Back in the good old days, when things were more innocent and simple, the psychopathic Central Intelligence Agency had to covertly infiltrate the news media to manipulate the information Americans were consuming about their nation and the world. Nowadays, there is no meaningful separation between the news media and the CIA at all.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald just highlighted an interesting point about the reporting by The New York Times on the so-called  “Bountygate” story the outlet broke in June of last year about the Russian government trying to pay Taliban-linked fighters to attack US soldiers in Afghanistan.

“One of the NYT reporters who originally broke the Russia bounty story (originally attributed to unnamed ‘intelligence officials’) say today that it was a CIA claim,” Greenwald tweeted. “So media outlets – again – repeated CIA stories with no questioning: congrats to all.”

Indeed, NYT’s original story made no mention of CIA involvement in the narrative, citing only “officials,” yet this latest article speaks as though it had been informing its readers of the story’s roots in the lying, torturing, drug-running, warmongering Central Intelligence Agency from the very beginning. The author even writes “The New York Times first reported last summer the existence of the C.I.A.’s assessment,” with the hyperlink leading to the initial article which made no mention of the CIA. It wasn’t until later that The New York Times began reporting that the CIA was looking into the Russian bounties allegations at all.

This would be the same “Russian bounties” narrative which was discredited all the way back in September when the top US military official in Afghanistan said no satisfactory evidence had surfaced for the allegations, which was further discredited today with a new article by The Daily Beast titled “U.S. Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops“.

The Daily Beast, which has itself uncritically published many articles promoting the CIA “Bountygate” narrative, reports the following:

It was a blockbuster story about Russia’s return to the imperial “Great Game” in Afghanistan. The Kremlin had spread money around the longtime central Asian battlefield for militants to kill remaining U.S. forces. It sparked a massive outcry from Democrats and their #resistance amplifiers about the treasonous Russian puppet in the White House whose admiration for Vladimir Putin had endangered American troops.


But on Thursday, the Biden administration announced that U.S. intelligence only had “low to moderate” confidence in the story after all. Translated from the jargon of spyworld, that means the intelligence agencies have found the story is, at best, unproven—and possibly untrue.

So the mass media aggressively promoted a CIA narrative that none of them ever saw proof of, because there was no proof, because it was an entirely unfounded claim from the very beginning. They quite literally ran a CIA press release and disguised it as a news story.

This allowed the CIA to throw shade and inertia on Trump’s proposed troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Germany, and to continue ramping up anti-Russia sentiments on the world stage, and may well have contributed to the fact that the agency will officially be among those who are exempt from Biden’s performative Afghanistan “withdrawal”.

In totalitarian dictatorships, the government spy agency tells the news media what stories to run, and the news media unquestioningly publish it. In free democracies, the government spy agency says “Hoo buddy, have I got a scoop for you!” and the news media unquestioningly publish it.

In 1977 Carl Bernstein published an article titled “The CIA and the Media” reporting that the CIA had covertly infiltrated America’s most influential news outlets and had over 400 reporters who it considered assets in a program known as Operation Mockingbird. It was a major scandal, and rightly so. The news media is meant to report truthfully about what happens in the world, not manipulate public perception to suit the agendas of spooks and warmongers.

Nowadays the CIA collaboration happens right out in the open, and people are too propagandized to even recognize this as scandalous. Immensely influential outlets like The New York Times uncritically pass on CIA disinfo which is then spun as fact by cable news pundits. The sole owner of The Washington Post is a CIA contractor, and WaPo has never once disclosed this conflict of interest when reporting on US intelligence agencies per standard journalistic protocol. Mass media outlets now openly employ intelligence agency veterans like John Brennan, James Clapper, Chuck Rosenberg, Michael Hayden, Frank Figliuzzi, Fran Townsend, Stephen Hall, Samantha Vinograd, Andrew McCabe, Josh Campbell, Asha Rangappa, Phil Mudd, James Gagliano, Jeremy Bash, Susan Hennessey, Ned Price and Rick Francona, as are known CIA assets like NBC’s Ken Dilanian, as are CIA interns like Anderson Cooper and CIA applicants like Tucker Carlson.

This isn’t Operation Mockingbird. It’s so much worse. Operation Mockingbird was the CIA doing something to the media. What we are seeing now is the CIA openly acting as the media. Any separation between the CIA and the news media, indeed even any pretence of separation, has been dropped.

This is bad. This is very, very bad. Democracy has no meaningful existence if people’s votes aren’t being cast with a clear understanding of what’s happening in their nation and their world, and if their understanding is being shaped to suit the agendas of the very government they’re meant to be influencing with their votes, what you have is the most powerful military and economic force in the history of civilization with no accountability to the electorate whatsoever. It’s just an immense globe-spanning power structure, doing whatever it wants to whoever it wants. A totalitarian dictatorship in disguise.

And the CIA is the very worst institution that could possibly be spearheading the movements of that dictatorship. A little research into the many, many horrific things the CIA has done over the years will quickly show you that this is true; hell, just a glance at what the CIA was up to with the Phoenix Program in Vietnam will.

There’s a common delusion in our society that depraved government agencies who are known to have done evil things in the past have simply stopped doing evil things for some reason. This belief is backed by zero evidence, and is contradicted by mountains of evidence to the contrary. It’s believed because it is comfortable, and for literally no other reason.

The CIA should not exist at all, let alone control the news media, much less the movements of the US empire. May we one day know a humanity that is entirely free from the rule of psychopaths, from our total planetary behavior as a collective, all the way down to the thoughts we think in our own heads.

May we extract their horrible fingers from every aspect of our being.


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45 responses to “The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media. Now The CIA Is The Media.”

  1. I also wanted to post this on CN (and send to Glenn Greenwald, but I couldn’t find his email address)”


    The article, which quoted a former bodyguard of President Hugo Chávez who defected to the US, had originally been published in Spain’s rightwing ABC newspaper and provided no evidence to back up the claims. At the time, journalist and fellow PSUV Deputy Earle Herrera explained that

    “El Nacional says that its source is Madrid’s ABC,
    ABC says that its source is the [US-based] Diario las Americas,
    Diario las Americas says that its source is El Nacional
    and they all start to wash their hands of responsibility (…)
    through this communicational technique called ‘source dissolution.’”

  2. Consortium News said comments were closed even though it displayed the form for comments.
    I wanted to post the following:

    “In the UK, MI6, MI5, GCHQ and the other related institutions infest the MSM. The BBC and the Guardian being two obvious direct mouthpieces”

    As documented by British investigators:

    How the UK Security Services neutralised the country’s…

    Disinfo: The Guardian is controlled by MI6 – EU vs …

  3. The CIA probably doesn’t even need to do anything. MSM “journalists” know what they are expected to write, and produce accordingly.

    The best and most effective censor is the one in your own head.

    1. Someone is overlooking known CIA SPOOKS – like Anderson Cooper, and Ken Dilanian. Certainly the brass in our Corporatist State Media hires people that won’t buck the trend on an obvious Propaganda line… But it’s more insidious than that. Before MSNBC HIRED Dilanian – the LA Times publicly fired him – when he WAS CAUGHT coordinating directly with the CIA on his stories; submitting them for pre-publication review, and timing his disinformation, with theirs.

  4. The CIA is a criminal and terrorist organization. The CIA has no qualms about manipulating the public and feeding their friends in the mainstream media with so-called news. Alarming, however, is the willingness of the media rascals to report it at face value. I assume that they have to. They can’t afford any longer to be independent; otherwise, they lose their jobs or their billionaire paymasters fire them. As a ground rule, I decided to believe only 5 percent of the mainstream media reports. For fake news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, et cetera, 1 percent seems more than enough.

    The top manipulating organization, however, is the fake news factory Hollywood. The State Department and the Pentagon heavily fund Hollywood productions; thus, they have the final say. The latter has a massive office in Hollywood, which checks and reads every script. If they don’t approve it, the project is gone. For movie productions where military assistance is affordable, Pentagon approval is essential. Everything published or produced in the US is pre-censored by government agencies. The situation deteriorated, especially under the Obama/Biden/Harris regime. Their war on “domestic terrorists” aims to establish a totalitarian and fascist regime in the US with a party rule such as in the former Soviet Union.

  5. Nothing to find any fault with, in what you wrote here…except to say that Mind Control – Experimental (like MK ULTRA), and even OPERATIONAL (like MH CHAOS) also fall under the purview of the CIA, and their partners (DIA, MI-6/Tavistock Institute, Mossad, et al). Part of that includes “Trauma-based Mind Control” – which is the truth upon which much of the Qanon PSYOP/LARP was based. Anyways, I thought that I should point out that you failed to give them proper credit, for all of the evil that do – which includes the factual basis for “PizzaGate”, The Franklin Coverup/Scandal, child/adult sexual abuse in Hollywood, and even things like “The Finders” Cult case – which showed evidence of a pattern of Human Trafficking and Ritual/Child Abuse -Sexual, and otherwise.

    In Australia this appears to have been connected to some fairly well-known Cult Activity – like the one that Julian Assange’s family escaped from.

    If you wonder why people like Roy Cohn, Jimmy Saville, Jeff Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell appear to be protected by powerful forces – it’s because they are. Operations involving sexual blackmail on Political and Public figures are staple of the Intelligence Community. When the Franklin Coverup/DC Callboy Scandal was partially exposed – the only named party involved was Barney Frank. He now appears to be retired from Politics – except when they go to him as some kind of DNCIA surrogate, in the Corporate Mockingbird press corps – every Election cycle, and at frequent intervals in between. And then there’s the way that they put him in charge of KEY DNC Platform and Rules Committtees – to ensure that Progressives never get anything significant to occur in their favor (as if that was a real possibility within the DNC, at all). The way he always gies along wiyh the DNCIA program…It makes you wonder what kind of compromising material they have on him… Is it just Dennis Hastert bad…or is it John Podesta and Joe Paterno bad?

    As for Operation MOCKINGBIRD (and all things Mind Control/PSYOPS related) – my favorite researcher/author is Alex Constantine – who published numerous books (Feral House publishing, mostly) in the 1990’s and 2000’s, and many articles – some of which can still be found online… The Qewbies weren’t always wrong – they were just a decade or more behind the much better and more progressive researchers from the family of Mae Brussel-sprouts, like Alex and John Judge. Here’s a good launching point, and a nice, easily available version of one of his better early works in this field.


      Something that I just happened to throw together, using found objects…

    2. I wonder what Ghisi did to lose her protection?

      1. Has she REALLY lost it? Have you seen a video of her being ‘perp-walk’ed, or a copy of her mugshot? Trump seemed to telling her not to worry.

        She was so exposed, that they HAD to appear to be doing something about her. It’s not clear that any of that is real. “Informants” see frequently arrested, in order to preserve the illusion that they aren’t Government-protected agents. But they’re typically brought in the front door of the jail, and let out through the backdoor.

  6. The g ood news is anyone with a functioning brain doesn’t believe a word they say.TV= toxic waste.

  7. Thank you Caitlin for writing so powerfully & clearly about this extremely important topic! Keep it up.

  8. In addition to controlling what is published by the MSM, they also control what is NOT published by any entity that disputes what is published. Google and all its subordinate “businesses, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are wholly on board with the CIA program. Their definition of what is “misinformation” is so broad that it can be applied to virtually anything, regardless of how obviously truthful it is, or what the qualifications of the witness may be.
    They murdered a POTUS for even bringing up the notion of dispersing the CIA, among other notions of how to deliver control of the republic back to the people. I suspect any who approach a position of power who drift away from the narrative are given a private viewing of the Zapruder film, and quite possibly other criminal evidence against the CIA which we will never see.
    The principal reason I do not vote is that I haven’t seen a non-CIA approved candidate to vote for. Until Trump. Which is why he is so despised among the Psychopaths In Charge. It didn’t take them long to bring him to heal though. I suspect he got one of those private viewings. Before you descend into a cascade of diatribe against Trump, I didn’t like him either, but he MAY have been a nasty thorn in the side of the hidden US government.

  9. Honey, you got it wrong.. It’s not only in the US but throughout the white world.

  10. The CIA telling porkies?
    What’s the world coming too?
    Don’t tell me _ _ _ _ _ let me guess.

  11. Recognize that “heaven” is where the will of Good is done, and that “earth” becomes “heaveni”, the place of the presence of love, of goodness, of truth and of spiritual beauty—only if on earth the will of Good is done.

  12. For those who may not be familiar with Dr. Sheldon Wolin, political philosopher, who wrote Inverted Totalitarianism.

    Here is his profound in-depth, ever more timely explanation of the applications of narrative and propaganda in our system:

    Live and Learn!

  13. This is such an important discussion. I think this has to become a standard discussion. And it also has to extend into a discussion of academia. We see the same kind of group think and narrative control in academia. It seems just as bad when we look at the most “prestigious” education institutions.

    There is also a lot of discussion about Critical Race Theory and how popular it has become, but the idea that something like CRT has just managed to penetrate the boardrooms of the largest corporations, shape most academic debates and take over the corridors of political power just doesn’t hold water for me.

    The way these ideas have spread clearly points to a highly sophisticated intelligence operation, and the media is obviously key. They try to shape and catalyze a debate which then creates a semblance of legitimacy, as if there is some organic debate, and then the same ideas are repeated over and over with slight variations in various places in order to drive home a carefully crafted narrative.

    This is how brainwashing works. Since WWII it’s been known that real brainwashing only works if people are not aware that it’s happening. Everything depends on there being a semblance of legitimacy, and that these ideas are just the outgrowth of some natural discussion, but they are not.

    I think we need to get excited about escaping this brave new world. We need to have a completely different kind of discussion and not feel like we need to play some predetermined game.

  14. Caitlin,

    You are what humanity needs ……. empathy and truth.

    Again, I tip my hat to you.

    I am in awe of your ability to convey that truth to dumbbells like me.

    You thoughts/words are indeed succinct, powerful and accurate.

    Keep up the great work, Caitlin! One day our collective dream may come true …..


    Mike from Down Under

  15. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    The U.S. govt controlled MSM is much worse than anything else on the planet because it has the veneer of being independent. Random statements in both the Russian and Chinese media are equated with official govt statements because we consider them ‘totalitarian regimes’ but our govt gives press releases disguised as independent journalism.

    1. Who do you think controls the U.S. government?

  16. “The CIA should not exist at all, let alone control the news media, much less the movements of the US empire.”
    A question comes to mind: Who controls the CIA? Are they the ones actually in control or is it the robber barons?
    In any case, I believe Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which made it “legal” for the U.S. government to propagandize the American people.
    So, it’s been legal for our government to propagandize us for the past nine years, has anyone bothered to ask what constitutes propaganda? How are they defining propaganda?
    Pretty sure all kinds of nasty psyop/brainwashing/targeting programs have been “legalized.”

  17. William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  18. No matter what they might be called ” the owners and the masters ” get away with everything that they do because they are ” Untouchable ” and have to answer to absolutely no one but themselves. Every criminal wishes to be untouchable!

  19. Speak what your eyes would say
    if they could talk.*. Zusak. the Book Thief. aussie.
    i would end:
    senate 2 for wyoming=80 for CA 500,000 vs. 40 million
    electoral college: same as above
    IRS: 2 choices: tax assets only or just print it.
    supreme court…increase numbers and kill the lifetime part: i’d rather see minors on it. 5 year olds even.
    the prez: nope. no more of this evil ego trip. convert supremes to exec. or merge ’em. by ccoommiittee. only. and at least half femme.
    DOD: defense is cheaper than offense, so 10% cuts every year until it shuts down.
    new rule if anyone attacks, Surrender immediately. if we own nothing what’s to die for? besides: i wanna see how much worse Russian cops would be.
    Free da peephole: free air water health care, shelter, education, transit, mort gouge debt.
    BMI. and gardens, 4 day week, 6 hour days. outlaw vacancies, outlaw corporations, who are not people, and therefore cannot own anything. make all banks public banks owned by half of all the people everywhere and the other half by those who save there, vote by person only.
    make one dollar one vote a crime. [traceable by coincidology]
    make women vote and don’t let men vote on anything…for 100 years.
    make multiple marriages legal but only for las femmes …husbands without limit.
    all property in name of the mother.
    all religions subject to rule by Mother Earth.
    weapons of mass destruction abolished by martyrdom.
    kill war.
    give peace a chance.

  20. Is anyone looking into the CIA connection to the “45 Mass Shootings” CNN reports happening in the last month? Is the MK Ultra Theory too far out to be real? Something sure looks suspicious to me. Of course one cannot overlook the fact over 90% of “mass shooters” were on, or recently just off, of Psychotropic Drugs with known side effects of VIOLENCE.

  21. THIS is not Fauci’s first HOAX !!

    AIDS was/is a HOAX as well !

    This documentary is mind blowing – features Kary Mullis as well – NO wonder they got rid of him !

    FAKE AIDS testing – Doctors used the FAKE tests to diagnose people and tell them they had HIV – gave the freaked out people DRUGS – the DRUGS killed them – sound familiar !!

    1. I’m not sure that I’d call AIDS a “hoax” – but you’re not wrong. Look up Incarnation Children’s Center. Aras dot ca, and the like.

      Here’s an interesting little tidbit – that the Screwggle Corporation decided to censor…for SOME reason…
      Note the odd connections between PizzaGate – BigPharma – the Tavistock Institute – and the AIDS industry. As a sidenote “AIDS Healthcare Foundation” here in LA has a billboard up – telling people that becoming part of the mRNA Human Medical Experimentation, is ‘Do[ing their] part’ – in Spanish. I took a picture of it (let me know if you want to see it). It’s a DIRTY money ecology running from NIAID, CDC, local Health Departments, and AHF.

      Christine Maggiore, Robin Scoville, Eliza Jane and Charley were all friends of mine, at one point. Alive and Well was her Organization… She even wrote a book, entitled “What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?”. They also made a Documentary called “The Other Side of AIDS”. In that video (at least the version that I saw) they got Fauci to sit down for an interview – which ends abruptly, with him realizing that they are Skeptics, and not 100% on board with his bogus “Science”/theories – and him tearing off his microphone, and then, ‘fleeing the interview’ while muttering something about his realization of who they were.

    2. My bad – here’s a link that should actually WORK… Not all of the pictures load properly – feel free to look for other snapshots at other times.

      Also, as I mentioned above…

      That’s a great blog to look around… Orphans used as BigPharma Guinea Pigs (some even died) – because their “Guardian” was a corrupt Government – all up in the AIDS money gravy train.

  22. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    I will never be able to unsee our social structure as I have done for the past 15 years or so. I view the “world” as a great farm with borders between nations as the fences between the stock pens. I see the vast majority of people as intellectually distanced from the ruling elite in the same way livestock are unaware of the planning and strategies of the farmers. I believe that maybe the goats wouldn’t just stand there if they knew what the farmer was thinking and that the media in every aspect and form is engineered to corral us and nudge us and shepherd us around to function efficiently as wealth builders for the minority owners of the political economy. Trying to talk to the goats and explain what’s going on is a near impossibility and can only ever be made possible “at scale” if the public relations effort is equal to or greater than all the resources, historic and present, manufactured by the ruling elite. They have the corporations, governments, and the CIA, we have less than an infinitesimal amount of resources to push back. That said, I am not cowed and will continue to push back.

  23. Why not simply get Bernie or AOC to back a “Defund the CIA” movement. Right? We could write our senator today and demand that we defund the CIA and there would certainly be immediate legislative action to curb the excesses of the CIA. Right? We could write a letter to the editor of The NY Times demanding that we defund the CIA, and the editor would run it, and before we know it the CIA would be defunded onto the ash heap of history. We could write it on our blog and ten million people would read it. We could back the next populist presidential candidate because she plans to make defunding the CIA the first plank in her future platform. Right?


    But here’s why we won’t lift a finger against the CIA. Here’s why we will only curse under our breath and ignore what the CIA does no matter how heinous and how obvious: because we know—realistically—the CIA has the means and the amorality to retaliate against us. It may not be Hollywood level retaliation; they don’t have to physically harm us or our family. It’s much easier than that and can all be done automatically by algorithms. One or more of the following will happen after we suggest defunding the CIA. We’ll be paying for our groceries and the PIN for our debit card which we’ve used for years will no longer work. Or Google Maps will take us to the wrong address and we’ll miss our doctor appointment. Or the IRS will audit us. Or a virus will infect our laptop. Or that intern from ten years ago will suddenly and falsely accuse us of sexual harassment. The point is we will get messed with. These things will all happen immediately after we make our plea to Defund the CIA, so we’ll know—but won’t be able to prove—that it was the CIA. And so instead of risking our comfortable lives we’ll do nothing because we just want to be left alone and live in peace.


    And that is why The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Rachel Maddow will continue to freely and openly spew CIA lies, because we have passed the point when we can resist without fear of actual retaliation. And we know it. And they know it.

    1. The only way it could be done would be to simply lock out the employees at 4 in the morning, unannounced. Of course, massively easier said than done!

    2. Strange that no one fears losing their dignity, or their humanity, or losing the rights that have already been wrestled away from the “All for me and none for you”-ers.
      I remember reading about folks who cried, ” Give me Liberty or give me death!”. Surely some of them meant what they said?

  24. Well, I don’t see a big difference between now and the days of Operation Mockingbird–it isn’t “worse’ and on the other hand it never stopped. If there’s been a change it’s that it has gotten more sophisticated as they no doubt hire professionals in fields such as psychology and online work to make sure the propaganda is maximally effective.
    I suspect the CIA is at the heart of the cabal that rules the world, and that the reason US foreign policy never changes with changes of presidency or parties’ hold on Congress–while domestic policy does–is that this cabal (which likely includes some non-US citizens–decides on their game and tells presidents what the policy will be. I expect they don’t allow anyone near the Oval Office who isn’t already committed to taking orders from the CIA–in the rare case where there’s a slip-up, they sit the president down with, perhaps the scrapbook from the Kennedy assassination and let the person know what will happen to him, his kids, anyone he cares about, if he doesn’t play ball. There is evidence that Kennedy realized the CIA had gotten out of control and tried to take it down but it was already too late. It’s pretty predictable what happens when you hand a group of people enormous power with no scrutiny and no accountability. The only two presidents since who might have challenged CIA control at all are Carter–I say this not because of his policies as president but because he seems to have been trying to atone since, unlike any other ex-president–and Trump, who would be no more bothered by conscience than any of the other sociopaths at CIA but liked to see himself as top dog and tended to act on whim.

  25. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    The history of the CIA is well told in a book entitled, “The Mighty Wurlitzer”. I recommend it.

  26. Now it is becoming really weird. Sleepy Joe, the lout who calls Putin a killer, uses the bounty story plus the “Russian Meddling in 2016” to sanction Russia. All the old stories disproved many times over. At the same time he invites Putin to meet him. Does he really think that Russia has no self respect, like him and the US?

  27. Not to mention that it’s illegal. The Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 prohibits the CIA from operating domestically. The CIA feeding real or fake news to the US press in order to influence how the US population thinks, is operating domestically.

  28. Somehow my corrections and comments are being blocked. That’s Michael Hastings.

  29. Janet Zampieri Avatar
    Janet Zampieri

    Gee, and I thought the media was only controlled by Big Pharma to push their Covid agenda to make trillions on vaccines.

    1. No … the Covid agenda is used to control the CIA that will vaccine Big Pharma because because the media are pushing to spend our trillions on Mars colonies

  30. The Russia Bounty story: “They quite literally ran a CIA press release and disguised it as a news story.” The truth came out later. But, by then it had been 100% successful as another Mission Accomplished!
    The WMD [Hoax]: The truth came out later. But, by then it had been 100% successful as another Mission Accomplished!
    The Syrian Gas Attacks: The truth came out later. But, by then it had been 100% successful as another Mission Accomplished!
    The Ukraine [Coup]: The truth came out later. But, by then it had been 100% successful as another Mission Accomplished!
    All of Russiagate: The truth came out later. But, by then it had been 100% successful as another Mission Accomplished!
    All of Chinagate: The truth came out later. But, by then it had been 100% successful as another Mission Accomplished!
    Yes, “Now The CIA Is The Media” – and it has been one of the biggest Mission[s] Accomplished the world has ever seen.

  31. Thank you for this column Caitlin Johnstone. Many very useful things are in it! The resistance in people to being used for profit continues to keep growing, partly due to the work of so many people over even hundreds of years, including work such as yours.

  32. Prairie Sunset Avatar
    Prairie Sunset

    During the 9/11 fearmongering in 2002 I recall listening to an NPR newscast where they claimed that people within government were pushing for allowing the publication by the government of articles that would support the “American view” to counter al Qaeda propaganda.

    In 2012 one year before his untimely and suspicious demise reporter Michael Hudson published an article in Buzzfeed reporting that a bill was in Congress to allow the US intelligence agencies to do just that. See below.

    IMHO this has been going on for quite a while.

  33. Thank you for this column Caitlin Johnstone. Many very useful things are in it. The resistance in people to being used for profit continues to keep growing, partly due to the work of so many people over even hundreds of years, including work such as yours.

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