Americans: We’re dying!

Republicans: Good.

Democrats: We hear you and we honor your experience.

The USA is the single worst human rights offender on our planet. The fact that most of its transgressions take place outside its own borders makes it more egregious, not less. So-called human rights watchdog groups which fail to acknowledge this fact are propaganda constructs.

By 2024 the only mainstream US political debate allowed will be about whether America should nuke Russia or China.

“Kindly let me help you or you will drown, said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.”
~ Alan Watts

Interventionist foreign policy in a nutshell.

War is insanity. Unjust war is criminal insanity. One of the ugliest things about western imperialism is the way it gives extremely young soldiers whose minds have been warped by a criminally insane war machine the power of life and death over defenseless populations.

One very important thing you can do is keep finding new ways to help people see the horrors of imperialism with fresh eyes. It’s all so aggressively normalized and it’s been going on all our lives, so it’s easy to get used to it and lose sight of how unspeakably horrific it is.

Choosing to continue an immoral course of action is as immoral as initiating it. Presidents who continue the immoral policies of their predecessors are as culpable as the presidents who initiated them.

The Democratic Party is corrupt and murderous beyond the possibility of redemption and anyone who says otherwise is either deceived or deceiving.

I’m seeing US progressive/DSA types getting more and more agitated about the sudden increase in hostility toward the Democrats from the left. What did they think was going to happen when the Dems took control of the entire government? You’re the power now, buttercup.

The problem with warning that the $2000 check scandal will lead to losses in the midterms is that Democrats are fine with losing in the midterms. You think they like having to own all their right wing bullshit for themselves? Democrats hate being exposed and vulnerable like this. They much prefer to blame their corporate cronyism, austerity policies and warmongering on an obstructionist Republican congress. They’re happy to lose the midterms. They prefer to lose the midterms.

The easiest way to look cool is to fight the power. The easiest way to get rich is to serve the power. The easiest way to look cool and get rich is to serve power while appearing to fight it.

Democrats are absolutely correct that it is of paramount importance for the Republicans be held accountable for their atrocious crimes lest those crimes repeat themselves in the future.

Start with the Bush administration.

Immense military and financial commitments are made to Israel on the grounds that it’s “the only democracy in the Middle East”, but also if you try holding it to the same standards as other democracies you’re a Nazi.

And also Israel is not a democracy. Obviously.

If I saw someone criticizing the many, many horrible things the Australian government has done, it would never in a million years occur to me to rush to Australia’s defense. Yet I interact with people hastening to defend the US empire on a daily basis. These people are silly.

World peace and inner peace are not separate endeavors. Go deep enough into one and you’ll eventually find yourself working on the other as well.

If humanity can’t collectively transcend egoic consciousness it won’t matter if the revolution succeeds; even if we create worldwide utopia we’ll only end up destroying it out of boredom. Conflicts with each other and with nature will keep rebirthing until inner conflicts vanish.


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41 responses to “Democrats WANT To Lose The Midterms: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

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  2. The world’s great Liberator said that all psychopaths, and violent, troublesome lazy, irresponsible people will die when this civilization implodes as His followers put His brilliant subversive strategy into practice. Only people having good quality genes will survive and build a new and better civilization in the age to come and we will NOT destroy it out of boredom. Read more of this here:

  3. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Start with the Reagan administration.

  4. At the end of WW2 the US military tried to solve a problem. They knew that a number of grunts where aiming at the ‘enemy’ but deliberately missing. They changed the grunt training in a number of ways so that new recruits would hate the ‘enemy’ and be more likely to want to kill. Running around in circles shouting “kill, kill” is still used today.

    1. I read an article years ago citing the S.L.A. MArshall study where they concluded that in WWII, a large percentage, maybe as many as 85% of soldiers shot without aiming and/or deliberately aimed to miss. Later analysts propose that Marshall’s figures are not based on the evidence that he claimed to have from extensive interviews. yet, few if any critics doubt the point he made: that soldiers, like most normal humans, are generally averse to killing other humans. Here is a discussion on, of all places, Reddit which lays out the criticisms and follow-up on Marshall:

  5. Agree with most all of what Caitlin says here, except the following: “The Democratic Party is corrupt and murderous beyond the possibility of redemption….” Being comprised of human beings, the Democratic Party, corrupt and murderous as it has been and remains, is no more beyond the possibility of redemption than any of us are. Redemption remains a possibility for all of us, as I see it, because God is love. Here IMHO is perhaps the most crucial difference between the religious traditions of East and West. The former, via the concept of karma, locks people into their prior actions. The latter, via the concept of grace, leaves the door open always for forgiveness and repentance.

  6. Echo: “Kindly let me help you or you will drown, said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.”
    ~ Alan Watts
    “As with most wars there is no single cause!”
    How many times has this glib statement been uttered before, in recent history? What then were some of the multiple causes of the American ‘Civil War’ (talk about an oxymoron!)?
    All war is uncivilized, without question.
    But then, there is, in fact, no more than a single cause for why America has been engaged in continuous wars, either directly, or by proxy in most global conflicts; all the while proclaiming itself as the exceptional civilized, humanitarian “shining city” on the planet?
    The attempt at explaining the inexplicable antithesis of oxymoron is futile! Unless, of course we are finally willing to admit to ourselves of our own self-deception; that there is in fact nothing mysterious about this. The single cause being the hegemonic classes’ greed for monopolistic control of all global resources; both human and material.
    Haven’t we, years ago, (pick any recent date since the election of 2000) already entered the first phase of the second American uncivilized war. How are the social conditions of the general populace today different from those extant in the early 1860’s? The population has more than doubled in size, yet it is just as divided today as it was back then.
    What are the basic core issues? Are they one jot different today than what they were back then, prior to the one-and-a-half centuries of ‘democratic progress’? The joke is on us.
    The same disease of greed was never eradicated. It is once again – however, this time in pandemic form, coming back to haunt and traumatize us; we, the majority of the people, on the planet.
    Already almost half a million innocents have died, domestically, and the actual battle has not yet really begun.
    All it took was one elite, malicious, narcissist psychopath, surreptitiously, to unleash a virus on an unwitting populace. However, he was merely the tinder personified.
    Just prior to the first American Civil War, the so-called southern states were adamant about breaking away from the union, to protect their separate and unequal privileged white racist economic/identity status.
    This same deception is ongoing today, in 2021, in spades.

    1. Much truth in what you say. But what if the “elite, malicious, narcissist psychopath” who unleased the virus was random, impersonal, unpredictable, ever-changing mother nature? What if the plutocrats have exploited the hell out of the pandemic not because they caused it but because they merely took advantage of it, as plutocrats are wont to do? What if governments have taken draconian measures to control the pandemic not primarily to seize more power and curtail civil liberties but because they’re as confused and panicked as their citizens? What if, in other words, the pandemic is not a plandemic, another elite power grab to the second power, but something much more profound and unprecedented: a forced option for humanity to stop its global neoliberal death march toward nuclear war or ecocide, a final opportunity for us to figure out a way to live harmoniously with each other and all living things? What if, at this very moment, our species is face to face with an existential evolutionary turning point offering only two alternatives: a better, more beautiful world…or extinction?

      1. It’s all simply happenstance!?

        If you’re saying that the elite, malicious, narcissist psychopath “who unleased the virus was random, impersonal, unpredictable, ever-changing mother nature” and Trump was merely the ‘second coming’ taking advantage of a situation created by mother nature, then I don’t quite have the same idea of ‘mother nature’ as you do.

        Mother nature is the manipulator of the material world, the plutocrats are simply taking advantage of good business opportunities presented by mother nature?
        The sad state of humanity on the planet is basically just random mother nature’s fault.

        Hence elite, malicious, narcissist psychopathic individuals bear no personal responsibility for their antithetical actions against the best interests of the majority of humanity!

        Are you equating your god to mother nature, and humanity as just another aspect of mother nature; separate, yet superior to all else in nature?

        “What if, in other words, the pandemic is not a plandemic, another elite power grab to the second power”?

        At this point I’m afraid, I’m hopelessly perplexed. You’ll have to define ‘to the second power’. Are you here speaking biblically or mathematically?

        Not for lack of opportunities, humanity has shown, time and time again, that it is incapable of coming together to create “a better, more beautiful world…or (face) extinction?”
        What if god is incapable of recognizing that her/his very own creation, in her/his own image is incapable of recognizing that it stands at the point of extinction, then god, being us; the reverse image, indeed is facing extinction.
        There but for the grace of us, goes god. .

        Other than for my utter individual confusion, I agree completely with your insights!

        1. The way you wrote your original comment, EM, or at least the way I read it, made me think of a plutocrat-initiated plandemic, a popular position nowadays in some quarters, and not about our sorry excuse for a president when the pandemic came to the U.S. Hope that clears up that part of it. Like you, I hold people–especially those with money and power like plutocrats–responsible for the harm they do both to other people and to the planet we share. The “second power” phrase was used in the mathematical sense of potentiation, not as a veiled theological reference. But speaking of theology, while internet commentary is not the place to discuss it in any depth, you might enjoy the below-linked video I came across yesterday–an interesting exploration of the fundamentals of the universe based entirely on cutting-edge science. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify the gist of what I was trying to say.

  7. Posting video again, because it wholly represents the article’s focus. This was Obama during his first (“Hope and Change”) campaign. What resulted once elected — with a Super-Majority? An Individual Mandate — without a (Promised) Public Option.
    “If a mandate was a solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everyone buy a house.”

  8. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > Democrats are absolutely correct that it is of paramount importance for the Republicans be held accountable for their atrocious crimes lest those crimes repeat themselves in the future.
    > Start with the Bush administration.
    They really deserve it under international law, since the 1945–46 Nuremberg trials and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.
    A relevant tweet today:
    Iraq, 2008: Shoes for Bush — Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy — Feb 9, 2021

  9. The reprobates won’t be losing any elections folks. The CCP and free trade created globalists own our voting systems.
    This country is now part of china’s one world government whether you want to face it or not. Ever wonder why these politicians could care less about legitimate voters? They don’t need legal voters, these last elections prove that. They simply cheat out in the open without consequence and have been doing it all over the country for decades.
    The globalists do not care about any depression or the America economy, their plan is to destroy it and now with Trump gone, they can do it without resistance.
    Enjoy these independent news site as long as you can, once the FCC is run by big tech (as Biden’s handlers said) they will remove this site and all others from the internet, not censor, remove.
    Your time is up, repent now and obey the Gospel of Jesus Christ while you still can folks. Do not wait.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You are seriously misinformed. And religion is mere superstition which is no doubt why you are so misinformed. After all, if you can believe in a deity, you can believe ANYTHING. We, on the other hand, are not so blockheaded.

      1. Why yes, I believe in deities and therefore I can believe ANYTHING. Whether I actually choose to believe anything depends upon my own judgment based upon my personal experience and of course a broad collection of biases of which I’m fully aware in addition to whatever my subconscious insists upon. It’s an “open door” policy with regards to realities perceived out of a potentially infinite collection which remains unknown. On the other hand, anyone who actually thinks they know everything sounds like a deity and they be comforted knowing I am open to that possibility. 😉

  10. “Start with the Bush administration.”
    I wish it were true. We should start long before that. If you are going to make historical reference you should study USA history more, and not just the history provided by the very miscreants who are guilty. The psychopathy got into full gear with Abraham Lincoln, who holds personal responsibility for killing more than 650,000 Americans, more than all other wars combined. Immediately followed by the intentional effort of those he but in charge of the military to eradicate the plains tribes. Immediately followed by the Spanish American war, which was based upon fictitious “journalism”. Immediately followed by US participation in WWI, based on the same. Which propelled us into WWII. Immediately followed by a “cold war” which wasn’t especially “cold” for a great many. Immediately followed by the “war on terror” which was actually a war on US citizens, and has now been applied to any and all that expressed any support of Trump, which doesn’t include me. Since I don’t support any psychopath that pretends they care about my welfare while holding a gun to my head to force compliance with their insanity.

    1. I think she’s talking about those still alive to prosecute.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Kissinger is still around.

        1. Point well taken.

  11. “By 2024 the only mainstream US political debate allowed will be about whether America should nuke Russia or China.”
    You expect there to still be survivors on the planet at that late a date?
    With Biden now deploying additional troops in tinderboxes that Trump allowed to go cold (most notably NE Syria which receives convoys of American vehicles and materiel most every day now) expect these smoldering wars to suddenly go hot again, the way Hillary had intended four years ago.
    Crazy Joe really has a visceral hatred for Putin and all Ruslanders (proved it as viceroy of Ukraine under Obomber) and is probably moronic enough to think that concomitantly hitting these lesser beings on multiple fronts (just look at all the potential choices!) will immediately cow them into surrendering and allowing Navalny to become the American puppet dictator.
    That was quite some litany of trash (worthy of Notorious O.Bomber) Crazy Joe threw down at Putin the other day. Crazy dude is seriously loaded for bear. Soon as American troops in Russia’s backyard start taking heavy losses in conventional fighting expect things to escalate to an exchange of nukes until civilisation is a distant memory. Washington may never win its many wars of aggression but it always doubles down after its losses. A nuclear war is when a retarded learning curve becomes irrelevant. At least global warming will no longer be a concern.
    Even if Crazy Joe drops dead of a cerebral aneurysm tomorrow, the executive branch of dedicated Zionist warmongers he has put together are sure to carry out the grand plan. Just ask Nethanyahoo, he tells ’em all what to do!

    1. You still suffer the delusion that a man who has trouble forming a coherent sentence, remember where he is, among other symptoms of dementia, is actually running the show? Whether he lives or dies is of no political consequence, since his primary function is not making too many mistakes while reading his teleprompter, and keeping his hands off of children while in public view.

      1. Please, we were through this silly shit yesterday. I’ve said for years on public forums that the president is just a figure head and that the Deep State determines policy. But the asshole is the mouthpiece for the country. It is a simplistic but widely accepted formalism to call whatever policy he verbalizes to be “his” policy. Why do you need that explained again? Do you crab at every journalist when they do the same thing? Moreover, the guy does have his own emotions and other quirks that he expresses whenever he opens his yap, so it is fair to characterize any “attitude” he may display, especially if it serves no useful purpose or is actually detrimental with respect to maintaining friendly relations with other powers. I am under no delusions, but you seem to be if you think you are “teaching” me anything new.

      2. And don’t bother correcting me that it wasn’t specifically you to whom I had to hash over the same nonsense earlier. It was another person who thought it imperative to underscore that Biden is just a sock puppet. I would hope that most who frequent this forum already know that. It is simply tedious to reiterate it endlessly. Of course, Biden puts on his act, suavely like Obama or clumsily like Dubya, just like every other chump who has recently served in the office of POTUS.

  12. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    For all their (faux) hatred of Donald Trump, the Democrats secretly love Trump, as he was a very useful political Bogeyman for them.

    The Democrats could simply point the finger at the Bad Man, Donald Trump, to distract from the fact that there is little difference between themselves and the Republicans/Trump.

    Democrats vs. Republicans = the Crips vs. the Bloods

  13. CJ: “The USA is the single worst human rights offender on our planet. The fact that most of its transgressions take place outside its own borders makes it more egregious, not less.”
    — “Outside its own borders”? That borders on the nonsensical, Caitlin.

    Since 1970, by which time all similar, developed countries had implemented or were well on their way to implementing universal health care, the lack of the comparable Medicare For All in the U.S. has killed approximately 2,700,000 men, women, and children.
    That’s an extrapolation from the 2020 Yale study that concluded the lack of M4A, in a single year, killed 68,000 people in a population of 328,000,000.
    2,700,000 deaths. For money.

    Add to that the mass incarceration that in the same 50 years–since 1970, when Nixon launched the fake War on Drugs—-and you have at least 20,000,000 kidnapped and enslaved and put to work in brutal prisons, domestically, where rape and sexual assault are commonplace and ignored.
    These kidnappings by the state were in these cases for non-violent drug possession. We had something like another 5,000,000 people kidnapped and enslaved and put to work by the state in the same brutal prisons for the “crime” of simply being too poor to pay court-mandated child support. The average person imprisoned for the inability to pay support makes an average of $11,000. They’re imprisoned for their poverty.
    Not coincidentally, this was right around the time when Joe Biden got into politics.
    Corporate power, with the publication and dissemination of the Powell Memo, had tremendous need for fluent sociopaths like Biden, shameless in their greed, who in return for being bribed would kill and kill without compunction or conscience or reason.
    Is it any wonder Biden received the ultimate promotion?

    1. @Blair Schirmer, super great comment. Do you write on any platform? I’d like to read more of your words.

    2. Yes, he was finally rewarded for all the low-down, diabolical things he has done. Question is, does he even comprehend it all?

    3. Sobering figures !

      Things will only be ramped up from here – the ‘people’ have now been placed in a hopeless position to resist !

    4. Right on! It’s going to get worse, much worse. The oath always said, “all enemies, foreign and domestic”! There’s been a war on working class people of all colors from the beginning. Of course, the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the first Nations was the original crime. To develop they, the elite sociopaths imported black people as slaves to pick cotton mostly and it was justified by laws and the church. Now all this time, the white working class had it relatively much better but legally they worked “at will”; which is a legal term allowing the bosses to fire you at will. Of course you could quit and work for another boss, same as the old boss. You could also start your own business and become the new boss and exploit the workers.. that’s the opportunity they talk about in the land of opportunity. It is about to get worse for anyone who might threaten or be perceived to threaten the system, remember, foreign and DOMESTIC..

  14. The ’empire’ has 10 years?

    “ . . . our best estimate is that the net energy
    33:33 per barrel available for the global
    33:36 economy was about eight percent
    33:38 and that in over the next few years it
    33:42 will go down to zero percent
    33:44 uh best estimate at the moment is that
    33:46 actually the
    33:47 per average barrel of sweet crude
    33:51 uh we had the zero percent around 2022
    33:56 but there are ways and means of
    33:58 extending that so to be on the safe side
    34:00 here on our diagram
    34:02 we say that zero percent is definitely
    34:05 around 2030 . . .
    34:43 need net energy from oil and [if] it goes
    34:46 down to zero
    34:48 uh well we have collapsed not just
    34:50 collapse of the oil industry
    34:52 we have collapsed globally of the global
    34:54 industrial civilization this is what we
    34:56 are looking at at the moment . . . “

    1. The real experts knowcwhat is coming but no one is listening. Gail Tverberg is another one trying to warn us. She is an actuary which is a statistician specializing on the oil industry. Oil production will collapse for complex reasons but lack of oil is not the main reason. An example is Venzuela has lots of oil but no oil production. Our way of life is in its twilight.

    2. Society is a self adjusting system. Energy goes down, billions die by the elements, disease and starvation. Less energy and pollution occur from less people. Prepare now if you are smart to improve your survival chances.

  15. Inner conflicts can only begin to vanish once its widely known and accepted that emotions are an inseparable part of our psyche, and the hundredth monkey becomes aware of the critical importance of unwinding unresolved emotional trauma. The entire imperial culture has, over thousands of years, perfected a devils bargain where access to privileges is tied to actualizing trauma and requires different forms of emotional bypassing. This concept of emotional sensitivity and self awareness is key to negating the crass social levers that keep the infernal machine lurching forwards. Psychedelics can help, but if there’s a lot in the trauma department, microdose.

  16. Most systems of government policy seldom last beyond a generation or two. America has had an uninterrupted expansionist policy since its inception. I am actually stunned we stopped and did not occupy the entire continent of North America before expanding into the restvof the world. America will have to be beaten back repetitively to change or collapse from within which is far more likely.

  17. Ah, once again, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth and hits another great article right out of the ballpark! May the Heavens keep giving you the energy, the insight, and the courage to keep on keeping on, Ms Johnstone you are indeed heaven sent!

  18. Again, Caitlin, love your work. As a reader of all your posts, I choose not to post everything else “I know”. It is after all your domain.

    I make a request, from a humble reader, to all that comment about Caitlin’s writing.

    If you appreciate her thoughts let her know. If you disagree, make it short and to the point.

    If you want to post large amounts of text as a comment that is not directly related to what Caitlin is addressing, then maybe wait 24 hours before posting. Or start your own blog.

    1. Right On !

      Have also held the same thoughts about the “zealousy” of comments.

  19. Yeah, sounds like propaganda from the oligarchs and in any case that’s been obvious for ages. The same never ending drum beat, “The Germans did it”, how’s that story go about the big lie? Americans are horrible people, but the people of the British Empire; their shit don’t stink. Not that it really matters; remember the Jewish cops of Warsaw? In the end they too were killed.

    1. @lynn

      Your comment about “Americans are horrible people” was a disturbing generalisation to me.

      People I have worked with in Brazil and Argentina wish people would stop using the word “America” altogether. If you know about how South America has been treated by the US, then it’s obvious why they feel this way.

      I have many people in the US that I know as friends, and that I work with. They are wonderful people.

      If I may suggest a different way to express you thoughts.

      “American politicians are horrible people” – I have no disagreement with this. Just a thought.

  20. “Americans: We’re dying!

    Republicans: Good.

    Democrats: We hear you and we honor your experience.”

    Voluntaryists: Don’t anyone anywhere die prematurely. Especially from government recommendations or policies.

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