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Lessons From Wall Street: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. That’s all you’re seeing in efforts to manage information via censorship, algorithm changes, “fact” checking, Russian propaganda panic, etc. Humans are story-driven animals, so if you control the stories you control the humans.

Lessons from this whole Wall Street/Reddit ordeal:

  • The stock market is a scam.
  • There is no “free market” and there never will be.
  • Wall Street predators are the most despised people on earth.
  • The public can do more to fight back than it had previously assumed.
  • There’s surely a lot more we can do to fight back that we haven’t thought of yet.

You can’t expose how rigged the system really is without pushing against its power structures according to its own rules. When the entire system pushes back and boots you out in front of everyone, more people are made more aware that it is rigged. This can only be a good thing.

Every single hedge fund plutocrat has at some point in their lives thought the words “I can’t believe I’m getting away with this!”

This is another one of those awkward “we need to shut down the rabble without looking like a totalitarian oligarchy” standoffs.

Myth: The rich compete with each other and ordinary people benefit from it.

Reality: The rich collaborate with each other against ordinary people.


It will always tend to be more profitable to do bad things than good things: ecocide over preservation, exploitation over equality, war over peace. Humanity remains on a doomed trajectory for as long as its systems maintain profit-seeking as the driving force behind its behavior.

The only argument capitalism really has for this is that people can do their good deeds separately from their profit chasing: philanthropy etc. But at best this just means a tiny percentage of human behavior is going toward good things while everything else goes to bad things.

If human behavior is driven by profit chasing and it’s more profitable to do bad things than good things, and if the entire system is pointed at doing bad things with only a few charitable good things done in our free time, we will necessarily remain on a doomed trajectory.

Biden’s Iran policy is just Trump’s Iran policy with “TRUMP’S FAULT” scribbled over it in crayon.

Democrats: We propose a shitty, awful thing that will kill people and benefit billionaires.

Republicans: Make it 60% worse and you’ve got a deal.

Democrats and Republicans: We have produced a bipartisan measure! That’s the power of pragmatism, compromise, and working together.

First they came for the conspiracy theorists, but I did not speak out, for I was not a conspiracy theorist.

Then they came for the socialists, but I did not speak out, for I was not a socialist.

They never came for me, for I am a shitlib and they’re fine with me.

Have the heart to prioritize the good of the collective and the balls to take your stand as an individual.

Too many people are expecting Biden’s warmongering to manifest as blatant Bush-style ground invasions. If you keep looking in that direction you’ll probably miss his actual warmongering, which will more likely manifest as proxy wars, cold war escalations, coups, sanctions, etc.

Your favorite commentator will eventually say something you strongly disagree with. The more you put them on a pedestal, the more that’s going to hurt. Regard them as an equal, whose views you can take when they’re useful and leave when they’re not, and this won’t happen.

It is not strange or suspicious when someone chooses to focus their criticisms on the most powerful and destructive government on earth, it is strange and suspicious that more people don’t.

Whenever there’s a new US president and people criticize his actions, someone from the other side always points out that it was actually started by the previous president. And then, somehow, the conversation never becomes about why all US presidents advance the same evil agendas regardless of their political party or campaign platform.

The political/media class generally fixates on the differences between presidents, but you can learn a whole lot more about what’s really going on by looking at their similarities.

Once the collective began awakening to the fact that a free and democratic society is preferable to a totalitarian one, it became inevitable that there would soon emerge totalitarian societies disguised as free and democratic societies.

Ideologically I am first and foremost a truth and transparency advocate. I hold it self-evident that if people could really see what’s happening in their world uninhibited by government secrecy, propaganda and censorship, they’d naturally force a much healthier system into being.

I have other ideological preferences (I’m way down in the left-libertarian corner of the political compass), but I also have enough humility to know that maybe my way wouldn’t be best for everyone, and we must all be allowed to see the truth and let everyone make up their mind.

This to me is the least authoritarian position possible: let everyone see the truth uninhibited by the narrative manipulations and opacity of powerful, then let the collective decide on the best path from there. It would definitely end up much healthier than our current system.

Really it’s just a matter of letting awareness expand, which is always the driver behind any positive change people make. It should be allowed to expand inwardly too: legalize psychedelics. Bring consciousness to unjust societal dynamics. Encourage healing and inner exploration.

Be your own revolution. You have all the media access you need to help wake the world up with the power of your own inspired action. Reject cliques, factions and sectarianism, and have the courage to stand on your own two feet attacking the machine with your own unique abilities.

Just blast off. Don’t wait for your comrades. Don’t try to pull them along with you before they are ready. Just blast forward into your own revolution, burning brightly and scorching the machine with your light. Shine brightly enough and the others will follow when they’re ready.

One of the most frustrating things is seeing where we need to move and not being able to get the collective to come with you. You’re like “It’s there, let’s move!” and they just want to bicker and ego spar. Just blast off into health yourself. The others will come when it’s time.

Narrative and reality are becoming further and further apart on a mass scale, and it’s gonna snap at some point. And it just so happens that a lucid perception of the difference between narrative and reality is the thing that spiritual awakening is. This can happen at mass scale.

We are living in unprecedented times. In unprecedented times, unprecedented things can happen. It is entirely possible that we end up winning this thing and creating a healthy world together. There is no real argument to the contrary.


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  • in passing …

    BLM Terrorists Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Remember also that they nominated the White Helmets for this same ‘Award’ – a Hollywood façade for their ISIS terrorist brothers in arms.

    • “Additional EOs, signed Wednesday through Friday, put the U.S. back in the Paris Climate Agreement, reversed reductions of vehicle emission standards, suspended new oil and gas leasing and drilling permits for lands and waters largely in the Gulf and West, placed a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, revoked the permit for the Keystone pipeline, and reestablished the Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases, which would impose a green fascist agenda on our nation.”
      I suppose Brian Lantz thinks more pollution, less wildlife, and greater social costs would be wonderful.

    • Ah, the land of the free!

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  • Ms Johnstone, if you have the time please peruse this article:
    Here is another reason to refrain from applauding the Joe Biden administrations decision to pause arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
    During his Senate confirmation hearings, Mr. Blinken made it clear that the Joe Biden administration will confer closely with the Israeli state on all its Middle East policies.
    One of the big-ticket arms deals cut by the Donald Trump administration was the sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to the UAE worth around $23 billion. This was part of the quid quo pro of the UAE making its supposed historic peace deal with Israel last year. However, the Israelis let it be known at the time that they objected vehemently to that sale of advanced weaponry.
    The F-35s to the UAE are part of the Joe Biden administrations suspended arms sales.
    That prompts suspicion that President Biden and his fervently pro-Israeli top diplomat Tony Blinken are not entirely motivated by suffering in Yemen. They started it and are responsible for the catastrophe nearly six years in the making.
    Their bigger concern seems to be damage limitation to the United States of Americas bloody image, and also doing a big favor for Israel.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Biden Administration Halts Arms Deals Over Yemen.. What Is Really Going On? by Finian Cunningham

  • Aaron Schwartz, the co-founder of redit, freedom of speech/information advocate was persecuted, prosecuted and suicided for standing up to the crime syndicate.
    He should be here to see this. He’d have a huge smile on his face.
    “I think all censorship should be deplored. My position is that bits are not a bug
    That we should create communications technologies that allow people to send whatever they like to each other.
    And when people put their thumbs on the scale and try to say what can and can’t be sent,
    we should fight back – both politically through protest and technologically through software”
    — Aaron Swartz (1986 – 2013)

  • No, politicans are the most despised people on earth. Scam artists are opportunists like all predators. Politicians take it to another whole level.

  • So, the name of the company that calls attention to the corruption rampant at Wall Street is “Game Stop”? Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

    • Not sure it’s any form of deity pushing up the price of Game Stop, though I am surprised nobody’s blamed China yet.

    • So many lives wasted, feverishly focused on making money. And I’m not talking about “the least of these” trying desperately to make ends meet. I’m talking about those who put “the least of these” into this position, or just don’t give a crap so long as they themselves are relatively secure. Then throw in all those who gleefully kill people and planet by direct or indirect violence, and you walk straight into the area of theology. One the one hand, you’ve got the best argument against God’s existence: the intractable problem of pervasive evil. On the other hand, you’ve also got the best argument FOR his existence: only God could set this right.

  • It is glorious to be punished for doing the right thing. [rough paraphrase of 1 Peter]

  • Please peruse this, Ms Johnstone!
    We, the people, are the new enemies of the State.
    Though you are well on your way to becoming a model citizen in the 21st century, you still have a little ways to go. It is for this reason that a guide to 21st century Newspeak has been recently released to make sure that well-intentioned citizens like yourself are fully informed of what is required of you in terms of appropriate behaviour, as well as appropriate thoughts, and though this will take a little more time, appropriate instincts.
    21st Century Newspeak
    The first alteration that will need to take place is freedom of thought. It has been shown through peer-review studies that individual thoughts are susceptible to forming erroneous beliefs and can lead to dangerous behaviours such as refusal to integrate into a community standard.
    Once an individual refuses to integrate into its designated community, it is only a matter of time before this individual shows opposition and even antagonism towards said community. Thus failure to integrate is one of the first signs that an individual is on the path to becoming a domestic terrorist.
    Because the individual mind is flawed, it can no longer be trusted to be the standard of its own judgement of what is right and wrong. It is for this reason that we are introducing groupthink. This concept is not new, however, the difference is from now on the individuals environment will only be allowed to reciprocate the values of groupthink, and all other thoughts outside of groupthink are to be banned and punishable under the new laws.
    This great article can be read here:
    Newspeak in the 21st Century: How to Become a Model Citizen in the New Era of Domestic Warfare by Ms Cynthia Chung!

    • Good link, thanks Ron. Cynthia and Matthew (Ehret) have been quite prolific lately. Very impressive but I am still holding reservations.
      From Cynthia’s 1984 Newspeak article, two related passages caught my attention:
      “… there is much that threatens its becoming, namely, the masses, or what we call the proles. So long as the masses believe that they are entitled to freedom of thought, our endeavours cannot succeed.
      … the individual must be led to believe that it is in their best interest to relinquish their mind.
      Let us do our best then to convince the individual that they are no longer fit to use their mind and let us pray that we are successful, for if we fail, our entire system of control fails with it.”
      Comment: The first thought that came to mind was the phrase ‘dictatorship OF the proletariat’. How telling that this was not worded ‘BY’ or ‘FOR’ the proles. Semantics is everything.
      “… the only secure basis for oligarchy is collectivism, and that oligarchy is the only means to achieving peace, freedom and strength for the collective.”
      Matthew Raphael Johnson presents a good case for Monarchy versus Oligarchy: (enjoy the rest of the playlist in your own time)
      The Superiority of Monarchy – Matthew Raphael Johnson

      • Let me ask a tough question I’d rather not ask: Do you really think that the general public these days, at least as it has evolved/devolved in American society, is capable of coming together sufficiently to govern itself? If so, how will they consolidate and move forward by substantial majority? If not, what are the best alternatives to so-called government by the people (which is not to say we have that now, or ever really had it, in America)?

        • When you have this many competing groups tearing itself apart, you have two alternatives. Suppress one group or suppress them all. Both involve suppression.

          • The ” very unfortunate reality of United States society ” is that it is fractured way beyond any repairing. The ” foolishness ” being forced upon children being a prime example of adults going haywire. The general public here is so completely lost that a collapse here is inevitable. We are going to end up with a dictator, or a line of dictators, and we will all be forced to do as we are told to do!!

            • At least we will only have one news source yapping away. A large improvement from the army of shills screaming their continual propaganda.

        • In short, No. 300 people read Caitlin, 300 million do not (relatively speaking). Which is why the psychopathic Oligarchs have found it so easy to gain control. Johnson [Matthew Raphael] allows us to reflect on the fact that we have all been duped.

  • The words of a then respected Union Organiser in Melbourne of yesteryear ring true to today I concur. “In the end they will be vying each other over the price of the rope to hang the last of themselves “.

  • Caity, I disagree. When you say to view as equals the commentators with whom you most agree – I do agree. However, I disagree when you say it will never happen that we stand on our own two feet and choose to disagree, sometimes, with those people. The commentators with whom I most agree are you and Lee Camp. However, on a few topics, you both have positioned yourselves on a few issues in which I am completely in disagreement with the two of you. However, I still love you – and those areas in which we are in complete agreement.
    Oh, and I’m not sure how anyone can be any form o a left libertarian. Every libertarian I’ve read, or with whom I’ve spoken, vehemently opposes socialism. Most don’t even feel obligated to financially support, in any way, the society in which they live.
    It seems to me that you are simply far left, but with certain ideas regarding personal freedoms.
    I’d love to know how you can balance socialism and libertarianism.

    • Hey your harry freaking dick you.
      I’d like to know that as well.
      For freaking sake we are gonna have to figure out a way out this mess we have found ourselves in.
      We can do this can’t we?

  • Short selling of stocks should never have been permitted in the first place. All it does it wreck companies and ruin people’s livelihoods. Just ban short selling period.

    • Short selling is not a problem. The problem is derivative instruments. They create too much power in the hands of a few and that shit needs to end, so I applaud the efforts to point this out, but I’m sad for all for all of those who are going to lose so much.
      My advice is this. Make value out of what you have in your own backyard. If we all do that and we all recognize that with Mutual Aid we can help each other out, then it is all going to be better for everyone.
      Eff those who don’t like that idea. They can shove it up their effing arseholes.

    • This comment is NOT a reply to Joe. It was an original comment that,a gain, the captcha malfunctioned an the system placed it here. However, I will reply to Joe at the end of this comment.

      Caity, I disagree. When you say to view as equals the commentators with whom you most agree – I do agree. However, I disagree when you say it will never happen that we stand on our own two feet and choose to disagree, sometimes, with those people. The commentators with whom I most agree are you and Lee Camp. However, on a few topics, you both have positioned yourselves on a few issues in which I am completely in disagreement with the two of you. However, I still love you – and those areas in which we are in complete agreement.
      Oh, and I’m not sure how anyone can be any form o a left libertarian. Every libertarian I’ve read, or with whom I’ve spoken, vehemently opposes socialism. Most don’t even feel obligated to financially support, in any way, the society in which they live.
      It seems to me that you are simply far left, but with certain ideas regarding personal freedoms.
      I’d love to know how you can balance socialism and libertarianism.

      • Harry NY Dick my for what it is worth my opinion of you has changed for the better. You have left an impression on me. I love liberty just about more than anything else besides virtue I suppose. Take liberty and virtue together and you have recipe for something better. That is the whole premise of my proclamation which can be found here:
        Holy moly you wouldn’t believe the storm that happened in my home tonight dealing with old time things and I should have known better cause I love my sweetheart and I know she loves me.
        There is a way out this maze and I’m keeping track of the time. The longer the psychopaths take to figure out the maze of their own making the shorter the time I think they have, and if they take to long, then I will personally take glory in watching them get strung up one at a time. Their time is up and I hope they realize they need to change.
        Time is of the essence – especially for them and we are watching and we know just as we have known for so long, but sometimes it is time for the truth to be revealed and that time is NOW.
        Don’t you sense it?
        I hope you do.
        Peace for all, we all deserve peace and peace is Easy!

    • Actually, do some deep search into Lee camp to find out why the stock market – 84% of which is owned by the 1% – is nothing more than crooked and a Ponzi scheme. Very few corporations will even buy back their stock and, somewhere in their terms and conditions, most value a share of stock at less that one cent, no matter how high a current price online.
      So, I change your comment to read, ‘Selling of stocks should never have been permitted in the first place.
      It only exists because of unfettered capitalism. And capitalism is inherently anti the majority and dependent on an infinite source of resources and escalating profits.
      Even when resources were in seemingly endless supply, only a relative few were in a position to benefit from it. In the U.S., experts have predicted that by, around 2050, as AI becomes more sophisticated and functional, nearly 40% will be unemployed. Capitalism will die then, if not before. That’s why a few places have already begun to experiment with a Universal Basic Income.

  • The online Left are more delusional by the hour. You yearn for the anal swabs to keep you safe, preferably home delivery but drive-through would suffice in a pinch.

    • I will never yearn for an anal swab.
      I think you are full of crap.
      Respond and tell me why are aren’t. Otherwise, it is obvious.

  • Lets call a spade a spade. The market on Wall Street is a game and the game is up.
    What you gonna do now that it is all full of uncertainty?
    Join the club of uncertainty. I know a way to navigate through this maze, but I will never tell because why should I? What is the value in that? Who will pay me for my hard learning?
    So learn yourself all you freaking losers and learn the hard way is what I think for those of you who have caused so much suffering of innocence. It is becoming more obvious day after day and we know. We know and we are coming after you because what else do we have to do? Those of you who have caused suffering of innocence are going to get what you deserver and those of us who know will dish it out to you even if it means the end of all of us! We will take this to the end because we have had enough of it.
    Is it not evident that if we don’t take this to the end then the end will take us all? So wake up you old souls and realize that it is now or never.
    Here is a puzzle for you. Go to the site I mentioned earlier and look up the number: 510510. There are many mysteries and they are abounding in and there are many false witnesses and I’m not one of them. Doubt me all you want. I’m a man of my word, and I’ll be back on my own published website on 4321. You can count on that and you can count on the fact that I won’t be back here again – good for you and good for me on that I suppose. Later…..

  • Somewhat off-topic, but for those who would like to sink their teeth into an informed and informative elaboration of non-authoritarian socialism, a intellectual political tradition with a long and distinguished pedigree, this meaty article should fit the bill. One need not endorse the author’s religious beliefs to appreciate his political acumen.


    • Newton – you might think I’m crazy and you are so sane in your opinions. Think what you want. When Einstein came along he refuted so much of what the old Newton had to say, so you must know we are constantly learning better ways to understand the things that are happening. You know Newton as well as I do about my attitude regarding your opinion on some things and I want you to refute what you said to me in our communications, but if you don’t, I understand. Just remember – it is called “fiat” for a reason. It is imaginary.
      Sometimes, folks have to learn the hard way, and I’ve gone on record saying that the hard way of learning is fixing to happen for many who refuse……..many have never suffered the pain that so many have and so many have to day after day and it is time for things to balance out in this way. I know that with all humility as one who has not had to suffer like others. That is Karma for you.
      I thought we were on the same page but I’m not so sure any more and it don’t matter cause either way things are fixing to get better for all of us! Get on the train Newton and forget about your MMT fantasy because fiat currency is imaginary and nothing is for free. You got to work for what matters!

      • Einstein didn’t really refute Newton. The Apollo moon missions used Newton’s equations to get there and back, as did Cassini, I think, when it looped in and out of Saturn’s rings however many times.
        But since you can’t touch or hold equations, I suppose they’re both fiat anyway.

  • I think you’re next, watch out

    • Lynn – get a hold of yourself.
      They can come after who they want, but who are they and who do they think they are?
      In the end, WE will work it out. So take it easy baby. Don’t worry – it will be okay and they are NOT coming after you.
      If they come after me, I will happily kill them one at a time. I know how to do it, so rest assured, some of us really care about the future and we will do all we can to make a better future happen.
      One at a time I will refute what you say if you come with harm in you mind. One at a time you will suffer the fate the deserve. One at a time you will get what you gave. R u ready?

      • OK, so that was the message to prepare for this one. I’m now going to say how we get rid of the so harmful derivative instrument. Let me tell you this will not be easy because there are so many who reside in the Cave of Wealth and Death and they still have some say on what happens on planet earth, but their say is diminishing day by day as it becomes so obvious to so many that they are full of imaginary money – that money being called fiat.
        Step #1 – get rid of fiat currency.
        Step #2 – rely on your own economy.
        Step #3 – trade with your neighbors – nearby ones.
        Step #4 – don’t be afraid to share your ideas.
        Step #5 – Listen to the ideas of others and choose which ones make sense to you in your mind.
        Step #6 – We will get out of this domination by the few who have no clue about what it means to love your neighbor.
        Step #7 – This can all be done without violence.
        Step #8 – Believe it or not.
        The derivative instrument is a function of calculus which I have already proven is flawed at the edges, and if you doubt me when I say this, then I know you have not studied, cause right or wrong, I have put forth my case of a better future, and a big part of it is understanding the flaws of calculus, and if you can’t understand that, then you will never understand how the derivative financial instrument has caused so much trouble cause these things go hand in hand.
        Adious amigos – until next time.
        There is more to life than calculus, but calculus if flawed at the edges and all you quantum physicists out there can shove it up your clueless assholes. Have I made myself clear?
        I have a dream for something better and I hope you do as well. If we dream together we can make it happen. Nuff said. Nuff talking.


  • A message from Alternative Markets

    The Twilight Zone oftentimes showcased libertarian messages, deliberate or not.

    I consider many episodes of Rod Serling’s classic show essential viewing for anyone who cares about liberty.

    But there’s one I would nominate as the best, or certainly the most important episode that ever aired.

    It’s called “The Obsolete Man.”

    America is under the control of a totalitarian government that’s outlawed books – because they’ve already decided on all the information you’re allowed to know (think of it as if the current propaganda tactic of “fact checking” is carried
    to its extreme end) – and a meek, unimposing librarian is brought to court facing charges of being “obsolete” and is sentenced to death.

    If you don’t serve any usefulness to the state, the dictator in the episode reasons, then you ought to be exterminated.

    The show explores all kinds of collectivist and statist ideologies through the Socratic Method – argumentative dialogue between two or more characters. In this case, between the librarian and the dictator.

    But despite its bleak premise…

    It ends with a beautiful, hopeful message you need to hear now more than ever.

    Without giving away the ending, Rod Serling ends the episode by saying:

    “Any State, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man…that State is obsolete.”

    Powerful words spoken in 1961.

    Rod Serling was right.

    Now, I don’t know Rod Serling’s true political opinions or what party he belonged to, and I don’t care because I can safely assume he at least values individual liberty, questioning authority, and maintaining a free society. That’s good enough for me.

    But even more important in my opinion…

    …is Rod Serling seems genuinely optimistic about the future and of mankind’s ability to stand up for their freedom – a quality that appears to be in short supply…

    But may be more abundant than we realize.

    See, I’m an optimist, too.

    If for no other reason than I can still write, spread our message to you, and breathe to fight another day, no matter how small my contribution to the liberation of mankind may be.

  • OK, I guess it is time to take this fight right to the faces of those who believe in fiat money.
    Fiat is imaginary from the get go…that is given – ain’t it not?
    it is based upon good faith
    it is based upon something that is
    imaginary. Good faith is imaginary.
    Good faith is a poem that only hoilds
    power if it is true in our minds.
    Fiat currency is imaginary and that is
    Lesson #1.
    If the currency of your country is imaginary, then
    ain’t it obvious…..
    We all have free will to imagine what we please
    even if we might not be able to imagine it for long
    if we upset the power that “be”,
    who are afraid of better ideas….then
    Imagine that you mother effers!
    Imagine what it could be.
    So, we have fiat, and fiat leads to derivative instruments
    and these instruments are cavalier when it comes to zero
    and infinity,
    but if we have learned nothing else,
    let us learn this –
    if you play around with zero
    and infinity
    before too long you will be dead.
    Simple really if you give it consideration in a humble way.
    So, I don’t do that.
    I try to have some reverence for the things I know I will never understand,
    and I advise that for others, but I will never push my sentiment……
    you either get it or you don’t.
    My advice now is to lay low. That is what I am going to do.
    Still if you have the tool in your hand even though you thought you were fixing to be dead, take that tool and swing it hard and apply it to the proper part of the body to send the message that says: “we have had enough of your BS”. Kill or be killed seems to be the sad world we are living in, but that is the case, and I know what it takes to survive.
    Best to all and let there be Peace,
    By the way, I know I have a lot left to learn and I don’t even know where this post is going to post but I’ve decided to post it if I can get past the screening tool that obviously could use some improvement. If it gets through, then just remember this – not everything is how it seems and we are all learning one day at a time and we all can do this together – We can do it Mutually and there are already some great world leaders who know this and because of that I take solace that things will get better and not get worse…….I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for things to get better.

    • Gold isn’t imaginary, and it’s usually what anti-fiat fans think money should be based on. Basing currencies on gold leads to more plunder of the earth in order to acquire more gold. More people risking their lives underground digging it up. More mercury being spread around the Amazon and elsewhere to extract the gold from its ore. Mali is often in the news lately, with Western interventions supposedly countering Islamist insurgents; often absent from these reports is Mali’s substantial gold reserves, which may have a lot to do with the conflicts.
      And it mostly relies on a good deal of trust, since gold isn’t usually what people actually hand to each other in payment. Rather, governments say they have X amount of gold, and governments never lie, as we all know.

      • No doubt Ian, but gold at least is physical and that puts it a step above fiat which is based upon nothing but good faith and there are those out there who are so confused that they think good faith is limitless.
        Better gold than bitcoin my internet friend.
        Gold in the hand is the best gold of all. I got a coin with a Buffalo on it. What will you pay me for that?
        Oh sorry Ian, that question was rhetorical. The coin is not for sale.
        Get ready for some serious excitement – I don’t know about you, but I feel it coming.
        Good by Ian.

        • Agree Ken, Gold and Silver, gotta be “physical” though !!!

          • Thousands and thousands of native Americans perished excavating the Potosi silver. And what good did it do their Spanish overlords? Massive inflation.

  • Homo sapiens, like all living things have many flaws. Our ruling classes have known how to exploit them for Millenia and they’re very good at it. We are the only critter driven to believe in what Harari calls stories, I call myth and fraud. The biggest and most successful one for the ruling classes is money. Money as everyone should realize is conjured up from nothing because money isn’t anything, just like music and mathematics. Despite all the conjured trillions, the suckers will never figure it out. The number two is the invisible man in the sky. This one is created by the philosophical elite’s to create and maintain a social order and is so absurd a monkey wouldn’t believe it but people do and it leads to them believing many other absurdities. We laugh at qanon but really, is Christianity or Islam any less absurd? The Nation state, the rule of law like law’s came down from heaven carved on stone tablets by god herself rather than drawn up to empower the elite. Virtually every thing you have ever been told was cooked up to ultimately empower the parasitic elite’s to have control over you… most if not all are sociopaths and you have only critical thinking to defend you once you realize that you bin had, all your life sucker!

    • You may notice that you are telling your story here. This is also your freedom to engage in.
      Unless you recognise who makes the script for what you are accepting as your life, you will be cast in the character and role it gives you.

      While you WANT to TELL reality what it is and is not, you characterise yourself as lording it over in judgement and do not recognise that the subjugations and limitations you then attract as your experience are in the measure you have set. I understand that much you have acquired and learned was before you developed the consciousness to re-evaluate.

      The desire to experience existence is an extension of Mind or rather, Mind is Extension of the Quality and qualities of Existence. Self-differentiation is the blending and exchange of qualities within ‘know thyself’. The further twist of self-alienation and dissociation, such as to become a stranger unto our self and world is the result of the development of ‘judgement’ as a selective ‘choose-between’ that segregates the concept of the self as IF power over reality as a partial, conflicted, opposed and denied and deprived – indeed attacked and betrayed sense of life.
      The Power that Is Life remains unchanged by self-illusions, no matter how many join in self-reinforcing masking.
      There are ways to create your experience as if at the hand of another, as victim calling by grievance on the right to attack, and denier who your mind flags as your adversary.
      The victim and victimiser work both sides of a non disclosure pact.

      So apply your story to yourself and ask – is this all just more of what ‘thinking’ tells me?
      To walk out of ‘story’ or a narrative identity dictate is to release the mind to a stillness in which the qualities of the being of you register to your conscious awareness. This reconnection will transform your sense of self as you are willing and ready to accept so as to release conflicts and regain an integrated and coherent sense of your worth – but not for you alone and special – set in elitism over all else. Whenever you resubscribe to such thinking, it will offer you an education, as you are willing to recognise your own thought operating as if the victim and victimiser, and release its futility

  • “The public can do more to fight back than it had previously assumed. There’s surely a lot more we can do to fight back that we haven’t thought of yet.” Is this not the primary purpose of this blog? Not merely to describe and denounce evil but even more to inspire us to come up with new ways to beat the bastards, like using their own tactics against them in these stock maneuvers and in constructing our own alternative narratives. OR, if the bastards can’t be beaten at this point, if their vise-grip has simply become too tight around our throats, then we must find new ways to open their eyes, persuade them to loosen their strangulating grip and rejoin the human race. Many of you will instinctively reject this option of persuasion as opposed to victory (How can you persuade a psychopath?), but the future of humanity may well hang upon it, being the only kind of victory left for us to achieve. May we never forget that a psychopath, seemingly evil to the core, is also human, and that we are to love all human beings, even our enemies.

    • Mr. Newton Finn – Let me tell you from experience, the only way you can “convince” somebody with a vise-grip (presumably on our neck) is to hope the spirits are looking down upon you and you can get a tool in your hand before it is too late.
      Continuing with this imaginary thought process, take that tool and apply it where it was meant to go. Apply it to the skull of the one holding your neck and hope that you have enough strength for the blow to both connect and have the affect (effect?) your hoping to achieve if the tool is a hammer. If the tool is a penetrating device, apply it wherever you can, but I advise you apply it in-between their legs for most effect.
      On Seeking Alpha, I commented much on the Federal Reserve of the us of a, and so I was excited when I saw this article by the rogue journalist dealing with financial matters. Man – that is right up my alley.
      Would you like to discuss the derivative instrument – worth many times global GDP may I add? Talk about a “tool”. Anyhow, if you want to discuss it, let’s discuss it here. Right here and right now. I’m all ears.

    • Here – Let me start the conversation. I advocate above just about anything besides Mutual Aid and Love I suppose – talking across the table. I advocate staying at the table until there is a perceived resolution. Perception can be wrong, but I’d just assume never leave the table an angry man.
      OK, let me elaborate on the financial “distributive” instrument…..it gives great power to those who hold it (in their mind) as well as great risk and that risk is not imaginary. Many of them didn’t even realize what this instrument could do when they imagined it and then turned it into reality via implementation. The reality is simple and I’ll state it on it’s own line for emphasis.
      If you try, get ready for some unexpected consequences.
      We can all understand that can’t we? If you can’t, then I consider you somebody fixing to die in the Cave of Wealth and Death as a dear old friend of mine used to say.

      • Let me elaborate please before you get all judgmental.
        With respect to understanding, I was talking directly to those who wield the “instrument”. Not those who are clueless about it’s very existence and impact.
        With respect to the instrument, it can also be called the “derivative” financial instrument – some might use it thinking they are “distributing” but they are kidding themselves. Have you heard of it – if not, search around for a bit of understanding because this mathematical creation of destruction has a had such a disproportionate influence on all our lives and this crap needs to STOP! It is based on fiat, and please understand that fiat is only based upon “Good Faith” and good faith is not unlimited. Nothing is.
        I thought I had something else to say, but I forgot.
        Honestly – the financial instrument of derivatives laughs in the face of “0” and infinity, and when any species does that, then there are consequences.
        you are damn straight that I am combative – I’ve got good reason to be!

  • ‘Manufactured blindness’ the highly successfully marketed derivative product of “manufactured consent” has artfully, yet with the malevolence of one -more especially gifted, con artist, named Trump, managed to turn international politics itself, on its head, into but just one more neoliberal corporate commodity for sale, to the highest bidder – plutocratic greed mongering psychopaths.

  • I have an account on Seeking Alpha, under the same name as here. I learned a lot there, but I don’t post there anymore, or at least, it has been many months.
    My last post was #1331. Hey – checkout this place if you are into numbers: https://numbermatics.com/
    If you go there, humor me and type in: 1331. You know that number is the same forwards and backwards and it is not prime, but let me tell you, there is something special about it’s divisors especially since the number is the same forwards and backwards – and guess what….. those things are NOT coincidences.
    Much to be learned in the world of numbers and easy to get lost there if you are not careful. I decided in early 2020 to mostly get out of the stock market, but can’t deny it has been crazy watching what has been happening there. Crazy and frustrating. Seems totally disconnected from the reality on the ground. That is why I don’t post at SA anymore – that and a few other reasons.
    Hope everyone is hanGing in there – Better times are on the way! By the way, typos ain’t a big deal in my book. Sometimes you have to know how to read between the lines.

  • Another admirable very thought-provoking column form Caitlin Johnstone. Thank you.

    You are right about equality. And when you say:

    “Have the heart to prioritize the good of the collective and the balls to take your stand as an individual.”

    You mention the need to see our equality. I agree. I have learned from a very great and kind man that, we can only put together the individual and the collective, if we criticize the desire in ourselves to feel superior to other people, even oligarchs! I think one way of avoiding this is seeing that if we had the chance to easily make huge amounts of money is that we too would be tempted and also despise ourselves if we did it. I believe if oligarchs could really see the all the death and suffering they are causing and had the least sense of relation to the people whose death, maiming, impoverishment, and all the other misery they would stop.

  • The stock market is a casino, owned by the bank cartel. The house always wins.

  • Great article as always, with many important points on the human situation.
    Also, from a recent Caitlin’s tweet:
    “Amid the vast ocean of knowable and unknowable things, a grown adult has scarcely any more knowledge than a newborn. It’s easy to fall into the stale sense of having it all figured out, but in the relative grand scheme of things we’re just babies in a world we do not understand.”
    Caitlin Johnstone — Jan 24, 2021
    “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”
    — Albert Einstein (attributed)
    “The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects.”
    — Albert Einstein (interview in Glimpses of the Great, by George S. Viereck, 1930)
    “On the seashore of endless worlds children meet.
    The infinite sky is motionless overhead
    and the restless water is boisterous.
    On the seashore of endless worlds
    the children meet with shouts and dances.”
    — Rabindranath Tagore: The Crescent Moon
    “Searching for meaning
    But are we all lost stars
    Trying to light up the dark?”
    — Adam Levine et al.: Lost Stars
    Lost Stars — J.Fla — 4,604,420 views
    Lost Stars — Adam Levine — 124,964,866 views

    • Nice touches here, JMG, playing off another great post from Caitlin. Would love to check out the video but my speakers are kaput.

      • Newton E. Finn wrote:
        > my speakers are kaput
        If speakers and headphones are not working, maybe the cause is just a Windows setting (or Mac, or Linux…). For example on Windows: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/what-to-do-if-your-laptop-has-no-sound

        • Thanks, JMG. Fixed ’em by updating a driver. Now the question becomes whether I can find anything worth listening to other than music. Before the speakers went out, I came to the conclusion none of the talking heads, left or right, MSM pundits or small podcasters, really had anything new to say, anything I hadn’t heard before a thousand times. Not a one of them IMHO has a firm handle on what the pandemic will bring, what it will force us to do. Instead, they’re fixated on fighting yesterday’s battles.

        • Newton E. Finn wrote:
          > pandemic
          It’s true that thinkers such as for example Chris Hedges, etc. talk more about other greater issues, but here is something from him related to the covid pandemic and its consequences.
          This article includes a podcast with Chris Hedges:
          “These days are the good times, as compared to what is coming next. . . .
          “The desire for an authoritarian solution will grow more pronounced. I remember speaking to Fritz Stern, the great scholar of fascism, who himself fled Nazi Germany as a teenager. He said that in Germany there was a yearning for fascism before the word ‘fascism’ was invented. We already see that yearning in America. The coronavirus crisis will make that yearning even more pronounced. . . .
          “I don’t think we’re going to be able to go back to a time before the coronavirus pandemic. I believe that the coronavirus is going to trigger a decline unlike anything the country has seen since the Great Depression.”
          Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges: These “are the good times — compared to what’s coming next” — Salon — Apr 28, 2020
          Chris Hedges’ TV program On Contact has also addressed the pandemic, which is accelerating the current situation:
          USA political and economic collapse — On Contact — Sep 13, 2020

          • I find it equally plausible that the pandemic will bring about a better world, as governments, groups, and individuals are compelled to care for one another on the most basic levels, which concern and care could then expand to the entire ecosphere. Nothing bores me more these days than kneejerk, know-it-all, dime-a-dozen pessimism. I like a lot of what Hedges says, for example, but he’s the kind of clergyperson who is long on crucifixion, short on resurrection.

        • Newton E. Finn wrote:
          > I find it equally plausible that the pandemic will bring about a better world . . . concern and care
          Let’s hope so, many people are becoming more aware now:
          I Reckon We Can Win This Thing — Caitlin Johnstone — Jun 14, 2020

  • “The world you thought you knew was peeled back and you now see the wizards are just scared old men who have no control over you unless you let them. Be thankful, most people go through life without ever having this clarity. ”

  • A good explanation from Syrian Girl

  • Caitlin writes, “I hold it self-evident that if people could really see what’s happening in their world uninhibited by government secrecy, propaganda and censorship, they’d naturally force a much healthier system into being.”
    I’d like to think that’s true, but looking at some people, I doubt it’s universally so. Take Madeleine Albright for example (there are countless others, but she’ll do). Asked if the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were worth it in order to further US foreign policy, she said yes. Plain and simple, no beating about the bush, and certainly no pretense that government secrecy, censorship or propaganda had blinded her to the reality of her policies.

    • I wonder whether Albright really “sees what’s happening,” in the sense that Caitlin means it. Feeling is part of seeing, at least I hope, for most of us. But you make a good point. Back in the 60s, the author of “The Other America” thought that if he could just put the pervasive problem of poverty before the eyes of the public, there would be massive demand to solve it.

      • I often wonder about the effect of say Band Aid, Feed the World and all that. (For younger readers, there was a massive famine in Ethiopia back in the 1980s, so a bunch of famous rock stars and wotnot got together doing fund-raising concerts.)
        They raised money, sure. People heard about Ethiopia too. But how many in the West saw all the starving kids on TV and half thought, “My government must be doing something right, since that never happens here”?

  • Wall Street “traitors” have been selling short America for decades…..

  • Most of what Orwell as well as Huxley warned us about has come true. We are living in it, Orwell and Huxleys nightmarish scenarios are becoming increasingly a reality, even in the way our own friends and family members have become agents of the state. State, culture, religion and science has become intrinsically entangled the very
    description of fascism.


  • “but I also have enough humility to know that maybe my way wouldn’t be best for everyone, and we must all be allowed to see the truth and let everyone make up their mind.”

    It’s not that it’s not best for everyone, so much as it’s people must come to what’s best on their own.

  • Well said, and thoughtful comments from your other readers are of interest.
    Thanks for all the reminders about this moment in time, and how the larger picture shapes (or doesn’t shape) us.

  • I have been saying for years that the POTUS makes NO decisions – the POTUS only function is to sign EO’s for the Rothschild Banking Cartel !!

    NATO is the Rothschilds military arm and the POTUS is their LAW making arm !

    Trump tried to make some independent decisions – but then Stormy Daniels turns up or Trump Towers catches FIRE !!

    I always considered as well – the ZIO/US would keep the $US artificially inflated because it was essential for WAR !

    After Russia wiped out 200 thousand ISIS in Syria and displayed over 70 ‘never before seen’ weapons – well – ZIO/US knows it would just be embarrassed and humiliated if they started a WAR !!

    SO – they WON’T !!

    I think the ZIO/US is now out of options – enter Mr Coherent !!

    The COLLAPSE is coming !!

    • I think the collapse has already happened, capitalism now being on life support via government fiat money. The question is what we’re going to do once the plug is pulled, either by us or for us c/o Covid and its aftermath.

  • “There is no ‘free market’ and there never will be.”
    Not as long as there exist coercive governments to corrupt.

    • Indeed, the market is now and usually is in human history, controlled by the Psychopaths In Charge and their goons with guns. There is nothing inherently evil in capitalism and profit seeking. Without the Psychopaths In Charge controlling the market, one can only profit by providing a service or product people want or need at a price they are willing and able to pay. In other words, by serving others. The very instant power or force is applied to control the market, that ceases to be the case. It becomes a weapon in their hands to extract wealth instead of create value for others. In fact, far more likely to prohibit the creation of value.

      • Some people want guns. One can profit by providing guns at a price they are willing and able to pay. There are many theories of value, and according to many, guns have value. (Marxists may jump on me for misunderstanding, but I think he reckoned value is the amount of human labour in a product, giving guns value.)
        Should we value this setup? Is value the same as good? (And there are many similar examples, from enormous SUVs to endangered animals, of anti-social products someone is willing to pay for.)

      • JWK: Precisely!

  • GME was a brilliant commoners play. Epicly ironic it was done on a a platform named RobinHood.
    Everyone always complains and whines and protests and cries to the heavens about rich billionaires. Well the USA used to have a middle class and not so much disparity in salaries and income. CEOs use to make at most 1.5 what others did
    People have to vote with their dollars. Buy local starting with food. We dont need factory manufactured foods in the USA.
    Demand local govts provide actual clean water to drink and and for farmers to grow so we dont have to spend small fortunes on bottled water shipped from nestle in Cali.
    Decentralize govt power in everyway.
    Decrease the ability of any small group at the tiop to control every aspect of our lives.
    Use opensource software, openoffice or libreoffice instead of microsoft. Buy a pine phone.
    Get tf off facebook and twatter.
    Vote with your money and and attention and time and give them none of it. IMHO

    • There are only two votes that are effective, and can’t be defrauded. Your feet and your wallet. Our feet are becoming ever less effective, since the Psychopaths In Charge have succeeded in creating a world in their image, leaving no place to go, but so far at least, our wallets still are.

  • GME was a brilliant play. Kudos to them. Vote with your dollars. Decentralize and loocalize all economies. Decrease the actual number of people any one man/woman has the power to fk over and also it is easier to tar and feather a local politician

  • Ms Johnstone, long ago I stopped looking back to see if any other humans ” got it “. I do what I have to do because my inner motivation directs me to. Some call that ” being crazy ” but that is what you have to be to go up against ” city hall ” or the owners and the masters. Your care about the rest of humanity is very laudable; please keep it up.

  • Hi Caitlin….I am an avid fan of your blog, but also a retired stock and futures broker….here’s the bottom line, unfortunately, about the Reddit traders:



    In an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, the “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort said that platforms like Robinhood are shutting down because when stocks come crashing down, there will be “lawsuits flying.”
    Source: CNN

    • So what hedge funds normally do which is short a company en masse and then go on the business media and talk their book isn’t collusion?

    • Yep this makes sense to me. The effing lawyers will come flooding in and then it will all get bogged down and slow to a crawl. Shortly thereafter, the shit will hit the fan, and after that is is everyone for themselves.
      I can’t wait for all this too happen, because after that, everything is gonna get better, and at the end of the day there will be so much fewer lawyers. Did you know that the us of a has the monopoly on the number of lawyers in the country – tells you something don’t it.
      In my generation, most of us might of been fooled, but not all of us, and those of us who remain mean serious business and we are not kidding around.
      Learn or Die!

  • You must have read Plato, of course this whole thing about deliberately controlling the narrative has been going on for over 500 years. Thank the oligarchs for the 30 year war that claimed more lives than the plague. The printing press wasn’t invented by a European but rather by the Chinese and ever since they’ve used it to control all sorts of narratives including rap and hip hop. They love portraying blacks as violent and otherwise sub-human, I shouldn’t need to give examples; but whenever you hear of another rap artist being murdered or whatever, that is the oligarchs controlling the narrative, not black on black crime.

  • heh, heh, heh…billionaire-pillaging resumes.
    GME Soars 75% After-Hours, Erases Losses After Liquidity-Constrained Robinhood Lifts Trading Ban

  • Grow some vegetables and look for ways to cooperate with people without the internet and phones.
    It’s a kind of prepping.

  • ​Horrors!
    ​Game-changing Iranian Pipeline Set To Launch In March
    ​ ​Over and above the technical details involved in the Goreh-Jask pipeline project, the key point is that the pipeline will allow Iran another method by which it can export huge amounts of oil without being prey to U.S. sanctions and it will also allow Iran to do this whilst at the same time causing chaos for a third of the rest of the world’s oil shipments through blockading the Strait of Hormuz, should it wish to do so again. “The logistical model Iran has at present is not sustainable in the current circumstances, with around 90 per cent of all of its oil for export currently loaded at Kharg Island – with most of the remaining loads going through terminals on Lavan and Sirri – making it an obvious and easy target for the U.S. and its proxies to cripple Iran’s oil sector and therefore its economy,” a senior oil and gas industry source who works closely with Iran’s Petroleum Ministry told OilPrice.com. “Conversely, Iran wants to be able to use the threat – or reality – of closing the Strait of Hormuz for political reasons without also completing destroying its own oil exports revenue stream,” he said.

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