There’s a good viral thread being shared around Twitter right now by China Daily‘s Ian Goodrum compiling a small selection of anti-China mainstream media headlines in answer to the New York Times question “Why has there been a spike in anti-Asian hate”?

Goodrum confronts one with the possibility that the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans cannot be comfortably filed away as merely the result of Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric while in office, but arises at least partially from a virulent propaganda campaign against the US empire’s leading opponent of which the liberal media have been enthusiastic participants.

“We are being bombarded with anti-China hate for a reason and it has nothing to do with human rights,” journalist Rania Khalek commented while sharing Goodrum’s thread. “This is just a tiny fraction of it. At the same time anyone who questions the state department narrative is being accused of loving tyrants and defending genocide. Sound familiar?”

We’re being constantly smashed in the face with anti-China narratives from the western media, and it’s important to think critically about why we are seeing these narratives as much as we think about whether those narratives are true. Why are we being told that China is dangerous over and over again day in and day out all of a sudden, while, for example, Israel’s constant bombing of Syria gets nary a mention?

The quantity of the reporting tells you as much as the quality. Even if a foreign nation actually is doing something bad, is it really something we need to be told about over and over again while far worse acts are perpetrated by our own government and its allies with scarcely any mention? Who benefits from this arrangement? We need to think about these questions.

Negative mass media coverage of empire-targeted governments always far exceeds negative coverage of empire-aligned governments on the same issues, like nonstop coverage of protests in Hong Kong while ignoring protests in France, Gaza, Chile, Haiti, Ecuador etc which were occurring at the same time.

The repetition of these negative stories has more of an effect than the contents of the stories themselves because of something called the illusory truth effect, an odd glitch in human cognition which leads our minds to mistake info we’ve heard repeatedly for fact. Just by repeating something over and over again, our minds can be tricked into believing that what we have heard is a verified fact and not a completely unconfirmed assertion.

This is due to the fact that the familiar feeling we experience when hearing something we’ve heard before feels very similar to our experience of knowing that something is true. When we hear a familiar idea, its familiarity provides us with something called cognitive ease, which is the relaxed, unlabored state we experience when our minds aren’t working hard at something. We also experience cognitive ease when we are presented with a statement that we know to be true. We have a tendency to select for cognitive ease, which is also why confirmation bias is a thing; believing ideas which don’t cause cognitive strain or dissonance gives us more cognitive ease than doing otherwise.

This is why more and more people are accepting the narrative that China is a “genocidal regime”, for example. There’s no more proof of the claim that China is committing genocide than there was a year ago (in fact the claim is far more discredited now), but because the mass media have been repeating it endlessly you’re hearing far more people bleating that claim.

Not only does the US empire have every motive in the world to lie about China as it prepares to surpass the American economy in a few years, it has every motive in the world to lie about Xinjiang specifically due to its unique role in China’s rise and the easily exploited divisions there. It is not a coincidence that the US removed the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a Uyghur group that’s been doing horrific things in Syria, from its designated terrorist group list just as it’s ramping up its campaign against China. This will be used to advance imperialist agendas.

After the fall of the USSR the neoconservative notion that the US must maintain unipolar planetary hegemony at all cost became the prevailing mainstream orthodoxy at the heart of the empire. China is the ultimate threat to this hegemony. As Michael Parenti has written:

The PNAC plan envisions a strategic confrontation with China, and a still greater permanent military presence in every corner of the world. The objective is not just power for its own sake but power to control the world’s natural resources and markets, power to privatize and deregulate the economies of every nation in the world, and power to hoist upon the backs of peoples everywhere-including North America-the blessings of an untrammeled global “free market.” The end goal is to ensure not merely the supremacy of global capitalism as such, but the supremacy of American global capitalism by preventing the emergence of any other potentially competing superpower.

Because hot conflict is taken off the table in cold war confrontations between nuclear powers, planetary-scale propaganda campaigns take on a much more prominent role to pave the way for each new escalation. That’s what we’re seeing in all this recent promotion of anti-China hysteria.

You can understand the establishment China narratives by grasping just two points:

1) We are in a slow-motion third world war between the US and its allies and the nations which have resisted absorption into this alliance.

2) Propaganda is used to move this slow-motion war along.

Understand these two points and you can understand the entirety of why the western political/media class is behaving in the way that it is when it comes to international news. With China, and with all nations which have resisted absorption into the imperial blob.


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62 responses to “What We’re Really Seeing With All These Anti-China Narratives”

  1. Thank you Caitlin, succinct article. Anti-Asian hate crimes are fueled by 3 toxic ideologies: 1. Sinophobic media propaganda 2. culturally-ingrained anti-Asian racism among white Americans 3. culturally-ingrained anti-Asian racism among African Americans.

    Asians have been discriminated, beaten, shot, stabbed and lynched by white and black Americans since the 19th century. Anti-Asian hate crimes are nothing new.

    In fact, if you look deeper into the data, you’ll notice that the most common racial perpetrator for any victim is the same as the victim themselves. This makes sense — living in communities with people who look like yourselves and you’re bound to run into more violent situations with those people. The ONLY exception to this rule is for Asians. For Asians, Asians are not the most likely race to commit crime against themselves. For Asians, the most common perpetrator by race is Black.

    Anti-Asian racism is deeply ingrained in both African American and white American communities. Violence against Asians is widely tolerated and even encouraged. This creates a dual oppression paradigm where Asian Americans are doubly oppressed by both black and white people.

    Black anti-Asian violence is 280x more common than Asian anti-Black violence. White anti-Asian violence is also much more common than white anti-Asian violence.

    The recent uptick in Sinophobic propaganda adds fuel to the fire of anti-Asian racism in both white and black society.

    1. Sanjay, what’s the intent of your comment and the site you link to?

  2. So, King Von, is who I met at Joka Jones crib, only at the time I didn’t know anything about Von but what he told me about himself; wasn’t until the next day, watching videos with Joka’s baby momma, that I learned that Von had died almost two weeks earlier, so it kind of makes sense that we talked about money and dying. No doubt if you’re a rap fan that Von could be the fifth rapper that you knew personally that was killed, just leaves me wondering, ‘why if you’re dead, you’d go to Joka’s crib?’

    ‘While distracting us with sex and sports, our political and cultural “leaders” attack our national, religious, racial and family foundations using war, homosexuality, pornography, feminism, migration and “diversity.””
    Jonas E. Alexis

  3. All governments, every single one, are founded on the notion that they, and they alone, have authority to kill you if you don’t cooperate. This is not a sane notion. To suggest anything resembling moral foundation or ethics exists in any of them is delusional. The expectation they won’t treat other nations as they do their own citizens is as well.

    1. “The expectation they won’t treat other nations as they do their own citizens is as well.”
      if only there were a nation that would try getting their citizens out of poverty, if only … 😉

      1. Take a good long hard look at China’s efforts to do just that. Amazing how the Western World and it’s MSM totally ignores that effort. Whilst in their own countries, poverty rages uncontrolled.

        1. And yet just a moment ago in the context of an historical timeline, China was busy exterminating a great many of those living in poverty. That’s definitely one way to fight poverty. There are no saints involved in any government, just as there are few that are actually sane. The people occasionally benefit because it serves the benefit of the state for them to do so. Until it no longer does. At which point it stops.

          1. Making such a claim, needs to be backed up with verifiable links. Otherwise it doesn’t mean anything. I’m unawares of China ever, deliberately doing as you claim. However, I am very much aware of the crisis China went through after the civil war that was instigated by the Western powers, which resulted in their ejection from China. The civil wars that followed as the nation tired to find it’self after the destruction wrought upon them by first the Western nations, then the Japanese, then again the Western nations. I’m pretty sure if any Western nation had to go thru what the Chinese went through, there’d be no western nation left.

      2. The one and only time any government does any thing at all to better conditions for the people, is when doing so benefits the Psychopaths In Charge as well. The results depend on which delusional path they choose to benefit themselves. More accident than design. If beneficial for the people, most often short lived.

  4. Free market. Where the market wants free natural resources.

    1. Just a bit disingenuous. The “market” isn’t what’s seeking free natural resources, a gang of psychopaths that compose the oligarchic 0.1% are. And their methods don’t in any way resemble a free voluntary exchange of product between two parties who created them, or acquired them in similar fashion.

  5. This is just my own personal opinion but I do not think that many Americans are prejudiced against Asians, at least not Orientals. They understand the strong work ethic in Asian cultures and their propensity to abide by the law… or at least not getting caught doing anything dishonorable.
    Before retiring in 2004 I taught and trained many Asian Ph.D. students and post-docs in my branch of science. They are invariably intelligent and hard working. Heaven knows they constituted most of the student body in the sciences at American universities (starting already in the 80’s) and now they make up a large percentage of the faculties when they started replacing the last (White) American generation, including myself. Other Americans may envy their intelligence, hard work, discipline and success but I do not think they resent them for it. They certainly shouldn’t hate them enough to shoot them. We know that they have reaped the benefits of what they sowed in youth, while our kids were playing video games and attending raves.
    You can easily predict the future by assessing the present. Asians (including both Indians and Orientals) are poised to take over and take the lead in scientific achievement simply because they dominate the numbers. If America decides to withdraw into itself and not collaborate with China, other countries will. The other East Asian (notably Japan and Korea) countries will. India may not based on their poor relations with the country, but the Russians sure will. They’ve already agreed on plans to build a space station on or in orbit around the Moon with the Chinese. Their cooperation with America in space is no longer needed… for them (not sure about us).
    After distinguished Harvard chemistry professor Charles Lieber was crucified by the American justice system for his “collusion” (collaboration) with the Chinese Wuhan labs it would seem that any further interaction between American scientific institutions and the Chinese will be few and far between. Politics has made joint projects with Chinese companies or universities toxic. We will see whose loss that is… well probably the next generation unless I live to 100.
    Even if you personally don’t know any Chinese in such capacities, most Americans have surely eaten at Chinese restaurants. Where else do you get such cheerful and prompt service at low prices? I see very little animosity between peoples, but much between governments and now forced impediments at public and private institutions. If the US forcibly shut down all commerce with China because they have adapted American business acumen so very well and are out-competing us at our own game using our own rules how would most Walmartians afford a life?

  6. Editor’s Note: The UN as a world body structure has shown how useless it is when dealing with the asset stripping practiced by a country claiming to be the leader of the free world.

    That term, in this situation, may be interpreted as “freeing people from the ownership of their natural resources”. For some strange reason, corporate media has shied away from reporting on this.

    That has fueled growing aggression, which we see with the US actively using American military people sworn to defend our country and constitution but forcing them into being natural resource looters.

    It is so bad that it makes me wonder where the military judge advocate offices have been, protecting our soldiers from being made to do this kind of work. But it gets worse.

    During my first trip to Syria as an election monitor, one of 35 brought in from around the world, 10 from the US, we had full access to top officials for briefings. We learned that Syria had wisely used its natural resource wealth to fund all of its social programs, health and education.

    Education is free all the way up to advanced degrees, and no one ever goes bankrupt from medical bills. Syrians also paid no taxes for these benefits. Just imagine if the US had a system like this, how different life would be here.

    Syria has lasted because its rulers, not immune to graft which is everywhere in the region, still managed to sock a lot of national reserves away for a rainy day. Early on, when they saw the scale of the attack they were under, they moved all of their reserves to Russia for safe keeping.

    So my point is our wonderful country is hell bent on crushing the Syrian people financially as a way of encouraging them to overthrow their government. It makes me wonder why we have not seen the terms, crimes against humanity and war crimes, as we have seen others charged with.

    Is there no one to stand up to our volunteer military being ordered to engage in such activity? I will leave the training and supporting of proxy terrorism for another day, which I also view as a war crime.

    Why has no one inside our military, even retired people, stood up to challenge this ongoing outrage? Some would consider this a great dishonor to the whole veteran community. What if the situation were reversed and we were getting screwed like the Syria people are? … Jim W. Dean ]

    1. Agree totally with your comments Discovered a little article recently, that really pulls the wool from everyone’s eyes, and also raise the issue as to WHY, this article has not seen the light of day in Western MSM. I urge everyone to visit this site and check out this article, especially the nations recently involved in the India, Australia, Japan, U.S. bullshit. The hypocrisy being practiced by ALL these nations is astounding.
      Check it out here : Quad lacks moral authority in South China Sea

    2. Excellent analysis.
      “That term, in this situation, may be interpreted as “freeing people from the ownership of their natural resources” ”
      That is basically what General Smedly Butler said 90 years ago when he described his services to the American state and said “war is a racket.”
      “War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”
      I guess the American oligarchy, including George W. Bush’s grandpa Prescott, liked that he understood how the American system really works in the shadows because they tried to recruit him to lead a coup d’etat against President Franklin Roosevelt. Being not only honest but honorable he refused their deal and outed them. However, the American justice system let them go scott free, demonstrating that dishonesty and criminality still prevailed in the good ol’ USA… and probably always will.
      We the people seem to be slow learners and probably just a mite narcissistic, avaristic and self-centered, because nothing ever changes when it comes to using brute strength and mass mayhem in the acquisition of needs and wants. Just offer us free stuff and you will get our votes! We continue to vote in the thugs, murderers and thieves the insiders put on the ballot for us to rubber stamp.
      Obama was supposed to bring real “hope and change” (after 44 previous presidents collectively failed at that!) That liar just brought us more economic injustice, several new kinetic wars in the Middle East and a new Cold War with Russia. Sorry, no health, education, safety nets or infrastructure upgrades for you! It’s like we are trapped forever in amber.

  7. Given the USA has an incredible history of financing global extortion from the days of the Dulles brothers and before, including the refinancing of emerging and emerged political parties in a particular European nation post WW1, I wonder what has changed within the American culture in well over a century now? The USA had imperialist/global designs incorporated in their policies at and prior to the Versailles Treaty. WW2 enabled an expansion of financial extortion through lend lease and other politically induced factors. The Atomic bomb ensured a brief period of hegemony and military predominance, but thankfully a succession of brave selfless individuals bought that brief period of imbalance back to a state of equilibrium through hastening the manufacture of an equivalent exploitative weapon. The USA has been bomb happy for decades, and have used their military forces to attempt to substitute the value of, “from each according to their capability, to each according to their needs” for extended periods, and it is patently obvious they are incapable and cannot sustain that culture of brutality. As circumstances evolve to me it’s quite interesting to observe the machinations of a, what seems to be the imploding culture, of a once supposedly potentially great nation.

  8. I see economics (plus xenophobia, of course) behind a lot of this hate. IIRC, nobody said Putin was a dictator before the Russians nationalized their oil, same with Venezuela and their oil. Now that China is doing great with their factories and trying to get away from the dollar they are suddenly worse than Nazis. Of course there were already some Americans who hated China, but it wasn’t a national sport until very recently. It seems to me that this “new” cold war is just about who gets to keep the money.

    1. Its all about the oil. Politicians talk new green deal while waging war for oil.

      1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
        Sheila Chambers

        That’s because their trying to peddle “renewables” here for us to BUY, all the while knowing that those “renewables” are OIL DEPENDENT so for the EMPIRE to keep on top, it MUST HAVE OIL & it will do what ever it takes to STEAL that oil from weaker countries.

  9. Unfortunately, the constant 24/7 hate Russia, hate China, hate Iran, hate Cuba, hate everybody not kissing the asses of United States government officials is going to get much worse. The owners and the masters have to keep directing this hatred away from themselves and their policies. The United States is coming apart at the seems while the owners and the masters amass greater amounts of wealth while killing people and this planet!

    1. Hate China? Well, just put it on television and social media. You know, ‘Monkey see, monkey do,’ the essence of American political culture.

      However, the hate-everybody thing is going to wear out. It’s no longer 1950, when the US was still the last man standing. People are not going to put up with the b.s. much longer if their stuff is running out and their lives are deteriorating. Hate will keep you warm on a cold night, but it’s hard to eat.

  10. “We [created] a third world war [which may as well have been DECLARED].”
    Turn the tables: the US would have already struck with Nuclear Weapons.

  11. You’re so right, and if you ever bother to spend the time find out for yourself, it was the Americans who not only started the war, but also committed the Holocaust in Europe as well. The same people as now doing the so-called riot on the Capital, did the poison gas attacks in Syria, etcetera, etcetera, and always blaming others.

  12. Newton E. Finn Avatar
    Newton E. Finn

    No rational person can doubt the anti-China propaganda that has ceaselessly flowed from the so-called intelligence agencies and been trumpeted by its MSM mouthpieces. But I understand that the latest report from those same intelligence agencies that lied about WMD in Iraq, etc., is now spewing the BS that Russia and Iran, not China, were the culprits actually interfering in our latest presidential election. China, they now say, only thought about it. Thus it seems that a pivot back to hating Russia and Iran even more than China is underway, whatever that means, and I’m surprised that Caitlin, usually one step ahead of the BS, didn’t catch this.

    1. Remember Two Minutes’ Hate in _1984_? It could switch back and forth from day to day.
      If you like a certain kind of humor, get the RSS feed from _The New Yorker_. At the top there is a memoir by an Asian-American who is now afraid for her safety — not in Podunk or Dogpatch, but in New York City! And _right below it_, two major hate-China articles! You couldn’t make this up.

      1. Newton E. Finn Avatar
        Newton E. Finn

        Yup. When it’s all BS, it’s pretty simple to move our noses from one pile to another. But the move-of-the-moment back to the Russia/Iran pile is interesting to try to figure out. Of course, just when we think we’ve figured it out, our noses will be pointed back at the Chinese pile. The only move we all need to make, noses and all, is away from BS altogether, as Caitlin urges us to do with every post. Here’s a question worth pondering: Has Covid’s draining of resources and energy from the exceptional nation (exceptionally bad at controlling the pandemic) been sufficient to dissuade it from starting another shooting war, as opposed to slinging BS? Which leads to a follow-up question: If variants of the virus cause new American surges and lockdowns (as some epidemiologists fear), will that put America out of the criminal war business altogether for the foreseeable future? Which leads to a final question: If things do indeed play out this way, should Covid be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

    2. The PROBLEM with all this rehtoric is the FACT, the U.S. MIGHTILY INTERFERES in EVERY nation on the planet, especially if said nation has any raw resources that they can get their hands on. Moreover this interference is done OPENLY, for the whole World to see, yet not one journalist in the mainstream media, or Government lackey has ever asked the question, “Why complain of outside ALLEGED interference, when the U.S. has been doing just that, in other countries since it’s inception?” I remind readers of the U.S.’s APPOINTMENT of a FAUX leader for the people of Venezuela, and major Western nations agreed with this. No one considered that “interference” in Venezuela’s business. Why Not ? If it’s good enough for the Americans, Brits, France, Germany, ect, ect, then it’s also good enough for other countries to interfere in THEIR affairs as well. Crying about it in the M.S.M. only highlights the hypocrisy practiced by that nation, and EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

  13. Observing human events, knowing the lies, women in Europe were once the healthcare providers, they were then denounced as witches and burnt, they were then replaced by the same sort of men that run the war machine. And, a new scientific means of Healthcare known as bloodletting was introduced, not only did this procedure save lives but it also fulfilled religious sacraments. War itself is a religious sacrament. Anything that spills blood is a religious sacrament. So, though it must be said, as Caitlin, has done so here. I can never forget that the one they follow has said he is not human, he is so superior to us, that we are no more than city rats in comparison. So, though, much is said of these things that prey upon us; we never actually do anything about it, but offer ourselves up to be butchered as cattle. King Von, Jesus Christ, and hundreds of messiahs before and after Christ have come and gone, almost every single one of them killed, most by their own families. Law & Order is just another word for letting these freaks kill you, your family and friends. They are nothing more than a brain disease deadlier than rabies, but it is us not them that it kills.

  14. Looks like the “illusory truth effect” is bombing around here and with the same usual “awake people”. Guess it will be better to join the Flat Earth movement. At least there – among the crazy ones – the debate is not a closed circle of well known morons. They got diplomacy to accept and to deal with the natural divergence in conversations.

    1. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
      Comorbidity 2024

      Food? We can live on love, and plants. equality will power my Tesla.

      “Let them eat Bitcoin.”– Marie Antoinette

  15. It was just 70 years ago that FDR had every japanese US citizen gathered up and put into concentration camps. Nothing is off the table for our government or citizens.

    1. 80 years ago. 🙂

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      I appreciate and respect your comments Khatika
      And speaking of FDR …
      • “1942: FDR Was An Unpopular War President” – by Mike King
      Another resource …
      • “Franklin Delano Roosevelt My Exploited Father-in-Law” – by Dall Curtis Bean

    3. I enjoyed the Matt Tiabbi article on Daniel Elsberg. Step 1: you start out naive and honest and want to warn the people…Step 2: you’re sure people will see through the deception…Step 3: you disdain the people for their willful ignorance:

      He arrived in Washington believing the commonly held notion that nothing in the capital stays secret for long. Soon he learned that it’s actually quite easy to keep secrets. Ellsberg described a vicious cycle, in which leaders lie pervasively, then learn to have so much contempt for the public that swallows those lies, that they feel justified in lying more.

      “My awareness of how easily Congress, the public, and journalists were fooled and misled contributed to a lack of respect for them,” he wrote. “That, in turn, made it easier to accept practices of deception,” and “their resulting ignorance made it all the more obvious that they must leave these problems to us.”

  16. Is China ruled by a radically authoritarian regime that seeks to severely control any dissent and impose its will within its borders, and also outside of its borders?

    The U.S. has its faults, to be sure, but many would argue that China has a far greater capacity — militarily, financially, socially, etc. — to control vast portions of the globe. The sheer power of their population size gives them advantages that the U.S. cannot begin to compete with. The Chinese have been planning an unconventional war for many years. It comes in the form of mass propaganda, control over our official institutions, and cyberwarfare. One day, we will wake up and realize that we are no longer in charge of our own country. I would argue that we’re already there. Neoliberal and neoconservative traitors in the U.S. gave them this power. It is naive to think that China doesn’t pose a threat to the U.S.

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Right on cue
      • The ‘Independent’ Report Claiming Uyghur Genocide
      It becomes clearer by the day how they constructed the “Global Warming Climate Change” hoax – the “Holohoax” – and got away scot free with committing 911.
      Oh, and don’t forget the “century of humiliation” initiated with the Opium Wars, the Sassoons being central figures.

    2. Stop drinking thd koolaid. China has a history of minding their own business. Conquest is not part of their culture. Any society that builds a wall to keep invaders out is not one that wants to take over the world. The west is insane in a way and sees the world through that madness.

      1. China has a long history, and different periods. Manchu dynasty started as conquerors, first China, second, several lands to the west, so 1650-1750 was the last “conquering period”. Right now they picked some uninhabitable reefs on South China Sea, something done by USA before, read “guano islands”.

        In perspective, if USA can “worry about the freedom of navigation in the Bay of Peter the Great”, why China can get some interest in South China Sea?

        1. America, contrary to claims it’s making against China and the South China Sea, has no authority whatever to make any such claims. They have REFUSED to sign on to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, but run around as if they are signatory to it. Makes a mockery of the agreement it’self.

    3. Aren’t you embarrassed to act like a trained dog in public?

      1. It is has little self awareness. It is not.

      2. Do you have an intelligent rebuttal? Ad hominem attacks are evidence of a person’s inability to engage in meaningful debate. You’re clearly pushing Chinese propaganda here. Are you being paid?

        As I mentioned before: “The Chinese have been planning an unconventional war for many years. It comes in the form of mass propaganda, control over our official institutions, and cyberwarfare.”

        1. where can i find the information about the unconventional war, the mass propaganda, the control over your official institutions and the cyberwarfare?

        2. I have abundant evidence. They US military has been actively engaged in killing people for all but 20 years or so of its history. There is a fundamental flaw in a nation so engaged. Profit by government, and war as their most profitable product. Which as in all wars, requires the demonization of the opponent to get the masses behind the project. There is not one thing you can imagine that’s so evil the US Psychopaths In Charge won’t engage in if it benefits them and they think they can probably get away with it. Exactly how is that superior to China?

    4. Why is Chins ramping up their navy and military. Tell me, what would you do if you saw an adversery armed to the teeth coming your way. Sit and think good thoughts or arm for a conflict by a known world aggressor.

      1. I absolutely agree that the U.S. is a major part of the problem. Personally, I’m an anti-war isolationist and believe that each country is sovereign and has the right to self-determination. Our country is one of the worst when it comes to violating other countries’ sovereignty and rights. That doesn’t minimize the very real possibility that other nations can be equally bad if given the power and opportunity.

        Know that the Chinese have been buying up farmland, housing, and critical infrastructure in the US for quite a few years; often using US-based corporations or legal entities to do so. They are here, but instead of using their official navy, they are wisely hiding the fact that they are already in position.

        1. Global Capital runs the world. If we have benefited, that’s just a side-effect and can go away at any time. We are pawns. Governments are pawns. Wealth and power consolidation is the game…always…everything else is propaganda. Very few have a seat at the table in deciding how things go. There’s deception, changing alliances, etc which cause the turbulence in our lives, but almost all of it are lies. Pay attention enough to prepare, but support none of it. Be nice to one another and ignore their call to harm each other. All fights are their fights not ours.

        2. ‘Chinese have been buying up farmland, housing, and critical infrastructure in the US for quite a few years…’

          That was to make money. Several years ago, the Emperor Xi began to frown upon this practice and it has been curtailed (or so I’m told). So now the US Federal government has to keep real estate prices inflated with funny money.

          I’m particularly aware of this since some big plans for Canal Street in New York’s Chinatown were called off, greatly to my convenience since otherwise I would have been displaced.

          The Chinese don’t need our problems. They have their own.

        3. Gee, you mean the way the US has been doing for the last one hundred years by gobbling the resources of the planet at a voracious rate. Now thst others are attempting to do the same it is unacceptable. Me but not thee. US policy in a sentence.

    5. “One day, we will wake up and realize that we are no longer in charge of our own country.”

      May i ask you how much control over your country that you personally have?

      How much influence do you have upon your government or politicians?

      Now consider how much control your government has over you…

      When you talk about danger to your country, please consider that if your government was to adopt a friendly cooperative, truthful and sincere relationship with other countries, then any danger to the citizens of your country would be minimal.

      However if your government is to adopt an unfriendly, uncooperative, secretive, mischievous, and manipulative relationship with other countries, then the danger to the citizens of your country increases.

      Ordinary people don’t generally throw rocks at their neighbours, or call them names or act provocatively and antagonisticaly towards them. It is common courtesy, and it is the way of the wise.

      A person who behaves selfishly and violently has no real friends and so is actually a danger to themselves.

      A person who is kind and peaceful and generous will have real friends and so is not a danger to themselves.

      Any danger originates from within yourself, not from outside yourself.

      Let me put it another way.
      A person who goes out looking for a fight is sure to find one.

      It is naive to think that the U.S doesn’t pose a threat to itself.

      1. I absolutely agree that the U.S. is a major part of the problem and make no excuses for the globalist neoliberals and neoconservatives who’ve destroyed our nation and other nations around the globe. Personally, I’m an anti-war isolationist and believe that each country is sovereign and has the right to self-determination. Our country is one of the worst when it comes to violating other countries’ sovereignty and rights. That doesn’t minimize the very real possibility that other nations can be equally bad if given the power and opportunity.

        Know that the Chinese have been buying up farmland, housing, and critical infrastructure in the US for quite a few years; often using US-based corporations or legal entities to do so. They are here, but instead of using their official navy, they are wisely hiding the fact that they are already in position.

        1. if your country is a major part of the problem and is one of the worst shouldn’t that be your priority (it is probably closer and there’s probably more opportunity to act). and should you then not also include the very real possibility that your country pushing the idea that other countries can be equally bad might not be really all that real?

      2. ‘Ordinary people don’t generally throw rocks at their neighbours, or call them names or act provocatively and antagonisticaly towards them. It is common courtesy, and it is the way of the wise.’

        That’s because their neighbours are friendly and non threatening. If they are perceived, rightly or wrongly, to be a threat then defence or attack must be done – what’s the solution?

    6. “The US has it’s faults, to be sure, but CHINA!”

      I didn’t see China invade Iraq, wreck Libya, or set up a pirate enclave in Syria, fool.

    7. You’re so very right !!! Just look at all the chickens in the world, 60 billion of them at any one moment compared to the miserable not yet even 8 billion people, any time that they get a mind to do so they’ll be completely able to overwhelm our defenses by the sheer force of their numbers. Like the Barbarians that swarmed all over the Roman Empire, but then again, even that was a filthy lie. It fell due to traitors within its ranks.

    8. China keeps massive conventional military forces primarily to enforce its control over its own population, but not to worry, the U.S.A. is rapidly getting to that point as driven by the globalist oligarch elite having elected to emulate that provenly successful China model. The U.S.A. “land of the free” currently has what looks like an occupying military force (they’re actually hostages) in its capital with extensive fences in place to protect the government of the People, by the People from some very pissed off citizens, those being the aforementioned People who have finally come to realize they’ve been slowly but steadily totally screwed out of their representative republic. That last “election” was only the turd frosting on the cake. Any confetti we see falling in D.C. was once the U.S. Constitution which is now continuing to be totally shredded by all three branches of government. IMHO God Bless America

      1. “China keeps massive conventional military forces primarily to enforce its control over its own population” – opinion? assertion? stated policy?

    9. Don’t worry take a pill. China is not the least bit interested in taking over your fckd up country and its military is defensive in capability.

  17. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    One quote from my previous post re Ponsonby …
    “Many of the old war lies survived for several years, and some survive even to this day.“
    [and that was written in 1929]
    So this is topical – Eva K Bartlett (In Gaza)
    • It’s 10 years since the war in Syria began, and Western media & pundits are still eager to keep it going

  18. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Thank you Caitlin – here is my contribution.
    “Facts must be distorted, relevant circumstances concealed and a picture presented which by its crude colouring will persuade the ignorant people that their Government is blameless, their cause is righteous, and that the indisputable wickedness of the enemy has been proved beyond question.“
    “Departments have to be created to see to the psychological side. People must never be allowed to become despondent; so victories must be exaggerated and defeats, if not concealed, at any rate minimized, and the stimulus of indignation, horror, and hatred must be assiduously and continuously pumped into the public mind by means of “propaganda.
    “… the injection of the poison of hatred into men’s minds by means of falsehood is a greater evil in wartime than the actual loss of life. The defilement of the human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body.
    Read on … (please do – and share this resource)
    • Falsehood of War-Time – Arthur Ponsonby

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