The US, UK, EU and Canada have simultaneously implemented new sanctions against Chinese officials in yet another reminder that these nations consistently function as member states of a single empire on foreign policy, and that the Biden administration is continuing right where the Trump administration left off on anti-China hawkishness.

The basis for these sanctions is listed as “human rights” violations in Xinjiang province, as US Secretary of State Tony Blinken explains:

“Amid growing international condemnation, the PRC continues to commit genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.  The United States reiterates its calls on the PRC to bring an end to the repression of Uyghurs, who are predominantly Muslim, and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang, including by releasing all those arbitrarily held in internment camps and detention facilities.”

Blinken’s allegations are unfounded, as explained in this recent article from The Grayzone and in this comprehensive video by the Youtube channel Bay Area 415. While it’s entirely possible that human rights violations could be happening in Xinjiang in some form and to some extent, the extremely flimsy and blatantly manipulated evidence we’ve seen so far for western claims of “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” should draw immediate incredulity from anyone who remembers the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. The only sane response to unfounded claims by known liars is skepticism and agnosticism until we are presented with proof that rises to the level required in a post-Iraq invasion world.

These talking points issued by the State Department chief look even more off-base when we remember that a leaked 2017 State Department memo confirmed that the United States has a standing policy of using allegations of human rights violations as a bludgeon against nations like China while ignoring known human rights violations against member states of the empire like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In December 2017 Politico published an internal memo that had been sent the previous May to then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by virulent neocon Brian Hook. The memo provided useful insight into what it looks like when a toxic swamp monster orients a political neophyte to the inner mechanics of the empire, explaining the way “human rights” are really just a tool to be cynically exploited to advance the goal of planetary hegemony like an old veteran explaining the backstory to the new guy in the pilot episode of a new TV series.

“In the case of US allies such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines, the Administration is fully justified in emphasizing good relations for a variety of important reasons, including counter-terrorism, and in honestly facing up to the difficult tradeoffs with regard to human rights,” Hook explained in the memo.

“One useful guideline for a realistic and successful foreign policy is that allies should be treated differently — and better — than adversaries,” Hook wrote. “We do not look to bolster America’s adversaries overseas; we look to pressure, compete with, and outmaneuver them. For this reason, we should consider human rights as an important issue in regard to US relations with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. And this is not only because of moral concern for practices inside those countries. It is also because pressing those regimes on human rights is one way to impose costs, apply counter-pressure, and regain the initiative from them strategically.”

So if it wasn’t already clear to you that the US empire is faking its concern for the wellbeing of Muslim lives (and a quick glance at America’s actions in the Middle East should make that read like the punchline of a bad joke anyway), it should be clear to you now. Neither Washington nor its vassal states harbor any interest in protecting the interests of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, they are only using that narrative to, as Brian Hook put it, “impose costs, apply counter-pressure, and regain the initiative from them strategically.” This is exactly what a steadily escalating international sanctions campaign helps accomplish.

The illusion is that the US and its allies have seen evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity and taken action against China in the interest of human rights. The reality is that actions against China were already planned, and a narrative was used to justify them.

Meanwhile we ordinary people are watching two nuclear-armed nations escalate against one another with increasing aggression, with escalations against nuclear-armed Russia complicating things even further. This incredibly dangerous flirtation with the unthinkable is the most important thing happening in our world, and we should all oppose it tooth and claw.

You don’t need to believe that the Chinese government is run by a bunch of saints to understand that these great power confrontations serve no one and threaten everyone–economically, politically, and existentially. There is no legitimate reason we can’t all begin collaborating with each other toward the common good of humanity instead of brandishing armageddon weapons at one another with increasing recklessness in the name of unipolar hegemony.


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66 responses to “That Time A Leaked Memo Proved The US Weaponizes ‘Human Rights’ Against Nations Like China”

  1. xoxoxo: to all in here. great venue like hyde park…
    now we know Blinky Boy is another liar…i think China must’ve read Atlas Shrugged:
    hope they don’t believe in Greenspan…
    better for world that China grows more comfortable and self-centered. wish Africa could catch on also. small nations are ripe plums for strongmen.
    we need to move into solutions up from whining, and complaints: there is no complaint dept in this vast corpo thug-house we live in.
    get Blinker out.
    put barbara lee in as sec’y of defense.
    adjust to more cause and effect: the kids are showing up at our border because parents want them to have a chance in life: CIA has killed or kidnapped too many elected presidents in Western Hemi. who sells them AR-15s? how much? $400?
    they don’t make that in a year. Haiti has them. Proud Boy stylee. Honduras gangster don’t stop. El Salvador. is run by 14 families. torrijos, allende, arbenz, aristide, bosch, lula (making a slow tedious, and scary comeback) roussef, christina kirchner, another comeback…the people know now. only US oblivians don’t get it.
    money or ideology? both? explain the middle east to me…i predict 20 years of anti-US hatred. we need a peace corp. here and there.
    Oakland, CA starts BMI pilot program. Finland was first. Stockton also has one. Oslo outlawed Internal Combustion Engines inside City limits. no ICE in Oslo.
    US Medicare is not free, not good enough. it costs $145/month….plus some copays–for the lacking 20% can starve ya.
    LA opens up large backyards to inlaw cottages…six approved styles.
    Safeway Grocery has 2 new EV car slots with charges. and free vaxes.

  2. The U S. government need only look within our own borders to fine enough human rights violation to keep the civil servants busy for the next 40 years or more.

  3. Caitlin – your system keeps telling me I’ve entered this comment – but cannot find – so we’ll try again!
    “Human Rights” agencies and issues have been problematic for a long while. It helped clarify things immensely (for me) when Hillary Clinton as USSOS appointed one of her proteges
    Suzanne Nossel as COO of Human Rights Watch. Such a farce forces one to connect dots they’d been saving up!

  4. “Human Rights” agencies and issues have been problematic for a long while. It helped clarify things immensely (for me) when Hillary Clinton as USSOS appointed one of her proteges
    Suzanne Nossel as COO of Human Rights Watch. Such a farce forces one to connect dots they’d been saving up!

  5. You have to give the empire credit. They support absolute monarchy and dictatorship with the worst HR record’s in the islamic world. The empire promotes war in the islamic world. The empire literally directly invades islamic countries and they pick on China and people actually believe the propaganda.

    1. Amen – and I am fascinated that people in the USA (and other NATO/5i dependencies) simply refuse to look outside the comfortable “Overton Window’ – that the scribes of the oilygawky have defined. I am living in a foreign country where the social pressure to conform my thoughts and conversation to empyre standards is non-existent … but have lost communications with many old friends in the ‘homeland’ over these/other issues.

  6. China is not exactly known for just laying down when they are publicly insulted by hypocrites. Caitlin accurately describes the false concerns.

    If you want to see disaster of epic proportions right here in the US, check out these images from Los Angeles. Then let me know if there are human rights violations going on here.

    1. Ruddy Colludy maybe was one of the first to use poverty policies and human rights as a weapon to manipulate. It’s well known for those who lived in NYC in the 80s, 90s that famous policy to eradicate homeless from the streets. They gathered all homeless and they gave to each one of them a shower, a hair cut, new clothes, some food, $100 bucks and more one bus ticket for them to go to any other state far from New York. Ironically, it works exactly n the same way as the America policy to recycle homemade and industrial garbage, They collect and they used to send it away to China but with Trump and Biden sanctions going on, it doesn’t happen anymore. Environmental policies never had a definitive solution about what to do with the trash. It has been growing up like a giant ball for decades. And the same applies human rights, war crimes, etc.

  7. It is more than likely that World War III will be started by some minor player in someones armed forces. Someone might even hack some governments military computer system and order a ” unauthorized launch ” just to watch humanity disappear. Idiots with deadly weapons always look for an excuse to use them. Our species is very dysfunctional and violence can happen for the slightest of reasons.

    1. George Cornell Avatar
      George Cornell

      Agree. With the collapse of the USSR there was a great opportunity for the US to lead disarmament. They pissed it away.

      1. They were too focussed on hegemony and “full spectrum domination”.

  8. How dare you, how dare you suggest that the Uyghurs aren’t being deprived of their livelihoods in China.

    We have no idea just how much suffering is taking place in China because China has complete censorship of their media. The abuses could be 10 times worse than they are and we would never know about it because China blacks out any information reaching either the Chinese public or the world’s public.

    You know nothing of China and what they do or don’t do to their citizens so please quit trying to pretend that you do.

    Granted the U.S. support for Israel, Saudi Arabia, and UAE against Yemen is a war crime in and of itself. And granted the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria was one of the grandest war crimes of all time. But don’t for a moment think that China plays any nicer at all. All we can be sure of where China is concerned, is that we don’t know how dirty they play because they have much tighter control of their media.

    1. George Cornell Avatar
      George Cornell

      There are plenty of Western people through Xinjiang, regularly. You are giving flight to your fears and delusions. It’s your right.

      1. I happen to know China better than you my friend. You know what information is allowed out of China either trough the press or the Internet.
        Western people will see and hear what the leadership of China wants them to see and hear. In Xinjiang you are not permitted to travel freely, you can travel freely only in areas where free travel; is permitted. So though there a plenty of Western people traveling through Xinjiang, they will only see what is permitted for them to see.
        I have lived with someone that worked for the Chinese government for three years. Through him I know people that live in China that have no love of their government at all and what I am saying is basically what they have told me.
        I also have had the displeasure of listening to some from China express racist ideas that fit right in line with the mistreatment of the Uyghurs.
        Giving flight to my fears; really, I don’t think you have any idea of what you are talking about.

        1. Sample of one? Out of 1.4 billion? Mine is considerably larger, but do you see no irony in saying that information is filtered and much is unknowable but you are so discerning you can gainsay what the government does with your extensive sample? Do you know how many, in situations similar to yours, would have a different take?

          What’s obvious to non-Americans is that the US is coping badly with the very welcome and needed ascent of China. How very predictable that the US would double down on their routine scurrilous attacks and smears on competitors. It has become a poster boy for how to be loathed, if you don’t mind me saying.

        2. OK, I see where you are coming from. Gates is a superstar. so I guess that Donald Trump is a superstar as well, he did pretty well for himself through deception, just not as good as Gates, Gates is much better at the con, does it with an endearing smile.

          Google filters a lot, Baidu filters a 100 times more. China has been on the rise since Prescott Sheldon Bush Jr. opened up China to Western manufacturing in the mid eighties with the help of his younger brother George Herbert Walker Bush. China was immensely appreciative of what the Bush brothers did for them. China is as much a part of global finance as the United States, that is why U.S. oligarchs and Chinese oligarchs work together hand in glove while pushing their people to work ever harder to best the other.

          So what do you think will be the result of the continuing rise of China??? The further evisceration of American manufacturing? Will both China and the U.S. look to other emerging economies where they can further exploit labor? Or will Americans become the next exploited labor force where the leaders of both China and the U.S. can ride them into the ground.

          China has devastated their environment over vast areas of their northern provinces on their way to economic dominance. Welcome rise of China? Funny, people I know from China don’t see the rise of Xi Jinping this as welcome. Maybe you mean welcome to Wall Street because they have something else to invest in now that the American economy is tanking.

          1. Gates vs Trump? You can’t be serious. Gold vs rust. There is no con to Gates. He’s solidly genuine as is his wife.His handling of the Gates foundation has been exemplary. Tough- minded scientists at the highest level are in awe. He is as knowledgeable about covid as anyone. The scurrilous attacks on him are completely out of line.
            I suggest you reorient (no pun intended) your views on China. Repeat after me, they have achieved the greatest increase in standard of living for the most people in the shortest time since the world began. Americans seem mean-spirited about this.

        3. You either know nothing about how Gates came to his fortunes or you are as ruthless and unethical as he is.

          I suppose I need to stop wasting my time making comments on Blogs like this and actually kick some monetary ass. You seem to be enamored of people that amass fortunes. The people I know that have amassed fortunes have also told me privately that corruption is how business works in America and that I needed to stop believing that virtue has any place at all in business. Doesn’t matter how you acquire wealth, it only matters that you acquire it, right?

          1. George Cornell Avatar
            George Cornell

            You hate Gates because he’s successful? Because he’s rich? A Microsoft job is highly prized. They’re a great employer and rank at or near the top in employee satisfaction , loyalty, admiration etc.
            He’s given away more money than all your relatives and mine have ever earned. He’s revolutionized philanthropy by making recipients accountable, especially Africa. I’ve had this debate before. Usually it boils down to wild delusions about his vaccine programs or his mother helping him with IBM. What is it with you? Give credit where it is due.

        4. Money makes virtuous, yes of course, how foolish of me to think otherwise.

      2. One last thing, Forbes Magazine lists Xi Jinping as the most powerful person in the world. We may question that, maybe Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates better deserve that title, but Forbes placed Xi Jinping at the top; for whatever that is worth.

        1. Gates is a superstar in every way and commands more respect in the world than any American. But commands no armies.

    2. That’s not how the burden of proof works. Especially when the evidence is as cartoonishly flimsy as I have demonstrated and you are dealing with western entities who have an extensive history of lying about exactly this sort of thing. Re-read what I wrote and try again.

      1. You know I saw testimonials of Uyghurs expressing how proud they were to be Chinese a couple of years ago. Back then, when I encountered those testimonials, they were also shown to be coerced by the Chinese government in return for more access to the Chinese economy than their non compliant brethren were afforded, in fact their non-compliant brethren were sent to retraining camps where they would learn to be good Chinese citizens. So if propaganda in some way shows how flimsy and argument is, then Osama bin Laden and the Muslim world inflicted 9/11 on the United States and the United States had every right to blow the Middle East to kingdom come, if you believe the propaganda that is.

        The American people are held captive by 9/11 to this day, by the propaganda that surrounds it, that is. That was the justification for all the horrors in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Iran.

        Chinese propaganda is no better than American propaganda. Propaganda maims, kills and destroys no matter who originates it.

        Earning the confidence of someone that has connections to China and to some extent Chinese leadership is not easy and I went through ten kinds of hell in order to gain that confidence. I can tell you that the Chinese people are not happy about Xi Jinping’s desire to rebuild China to the previous glory of the Han dynasty. I am not getting that from one person from China, but nearly everyone from China I encounter.

        The Chinese government will not be our savior, it will just be another hegemon that we will all have to fear.

        If statistical analysis of people’s opinions, even if that is 1.4 million opinions, is our only measure of truth, then we are in big trouble.

  9. George Cornell Avatar
    George Cornell

    The Uighur population of Xinjiang has skyrocketed in recent years. While it went up 25%, the Han went up 4%.

    How discrediting for WaPo, NYT , and the MSM in general who continue to bleat about genocide.
    And having the odious Blinken promote this garbage? Embarrassing.

  10. The government and media cannot be trusted and spout only propaganda except for (insert your favorite fear, belief, paradigm), then they are telling the truth. They only lie when I disagree with them, the rest of the time they are helping me with the truth. That is the biggest problem Caitlin, getting people to consistently distrust government and media. You cant have it both ways but alot of people try anyway.

  11. A nice article and a bunch of dumb comments as usual. You should at least have a common agreement to point the guns just aiming to the top. Shooting to the bottom, top, sides will not bring any positive results, Focus to not get dispersed in all directions due to a ghastly fart. if that’s what you’re looking forward. You don’t make a worldwide web of citizens to help spread the word doing that. Looks like more angry management therapy. low self steen and anxiety issues. Ah, yes, someone will say, here is not MSM. Of course not, even them know that.

    1. Hey, I rezent that. 🙂

  12. “Amid growing international condemnation, the USA continues to commit genocide and crimes against humanity in Syria. The United Sane People On Earth reiterates its calls on the USA to bring an end to the repression of Syrians, who are predominantly Muslim, and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Syria, including by releasing all those arbitrarily held in internment camps and detention facilities.”

  13. Newton E. Finn Avatar
    Newton E. Finn

    What is the purpose in preaching to the choir, day after day, messages of morality they already know by heart? I’ve been asking myself this question for a long time but continue to fall short on a meaningful answer. When does prophetic speech devolve into mere self-affirmation and virtue-signaling? When does our constant production and consumption of truth become a stand-in for acting on it, living it? Have our ethics, like most everything else these days, become more virtual than existential? Have we, who unceasingly call out evil and demand its end, slipped into becoming part of the problem, what Thoreau called “patrons of virtue?” And is it only a strange coincidence that “comedians,” in so many instances, have become our new prophets?

    1. I ask myself that same question, without much in the way of a meaningful answer. On the other hand, I know a few people who were jailed for their activism, and now see it as misplaced, as it too was preaching to the converted, without a mass base of some sort to take things further. Wish I knew the answer!

      1. Newton E. Finn Avatar
        Newton E. Finn

        Nice song, Ian, asking the same question, expressing the same uncertainty, but leaving an open end. Thanks.

    2. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
      Comorbidity 2024

      All societies end wearing masks — Baudrillard

  14. Bush: Let’s “Pivot to” Iraq. If a million die, so be it. The “mission [will be] accomplished.”
    Obama: Let’s “Pivot to Asia.” If two billion eventually die from nuclear strikes, so be it. The US must defend itself.

    1. I wonder if anyone in the US has ever noticed that Iraq is in Asia?

      1. Asia minor. Same but not same. Obama meant China and Russia.

        1. Exactly my point. USians are so wilfully ignorant about the rest of the world they confuse the USA with America, and China with Asia. (Moscow is the largest city entirely within Europe, and over 75% of Russians live in Europe!)

  15. I’m beginning to suspect the wrong target is being put up front and center as a means of cover for the real culprit. There is a common thread among the nations mentioned that precedes the founding of the US. It’s home base is in London. It’s called the western bank cartel. And China is a big threat to it because it is not in the least beholden to it, like the members of the “US Empire” are. I strongly suspect that the US is simply the tool de jour. As was the British Empire that preceded it. Which is likely why all the British Commonwealth nations are involved. Which unfortunately indicates there are far more evil culprits behind it than the mentally deficient/psychopathic US government. Well concealed culprits.

    1. British power faded at Breton Woods. The fiat USD is the new bully on the block and the Brits are just yappy tag-alongs.

      1. British power may have faded, but I doubt the Rothschilds did.

        1. Agree – the City of London continues as a major control node of the financial empire run via the BIS and its tributary cartel of national central banks that in turn control their countries of residency.

          Quigley got at it in his famous quote from Tragedy and Hope.

  16. Dear Caitlin,

    This is all done with the AGREEMENT of Chine (and Russia). This is why they sit TOGETHER in the permanent UN Security Council. Will you understand one day – and in the process educate all your followers – the Comedy, the Theatre of Politics?

    China has billions of investments in America and the US have billions in investments in China. Every year, China sends hundreds of Music students to American, British and French Music Schools and America, French and British students and teachers are regularly found in Chinese Music Conservatoires and Universities.

    In a militarized world, playing “ENEMY” is a must, the first and most important requirement of the GAME.

    I advise you and all your readers to try two things: 1) visit an American Cargo shipping company and see the hundreds of containers leaving for China every months and the hundreds of containers arriving from China in America 2) if any of you works at the United Nations in New York or Geneva, follow the activities Chinese, American, British diplomats and see for yourselves what great friends they all are, amused at the confusion they cause in the world. Confusion that makes a lot of money for politicians, diplomats, military and bankers INVOLVED in the GAME.

    All of this whilst increasing social division, poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment. etc. I only blame ignorant and passive intellectuals who accept Militarism and simply enjoy criticising politicians, governments, political parties. A real waste of time. All these intellectuals do is make things words.

    1. Politics is the entertainment branch of industry (or something like that). F. Zappa.

    2. Didn’t look that way in Alaska. Sure, some industries are entwined at the operational level, others are not, but there actually is strategic competition. That’s what the Belt and Road Initiative is all about.

  17. “Human Rights” .. yet another ride in the reality distorting US Fantasy Theme Park.

  18. The USA has not ratified either the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child or the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

  19. Alan Jones (who every Australia knows ) has just blown the whistle on the entire COVID SCAM !!

    This is monumental !!

    1. Allowing people to choose whether to wear masks isn’t allowing them to determine their own fate, it’s allowing them to endanger others – and to do so over something that’s at worst a mild inconvenience, not a fundamental attack on their freedom and human rights. Do either Sabhlok or Jones get all worked up about the expectation that Australians wear clothes in public, and if not, why not?
      And how on earth do you isolate the elderly while allowing everyone else to carry on as usual?

      1. Put on a double mask and go back inside to isolate yourself. But above all dont tell me what to do. Too many people like you in the world today wanting to tell other people what to do causing all this misery. We can take care of ourselves thank you.

        1. Why on earth is wearing a mask such a big deal for you? Maybe you can take care of yourself; why is such a simple thing as wearing a mask to help take care of others too much to ask?

          1. You cant have it both ways. If the mask protects you then why worry if anyone else has one. Either you feel protected with your mask or your just so afraid you want to impose your paranoia onto others.

            1. Where have you been? Masks protect others at least as much as the wearer.

              1. Could you kindly direct us to the study that is at the base of your claim? Thanks

        2. Khatika, the best part of your insanity is that you’re always nattering on about Christianity.

          1. Funny, I think the people consumed with covid flu listening to known liars and propagandists are nothing but lemmings. Stop living in fear and put your trust in God. It is just the flu.

            1. Put your trust in the ‘flu?

      2. Of course we should all be wearing masks. In spite of the complete lack of any evidence they work, and abundant evidence they don’t, and other evidence they do indeed damage the health of those who wear them. After all is not virtue signaling the primary purpose of life? Being hearing impaired, I don’t mind not being able to understand more than one in ten words someone says while wearing a mask (no lip reading allowed). The rest of you shouldn’t mind not using the 50% or our communication that comes from facial expression either. How can we isolate the elderly, without isolating every one? Obviously simply isolating them won’t work.

        Whether it please you or not, birth is the acquisition of a terminal disease. We’re big bags of jello with some bones. We fall down wrong we die. Without the skills needed to evaluate a risk/reward situation, we die that much sooner. The state is taking that ability out of your hands. I suppose you are also lining up for a vaccine too. One that has had no long term efficacy or safety tests. Meaning you are eager to be a part of that test. With no evidence whatsoever that the vaccine won’t kill everyone who takes it within two years. “Officials” and “experts” stating otherwise is not evidence. It’s marketing.

        1. You are wrong. There is not a complete lack of evidence that masks work.

          What is your objection to such a simple thing? Why don’t you get all worked up about being expected to wear clothes in public?

          1. The first article is a “narrative review” that immediately states,
            ” … no RCT for the impact of masks on community transmission of any respiratory infection in a pandemic.”
            The second article reports the results of a survey of mask-wearers.
            The approach was scientificistic but, unfortunately, no evidence was forthcoming.

            1. You’d welcome a randomised control trial?

            2. No evidence? No conclusive evidence maybe, but evidence nonetheless. The second article was indeed based on a survey, but a survey of over 300 thousand, correlated with data about the R number in their locations. The first article presents evidence based on a literature review – again, not conclusive evidence, but still evidence suggesting masks help. Conclusive evidence would be nice, but as the article says, “for population health measures, we should not generally expect to be able to find controlled trials, due to logistical and ethical reasons, and should therefore instead seek a wider evidence base.”
              There is evidence. What evidence is there for rejecting it?

        2. Wasting your breath on the indoctrinated. They comment on a blog about government propaganda, then believe everything they are told at the same time.

        3. I think much of this herd behavior is social comfort with other herdees and compliance with the MSM-engineered memetics of this pseudo-plague.
          I am simply waiting for the verdicts of the forensic sadisticians in a few years.

      3. When right wing trolls tell the rest of us not to wear masks It’s not because they want good things to happen to us.

    2. MONU—-MENTAL!

      Yah, half a million Americans just died of cornflakes and stupidity. Hell, even Iran is in on the scam.

      Or maybe you’re an idiot. The best comment in the thread was this one:

      “Why is cairnsnews posting this AGAIN on 20 March 2021 ? The official mentioned throughout this report, resigned in SEPTEMBER 2020. Has there been some new development that makes this newsworthy AGAIN ?”

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