human history.

  35. This sort of assumes that the installation of Joe Biden as president will go through.
    That remains to be seen.
    The voting was heavily rigged, and it was basically broadcast in advance that the Dems would do so, and how they would do it.
    The lawfare is underway. Maybe the Dems have all their bases covered.
    Maybe not.
    Things are just getting harder and harder to keep completely under control for our deep state.

    1. Voter fraud is a bipartisan pursuit in the US. Ask Greg Palast about it. But hey, after decades of exporting your precious democracy to oil-rich countries, this is what you’re left with.

      In other news, all along, the big story on Wall St. was the announced ANT Group IPO and its last-minute retraction. Because the owning class are quite confident that their will be done in Washington either way.

  36. Rice was a key player in Hillary Clinton’s massive arms smuggling operation from Libya to Syria that was exposed in the Benghazi incident. Both should be indicted, not appointed.

  37. They can write and say what they like, the world is completely awake to the ZIO/US wars for oil and wars for profit !

    The ISIS charade has been fully exposed and any thinking person knows that the ZIO/US has been behind EVERY terrorist group that has ever existed !

    Russia displayed over 70 ‘never before seen’ weapons in Syria and has the ability to disable anything the US has got – US missiles won’t even leave the silo’s !

    Of course Russia’s S-400 missile defence system can see incoming targets within a 400 kilometre radius and destroy – as the name suggests the S-500 missile defence system has a radius range of 500 kilometres !

    Both Russia and Iran have the option of using Scalar wave (see what happened when Nikola Tesla targeted Tunguska with a Scalar wave ) and China has land based satellite destroyers !

    Fortunately it is over for the US – Russia has hypersonic missiles (that can’t be detected by radar ) that have virtually unlimited range .

    The problem for America is that they are now so far behind Russia – China and even Iran !!

    This is what happens when you build weapons that are only effective against 3rd world countries with no real military capacity – US builds weapons strictly for PROFIT – not necessity as Russia and China have done !

    US couldn’t even overthrow Maduro – they are all piss and wind !

    1. Hope you’re right, but they’ll probably keep pissing in the wind until it blows back and soaks their pants. The hope, of course, is that this blowback, however it comes, will not trigger a nuclear exchange. On a more important subject, will they find a suitable place for “President” Guaido in the new diverse/perverse administration?

  38. Liked the poem.
    Off to war we go

  39. Supporting Pedo-Joe is also not an answer. The voting hasn’t been re-counted. Remember Bush-Gore? Yea, there needs to be a re-count. You can’t just ignore the fact that The Orange in Chief is suing for re-count. Declaring victory doesn’t just make it so. I declare that I love Caitlin’s work when she is non-partisan. I don’t even like Trump. But the blatant dis-information and censorship campaign across all alt-media to hide the crimes of the Biden family are shameful. Caitlin – you fight this censorship… apparently until it fits your preferences. Please do better

  40. The one encounter I had with Susan Rice was when a Diplomatic Security agent shoved me against the wall, when she and her entourage got off an elevator in the State Dept. lobby. They Who Must Not Be Kept Waiting —

  41. Brilliant! You’ve nailed it exactly.

  42. Good points and depressing to think about. However, the good news is that these guys are the lesser of two evils, at least according to the voters. The bad news is that a ship with a smaller leak will still sink. Also the Yankee Empire seems on course to bite the dust before the planet hits the dead end, which is good news.

    1. NOT! You’re wrong on multiple counts, but evil they are.

  43. Well done! You’re in top form. You served up a lovely meal, with the blood and guts to come, and then you presented us with the beautiful poetic dessert. Thank you.

  44. I live in the United States and just lived through almost four years of a cabinet that supported mass killing abroad and new domestic killing. How does that rate in your contest?

    1. Trump being bad doesn’t make Biden good anymore than heart disease being bad makes cancer good. The voting is over; “TRUMP!!!” is no longer an answer. Find real arguments.

      1. Thank You Caitlin for your continuous shining of the light into the dark crevices of history

      2. There is NO answer – the MIC makes and directs US Foreign Policy – along with dual citizens that infest the congress !
        In 1913 Americans were given a Christmas present that would determine their fate as slaves !

        On 9/11 1941 – construction began on the ‘forever’ war headquarters – the Pentagon !

        60 years later (to the day) the Zionists celebrated their complete conquest over the American people – that they now treat with contempt !!

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