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May The Unseen Be Seen

May what is unseen become seen.

May the hidden dynamics of oligarchy and empire be revealed to all of humanity.

May the depravity of the powerful be exposed before everyone.

May government secrecy end.

May the public become aware of the pervasiveness of mass media propaganda.

May people realize that they’ve been deceived about the world since childhood.

May there be a widespread recognition that things are not as they seem.

May obfuscation and distortion be replaced with truth and clarity.

May the public grow more conscious of the reality of class dynamics.

May the public see money for the made-up game that it is.

May people begin clearly perceiving the horrors of war and economic sanctions, and feel it all.

May awareness sink in of the need for urgent climate action.

May we clearly see the existential need to begin collaborating with each other and with our ecosystem before we destroy it all.

May we all become conscious of racial and sexual dynamics and inequalities.

May we all look squarely at the unacceptable cruelty of factory farming.

May manipulators and abusers everywhere be recognized for what they are.

May abusive dynamics everywhere be clearly seen: in nations, in communities, in families, in relationships.

May unwholesome interpersonal relationships move into clarity or meet a natural end.

May unjust restrictions on consciousness-expanding substances be ended.

May everyone everywhere become conscious of their inner workings.

May our psychological trauma move into the light where it can be healed.

May our unconscious mental and perceptual habits move into consciousness.

May we all become conscious of the illusory nature of self and separation.

May we all become conscious of how experience is really happening.

May we all become conscious of our own true nature.

May we all see clearly what is happening, both inwardly and outwardly.

May we use our clear perception to move efficaciously in this world, and collaborate as one toward health and harmony.

May we build a sane and healthy world together that is based on truth and clear seeing.






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  • As I think I said – simply superlative. This what’s needed. Now what we need are more whistle-blowers from within the various segments of the beast, and we need to help them a) make up their minds that their revelations are desperately needed as crowbars against the gaslighting, and b) to get them securely and universally distributed: samizdata.

  • For there is nothing hidden, except to be disclosed; nor is anything secret, except to come to light. (NRSV)

    • Critically important that the counter-narrative get out there – and s t a y out there so that (W. F. Buckley’s) “History is the victors’ polemics” – is not the last word.

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  • May the people see that they have only one future, that of pulling their pants down to receive a vaccine that will make the future into something wonderful.

    Total decadence is everywhere. Days of Noah all over again. Everything is a lie.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  • Sometimes an article makes me wonder if going crazy is catchable like the flu.
    Thia article can be read here:
    Some Doggie Stories: Even Companion Animals Are Being Politicized by Philip Giraldi!

    • Catchable: Look up the disease “Koro” – I think originally in Lancet – for an affirmative answer!

  • Poem for the day:

    May the unseen be seen;
    may what is seen be unseen;
    may what is unseen after being seen;
    be remembered.
    May we learn from what we see;
    May we think harmlessly;
    truly may that be
    a way to learn.
    I got some good memories;
    I’m thankful;
    I’m happy just to be alive;
    I’m thankful.

    end of poem
    “In memory of Ms. Joyner (I think her name was that) my 9th grade geometry teacher at McClintock middle school – the most miserable place you could possibly imagine…….ha, ha.
    p.s. – John Day, you old statue you, thanks for you post – much appreciated, and tell Jenny “Happy Birthday” from a fellow poster at the Rogue Journalist site – I imagine she is very special! My wife teaches 2nd Grade and let me tell you – she suffers no fools!

  • Alison McDowell, making the unseen, seen. This article further explains the agenda of the “great reset,” aka “the Fourth Industrial revolution, aka (ala Biden) “Build Back Better.”
    “Who Voted In Davos? How Data-Driven Government and the Internet of Bodies Are Poised To Transform Smart Sustainable Cities Into Social Impact Prisons”
    “These efforts eventually led her to an examination of globalized poverty management, euphemistically known as social impact investing. This new form of capitalism – biocapitalism or stakeholder capitalism – aims to turn humans into data commodities”
    “What we are living through is not a public health emergency but a reset of the global economy managed from Davos on behalf of the finance, technology and defense sectors. This “new normal” is totalitarianism wrapped up in a shiny “green” bow.”
    “Few realize it, but the Covid drama is providing cover for a far more insidious program of perpetual tracking and tracing tied to health management and Sustainable Development Goal 3. Health data will create new equity markets meaning more and more wearable tech surveillance. The Impact Management Project’s practitioners, the asset holders whose greed led to a world beset by chronic illness, have structured profit centers in Internet of Things preventative care – social determinants of health weaponized.

    “If we don’t object, moving forward blockchain tokens representing all sorts of digital assets, including rights and privileges, will be held in digital accounts. Social entrepreneurs need these biometric identity systems in place in order to install their planned impact economy. Using health status as an issue of national security, our hijacked governments plan to impose this upon us, not for our own good, but because the biocapitalist agenda must proceed.”

  • Thought you might enjoy this Seth clip from 52 years ago:
    “”Now I am only speaking because many of you have known that I was here. And it ill behooves me not to bid you welcome when you felt my presence. But in many of your discussions, there has only been surface thought and surface feelings… and we do not walk on the surface in this class. I would push your heads collectively and individually underneath… for you still do not understand that you create your physical reality! You form your blocks and shove them up upon the surface of the earth. You cannot solve the problems of your world on a surface level. If you could, you would have done it centuries ago. You must step out of your present perspective in order to see your world clearly. Here you are not to hide within the closet of three-dimensionality and cry, “It is dark and I cannot see!” And refuse to use the inner light that can alone aid your vision.”‘

    The Early Sessions, book 9, ESP Class May 6, 1969

    We see you. And you are not alone.

  • May Caitlin continue to apply her excellent insights so as to question also 1) her assumption of the climate narrative in line with the spinmeisters and 2) why she omits mention, in her well-stocked menagerie, of the biggest elephant in the room, the covid deception.

    • Depends on who you talk to. Due to my geographical position (large city), politics, tastes, and happenstances, I know people who got the disease and others who work in hospitals who personally witnessed the plague. I think ‘deception’ is probably not quite the right term, but suit yourself. The next time around — and there will be a next time — your fables may not prove as helpful as mine.

      • When did the flu become a plague.

  • Funny how two people can see something and see two different things. You see factory farms and see cruelty to animals. I see factory farming and see deep damage and pollution to the environment. I personally have little interest in animals that I fatten, butcher and eat. I view them as food and not pets. Yes you will go on about how terrible conditions are for them and how traumatic the killing process is for them. I simply dont care if my food is happy.

    • Well, they are sentient beings. One could also say that what happens to human beings who are not your kin, neighbors, or friends doesn’t matter, and you can torture, kill, and eat them as you please, but it looks like bad karma to be.

      • Well if you are elevating animals to human status why not plants too.

      • The same people who want to treat food humanely also support killing the unborn. Cant see the logic.

  • There is a battle between globalists and nationalists, and COVID in Texas is part of the battle. The mouth of Joe Biden says “Texas should follow the science”.
    Texas Governor, Greg Abbot has rescinded the Texas mask mandate for public places like grocery stores, leaving it up to business owners to decide whether to request customers to wear masks or not. This is a complex political decision, and it is something of a gamble.
    Some business owners want to be off the hook for not requiring masks, like bars and strip clubs. Other businesses, in anti-mask territory, feel that they are being put on the firing line between customers who don’t want masks, and vulnerable employees, as well as vulnerable customers. The grocery store chain HEB is the largest employer in Texas, and has shown real appreciation of it’s workers and the risks, morbidity and mortality they faced by serving the public every day.
    Austin was masking well before the mandate. Austin has been ahead of the precautions curve for a year, since South By Southwest music festival cancellation was announced just about a year ago. That was SERIOUS. When school was cancelled the day before spring break was to begin, the traffic reduced to a small percentage of its usual crush, having already halved before that (in the estimation of a daily bike commuter).
    Rural Yoakum seems to have largely quit masking in stores in the last 6 weeks, including employees. HEB employees mask, though.
    If you look at the graphs in the link below, you will see that Texas has had a first wave of viral infections and deaths in spring and early summer, with a lull in the fall (as vitamin-D levels rose while the virus spread in summer and stabilized in September, before falling in October). The big surge came with Halloween, as there were so many parties, then Thanksgiving, as families joined together for food, drink and fellowship, then Christmas and New Year festivities. All of this human social engagement was somewhat muted, but it was present, and more for some people and towns than others.
    “Herd Immunity” is a condition when there are few enough members of a group that are susceptible to a contagious pathogen, that the pathogen has a hard time finding a new host to infect before being eradicated by its host, or killing its host. There are some members of any herd who are just not very susceptible to any contagious virus, and that percentage is hard to determine prospectively. Most defense against coronavirus infection happens in the nose and throat area, as a general defense, not requiring specific antibodies. That is what children do so well. That is why most people do not get very sick with the current novel coronavirus, because they stop it before it does it’s special thing of attacking the blood vessel linings. Most people with mild coronavirus infection in the nose and throat area do not get a test at all. The current best estimate is that the actual number of infections is running about 6 times the number of reported “confirmed cases”, which means positive tests.
    Somewhere between 50 to 60% of Americans have had COVID, mostly mild, and mostly over the fall and winter holidays, so immunity has not likely faded away. Coronavirus specific-immunity mostly fades between 6 and 12 months from infection, unless stimulated again by a little re-exposure. Some people get re-exposed to cornaviruses fairly frequently. As a doctor, treating a general medical population, I get exposed to this and that regularly. Jenny, my wife, who is a Birthday Girl today, is a school librarian. She sees every kid in the school and gives and receives and helps them pick books off the shelves.
    Jenny and I MIGHT be in the group that is not very likely to get sick with a coronavirus, whether we catch a little in our noses or not. We don’t really know. We take vitamin-D and a little zinc, as we have for years.
    Vaccinations in Texas are up to about 6.8% ofTexans fully vaccinated, and many of them have had the virus already, so they are getting an immunity boost. Vaccine immunity is not as broad as natural immunity, especially since these current vaccines just target a few protein sequences on the viral spike protein, not every little part of the virus, as natural immunity does. There is some argument about how good the vaccine protection is against the South African variant, which has a lot of difference in it’s mutated spike protein. They are clearly less effective against it. How that will play out for cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the broad world is uncertain, so there is argument.
    Spring Break is the week after next in Texas, and the mask mandate has been lifted. Young adult Texans and high school students and families are likely to vacation and congregate a lot, though not at South By Southwest. There was a surge in cases among Texas college students last year, and they were much disparaged for acting like young animals again, as they do every spring break. They spread COVID. In the fall at UT, Austin there was a lot of rapid testing for COVID at ground level, including football games, which required a negative test for students wanting a ticket. There was something like a 9% background positivity rate on those tests, on people with little to no symptoms. That meant that the virus was spreading quickly through the university population. We can presume that it pervaded that population pretty well over fall and winter.
    So Governor Abbott has more specific information about testing in special populations, like college students and school kids, than the rest of us do. He is under a variety of political pressures to move and stand still, and I’m sure he is tired of it. Texas just got whacked with the deep freeze ice week around Valentine’s Day, and the biggest electric utility in Texas has filed for bankruptcy. There will be more.
    This guy, who I have never particularly liked, but who is not stupid, really craves some kind of decisive victory, which will allow him to move the Texas economy forward, which is what his job and popularity depend upon.
    My guess is that Governor Greg Abbot is making the sprint to the finish, desiring to declare “herd immunity” or to declare that it is emerging as such, almost all the way there. A lot of people are afraid that we are going to get another spike of morbidity and mortality, like we did in December and January, but I really think that wood is mostly burned, already.
    Will there be some spike in cases from spring break, or will cases continue to decline on the same trajectory?
    A small spike in positive tests in a population of young people, without a subsequent rise in hospitalizations and deaths would lead to a declaration of victory by the Governor of Texas. “Texas is Open For Business” would be declared.
    That would be a big advantage for the Texas economy, and it needs it, as the economic damage from the big freeze is still being assessed. Texas needs a big infrastructure rebuild over this decade, and it needs an economy to do that.

    • Biden tried that in Florida. Gov. Rick Desantis told him FU and hungup on him.

  • As I read your article I think of one thing. My state has not had any covid restrictions for over six months. Yet 99% of the people still wear masks. They have been quickly conditioned and I am wondering if they will ever take them off. Studies say aporoximateky 40% will not. Also we are traumatizing an entire generation of children. I have no hope things will get better as you envision. People are sheep and easily led around by a bell.

      • Lead sheep often has a bell around their neck.

        • Yes. And the lead Anglo domesticates currently wear several non-medical masks “to be seen”; the “unseen” is the secret Anglo puritan desire to be swabbed for their sins, which other cultures are having great fun with.

  • May the unseen not be seen. I look much better with my clothes on.

  • australia is a colony of the empire as this video displays; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IER2SGbjCWo

  • “May we build a sane and healthy world together that is based on truth and clear seeing.”
    Therein lies the problem. The discovery of truth can only be accomplished by exploring and debating various notions of truth. Which is rapidly diminishing in our censorship saturated discussion. Without that debate, clear seeing is also increasingly difficult. Without clear seeing, the discovery of how to go about building a sane and healthy world is more difficult as well. To assume one’s own “truth” is the only possibility is the definition of hubris. What is true requires continuous examination, forever. For example, the notion that man made climate change is “settled science”. There is no such thing as settled science. The notion is an oxymoron, since science is the ongoing questioning of EVERYTHING.
    Not picking on people who adhere to the notion of climate change, it just happens to be one of the most well known examples. At least it was until early last year, when such debate about COVID became nearly impossible because in many instances its a prosecutable crime to oppose the narrative.

    • JWK, the most sensible words I’ve read in this Forum. What I don’t understand is why my own messages don’t always appear here. Why are they censored? are we controlled by dictator?

      • I’ve seen no evidence of it. To my knowledge none of mine have been removed, though I don’t study the matter extensively.

        • JWK, perhaps you respect each faith political belief for what they represent, but I see all divisions as part of a whole and I tell Marxists they should be grateful to Imperialists, as without Imperialism Marxist wouldn’t exist.
          And I give plenty of examples as proof of what I state.

          • good

      • Hardly, Caitlin lets everyone have at it in the comments.
        I find tapping ‘post comment’ may need to be done twice, it becomes pale blue, I believe, when it has accepted your comment. First try, I don’t see any sign of it being received, second tap usually does the trick. Usually it’s a tech or operator explanation, unless you wrote something absolutely horrifying. I don’t know her, but Caitlin doesn’t write like she has a dictator (or censorious) bone in her body, (unless you’re John McCain back from the dead-?), so I would imagine she’ll accept your apology.

        • Agnes, I always see my messages, but the one I refer to, never appeared for everyone to read. IU don’t know what you mean by “tapping ‘post comment’ may need to be done twice”. Once you tap and the the message is gone there is nowhere to tap again. Several things go wrong, like I marked so many times to “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.”, but it still comes empty and I have to spend time filling each time. Sometimes I spend more time filling in my information than on the message

    • Debating solutions often just devolves into a power struggle instead of actually finding a viable solution.

      • So we should just abide by yours?

        • Sorry dont have one. Not even a suggestion other than more people need to quit telling others how to live.

  • All true. I was particularly pleased to see you call out factory farming. Perhaps that is the worst thing ever.

    • Yes it is terrible especially pig farms. This produces far more food than alot of small farms. Less food, less people. We rape the land in the name of progress and growth.

  • And may YOU, Caitlin Johnstone, realise how you have misunderstood Marxism.

      • And you did the right thing Ms. Caitlin. The Marxist dreams of the historical and social orgasm which will never happen. Between the Marxism and “May the Unseen Be Seen”, I’m going with the last one.

  • Please turn this into another collaboration song.

  • Amen, sister! And may the conscious and caring folk become an overwhelming force for the restoration of balance! May we be infused with love for all living beings.

    • Amen to that, Robin!

  • Well Done Caitlin

    I have not watched TV for well over a decade – however a friend suggested that I watch Joanna Lumley’s ‘ Silk Road Adventures ‘ series on Netflix !

    So I did – there is a peaceful and REAL world out there that the WESTERN media doesn’t want you to know EXISTS !

    The people are decent with high values and respect for each other !!

    They have a VISION and things are moving FAST – The NEW Silk Road (BRI) is going to one of cultural harmony !

    Must watch and keep the faith – the WEST has gone NUTS !

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Jack. I will watch it.
      “So I did – there is a peaceful and REAL world out there that the WESTERN media doesn’t want you to know EXISTS !”
      “May the unseen be seen”

    • I thought “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix was good. A group of ex-tech and social media executives and developers coming to terms with how damaging their contributions have been to our society. They do a good job of explaining the “unseen” ways technology is controlling every aspect of our lives.

  • Amen, indeed, Caitlin. May they all come true.

  • As Barry Long once said: ‘Truth can be found through diminishing ignorance’
    Our hubris is the mountain we must climb over first (my words).

  • Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin once again blesses us with her soulful messages of truth, justice, and wisdom! May the Heavens bless and keep her!

  • Maybe the most useful thing each of us can do is to publicly assert (and express and maintain) at least one strongly dissonant perspective on the version of reality that ‘authorities’ and their MSM relentlessly try to sell us.

    One finds it’s like drilling granite, but – after a person has been through a family and a ‘standard’ educational ordeal (John Taylor Gatto’s books superlative) – there is much to be undone, and as Mark Twain put it: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    • “. . . as Mark Twain put it: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
      Great points. I also like the way Carl Sagan put it:
      ““One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

  • Is that also public domain? Would make a great mission statement for some NGO.

  • Your very own White Paper!!! Wow!!!!

  • the monstrosity (usual $uspects) sitting astride the planet is that people are generally incapable of accepting the scale and the scope of the things being done to suppress and control them.

    Joseph P. Farrell’s books have been very useful to me here!

    It reminds me of 9/11: people can’t take this in largely (propaganda aside) because they can’t conceive of an operation of this size – and accept how much the regnant oligarchy hates them and considers them expendable.

    • erratum: the beginning was: I have long thought that the key concept that protects the monstrosity …

    • We fail to comprehend what the Psychopaths In Charge are capable of, because we aren’t psychopaths, and can’t fathom how utterly insane they truly are. We can comprehend one ignoring, or concealing the normal traits of humanity such as sympathy, empathy, charity, guilt, remorse, etc. We can’t comprehend that psychopaths have no such traits to begin with. They are totally beyond the comprehension of the psychopath, other than discovering their usefulness as a tool or weapon against the sane.

  • YOU are seen! I appreciate you and have shared your message with my friends. I am grateful for you (and for my sweet husband, who led me to your messages) for putting into words – with clarity and simplicity – what we all know is the truth. Keep on!

  • Man was once among all the other fauna of the earth, conscious of the environment,
    adapted to it like all other creatures. But then man became sick, possibly malaria or
    something like it. He became delirious, his brain inflamed and swelled. And then the
    external world began appearing to man internally as well. Must have been terrifying
    and traumatic. Sounds later known as words were developed for images. God was
    born. As a result of all this sickness, man became unadaptable to nature as all the
    animals were and still are, except man. So man began to adapt nature to himself, he
    learned to build crude shelters. Long afterwards, he learned to plant seeds and the 1st
    culture was born, giving some men a bit of time to think about this internal world of
    images and words. Man then created a lot, but this fauna called man is still a product
    of sickness. His brain is still diseased, he is still unadaptable to nature. He’s made a mess
    of things for all the other fauna and flora too. This sickness is also called consciousness.

    • Seems like unconsciousness to me.

  • LIKE!!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

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