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Viral #TrumpsNewArmy Video Is Liberals At Their Craziest And Scariest

A new viral video calling on liberals to form “an army of citizen detectives” to gather information on Trump supporters and report their activities to the authorities has racked up thousands of shares and millions of views in just a few hours.

The hashtag #TrumpsNewArmy is trending on Twitter as of this writing due to the release of a horrifying video with that title from successful author and virulent Russiagater Don Winslow. As of this writing it has some 20 thousand shares and 2.6 million views, and the comments and quote-retweets are predominantly supportive.

“On or before January 20th, Donald Trump will no longer be the Commander-in-Chief: he will lose control of the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Special Forces and America’s nuclear arsenal,” Winslow’s voice begins ominously. “On January 20th Donald Trump will become Commander-in-Chief of a different army: this army.”

Viewers are then shown footage from Trump rallies while being told that they are looking at “radical extreme conservatives, also known as domestic terrorists”.

“They are hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs,” Winslow warns. “They are your children’s teachers. They work at supermarkets, malls, doctor’s offices, and many are police officers and soldiers.”

Winslow talks about white supremacists and the Capitol riot, warning that Trump will continue escalating violence and fomenting a civil war in America.

“We have to fight back,” Winslow declares. “In this new war, the battlefield has changes. Computers can be more valuable than guns. And this is what we need now more than ever: an army of citizen detectives. I’m proposing we form a citizen army. Our weapons will be computers and cellphones. We, who are monitoring extremists on the internet and reporting our findings to authorities. Remember, before the Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden, he had to be found. He was found by a CIA analyst working on a computer thousands of miles away. It’s up to you.”

The viral video is being loudly amplified by popular #Resistance accounts like Majid M Padellan (better known as Brooklyn Dad Defiant) with frighteningly paranoid and HUAC-like rhetoric.

“#TrumpsNewArmy is VILE,” one of Padellan’s Twitter shares of the video reads. “And we KNOW who they are. They are our teachers. They are our neighbors. They are our police officers. They are EVERYWHERE. EXPOSE THEIR TREASON.”

“Donald trump is on his way out,” reads another. “Good riddance. But his ‘army’ is still here, hiding amongst us. They are traitors. They are evil. And they MUST be rooted OUT.”

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,” reads yet another. “But SOME people… they pledged their allegiance ONLY to trump. These are dangerous traitors.”

“After 9/11, we were told: If you see something, say something,” reads still another. “We have TERRORISTS in our midst. Some of us KNOW these people. It is our patriotic DUTY to expose them.”

So if you were hoping that maybe liberals would chill out and get a little less crazy with Trump out of the White House, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

This is as insane and scary as I have ever seen these people get, and I was in the thick of peak Russiagate hysteria. An aggressively manufactured push to get an army of citizens spying on each other calls to mind the Stasi informants of East Germany, the patriotism-fueled digital “digging” of the QAnon psyop, and the NatSec LARPing of Louise Mensch Twitter, all rolled into one great big ball of crazy.

This comes out as we are being bombarded with mass media punditry from literal CIA veterans like Sue Gordon and Elissa Slotkin forcefully hammering home the message that domestic terror is the new frontier for combating violent extremism, meaning of course that new Patriot Act-like solutions will be needed. Winslow himself spent six years traveling and doing research for a novel about a former CIA operative, and if some government agency didn’t recruit him during that period they clearly should have.

This will get frightening if it keeps up. Just as a relatively low-profile lefty blogger I routinely get liberals online falsely claiming I’m a Russian agent and saying they’ll report me to the FBI, and that’s without an aggressive campaign urging them to join a powerful digital army. The fact that Winslow stays very vague about what he means by “Trump’s new army” and constantly conflates rank-and-file Trump supporters with white supremacist terrorists means people are effectively being pointed at all Trump supporters, especially when normal Trump rallies are what he points to in the video. If this takes off it can very quickly lead to a volunteer army of power-worshipping snitches against literally anyone who is critical of US foreign policy or the Democratic Party, whether they actually support Trump or not.

In fact just following the trending hashtag I’m noticing Twitter users saying this means targeting all Trump supporters, so clearly that is the message that’s being absorbed.

“Trumpers are pushing back so hard against this video because so many of them live in the dark, cloaked behind normal jobs and seemingly normal lives,” Winslow tweeted in promotion of his project.

Well maybe that’s because they are half the voting public, Don?

Winslow mixes in these generic comments about “Trumpers” with comments about “white supremacists”, about whom he tweets “1. We expose them. 2. We identify them. 3. We notify law enforcement. 4. We notify their employers.”

Their employers.

This is just liberals being pushed toward targeting anyone who isn’t ideologically aligned with them for destruction. I really, really hope it doesn’t take off, because it is profoundly ugly. Please don’t let the manipulators trick you into ripping each other to pieces, America. They’re only pointing you at each other so you don’t look at them.


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  • so Trump is to be “Goldstein” in the latest version of Orwells “1984”, the Hidden Hand Behind all The Mischief
    that plagues The West……

    • Well, at least we’ve gotten plenty of those “Two Minute Hate!” sessions out of our systems over the last four years. Some people apparently find it very cathartic.

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  • There is a precedent in America for this type of thing. It has become known as McCarthyism.

    • McCarthyism and all its sleazy objectives were strictly the purviews of extreme right-wing thinking.

      Never forget who McCarty attacked — LIBERALS, Socialists, civil rights people, Hollywood screenwriters. Anyone who didn’t fit with McCarthy’s views and objectives was vilified as anti-American.

      McCarthy (of course, was a Republican), and he even went after General George Marshall. Like Trump, McCarthy blamed the media until his own excesses brought him down. LOL, He lied about his war record.

      America has remained free from that nonsense until Newt Gingrich started bringing it back.

      • Not a McCarthy fan, but he was definitely correct on his suspicion that the far left was carefully and strategically insinuating itself into every sector of American government and society, just as Yuri Besmenov, the USSR defector, later confirmed and explained in great detail. The Venona Intercepts also confirmed, right out of declassified files, the reality of how these agents were being inserted and run. Fast forward to 2020: Academia is totally captured, the Democrat Party has lurched toward the far left, black clad leftist cadres are running through the streets like an Abbie Hoffman wet dream, Social Media companies are implementing left-fascist AI powered censorship algorithms, and the organized activist Left can bring any corporation to its knees, coughing up big donation largesse hairballs, using a range of peculiar PC slanders amplified using cheap to run viral online campaigns. OK, a little hyperbole maybe, but not that far from the truth. Say it ain’t so Joe.

      • The Frankfurt School-a group of Marxists who attempted and failed to bring Soviet revolution to Western Europe- created new strategies to defeat industrialized western liberal democracies, from within through societal collapse. In contrast to the earlier class warfare resentment & envy themes in 19nth century Bolshevism, Frankfurt School Marxists at Berkley established identity group grievance and SJW activism under prophetically Orwellian doublespeak such as ” diversity” and “affirmative action” (cover words for blatantly hypocritical reverse discrimination,the only REAL “systemic sexist and racist”policies in 2 generations and “equity”(workplace communism).
        The Left Establishment’s Brave New World twisting of language to enact “hate” speech political correctness (by definition pure fascism) while falsely accusing their opponents of “fascism” are venues infiltrated into academia,corporate media and civil service/government.
        The nonwoke can see this in Big Tech news media, in tandem with leftist radicals within the Democrat party, replaced journalism with partisan activism (“fact checkers”)while classifying as “NAZI” (was ironically Socialist) prowest national patriots, Christians ,conservatives ,libertarians and classic liberals,suppressing their Constitutional speech.Early progressive movements-mostly Republican- such as antislavery , women’s rights , nature conservation (the EPA)got swamped by Marxist activist fronts such as 3rd wave Feminism, ANTIFA and BLM, each collective identity groups who selvehate as they subvert Constitutional rights of the individual. Free market capitalism (small business/middle class) is being purposefully destroyed under further Orwellian terms and gross hypocrisy, such as endless lockdowns to stop an ultimately unstoppable (-.02% mortality rate) virus who’s victims would have eventually died from Flue anyway AND with a carbon tax/crippled energy sector for us but not for Communist China.so basically a cultural revolution here, after it killed 40 million in China where it’s still forbidden to talk about it- like we aren’t allowed to suggest election fraud….

  • Trump served one and only one legitimate purpose , which was completed immediately after he won the office. He gave people a means to object to the machine. Even though he was a part of the machine, he was not an “approved” political part. Which is why the machine immediately began an all out effort to erase him, and so any objection to the machine. Unfortunately for the machine, it didn’t succeed, and so the objection is still there, though far too many of those who objected escaped sanity and began to believe Trump actually intended to do something about the machine. The machine is now imploring its true believers to dispose of any objection, literally and figuratively. It’s a perfect example of end game tyranny. “Believe” or go to the gulag, or die.

  • The main problem with humans who brazenly lie, cheat, steal, hate and gaslight others is that they naturally assume other “smart people” think and act the same way. Many, particularly those who fall within the “useful idiot” class are inclined to rationalize nasty and detestable behavior as being necessary and “good” if it destroys their enemies and forwards their own self-serving agendas. They are convinced their perceived opponents are truly evil miscreants fully deserving of as much pain and misery as can possibly be dispensed upon such subhuman detestable stubborn scum. The truly nasty and evil ones, however, actually revel in inflicting pain and misery upon humankind against whom they have long plotted to ruthlessly rule and totally dominate. This trait is found most commonly within the multi-generational globalist elite and the New American Royalty class they have established.

    We are now due to once again bear witness as our duly elected and fully confirmed new President of the United States of America repeats the words, “I (say your name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Upon consideration thereof that particular phrase, “to the best of my Ability”, can soon be appreciated in ways never before contemplated… It would appear that our Constitution (or what’s left of it) is totally doomed after tomorrow’s ceremony. I’ve wondered of late why an oath is even bothered with when the total breakage thereof is already in full display. IMHO

    “I think the American people will look at all of us and say ‘I can’t believe you people didn’t pass this bill. How did you make it out of the birth canal? A pox on all your houses,'” Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said.

    God Bless America (anyway).

  • Read your article Caitlin, and confess it sounds like Pol Pot in Cambodia back in the day. I can’t believe Americans have stooped to this level. Incredible.

    • why can’t you believe it? Witch-hunts are an American tradition.

      • Yugoslovia and Africa modern African tribes were quite good at it too.

  • Meanwhile, AOC reports that photoshopped pics of her calling on Americans to ‘expose Conservatives as traitors” are going viral and she’s afraid of where that will lead. It’s all craziness on almost all sides.

    • We are all Americans. We seem to forget. Reminds me of McCarthyism from the 50s. Any one can be a conservative, even you. Hope the deadly finger doesnt turn your way. It deztroyedcareers during its time.

      • What defines an “American”? Many billions of we humans are not, and geographically located in N America within the confines of the United States part constitute a small minority of humans, though the USA is 4.4% of the world’s population; it occupies 7% of the globe’s land surface and it consumes 25% of the world’s resources. It does this by economic extortion and blackmail, and that failing by military means because it has by far the largest military in the world. To say we are extremely selfish as a group. And immoral.

        I was a young boy during McCarthyism, but I recall it well. I also recall similar behaviors from institutions throughout my life, of late from “liberal/so-called left” enforcers of PCism, and on the other side of the spectrum right-wing/religious “Christians” wanting to enforce their beliefs.

        Some of us within those borders do not feel obliged to go with the tribal behavior of being “an American” and I certainly don’t. I was born here, and naturally I have “American” customs bred into me, but I decline to be one, thank you.

        If you think global warming is a con, a hoax we’ve been brainwashed into thinking exists, you are simply blind, stupid and evidently ideologically invested in it. Welcome to your idiocy.

        • ‘What defines an “American”?’ Membership in the circus, the Greatest Show on Earth. Which role do you want to play? Clown or barker? Lion-tamer or lion? Geek or bearded lady? The trapeze or the net? It’s all here, including millions of rubes and P.T. Barnum himself, just now stepping out the back door for a bit.

        • With all due respect Jon, the US and it’s military and intelligence entities have been used as a cudgel for many decades by cryptic very old money factions in Europe, and especially Britain (and to an extent Israel), forces that at their apex quietly run the _private_ fiat central banks and hold de facto controlling cross ownership in all major corporations, with certain religious orders also holding key cards of control. I respect your right to reject the Luciferian construct that parades itself as “Christian” America, a “beast” committed to temporal “full spectrum dominance” world control and the consolidation of mammon in oligarchical hands, using Christians, and others, as fodder for various profitable controlled opposition operations. But you may want to reflect on why the “christian” right is suddenly the target of so much hate, when their primary sin is believing that God revealed himself in the form of quixotic chap who snubbed the “beasts” of his age and pointed to a more sublime order of things, a Kingdom “within”, and a Kingdom “above” (metaphysically). He laid down his life for his friends, claiming the mantle of True Spiritual Ruler and King of Justice in the process.

          And by the way, how was the global temperature circa the Minoan period, 1500 BCE, able to run almost 3 degrees C hotter than our decade, with zero anthropogenic CO2 emissions?
          Are you sure your characterization of certain people as “blind, stupid, and ideologically invested” is sound, and justified, when you make such a statement absent the truth revealed by the historical temperature record as captured in ice cores and documented by objective (rather than politically or financially motivated) scientists?

          • I am quite aware of all that – it is a standard diversionary tactic of those who deny global warming. 3 card monte of those who seem not to want to concede that current evidence suggests (one doesn’t need the stats, just notice the down-home real things like the missing winters, fires, etc – though the stats show there’s more CO2 in the atmosphere than when the dinos were romping) we’re in for hell. But have fun with your fantasies – among which is that JC guy myth.

            • You missed my point. If the excursions to high temps thousands of years ago came and went from natural causes, then most likely out current warming trend is also likely due to natural cycles and causes… even though insider carbon credit traders can’t make any money from that, apart from government coercion and censorship of true science.

        • I think you and a lot of people have missed a point on global warming. Global warming is real. Accords to deal with it are a hoax. If I say that, shallow dim wits say I am an idiot to deny global warming. I did not deny global warming. I denied the establishments plans to manipulate us with it. Welcome to your dim wittedness.

  • “A new viral video … has racked up thousands of shares and millions of views in just a few hours.”
    “…it [the video” has some 20 thousand shares and 2.6 million views, and the comments and quote-retweets are predominantly supportive”
    “I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news”
    “This is as insane and scary as I have ever seen these people get”
    “all rolled into one great big ball of crazy.”
    “This will get frightening if it keeps up”
    “If this takes off it can very quickly lead to a volunteer army of power-worshipping snitches”
    “trending hashtag I’m noticing Twitter users saying this means targeting all Trump supporters, so clearly that is the message that’s being absorbed.”
    “This is just liberals being pushed toward targeting anyone who isn’t ideologically aligned with them for destruction.”
    “don’t let the manipulators trick you into ripping each other to pieces, America”

    Nice piece of fear-mongering, Caitlin. Does this really help?

    • It’s only fear-mongering if it is not true. Creating a false narrative so you can demonize everyone who voted for Trump. “Tell their employer”? Tell their employer what, They voted for Trump. This is normal?
      This is what nations do to the enemy before and during a war.
      Thanks for re-posting what she said.
      This IS crazy scary and IT NEEDS TO STOP!

    • Your whole country has gone stark raving mad. Trump went broke three times in casino’s. Even had Adelson for advice. “The house always wins” except when a fool is in charge. Donald’s brain died with Fred but this Media driven craziness seems to be accelerating. The country has devolved into Matt Taiibi’s “Hate incorporated”! These media bastards who made fortunes out of trump are already planning how they can keep the money flowing and it won’t be pretty. The ruling classes have gotten what they want from trumpet and he has been thrown under the bus if you missed it. What’s next, wish I knew but it won’t be the same useful idiot.

      • He owed the Rothschilds for saving his ass, and he probably has paid off his debt by providing an entertaining distraction to draw attention away from the failing fiat PetroBuck system, which was facing exponential debt wall challenges (death throes). Now they’ve engineered a walk of shame for “Right Wing” sheeple and are clamping the dialectical “Left Wing” side of the vise closed, which they are calling “the Great Reset”, which will create a More Perfect Oligarchy and give them breathing room to let the damn petrodollar die a quick catastrophic death and be replaced by a newer, completely traceable, completely trackable digital money, rising Phoenix-like from the ashes of the Old World Order. But let’s imagine disturbing twists, maybe fascism with a velvet glove giving way to fascism with an army of Libbie Grandma informants and Directed Energy Weapons keeping us all on our toes.

    • I trust we are all aware that some Democrats have seriously proposed expelling all those Representatives who voted improperly on accepting the Electoral College vote, and Queen Hillary is trying to restart Russiagate. On the one hand, it’s a farce, like the ‘insurrection’; on the other, it is a bit scary. Better go see if there’s a conservative under your bed!

      • Boo! Don’t worry, I’m harmless.

  • Whack jobs. Pretty desperate for a group that ‘has it in the bag’.

  • Ms Johnstone, how can the United States government declare unlimited ” martial law ” without the general population running violently around hurting and killing each other?? The owners and the masters are putting targets on the backs of anyone, be they peons or politicians; everyone is a now target. This shitstorm is ready to explode from sea to shining sea! And it will be televised.

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    • I love that this story posted to my attention on the Anniversary of the birth of Lysander Spooner. So energetically resonant

    • I think you might find the answer here:


  • The powers-that-be want the American people to focus on each other as “the enemy.” They want race wars, ideology wars, “my kind” vs. “your kind” wars — any sort of internecine conflict to keep us preoccupied with and separated from each other, too distracted to notice what they, the power-holders, are doing to all of us and to our future. Our fellow Americans are frightened, deluded, and increasingly desperate. TPTB want to keep us firmly under control and unaware of the direction into which we are being led. We need to reach out to one another, support each other, share information, grow strong together, and resist.
    Don’t let them split us apart.

    • Right on! BUT they have been controlling us since we built the pyramids and fought the war’s for various ruling classes. It won’t stop, normal people are defenceless against sociopaths.

  • I’m trying to tweet this link from this page and Twitter won’t do it. Looks like they are preemptively deplatforming any criticism of this maniacal call for a citizen volunteer surveillance state.

  • Yeah wouldn’t want those people that stormed the capitol building looking to hang Mike Pence and take Nance hostage to have to face charges or anything.
    Sure didn’t hear this writer once warn about the exteme dangers of a belligerent cult leader of brainwashed Q-tards unleashing said tards on the elected government. In an attempt to install himself as dictator.

    Perhaps you can get on the tRump payroll. Or, perhaps you already are.
    More than a bit of a tRump humping lickspittle preaching on this site.

    • Oh do fuck off

      • *Cougharseholecough*

        • Obviously coughing in the direction of old Smeggy Butthole there

    • “Yeah wouldn’t want those people that stormed the capitol building looking to hang Mike Pence and take Nance hostage to have to face charges or anything.” – 1. Some of them will be “facing charges”, Yes or No ? 2. – This article is not about “those people that stormed the capitol” You are attempting to equate association with equivalency. Yes or No ?
      “Sure didn’t hear this writer once warn about the exteme dangers of a belligerent cult leader of brainwashed Q-tards” 1. This article is not about “Q-tards”, Yes or No ? 2. You are attempting to validate the actions of one group by highlighting another group. Yes or No ? 3. You are attempting to shift to topic of conversation. Yes or No? 4. You are demonizing your opponents in an effort to raise the validity of your arguments and invalidate those you do not agree with. Yes or No ?
      “unleashing said tards on the elected government.” 1. You are implying Trump “unleashed” them. Yes or No ?
      “In an attempt to install himself as dictator.” 1. You are implying Trump wants to be Dictator. Yes or No? Questions. Would he have not have had a better opportunity to install himself as dictator when he was Commander in Chief? Yes or No?
      “Perhaps you can get on the tRump payroll. Or, perhaps you already are.”
      1. Are these nothing more than snide remarks meant to undermine what the author has to say? Yes or No?
      “More than a bit of a tRump humping lickspittle preaching on this site.” 1 Have you addressed the “lickspittle” in a rational way. Yes or No? 2. do you have counter arguments towards the “lickspittle” Yes or No?
      1. Lots of anger. True or False ?
      2. Lots of Hate True or False ?
      3. Not addressing the statements made by the author. True or False ?
      4. Attempting to undermine the authors conclusions through smear. True or False ?
      5. Attempting to intimidate through aggression. True or False ?
      6. Have not presented a valid argument. True or False ?
      7. Have not contributed to a solution. True or False ?
      8. Have no intention or motive to contribute to a solution. True or False ?
      9. You are using anger, hate and intimidation as a force of power. True or False ?
      10. Your comments are sarcastic more than they are civil. True or False.

      So please explain why you posted this comment and what you hoped to achieve?

      • Very good, Clint…
        No worries. Smed is Shasha

    • Smedley, you besmirch your namesake. Most of the action at the “Insurrection” was generated by well compensated trained provocateurs and “activists” (likely with stripes earned in last summer’s grandly staged political fracas), and a smattering of undercover feds, all blatantly pre-coordinated with the intentionally undermanned Capital Guards and very carefully documented by an army of photographers and videographers pre-staged inside the Capital. There was even an element of choreography, the guard who retreated up some narrow winding stairs with 3 cameras running really tried to do his role justice but I think the blocking instructions were not clear enough. There was some actual organic melee here and there, since not everyone could be brought into the loop without exposure risks, but the core premise I’m laying out has survived encounters with dozens of videos on scene. John Sullivan for example, reeks of fed informant.

    • They weren’t storming the Capitol because they wanted to hang Mike Pence or take Nancy hostage. They were trying to protest what they believed was an illegitimate election, so they wanted to demand a 10-day audit of the ballots and software used in the election. That is NOT insurrection or sedition. They are constitutionally permitted to make such requests.

      I’ve lived over half a century in this country and met all kinds of people from all walks of life: murderers, armed robbers, self-proclaimed witches and warlocks, people who claim that they were abducted by aliens, etc. I have NEVER met a Klansman or a “white supremacist” from any other similar group. I have NEVER heard a white person say that they wanted to harm another person because of their skin color. I’ve also researched claims that “white supremacists” were behind various crimes and have found ZERO evidence to back up the vast majority of these claims.

      There is a concerted effort to use identity politics to divide working and middle-class Americans so that we don’t pay attention to those who are operating this scam. They are trying to foment a civil war. I have never heard Trump say anything nearly as dangerous as what some of these “anti-fascists” have said. Who is behind this? Why are they able to raise millions of dollars from wealthy donors and corporations? Why is nobody investigating the people behind the curtain?

      Americans are being propagandized

      • I think you have successfully been brainwashed by your life.

        • It’s called reality…something with which you seem particularly unfamiliar. Stop regurgitating the propaganda that gets spoon-fed into your brain day after day. Start looking around at the real world and see if it matches up. Chances are it won’t.

  • Heck, the witch hunt on Trump was so successful might as well keep it up against his supporters. They may have guns, but we have computers and i-phones, we’ll get ’em!

    As America incinerates itself in the name of the freedom and democracy it knows nothing about.

  • This might not be the problem you imagine. It will be a thing right up till the first ‘outed’ Trump sympathizer speed dials his/her personal injury lawyer. We now know from ‘Beer Belly Putsch’ that a lot of those Wanna-be Bolshies are upper middle class and could well afford to go after that Winslow character and any mini-Clouseaus if they get inconvenienced.
    Our daily newspaper had an article about the ‘citizen sleuths’ helping the FBI identify the insurrectionists, but noted that anyone fingering or posting pictures of people not actually involved in an actual crime will be legally liable.

  • Is it perverse to hope that the ever-escalating of hardship coming to America c/o Covid–and I don’t think we’ve seen ANYTHING yet–will defuse this witch hunt along with the urge to wage perpetual war?

    • Usually it works the other way around. Hard times lead to witch hunts.

      • Usually it does. But right now things are anything but usual. Wise IMHO to expect the unexpected.

  • I’ve read some of Winslow’s books and enjoyed them, but always somehow found myself mentally cheering for his designated bad guys and against his designated good guys. Now I understand why. He is a dedicated propagandist for the rule of the deep state.

  • Do these radical “progressives” and hypocritically extreme “leftists” give a damn that they are inverting history (can we still use that word?)? No, they don’t. Period.
    We Are At War:
    Murrow on McCarthy, No Fear, 1954:

  • All I can say at this point is Thank You Caitlin for not only bringing this to our attention but for also attempting to diffuse this.

  • I often agree with you though your strident stuff about Russia-gate leaves me a bit cold – Russia (and China and others) have a perfectly good self-interest in seeing the USA collapse from internal stresses and it is perfectly natural they would do what they can to see that happen. Helping Trump get in office certainly fits that program and I am sure they did and the payback has been great for them. I am also sure the Russians “have something” on Trump – his image emerging in Helsinki like a whipped dog with Putin said it all.

    Re the emerging McCarthyesque witch-hunt of right-wing armed insurrectionists is a perfectly natural consequence for Trump and our right-wing nuts’ attempt to orchestrate a coup on Jan 6. It was a serious attempt, done prematurely and by ill-organized groups, to overthrow the government. It has been building for some time (see, for example https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/january-16-2021). To do such a thing and not expect a serious blow-back in turn would be naive. Of course the agents of empire and others will happily seize on this for their own interests and purposes.

    Meantime Covid romps on, as does global warming, and the economy spins towards collapse (as hopefully it should as it is an economy based on destroying the habitable world in the interest of short-term profit and goodies).

    For a wider bit on this and other socio-political thoughts on Covid, the USA, Trump etc see:


    • If that is your picture/age, my advice to you is to check your mental health. Dementia/Schizophrenia is ravaging the oldest part of the American/Western societies ( GMO, fluoride in water, chemtrails, propaganda via tube/idiot box, vaccines, etc. ). I was born on the ‘ other side ‘, under Socialism/Communism ( Eastern-Europe ) and I saw all, lived all…deja-vu for me/us. Get informed, sheeple, or keep your stupidity/ignorance for yourself ! Start with what those 32 doctors are saying about pLandemic/scamdemic, check Dr. Mercola, Micovitz, Butarr, Erikson, Eric Nepute, Martin and many, many others are saying about the COVID ( Certificate Of Vaccination I.D ) and the ‘ Great Reset ‘ ( Klaus Schwab : by 2030, you will have nothing, but be happy – yeah, I KNOW that, because I was born and live in/under the ‘ Communist Paradise ‘…)…

      • He is a typical leftist ( like others – rightists ) and likes only those of your articles which bashes the right side of the political circus…When we came to US ( legally, in ’95 ), I was on the right side…until the stolen (S)election in 2000 ( Florida )…I moved to the center and I could see what George Carlin said: ” The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care . ” Or: ‘ It’s a big club and you ain’t in it…” Yeah, man ‘ you have no choice, you have owners ‘…

      • “It is a well-documented (yet media-ignored) fact that Trump has escalated aggressions against Russia more than any US president since the fall of the Berlin Wall” is by your own logic also not proof that the Russians (and others) did not help get Trump into the Oval Orifice. I also do not agree that Trump did more aggressions etc. against Russia than his post-Berlin Wall collapse predecessors.

        • If there was any proof that Putin put Trump in office we would have seen it by now. In fact, when some Russians were charged in a real court they showed up and said “prove it”. The case was dropped like a hot potato. They had no proof because there is no proof, just a lot of angry rhetoric and paranoid assumptions.

        • Hahaha. So yesterday my wife schooled a patronising middle class doctor on his flawed understanding of statistics (and much more), he did a similar thing. They just act like it didn’t happen. The level of narrcisism this requires is horrifying. We all see you flat on your arse in the mud mate. Get your coat

        • So you implicitly agree that Trump had an aggresive stance towards Russia which you should as its a fact. Yet you reckon the Ruskis have compromat? Hmm. You realise that the burden of proof is on you to prove this conspiracy you speak of? Too much talky not enough listeny

        • Do you have any idea how hard Andrew Weissman and every other cut-throat Democrat with a JD and a passing bar score tried to prove that your thesis holds any water, I mean, even one drop? They literally paid legit foreign intel people to set up traps to get someone, anyone to drop even a hint about it, and came up so dry Hillary Clinton just wrote a seven figure check to have someone who could spell Dostoyevsky in Cyrillic fabricate a lurid story that could pass muster with the US press (drunken idiots for the most part). If the entire Democrat slander machine strikes out at every at bat all season long, a 0.000 batting average, do you really think you have some special magic insight we’re all obliged to consider?

    • You must be one of those dangerous creatures that this essay is all about. As far as simple minded; how much more simple minded can you be to believe any of that crap that the main stream media is pumping out? This is the same sort of crap that Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution pumped out having children reporting their parents to the authorities, same as Stalin and Lenin and all the millions that died from people like you buying into all that dumb shit. You sir are a threat to society and obviously you never did know what a free republic ever was, your whole life you must have been a stooge for the mass murderers of the world. So, go ahead and report me, you scum against world peace. If you had any intelligence at all you’d know that both parties are playing us against ourselves. Be like my siblings who killed their own mother for pocket change. Ignorant moron, they did that to her over an unpaid parking ticket, in service of our government.

      • Ad hominem is not discussion or argument; it is idiocy and you are welcome to it.

        • True but if I call you an arsehole now the evidence is right there in your comment so it is now an assertion based on prima facie evidence

          • While I’m here, this is for the pseudo intellectual ‘Im so above your ad hominem’ crowd. Insulting someone is not ad hominem. Insulting someone in order to detract from an argument they have made is ad hominem. So while baseless insults have no place in a reasoned disscusion, thay are useful in calling out unreasonable wankers from time to time

    • So the economy collapses (globally) and then what? What do you propose billions of ordinary people do and how do you propose people survive without work, income or food in this collapsed economy you appear to support.

    • May I recommend to you ALL of Aaron Mate’s writings on the Russiagate theatrics and also, to Consortium News and in their archive, you will find innumerable excellent pieces of the farce that was Russiagate. Please start today!

    • Here is my take on Jon, Unfortunately there are millions and millions of people just like him. This is how a society Deludes itself.

      “I often agree with you” – Qualifier ( I’m with you, I understand )
      “though your strident stuff about Russia-gate leaves me a bit cold” – But I strongly disagree ( I’m a reasonable man )

      “Russia (and China and others) have a perfectly good self-interest in seeing the USA collapse from internal stresses” – I am sure it would benefit them in some ways. This is not necessarily a false statement. It does not though lead credence to later statements. Is this why this statement is here? To soften up the mind of the reader.

      “it is perfectly natural they would do what they can to see that happen.” – A building block to assumptions and statements to follow. Doesn’t really say to what extent or how they “can”. Again not entirely untrue. I have to think though this is coating for the medicine.

      “Helping Trump get in office certainly fits that program” The link associated to previous groundwork. A statement of assumption taken as fact with no supporting logic or information. I could just as well say you are a Russian agent creating “internal stresses” because you are doing just that in my mind and I believe I could prove that you are creating ‘stress’ This statement might as well say, “ I believe the Russians have a secret base on the dark side of the moon” because it would certainly be in their ‘National self-interest’

      The Terrible thing here is that you use this Unfounded ‘Assumption’ to build and produce other ‘Assumptions’ as if you are really proving something or validating a truth when it is only a connection of ‘Assumption’ with your bias and objectives and logic hidden. This is not a succession of logical points, but a succession of unfounded propositions.

      “the payback has been great for them.” Connecting to your earlier assumption or unfounded proposition you now add another layer as you now assume there has been “payback’ Next you will build on it all and attempt to make it seem you are forming logical conclusions simply by connecting your biased, nontransparent, assumptions based on no show of reasoning or supporting evidence. It is the equivalent of a fiat currency. “ let it be”

      “I am also sure the Russians “have something” on Trump” So building on the suspicion and the narrative you have build based only on your say so of assumption, you now add another proposition based on nothing other than, “I am sure”.

      “his image emerging in Helsinki like a whipped dog with Putin said it all.” Here your interpretation of a photo is supposed to be validation for your earlier propositions, which I might add are not small accusations nor do they not have strong ramifications, but that is only what I think.

      “Re the emerging McCarthyesque witch-hunt of right-wing armed insurrectionists is a perfectly natural consequence for Trump and our right-wing nuts” So now that you have laid out your pretense and you imply we should all just now accept for fact what you assume. You now brand those associated with Trump, (supported at rallies, voted for) as “right-wing armed insurrectionist” Right-wing would imply their viewpoints whatever they may be are tainted. Armed would imply they are dangerous. Wing-nuts would imply they are crazy. All more of the same as you were doing before just using a more indirect method. These are still just your assumptions and propositions amplified with the fear factor.

      “attempt to orchestrate a coup on Jan 6” Again you simply expect us to take your statements as fact because you string so many assumptions and unfounded propositions together you make it appear you are forming a rational or logical argument.

      “It was a serious attempt, done prematurely and by ill-organized groups, to overthrow the government. It has been building for some time (see, for example” – Here you string together 1,2,3,4,5 different statements as if each one was fact simply because you say so. The implication is that somehow the whole sum is greater that the part, that 5 assumptions make a truth of 15. 1+2+3+4+5 + 15

      “To do such a thing and not expect a serious blow-back in turn would be naive.” Here is where you turn the corner. You now refer to all the assumptions and unfounded propositions you have cobbled together earlier as now a “Thing” it now becomes a unified whole of undisputed fact, a finely laid out ‘Truth’ Not only that, it now is all so real it warrants “blow-back” and to dispute your propositions based on your possibly biased or motivated assumptions is now “Naive” or faulty. Yes it is now an error in ‘thinking’ to dispute your unproven assumptions.

      “Of course the agents of empire and others will happily seize on this for their own interests and purposes.” Now that you have ‘proven’ your thesis and laid out the ramifications. You now attempt to build a larger ‘Context’ which would serve to greatly amplify again your ‘serious’ connection of your unfounded assumptions. You insert more assumption “others will happily seize on this for their own interests and purposes.” into the fictional narrative you have created as if this will make it all legit.

      “Meantime Covid romps on, as does global warming, and the economy spins towards collapse (as hopefully it should as it is an economy based on destroying the habitable world in the interest of short-term profit and goodies).” Now you end it with a shopping cart of Societal fears of doom to show everyone you are one of the, ‘good guys’. This is like adding Jon Jost Ph.D in Global issues of Concern at bottom of the page. It is there simply to reinforce our perception of you in a positive light so we will all accept your long list of unfounded propositions.

      • [Clapping]

        Well done.

        I’d pay you to help me negotiate a deal for my next car. 😉

        • Toyota !

        • When my wife and I bought our last car (2007) we traveled to all the dealers in the area. Then on a whim I called a large dealer two states and 12 hours away. The guy on the phone gave me more than 2,000 lower than anyone else had offered. I took an early flight, bought the car and was home by 11:00 pm. One of my crowning achievements, Ha Ha. The only scary time was when he wasn’t sure he could sell me the car because I was from out of state. Maybe it was all just a fluke. Toyota, 290,000 miles still going.

      • Caterina is correct, you would make (perhaps) a good lawyer, one that specializes in deflection via ornate (BS) logic. Have at it.

        • Hopefully one day in the future if we survive to see it, Will will all “Have at it” logic and reason that is. Sure would be better than hate and lies. Then Jon you will actually have to substantiate what you say.

        • Clint made solid points. You are spewing establishment-created propaganda based entirely on lies and fictitious narratives. Do you have any legitimate counterpoints to his arguments? That might be more helpful.

          • Dear JM. I find your cant rather repetitious and boring. I don’t know what, if any, credentials you have for your stance/ideology or whatever. I spent 2+ years (27 and a half months) in Federal prison for refusing to serve in the US military; I am a life-long resister of most things Federal; I have been an activist since I was 19. I know more about America, the devious nature of capitalism, etc etc etc than I suspect you, or Clint, ever will. However I do not dwell in internet rabbit holes.

            I am not a liberal politically or philosophically; I am a radical, as in “go to the roots of a problem” if you wish to try to solve it.

            Now would you and Clint like to list your credentials for your views and what you have done to uphold them in real life and not a keyboard? I might inquire same of Caitlin.

      • Mate hes just a pretentious narcissist tappin at keys for attention, there are better ways to spend your time than poring over his words forensically

      • Jon Jost basically dropped a turgid and pompous caricature of an actual thought process for our consideration, but I do salute you for taking to time to deconstruct his master class in how to support an ad-hominem slander with multiple contingent non-sequiturs and pseudo science dog whistles.

    • Jon, please send me an email, I’d like to reply with a copy of “The Reality Creators” — a book you might find interesting. chris.dancefarm@gmail.com

    • Hi Jon! I’ll give you a suggestion for a super-duper scoop (free) … you can (and I bet it’s pretty easy too) get in touch with Evo Morales and have him give you an eyewitness, close up account of a coup, or insurrection, if you prefer. Hold that up to the Washington theatrics and see what you think.
      In addition, if you need some details on what a truly violent coup/insurrection looks like, you can take your pick of nations who’ve received the business from the pawns of your, ahem, Deep Stooges.

      • I am aware of what real coups/insurrections are like. Perhaps that is why I called this one failed/ineptly organized and such, but, at least in the executors’ minds it was “serious.” And the results got pretty close to serious. Perhaps it mirrors the Munich Beer Hall Putsch of some eras ago.

    • The Capital Revolt was mostly staged by deep state paid provocateurs (“Antifa” retreads). Controlled opposition and false flags to create compelling optics for captive media to build a narrative with are the oldest tricks of the trade. Any participation by actual “right wingers” was incidental, most of them were drawn in by Capital Guards who were videoed urging them towards the building yelling “Go! Go! Go!”, and they mostly honored the red rope boundaries and kept their hands off the ornamentation inside like the Good Tourists they were. When you see a suddenly profusion of groups with names like “Liberty Boys” and “Boogaloo”, not to mention the racially integrated Proud Boys (the whimsical 2016 creation of Gavin McInnes) getting touted as Supremacist Sturmers, the “State organs” warning light should be flashing in your periph. The theatrics will continue until the bulk of the audience stops insisting that they can’t be fooled, the “play” is real and even newsworthy, even a sound pattern of evidence on which to base policy making, and that anyone who hints otherwise is a “conspiracy theorist”.

      • Well said, Knowing. We all need to push back against the establishment’s odious propaganda. These people are literally trying to incite a civil war. Trump was never the threat. The extremely powerful people who oppose him are the real threat (and I’m a leftist who has long disliked Trump as a person).

  • This is Nazi germany tactics all over again. It is not capitalists you should be fearing but socialists. The left are always the ones who destabilize and overthrow societies. They appear to be all about the people until the right moment when it becomes authoritarian. Then the first people the leader purges are the very vocal left which alliwed them to take power. History repeats because of empty headed people led to destruction again and again.

    • Your sense of history is simple minded and perhaps empty-headed. History repeats itself because humans behave like humans.

    • I would take it up a level higher, it seems clear that Left/Right are a dialectic of control being wielded by a more sophisticated and pervasive layer of control, call it Big Money or “The 13 Families” or whatever (I like “The Luciferians” but that’s a shorthand too). This control group really only cares about “Up” / “Down” axis of events. They use the Left/Right ideological spectrum as a divide and conquer tool to distract us while they continually work on shifting money and control “Up”, and villifying anyone whose ideas might increase the autonomy and agency of, or push resources “Down” to, the masses, to any degree that threatens the tiny Oligarchy’s carefully cultivated systems and networks of influence.

  • These crypto-liberals, with their shrill unctuousness, paranoid delusions and intolerance (redolent of the Spanish Inquisition), are even more revolting than the bigoted and moronic Trumpsters. At least the Trumpsters have the excuse of epigenetic ignorance/stupidity.

    • While I cheer your aiming that superlative “more” at a group I don’t belong to, one still has to wonder whether the kind of self indulgent willful moral blindness evidenced in the succession of buy-ins to “Russia! Russia!”, the CIA Ukraine impeachment op, and four years of similar canards doesn’t reflect a much more severe and profound self-disfigurement of Trump haters’ own potential for authentic humanity, than is evidenced by the evident ignorance and low IQ’s of the more humble or less endowed Trump enthusiasts… people who, regardless, deserve wise and humane political representation, not pograms or persecutions. Do I sound stupid or bigoted to you?

  • These are the same perps that orchestrated 9/11 !!

    9/11 and the ‘War on Terror’ just gave the ZIO/US carte blanche to invade sovereign nations under the guise of “we are looking for terrorists’ that we – ourselves CREATED !!

    Orwell didn’t have the imagination to come up with this – this is called totalitarianism on STEROIDS !

    • Never sell Jesuits, Freemasons, Skuil and Bones types, or Talmud followers short, the Luciferians are students of history and human nature, and they know how to “Git ‘Er Done.”

  • https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/01/mlk-honored-by-murderers.html

    Martin was not assassinated for being a black civil rights leader, but for being against the Vietnam war and counseling blacks not to fight in it. He was not the only one who died for being against the war. John and Bobby Kennedy died at least partly for that sin, as did Malcolm-X, and…
    This turbulent monk: Did the CIA kill vocal war critic Thomas Merton?

    From last January 2020: Ron Paul stops short of saying that Hoover’s FBI assassinated Martin Luther King:
    The FBI has a long history of targeting Americans whose political beliefs and activities threaten the FBI’s power or the power of influential politicians. The then-named Bureau of Investigation participated in the crackdown on people suspected of being communists in the post-World War I “Red Scare.” The anti-communist crackdown was headed by a young agent named J. Edgar Hoover who went on to become FBI director, a position he held until his death. Hoover kept and expanded his power by using the FBI to collect blackmail material on people including politicians.
    In the 1930s and 1940s, the FBI spied on supporters of the America First movement, including several Congress members. Two of the most famous examples of FBI targeting individuals based on their political activities are the harassment of Martin Luther King Jr. and the COINTELPRO program. COINTELPRO was an organized effort to spy on and actively disrupt “subversive” organizations, including antiwar groups
    COINTELPRO officially ended in the 1970s. However, the FBI still targets individuals and organizations it considers “subversive,” including antiwar groups and citizen militias.

    • Very good info, thank you. John Lennon was another victim ( in an interview, you can see him saying that ‘ Society is run by insane people, for insane objectives ‘…And ” make love, not war “, or ” make love, not debt ” ( I saw a picture of him with his wife and a frame on the wall, with this saying )…Sen. Paul Wellstone and most of his family died in a plane crash…like JFK-Jr…both assassinated by the same cabal…

    • One year to the day before MLK was assassinated, his “Beyond Vietnam” speech at Riverside Church included the quote that the U.S. government was “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” https://youtu.be/OC1Ru2p8OfU
      JFK’s American University speech, essentially a call to a sense of our common humanity and an appeal to replace an overly antagonistic Cold War with measures of rationality and constructive cooperation, didn’t go over real well with the wrong people.
      Wellstone was a bushel of thorns in the side of Bush boy’s neocon bitches. John Jr. was a potential political rival for New Democrats like Hillary. And 9/11 was coming up. Didn’t need a publisher with means, a political following, smarts & integrity poking around New York.

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