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Want To Serve The Empire? Help Circulate Its Propaganda Narratives!

Hey kids! Wanna do your ol’ Uncle Sam a big honkin’ favor? Wanna serve the US empire like a good little lickspittle? Wanna help kill other people’s kids in far off lands for fun and profit?

You do?? Well bust my britches, that’s just swell!

It’s actually really easy. You don’t even need to be smart to do it — heck, it’s actually a whole lot easier if you’re not. Just shut off that pesky little lightbulb inside your noggin and listen up.

All you have to do to help ol’ Uncle Sam spark off them shiny lil’ Tomahawk missiles and incinerate those goofy foreigners for geostrategic control and Raytheon shareholder profits is this: just go around repeating the same stuff your buddies at the US State Department say about governments we don’t like.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. It really is that simple.

Now I know you young ‘uns don’t do all your talkin’ to each other like us old timers do. You like to get on them newfangled apps and internets with your iPods and your talking dongle widgets and your fancy America Online CD-ROMs. And that’s just great! We need lots and lots of that stuff.

Just get on that there Tweeter machine and tell all your friends that Russia is real, real bad. Or maybe make one of them TikTak dances about how China wants to harvest everyone’s organs. Or heck, you can just share plain ‘ol online news articles about how bad the governments we don’t like are, since them outlets all say the same stuff we say anyhow.

Y’see kids, it’s like this: Before we launch missiles, we launch narratives. Before we drop bombs, we drop stories. Before we invade, we propagandize. We need to make sure everyone’s on our side before we can roll in their and kill those evil terrorists and babies and grandmas, otherwise we risk turnin’ everyone in America and our client states into a buncha stinkin’ anti-war hippies.

And we definitely can’t have none of that. If Americans decide they don’t like war they start making a big scene in front of everybody, holding protests and telling everyone really nasty stuff about your ol’ Uncle Sammy. Then before you know it we got us a real leftist revolutionary movement on our hands, and I ain’t talkin’ about any of that cutesy Bernie Sanders stuff. I’m talking about an actual uprising against the rich folks who run this here blessed country and tearing down the whole empire bolt by bolt.

I know we talk a big game about the scary bad guys being the jihadis and the North Koreans and whatnot, but really the folks who are most dangerous to our enterprises here are the folks who are going around telling everyone that we’re up to no good up in Langley and Arlington. The last thing we need is a buncha hoodlums running around sharing a lot of unauthorized stories about how we’re doing bad things and not really telling the truth about our military agendas. That’s why we’re trying to censor them offa the internet for good.

So get out there and grease the wheels of imperialism, sonny boy! Tell ’em Maduro is starving his people! Tell ’em Assad must go. Tell ’em them Iranians are the world’s worst sponsors of terrorism instead of us and the Saudis! Whatever you see them saying on Fox or CNN about governments we don’t like, you just pick up that torch and run with it, because anything negative you share about them helps us. That’s the best way you can help keep them big ol’ expensive gears of war turning, ya little stormtrooper.

Heck, if you help share our propaganda narratives about the nations that disobey us, you’re could pretty much even say you’re like one of our soldiers. If you think about it, there’s hardly any difference between you and the guy who actually hits the switch to deploy the bombs. You’re just showing up a little earlier in the process, laying down a little storytellin’ so we can rev up our war engines and get the real party started.

So hold your head up high, soldier! By helping us market our wars at home and abroad, you’re helping to make sure we can keep on killin’ until there’s no one left to kill. You just keep talking online about how bad them Russians and Chinese and all them are and keep your tongue lickin’ the imperial boot nice and clean, and you’ll have done your ol’ Uncle Sammy proud.


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  • This is the unit of the State Department that is circulating the global propaganda narratives:


  • Today, I was reading a comment section which talked about how you get fake news on the Internet, and (literally) how you have to watch CNN and the rest – I am not making this up – to get the real news.
    Sadly, there was nowhere to respond. Or I would have.

  • Does Vlad have a Patreon account? Asking for a friend.

  • Not that I require Caitlin to take any position on these two large topics… But this guy did – and I wholeheartedly support the effort. Some fairly good links to raticle.org articles about the Kennedy hit, are worth mentioning, as well


  • So almost as if ON CUE – I wound up getting this in my inbox:


    Arguing that a likely US and UK Intelligence Asset should be set free – in spite of being a convicted embezzler, who violated his parole, and in the most recent instance, as part of a likely US/UK/NATO psychological warfare campaign…of the sort recently exposed by thegrayzone (. Com), Moon of Alabama, “Anonymous” and others.


    • I doubt if Navalny works directly for Western intelligence – he thinks Crimea is Russian. Not sure the same can be said for Maria Pevchikh.

      • Crimea IS Russian – and has been since Peter the Great. They have a large Naval base there. On the one hand he’s smart enough to know that, and the history – as most Russians do. He knows that you can’t sell an American or British Whopper in Moscow, and expect to have a successful franchise. That Propaganda piece is only for foreign (domestic, here and in Europe) consumption.

        On the other hand he also knows that his political future, as a guy who’s cynically latched on to Russian Ultra-nationalism, ethnocentrism and xenophobia would be over, if he aligned himself in that fashion, domestically.

        His history of Yale attendance and NED support speaks to the contrary. And one of his top aides is on surveillance video meeting with an MI-6 spy – and asking for more money.

        If he weren’t a western asset – you wouldn’t know the name of a 2% support candidate.

  • Great Post. Shame we live in such dark times from real info. Trumps new social media platform won’t help. The UN needs to set up a real news feed, so it can’t be claimed to be propagandised.

    • The UN can’t be claimed to be propagandised? The Western powers regularly insinuate that it is!

    • Trump is not the bogey man. Your government is. If you don’t play the propaganda game you don’t get elected. The UN? Really? Well why not? Just because its even more corrupt than any of the nations that subscribe to it is no hindrance. All governments are founded on the notion that they have sole authority to kill you if you don’t play along. To expect sane moral conduct from them is delusional. The US is in the catbird seat, but is sliding off the chair. Another will take its place. Just like the US took over from the UK. Perhaps the bank cartel will openly take the position. It might as well. Its the primary driver of war. All hail the “great reset”.

  • This is my last post and remember – I never lie. I never lie with anyone I don’t want to be with.
    I propose March 21 (321xx) henceforth, be declared on planet earth – Global Day of Satire and Sarcasm.
    This is my final proposal. Take it or leave it and the beauty is – it makes no difference either way.
    Now, I’m going to have a personal meeting in my room with Cervantes, called Miguel by his friends of which I am one. Mark Twain said he is coming to join as well, and so I know it will be a good time had by all. A couple others, including some sweet smart twisted damsels who are NOT in distress, but feel distressed nonetheless, are also arriving as I type this. Oh, they are so fine. Just a few old goofballs and blowhards blowing smoke in the wind for the sake of some ole harmless fun. Don’t you wish you were invited – well, sorry – you ain’t.
    Happy Satire Day to you my friend, and maybe, you can have a gathering of your own. As far as I’m concerned, leave us alone.
    Got to go. Drinks and amenities to be served and provided for these fine guests. No link shall be provided on this message cause I respect good satire. Oh yeah, on this post and all others going forward – sorry for any typos. Now, only thing left is to find the music to start the gathering. Here – how about this:

    Yours truly,

  • Awesime !

  • Caitlin, I always read, and frequently learn from, your articles. I nominate this one for the “instant classic” award. This is a magnificent piece of writing. It delivers the right on point message with punch and dark humor. Well done!

  • I gotta hand it to you Caitlin, you are so excellent an author and have a great sense of dark humor- love your articles

  • (Other Statements/Narratives You Can ALWAYS Believe)…
    “No! Not Me! It WASN’T me!”
    “You can trust me…”
    “I didn’t do it!”
    “Of course I’ll respect you in the morning…”
    “I’d NEVER lie to you!”
    “I had a flat tire and no spare. And my phone suddenly broke.”
    “I left my last job because I was working too hard.”
    “No, it’s not you. It’s ME…”
    “I respect you too much…”
    “It just fell down all by itself!”
    “I promise… I’ll NEVER do that again!”
    “It was just a One-Time thing! Promise!”
    “Trust THE SCIENCE!”
    “I’m here to HELP…:
    “ I look older than I really am!”
    “I look YOUNGER than I really am.”
    “No, you DON’T look fat!”
    “You’re the ONLY one for me!”
    “I could never love another…”
    “Of COURSE I read the instructions…”
    “I get along with EVERYONE!”
    “Yes, I heard every word you said!”
    “I LOVE children…”
    “I was just KIDDING. You can take a joke, right?”
    (And the Best Ones of All…)
    “I’M SORRY..”
    “I’m an EXPERT and you can TRUST ME!”

    • Roundball Shaman
      So far, in my mind, with my vote, you WIN the satire contest…..
      Plus, I never lie!

  • Yeah, super censorship today, the Rothschilds will not be denied their Messiah

  • oh, we are so sychronistic: Oh, What to Do, What to Do?

    Hitler showed how easy it is to manipulate the public through propaganda. And now, with the censoring and how only the mainstream line is presented, repeated, and repeated. People end up believing what is assumed to be true, to be true, I say at the risk of sounding redundant to the hurrying reader. Everywhere it is presented as an unassailable fact, like the necessity of the vaccine, over and over everywhere. Watch a video of George Orwell near his end (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k_ptxWsadI)

    That is all it takes to totally brainwash the public. How can we ever break through this? They will always find a plausible explanation for whatever is revealed. That is a trait that they have sharpened and refined from having been lying probably from a very early age.  People who have endured sexual abuse as children often resort to lying compulsively and ingeniusly as they feel guilty though association with the perpetrator. They are experts at deflecting blame away from themselves. Sometimes they will launch an attack on their protagonist to redirect the focus on them. I have known some people like that, very smooth operators, living off the gullibility and innocence of the multitudes. People are easy prey for talented sociopaths. Look for some real human characteristics beneath their charismatic sheen  when encountering one of these charming bastards. They make great politicians.

    Why is everything going to hell in a handbasket right now? Because we have allowed injustices to be perpetrated consistently for centuries and have not organized sufficiently to put an end to it. It is easy to see how everyone who hasn’t tried to resist as activists is complicit. 

    When one contemplates how it came about that slavery finally ended in the USA  after the Civil War in 1865, one must realize that slavery had been banned almost everywhere else by the early 1800’s, and the USA was almost last to do this, but that dishonor goes to Brazil who had slavery all the way up to 1888. There are various theories as to how this came about, the main ones being financial advantage for some to end slavery and the other is out of a sense of morality, so what occured was trading unsightly naked slavery for wage slavery, which often created even worse conditions for the x-slaves than when enslaved.

    Risking the possibility of sounding arrogant I might suggest that capitalism, materialism tends to not only breed corruption, but also makes people somewhat superficial and hence, easy to manipulate. How many times has humanity fallen for their trojan horse tricks, like advertising using ddt on your head to rid yourself of mites, or doctors recommending smoking cigarettes, and now, a microchip in your hand that will make keys and passwords obsolete as well as being able to detect disease in one’s body, even before it starts. It doesn’t cost much or hurt, just give us your freedom, but that’s not even in the fine print, as perhaps it seems unnecessary to state the obvious, that most people seem to overlook. Aldous Huxley could see through it back then,1958 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alasBxZsb40).

    Or how clever, to create an impossible existential dilemma like having to choose between one’s civil liberties against health security. Most people would rather live no matter what, even if they have to live as slaves. After all, no one knows how many slaves actually committed suicide. One can only speculate. “How did slaves respond to the suffering they were forced to undergo? While some slaves did choose suicide, the rates appear to be surprisingly low. This is consistent with suicide rates for Africa and for people of African descent living in other areas of the world, and further supports the theory that a low suicide rate is an element of African culture.” (https://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/1654).

    At least the slaves knew they were enslaved. Now, with mental manipulation, people believe that they are free and will fight in wars to preserve their delusion of being free. Slavery with chains is really out of style. It’s much cooler to have slaves who think that they are free. We have lived being enslaved to the dollar. But now, the enslavement will be much more thorough, sleek, and clean. Everything will look good on the surface, all the horrors that make this picture possible are kept behind closed doors and in empty fields. It’s scary stuff. It’s possible that many people don’t have the courage to look at something terrifying and prefer to imagine that it couldn’t really get that bad, even though modern history is full of horrors. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVlhBS8VrbY).

    Controlling minds, that is what makes atrocities so acceptable. Forcing me to be injected by the corrupt government is clearly tyrannous, yet people don’t even see what seems so obvious. If they are protected from the virus since they have been vaccinated, why must they insist that I have to be vaxxed and consider me a threat to them without it. It seems it doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t make any sense. This is zombieism when illogical ideas are conceived of as true. We shouldn’t have to wait for historians who probably will never exist to tell us that propaganda has turned many humans into human looking zombies and that tyranny was perpetrated without the public even noticing.

    You may have no clue as to what you could do about it, so you feel comfortable  as well as helpless, staying home watching things evolve and hoping for the best. But you could step into your power and confront the monumental challenges by finding a niche in the solution puzzle that we all must create. Like organizing locally, localization, growing food communally to keep everyone in food, etc. Being a longtime radical anarchist activist, I have very ambitious strategies in the process of manifesting since I feel compelled to resist and search for an effective response. utopiacornucopia.org.

    • Very interesting perspective of where sociopaths come from, it had been my observation that, that indeed was the case, and any other aspect of it as well. I have to assume then that most American parents, are in effect rapists at heart, if not in actuality. That was the problem with Jack-the-Ripper, he was brought up in a family that believed in, “What would Jesus do”, and then attempt to live that way. Works for some but not all. That’s the problem with kids, they’re all treated as property, but it’s not really the kids that they’re trying to protect, but rather themselves. Super respect to you for speaking on the subject.

    • Everyone’s talk of “us and them” as if us is NOT them too, is eye opening.
      Hitler’s henchmen, initially being us, the public, were in worse economic and social straights than us today, yet perhaps, not as blindly as us today, were coerced by their immediate circumstances to believe the narrative.
      Were German politician’s and industrials back then any different than ‘them’ cohort today?
      Is humanity any more consciously evolved today than it was a mere three quarters of a century ago?
      Are we instinctively doomed to the “us and them” paradigm?
      Homo-sapiens’ first becoming conscious of a self as separate from instinctive herd reactionary behavior doesn’t appear to have changed very much, if at all!

      • “Industrialists”

  • Yup, up beat one day, down the next, I know how it is, as Buffy Sainte-Marie has said in one of her songs, “Tell it to a bubble in the sea.” Sad truth is though, is that even if the daily readership was 7 million that would still be only 1/10 of 1% of the world’s population, but actually it’s a thousand times less than that even on a good day. Seems hopeless, but I like to think that God hears all these cries of anguish. Especially, so to the point that the minds of humans will be able to create a placebo powerful enough to cure all our problems.
    Anyway, way too much censorship today.

    • The future are the generations coming after us, so just like those who came over on the Mayflower literally have millions of descendants, so can an idea discussed with your children.
      Best to you Lynn.

  • blatant act of aggression, Our Dear Leader Joe Biden was able to successfully and heroically evade a Russian plot to take down the savior of the free world. According to our sources at the CIA (that would be me), Vladimir Putin activated a dormant stair that Donald Trump had Rudy Giuliani install in Air Force One at the behest of Moscow’s orders. This was done as retribution for Dear Leader Biden rightly calling Putin a killer (don’t look at the dead bodies in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Flint); instead of interfering in our elections over the past five years, this time around they decided to target the President.

    The fact that Russia can pull off this type of operation without detection and can target the most powerful man in the world is sending shockwaves throughout DC and Europe. If not for Dear Leader’s ability to athletically avoid the Russian stair with just a graceful misstep before he caught his footing, we could very well be talking about a repeat of 1963’s Grassy Knoll in Dallas. The FBI and the Selective Service are now sweeping every stair flight in the White House and Congress; in a show of force, 20,000 Reservists are being called up now to secure the stairs at the Lincoln Memorial, the Monument and the US Supreme Court.

    Those of you who have been watching this space and enjoying my pencil twirls over the years know how serious I am about defending our democracy (unless Hillary is running, in which case democracy shemocracy). I’ve been reporting for years about a serious and concerted effort by Putin to wreck our governance and turn us against each other (never mind that I get paid over $7,000,000 annually to pour gasoline on the fires of grievance and antipathy that is shredding our union apart). All you should focus about is how much I love Blue America and that I am a patriot defending our nation from the Commie Reds (like my hero Joseph McCarthy). In fact, this morning on my way to fetch a cup o’ latte, I saw Putin rearing his head over the skies of the Hamptons!

    If the Russians are able to pull off this level of sophistication in order to target Dear Leader Biden, then we as Americans must fundamentally change our way of life. We can’t trust any stairs! In fact, until we vet every stair throughout this country, we must avoid stairs at all cost. From now on, take only elevators or tie bedsheets together in order to climb the edifices of buildings à la Batman and Robin. Sure this is a big inconvenience, but if our Dear Leader can defeat a stair with band intentions, surely we can do our part.

    • Pretty soon they will tell the Delaware Dimwit to just sit still and keep his mouth shut.
      The his wife can stick her finger in his direction and he can suck on it.

      • You wrote a nice piece. Congrats. I’m pretty sure I wrote something praising you about that but it’s not here anymore. Probably it’s been hold on the trash to think better. I did it in another article, then it disappeared but now it’s back. If the group writing to help has divergences where it hurts: shame of being wrong, foolish pride, childish concerns I guess no one need to be a genius to figure out how it can be bring down. I can see this and I’m not a genius. And if the virtual staff from the government – in the absence of nothing better to do – decide to see what this space is about, they will see this and much more. Harmless-snobbish-concerned citizens trying to make things right like The Incredible Army of Brancaleone.

        • Ha, ha. Don Quixote and Brancaleone met at the crossroads and looked into each other’s eyes. Just then the windmill started turning and the birds started chirping.
          If you want to know the rest, buy the rights. Payment accepted only in river rocks.
          The day is too sunny and the wind too pleasant for anything but fanciful harmless imagination today, but tomorrow is a new day the gentleman realized as they walked away.
          Long live the Underdog Brancaleone exclaimed in a friendly way as they left each other’s sight. And the rest is a mystery that only the future will reveal.

  • Thankee uncle Sammie. I will do my part sharing on facebook and twitter. I am gonna make a tiktok right now to share with my friends. You keep me safe and give us lots of nice stuff like game consoles and big screen TVs. Also all the gasoline for my papas big SUV. Do you think when I grow up I can be one of those soldiers flying a drone and killing terrorists. I am real good already. I get lots of practice playing my video games.

  • Before the Saturday morning cartoons on television there was ” Victory At Sea ” where us children watched our glorious navy blow up and destroy ” the various enemies of the U.S.A. ” The ” brainwashing ” was relentless and very constant. After the fiasco in Korea our government went into Vietnam. However that ” war ” was brought into everyones home through their TV’s and we saw body bags of our dead soldiers , and them with legs and arms missing. Many middle income kids moved to Canada to avoid being drafted and drugs corrupted our entire society from top to bottom. There is no more ” dirty money ” here; it all spends so it is all good. People still raise their kids to serve Uncle Sammy but some raise their kids to sell drugs or rob people. The grave or prison do not mean anything to these parents because it is their unloved children that die or do the time in jail. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave; as Mr. Roberts calls us we are a country of ” dumbshits “!

    • In a nation that prides itself on selling drugs (eg. Prozac, Oxycontin) and robbing people (Syrian oil, the resources of Latin America), it’s hardly surprising if some citizens think it’s OK for them to freelance.

  • “Before we launch missiles, we launch narratives.” And, before “we launch narratives,” our Star Chambers finalize agreements on everything that will, eventually, be fulfilled.

  • Jeffery Dahmer only killed 17 people. And he ate what he killed. Maybe Americans should be forced to eat all the people they kill. Call it Humanitarianism.

  • Great article, Caitlin and Tim! However, I think you left out two important facts.

    1. Uncle Sam is going to tell Them Peeple, right off the bat, 24/7, to always vote for either an R or a D, makes absolutely no difference which, when they enter the voting booth, time and time and time and time again, just as they did on
    November 3, 2020
    November 8, 2016
    November 6, 2012
    November 4, 2008
    November 2, 2004
    November 7, 2000
    November 5, 1996
    November 3, 1992
    November 8, 1988
    November 6, 1984
    November 4, 1980
    November 2, 1976
    November 7, 1972
    November 5, 1968
    November 3, 1964 (– the year I turned 14, which was the year I “woke up” and realized that that 24/7 “recommendation” would be perpetual, which it has been ever since 1964)
    2, It is Them Peeple who voted into office the collective “Uncle Sam” who is telling Them Peeple what they have to do (especially article-unmentioned #1) to support what “Uncle Sam” is doing around the world.
    Again, other than those minor omissions, which exonerate Them Peeple from any personal responsibility for “Uncle Sam’s” horrible behavior at home and abroad (quite coincidentally, just as “Uncle Sam” always blames “outsiders” for all its internal shortcomings and external genocide and gangsterism), great article!
    On a side note, if you want More Of The Same from your good old Uncle Sam that you’ve been experiencing for at least the past 50 years, just make sure you vote for an R or a D, makes no difference which, the next time you step into a voting booth. If you do, you are absolutely guaranteed to get it, just like you are now! Even more exciting — if you do that, you, too, can go on reading and writing MOTS, forever! Just think! (I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tears of ………… in my eyes just thinking about it!)

  • The US Empire is over, we just don’t realize it yet. See youtube


    • When the financial capital moves to China in the next ten years or so is when it will apparent.

  • “Y’see kids, it’s like this: Before we launch missiles, we launch narratives. Before we drop bombs, we drop stories. Before we invade, we propagandize. We need to make sure everyone’s on our side before we can roll in their (sic) and kill those evil terrorists and babies and grandmas, otherwise we risk turnin’ everyone in America and our client states into a buncha stinkin’ anti-war hippies.” The other Johnstone (Diana) well worth listening to, in her memoir “Circle in the Darkness,” explains the whole R2P shtick. In order to trigger the “Responsibility To Protect” (R2P) used to justify a new criminal war, the American government and MSM first generate sympathy for the beleaguered citizens of the targeted country by demonizing its leader into the next Hitler or Stalin, precisely as Caitlin describes. Only when that narrative sinks in through relentless repetition, and the best in the American people–their desire to right a grievous wrong and come the aid of innocent victims–has been falsely aroused, does the MIC then proceed to bomb or drone or invade or foment a color revolution or, at the very least, impose crippling sanctions. Of course, the targeted country and its leader are far from perfect and subject to valid criticism, which provides the sliver of truth which makes the big lie palatable. According to Diana, this R2P strategy, with a long history in American foreign policy, was brought to perfection by the Clinton administration to cover American intervention in the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. Until I read Diana’s book, I myself had been manipulated into believing that the Serbs were somewhat like the Nazis and Milosevic somewhat like Hitler. Eye-opening stuff in this memoir, not only about R2P but also about the yellow vest movement in France, for example, which turns out to be quite different than mainstream narratives have portrayed it. So if you like Caitlin, you might want to give that other Johnstone a look, if you haven’t already done so. They share much more than a last name.

  • Great one C.

  • I would love to read a graffiti on the white roof of any American or British gas station: “Oil stolen from Middle East but 100% refined in America”

    Looks like Buffalo Ken got an article here. The writing is unmistaken. Several minds to make one article everyday. Looks fair enough considering the hard work to build from the scratch one article.

    • Did I “get” an article? Holy Moly, but sorry, I doubt it. However, if you want to have a satire contest, I’m up for it. We could do it on the fly. Here is a poem for the contest – it is definitely not my best, but whatever my fingertips sort of are thinking “eff it”.

      Don Quixote strode into town with his best buddy Sancho Panza
      They needed a place to stay – there were damsels to save.
      Sancho Panza said to his Don buddy…..why not here..
      You ole windmill loving goofball.
      Don Quixote did not take it lightly that his buddy talked to him with sarcasm.
      Don Quixote was not to be trifled with in Don Quixote’s imagination.
      Sancho just laughed and thought to himself
      Wonder what the Don will do now?
      And the readers wondered as well,
      but only the future would tell.
      If nobody listens to the
      Story was the story
      ever told?
      They stayed at their place and
      the misadventures continued.
      Knights of confusion they
      had no solution.
      And in the end damsels saved themselves
      windmills continued to turn birds
      chirped & the world moved on.
      Day-by-Day. With or without Don Quixote and his pal.
      Fools they were but harmless fools.
      No harm in a harmless fool
      Sancho thought as he
      laid his head down
      to rest another
      Sancho was happy to be the squire of somebody who meant no harm.
      It was easier for Sancho to live with himself knowing this.
      Sancho rested easy and so did Don Quixote.


  • If USA disappeared from the map tomorrow, it would be exactly the same. To start with, we have the British Crown, still lamenting having had to allow USA to take over Imperialists activities, due to the giant financial debt Britain owed America after World War II.

    It is only about 12 to 15 years ago the UK finished paying the loan, with interest included. The situation
    brought down the value of the Pound Sterling and increased manyfold the value of the American dollar. In short, American Imperialism was created by Europe and the world for them. Served on a silver plate.

    What you’re demanding Caitlin, is as brutal and unacceptable you giving a a chocolate bar to a friend and you eating it. Don´t forget when Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed America must achieve Full Spectrum Dominance, by land, Sea and Air, the whole world, Australia included, applauded him.

    • The Brits don’t have the dollar and the power that it commands through the financial networks, all of which is a by-product of WW2.


    • If America-UK-Canada-Australia-NewZealand-Israel-SaudiArabia disappeared from the world, I’m pretty sure the world would be a better place to live.

      • Take Canada, Australia and New Zealand out of that and then say: “check” as if in a game of chess.
        In fact, don’t say check. Say “CheckMate” you sweet little piece of honeycake.
        So said Don Quixote to Brancaleone in response to his exclamation as they walked away from each other after looking into each other’s eyes at the crossroads where the windmills were turning and the birds chirping.
        Check on that mate! Check indeed.
        Game over.

    • If the USA disappeared tomorrow, China would be an unrivalled superpower, and there’s little indication so far they’d use that power to bomb and invade and crush countries around the world as the US does, or the UK did in the glorious days when the blood never dried on the Empire.

      • China already is the superpower surviving the outcome of a coalition of hard economic sanctions. I’m pretty sure America would not have the same performance under same sanctions. America will try to erase North Korea to open a front to face China where troops, heavy artillery, air strikes can go without resistance. I’m not sure why they would do that because the Chinese know how it worked out for them living under Mongols, Japanese and British occupation. America and allies don’t have the numbers just nuclear stuff and no one would benefit from such decision. America would never put their feet on Middle East, China or Russia if there is nothing there to feed the monster. When there’s nothing more left probably they will eat themselves.

        • Nah. America will split up into pieces, and then – IMAGINE THIS – the entity (or entities) that remains (or remain) will be tougher, stronger, and meaner, but in a peaceful way from a defensive standpoint at least for the parts of it that join together to make something better and leave the Imperialism ideas of a bunch of old farts who know nothing but war in the dust! Let them blow away in the wind. The time is coming cause the generations following know way more than we ever could have dreamed.
          Don Quixote thought this and said to himself and the windmills – next time I’m at a crossroads, I’ll share this idea.
          There are some folks who are literally shitting themselves at this moment cause they just sensed history and herstory leaving them behind. Good riddance to them.
          So ends the story today of the Don Q and his underdog pal – what’s his name again?
          River rocks for sale – I have a bunch of em.
          Also, one must be careful going up or down steps. Some things are obvious and dimwits like to suck.

  • That’s mighty fine dialect, ma’am.

    There’s a typo though, wrong form of ‘their’. You’ll find it if you look again.

    Regardless, still cutting and dead-on. Cheers.

    • Quite right. In context, it should be spelled ‘thar’.

      • Perfect 🙂

    • I figured it was purposelike ‘cuz so many ‘mercans doesn’t no no difernt.

      • It just might be, I tell ya what.

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