The new imperialism doesn’t look like old-school ground invasions, it looks like multi-front cold wars, economic warfare, blockades and starvation sanctions, drone strikes, arming proxy militias, CIA-backed coups, sprawling tech surveillance networks, mass psyops of unprecedented sophistication and narrative management systems to facilitate them. Peace activists need to be looking in this direction, especially as the US gets a new Secretary of State who advocates this exact approach to imperialism.

Imperialism 2.0 is designed to operate so invisibly we don’t even notice it’s happening. No mass troop deployments, no flag-draped bodies flying home in planes, and (they hope) no potent antiwar movement in response to it.

In the new imperialism there are still troops deployed all over the world, but they’re there with the “permission” of the puppet regimes they installed and they exist primarily to protect the infrastructure of the invisible imperialism (so it can’t be countered with conventional warfare).

The more powerful and expansive the empire becomes, the more invisible imperialism can be. In theory it could eventually have so much control that any population which rises up against it can be silently choked off from the entire world economy and starve to death very quickly.

The US empire staged a coup in Australia to oust PM Gough Whitlam in 1975 for insisting on Australian national sovereignty, then staged another one to oust PM Kevin Rudd in 2010 for being seen as too friendly with China. US troops in Australia are therefore an illegitimate occupying force.

Our national sovereignty has been stolen to turn us into a US military/intelligence asset; nothing more than a convenient stretch of land in the Indo-Pacific to prepare for war with China. We’re a glorified airbase with kangaroos. That’s why we’ve been powerless to save Julian Assange from Washington’s clutches.

Sanctions are the only act of war where it’s considered perfectly acceptable to deliberately target a civilian population with deadly force. They don’t favor them because they’re less deadly than bullets (they’re not), they favor them because they’re easier to sell to the public.

We’ve all spent our lives since childhood watching Hollywood movies and TV shows about evil villains doing wicked deeds to try and rule the world yet hardly anyone ever notices that that’s exactly what the US empire is.

What society considers a “good journalist” should be one who holds power to account, asks critical questions and reveals important information without interest in approval or conformity. Instead anyone who tries to embody these values will be attacked, smeared with an array of dismissive pejoratives, and told they’re not a journalist at all.

The most powerful corporation in the world which openly collaborates with the most powerful government in the world is now censoring videos about election fraud in the nation with the worst election system of any western democracy.

Those who saw the mass media as the linchpin of the status quo were excited when the internet came along because of the information-democratizing effect it would have. Then they saw the same power structures which control the MSM begin working to control online information.

Abnormalize the use of “the economy” when you’re really talking about the stock market. If you’re talking about something that can be described as “booming” while millions are facing eviction, you’re not talking about the economy. Call it “the rich man’s casino” or something.

The rules of internet discourse say that if you don’t think nuclear-armed nations should be imperiling the world with propaganda-fueled cold war games it means you love the government of Russia and/or China and think everything they’ve ever done is awesome.

I don’t know what species of brain worm it is that makes people think if you oppose western imperialism it means you love the governments who are being targeted by western imperialism, but it would be good if it went extinct.

If you’re getting your information about the world from Tucker Carlson and his ilk there is a 100 percent chance that your views on China were crafted by a US government agency.

It’s unacceptable that we live in a world with weapons that can wipe out all terrestrial life and it’s an unforgivable outrage that our rulers have simply accepted it as a given that this must continue.

People only think China, Russia and Iran are behaving aggressively on the world stage because their blindness to western imperialist aggression makes them incapable of seeing that those nations are actually behaving defensively.

The only thing liberals and leftists have in common is that leftists support disadvantaged groups while liberals support pretending to care about disadvantaged groups for marketing purposes. It would good if everyone stopped pretending there’s any more common ground than that.

On a list of the things which pose an actual threat to you, “conspiracy theorists” would rank pretty close to the bottom. You’d never know this from reading the billionaire media though.

A deeply conscious and emotionally intelligent society in which humans collaborate with each other and with their ecosystem to the benefit of all beings. Please and thank you.


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49 responses to “Imperialism 2.0: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. The “conspiracy theorist” who gave us Russiagate and Iraqi wmd are extremely threatening.

  2. Leave it to the neo-liberals
    to invent neo-imperialism
    (with help from the neo-cons)
    If Elon can put one of the neo’s on Mars
    why not all of them?

  3. Please, not the Whitlam coup again. Whitlam was a part of the elite. Australians recognised this and threw him out in a landslide. Ditto Keating, Rudd and Gillard. No doubt those who would control the globe have found new ways to infiltrate … maybe via the permanent “Public Service” (a term used lightly) … as they have done in the US. Whitlam doubled the “Public Service”, so it would have commenced from his time.
    I’m not saying the other major party isn’t compromised either. Nothing is ever black and white.
    But to believe that Whitlam was pure and clean is naive. He was not. He was a globalist through and through.

    1. ah helenb…were you around in the 70’s by chance?
      and if so, can you recall the propaganda campaign that assured the result you quote?
      i’ll tell you now that, if you were there and you still hold this view as per the one you quote, then i’d say be very careful where you walk.
      australia in the 70’s was a very different place, but the population are equal in foolishness and just as capable to believe said propaganda as they have done so successfully with this killer bug bollox.
      a mass vote against “10 years of the Liberals”…and a full approval for old gough, then 6 weeks of non-stop kemlani propaganda and full swing back to malcolm fraser was amazing to behold. it truely showed me what my countrymen actually were….and still are…spineless.
      so, if you can verify your fact, then go and ask all your ozzie mates what they did when their time came to really stand by what they believed.
      because you’ll find that they are probably no better equipped to make a judgement unassisted as they all did in the 70’s.
      for a country so enamoured with itself it sorely lacks any credit, other than being the proud owners of the title “the 51st state of america”….
      a 5 eye member it may be….but collectively it is as blind as ever to manipulation and it’s own history.

  4. Thanks Sister Caitlin!

    I sent this to my Mom.
    She thinks I’m paranoid-delusional, but maybe she’ll hear it from you.

  5. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Our [Australia’s] national sovereignty has been stolen to turn us into a US military/intelligence asset; nothing more than a convenient stretch of land in the Indo-Pacific to prepare for war with China. We’re a glorified airbase with kangaroos. That’s why we’ve been powerless to save Julian Assange from Washington’s clutches.
    Same with the United Kingdom…
    Dec 13, 2020
    Glenn Greenwald on Twitter:
    “The UK is an extremely authoritarian country. Read this thread from this official with Reporters Without Borders on the repression and abuses being doled out to international monitors by the British judge presiding over the Assange extradition hearing:”
    May 31, 2019
    United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture:
    “In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic States ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law. The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!”
    That’s a group of governments. However, as mentioned before, according to a 2011 Reuters/Ipsos international poll (23 nations around the world), the United States — with especially aggressive 24/365 mass media propaganda — is the only country where a majority of people oppose WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, which are seen favorably in all other countries. That’s right, in all other researched countries of the world:
    What Public Opinion on Assange Tells Us About the US Government Direction — Strategic Culture
    UK, EC, AU, and US’s Honest Government Ad — Julian Assange

  6. “Wealthy” people are the most destructive force on Earth. If you eliminate them everything changes for the better. Otherwise nothing really changes except from bad to worse, and eventually to extinction.

    1. “The poorest 50% (c.3.1 billion people) were responsible for just 7% of [1990-2015] cumulative emissions, and used just 4% of the available carbon budget,” and “The richest 1% (c.63 million people) alone were responsible for 15% of [1990-2015] cumulative emissions, and 9% of the carbon budget – twice as much as the poorest half of the world’s population.”

      1. Take the emissions of the US Military out of the equation, and we’re pure as the driven snow.

    2. Most African nations eliminated the “wealthy”, so there you go.
      Live there for a while, report back.

      1. Eh? Most haven’t even tried eliminating their own wealthy, never mind the world’s wealthy, surely the ones who matter most.

        1. Zimbabwe has, give it shot.

          1. 1 in 50 = most?

      2. The wealthy fled back to the west after robbing the africans of their riches. Ever heard of the of the african colonies of western countries. Do some studying and report back when yiu find a african country that wasnt a colony. I guess I will be waiting forever.

  7. Nuclear weapons wouldn’t be such an issue if those with their finger on the trigger were sane. In fact, they have likely prevented a lot of conventional warfare. I’m sure that without them, the US and Russia would have engaged in burning down what was left of Europe not long after WWII. But they aren’t sane. Which puts us in peril. Not to worry, the bank cartel is close to it’s goal of extracting what wealth remains in the 99.9%, and delivering it to the 0.1%, of which said bank cartel is a member. When finished, we won’t be bothered by such pesky things as competing nations. We will be slaves. Disposable slaves.

  8. Does nobody notice the similarities between the US empire and the Hollywood and TV villains?
    Or do people realise that accepting their nation’s moral superiority opens the door to a well-paid job, while questioning it leads to ostracism and being labelled a traitor?
    I grew up seeing many a ‘cowboys and Indians’ movie. It was obvious to me that the ‘Indians’ were the original inhabitants, and the ‘cowboys’ a bunch of land-grabbing invaders. Did nobody else notice this, or did most of my contemporaries choose to side with the victors, regardless of their villainy?

  9. Oh Caitlin, I love you. Every paragraph you wrote is quotable.

  10. When the British invaded Australia in the late 1700s they declared it ‘Terra nullius’ (nobody’s land).
    They were arrogantly oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of aboriginal people who had occupied the land for more than 60,000 years.
    Since WW2 the United States of GREED, HYPOCRISY and WAR has treated Australia as an outpost for empire building, resource exploitation, and grovelling arse kissers in Italian suits.
    We should be ASHAMED.

  11. Caitlin’s “new Imperialism” needs to include a super duper weapon — vaccines. The covid vaccines have a new technology that has never been tested in humans before, recombinant RNA, which can alter your DNA. The vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL. If you take it you are Big Pharma’s lab rat, and Big Pharma has been granted legal immunity so you can’t sue for damages or injuries.

    Just as you read the back of food products to know what nutrients your body will digest, so too watch this five minute video that reviews the toxic ingredients to be injected into your body.

    Alert. On Dec 10 French Professor Dr. Jean-Bernard Fourtillion, holder of 400 medical patents, was seized from his home and forced against his will in a psych hospital after criticizing the Official Covid Narrative.

    1. Only some of the COVID vaccines use RNA. The Oxford-AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, and Chinese vaccines don’t. And how can the RNA in these RNA-based vaccines edit our DNA?
      As for the claim in the first of those videos that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine contains tissue derived from an aborted foetus, that’s simply completely made-up garbage. Lab cultures from such cells were used to analyse transcription expression from the vaccine (as you can see and hear in the video). In other words, cell cultures were used in the development of this vaccine. Where is the evidence that these cells, or parts of them, form any part of the vaccine? There is none. You can legitimately object to using human cell cultures for research if you want, but claiming they are in vaccines is totally false and unwarranted.

      1. Mr. Perkins, Covid vaccines affect the user’s DNA. Please read this article in full.

        A 2010 Dept. Health, Human Services study found 1 injury arises per 39 vaccine injections. Since covid vaccines have no animal testing, no placebo testing and no long term effects testing, it is likely that the HHS statistic has not substantially improved.

        Vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal immunity. So anyone injured by the Covid vaccine (as happened in England this past week with 3 health workers) has no right to sue. Imagine if you are injured in a car accident due to a vehicle design defect, and you cannot sue the auto maker. With zero liability, vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to produce a safe product, and they have not; to wit, $4.2 billion awards to victims in the inaptly named “vaccine court.”

        1. I’ve read it, and seen nothing – absolutely nothing – to suggest that RNA vaccines might alter our DNA.
          There is this: ‘DNA vaccines, by definition, come with the risk of “integration of exogenous DNA into the host genome”‘, but that’s for DNA vaccines. The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines employ RNA, while the other front-runners contain neither RNA nor DNA.
          And what about this nonsense that Astra-Zeneca’s vaccine contains human cells, or parts thereof? The idiot in the first video you recommended made that claim, while pointing to, and even reading aloud, part of a paper that made no such claim: “We used direct RNA sequencing to analyse transcript expression from the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 genome in human MRC-5 and A549 cell lines.” No hint whatsoever that the vaccine contains MRC-5 cell lines, parts, or products. She might just as well claim the vaccine contains the city of Oxford since it was developed there.

          1. Sorry “the other front-runners contain neither RNA nor DNA” is wrong, but there’s no ‘edit’ button here!

        2. And what’s this about “covid vaccines have no animal testing, no placebo testing”?
          They’ve all undergone both, and even the source you give only says “No clinical trial for vaccines given to babies and toddlers has used an inert placebo control group,” hardly the same thing as no placebo testing.

      2. If for no other reason, COVID vaccines need to be resisted because there has been no testing at all for long term safety. If you take it, YOU are the long term test. And since they are so dissimilar to previous vaccines, which themselves don’t have an exemplary safety record, we have no idea what the long term effects may be. We know you have a 98%+ chance of surviving COVID. We have no idea what the chances are of surviving the vaccine.

        1. At least two of the Chinese vaccines consist of inactivated virus plus an adjuvant, ie. they’re exactly the same technology as many previous vaccines.

      3. Mr. Perkins, genetic altering is going on, but you are free to proceed at your own risk as JWK’s prudent comment suggests.

        1. Do you have any source for this claim that genetic altering is going on? Or do you hope to con others into believing it is by simply repeating this claim?

      4. Mr. Perkins I shall not attempt to convince you of anything. The readers may study the links I have provided and the wealth of information on the Childrens Defense Fund website and make up their own minds. Have a good day.

        1. I too hope at least some readers will have the patience to study the links you provided. Some make claims not backed up by the very sources they quote, some simply make claims with no sources, and others fail to back up the claims you make.

          1. The very fact that Bill gates and his ilk have been pushing vaccines is enough reason to avoid them. There is an agenda going on that you ignore. Vaccines will be used to mark and track humanity. Open your eyes.

            1. Thx Khatika, I had not seen this article. Will store in my data base with other info that is hard to find in mainstream news due to soviet-era level censorship

            2. There’s no suggestion in that article that this technology will be in any COVID vaccines, nor could it possibly be put in them surreptitiously. And how would you propose keeping records of vaccinations in countries with poor medical record keeping?

              1. Read closely. It is a delivery system to be used for identification and control. Dont be naive. The vaccine is just a reason to give them access to you. Open your eyes.

                1. Read closely? Or read intensively between the lines? No mention of control. And who says it’s going to be used for COVID vaccines, let alone in countries with viable medical records systems? It’s a proposal, which hasn’t been taken up or implemented, and if it ever is, it can’t be kept secret.

                  1. And what other thing did they spend millions to develop but not use. Open your eyes. This is all related.

      5. Mr. Perkins — So called “fact checkers” try to label as false claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain cells from an aborted fetus. The truth is in the details concerning the vaccines from these six vaccine manufacturers.

    2. Apparently the altering of your DNA is a pretty common, almost everyday experience. Reportedly this can happen with things as simple as a bug bite, having sex, or having a transfusion or transplant. I suppose the big question is whether there might be given along with any vaccine some built-in designed mechanism to implement a hidden agenda such as behavior modification and/or sterilization, etc. Such seemingly outrageous and wild things are suspected by an ever-growing pile of “conspiracy theories” including the one that says our current pandemic item was designed in a biological warfare lab, again to effect some hidden agenda. Well, perhaps such an agenda is not so hidden after all but has instead been promulgated by the UN for some time already. Evolve or die, peon? Interesting…

      1. No doubt Chris Long would rather have died from myeloid leukemia.
        And ‘the team’ (his colleagues at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department crime lab) were surprised to find the donor’s DNA in his semen, which hardly squares with a hidden UN-promulgated agenda, unless of course they’re all in on this secret plot to fool DNA-based criminal forensics (which would seem to undermine supposed attempts to use vaccines to track us!). From that article:
        “The issue came to light in 2004 after DNA left at a crime scene in Alaska matched that of a convict. However, at the time of the crime, the convict was in prison. It emerged that he had received a bone marrow transplant from his brother, who was eventually arrested and convicted.

        Confusion also arose in 2008, following a road traffic accident in Seoul. The man involved was found to have blood that contained female DNA, kidneys containing male DNA, and a spleen that contained a mixture of the two. It was later discovered that the man had received a bone marrow transplant from his daughter.”
        So is the agenda to track us, or to fool the trackers?

  12. What would earth do without the “amazing” human species?

    1. There is NO Election Fraud in American elections! I work in Election Integrity in Michigan and while Bush spent MILLIONS and Trump spent Few Million and We in election integrity have watched for Voter Fraud for DECADES…..the worse Trump’s investigation found was .00004 and Bush found .00001. Trump is a liar as his own investigation showed NO VOTER FRAUD. Now, please stop spreading false information on that. Trump is a Con Artist and a Fascist. You’re lucky YOU aren’t on his “Troika of Tyranny” list YET.

      1. US elections are a fraud. Whether or not one side or the other manipulated the number of votes cast or counted doesn’t alter that.

        1. Agreed. The fix is in before the first primary vote is cast.

      2. I seriously doubt there has ever been an election without fraud, anywhere. I believe it was Stalin who proclaimed that who counts the votes is more important than who votes, or what they might vote for. If any human endeavor can be corrupted it will be. There are simply too many corrupt individuals in the world to keep them out, even though they are a small minority. Reason dictates that without rigid voter ID, and strict tabulation, there is not the slightest chance of an honest election. Especially in nations of large population. It’s not as if we were voting for distinctly different candidates in the first place. The left/right red/blue conflict paradigm is engineered to keep us distracted from the true conflict between us and the psychopaths.

        1. “Joe Biden: Nothing will fundamentally change.


          And so the narrative managers won. Imagine that.

  13. This would also explain why the more sino friendly politicians in Australia’s Liberal party(AU’s Republican party) like Turnbull have been purged from that party as well.

    Australia should be working diplomatically with China as they are a geographically regional neighbour 10 hours commercial flying time from our southern capitals to Beijing. It is 18 hours from SYD to LAX

  14. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “We’ve all spent our lives since childhood watching Hollywood movies and TV shows about evil villains doing wicked deeds to try and rule the world yet hardly anyone ever notices that that’s exactly what the US empire is.”
    Many movies and TV shows are either inspired by or fostered by agents of The Empire to portray Them in nothing but a positive tone and heroic light. In other words, pure Fantasy shows without basis in reality. Soften the public up by showing bogus nonsense official narratives.
    “It’s unacceptable that we live in a world with weapons that can wipe out all terrestrial life and it’s an unforgivable outrage that our rulers have simply accepted it as a given that this must continue.”
    They do not ask our permission. Our opinions don’t count. They are going to do whatever They are going to do. Our only role – in Their eyes — is for us to shut up and like it.
    “On a list of the things which pose an actual threat to you, “conspiracy theorists” would rank pretty close to the bottom. You’d never know this from reading the billionaire media though.”
    If the term “conspiracy theorists” is meant to be a dismissive put-down, then the real so-called conspiracy theorists are found in corporate mainline media. Virtually all that they peddle is horse manure of one form or another. Most of the so-called News and Information shows on now have become completely unwatchable. The heavy propaganda and mind conditioning starts flowing right from the very opening intro and never stops throughout. Except for the phony and fuzzy “dog” story that they throw in as
    something warm and fuzzy.
    “A deeply conscious and emotionally intelligent society in which humans collaborate with each other and with their ecosystem to the benefit of all beings.”
    There is such a place right now. It is called by many names, one of which is Heaven.

  15. How much sage brush would have to burn in order to purify Australia?

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