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Fingers Of Light

Fingers of light peel away the hiddenness of badge-wearing sadists and Apache helicopter war crimes.

Fingers of light peel away the lies of the dust-faced gargoyles on screens in dark rooms.

Fingers of light peel away the dead writings of dead men from healthy brains made of living flesh.

Fingers of light peel away the gray film of knowing which masks the beauty of seeing everything for the first time.

Fingers of light peel away the wallpaper of verbiage overlaying life as it actually is.

They emanate from the heart of a turtle in the center of your forehead that is older than the stars, and I rock you gently in my willow tree arms as they peel away the darkness.

Heed well the words from my crooked beak, you skyfaced marvel:

The outcome of this adventure is engulfed in mystery.

The world in which it transpires is swimming in mystery.

The eyes with which you behold it are made entirely of mystery.

The awareness in which you examine it is the origin of all mystery.

We cannot know what the fingers will turn up next.

Anything can happen here.


Let your eyes remain as wide

as befits this wild ride.






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Latest comments

  • Beautiful words, they are indeed Light!

  • This is refreshing and beautiful, Caitlin. Thanks so much.

  • Caitlin wrote: “The outcome of this adventure is engulfed in mystery……anything can happen here.”

    But prophets of old declared: “Because you have plundered many nations, the remnant of people will plunder you because of your bloodshed against man and your violence against the land….Woe to him who builds his house by unjust gain, to place his nest on high to escape the hand of disaster……For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of YHVH God’s glory as the waters cover the sea….. He will not falter nor be crushed until He establishes justice on earth.”

  • Oh yeah, there are mysteries and there are more mysteries. It is a mystery what I do with my fingers to the one I love and that mystery will remain between us, but imagine all you want and I hope your doing the same with the one you love! Giving them something to think about.
    Stick your finger in there and make something happen. Peel it away if you think you can but it is like an onion and you will never get to the end of the layers and why would you want to in the first place? If you are with the one you love then what more could you ask for?
    Don’t tell me the same thing again and again, because even a finger stuck in there gets old after awhile if you don’t explore new territory. Know what I mean? Everybody has their own learning matrix to explore and while you are there I hope you have something that you feel obligated to continue. I do.
    I like to use my fingers for so many things, but I’m happy I got me some thumbs as well cause if I didn’t then my toes would be restless wondering what it is that we are supposed to accomplish. If you want to know more, then good for you and my Lord knows 2021 is gonna be a year of serious business and if you don’t live up to what could be, then I’m sorry for you, but we are going to suffer no fools!
    Get ready folks. The fun is soon going to be happening and we can remember this moment when we all knew it was coming. Can you feel it? I hope you can.

  • “Fingers of light peel away the hiddenness… the lies.. the dead writings of dead men… the gray film of knowing which masks the beauty of seeing everything for the first time… the wallpaper of verbiage overlaying life…”
    According to Carlos Castaneda’s mentor Don Juan (and many other sages), we ARE beings of light. Not just in Heaven or some other realm, but right now. Numerous experiencers of Near Death report similar things – seeing others or feeling themselves as Beings of Light. Our Earthly bodies are tricks of the eye… shapes with no real substance. Essentially, we are made of Light right now in all our flawed majesty. When we embrace our Light nature, we find our true selves.
    “Anything can happen here. Anything. Let your eyes remain as wide as befits this wild ride.”
    But NOTHING will happen here if one doesn’t want to see it or allow it. Universe morphs into whatever you want to see it AS. If one wants no magic, you get no magic. If one denies their Divine Essence, you get to stay in Your Darkness. You must open up to “Anything”, humble yourself, allow it, let it flow. Then and only then will your life be a magical place instead of a boring death march into oblivion.

    • Only possible if you first relinquish your place as the center of your universe.

    • Right on!

  • “The outcome of this adventure is engulfed in mystery / The world in which it transpires is swimming in mystery.” I’m reminded of Albert Schweitzer’s definition of a reflective person: one for whom life is a mystery, not merely a brute fact. We’ve built an entire world around the latter worldview, have we not, and isn’t that the root of the mess we’re in?

  • And the Zen guide on Furnace Mountain says: “Only don’t know.” Keep this don’t know mind. And Suzuki Roshi says: “In the beginner’s mind are many possibilities.”

    He who knows that he knows knows not. He that knows that he knows not knows.

  • Thanks for pulling me out of my negative narrative.

  • BEAUTIFUL! I love your poems.

  • Good poem of spiritual quest but it also speaks to me as a poem on Cognitive Dissonance and a call for its undoing. Nice.

  • The Caitlin Johnstone morning martini, it leaves one both shaken and stirred. 😉

    • Neat. Both your comment and the best martini.

  • The country used a lot less gasoline in the 1970s, but there were long gas lines, and alternate-day filling laws.​​
    When will supply-destruction become apparent? ​
    Charles Hugh Smith assesses that going forward into volatility:​ https://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec20/gasoline12-20.html

    With supply destruction as a limiter, you can’t buy what you need, and prices shoot up into hyperinflation. They sure will this time.
    ​We will experience s​tagflation again; hyper-stag-flation…​ We will be insecure and frustrated.​
    ​ Can you learn to grow some of your food​?
    ​Mainly, it gives you a comprehension of how difficult and uncertain it is, but you also develop skills and expertise.
    Perspective. Working-knowledge.​ Actual experience.

    ​ ​Look to how you might survive for a month if the utilities go out. Grocery store utilities will be out, too.
    Gas pumps need electricity. Utilities need electricity. Phone systems need electricity.
    I’m not being extreme.

    ​ ​The God-play-group will have to sacrifice billions of us, somewhat arbitrarily, ​at some time​.
    The birth-control-surprise cannot work fast enough to deal with the absolute decline that factory farming ​will ​go though in 10-20 years.
    You may think my timeline is wrong. It might be. Some failures are bound to come sooner​; some later​.​ ​

    ​ ​Physically preparing as much as you can, not just thinking, is better than not preparing.
    Do have a sensible, multi-purpose bike, and some spare tu​b​es, tires,​ parts,​ grease and tools.
    Ride it at least every other day.

    • Poor John, as Caitlin would say, there is just no evidence to comment on this. You are just a poor conspiracy theorist who is trying to scare everyone. There is plenty for all. You are just panicking. No proof, so lets stop talking about it. As I would say, Right on Brother, it is coming. Get prepared.

      • Hi Khatika,
        I do my best. I have a day job. This is public service.
        I am not panicking. I’m ok with dying, myself.
        Do look at the Charles Hugh Smith article above.
        This link has the Limits To Growth “standard run” projection for the state of human economy and environment done in 1972, on MIT’s best computer, using systemic analysis, where variables influenced each other going forward. It was accepted broadly, until Reagan bashed it.
        It has held remarkably well. It remains very close. We have passed peak industrial output now. .https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/11/travelers-where-are-we-in-progress-of.html

        • Yes,it is obvious to see for those with the courage to look. Everything cycles, even empires and industrial ages. Many must perish as things wind down. I hope we can survive what is coming. Those who prepare are notguaranteed survival but it will greatly improve your odds.

  • https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/12/view-from-herd.html
    Nobody who is not in the God-play-group likes people who play god.
    ​They are​ a clear threat.
    Bill Gates play​s​ a very clever god, a smug and pleasant god, who deeply loves himself and invites all of us to do the same.
    It will be best for all of us.​ God knows best. God has the big data, and the science.​
    ​God-Bill’s​ obvious point would be that the least painful form of population reduction is birth-reduction.
    It’s less bad than war, pestilence, famine and death, but it does not exclude them​.
    ​Unfortunately, b​irth reduction alone might not be enough to do the whole population-reduction job.​

    ​ ​What might I suggest as a counter-offer?
    I don’t play god. I ​also ​don’t eat critters, because I practice non-violence.
    I am not a tyrant. I think that we should be past massive slaughter as a means of population control.
    We are technologically and intellectually able to leave ​genocide​ behind​. ​
    W​e have not ​exactly​ found the societal disposition to leave it behind​ yet​.

    ​ ​What I suggest is our human strong point, distributed problem solving in small groups.
    Nothing is assured, but it is what we, as a species, do best, and it is what has brought us to the point where we are about to extinct ourselves from success.
    ​ ​Going forward, we will have the severe and permanent decline in global oil, natural gas and coal, especially the cheap, easy and high quality stuff that the permanent-growth economy needs.​
    Energy and Economy have already begun their terminal decline, but ​the decline​ has been​ ​labeled ​”​COVID Pandemic​”​.
    COVID has destroyed “demand” for the fuel and products that are now in decline, but we do not have to​ know that​ they are in permanent decline. “Back-to-normal” just keep​s​ getting put off until later, while our owners work things out in THEIR smallish groups.

    • No problem John, we will just throw up some solar panels and wind turbines and everything will be ok. They make everything digital, then cant keep on the power to maintain the system. Typical. Fools rush forward.

      • They are beginning the sales pitch for nuclear power already. The manipulation starts small and will gain in intensity as people become indoctrinated. The world will clamor for it by the time the sonsabitches are done.

      • Hi Khatika,
        I do my best. I have a day job. This is public service.
        I am not panicking. I’m ok with dying, myself.
        Do look at the Charles Hugh Smith article above.
        This link has the Limits To Growth “standard run” projection for the state of human economy and environment done in 1972, on MIT’s best computer, using systemic analysis, where variables influenced each other going forward. It was accepted broadly, until Reagan bashed it.
        It has held remarkably well. It remains very close. We have passed peak industrial output now. .https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/11/travelers-where-are-we-in-progress-of.html

  • Your fingers of light
    caress my weary, wary,
    squinting eyes
    gently prying them open
    to welcome the ageless
    newborn day

  • https://www.johndayblog.com/2020/12/view-from-herd.html
    ​I have found a Bill Gates CNN interview video that is not Twitter here:
    ​ ​I admit I had not watched it, ​when I sent it yesterday, ​but now I have. My read of Mr Bill is that he should not play high stakes poker.
    He is very pleased with himself numerous times in the interview, with a huge smile that he actually tries to suppress a few times to look appropriately serious.
    ​ Bill​ always smiles when speaking glowingly of his own prior predictions, now come true, and the efforts of his foundation and their allies, and of the failures of the Trump Administration. He is very careful in choosing his words to give them no credit at all.
    ​Bill​ speaks glowingly of Biden and Fauci and all the big vaccines, and says he will take his shot in public, only when his turn comes.
    He implies this is a massive, life-saving good, and he wants to be in the same line as the common people.
    ​Bill​ says things will not be back to normal until 2022, but implies they may be​somewhat ​ better next summer.
    Nothing about vitamin-D, though his comments seem to imply that he is taking it into account, summer, and winter​ pandemic waves,​ and all.

    ​ Bill​ Gates reads like a fairly open-faced book if you know where he has been coming from for the last 15 years. I read something by him, about 15 years ago. He was fascinated with vaccines, including vaccines as birth control. Now he does not say that.​
    Bill sees the importance of reducing global human population to what global ecosystems can sustain.
    My personal view of the population-utility of power elites is that they keep the human herd (me; you, our families) from completely destroying the means of food production, by helping us kill a lot of each other before that happens.​

    • Bill Gates father was an active Eugenist as well as himself. He and others are determined to seriously reduce human population. His TED talk from 2010 is very instructive on how he intends to do it. He is very smug about it all. Itvis on Youtube. Watch it.

    • Melinda Gates popped up everywhere the last few days. The headlines read that she is surprised at the economic devastation and that she is disappointed that the vaccine is going to America first. In the first case it is actually that, for her, the devastation is going according to plan. The devious smugness gives way to fear in the second because they wanted to finish testing the vaccine in the third world that has been Billy Boy’s experimental grounds. Now the experiment will be subject to unwanted scrutiny before they can get the bugs out. For what he’s done in Africa alone, he should be in front of a tribunal at the Hague. Why is nobody demonstrating outside of his house in protest of that racism?

  • Thanks for reminding us about our capacity to heal nightmare scenarios. It may be that this is one giant leap for us in creating purifying healing art for the world. One of the mysteries with a great gift for mankind will be when we honor that in each other and refuse all other substandard communication forms emanating from fear. You go about it the right way. Revealing mysteries and even the fact that they are mysteries. There is no all knowing force that can punish us if we don’t let it into our brains. That’s the infection.

  • That’s pretty good.

  • the balance must be maintained and you do it well…you perform a service to both the mind and the soul…breathe in the mystery…

  • Thanks Caitlin.
    Is it a particle or a wave?
    Or both?
    Dark matter.
    It makes up 85% of the Universe, but it cannot be seen or measured.
    Only its effects can be calculated.
    We should all be humbled by the mystery of the ineffable.

    • Nice!

  • We need poetry as living language, the core of every language, something that is still spoken aloud or in the mind, muttered in secret, subversive, reaching around corners, crumpled into a pocket, performed to a community, read aloud to the dying, recited by heart, scratched or sprayed on a wall. That kind of language.
    Adrienne Rich

    • Poetry! original sung language!! Kept alive by wood kern’s and taught in hedgerow schools

    • Love this comment. I do appreciate poetry, but I’m not much of a poet or scholar. Caitlin’s poem and what you say here feels like solutions to me. Thank you.

      “. . . subversive, reaching around corners. . . scratched or sprayed on a wall. “

  • Nice poem; or did you already say that one thousand years in the future or the past, whatever the case may be?

  • LOL, censors will allow no talk of time machines What are they trying to hide?

  • I was reading about cosmic time machines the other day; my mathematic abilities are certainly not up to snuff to make intelligent comments on such things, but more like than not a few slovenly characters gained unauthorized access to such an event in the future, and came back here, or even a little bit further back than that just so that their low life selves could someday be demigods

    • Never have sex with your mom, before you are conceived.

    • The wave function of the universe is static and the appearance of the flow of time emerges because the wave function of the universe is concentrated on configurations of the universe that we recognize as records.-Julian Barbour

      Change is a measurement of energy. One further degree of separation is time as a measurement of change. A calculation cannot be the thing itself. Species intelligence is a measure of the ability to time travel the realms of a non-existent past and a non-existent future. Universal intelligence is timeless. One cannot become different than that.

      It is the thinking mind which obscures the beauty of how it is. Disregard of the fine wine of wondrous being and setting off into the innumerable tangents will never lead to anything more than a phantasmagorical wank fest of unending delusion.


      • You’re essentially right, of course. I was making light of the impossibility of physical travel to the past, with a variant of the paradox it would create.
        I do think it is possible to mentally influence oneself in one’s own past. It seems paradoxical at firt, but I think it would be auto-regulating, and prevent paradox formation, because it inherently contains 100% negative feedback.

  • some good news at last <3

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