After it was announced that the Biden camp had selected a Raytheon board member as his secretary of defense, I joked in my last article that it would be more honest if Raytheon itself was Biden’s Pentagon chief since the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people anyway. Raytheon for defense secretary, Boeing for secretary of state, Goldman Sachs for secretary treasurer, ExxonMobile head of the EPA, Amazon for CIA director and Google for director of national intelligence. Waka waka, I’m so silly.

Anyway, since that rant was published NPR has reported that the the next US director of agriculture will be a man named Tom Vilsack, whose corporate cronyism the last time he occupied the same position earned him the nickname (I shit you not) “Mr Monsanto”. Which is just too perfect for words, really.

Bloomberg reports:

“Some supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned against Vilsack when he was under consideration to be Clinton’s vice president, branding him ‘Mr. Monsanto’ and citing his role in brokering a compromise on legislation labeling foods containing genetically modified organisms. Sanders opposed the national legislation, which overrode a stricter Vermont state law.”

Biden’s inadvertent self-parody of a cabinet is already shaping up to be just as chock full of corporate swamp monsters as Trump’s notoriously corrupt administration, with positions being given to the very last people any ordinary human being with any common sense would want. President Biden is going to be just as much of a corrupt warmongering oligarch crony as his predecessors, and at least as destructive.

Which makes one wonder, what exactly was the point of the #Resistance and what has it been #Resisting all these years?

After Donald Trump’s 2016 election a massive amount of energy went into the creation and promotion of a “movement” branded “The Resistance” which portrayed itself as a revolutionary counterforce against the corruption and malfeasance represented by Trump and his goons. Many a glowing puff piece was written about this carefully constructed plucky band of rebels standing up against the forces of darkness on behalf of the common man, and many a political donation was raised.

The Resistance™️ was aggressively marketed by cynical liberal spinmeisters like Neera Tanden (who in a brazen middle finger to US progressives is also set to play a role in the Biden administration) with the goal of harnessing and maintaining the enthusiastic grassroots anti-establishment energy of the Bernie Sanders campaign and directing it against Trump.

But what did it actually accomplish? In the end, all the so-called Resisters ended up doing was promoting a bunch of Russia conspiracy theories and an impeachment which failed to remove Trump, all while providing no actual resistance to Trump’s most pernicious policies. They’d yell and shriek on social media and MSM punditry panels any time someone was fired from the administration and falsely get people’s hopes up whenever new information came out about the Mueller investigation, but in terms of actually removing Trump from office or stopping him from doing evil things like starving Venezuelans, assaulting press freedoms with the persecution of Julian Assange, tempting war with Iran and perpetuating the mass atrocities in Yemen, they accomplished literally nothing.

This is because the #Resistance was never actually intended to resist the evil agendas of the powerful, nor even to resist Trump. The #Resistance was not created to resist the powerful, it was created to resist you. The grassroots anti-establishment populism of the Bernie Sanders movement was cynically imitated by the Democratic establishment to ensure that the establishment is never inconvenienced in any way, and that progressives never take power in America.

On a recent interview with MSNBC Sanders himself–historically far less willing to criticize the Democratic establishment than his supporters–is heard complaining that the progressive base whose votes put Biden over the top in November are so far receiving no representation whatsoever within the incoming Biden cabinet.

“If it wasn’t for the hard work of a lot of progressive grassroots organizations who got young people involved in the political process, working-class people involved in a way that we have not seen, Joe Biden would not have won that election and I think that’s pretty clear,” Sanders says. “And my point has been from day one that those voices, that movement, deserves representation in the cabinet. And if your question is have I seen that yet, no I have not.”

Of course you haven’t, Bernie. You were never going to. Biden might create some sort of fake position to let progressives feel like they’re participating with a name like “Progressive Outreach Team For Yelling Words Into A Hole In The Ground” or something, but in terms of actually directing the policy and behavior of the Biden administration nobody who wants the interests of the people upheld over the interests of the powerful will ever have a hand anywhere near the steering wheel.

(Actual thing.)

The #Resistance spun itself as a revolutionary movement against the insidious forces of darkness threatening the United States of America. What it delivered was support for Trump’s world-threatening cold war escalations against Russia, the mass delusion that America’s problems can be fought from within the establishment, progressives impotently chasing their tails for four years, and a presidency that is going to be just as much of a murderous oligarchic rim job as was delivered by Trump administration.

The engineers of the “Resistance” did not want to eliminate Trumpian depravity, they just wanted to be the ones driving it. And now they are. If you fed into this nonsense in any way over the last four years, this is your reward.

Which begs the question: if an entire political faction needed to sacrifice all its principles, all its values and all its morality to get rid of Trump… what exactly was the point of getting rid of Trump?


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86 responses to “Who The #Resistance Was Actually #Resisting These Last Four Years”

  1. Wow. You sure have a ton of…well, only…men following you. Pathetic creatures that they are. If your name were Arnold Smith I bet your comment section would be empty. Same old same old across every single social interaction space on the inter-web. America will get what America deserves under Biden. Trump deserves a gallactic prize for weathering the liberal storm and staying true to his course. America is better off for his four years…and now, you just wait and watch the slide back into the swamp…. Predictions? Corruption. War. Advancement of Globalist Agenda on steroids. Massive erosion of individual liberties.

    You silly liberals. You’ve lead the death march for more than a century and yet you still just think you’re smarter than the last guy and that you’re the special one. Looking forward to you unleashing more evil, pain and suffering on the world for the next four years

    Hey, though, I’m really appreciative that you support such a robust data collection effort via CAPTCHA~ We data scientists definitely appreciate you sheep generating the data we need to train our models that we then use to control you! LOL

  2. Here is another gift by Bill Gates to help the third world on their way to oblivion.

    “‘Remote control’ contraceptive chip available ‘by 2018’ – BBC News”

  3. Governments are just a sideshow. This technology funded by bill gates is the true danger. Of course when it came out MSM provided cover stories. Here it is from MIT.

  4. If you really believd in climate change. Watch this video, think about it and research it. Then with an open mind try to decide for yourself.

    1. /NEG/all Vision articles/Machines That Cannot Fail.pdf

  5. Jack B Schroeder Avatar
    Jack B Schroeder

    Thank you, Caitlin, for streaming truth into the corrupted information cloud. I’d like to add two things I hope will be valuable..

    1. We “truthers” need to organize more powerfully than the uber-wealthy global mafia forces we oppose. Those forces have long been expert keeping people disorganized, now more than ever with face masks, social distancing, and lockdowns as false remedies for their global pandemic hoax. One of their most effective strategies has been by inducing infighting. One of the best ways to overcome that subversion is to commit to finding agreement on goals, and then invite infighting over the best ways to achieve those goals. That’s how successful corporations succeed. Corporations that fight over goals always fail.

    2. We of the Great Awakening need to organize, agree on goals, stop talking and launch, I propose launch of a Second American Republic, or some such, dedicated to Declaration of Independence principles and achievement of what the American Revolution won and then sadly lost to British subversion. If the US Constitution had been for real, it would have included a secession provision for member state withdrawal if the central government became oppressive and antithetical to its goals and principles. The Bill of Rights, thank God, partially subverted British subversion of the US Constitution.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Be silly more!! I love that first paragraph. Made me laugh, and outrageous as it is, it’s true. It’d make more sense for Raytheon to be Defense Chief. No doubt, the world is a bit crazy, but I’ll choose laughter over anger or despair every time. The road map that politicians and oligarchs have laid out is laughably crazy and what they’re having us do to ourselves is so bizarre it’s funny. Human nature, in its present presentation, is ridiculous – that’s funny. I say, let’s have fun with it. The most radical act is joy. That’s where we have “them.” They don’t do joy. and they don’t see the joke’s on them. they’re utterly serious.

  7. nailed it as always

  8. “Working within the system” which is what most commenters are subscribing to, whether openly or not, is like kissing the hand that is beating you to a pulp.

  9. This had two typos and the system said that Captcha didn’t work properly, so told me to do it again. Use the one above this.

    1. The system screwed up again.

  10. So far, it looks as though Biden hasn’t changed at all. He’s still further right than Trump. He just doesn’t have Trump’s the loud, offensive mouth. Which is worse? to know when you’re getting screwed, or have it sneak up on you? I would never vote for Trump, but couldn’t bring myself to vote for this ‘Brother of Satan’ either.

  11. Do far, it looks as though Biden hasn’t changed at all. He’s still further right than Trump. He just doesn’t have the loud, offensive mouth of Trump. Which is worse? to know when you’re getting screwed, or have it sneak up on you? I would never vote for Trump, but couldn’t bring myself to vote for this ‘Brother of Satan’ either.

    1. This had two typos and the system said that Captcha didn’t work properly, so told me to do it again. Use the one above this.

      1. Don’t sweat it, Harry. These old eyes have been squinting at fire hydrants, stairs, crosswalks, palm trees, and such until I’m actually seeing cobwebs and flashing lights in my peripheral vision. If this blog were not so goddamn good I’d say the hell with it, but Caitlin is one of a kind and makes we want to throw in my two cents…even at the cost of my vision. We’ll see whether Biden is any improvement over Trump when we hold his feet to the fire on the first burning issue of his presidency. Certainly his appointments so far suck about as much as Trump’s. But maybe, just maybe, he’ll grow into the job just a bit, as some presidents have done. Trump never grew up to begin with.

        1. it’s not just caitlin’s blog, this recaptcha crap is all over. note, we can’t “hold biden’s feet to the fire”. he’s already (practically speaking) elected. the time to do that was before sanders conceded, but alas he turned again into a loyal gatekeeper.

  12. Politician: One who is most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually some sort of psychopath.

  13. “Biden’s inadvertent self-parody of a cabinet is already shaping up to be just as chock full of corporate swamp monsters as Trump’s notoriously corrupt administration, with positions being given to the very last people any ordinary human being with any common sense would want.”
    Maybe you didn’t believe in ‘demons’ before, but one has to now. The Demons are clearly running loose and wild and dancing and prancing in front of everyone without a care in the world. Rarely has pure evil been on such clear and open display for all to see. But… you have to WANT to see. Too many misguided humans have been conditioned either not to see at all, or to dismiss and excuse obscene and depraved behavior.
    “President Biden…”
    It’s still hard to look at those two words paired together without busting out laughing and rolling around in a big ball on the floor.
    “…(what) was the point of the #Resistance and what has it been #Resisting all these years?”
    It was all about ONE set of grifters replacing ANOTHER set of grifters. They are all birds of the same feather, but some birds got the good seed and the others resented that and were left outside to forage for scraps. The New Grifters are giddy happy now and having their day. Making The World Safe For Grifters… that’s the motto of our times.
    “…if an entire political faction needed to sacrifice all its principles, all its values and all its morality to get rid of Trump… what exactly was the point of getting rid of Trump?”
    Principles, values, and morality have nothing to do with it and never do. It’s simply about who gets to sit behind the nice desks and who gets pushed out of the office. When you have two versions of rotten fruit and you are required to choose between them every election cycle, you end up with rotten fruit. What a surprise! And then, you cant’ be too surprised when you put that stinky fruit in your mouth and it tastes like what your cat or dog leaves behind several times a day.

  14. I never get used to how disconnected from reality some people are.
    I’ve seen someone post a comment, literally, stating that the poor must die to save resources for the rich.
    Then, that same person turns around and claims to sympathize with people starving in the third world. in one comment, and striking farmers, in India in another.
    Either disconnected from reality or a paid operative and/or troll here to sow propaganda and confusion.

    1. You need to read more carefully. The poor in the third world are under attack by evil men. The UN, WHO, and WEC are working on a united agenda of climate change and covid lockdowns to enable the reset to reduce world population. Hundreds of millions will starve over the next five years and no one cares. I just read sn article about endangered rice output due to arsenic content. Open your eyes, an engineered famine is coming.


      Khatika / November 5, 2020

      Technically yes. But the ones who will be doing the starving will be in the third world. The poor must go. So we can produce less and save the planet. Water sources getting scarce. Someone has to go, poor preferably. Shut down the west so we can legitimately reduce production and starve off the poor. The right people this time are not aryan but of the right economic class.

      Khatika / November 5, 2020

      Nice spin on eugenics btw. You can increase the proportion of the right people by killing off the wrong people. Although lets use the term promote and exclude. I will promote the right people by feeding them and exclude the wrong people by not feeding them.

      1. Yes. That is the viewpoint of the ones behind this. The poor must go to save the planet. Evil on a grand scale. Those who support climate change legislation are unknowingly or knowingly supporting this. It is their agenda not mine. Open your eyes about all of this covid, climate change, etc, it is all part of the same agenda.

        1. thank you…..the people are not angry enough in order to turn this around. Most people remain in denial and would rather not know. At this point, even if people did know, it would be….. “better them than us” regarding the poor being eliminated. Stay strong and dig deep……Peace.

  15. Bernie’s so pathetic. No wonder he’s hiding behind a mask.

  16. Today, the CDC is reporting 285 000 dead Americans from Covid-19; one of the reasons capitalism is failing is because Americans can’t help their own people. And, all this rhetoric about vaccines and vaccinations just prevaricates on the reality profit trumps safety; so, I believe the epidemic is happening, but from experience, I know side effects are no laughing matter and this vaccination situation is not a resolution to the virus. I agree with you, Ms Johnstone, but I really think trump and biden both ignore this pandemic situation at their peril. I suspect a lot of propaganda is distraction. Big time.

    1. You are misguided. Look at the raw numbers. The death rates in 2018 were slightly higher than 2020. There is no pandemic. It is fear mongering. Part of an agenda to attack your freedoms and starve out the poor.

      1. Thanks for your opinion, but I believe there is a pandemic; the economics are certainly not being handled fairly, maybe there is conspiracy, there?

        1. You can believe there’s a pandemic all you like, but there is scant evidence of one. The total overall world wide deaths from all causes is not significantly more this year than the same time period last year. In my home State, the infection/fatality rate, deaths divided by cases, is about 0.013%. Which is just about the median for ordinary influenza. Curious how you rarely see those two numbers in the same article anymore. Looks like somebody realized there are those among us who can do simple math.

          1. there are over 300k “excess deaths” in the u.s. since you also promote the lie that the virus is no more deadly than the flu, i’m just going to assume you are wrong about the worldwide numbers.

            1. Too bad the numbers fluctuate according to who is counting them. Those who are promoting this fear mongering seem to find more than other independent sources. Do not believe the WHO or CDC, they are political beasts. Please dont quote CNN or other MSM numbers as well. Macrotrends com show a simple 1% death increase worldwide. They apparently have no skin in the game.

    2. Be happy!

      The vaccine will allow us to find the paradise world of 2019.

      Thank God for having elites who watch over us so much and who have our good at heart.

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  17. There is nothing about the subject matter in your pieces that is written for the enjoyment of the reader!
    From your: 11 Things (I) Should Know About (You) And Where (You’re) Coming From, I’d like to know what method you would propose to de-Propagandize people – in order that they may finally and “collectively” … rise up and force change”, in their own best interests against this diabolical behemoth of power that will stop at nothing to enforce its will??? Destroying the planet is not even taken into consideration in their business plan.
    Is it simply that humanity, in general, has not reached that stage in evolution where it is better equipped to resist the narrative genius of some super individuals’ creative propaganda?
    Obviously “the only thing chaining us in place is a thin strand of mind fluff”. Apparently, in reality, however, that ‘thin strand’ is all it takes to subdue humanity, while all it takes for ‘select’ individual lives to be set free, is simply cutting the umbilical cord to humanity.
    All it took was one individual, Julian Assange, to finally “break the spell of relentless propaganda which holds the entire empire in place is exploit and exacerbate this reality”. So, the spell may be in the throes of breaking, yet now they are more forcefully, once again propagandizing, to great effect, by breaking Julian Assange, until death. By the active brutal demonstration of the power they wield, they are, once more, showing us that though the door may be slightly ajar, we are, as yet, unable to simply “turn and walk out”.
    So much for learning from history!
    Yes. I agree, a shift in mass consciousness may be occurring, but too slowly to affect, in time, the exponential growth of the destructive capacity of the technological power ‘they’ control.
    And as we all know; sociopaths have no conscience. Having a conscience means taking into account such things as the future of not only humanity, but a humane humanity, on ‘this’ planet!

  18. Read in an alt news site that 250 million prople are protesting in New Dehli India about new farm rules and the switch to a pure digital currency. Not a word about it in ths MSM. If that does no good what kind of protest will help. Farmers are not now guaranteed some minimal profit on their crops. So puts them out of business, less food grown, more people starve. Is anyone seeing a trend here with covid lockdowns, thd great reset and food production. If not start paying attention.

    1. People need to pay sttention to what is taking placre in India. It is the testing ground for vaccination, digital currency and the coming police state worldwide.

  19. Comirbidity 2024 Avatar
    Comirbidity 2024

    “what exactly was the point of getting rid of Trump?”


  20. Hey, those resistance totes look like the arm of Where’s Waldo. I guess it is truly embematic of the actual benefit to working people this beltway-curated group provides.

  21. This column is incomplete and there is a faint bit of “I told you so,” in it. No one should be surprised at what Biden is doing, even as we can be disappointed. But at this time, I think people need from you and other commentators both criticism AND encouragement to go right on and continue the fight. As a member of what I consider the real Left, or real Resistance, I consider it is the same fight as was against Trump, but getting rid of him bought us, not time to rest, but more time to keep pushing the profit system into its grave before it kills millions more.

    We did achieve something – getting rid of someone who wasn’t just destroying people, but who was engaging in overthrowing our constitutional form of government. Yes, Biden is awful, especially on foreign policy, but Trump is saying I am the leader (de fuhrer) and you should give me the election because I, Donald Trump, say so. I believe Trump would have done some very, very bad things had he gotten elected, such as getting rid of Social Security, the EPA and so on, and eventually starting one of the wars he has been preparing us for with Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela. So I am very glad that a Supreme Court that makes me shudder to think of, also helped stop his attempts at overthrow.

    P.S. I am still puzzled at why my exposing a certain filthy prejudice in one of the comments to a recent article of your, was deleted, along with a clarification.

    1. Overthrowing our Constitutional form of Government? That’s been exclusively a Trump phenomenon? What about droning a US citizen outside of a war zone because you don’t like what he’s saying? How Constitutional is that? What about the Supreme Court stopping the Florida re-count in 2000 and declaring Bush our new president? What about an Attorney General declaring the Geneva Conventions (the supreme law of the land as a signed treaty) “quaint.” What about prosecuting an award winning journalist and a soldier for exposing US war crimes instead of arresting the perpetrators of those crimes? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Constitution has been overthrown for decades.

      1. The fatal flaw in the Constitution is that it does not provide for external enforcement. Leaving the fox in charge of the hen house. It was assumed by most that the States had such authority, by simply seceding if they didn’t like it. Then came Lincoln, and more than 650,000 Americans were killed to dispose of that notion. More than all Americans killed in all wars since. And the first time in American history an armed force directly attacked non combatants.

      2. What about?????? Alan Ross obviously believed Trump to be a great threat to the Constitution. Was it a greater threat, and would it have been a greater erosion of Constitutional government? Maybe so.

        To criticize one is not to condone the unmentioned other.

        1. Alan states that he was threatening to overthrow our constitutional form government. One would assume that he doesn’t believe that that has already happened, and happened decades ago at the very least. That is the point I was making. JWK points to a very valid argument that it first actually happened with the civil war. From that point on, individual state’s rights have been increasingly subservient to the feds in violation of the 10th amendment and without recourse.

          1. Point taken.

    2. Comirbidity 2024 Avatar
      Comirbidity 2024

      Before I came here I was confused about this subject. Having listened to your lecture I am still confused. But on a higher level.

      Enrico Fermi

    3. Biden is a literal strawman. He is too old has dementia and is being totally handled. He is by far the worst candidate in US history. Didnt matter, the fix was in. The old nag was guaranteed to win the preakness.

      1. I think you mean that Biden is an older puppet than other puppets of the Deep State.

    4. Alan, how do you suggest we “fight” the evil empire? History shows that only wars can end tyrannical governments. Are you calling for armed insurrection? .

      1. In response to a Tired Revolutionary

        As you know armed insurrections may be faster, but often have a way of backfiring. Furthermore, in any violent encounter between those who run this country and the rest of us, we may be far more in number, but they have weapons of immense power. Obviously, they would love it if dissenters became violent so they could crush us and have an excuse for further limiting our freedoms, and many, many frightened people would support them. Peaceful means are the only way even if that means our generation’s efforts are really for future generations.

        Off the top of my head Beginning answers to the immense problems we all face are that:

        1. Continue writing, talking, expressing ourselves to push as hard as we can to get safeguards for the integrity of the vote. Proprietary voting technologies like Diebold machines that no one outside the company has access to are easy to manipulate. We need to at least greatly reduce the possibilities of vote-rigging, an old evil. (e.g. the dead in Chicago voted for JFK) Paper copies of votes available for recounts would help and so would getting publicly scrutinizable technologies for voting machines.

        2. Discredit the mainstream media as no more than profit-seeking mouthpieces for their oligarchic/corporate owners that prefer a Trump to any “socialist.” What owner of a newspaper would allow his editors to publish stories he didn’t like? What corporation isn’t desperately seeking more profit as the profit system is dying?

  22. Well, here we go again. Another con job played on the TDSers. Anybody who pays attention knows that the Democrats screw the average man way more than the Republicans would ever dare. Clinton gave us repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, NAFTA, and Welfare “reform”. Obama gave us “Terror Tuesday,” prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations COMBINED, let CitiGroup pick his cabinet, refused to prosecute the liars that led us into the Iraq War, and bailed out banks instead of screwed-over homeowners and pensioners in 2008.
    I’m sure I could think of more, but I’ve made my case. Flimflam is the name of the game. I will forward this article to my TDS afflicted friends. Maybe they will begin to see why I’ve been voting 3rd party for decades.

  23. Progressives on the left and populists on the right both want the same thing. An end to the status quo of corruption. Unfortunately taking new positions will not do it. The problem is much deeper than that. Thus false candidates are offered like Sanders and Trump to appease these movements without actually changing anything.

  24. The color blue as seen in the accompanying rally picture now apparently symbolizes the necrosis of anything which once might have resembled truth, honor, justice and the American way. The election system upon which any resemblance of government “of, by and for the People” depends has been knowingly manipulated into shambles in order to subvert the will of the People. This necrosis has been long planned, engineered and supported by intellectual elites, a complicit media class and their globalist oligarch masters in particular who collectively loathe the concept of ignorant masses (fit only as useful idiots) actually being able to express any independent political power. The actual practice of Justice, once hailed as “equal for all”, has thus unquestionably evolved into the most evil of political weapons as per a selective lack of law enforcement for quite serious corruption by favored parties while at the same time heavy handed, purely political attacks and prosecutions on other parties later determined innocent. Once regarded as “thou shall not”, the bearing of false witness in order to demean, distract, financially weaken and even imprison political opponents has become a standard operating procedure since the media, and thus what “enough” of the People will ever come to believe is fully under control. Is it that a steady stream of unmitigated propaganda has made us “OK” with this truly evil madness because we remain entranced with the chief foundational lie which says evil is justified even if “our side”is definitely bad because the “other side” is even worse? This never fails, but then again it pays to remember some people actually like being hateful, evil f’ks so long as that’s the fashionable, elite thing to do.

  25. Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants. Keep the blues and the reds at each others throats, and the tyrants have their way. Keep people in constant fear of an ordinary virus, and the tyrants can do as they will. The very instant any government assumes the mantle of omnipotence, the welfare of its subjects declines. Continuously, and geometrically. Whether the reds or the blues, socialists or fascists, or any other color are in charge. They serve themselves, because they have the power to do so. Any human endeavor that can be corrupted will be corrupted. The more power involved, the more corrupt.

    1. I always thought it was old fashion force and terror that kept them in power. We havent see a true tyrant yet but they are on their way.

  26. Resistance is a bit like physics:
    Irritable (for good reason) force meets an immovable object (Capital$chi$m).

  27. yeah. and in spite of our love for your quaint accent what is the reason we don’t dump aussies for shooting prisoners of war, or of “police actions” like in vietnam where we and you killed 4 million counting grannies. do we still pay 1500 for a dead grannie and a ticket to Disneyland?
    at least we don’t just shove them under the shifting sands: we put their stti-ed faces on our humvees..the inside skins of faces make nice sticky decor for more war. you aussies oughta get into marketing.

    1. Get it in the right order Jimmy.
      Caitlin is:
      1. A being.
      2. A woman.
      3. A lover.
      4. A Mother.
      5. A daughter.
      6. A sister (?).
      7. An aunt (?).
      8. A friend.
      9. A journalist.
      10. An Australian.
      Get the drift?

    2. I thought Australia’s PM was into marketing.

  28. F’ Bernie…he’s nothing but a sheepdog (“Progressive Outreach Team”) spewing lip service while kissing the Establishment Dems’ arse…

  29. I don’t know what kind of mental gymnastics Bernie does to believe himself, but I find his complaint about Biden’s Cabinet to be particularly galling. Bernie sold out the progressive movement, not Biden. Passing the buck while he pats himself on the back for getting young people involved in the political process—all the while taking their precious individual donations and stabbing them in the back.
    I think Chris Hedges is on the mark when he said Bernie was never morally or temperamentally fit to lead a progressive movement—basically because his place in the Senate is more important to him. And he didn’t want to take the flack that Nader took. Boo-hoo Bernie. All the good you did saving your Senate seat—-not. Nice grease you had there for the Cares Act. Put up or shut up Bernie—your act is on thin ice.
    Chris Hedges and Richard Medhurst share a good discussion:

    1. Amen Gregory. I was equally as galled at Tulsi Gabbard’s caving to the DNC dems instead of running a third party bid. She had a lot of momentum (and some of my money) and threw it all away. She also withdrew her lawsuit against Hillary, which could have stooped all this flagrant “evil” Ruskie’s puppet propaganda.

  30. The main hope is that Biden will more biddable in so far as action to reduce climate change, whereas Trump was anti any action on that front, disabling stuff that was already in place as well.

    1. The main hope for Trump was he might be less likely to start new wars than either Clinton or Biden.

      1. Not sure the President can start and maintain a war by himself..

    2. Climate change is part of the great reset and covid lockdowns. Less energy use means less food production which means poor third world people starve. Every time you parrot climate change that is the actual consequences. Ever wonder why the same people who want climate change also support the great reset. Its all connected.

  31. Wow! Wow! You knocked it out of the ballpark, girlfriend!

    1. More at:
      A Texas-sized mess may have just appeared but if you check the news you will not see much reference to it.
      ​ ​Yesterday, the Arizona supreme court refused to hear a Trump appeal, and the Nevada supreme court looks to be leaning against a similar case too. Those moves towards ‘game over’ for Trump got covered. The US Supreme Court heard the reply from Pennsylvania in the case over the constitutionality of voting by mail there, which basically did not deny the complaint but said “You really don’t want to open this constitutional can of worms”; and the Court then denied the call for emergency injunctive relief against certifying its election results. That ‘game over’ got covered too.
      ​ ​What did not get covered is that Texas filed a case with the Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin calling for the election results to be overturned in those states, and for the constitutional remedy of returning the selection of electors to state legislatures, claiming:
      ​ ​Non-legislative actors’ purported amendments to States’ duly enacted election laws, in violation of the Electors Clause’s vesting State legislatures with plenary authority regarding the appointment of presidential electors.
      ​ ​Intrastate differences in the treatment of voters, with more favorable allotted to voters -whether lawful or unlawful– in areas administered by local government under Democrat control and with populations with higher ratios of Democrat voters than other areas of Defendant States.
      ​ ​The appearance of voting irregularities in the Defendant States that would be consistent with the unconstitutional relaxation of ballot-integrity protections in those States’ election laws.
      ​ ​As one election law expert put it, the US constitution is effectively a contract between the 50 states, including how their president is elected, and Texas is claiming other parties broke parts of that contract. Texas is apparently now supported by Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee. Talk about a divided country.
      ​ ​Perhaps not a surprise, the Supreme Court took the Texas case in expedited fashion, and has called for a response by 3PM Thursday.

      1. That list does look a lot like the Confederate States.

        1. And why not? After all, it was the “Union” that delivered the omnipotent central government that we now suffer, killing more Americans than all the wars they’ve been lied into combined in the process, more than 650,000. Much of those deaths among Southern non-combatants. The first time a western military had ever attacked non-combatants. The Union forbid the Southern state’s self determination, a fundamental right. That omnipotent government is the very source of the never ending wars we are engaged in. It is guilty of enslaving the US population and much of the world to the Oligarchy, regardless of race. The Confederacy was not without sin. No government is. But the Union unleashed a far worse monster.

          1. The ink was probably not dry on the Constitution before someone was attempting to subvert it. Nonetheless it was the Civil War in which it was effectively annihilated. Now we have interpretations on top of interpretations so far from intent that it has survived in tendency only. Occasionally there are calls from either the left or the right for a second Constitutional Convention but the results of any such action are so fraught with the possibility of the caller losing enormously that none will seriously risk taking that step. You can bet your last dollar that if a Convention is ever called it will be because the results are not thought to be in question. The Constitution, as written, is, in its most elemental sense, a means to avoid the tyranny so evident today.

            A look at the election map by county will show that there are no blue states and red states. There are random blue mega urban sprawls and everybody else. This, in theory, makes secession geographically impossible. It is unfortunate because very likely simply dividing the country would eliminate its ability to continue the worst of its abuses at home and abroad.

          2. Ah, the good old Southern states, with their regard for race.

      2. If the supreme court nullifies the election, it will go the the house of representatives and Trump will be reelected. Then all hell breaks loose. It is not over yet.

        1. Hell is already here. We are so tolerant.

        2. Correction, the state legislators will determine the electors. Same result.

          1. a lot of unsupported asumptions there Khatika

            1. That is what texas is asking the supreme court to decide. All in the courts. Could go either way.

  32. Just thought I’d let you know that you and Matt Taibbi are the only two people I let into my inbox, and you are the only one I read every single time (though I do appreciate the hell out of Taibbi and I have books by both of you on my shelves). You are also the only one I post to FB, even though I know it’s a waste of time. I hope you never stop doing what you do, and if I had a pot to piss in I’d back that up with bucks (maybe someday, but probably not. I’ve kinda given up).

  33. Obombie, Eric “the Red” Holder and ATF > “Fast & Furious” killed hundreds innocent Mexicans
    Obombie, Reptillary and CIA > Operation Zero Footprint killed hundreds in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, then 250,000 in Libya
    Obombie, Reptillary and CIA > Operation Timber Sycamore armed ISIS, killed 500,000 in Syria and Iraq
    Orange Man doesn’t look that bad, in comparison

    1. Damned straight.

    2. Right on! Plus check out child trafficking stats, comparing the progress DJT made after it spiked under BHO. If Biden is sworn in, sex trafficking will surely escalate and he will likely welcome a war.

      1. Evelyn, didn’t DJT put kids in cages and a lot can no longer be found?
        Where did those go? just sacrificed?
        What’s worse?

        1. “ didn’t DJT put kids in cages”
          No that was Obama, do your research, you don’t have to defend or respect any politician anyway, since you probably didn’t really vote for them even if you think you did.
          U.S. is in such a mess, maybe Darling JT in Canada will have to send in some of those Chinese troops he’s been hiding next door to “ keep the peace” & prevent a civil war breaking out. All endorsed by the U.N of course.

          1. When white helmets start appearing in your country, it has been conquered and your freedom is just a thin veil of illusion.

          2. Vince, maybe you know something I don’t know, but on all the news reports it was Trump putting kids, – from the other side of the southern border, into cages, and parents being unable to find their Kids due to the ICE Bureaucracy losing, or something, the kids.
            It would not be unsurprising that the super rich have always needed kids, but surely a waste of time to say Obama did it also so that is OK.
            Now the Super Rich are Richer, they have established the Neo-liberalism lie and there are more of them so they need more kids to live longer, – do you think that that is somehow OK?
            I am from Australia so not steeped in the same conspiracy theories as you are, – from where I sit there are no, conspiratists except the Super Rich controllers of the International Multi nationals and anything to deny that, I expect, is probably an attempt to defend that “36 families, – .01% etc”, as they have a very clear agenda, – stay in power, – ignore Clmate change as they can always buy safety.

            What possible reason has anybody else on our planet to deny Climate Change, fuck whatever ideology you have chosen randomly when Climate change is proved every day in everday people’s lives to be happening.

            1. You need to read some different sources. Science and medicine have been
              hopelessly politicized. The reason people refuse to see this is because it is one of the foundations of their world view. It shifts their paradigm so badly they cannot accept it. Thus they parrot climate change and vaccinations wearing their placebo mask. Most will not realize what is happening until it is too late.

              1. KHATIKA Your post is just assertions, when will Americans learn that argument by Assertion, is just verbal Dhiarrhoea.

                It is just a Whining baby child wanting.

                A reply containing reasoned arguments, based on provable and definitely included Facts, is Essential, unless all you want to do is bask in your own clevernes of which nobody else agrees, and because of no facts, – sinks without a trace.

                Narratives without facts nor reasoned arguments are flim flam, – worth absolutely nothing, even if they claim to be a different Narrative.

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