A new “threat assessment” by the US intelligence cartel has named China the number one threat to the United States today, followed by Russia, Iran, and North Korea. This has of course led to blaring news headlines like “China poses the biggest threat to the U.S., a new intelligence report says” from The New York Times, instead of something a little less propagandistic like “Here’s who the CIA wants you to be afraid of in order to advance its geostrategic power agendas.”

The report makes a bunch of evidence-free assertions which serve no purpose other than to help manufacture consent for the movement of expensive weaponry around the globe at the facilitation of unscrupulous war propaganda firms like The New York Times. Not only that, but I can now report that this US intelligence threat assessment is squarely contradicted by my own intelligence source.

Far from being threatened in any meaningful way by Beijing, Moscow, Tehran or Pyongyang, my intelligence source tells me that the greatest threat facing the United States today is actually the policy and behavior of the US itself.

Graph showing that 1 out of 5 prisoners in the world is incarcerated in the U.S.

My source informs me that infinitely more threatening to Americans than China is their own government’s policy of maintaining more and more severe domestic austerity measures and relying on a racist, violent and increasingly militarized police force to bash its most impoverished populations into line instead of simply helping them. The fact that America’s primary system of care for those who fall through the cracks is its immense prison-industrial complex poses a far greater threat to America than Moscow, Iran or North Korea ever will.

“When prison has become your country’s social safety net and you’re incarcerating at a rate unseen anywhere else in the world, it is not the time for you to worry about Kim Jong Un,” the intelligence source tells me.

But this crushing poverty and authoritarianism is necessary when a nation is the hub of a globe-spanning empire and its rulers need to make sure the populace remains too poor, busy and propagandized to begin interfering in the mechanics of the war machine. If Americans began using the power of their numbers to force their political system to cease hemorrhaging money and resources into interminable occupations and ever more expensive acts of military expansionism so that people could be cared for at home, the empire would fall. And that would make the imperialists sad.

According to my source, the real threat to America today is the standing policy of overextending US military commitments in a futile effort to maintain unrivaled unipolar planetary hegemony on a world that is forever out of control while impoverishing and oppressing Americans at home, all to preserve a failed competition-based model of mass-scale human behavior that our species needs to evolve beyond anyway.

Okay, my intelligence source is between my ears.

Anyone with a brain can see that there is no real threat to the United States from outside US borders. US unipolar domination might be under threat from an ever-changing world in which empires are always temporary. Imperialism’s days might be numbered. Capitalism may be on the way out. But the US itself is not being threatened on the world stage by any foreign actor.

The US government is the one threatening nations with obliteration if they do not obey its dictates, not the other way around. Nobody is threatening America.

Your own intelligence sources will, with some rigorous usage, tell you that the real threat to America comes from oligarchs, imperialists and war profiteers who see the US government and its historically unprecedented military force as a tool for expanding power and wealth no matter what the human cost might be.

We can trust our intelligence sources on that matter my friends. Our story is much better-sourced than any we’ll ever see in The New York Times.


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68 responses to “Intelligence Sources Say Biggest Threat To U.S. Is Actually U.S. Policy”

  1. The NYT is the CIA. The latter outfit should always be thought of with the former and as tantamount to it. That’s not an exaggeration. In 1977, Carl Bernstein, in the 10/20/1977 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (http://www.carlbernstein.com/magazine_cia_and_media.php), pointed up the incestuous relationships between U.S. intelligence and the legacy media, particularly the editors thereof, that were largely (cravenly) avoided by the Church Committee investigations of that decade into the lawless intelligence agencies and other national security yahoos in the decades that preceded it. If you think very much has changed since then, then well . . . you really ought to read more.

    It’s an intellectual and social, sometimes conspiratorial, formation, as in the case of Judith Miller and countless other similar plants (as opposed to leaks) about official enemies, or the NYT not using the word torture until those U.S. officials responsible for it were safe from prosecution, or its withholding in 2004 the substance of what became the 2013 Snowden disclosures until after Bush was safely elected that year. The relatively imperceptibility of this relationship, which is less concealed than it ever was because its intellectual corruption has never been so transparent, is one of the effects of the propaganda that is constantly being discussed on this site. I remember my fourth grade teacher teaching us about the news in class and displaying to us very dramatically that day’s edition of the NYT, holding it high in the air and letting the back fold fall away from behind the top of the front page. How gigantic it was! I don’t know if she said, “This is the news,” but it was burned into my brain as where I should go to get it. Just an anecdote to underscore the need to overhaul mass perception in this detail.

    1. The Guardian seems to have gone much the same way

  2. There are only two things any government has ever proven to be proficient at. The first is killing people, and indeed they are quite good at it. The second thing is concealing the fact of the first, which they are a bit less good at. In fact, the US Psychopaths In Charge are not currently doing the second so well at all. They have engaged in so much killing that concealing it has become an impossible task. So they grasped at stopping the public dissemination of their murder. They took over the corporate media.

  3. I would add another threat to the US – it’s the so called ‘free press’ which has brain washed the people of the US as well as those in most of the western countries. If the mainstream media is abolished and instead we have a true independent media, then the people would just not allow the military industrial complex to define the Fictitious threats and cause devastation around the world.

  4. Thank you very much for reminding us about our intelligence sources. I am going to steal that idea from you and only give you attribution the first couple of times. But I will throw you a tip.

    (off topic – bitcoin is the worst and most dysfunctional form of money human intelligence can devise – so it will be in old fashioned money 😉

  5. Tonight in a bombshell revelation from sources familiar with a classified internal report…the American government is reportedly the biggest threat not just to ordinary American citizens, but every human being on the face of the planet. In support of an oligarchy unwittingly and hubristically created by corrupt politicians over the last few hundred years, this oligarchic puppet regime, now under control of unelected billionaire oligarchs is ready willing and able to destroy all life on earth simultaneously if not allowed to tantrum its way to unipolar hegemony and slowly exterminate all life on earth in the exact way its ruling class influencer bot farms insist upon . It is also noted to be determined to pick up the pace on the political killings of people assumed to be disposable, through diverse array of tactics from driving people to suicide, addictions, poison food, to preventable diseases, for profit health care, and the reckless fueling (ha) of climate disaster by a once in evolutionary history moment of maximum energy consumption per person. These preventable deaths are both a warning and a first wave as people deemed pests are visited by the exterminator of neglect. Wildlife also is on the do not spare list as externalized costs and collateral damage in pursuit of feudal glory by billionaire thought leasers. Back to you Caity.

  6. ” … the greatest threat facing the United States today is actually the policy and behavior of the US itself….”

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” — Pogo.

    (it’s really too bad that centrally-controlled public ‘education’ has had its way with American students for so long. John Taylor Gatto’s books are superlative.)

  7. “This is a must read.” so says my source between my ears. Thanks for examining world issues that effect the most vulnerable and actually bringing light to these dark times.

    1. Tim Richard Glover Avatar
      Tim Richard Glover

      I second that.

  8. So true. The Chinese are busy building the most powerful nation in the world. Busy investing in Africa, Southeast Asia, and connections with Western Europe. The Chinese have a history of thinking about many years ahead. The U.S. commits to the next quarter – the next stock report – the next administration change, and the election race that is next on the calendar. We have no ethical spine. Our morality is rooted in me, and I. There is no sense of we, us.

  9. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Can’t really agree with the main thesis. Too sanguine for a start. US imperialism is not the biggest threat to the US, and imperialism isn’t simply a ‘policy’. Rather it’s monopoly capitalism grown beyond nation-state boundaries, which must still be served by its own national state machine wherever on the planet its interests may lie. So-called ‘multi-national’ corporations thus are nothing of the sort. Imperialism, ie the material corporate interests of trillions invested around the globe, which at all times must be protected, can’t be turned on and off like a ‘policy’.
    US imperialism is the biggest threat to all other countries and peoples on earth and of course to its own people, but ordinary US citizens can’t be equated with the US despite all the indoctrination. The US state machine of global and domestic terror is the only protection the US imperialist oligarchy, ie the actual US, has against the very real and ongoing, chronic threats of:
    (i) examples and precedents of other countries charting their own courses, where their economies and populations aren’t dependent on or serve US capital, and who might thereby, possibly, actually, do better than US imperial strictures dictate; and
    (ii) the rulers’ ‘own’ population, partly as a consequence of (i) and partly for its own very survival, rising up and taking the whole goddamned ball of wax from them, putting all privately owned productive resources and all the accumulated wealth in the hands of the vast majority to use as it pleases.
    When propaganda, indoctrination, fear-mongering, brainwashing, ‘education’, censorship, etc, fails them, the machine of repression and terror is always there to protect the bourgeoisie. And if that fails, eventually in the face of sustained uprising(s) causing mutinies and insubordination among non-officers sickened at killing thousands upon tens of thousands of their own, then a third but most acute and dire threat, of the final prop of bourgeois rule also failing, will have tolled.
    Bar reaching that point, the bourgeois state machine of death and terror remains the bulwark of capitalist rule. The imperial death machine is thus the exact opposite of a ‘threat’ to the US, ie, the US ruling class — it’s ‘a feature, not a bug’.

  10. Hello friends,

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  11. we live in an ocean of conspiracy scams not theories…although there are many who are very good at lying. the China bugaboo should indict and convict corporats every where.
    wasn’t it Raygun who led the charge for cheaper labor? he got an airport for that!
    we make them make our computers…soon we won’t know how to tell them how to anymore.
    every little thing we use is chinese.
    and pyongyang? i here they’re coming to California, posing as chinese and vietnamese of course. it’s a vast red winged black bird conspiracy…and i like it!
    but i make my own chocolate,
    try it with cream frozen dripping hot chocolate with blueberries and then go feed the horse.
    who needs CA?
    i’d rather give Texas to Mexico tho’…now i dont even know how to make my bed. clean house or cook anything but hot chocolate. where does that come from.?
    omG, ItiaG.

  12. Ms Johnstone, ” slavery and plantations ” were replaced by guards and prisons. Cheap meals are provided every day and ” payment ” is sometimes a dollar a day for the laborers ( prisoners ). Ah, Capitalism at work in these United States of America!

  13. This excellent piece by Caitlin could have been written very succinctly as follows:

    “The US is plain nuts!”

    1. I will add: succinctly “The US is plain evil in disguise!”

  14. Anybody Please help! Using your ‘Intellect’ say what you think. Considering the design of this comments section could be improved if that is the case. Answer; what would be your objective be if you were to make changes? What would those changes be?

  15. Hey, CLINT, wouldn’t it be great if Caitlin lead an uprising against the the evil empire? In a wet dream no doubt, because just this little bit puts her life at risk, you should know better. So, the first people the Nazis killed were perverts, then the physical and mental rejects. No different than now in the U.S, a different, cheaper method of genocide, but exactly the same agenda. The Rothschild’s have promised that they are sending a messiah, from their own family to save us; so why are you worried? Why complain to Caitlin? Write a message to the Rothschilds and ask them to hurry up with thar messiah.

    1. Just trying to get the ball moving in the right direction. She says so many things right, then leads off into yogi land, awakening, etc. I really thought I was helping her out, that I had what she was looking for. How many post does she make a week? a month? a year? and they are where? We have accomplished what? When the war gets warmed up we”ll do?
      I just saw the word ‘Intellect’ and thought oh, she’s doing it again. I really have little hope so don’t worry.

    2. And just FYI. If we had the structure, hardware, software for a ‘Collective Intelligence’ where our Conclusions were moderated by logic and superior to those of our leaders whose Conclusions are moderated by their editors, stage set, background music and mob mentality of delusions and lies. It would be as anonymous as cryptocurrency and that would be really hard for them to squash, Hence the ‘danger’ is shared amongst participating humanity. It is not all on Caitlin. I am attempting to put her out of business too I guess. Leaders need to become obsolete.

      We could start though with a comments section that is designed for forward progress not just venting , letting off steam and sharing opinions that will be gone forever in two or three weeks

      1. Do you have any concrete suggestions for such a comments system?

        1. I mean we come here to share ideas. Why can’t we organize ideas, refine ideas, test ideas, preserve ideas, form common conclusions or best or most probable conclusions from our ideas. The real value though is the ‘process’ and how you do that and for me that process is intellectual, logical and rational as far these will take us. I know this is not the whole world, there is spirituality. Still our intellectual world is still as it was 10,000 years ago and the chaos we find ourselves in proves that.

        2. Everyone here is in the business of ‘Intellectually’ forming conclusions they intellectually defend as rational and logical as an ‘Individual’ . How would the world change if we ‘Collectively’ were in the business of intellectually forming conclusions we could defend intellectually and ‘Collectively’ as rational and logical

      2. That is a very good question. A question that I would hope there could be lots of perspectives and back and forth on. One would be make room vertically, this comment will get narrow. That is why I am replying to myself. Columns vertically, move important condensed perspectives over detached from individual who posted it? At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter who said what. This separates also the ‘power’ inherent in the outcome from individuals or groups of individuals. Permanence, topics comments can fall into and saved conclusions or perspectives (conservation of energy, time) no repeats. Icons for common intellectual errors? These are just some thoughts. The main thing is you need an objective to work towards an we don’t really have that. We are talking bag phone here, still mobile though and much better that 1000’s comments scrolling down, unorganized, repeating into oblivion, with no purpose and no objective.

        1. Some of those suggestions – “move important condensed perspectives” and “Icons for common intellectual errors” – require decisions to be made. Would Caitlin want to make them? Would you want her to? You did say, “If we had the structure, hardware, software for a ‘Collective Intelligence’ where our Conclusions were moderated by logic,” but we don’t, do we?

          1. Really I’m not saying what to do or who should do it. I just see where Caitlin always takes a u-turn to “consciousness” when in reality I see it as she posted today, ‘Intelligence” . I really do see this as evolutionary, much bigger than Caitlin, you or I. I am just hoping we can take the first step and that is to acknowledge that what we are doing isn’t working and at least attempt to find a better way.

            1. Caitlin does often talk about consciousness and propaganda, where I would focus more on economic reality and class relations. But I don’t want to read ideas that are the same as my own! And I certainly get the impression Caitlin is attempting with what she does to ‘find a better way’.

            2. Agree, she is “attempting to find a better way” She is saying what many feel but don’t know how to voice, She is putting up the fight may run from. I am just attempting to make what she does more effective. We all have the same goals I feel. We all see the evil. I am just telling it like I see it and hoping someone will understand my points or tell me where I am wrong so I can just shut up and go on.

          2. For someone out there this could be a monetary objective. Would there be incentive to change the way people intellectually work together, for business? Imagine having a perspective on the possible future and being first in line. Bitcoin for $ 1.5, Cryptocurrency governing boards?? Sounds like a nice fit.

            1. CLINT, May I introduce you to the Keys of Knowledge which requires a team effort. This numerical analytical procedure challenges and corrects any nonsense, ambiguity and unfounded dogmatic assumptions which have no place in a sound mind.

  16. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    One hundred percent right on, Caitlin. The biggest threat to world peace and a decent life for all of humanity is the government of the United States and the social parasites whom it benefits. Like its illegitimate child, Israel, the U.S. government sees threats everywhere when in fact IT is the threat.

  17. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Of course, America is not threatened by the ruling elites of other nations. All these ruling elites form a single club whose goal is to subjugate the populations of their respective countries. And now we know that these populations have one and the same future in common being to lower their pants to receive a vaccine that will allow greater control for the ruling elites.

    We are certainly experiencing the return of the days of Noah just before Jesus’ return and the end of the world.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand and also praying Saint Jude!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Your comment is mistaken if you are anti-science and believe in religion. We do not live in the 13th century. Religious superstition is just one tactic the ruling class uses against the working class to keep them under control. People who think like you ( if it can in fact be called thinking ) are holding humanity back in the dark ages.

      1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        You are right. The ruling classes use the “Covid” religion to control populations with restrictions of all kinds, confinement, curfews, social distancing etc …

        Keeping my Rosary on hand!

        1. An analogue Fitbit for the faithful.

    2. If the aim of the COVID vaccines is control, why would Israel be giving them to its own population, and denying them to most Palestinians?

      1. Carrots and sticks. Control equals options. First the carrots to get in the door and then later the sticks…but only if absolutely necessary (wink wink). The answer for humanity is to stop letting them in the door…they are evil…not always…the most evil never are. We need to scatter like cats to the wind and ignore them…even when they offer us the cure…to something they more than likely created to begin with. At this point, we just can’t trust anything.

      2. Comorbidity 2024 Avatar
        Comorbidity 2024

        Your teenage logic shtick is as transparent as Caitlin’s neurotic Victorian female persona.


        1. I don’t understand DAVENITUP’s comment at all, and COMORBIDITY’s link is just a picture of two T-shirts, one saying “TEAM MODERNA’, the other, “TEAM PFIZER”.
          The link you supplied says, “Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson … have a track record of … having previously caused grave damage to the population, distributing vaccines that have been revealed to cause disabling diseases.” Which equally fails to explain why Israel is vaccinating its own citizens and not most Palestinians.

          1. That should read, “fails to explain why, if control is the aim.” If the aim is protecting against COVID, the reason is easy to figure. Israel often refers to it as mowing the grass.

  18. https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/04/spring-preparations.html

    I’m concerned for this “great reset”. We need to make our own provisions to weather this long storm into the world that has less energy and less stuff. Our owners only know to cull the herd. Maybe the secret to that lies in these universal vaccines. That’s way above my pay grade, but entirely possible, and that meme is alive.

    “China and Russia Launch a Global Resistance Economy”, Alastair Crooke
    The $US used to be redeemable for gold, until Nixon effectively ran out in 1971. Even then, dollars were printed far in excess of gold holdings, while they were accepted as equal to god by countries which needed to do international business. The borrowed printed dollars were also paid back at interest, so there was always value extracted from the user, even if the user was not a borrower-at-interest. (Borrowers at variable interest would get the Asian Financial Crisis imposed on them, suffering massive extraction of value periodically.)
    What is proposed here is a global no-extraction monetary-mechanism, which will certainly appeal to countries currently being extracted by the $US.
    This will make the $US suddenly much less valuable to the rest of the world. The rest of the world will buy whatever we still make. We in the US will hardly be able to buy anything as dollar prices of domestic goods shoot up and foreign goods just can’t be bought.
    America cannot beat this. America will have to join this. Financial-capitalists would rather anything than the loss of their daily rents from global and domestic “investments”. They will say we will all lose our retirements. I presume that’s inevitable, anyway.
    ​ ​So here is the essence to ‘a clever combatant moving to impose his will’ – there is no need for China or Russia or Iran to go to war to do this; they just implement ‘it’. They can do ‘it’ – quite simply. They don’t need a revolution to do it, because they have no vested interest in fighting America.
    ​ ​What is ‘it’? It is not just a trade and investment pact with Tehran; neither is it simply allies helping each other. The ‘resistance’ lies precisely with the way they’re trying to help each other. It is a mode of economic development. It represents the notion that any rent-yielding resource – banking, land, natural resources and natural infrastructure monopolies – should be in the public domain to provide basic needs to everybody – freely.
    ​ ​The alternative way simply is to privatise these ‘public goods’ (as in the West), where they are provided at a financialized maximum cost – including interest rates, dividends, management fees, and corporate manipulations for financial gain.
    ​ ​‘It’ is then a truly different economic approach. To give one example: New York’s Second Avenue Subway extension cost $6 billion, or $2 billion per mile – the most expensive urban mass transit ever built. The average cost of underground subway lines outside the U.S. is $350 million a mile, or a sixth of New York’s cost.

    ​This poorly organized presentation states that China continues to advance its Central Bank Digital Currency. That’s setting a certain pace.
    China is also beta-testing it’s Sovereign Digital Currency, which is to say Chinese smartphone-money that is lossless-for-the-users.
    This smartphone exchange can also be used phone-to-phone, imitating cash, in areas without cellphone service.
    It is not blockchain. It has conventional security features.
    China is taking steps to eliminate non-governmental digital currencies (That’s what is happening to Jack Ma).
    China also wants it’s digital currency to really work smoothly and well for Chinese commerce, and to be borderless, as $100 bills are effectively borderless, and anonymous, except when the Bank of China needs to trace a chain of transactions. ​
    This borderless feature will make the Chinese Sovereign Digital Currency on smartphones directly challenge the role of $100 bills in global commerce.
    It looks like it has a lot to offer, but once you meet the new boss, will he become the same as the old boss? It’s a good gamble, isn’t it?

    1. …the great reset: …the same people and mentality that got us into the endless messes will now fix it…ugh…

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Your comment is longer than the article. Too long.

      1. Sorry.
        Thanks for considering the content.
        Grow vegetables 🙂

  19. Don’t worry Caitlin. It’ll probably be WW3 before the summer is out. NATO big wigs are scrambling for Ukrainian admission which the Russian side –and the Russian side doesn’t bullshit like the US side does– has called that a ‘red line’.

    For now it’s all posturing and troop movements. Later it will be Ukrainian Nazis doing what Nazis do, then it’ll be time to dig a hole.

    1. “USS Donald Cook and USS Roosevelt are due to arrive in the Black Sea today. Ten Russian warships will arrive there in days. … Six RAF Typhoon jets are bolster-ing Ukraine’s forces. And a small number of British and US special forces are monitoring the situation.” (Daily Mirror, 13 April)

      An alarming possibility for things to spiral out of control, I fear.

      1. If we look back at the causes of major wars throughout our history, I doubt that any of us could have predicted the actual triggers and their effects. Humans with nukes are like toddlers playing with guns. We just aren’t mature or intelligent enough to be trusted with them.

        Here’s to hoping that our fears are overblown, but they probably aren’t.

        1. At least those two US warships may not be in the Black Sea, as the Daily Mirror suggests.
          “USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) and USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) Arrive in Souda Bay, Greece” (April 14, 2021)

      2. Indeed. What fucking advantage does Washington think it absolutely must achieve over Russia in the goddam forsaken Ukraine to justify the very real possibility of initiating a nuclear war and ending all civilisation on the planet? What more does Washington absolutely desperately need that it already does not have? I don’t get this devil-may-care attitude with respect to all human life. How is any American injured to a point justifying World War III by continuing the status quo, or something very near to it? Is this not madness?

    2. Don’t mess with the Bear!!

  20. …excellent writing/thinking caitlin…

    …i’m waiting for even one of the executive republicrat puppet$ now in$talled to pardon and exonerate the MILLIONS of people who have been unjustly imprisoned, etc., because of drug laws and other insane ‘victimless crimes’ [the true criminals are the pigs and their master$]

    …i get a hoot out of the biden/trump dummies…many of them frequently work their doritos chutes about ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ as they imprison, harass, steal from, etc., people who are merely exercising their self-evident, unalienable, natural rights and responsibilities to self-medicate, cultivate god’s seedbearing plants, etc..

    …this bank$ter-$pon$ored hoard of walking brain dead republicrats can’t get it through their thick skulls that ‘freedom’ ‘liberty’ ‘responsibility’ etc.. don’t mean a goddamned thing without the word ‘individual’ [understood] preceding them…

  21. A new “threat assessment” [of the escalating US’ propaganda wars] by [Russian and Chinese] intelligence [sources] has named [the US as] the number one threat [to their existence]. Therefore, unlike the US, they are going to Declare War, openly, and are prepared to make a “preeminent” First Strike along the lines of The Bush Doctrine (like the US). It’s only a matter of time.

    1. Other nations have far more reason to fear an imminent attack by the USA than the USA ever did from Iraq.

  22. Skimming through the report –
    – it appears the main supposed threats China poses to the USA are:
    seeing the US as trying to contain China’s rise [as if the report itself doesn’t prove this true!] (page 6);
    using its growing military, economic, technological and diplomatic power to preserve its territory and promote international cooperation “at Washington’s expense” [why shouldn’t it preserve its territory or promote international cooperation?] (page 6);
    cooperating with Russia on “areas of complementary interest” [Oh no! More of that evil cooperation!] (page 6);
    promoting the Belt and Road Initiative [even more evil cooperation!] (page 7);
    expanding its military [which is, and will be for the foreseeable future, vastly smaller in reach than the USA’s] (page 7);
    working to “match … US capabilities in space” (pages 7 & 8);
    and presenting “an effective cyber-espionage threat” [as if the US doesn’t do cyber attacks, or the likes of Facebook and Five Eyes don’t do surveillance] (page 8).

    Altogether, it looks like the supposed threat is China cooperating with other nations, or starting to catch up with the USA in military and related fields, with a long way to go.

    It’s not that long a report, and the section on China is only three pages long – worth a look if you want to see how ridiculous this ‘China threat’ is.

  23. George Cornell Avatar
    George Cornell

    The NYT and WaPo, papers once having integrity, decency and standards have now descended into the abyss of neocon defense budget and war promotion and all the Israel lobby wants to say.
    How the flighty have fallen.

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      In ‘Killing America: A 100 Year Murder’, M. S. (Mike) King takes us through 40 key steps (Wounds).
      Some milestones, highlighting those two of topical interest:
      Wound #1: 1896 – Adolph Ochs buys the New York Times
      • Wound #4: 1913 – The 17th Amendment (Direct Election of US Senators)
      • Wound #6: 1913 – The Federal Reserve Act
      • Wound #9: 1926 – David Sarnoff Establishes NBC
      • Wound #10: 1928 – William Paley (Paloff) Buys CBS
      Wound #11: 1933 – Eugene Meyer Buys The Washington Post
      • Wound #16: 1940-1960 – Marxists Consolidate Control Over Hollywood
      • Wound #18: 1947 – The CIA is Established
      • Wound #20: 1953 – Leonard Goldenson Takes Over ABC
      • Wound #32: 1979 – The Department of Education is Established
      • Wound #34: 1985 – Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein) Buys MTV
      and so on …
      Here is a link to the pdf for this Must Read …

    2. …same old same old…the good old days is the same old daze…

      …you’ll note that NO ‘media’ has EVER honestly exposed this stinking monetary order under which we are effectively controlled, enslaved…

      1. Check-out “The lost science of Money” by: S. Zarlenga. I believe it can also be found online at — American Monetary Institute. http://www.americanmonetaryinstitute.com

        1. Gd#$%*)_)_*&#@&)((_D&$%3 DMN site is prohibited from opening.

          1. P’raps Google “American Monetary Institute”???

        2. …i’m proud to have had steve stay in my home while he guest-lectured at the local university… i have an autographed copy of his book that i treasure..

          …i first heard about him around ?’96 when he and radio host ?tom valentine produced a 4-cassette tape series that blew my tiny mind…[i was a gold bug]…

          ..check out AFJM [the ‘alliance for just money’] as it exists in his honor…

          ..thank you for remembering steve!!…

  24. I would like to comment more Caitlin, Very good writing on your part. You are slowly getting there. Unfortunately I’m trying to wean myself of the futility of posting comments. It seems all moot anyway. You only respond if you are insulted. Next week or two it will be about some sort of mass spiritual awakening or enlightenment whatever that is or however improbable that is. Too bad you can’t connect your own dots; “Okay, my intelligence source is between my ears.” “Your own intelligence sources will, with some rigorous usage, tell you” and “If Americans began using the power of their numbers to force their political system” Yes add those to, “we have to change our relationship with thought” and your comments that echo those of Buckminster Fuller. So I will say it again because time is running short. I don’t have any edge of my own after all these years. I guess I have failed in that regard. Soon though when things begin to fall apart, know your voice will diminish in the cacophony of cries. It is about ‘Human Intelligence ‘ and moving the expression of that intelligence from an environment where it is expressed by individuals (leaders) to a collective Intelligence (the people) .Here our numbers will work for us if we make logic and rational the moderator. (not the expert, king, etc). So please break out of your mold and the ‘ideas’ that are holding you back. Connect your own dots, what you have said and see how they are bigger than what you know. No need for the eternal rage. We can win it we go there. .

    1. I watched this interview of Hannah Arendt from 1964 earlier this morning…so good. She talks about the need to respect the unknowable magic of individual humans threading the tapestry of life, the power of real love, person to person, as opposed to the fake love of group identity, and much more.

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