Americans: healthcare please

US government: Sorry did you say more war ships in the South China Sea?

Americans: no, healthcare

US government: Alright, you drive a hard bargain. Here are more war ships in the South China Sea.

Hi I’m Sleazy McPundit with WMD News. To explain why more internet censorship is needed to fight disinformation, here’s a panel of millionaires who are paid to lie to you.

Biden in 2020 is just Obama in 2008 if you aged him 30 years, made him white, and replaced all the hope and change talk with “Fuck you. No.”

Biden’s presidency looks set to be worse than Obama’s in every way. There will be a backlash against this. It is absolutely imperative that the US left fight like never before to make sure it’s more of a leftist backlash than a rightist one, or things will get very ugly. If you don’t take the fight to the libs, the right will. If you don’t seize control of the dominant narrative, the right will. This is 100 percent guaranteed. You need to start dealing with this now unless you want something far uglier than Trump down the road in the near term.

The longer they can keep you fixated on Trump’s impotent post-election tantrum the longer they can keep you from noticing the incoming administration full of warmongers, corporate cronies and authoritarians currently setting up shop under the next president.

A full withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan would have been something. A partial withdrawal is just PR. If you’re not making it difficult to simply put the troops back when you’re gone, you’re not doing anything.

The US political/media class always freaks out over a slight military drawdown but virtually never criticizes any military increase. If this were simply reversed, as it would be in a remotely sane world, the US war machine could not operate in the way it does on the global stage.

To be a real journalist you must ask inconvenient questions, shine light in inconvenient directions, refuse to parrot establishment narratives, and be indifferent to the approval of the powerful.

To be a rich and famous journalist, you must do the exact opposite of these things.

Trumpists fantasize about a “deep state” cabal of baby-eating elites while the actual deep state murders far more babies right out in the open than any secret society could ever get away with.

The first woman to head the US war machine will not be a groundbreaking pioneer of feminist achievement, she’ll be a mass murderer in Spanx.

I’m so sexist and racist that I insist the US war machine should never be run by a woman or by a member of a minority or by a white person or by a man.

The correct position on any foreign policy conflict is the one which would result in less violence, suffering and death, less risk of conventional or nuclear war, and less control over the situation for powers which consistently advance these things. This should be obvious to everyone.

One party wants to roll back environmental measures. The other party that wants vastly insufficient environmental measures which accomplish nothing but allowing liberals feel like they’re doing something for a few years. These two approaches are not meaningfully different.

What’s the difference between someone who refuses to pull you out of a burning house and someone who has faint plans to implement slow, incremental changes to have you partially out of the burning house by the year 2100 as long as everything goes perfectly for them?

I definitely do not recommend getting into a relationship with an abusive manipulator, but just FYI it’s a lot easier to understand the dynamics of the US empire after you’ve escaped from one.

Rapists, abusers and empires all operate by the same core doctrine: “I have sovereignty, you don’t.”

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, person whose neck we are standing on. Stop acting like a victim just because we are actively victimizing you.

Jeff Bezos’ vision for the future includes a trillion humans living in space, which he argues would mean a thousand Einsteins and a thousand Mozarts. Meanwhile there are scores of Einsteins and Mozarts working in his warehouses, too busy paying the bills to actualize their potential.

A love of life and a hatred of war are just two camera angles of the same object.


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58 responses to “To Be A Rich And Famous Journalist: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. “A full withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan would have been something. A partial withdrawal is just PR. If you’re not making it difficult to simply put the troops back when you’re gone, you’re not doing anything.”

    I copied and pasted this one to, since I’m not on Twitter. I also used that web form to ask him to pardon Assange and Snowden.

    I know it’s a long shot, but I feel obligated to say the words in the direction of power anyway. I imagine there’s an intern somewhere who reports large changes in numbers of people who send the same opinion.

  2. None of the US presidents are better or worse and arguing about politics doesn’t help make the world a better place. Readers on this forum should know that elections are mere political theatre to make people believe their votes make a difference. Top politicians are all psychopaths but not the real problem. They are puppets of the Deep State who agents operate within the CIA, FBI, NSA, Fed, etc..

    1. Agent of the Deep State operate within the CIA, FBI, NSA, Fed, etc. and they are funded and controlled by elite super-wealthy globalists.

    2. Absolutely correct as to who are the guiltiest. But let us not forget to compliment those who play the deception, and who gladly take credit and know full well the plans of the globalists and have sold our wellbeing for a few dollars and get fame and protection doing so. Let us also applaud the so-called journalists for not telling us the truth, and being whores for the CIA. And the medical system for being willing to give us those wonderful addictive pharmaceuticals, and for hiding the truth regarding covid. And the wonderful educators who supposedly cannot figure out the faults in the education system, and obediently use the psychology of control over our chidlren, reporting in their notes those who are not little obedient morons. Most endearing to my heart is the police, willing and eager to bust strikers, protestors, and blacks, and who are fully aware that the prisons don’t deter crime, only strike fear in law-abiding citizens, who are taught to, and follow dictates to shoot to kill. Everybody who has lied, cheated, exploited, turned a blind eye, and oppressed or poisoned or killed people as an authority or as following orders are all guilty. Most people have, and for the sorry excuse of “supporting their family” of being able to “provide the finer things in life for their children” thinking that those are really the correct values or are living a lie; are all partially to blame for our predicament. There are few like me who can claim innocence there. IT is past due that we put aside the selfishness and accept principled poverty and take the sacrificial stand to fight against an evil system to save our lives, freedoms, and humanity.

      1. Michael, You are an exceptional and inspirational lone voice, but most readers on this forum will scoff at your principled poverty which I commend. Several years ago I did the same but found it too hard without support from a few like-minded people. Now I am making plans to do this with a community when times get tough enough to wake up a few others to take a sacrificial stand and fight against this evil global empire.

        1. We have no time for that. The general in charge of operation Warp Speed said today that the military will vaccinate everybody in the US within 24 hours of having the okay with the vaccine. This could be to incite armed revolution quickly to allow for martial law, but whatever the motivation, I have a solution to this predicament to stop a vaccine that will kill seven billion people worldwide and leave a world fascist police totalitarian state

  3. Some of the people that I talk to in person do not even believe that Joe Biden and Ms Harris are going to survive till January 20, 2021. Some are saying that they expect them both to be gone by Easter. No they are not gun wielding militia nutcases they are just ordinary people that realize a United States civil war is very likely to ensue over this stolen election. Bailing out the ” too big too fail banks ” caused many people to get upset but no talk of ” revolution “. This stolen election is very different. This is ” in your face – fuck you – you lowly peons “!! Joe Biden might get to be sworn in; but his presidency is illegitimate to more than half of this countries people. Blood is going to flow in the streets and blood is going to flow in Washington, D.C. I truly wish that it was not going to happen but the genie is out of the bottle now. Everything will be put on the back burners until the shooting and the shouting ceases!

    1. Thanks for stoking fear and chaos Ron. We really need that now.

      1. Blame the messenger rather than the evil or the avenger. A good politician is always good when six feet under. All others are rotten to the core, including those who are not “career” politicians. Some independents are good, but lose their true authentic goodness after a while in office and conform to the corruption, right Bernie?: I hate liars, and those who love money over people. Complacency and selfishness and greed are totally unacceptable- and many people capable of violence hate these also, but a good portion are misinformed and have no good replacement. I see your green deal and it has nice wording and nice concepts. Nice. SOUNDS NICE. But a few challenging questions do take the teeth out of their appearance of strength. I believe that my new civilization I propose in the conclusion of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH is much more capable of preserving the planet, simpler, do-able, and will sustain civilization, and thus mankind, eons longer. In addition, mine would keep our future generations in the sanity realm of paradise. IT has measures to guarantee that what has happened would not be repeated. The only weakness is that we would not have entertainment as we have today-it would take a more active participation and not be so awe-inspiring, nor would it create greed.

        1. I hope that I am wrong; and that absolutely nothing negative happens. Wishful thinking however is not going to get rid of reality. Martial law is coming soon; that is what the owners and the masters are driving us towards!

          1. Martial law is already here in part and the masters are driving towards full military deployment to make sure everyone gets vaccinated!

  4. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Hi I’m Sleazy McPundit with WMD News. To explain why more internet censorship is needed to fight disinformation, here’s a panel of millionaires who are paid to lie to you.”
    Why tell the truth if so many people tune in knowing they’ll get lies? Someone once said, “Give the people what they want!”
    “Biden in 2020 is just Obama in 2008 if you aged him 30 years, made him white, and replaced all the hope and change talk with ‘Fuck you. No.’”
    Biden, Obama, et al are prototype politicians. Give up your ethics and pride. Stand for nothing. Be a sellout. Get rich. Have your sons and daughters get rich. Openly give the finger to making anything better for anyone but yourself and those who leave you money on your bed. Nice to know color and race and age do not matter if you want to get ahead by selling your soul.
    “The US political/media class always freaks out over a slight military drawdown but virtually never criticizes any military increase.”
    When you’ve been conditioned for generations into believing that the military class walks on water and fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, any criticism of or pulling back of the military is seen as an offense against your favorite deity. More military is like “I Need More Cowbell! (Old SNL reference for those who might be wondering).
    “The first woman to head the US war machine will not be a groundbreaking pioneer of feminist achievement, she’ll be a mass murderer in Spanx.”
    Gee, won’t the troops of the future look just… stunning! “Forward…March!…Darlings!…”
    “Rapists, abusers and empires all operate by the same core doctrine: ‘“I have sovereignty, you don’t.’”
    This holds true for any kind of a bully or narcissist psychopath.
    “A love of life and a hatred of war are just two camera angles of the same object.”
    A hatred of life and a love of war describes anyone employed by the Hidden Hand.

  5. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    Just yesterday I saw Blitzer, Amanpour, and a third one, wailing over the prospect of Trump actually withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. This mean that Trump is not listening to the experts, our enemies are going to pounce, and those govts are going to collapse. You should have seen the look on their collective faces.
    Their grieving was rudely interrupted by a story that Trump was meeting with his top officials about bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities and they spent about 40 seconds commenting on that and could scarcely hide their boredom by dismissively saying, ‘it’s a bad idea because Iran might strike back with their missiles (yawn)’. Then it was back to the pending collapse caused by Trump withdrawing troops.

    And this is supposed to be the ‘liberal network’. The only good news is that our aggression will be increasingly constrained by our diminishing opportunity to cause harm.

    Knowing the interests and intentions of “adversaries” or “competitors” is important.
    Everything we see was paid for by somebody, for some reason, usually self interest, but not always.
    I try to find and post information in the interests of other humans and our living ecosystem (yes, that does serve me, too).
    I’m at some disadvantage,
    The disadvantages shift with the tides of struggle between powerful parties and factions.

    I see the western financial empire as being overdue for a “correction”, a correction that will recognize that exponential growth of economy is over, due to planetary limits of all sorts, and that energy inputs into economy will rapidly decrease, then keep decreasing as we go forward into less and less oil, coal and natural gas.
    This is not a new story. One counter to it is that it hasn’t happened yet.
    It is clearly inevitable that fossil fuel use will fall off.
    That won’t happen for altruistic reasons of saving the planet.
    The capitalist economic system cannot act altruistically.
    Digging and burning and killing faster wins every time.

    I do not have a ready replacement at hand. It has not been worked out at scale, only in much smaller groups of humans.
    I took a political self analysis test online a few years ago; I’m not sure how to find it again. A friend sent it. I came out as “Left Libertarian” on left-right, libertarian-authoritarian axes.
    That’s not a thing these days, is it?
    It HAS been a thing in history, and almost certainly still is a thing in a few small rural communities in the world.
    The early Christians seem to have practiced left libertarianism, each giving what was possible and each receiving necessities of life. It does not scale up, because the next level of organization up from the proles takes a skim, and every level up from there also skims, and it is the prerogative of the upper levels to skim, which translates to “ownership”, which is antithetical to the purpose of the communal organizing system.

    One comment I have seen, and I forget who said it, is that the commenter favored socialism/communism in the family, Democracy in the community, Republican government at the state level and Libertarianism at the national level.

    The flows of wealth and power work towards the absolute power of elites in the system, the “owners” increasing, until the system breaks from oppression, and there is revolution by the people who feel that the time has come to live free or die.

    The owners have a new tool, powered by electricity, connected to humans by laptops and smartphones, and with intelligence of its own. This tool allows the owners to program the system to show each human a certain picture, no matter where the human looks within the vast system. That picture becomes the model of reality for that human.
    This tool has extended the current financial and economic regime by a lot, at least since 2008, right?

    The initial promise of the internet was that you could find anything you wanted to know, pretty quickly, for free, or the usual monthly subscription fee. A lot of content got uploaded all over the world, and there it was. In 2000 I had a eureka moment when I was able to find the phone number for the Yokosuka , Japan US Naval Hospital, and dial it directly from Austin Texas, when my Dad got admitted there. That had never been possible before. It is mundane now.
    Not too long after that my friend Joe’s hi-fi hobbyist magazine, Sound Practices went bust. “Nobody wants to pay for content any more; I can’t sell subscriptions”, quoth Joe. Everybody who knew his mag missed it.
    You can find the issues online now, but no new content can be created.
    Amazon is booming.Google and Facebook rule.

    The internet appeared libertarian at first, but the hierarchy has tamed that impulse so that all information that used to travel laterally now goes to the very top, to be amplified, edited or deleted by artificial intelligence, before it comes back down to peer-to-peer-level. It appears to be a lateral share, but it is edited by AI based on algorithms which serve the top tier owners.
    The editing and shaping is invisible, so we assume things are still as they were in the early 2000s.
    Everywhere we look we see variations on the same story, so that must be pretty close to what’s really happening, right?

    That is how I come to be posting news about vote rigging in the 2020 election from various “right wing” sites, some with the look of low production value. All of the money at the top says that there is “nothing to see in this story; Biden won”.
    To me this looks like 9/11. No story at all, except some rumors at the fringes, the laws of physics suspended for a day, reporting a building fallen while it stood outside the window (WTC-7).
    Still, even in the earlier days of creating artificial reality it mostly worked.
    By now, everybody has heard some version of the story that the World Trade Center was brought down by explosives in a controlled demolition, and that the attack on the Pentagon, which killed only the people investigating the missing trillions of dollars from the DoD budget was by a cruise missile, not a passenger plane.
    But the overarching narrative to justify the “Global War on Terror” had been established and the war had been prosecuted without much political resistance at home. Brown people in countries with easy to pump oil are mostly “terrorists”. Their economies have to be destroyed so they won’t use up the oil that free enterprise needs to promote democracy.

    What I assume about the elite power struggle now underway in the US, the seat of empire (more or less) is that at least two major factions are vying for control of the narrative and the political-economic levers of control as the system careens into collapse.
    There are “losses to assign”. It’s important to all participants how those losses get assigned from the almost-empty cookie jar.
    I’m a participant. I know the cookie jar has mostly IOUs in it, and that the youth and economy of 2030 will not be able to supply to me the retirement which my generation has supplied to my parents. Retirement was predicated on something like 7% economic growth every year forever. The lack of growth has long been made up for by cannibalizing savings, and putting more IOUs in the cookie jar as cookies were removed and eaten.
    Still, I have a claim on “my” Social Security retirement benefits. I could exercise that option now, and get something today, under the current system, or I can keep working as long as it is possible for me to work.
    Jeff Bezos has a lot of claims on global wealth now and going forward. In a reset of political-economy on a global scale, my modest claim competes with the claims of Jeff Bezos.
    Jeff directly works the levers of political power. He gets to be at the table which assigns losses in the world. I am not at that table. While I still work, I am a small part of a productive economic system.
    When I retire, I become a “useless eater” to Jeff and the others deciders at the table.
    I will deplete systemic wealth in my retirement, which will leave less for Jeff’s competing claims on real wealth.
    It is in the interest of Jeff Bezos to keep his wealth-draw hidden, and point out to younger working people that they are supporting older retirees lavishly, while they, themselves, almost starve, saddled with debt.

    I expect Jeff Bezos to be doing exactly what benefits his interests, which is carving out as much of global wealth for himself, for him to control and expand, as possible. I expect him to keep doing this.
    I expect Jeff to use the internet to further his interests, and The Washington Post.
    I expect Jeff to have AI-driven PR and buy politicians.

    I’m a peaceful guy.
    What does Jeff expect me to do to further my interests, in competition with his interests, when I am old and can no longer keep a job?
    I’m not much of a threat, but Jeff does need the economy to keep going, and recognizing his claims on wealth.
    Without the economy, Jeff has no wealth.

    Losses still need to be assigned in such a way that there is broad participation in political-economy, or the goose will be dead, and will lay no golden eggs at all.
    Those who currently control the workings of western global economy will continue to simulate reality for us through AI, and to limit our unfiltered lateral communications with each other, when AI sees that we are joining together in our own (“populist”) interests, against their elite interests.
    The flaw in their control strategy is their own compulsive drive to always get more at the expense of every other participant in the system. Their inability to relinquish any personal wealth in the interest of systemic health kills the system, same as last time.

    FDR dealt with this. Many of his class (Bushes, Harrimans, Dulles family) saw him as a class traitor. They tried twice to kill him before he was inaugurated. Then there was the military coup that Smedly Butler outed when they asked him to lead it.
    Fascism was a right-totalitarian movement of the day and communism was a left totalitarian movement in competition.
    Labor unions started as more communitarian, but became more authoritarian as they grew larger and less local.

    Is Trump a class-traitor in the same way FDR was?
    I can’t say whether he is or isn’t yet, but I don’t see any other candidates auditioning for that role, either.
    Bernie Sanders is still trying to play a supporting role, but he has twice accepted DNC vote-rigging without a whimper.
    Bernie would have twice been the popular Democratic Party candidate for POTUS, and would likely have won.

    Why is Donald Trump still drawing breath? It’s pretty easy for the powerful to kill somebody these days, and even make it look like somebody else did the deed.
    Does anybody who has studied the “science” believe that Lee Oswald killed JFK with a “magic bullet”?

    President Donald must also have powerful backers, with the ability to protect him. That’s a lot of power. It has to include some faction within the military industrial (spook) complex. That faction appears to be nationalist, not globalist. We get a lot of propaganda against “nationalism” and “populism”, generally calling them “fascism” and “racism”.

    The “left” was the driving moral force against the Vietnam war, but it lost that energy, lost it somewhere in the 1980s, I think.
    Now we have this weird pro-war left that doesn’t want to see the burned babies, but will sign off on it as long as they don’t see it.
    As long as the paychecks keep coming, we will all keep complying with the directives in our inboxes.
    We are not prepared at all for anything else. We have no backup plan for economic collapse.
    We are well trained to comply.

    How will we survive if compliance no longer feeds us?
    That’s a hypothetical question I’ve asked myself a lot in recent years.

    Maybe you can help.
    I’m just trying to get information for us to use, and the most important stuff is often the hardest to get, because it’s not “our” internet.

    1. Compliance will only get you killed faster. The end goal is to kill off most of us. Its time for a resurgence of self reliance. The nanny state is on its last legs.

    2. Ooh, I bet the political self analysis test you took was:
      I think it’s neat-o. I really think it would help some people resolve their cognitive dissonance regarding Democrats and Republicans. The establishment is eager for people to tribalize into left-right, so we won’t notice the real fight is 1% vs. 99%, or establishment vs. people, which is authoritarian vs. (small l) libertarian.
      I also came out as “left libertarian” on left-right, libertarian-authoritarian axes. I think several people asked Caitlin about it, and she wasn’t as enthusiastic as me, but she did the test and also came out “left libertarian”.

  7. Greenpeace just released their “Just Recovery Agenda” on Tuesday. Looks like positive solutions I can get behind.
    . . .
    ” ‘Going back to normal is not an option,” the report bluntly states, because what “we knew as ‘normal’ was a crisis.” The coronavirus crisis has thrown that truism into relief, says Greenpeace, but the worsening climate and ecological crises and deep inequality have long made the case for a bold transformation of the dominant economic system.”
    `. . .
    ” ‘Telling our story will not be the job of a single, appointed messenger, be it a politician, celebrity, CEO, or activist,” says the report. “That responsibility lies with everyone who believes in the vision of a better world.”
    ” ‘Together we will build a movement broad, inclusive, and powerful enough to deliver the future our communities need and deserve,” it states. “Together we will rewrite the rules of society.’ “

    1. Thank you for this, Shocker. I read your most encouraging link and look forward to diving into the details of the Greenpeace USA “Just Recovery Agenda.” Caitlin has been urging us in the U.S. to pressure Biden from the left, instead of letting the right solely occupy that adversarial ground. Greenpeace may just have given us the ammo we desperately need to fight that war from a unified front. Sure, there may be this or that in the agenda that I disagree with or would have said differently, but isn’t it time to put away pettiness and speak in solidarity, with a common voice of decency toward all human beings and all living things? I wonder whether Caitlin would consider a post on what Greenpeace has offered us.

      1. Agreed, Newton. The nitpicking is killing us. People need to put their egos aside and look toward big picture solutions. I meant to include a link to the agenda itself. I always appreciate your comments and dedication to work for positive solutions.

        1. Someone has to pay for big picture solutions. Of course we could just print it.

    2. Here’s a link to the agenda:
      . . .
      “Going back to normal is not an option. The past was not only unjust and inequitable, it was unstable. What we knew as “normal” was a crisis. We must reimagine the systems our country is built on from the ground up. We envision a world where everyone has a good life, where our fundamental needs are met, and where people everywhere have what they need to thrive.”
      . . .
      . . .
      “Equity. Our country can and should be a place where everyone’s fundamental needs are met.”
      . . .
      “Community. The strength of our society stems from the unity of purpose of its diverse people.”
      . . .
      “Justice. The most marginalized communities under the current system of racial capitalism—Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer, trans, working-class, women, disabled people, and more—must be centered and empowered in the transition to a new economy”
      . . .
      “Freedom. Everyone deserves to live free from oppression, want, and fear. ”
      . . .
      “Compassion. We seek to restore power to the most marginalized and achieve accountability for past and present oppressions, not enact vengeance. ”
      . . .
      Creativity. Our story is expansive and visionary. Our collective vision is able to hold transformational demands and inspire a movement of millions of voices telling the story of a more just and equitable future.
      . . .
      “Creativity. Our story is expansive and visionary. Our collective vision is able to hold transformational demands and inspire a movement of millions of voices telling the story of a more just and equitable future.”
      . . .
      “Courage. We are rooted in what is necessary and just, not what current power structures deem possible. We boldly reject the notion that humans are innately greedy or broken, and that we are not capable of transformational change. We recognize courage as the commitment to bearing witness, confronting injustice, and practicing honesty, transparency, and truth no matter the obstacle.”

      1. Meeting everyones needs is predicated on the assumption that everyone works toward the needs of others.

      2. I’ve now had the chance to read quickly through the Greenpeace USA agenda and find it remarkable for its breadth, depth, optimism, and courage. IMHO, this is precisely what we need if we are to use this pandemic as an evolutionary opening, an opportunity for a leap forward in human history. And let’s face it–it’s either something like the implementation of this agenda…or extinction. I look to the day when it’s no longer considered smart and cool to be stoically resigned to the latter but rather to be on fire for the former.

        1. “And let’s face it–it’s either something like the implementation of this agenda…or extinction. I look to the day when it’s no longer considered smart and cool to be stoically resigned to the latter but rather to be on fire for the former.”
          Well said, sir.

      3. That agenda looks good, but history records dozens of lofty ideals and promises of “Heaven on earth” and then nothing like those lofty ideals and promises ever appeared in practice. Soon Yeshua’s secret agenda will be revealed again, which He taught and promoted before Christianity corrupted and hid His liberating strategy and tactics.

        1. I proved in m book THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY that Jesus never existed. But just because nothing worked out yet, does not mean nothing will in the future. The US was a newish undertaking, the Amish were a new undertaking, etc.. Novel ideas are possible, and mine are do-able.

        2. @Tired. See reply below.

      4. @Tired. I appreciate your point of view, I often feel the same way.
        I’m tired of a lot of things, but I’m not ready to put my head between my legs and kiss it all goodby yet.
        I guess I saw the Greenpeace JRA as a call to arms, to join with others, to work to find peaceful, positive solutions to these challenges we face.
        But you’re right “those lofty ideals and promises” will never appear in practice if people give up and spend they’re lives trapped in their own fear, anger and misery. Or wait for a savior who will never come.
        My feeling is: “what do we have to lose” ? Spending my time advocating for peaceful solutions sure beats reading blog after blog, day after day, carping about how awful the election is, how awful everything is. And rarely, if ever, is a coherent, positive plan of action offered.
        I say it’s time to stop carping about how bad thing are and start giving each other something to be positive about.
        From the JRA:
        “Courage. We are rooted in what is necessary and just, not what current power structures deem possible. We boldly reject the notion that humans are innately greedy or broken, and that we are not capable of transformational change.”
        Peace to you, Tired.

        (Btw, I’m also tired tired of trolls and spammers.)

    3. Frpm the “Just Recovery Agenda”

      “The economy we have today works for the 1%, not the 99%. The devastation wrought by COVID-19 in the United States—the death, anxiety, isolation, and instability—is the direct result of a system designed to concentrate power in the hands of a few. People are suffering and dying not only because of the virus, but because of the longstanding inequality and racism it has laid bare. This is the same system that has landed us in a climate and extinction crisis in which our very life support system—our planet—is under attack.
      “As we chart the course toward recovery, we must also confront these social, environmental, and economic injustices at their roots. The centuries-long era of racial capitalism[1]—the system under which wealthy white elites and massive corporations have controlled and exploited land, communities, and cultures to acquire power—must end.

      1. IN response to your question of what do we do when armed revolution is out of the question- I sent this out by email yesterday morning=
        I have written much in ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH that shows how we have been lied to, subverted, oppressed, exploited, and manipulated by the elite, history rewritten, and that the powers intend to annihilate most human beings on the planet by 2025. Vaccinations will kill billions of people, and war will kill most of the rest. In the book I also show how our food has been neutralized from nutrients by GMOs, the pharmaceuticals have been developed to addict and manage illnesses rather than to heal, and the medical system was developed by John Rockefeller, as was the school system, and much policing. I illustrate that the US is a military and imperialistic bully that has invaded over thirty nations unknown to us because of “fake news”- a CIA infested media also run by elites. I show how our leaders literally worship satan-that they are freemasons. My other two books also illustrate that clearly – THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY and EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE. They are attached.
        Many people are talking about armed revolution. We are far out-gunned with SWAT teams, riot gear, surplus army equipment like tanks, grenade launchers, heavy artillery, drones, sound cannons, and the like. I will give you our only hope described here to be followed on your own volition. Let me warn you. Not taking action will not only lead to your very soon demise, but also the death of most of the planet’s people. The survivors and all their future generations will be slaves.

        As a nation, the people have screwed one another for money. Doctors and nurses and health professionals hand out medicines knowing full well that they could be harmful, yet do so, and those who are fully aware of the hoax of covid do as told to and spread the deceit. Farmers and agricultural employees give us GMOs and use pesticides for the profit of better-looking crops. Police arrest millions for victimless crimes like drugs and hand out tickets to those who cannot afford them, as well as lying and watching in complicity as other cops murder black men. Energy employees watch as oil destroys the planet. Military weapons manufacturers make a good profit. Soldiers kill innocent people because they are told to, and don’t go AWOL due to the threat of prison. Journalists don’t report what we need to know. Pastors lie regarding the bible’s validity, pimping the congregation and opiating them also. Most people cheat, lie, poison, imprison, or exploit others to provide for themselves and their families, it is the American Way, nobody gets rich here without doing so.

        Now, we have all heard the story of Robin Hood. Who is the hero? Sheriff of Nottingham, or Robin Hood? Everybody, including me, loves the outlaw who fought against the sheriff who heavily taxed the people and went to war. Robin stole from the rich and gave to the poor, he was an outlaw. Herein lies the only solution, and it could be bloodless and successful. LEt us all be Robin Hoods.

        How? IT is called CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. If you want to save the planet, we can all be heroes. These are measures to take if you want life and freedom. Police, don’t allow the bad officers to do their evil. Report them, in court. Find other ways to stop the evil, even though the consequences will be much aggravation. Don’t arrest small violators. Health professionals-don’t do the vaccines, don’t give bad prescriptions, find herbal and healthy alternatives. Salesmen, don’t lie. Soldiers, we need you to assist in the prosecution of DC criminals and remove them from office, or at least to refuse to kill foreigners. Pastors, do what is right, and stop your opiating the masses. Teach truth, not bullshit support of troops or Israel. Accountants, screw the rich customers or bosses and be Robin Hoods. Computer geeks, find a way to hack the enemy and to remove their ability to rule over us with their immense wealth and give power to the people. Redistribution of wealth. Everybody can find a way to take back the power. We can continue until the rulers perceive that the people are power and to truly represent us and our wellbeing, or to resign, or to be forced out in a more harmful way. This is a bloodless revolution.

        I worked as a case manager for three and a half years, from 1997- 2001, earning $28,000. I left seeing that the mental health system was not good. I have not made more than $19,000 since, and volunteer my time working for the people, about 70-80 hours a week unpaid while collecting SSD for an income. I have no regrets of not working for the man, which I have worked unskilled labor jobs as well, and don’t mind it, even at minimum wage. I survive. I am content with my financial situation. My confidence is in my principles, hard work, courage, sacrifice, and integrity; not placed in an artificial pride of income, of material gain earned by screwing people. I am better than that and can be proud of myself. I have gone to prison for my work, and wear it like a badge of honor. I survived, and am dam proud of myself, as I should be. This can be your reward for heroism, and it is sweet. Living on the basics is not as bad as we are told. I don’t mind a bit.

        To survive as a human being with the forever future of all our children and their children, we need to resist the vaccines and plans of the powers. Take action as you see fit, spread this email everywhere to all your acquaintances and friends. Read the attached books.

    4. This idea is not as good as mine. How do we prevent greed in the future. IT has no provision for returning food to non-GMOs. IT does not promote replacing deforestation, does not prevent the misinformation, nor the problems of pharmaceuticals and the faultiness of the medical system. It doesn’t deal with lies in the media, and the possibilities of future hatred movements, the takedown of evil nor the proliferation of drugs. It doesn’t provide a better method of education- a system that discovers comprehension of youth via means of true and false and multiple-choice questions and does not ensure students grasp difficult concepts or are capable of analytical thinking and challenging fed information. My idea deals with all these, and more. This society would be equal in income and equality, but that is where the benefits end. My idea covers all. THis is reform, my idea is to raze it, to take it all down, and to establish a new and overhaul human being’s character and to establish a new civilization. Time for REAL DRASTIC OVERHAULING CHANGE IN EVERY ASPECT- TO INTRODUCE A NEW PARADIGM. look into the conclusion to my book

    5. Greenpeace is a 336 million dollar per year business model. Their current manifesto is quite extensive and reads like an advertisement for Klaus Schwab and the Green New Deal and with a hefty dose of identity politics. The support for UN Agenda 2030 is specifically mentioned. Greenpeace specifies a 40% worker presence on the board of corporations who will run the world. What could go wrong? There’s no mention of the environmental cost of building the satellite proliferation based mechanism of control and all of the monitors, drones and servers gobbling so much precious energy to accomplish that task. Organizations such as Greenpeace and the SPLC begin in idealism and evolve into globalist shills as they are co-opted into tools of the machine. Contrast them with the turn of the twentieth century dangerously living Wobblies who promoted that the workers should own the means of production and who operated across ethnicities and races without needing to make distinctions. The caveat being that environmentalism was in its infancy and that production itself as an ultimate good had not yet come into question. Modern revolution has become a farce of low risk social activism that seeks bright and shiny surface changes to the system while supporting the overlords and garnering rewards for their own elites at the organizational apex. The new thirty pieces of silver is the hundred million dollar Netflix deal, the two million book deal and the six figures compensations package.

      1. The Klaus Schwab, WEF, “great reset” is clearly a crime syndicate agenda. And no doubt the U.N. agenda 2030.
        Also a concern about the “worker” presence on the crime syndicate board of directors that “will run the world.”
        I’m unsure of what you’re referring to by “sattelite proliferation mechanisms of control.” Could you clarify?
        ” Organizations such as Greenpeace and the SPLC begin in idealism and evolve into globalist shills as they are co-opted into tools of the machine. ”
        I agree this is a possibillity.
        I’ll have to do more research on the Wobblie labor movement in the earler 1900’s and how their ideas differ from Greenpeace.
        I have spent some time looking into Greenpeace’s funding. As with everything on the crime syndicate controlled internet, it’s like wading through muck to find any legit info. From what I have been able to determine Greenpeace looks relatively clean and have proven themselves to a royal pain to the crime syndicate. If you have evidence to the contrary please share it.
        The best I could come up with is wikipedia (cringe:)
        “Greenpeace receives its funding from individual supporters and foundations.[5][7] Greenpeace screens all major donations in order to ensure it does not receive unwanted donations.[59] The organization does not accept money from governments, intergovernmental organizations, political parties or corporations in order to avoid their influence.[5][7][59] However, Greenpeace does receive money from the National Postcode Lottery, the biggest government-sponsored lottery in the Netherlands. ”
        In any case, I agree with this:
        “Modern revolution has become a farce of low risk social activism that seeks bright and shiny surface changes to the system while supporting the overlords and garnering rewards for their own elites at the organizational apex.”
        The thing is, violent revolution is out of the question. What do you propose?
        I do appreciate your comment here. It’s good to think and question.

  8. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comorbidity 2024


    Empire is a life-destroying evil, but trust them on The Virus ™…

    Evil is remote and abstract, so sit and think…

    War is peace.Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Isolation is solidarity.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      So you’ve read Orwell. But your comment makes no sense. Empire and science are not the same thing. Empire is trying to keep you ignorant of science in order to maintain its control over you.

  9. I can’t believe that there is someone more outraged than myself about these hideous creatures. And an Aussie to boot! Bless you Caitlin, and never give up the good fight.

  10. The entire Left vs Right paradigm serves the sole purpose of keeping the people divided. Any member of either that have made their way to power rarely, very rarely holds fast to any concern they may have had for the people in the past. Sane behavior is quite difficult when surrounded by, and compelled to cooperate with psychopaths. Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants. We’re being inundated with both, if we accept the propaganda.
    Tyrants do not create tyranny, submission does.
    Masters do not create slavery, slaves do.
    It’s a numbers game.

  11. Stephane Bruneaux Avatar
    Stephane Bruneaux

    “I sit on a man’s back choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am sorry for him and wish to lighten his load by all means possible . . . except by getting off his back.” – Leo Tolstoy

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Excellent quotation.

  12. There will be NO war – Russia saved Syria and stopped the overthrow of Maduro in Venezuela !

    Russia lost 27 million in WW2 and has ALWAYS stood up for the wretched of this earth !
    They are doing so again !

  13. Also… Love the work… Great article… But in light of the Doutroux Affair, Le Cercle Pinay, The Finders case, The Franklin Cover-up, and Jimmy Saville’ and Jeff Epstein’s close relationships with royalty, and in the halls of power… I’m not sure that minimizations or aspersions should be cast towards those who believe that there’s a vast and covenous network of blood drinkers and sex abusers… Weinstein and Epstein were tight, and he used BlackCube and various other means to suppress the extent of his activities… So it seems premature to cast judgement upon those who believe in such things.

    Anyways… that’s my two cents… I’m sure that we all have a piece of a very large puzzle. I knew Ted Gunderson somewhat – and he very much believed in such things – because his investigations led him to those conclusions. Alex Constantine, whom I knew better, concurred and collaborated, and he’s a pretty sharp analyst and author, and certainly not of the right, in any way.
    I wholeheartedly recommend his books and blogs…

    1. Consider that you are a fabulously wealthy and have acquired a Self that is more than human. The mere lackeys reinforce this assumption every day. Even the value of entertainment becomes jaded. There is nothing that you cannot do or have. What is there left? There is power. See the ancient doddering elites pushing themselves to stay in that game when if they were possessed of actual wisdom would be taking a nap and nurturing their grandchildren. But even external acknowledgment of one’s more than human status is not enough for some. What better way to mollify internal doubt that to flaunt societies’ greatest taboo. Yes, I am that powerful. And to see oneself as satanic is to simply codify through acknowledging the evil that you are. Pretending otherwise is highly stressful. They are just blowing off steam and the rules for everyone else don’t apply. Swooning over titillating peccadilloes allows us to forget that they are raping the servile multitudes and the defenseless earth every day.

      1. Nice little bit of psychology and common sense c/o NONAME. I would only add that it may be through exposing the “peccadilloes” that the raping of the multitudes and Mother Earth can incrementally be curtailed. Sort of like that tax evasion charge which has brought down many a crook too clever to be caught at his game.


    This TYT Sports Video is pretty standard fare amongst the DNCIA handmaiden media. The lump ICECUBE in with 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne despite the fact that he merely criticized and challenged Biden – but never endorsed Trump, in the way that the other two, did. As you might imagine – I was “triggered” – and so wrote a rebuttal post – which used a bunch of your fine work to hammer home the point that Biden can and should be challenged from his left – as ICECUBE appeared to be doing.

    Here is an image of the thread… You appear to have been slandered or libeled by a SHAREBLUE sock puppet…

    It occurs to me that if you wanted to SUE – you could force YT/Google to cough up the IP #s of the offending poster… That could allow a legal investigation to determine EXACTLY who’s behind such internet smear campaigns, and the full extent to which they may have been in the habit of making such false and defamatory statements… And it would be instructive for others, if you wanted to then write about it – like the time that Sally Albright got caught with her $hillay-stan Troll Army, maligning and attacking the “Bernie Bros”.

  15. Whoever controls the information flow designs and creates our reality. This is designed and corporate controlled media to influence opinion for their purposes and they do a very good job of that.

  16. ‘To be a rich and famous journalist?’

    Well, for starters, you’ve gotta have a stratospheric threshold for BULLSHIT, ARROGANCE, DIATRIBE and the never ending drone of SUITED PSYCHOS.
    Next, you’ve gotta be a SLIMY, SELF FOCUSED SYCOPHANT.
    Easy hey?

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I’d say you’ve nailed it pretty well.

  17. The CIA is going to stay inside Afghanistan until the heroin runs out. The CIA is going to stay in Columbia until the cocaine runs out. In 2021 people who say the wrong things too loudly may find themselves dead. Martial law is coming; freedom is over!!

  18. “Post election tantrum” eh? We’ll see.
    Massive election fraud deserves more than a tantrum.

  19. I love you, Caitlin! Thank you for your clarity.


  21. I forgot to put in that we need to educate people to the truth. Even Caitlin, who has admirable understanding doesn’t get it right. More informing of the people is necessary ,.

  22. The idea of protesting before the right does is against our best interest. No politician gives a hoot about what we think or want. Wolves dont care about the opinions of sheep, not even of bucking rams. The reason Biden didn’t make any promises we wanted, nor filled his personnel with nice-looking politicians is that our leaders think that their mission cannot be stopped now, so they can stop pretending. Their bosses, the globalists, have planned a 500 million world population goal of a world fascist police state. ANd death vaccines are around the corner, and world war is imminent. Why pretend? Half the nation believes that leaders drink blood for youth, and the other half believe the covid hoax, and the two deceived factions fight each other rather than the damn leaders. The people believe the bullshit and are so used to what they are told by CIA-run media that they cannot discern truth. They don’t comprehend that politicians are entertainers, and while they see that they are bought, they still believe that politicians would listen to them. BLM sure got huge goals accomplished didn’t they? NO- getting on their knees means nothing to these liars- they go worshiping satan, so what does the knees mean to them? They are used to that- they are bought and fearful to oppose their bosses. It is all an act- no police reform. Same will be with any protests.Stronger methods are suggested. Targeting certain individuals is my suggestion.

    1. It’s not about influencing Biden. It’s about influencing the backlash against him.

      1. I usually love your stuff Caitlin, but you are way off beam here.
        This has been the most blatant theft yet … so blatant that they have over-played their hand. This is Soros and the Deep State at their worst. Give them no quarter.

        1. Here’s the problem/challenge brought to light by Caitlin’s two most recent posts and the comments of a portion of her readers. Caitlin is calling for intense, relentless criticism of Biden from the left, criticism focused on domestic economic issues and imperialism abroad. Yet others, even some of her readers, are calling for intense, relentless criticism focused on an allegedly stolen election and a post-pandemic plutocratic “reset.” Is it possible for these two camps to find sufficient common ground so that they might speak with a combined voice? For it seems to me that only such a combined voice will be loud enough and big enough to be heard.

      2. My misunderstanding. I have been showing the evils of Biden, including your pieces, quite a bit. You are absolutely right, we need to continue to protest against him to acquire agreement and unity with the right wingers, and at the same time show them the truth, much of which they are aware of (covid) and to show them their error regarding the nature of the beast and of the very rich and powerful. Also to disillusion regarding capitalism

      3. What you write Caitlin Johnstone matters a lot, and over time has had a profound good effect on many people. . Thank you, including for this very important clarifying comment!

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