I’ve got a new poetry book out!

Show Me An Old Rebel

Do not show me a young rebel,
whose eyes are bright
and whose tail is bushy.

Young rebels are fine and good,
but they are merely doing
what the young are meant to do.

Show me an old rebel.
One who keeps punching
when his hands are arthritic,
when her hair is white,
when his friends are all dead,
when her knees are shot,
when it hurts him to pee,
when her shoulders are so bad
that it would be much easier to punch down
than to punch up.

Show me an old rebel
who keeps standing up after being knocked down
over and over again,
year after year,
decade after decade,
who after the thousandth blow
merely spits out a tooth
and says “Son, you have no idea what you’re dealing with,
do you?”

Are you a young rebel?
Are you Sticking It to The Man?
Are you upsetting the gray brainiacs
and knocking over their word castles?

That is fine.
Youth will youth.

But show me a young rebel
who became an old rebel,
who stuck with it through the setbacks
and the beatings and betrayals,
who watched the hippies become yuppies
and the protesters become pundits
and still kept a fire lit
amid the monsoons of infiltration
and the hurricanes of heartbreak.
Who will close their tired eyes for a final time
without ever once having cast them to the ground
or peered up in imploring subordination.

That, my friends,
that is a true spirit.

If you are still a fiery rebel
even as everything is ripped away from you,
I will be humbled and awed by you,
because I will know that you will carry that with you to the grave.
And I will know that whatever you find on the other side
will be met
with that same defiant glare.

And I will sing your song when you are gone.

I’m really thrilled with how this book turned out. It includes a lot of crowd favorites like “One Rebel“, “Welcome To Planet Earth“, “I Marvel” and “Show Me An Old Rebel”, but I’ve selected and arranged the poems more as a personal adventure for readers to go through to find aspects of themselves and the world they might not necessarily have noticed before.

I write poetry because for me it’s the most direct way of pointing at what we actually need to do, as individuals and as a species, to awaken from our old patterns and create a healthy world together. I’ve put together a selection of my favorite poems I’ve written with the help of my husband and partner in crime Tim Foley to steer clear-eyed rebels into not just inspiration for the struggle against the bastards, but into the kind of revolutionary seeing and revolutionary consciousness we’re going to need in order to turn this ship around.

You can buy this work in paperback by clicking here or here (hopefully I’ll have it up and running on Kindle soon but I’m having technical difficulties). Alternatively you can also download a PDF of the book for five bucks by clicking here and print it out yourself if you like. FYI there are a few poems which overlap with a previous PDF I put out a couple of years ago called Rogue Nation, but not many.

I hope it gives you laughs, tears, and plenty of goosebumps.



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40 responses to “My New Book, “Poems For Rebels””

  1. I wrote this in 1979. It should read ‘legalized the SLAUGHTER of the weak,’ but I wrote it
    out here from memory, but then I’m only 72 and have 170+ rebel songs on YT, up til yesterday.

  2. ‘We live in a time when Faith is called arrogance,
    Love is a 4-letter word.
    They feed you on lies that insult your intelligence,
    The voice of compassion is not heard.

    This is the time that the Scriptures have prophesied.
    Now comes the Hour of the Beast,
    This is the time when we ALL will be crucified
    by politicians, businessmen and priests.

    We are drowning in a dream where the people think they’re powerless,
    struggling each moment to survive.
    We are watching the sands as they run out of the hourglass,
    and most of us don’t even know we’re alive.

    We have sold off our birthright for fantasy and avarice,
    legalized the torture of the weak.
    We are well past the point where we’re taking any good advice,
    Condemned by our actions as we speak.

  3. so wonderful Caitlin, very grateful for you in this world

  4. I am 67 and still fighting…”Give Me An Old Rebel” never ceases to well up my tears…Thank You so much Caity…Book ordered…xo

  5. Marshall McLuhan Avatar
    Marshall McLuhan

    Moral indignation is a technique used to endow the idiot with dignity.

  6. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “I write poetry because for me it’s the most direct way of pointing at what we actually need to do, as individuals and as a species, to awaken from our old patterns and create a healthy world together.”
    Each and every one of us needs to find our own voice and ways of expression to affect the world around us that our personal circle and radius touches. We’d need to this anyway as divine conscious beings born in any age, but it is especially critical at times like this that seek to tear our species apart and estrange us from our very own humanity. We are under attack on many levels and we need to stay centered in our true spiritual core to face these attacks as they come at as like ice hockey pucks being shot at a goaltender under seige. And while we’re doing this, we need to get a big grin on our faces and say, “Take that, suckas. Is that all you got?!”

  7. No dry eyes around here Caitlin. Home Run. Thank you. ♥️

  8. You made my day, Caitlin!

  9. Caitlin, I actually really enjoyed that. I believe good poetry is much harder to creatd than an article or opinion piece. Off the subject I want to share a link to an article on energy and population

  10. If the old warrior keeps their eyes open, if the old warrior keeps their mind open, if the old warrior can distinguish between propaganda and truth, if the old warrior is aware that state power attracts the worst among us, If the old warrior did not become iron clad in their idealism far too long ago, if the old warrior constantly questions themselves as they do others, then the old warrior has some value, and deserves attention. Many have discarded any and all information that counters the notions they subscribed to long ago. Many have long ago concluded that we must be governed by the “correct” psychopaths with guns, and refuse to see their error. They are no longer warriors.

    1. I thank you for this comment. I have battled against some old warriors who refuse to accept new information that would change their perspective and battle cry, and felt some shame due to having come against such revered old warriors. I see now that I was justified and have done right. Thank you for crediting me for questioning myself, but sometimes second-guessing is not worthy. Validated by you. Gratitude. And thanks again to Caitlin who repeatedly spouts out words that resonate to my core.

      1. Thanks for the attention to this old warrior, and you are quite welcome.

  11. I read your posts every time you write one and as a libertarian anarchist I despise your politics, you are still an admirable person. At the ripe old age of 69 I still have a few teeth to spit out–I’ve met the new boss and he’s the same as the old boss. Keep it up woman–I, for one, will die toothless and I expect you will as well.

  12. I read your posts every time you write one and as a libertarian anarchist I despise your politics, you are still an admirable person. At the ripe old age of 69 I still have a few teeth to spit out–I’ve met the new boss and he’s the same as the old boss. Keep it up woman–I, for one, will die toothless and I expect you will as well.

  13. I read your posts every time you write one and w

  14. One day, you’ll have to choose between Eckart Tolle and Che Guevara because they’re like oil and water: they don’t mix. It’s a fact that romanticism is more flashy and of course satisfying for the ego like most illusions but it ends at best in cynicism and ever groaning and moaning dissatisfied grandpas ain’t a nice thing to listen to. As this XVIIIth century Parisian woman of letters famously observed: “A polemist, at twenty, it’s irresistible, at thirty, it’s charming, at forty, it’s boring, after fifty, it’s unbearable” :o).

      1. Lovely poem! But pity you have to use amazon – more money for American neo-liberalism.

          1. Thank you Caitlin. I boycott Amazon for obvious reasons. I’ll get it from Book Depository.

      2. Your reply reminds me of this Monty Python sketch:
        – I came for an argument.
        – Sorry, this is abuse.

    1. Better to grow old disgracefully!

    2. Then again, there’s this from Che: “The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” And then there’s also this: “The only passion that guides me is for the truth… I look at everything from this point of view.” Are you sure that Che and Eckart are “oil and water,” unable to mix, to occupy common ground?

      1. Maybe it’s alcohol and water – completely miscible.

  15. The hearts of old rebels never age, but their minds certainly become more disillusioned and cynical each passing year.

    1. 2 rebel bulls on a hill side. Look! said the younger, a whole herd of Fat Cats! Let’s run down & f### ’em alll… The older rebel swishes his horny beret & says Son, let’s jest mosey on down & f### ONE of them today…over & over & over, reckon that’ll work

  16. When Joe Biden takes the Oath of Office in January, nearly half the political nation will regard him as an illegitimate ruler.
    This is karmic payback for the corrupt and hate-crazed Democrats in the most extraordinary way. As the great 18th century English poet and visionary William Blake liked to say, there is a “fearful symmetry” to it.
    For four years, the Democrats repeatedly claimed that Hillary Clinton was “robbed” of her supposedly rightful victory in the 2016 election, The most paranoid, crazed and ridiculous accusations were thrown against the government of Russia and many of its most prominent officials and citizens alleging bizarre manipulations of the United States of American political system that never occurred.
    By contrast, this time, the ground has already been laid and documentation well established for- at the very least – serious doubts about the convenience of a massive mail-in process which in one major industrial state after another miraculously delivered convenient, just-enough and just-in-time margins of victory to Joe Biden and the Democrats.
    This article can be read here:
    Biden Wins, Results Disputed, Hard Rains Gonna Fall by Martin Sieff!

  17. thanks. i’m 79.
    you nailed it….
    now then: there is just one thing….

  18. Dear Caitlin, I always read you, always enjoy, I’m one of your patreon fans! As a poet myself, I’m chuffed to be able to get the book SOOO… I’m a Sydneysider, can I pleazzzze ask (& pay!!!) for a SIGNED COPY? Your avid admirer, Gregory Fisher.

  19. PUNISHMENT WILL CONTINUE….until moral improves

  20. I loved that poem and it humbled me. I may be old, but i am a young rebel, and suppose I should respect the older rebels more. There are some much more experienced and vetted rebels who I dis, and this will keep me in remembrance of their hard battles.

  21. Thanks Caitlin – purchased (even if via Kindle)!!!

    Long may you write!

  22. So I guess I’m an Old Rebel – been trucking against bad guys since early 1960’s, took jobs which would give me freedom to be serious activist, refused to become a 501(c)3 under the aegis of the IRS, – – antiwar, women’s liberation, civil rights for all and still doing what I can, mostly environmental work for past decades………..yes, I’m an Old Rebel and proud of it!

    Curious – Are you, Caitlin, Diana Johnstone’s daughter? If so, How is she since haven’t seen any writings from her in quite some time?

    1. Nope, no relation. She’s been writing a lot less lately. Diana’s an old rebel for sure.

      1. Diana’s recent memoir, “Circle in the Darkness,” is well worth reading because it illuminates so much of recent pre-Covid history. As for Diana’s unusual take on the pandemic:


  23. Your grit and dedication to truth is an inspiration

  24. A very moving video by NFU subscriber Laurie Dobson, on the mobocratic
    tyranny of masks. (Laurie lost her job as an EMT for speaking out against
    her local mask mandate, even though it means that her small island community
    in Maine now no longer has 24-hour EMT services.)


    Support News from Underground: https://bit.ly/NFUSupport

  25. I would like a signed copy

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