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The day the world ended began like any other day. People woke up, had their coffee, checked their social media, kissed their loved ones, went to work.

Nobody knew it was coming. The news reporters and pundits hadn’t been informing them that the US and its allies had been simultaneously ramping up aggressions against two nuclear-armed nations in a way that could easily lead to something going catastrophically wrong, or explained to them what this could mean for them and their loved ones. The mass media had never let the truth interfere with the military agendas of their government before, and, as it turns out, they never would.

Nobody knew it was coming, so nobody opposed the dangerous acts of brinkmanship that led up to it. Nobody resisted as the Democrats manufactured consent for escalation after escalation against Russia. Nobody resisted as the Republicans manufactured consent for escalation after escalation against China. Nobody objected as war ships were moved, as troops were deployed, as Nuclear Posture Reviews became more and more hawkish and aggressive, as new armageddon weapons were manufactured and fielded, as proxy conflicts were backed, as war planes encroached upon sovereign airspace, as missiles were readied for swift deployment.

So it simply did not feature in anyone’s mind that this could be the day they and their loved ones die in a nuclear holocaust.

They just went about their day, like it was any other day. Working, texting, thinking pointless thoughts, arguing about nonsense with strangers on the internet.

Then it happened. A nuclear weapon was deployed by one side, setting off a chain reaction that had been set in place ready to be triggered long ago, from which there was no coming back.

And the funny thing is, it was an accident. Just a stupid, innocent mistake. One of the thousands of people responsible for the operation of those horrific weapons got a little careless with their part in the day-to-day management of the imperfect technology used in an international nuclear standoff that had become increasingly tense and confusing amid rapidly rising cold war chaos.

That’s all it took. Nothing grand or dramatic. Just a bad decision, made at the wrong time.

One minute it seemed fine. The next minute it was the end. The end of everything.

Nothing rearranges your mental priorities like looking outside and seeing a mushroom cloud growing on the horizon. Suddenly your particular political ideology doesn’t feel so significant anymore. Your personal beef with your coworker loses its importance. That heated argument you were having online slips forgotten from your mind. In fact, nearly everything you’d spent your mental mental energy on that day up until that point feels like a ridiculous, pathetic joke.

There was fear of course. Panic of course. People ran. People hid. But the realization spread very quickly that there was no escaping this one. That this was the end.

And, in that brief moment of helpless surrender to the inevitable, humanity was the most awake it’s ever been. The most tuned in. The most compassionate. The most loving. The most united. If there’d been anyone outside of it to witness it, the beauty of our species in that moment would have taken their breath away.

The earth shook. The flames spread. Black carbon was hurled into the stratosphere for decades. All the earth’s creatures perished in the darkness and radiation.

And then it was all still. Still and silent.

It was a mistake. A stupid, silly mistake, just like all the other stupid silly mistakes we’ve made since the moment we first stood upright. It’s just that this mistake was our last one.

The only difference between our final mistake and all the innumerable others which preceded it was that there was nobody left to fix this one. To try and course correct. To say “Ah, I see where you went wrong there, let’s make some adjustments and try a different approach.”

No one left to recognize the mistake, to grow as a result of that recognition, and to rise above it. No one left to realize how staggeringly insane it was to flirt with the end of the world for the sake of power, how arrogant it was to think that we could remain in perfect control of all those weapons for decades on end without something going wrong amid our reckless games of nuclear chicken.

No one left to realize there’s no good reason we need to live in a world where governments brandish such weapons at each other just because a few sociopaths decided that US unipolar domination needs to be preserved at all cost. No one left to realize we could all just lay down our weapons and get along with each other, and begin collaborating with each other toward a peaceful and harmonious world.

It would be so, so wonderful if that had happened. But it didn’t. And now it’s all gone.

And it’s too late to fix our mistake.




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91 responses to “The Day The World Ended”

  1. IMO, the ruling elite represent the oligarchs and multi-national corporations. I believe the people no longer have faith that their politicians listen or care about their concerns. They can only look on in horror. People have their fingers crossed that maybe this 2022 elections will put the brakes on this out of control radical left regime because there are not many other options left. Unfortunately, we live in interesting times and the times may get much worse before hopefully they get better.

    And yes, IMO, Putin does view the Ukraine operation has a must win and will use tactical nukes if necessary to win.

  2. Another great piece of writing!

  3. Given the regressive tendencies of man’s unconscious sociopathic inhumanity, and the rate of the unchecked spreading of the global COVIC-19 pandemic, India is now the most populated country to begin, quite apparently, evidencing the first phase of the projected “greater population die-off” envisaged by those in control of the global Imperium; as the required remedy, for saving itself, for itself.

    Why is China, the most populated country on the planet not being affected to the same degree? Because the likes of a Bill Gates, have nothing to do with vaccination programs and other remedial efforts to contain the spread on mainland Asia? This guy and his cohort, are the foremost plutocratic criminals on the face of our one Commons – this planet of all of us beings, whether they like it or not!

    The impending global Collapse (the final unravelling of the only form of a species terming itself humane) forecast by Michael C. Ruppert, less than one generation (20 years) ago, is closer to hand with each twenty-four-hour revolution of the planet, yet the attitudes of those in command only harden more psychopathically.

    IM (unsolicited) O, at this point in time, our fantasy world, as we have known it, is closer than ever to the point of no return. Yet those pulling the levers without blinking an eye are intent on bringing down the entire temple of their manufacture, in as blind a frenzy as did the manufactured biblical Sampson!

    This final time – given the manifest regression starkly witnessed, being imposed by man’s inhumane unconsciousness, however, it will take only a finger on a button (manufactured) in soulless defense of his idolatry anthropocentric belief, in a self, he is barely capable of, at best minimally, even “to be” aware of.

  4. I remember a moving sci-fi story I read years ago, about a race of intelligent dogs that replaced humans after they’d annihilated themselves in nuclear war. They remembered their former companions, the “websters”, with enduring affection, and with great compassion, for the poor apes who learned how to duplicate the power of the sun but who were not wise enough not to burn off their paws with it.
    Species come, species go. Ten million years after a nuclear holocaust there would not be a trace of it remaining. That span, as unimaginable as it is to beings who live for only a few decades, is scarcely more than a few heartbeats of geological time.

  5. No comment needed, except for the headline I will use to share it: ‘Thank goodness this is fiction. Or is it?

  6. … meanwhile on the planet Azizis 4

    Gamblog: hey there kiddo. How’s your science project coming along? Why the long face?
    Zeeblog: Oh it’s ruined, stupid humans
    Gamblog: Oh the primate descendants you keep making with large prefrontal cortices? Let me guess. They split the atom and then turned that energy release into some kind of weapon, stockpiled them, chose sides and accidentally wiped themselves out.
    Zeeblog: yeah how’d you know?
    Gamblog: it’s just a shoddy design son. Keep trying though. You might make a good bunch yet. Let’s go get ice cream!
    Zeeblog: Yay ice cream!

  7. Murphy’s Law will prevail in the end. It always does. Just creating these weapons has doomed us. Since their inception in 1945, no amount of reason or logic has prompted our species to get rid of these ticking time bombs. We never will and we will pay the ultimate price. Even Shakespeare knew this would happen long before anyone had yet heard of the atom or nuclear weapons (…”till the last syllable of recorded time hath lighted fools the way to dusty death”). Dusty death for each of us, dusty death for the lot of us.

  8. A while ago the BBC’s shortwave news broadcasts used to divide their international news into two segments … they would resume segment two with the wonderful phrase
    “and now for the end of the world news.” – loved it!

    No more. Was getting too popular. Maybe as people thought the reality was encroaching?

  9. After having read what Caitlin had to say and all the comments that followed, read the article at the following address;

  10. Actually, according to a reliable source (who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to talk to strangers from a very early age), there was ONE survivor on that final day. Just ONE in an office on the last floor of a skyscraper. After watching the mushroom burst on the horizon and everything collapse but the tower he was in, he searched all the other offices on his floor and the one below only to find everybody was dead. He called all the contacts listed in his phone but nobody answered. He was overwhelmed by a feeling of unbearable loneliness at the thought of not being able to share anything with anybody ever again. This morphed into an anxiety attack to which he decided to put an end by throwing himself out the window.
    As he was falling down in despair, a telephone rang.

  11. Global nuclear war was predicted thousands of years ago by the Hebrew prophets. Jeremiah 25:32-33 is especially graphic:

    “See! The disaster spreads
    from nation to nation.
    A mighty tempest rises
    from the far ends of the world.
    “Those slaughtered that day will be scattered across the world from end to end. No dirge will be raised for them; no one will gather them or bury them; they will stay lying on the surface like dung”

    How much time do we have? The much misunderstood and maligned Prophecy of the Popes predicts that there will be only one more pope after Francis and that judgement day will happen under his reign.

  12. I AGREE with Alex Krainer: “Today, it is clear that the leaders in Russia, China and certain other nations are remarkably sophisticated, ……and that they know exactly who their true enemies are. They have also understood that giving their adversaries a war would mean giving them a lifeline. It seems to me that they have made it an imperative priority not to give them that war.”

    1. A very right wing Republican group did that video, – thay have heaps of money to spend, – the lead in smelled like gold sellers.
      There are a number of this sort of video on the Internet at the moment, pretending to address all sorts of issues, – I can only say, look closely, there are always subtle contradictions.

  13. John Thomas – you guessed wrong, but I won’t hold it against you!
    Prokofiev is who the link was for. That fella must of had some serious fingers.
    Best to you,

    1. I posted this again where it was meant to be posted and this sort of thing has happened often at this site by more than just myself so makes one wonder. Makes one wonder who is calling the shots.
      Wonder all you want. The times they are changing and they are changing for the better so eff off you effing algorithm androids.
      I look forward to seeing the steam come off your head just before you DIE due to bad programming. Good riddance.

  14. It may simply be coincidence that a documentary film, Collapse, by Michael C. Ruppert, hit the screen way back in 2009 (all of 30 years ago now) and 2010, when Julian Assange first appeared on the public stage, but it is definitely no coincidence that the subject being addressed by both was, and is still, one and the same:
    Who owns and controls the destiny of humanity on the one and only habitable planet for us beings?

    We all know – perhaps not enough of us yet to make a difference to the power structures – what happened to Julian Assange; being held without conscience, and daily being tortured by this unwarranted, illegal incarceration, in a British prison, as proxy of the shining light, Imperial city, on a hill.

    Two thousand and fourteen, the 13th of April to be specific, the day Michael C. Ruppert, at the too young age of 63, intentionally, as one of the few people of sound mind, courageously shot himself to death, because he could not endure more of the insanity he was witnessing.

    Like Julian Assange after him, he was an extraordinary activist who literally gave of his life, on behalf of humanity.
    Thirty years is less than even a Nano blink of an eye! In the span of cosmic time 13 million years is perhaps the blink of an eye. Either way, it apparently makes not a wit of difference to those of us alive today:

    1. 30 years? Your arithmetic is off a little.


      1. Forgive give me your lord/ladyship; got carried away and made an arithmetic error.
        But I’ve certainly learned by my mistake.
        So, you’ve done a good deed!

  15. Bo Engberg Sand Avatar
    Bo Engberg Sand

    Thank You , Caitlin !

  16. So Sally said when we entered Mississippi on our meandering mission for justice. She said to me this is the place where it all started for you ain’t it?
    She said to me your children came from Mississippi did they not? I said yes “in a way”. I said if not for Mississippi my progeny who mean so much to me would not exist. And then I said to Sally in all serious business – “Why the hell do you ask me that question?” Sally thought she was playing around but little did she know that when she questioned my family that she was probing in territory that was fraught with pain and suffering. Sally should have know better and soon she learned.
    And then for a brief moment Sally looked over as if she thought she could question my indignancy. That is when the accident occurred and it was not the pleasant sort of accidents – it was one with consequences and Sally should have know better. She should have known better – she messed up the mission cause she wanted to know about my personal business.

    If you want to know more, then buy the rights!
    If the nuclear weapons are used it won’t make any difference, so consider that. What do you want to happen and does what you want make a difference or are you nothing but a peasant in the game of nobility? I’ll tell you this, the journey of Sally and the navigator took a serious twist after this accident and at this point in time I have no freaking idea what happens next.
    Still, I’m just happy the nuclear weapons remain in check and if you think you are going to let them loose just remember there are some missiles that are so precise they would knock you head off! In a heartbeat.

  17. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Since the ruling elites of every nations in the world are just one big club allied with the international oligarchy, I do not think the world will end this way. In our days, I rather think that some natural disaster of global magnitude will happen. Maybe it will be global earthquakes or something like that. In the days of Noah, it was a flood and we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus and the end of the world. Look at all the volcanoes waking up. Something is brewing, no doubt.

    We have to pray much, especially the Rosary!

    1. I cry for the Minoans whose wisdom we lost in a mad volcano, but I agree Michel, better a volcano than annihilation of our own making. Think about it. If you destroy your own selves then odds are you were a failed entity and you will never come back and you will never have any chance of getting off your own planet. What a shame that would be considering the possibilities, which truth be told are so immense you wouldn’t believe a word I had to say when I told you I can see the future that could be. All it takes is a bit of peace. If we achieve that, the the sky is the limit. Literally.

      1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        It is sad that we are there close to something bad by the time I was starting to find it funny about a society where everyone wears a mask. It feels like a children’s cartoon.

        But at the same time, even if it is kind of funny, it is tragic. For sure, the end of the world is near.

        Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    2. I think you missed the point – that it was an accident, not deliberate. We’ve already had numerous near misses with accidents that were stopped in time.

      This article is about what happens when we don’t stop it in time. It is about the huge risk that we are taking every second of every day that somebody somewhere will make a mistake, and perhaps not even realise it was a mistake until the last minute.

      Why do you think the scientists have set the Doomsday clock to only 100 seconds to midnight – not even 2 minutes left? That’s how close we are – now! It doesn’t matter whether it starts deliberately or not. Once it starts then it can’t be stopped.

  18. Bravo, Caitlin, for hitting the nail on the head with a POWERFUL, beautifully delivered statement we all need to heed! And to think this has already nearly happened TWICE that we know of–in ’62 and ’83–both times stopped by guardian angels disguised as the same brass-balled Russkies the U.S. is so intent on demonizing!
    Horror/thriller author S.A. Hogan (whose novel ALPHIA threatens nuclear holocaust)

    1. Yep. Russia is a country of geniuses. Consider Kropotkin and Mendeleev.
      That is why I know they will take the correct tactical steps to put the bully in the place that all bullies eventually go. Eventually all bullies meet somebody acting defensively who knows exactly how to put a bully in its place.
      I relish the moment it occurs. I’ve done it myself and I’ll do it again. I relish that as well.
      Not playing around. I don’t mind snakes and I try to give them another place, but I KILL a bully when it comes to my home uninvited.
      Lesson the Buffalo learned the hard way.

  19. Dear Ms. Johnstone:

    Namaste, Salam, Shalom, Peace!

    Your article is superior. If I may submit that I have a plan for a new global peace movement that is designed to create “trust and respect” between nations and people. It was not my original idea, but I have modernized it to current times and added a twist. It is a Gandhi and King idea. The plan is to implement a Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children (GMofNV).

    A GMofNV is one step away from beginning and has nuclear disarmament as one of the main goals!

    I have presented a GMofNV to Sec-General Guterres’ staff and am planning to return to meet with Guterres to set the last step to begin the movement in motion. I NEED A ROGUE JOURNALIST!!!

    The twist is the implementation process and the leadership! It is all about psychology and power. The psychology is that the people in every country do not want war or violence, therefore a GMofNV is designed to enlist and unite the people to create POLITICAL CLOUT! The people in every country want their children to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. The welfare of the children is the motivation for everyone to unite. A goal is the socialization of the children — via the people uniting under one umbrella — nonviolence.

    A GMofNV must be different. A GMofNV will be Led by WOMEN! Women have been uniting and practicing mobilizing as evidenced by the Women’s March on Washington, #MeToo, the women in Jerusalem and India, and many more examples.

    There are obstacles. Gandhi said about nonviolence, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you WIN.” I have experienced all of these and have developed the strategy for the final step.

    I can show why a GMofNV led by women, for the children, promoting trust and respect, can create a “shift in consciousness of the whole world.

    All the mechanisms are in place and the plan falls into direct conjunction with the verdict of the George Floyd killing. Please contact me at your earliest availability.

    Peace and Love,
    Andre Sheldon
    Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence

  20. Damnit Caitlin, that’s dark. I’m need more coffee.

  21. Pandoras box Im afraid.The last gift to the world
    It can’t be closed now nor can the gift be returned
    Its sink or swim for humanity now.
    We swim in the swill of our own evil.
    If we could but realise that we were created from this living Earth for a purpose.
    To serve humanity.
    We are the ultimate expression of Mother Earth and in our service we give expression to her conciousness.We seem to have a few defectsThere is still another another billion years yet.
    Perhaps in her creativity she may improve on humanitys next incarnation.

    (Ancient Maori Wisdom)

  22. “And the funny thing is, it was an accident. Just a stupid, innocent mistake.” “Then there will be a miscommunication, misfire, miscalculation or malfunction which leads to a nuke being deployed among heightening cold war tensions.”
    As written before: Disagreed. It won’t be a mistake:
    “[T]here will be [absolute, targeted communication on when and where to fire, as calculated, which leads to 100s of nukes being deployed among totally controlled] cold war tensions.”

  23. And what will the relatively isolated post-nuclear-war “survivors” talk about over wine and cheese as they await their inevitable deaths?

    1. I don’t think he should have apologized to her.
      He was just telling it like it is and she, with her perty breast enhancing bra, was just living in fantasy land. He should of told her, get over yourself pretty girl. That is what I would have done.
      Bunch of BS that we are still having to deal with this ridiculousness in this day and age. Pisses me off to no end. I’ve had it and I’m not alone.
      Things are fixing to change and I’ll happily go down with the ship trying to make the changes we need happen. Happily. With an effing smile on my face knowing that I was true to my principles. I’ve had it with fake Christians and those who ascribe to fabricated exceptional thinking for their tribe. Bunch of BS.
      The gloves are off and if you lose a friend or two when you tell them the truth then know this – they were never a friend in the first place.

  24. We have been lied to about nearly everything. I believe nuclear detonations do not work in the way of nuclear weapons, only in a controlled environment such as a nuclear power plant.
    You can scream BS, but I am entitled to my research and current position on this and other things like Covid1984.
    Do your own research. That’s all I can say. Oh, and Hiroshima? Look that one up, carefully. Remember September 11th?

    1. Cold you at least hint at what you mean by “nuclear detonations do not work in the way of nuclear weapons”?

    2. Um. There is video of nuclear explosions. Are you doubting the veracity of all of that. Are you saying Bikini Atoll was a fabrication?
      Of course you feel you are entitled with your genius knowledge, but are you saying nuclear weapons don’t cause large-scale harm?
      Of course we all know September 11, the stories told about it, was a fabrication, but planes flying into buildings ain’t the same as nuclear weapons.
      So look, why are you trying to add another lie?
      You may be entitled to your opinion, but doesn’t mean your opinion has merit.

  25. Nuclear deterrence does not rest on the theoretical ultimate of all-out population destruction but on threats of punishment that a real or potential enemy will find believable. And indeed, contrary to what most people believe, nuclear arsenals have become steadily less catastrophic andless destructive than they used to be, as weapons have become more accurate. The total megatonnage of our strategic nuclear forces is nowadays perhaps one-tenth of what it was forty years ago.

    Thus, this popular, media-manufactured “end of the world” scenario rests on a logical fallacy. But what is more morally serious is this implicit indifference to the prospect of a large and very destructive non-nuclear European war. For such a war is the likely outcome of any prolonged “freeze,” because a decline in nuclear deterrent forces would result in the inevitable resumption of the great-power politics would as before 1945.

    Looking back on the endless political and military upheavals of the post-WW2 generation, its now clear that the terror that nuclear weapons have inspired is the only reason another world war has been avoided. Who in their right mind is willing to see untold numbers of Anglo-Americans, Europeans suffer and die in countries ruined by the advance of Russsian and Chinese military barrages, just so long as those barrages remain non-nuclear?

    By what kind of morality, but what rule of ethics is it decreed that the small risk of nuclear war is a greater evil than the virtual certainty of the large-scale death in great-power wars no longer deterred?

    1. You’re full of all sorts of bullshit, aren’t you. When you have a thousand times what’s needed to end life on earth it doesn’t matter if ‘the total megatonnage is a 10th of what it was 40 years ago’.

      Megatonnage is variable and it matters more where it’s used than how big the nuke is. Researchers in Colorado looked at “100 small nuclear detonations” over cities and concluded that there would be a 20 year nuclear winter with possibly billions dead due to famine and other factors.

      I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with assholes who argue that big sticks are good because they discourage using smaller sticks when a simple glance at the world events puts that theory to rest. Accidents have been narrowly averted many times, very narrowly so, and one day an accident will not be averted. Then it will be over. Do some fucking research, real research, before you open your idiot mouth.

      1. I’m totally with your response on this Gimmebreak.
        Give me an effing break you SOB SEB.
        Give me an effing break for eff sake.

      2. If any nuclear weapons, however small, were actually to be detonated by any side on any target, by far the most likely outcome is that a war would end very soon. The shock effect upon leaders on both sides, and also the devastating psychological impact upon the forces in the field, would most likely arrest the conflict there and then.

        To believe that the firing of small-yield nuclear artillery shells against an invasion force, would lead more or less automatically to successive nuclear strikes from one side and then the other, on a scale larger and larger, until finally European, Russian, Chinese and American cities would be destroyed, one has to believe that the instinct for survival would have been utterly extinguished not only in political leaders, but also that the armies in the field and their commanders, the air forces, the missile crews, and that all the rest of mankind in uniform would behave as robots throughout.

        If that’s the case then we’re already dead… But are we really to believe that the politicians and the generals would become so absorbed in the conflict-as-a-game that they would reply tit for tat, move by move, instead of stopping the war as soon as it had become nuclear, before it could destroy their own cities and their own families?

        It is precisely this quality of nuclear weapons, their awesome, sinister, and only dimly known character, that makes them the fitting tools of deterrent protection for the West and beyond…

        The offense of the antinuclear camp is not just a strategical error, its also a brutal attack upon the most elementary principle of morality, the most basic of religious prescriptions, by which Rabbi Hillel once summarized trized the entirety of the Bible: what is hateful to you, do not do unto others.

        The intellectual terrorism of the End of the World by Accident fantasy notwithstanding, nuclear weapons have no special quality, either in morality or in theology, that would invalidate the elementary calculus of good and evil.

        1. You are missing the whole point SEB.
          What comes after the nuclear weapons?
          What new weapon will be developed and to whom does this help? Who profits from war?
          It is time for peace SEB. Tactical considerations not withstanding, continued acts of aggression will eventually spell the end. You can understand that can’t you?
          So to talk even hypothetically of using nuclear capability pushes the clock a nanosecond closer to doomsday.
          It is time for better times. Oh yeah, what makes you think all great powers want to claim more? What makes you think that or have you been brainwashed with thoughts of being exceptional?

        2. “by far the most likely outcome is that a war would end very soon.”
          While such a war might indeed end quite soon, it probably wouldn’t end before many more have been used. Simulations in which a few small nuclear weapons are used usually escalate into all out nuclear exchanges, likely as not bringing on a years-long nuclear winter.

          1. Tactically, if I was in a conflict, and the opponent used a weapon that caused much local harm, I would respond in an effort to create a disincentive to do this again.
            Tricky part here is that the response would need to prevent options to use the weapon again and it would need to do it with such precision that the opponent would realize their offensive ambitions are for naught.
            If the opponent reconsidered their aggressive actions at this moment in time, I would give them an opportunity to retreat.
            If they wasted that opportunity, then I would waste them. What is there to lose?
            This is a simple explanation as to why it is ALWAYS simpler to be on the defense. Simpler and much less costly.
            I mean come on – you have played the board games haven’t you – have you played 3rd Reich? Even if the troop count is equal, the player on defense has the advantage.
            So brining this to a real world present day situation, consider the border of Ukraine. Who has many options by virtue of the closeness of the border to their own country? It is obvious who is the aggressor, and it is so obvious to me now that the aggressor in this day and age will LOSE. The only aspect of it to remember is some losers figure they will take everybody out with them if they can’t win.
            Makes for tricky diplomacy, but remember the future losers are brainwashed in their thoughts of exceptionalism and they will get their due. I just hope wiser minds, and those who appreciate real tactical and strategic thinking will emasculate them in full public view out in the open for all to see that the emperor has no clothes.
            The CIA and Biden are sucking on something and they can’t even see their own demise on the horizon. I relish the time when it happens, which will be soon, and I hope to be alive to witness it in all its glory!
            Peace is easy,

            1. Out of curiosity, I measured your comment. At the zoom level I usually use, it’s over a metre and a half long!

              1. .
                I see you dispute that. Pray, how would you know my computer settings?

                1. Oh Ian I know so much about you. I know.

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      I thought your word salad needed a little dressing, but I think Madeleine Albright would agree with you that the Iraqis should be grateful they were not nuked, and inspired that they were saved from the marauding Russians and Chinese.
      • Madeleine Albright – The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq’s non existent WMD’s

  26. The proud and the powerful took their servants and guards into the bunkers. In time, the servants and the guards ate them, and then the guards ate the servants, and then the guards ate one another, and then the last guard shot himself and became the last worshiper in the last Temple to Mammon.

    1. The builders and owners of these bunkers have taken similar possibilities into consideration. i read claims their exits and air vents are designed in such a way they can’t be entered or blocked by resentful survivors outside.

      1. True, but they can’t block entropy.

        1. Entropy can be overcome. I have a theory, but I’ll never tell if there is nuclear war.

      2. They will all die in their bunkers Ian. DEAD

        1. Just like Hitler died and that other SOB with his whole family. Wonder what that fucker thought when he gave them the pill to end their lives. Wonder what he thought he had accomplished, but I don’t wonder much cause I mainly care about the here and now and Israel better get a clue or Israel will be wiped out in a heartbeat.
          Just saying it like it is.
          Russia gave Israel a warning and the Jews living there would be advised to listen. Nobody gives a shit anymore about all your suffering, so get over yourselves.
          That is what Moses would say if he made it to the promised land.
          I’m sick of this shit and things are fixing to change for the better.
          See, ain’t it grand that we can discuss all of this hypothetically in advance in hopes of keeping us from killing each other?
          I’m out of here.

  27. “If there’d been anyone outside of it to witness it, the beauty of our species in that moment would have taken their breath away.”
    Who knows, perhaps in that moment we will discover a power of consciousness we had no idea existed. Brought to light by our awareness of what we just allowed to happen. To contain the damage. To escape to a different plane of existence. To control time and delete the event. And hopefully not forget to banish all the Psychopaths In Charge to their well deserved hell.

    1. That was very good! Very insightful! Everyone should give some very serious thought about the nature of nature and the supernatural, if they did they would have little to worry about, but as to what you actually just said, the future happened years ago, it’s just that it took time for the present to catch up.

  28. The “front” that the NATO sustains against Russia and China divides not nations but political systems. If nuclear weapons were now disinvented, if all the hopes of the nuclear disarmers were fully realized, Russia and China would automatically emerge as the dominant power on the continent, fully capable of invading and conquering Western Europe and beyond if its political domination were resisted.

    1. I have often thought that once China and the USSR obtained them, nuclear weapons may be a good thing. Who knows how ravaged by war with conventional weapons the world may have been without them. Likely billions dead by now. Little did I know that one of the gangs of Psychopaths In Charge would presume to ignore MAD as a deterrent. That such delusion would emerge from one of them. It happens to be those of the US, but could have emerged from any one of them if they had embarked on the death spiral the US has. None of the three is exactly an arbiter of peace and love. But then again, no government is. The are all founded on the notion that a select group has authority to kill you if you don’t agree with them.

  29. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    • Israel Seeks an Unchecked Nuclear Monopoly: Ex-Senate Candidate
    Sampson Option?

    1. If an Israeli so-called ‘pre-emptive’ nuclear attack on Iran escalates into a disastrous nuclear war in which tens of millions of people perish, amongst the survivors of such a nightmare scenario, there will no doubt be some who are bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.’

      1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
        Julius Skoolafish

        People don’t like to admit that they have been fooled – until now …
        . (remove underscore)

        1. The site cannot be reached now.

          1. Can from here, now.

        2. As a species, we are number one in self deception and in deceiving others. It’s really the only thing setting humans “apart” from the world, since it has created so much fear and distrust.

          Good book on this subject:

      2. FRANK – I thought of replying that some already think Hitler was right. JULIUS SKOOLAFISH’s video unashamedly says exactly that.

        1. Ian – history lesson for you.
          Sometimes even the loser is on to something.
          Get my drift Ian.
          Closer than a meter and a half. Closer than that.

          1. Plus, just consider this. The Chinese and the Russians collectively have the means technologically to dish out some serious punishment, and if they, as I believe have no asperations to dominate the world, then they will choose the moment in time to display their defensive capabilities. So Israel ought consider that before they kill another Palestine protester just defending their home.
            Get my drift Ian. Do you get it?
            Oh fine, you want proof of the warning….well, seems to me it is on its way as I type this.
            Not kidding around.

  30. “Waiting for the World to End” by Raul Malo & Mavericks, their QuaranTUNE collection

  31. Spring and Fall

    Márgarét, áre you gríeving
    Over Goldengrove unleaving?
    Leáves like the things of man, you
    With your fresh thoughts care for, can you?
    Ah! ás the heart grows older
    It will come to such sights colder
    By and by, nor spare a sigh
    Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie;
    And yet you wíll weep and know why.
    Now no matter, child, the name:
    Sórrow’s spríngs áre the same.
    Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
    What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
    It ís the blight man was born for,
    It is Margaret you mourn for.

  32. Do people forget Hiroshima? And the countless books and movies that depict the ordinary start to that day?

    1. Not only have most humans alive on the planet today not even heard of the term Hiroshima, those who have heard of the catastrophe, have no inkling of their ignorance of facts on the ground, nor of the significance of what occurred on that explosive day.
      The murder committed was premeditated and our schooling purposefully too, never let on to the facts
      As a professor of history once tried to tell, in a tragic tome, history is hidden, especially from us, who are now, unwittingly, for the most part, part and parcel of the ominous actual divisive triggering mechanism.

      1. A Canadian friend tells of constantly looking over the fence into the American backyard and in every conversation saying “thankfully I don’t have to live in that s——-e country.”
        Goes to show that self-delusion is not uniquely an American affliction. It’s probably more of a universal human foible!

  33. So when the end game played out and the rich elite controllers of all the world were faced with the reality that all their wealth was gone, worthless. So they had to face a future of being as poverty stricken as the rest of the scavenging masses or they could take the nuclear option and destroy it all taking as many sinners with them to oblivion or hell depending on their philosophy or proclivities.
    Which choice do you expect them to make?
    Your answer defines you.
    Do better now, in case there is no next time.

  34. “Nobody knew it was coming, so nobody opposed the dangerous acts of brinkmanship that led up to it. Nobody resisted …”

    Many of us have opposed and resisted this madness for decades. And the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons became international law in January this year. It’s been signed by 86 nations, and 54 states are parties to it.

    From the treaty’s introduction:
    “Deeply concerned about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that would result from any use of nuclear weapons, and recognizing the consequent need to completely eliminate such weapons, which remains the only way to guarantee that nuclear weapons are never used again under any circumstances,
    Mindful of the risks posed by the continued existence of nuclear weapons, including from any nuclear-weapon detonation by accident, miscalculation or design, and emphasizing that these risks concern the security of all humanity, and that all States share the responsibility to prevent any use of nuclear weapons,
    Cognizant that the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons cannot be adequately addressed, transcend national borders, pose grave implications for human survival, the environment, socioeconomic development, the global economy, food security and the health of current and future generations, and have a disproportionate impact on women and girls, including as a result of ionizing radiation.”

    1. You are FUCKING sociopath – I hope you are the first to go !

    2. Ian. Don’t make me start to believe in what Jack is saying.
      Precision is critical and the preciseness of the missiles are closer than even a meter and a half.
      Get my drift……do you get it Ian?
      One way or the other we all will learn.

      1. Does this precision invalidate the concerns expressed in the treaty?

        1. What treaty Ian. I could give an effing flip.
          Get my drift?

            1. Has Israel ascribed to the treaty? Does Israel really care about the Palestinians? Seems as if they have learned nothing.
              Regardless, as many have already said, you either defend yourself or you are dead, so why ascribe to a treaty that perpetuates the dominance of a few who could give a flip about the rest? I don’t know the details so judge me for that, but I know lately most treaties mean nothing.
              Ian, I have no idea where you are coming from but I think Jack is on to something so please prove me wrong.
              Otherwise, you have no standing. In the end the peasants will rule. I will do all I can to make it happen cause the peasants just want peace. Peace and harmony Ian is what the peasants want. What do you want smarty pants?
              You could be the smartest sucker on the internet but if you don’t want peace and harmony then you must be a fool.
              A metre and a half Ian. Measure it however you want but wiser minds are already choosing the targets who deserve the justice that will be delivered. I hope for that cause I don’t want to die in a nuclear war of which Israel and Saudi Arabia and the US of A are the main perpetuators of ongoing harm of innocence. Some things are obvious.
              Who needs treaties these days when all that is needed is common sense. I look forward to the peasants chopping down the tree and watching the queen fall from her perch. Her and all the rest who perpetuate suffering of innocence.
              We KNOW.

              1. I doubt any of the treaty’s signatories imagined it would instantly rid the world of nuclear weapons. My point was
                that Caitlin’s concerns about them are widely shared.

                1. For what it’s worth, Palestine has signed.

  35. If it happened, and I had a moment, I’d go up to my sanctuary and play this song:
    Peace is easy……

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Ahh yes – those were the days … (1925)

      1. Thanks Julius!
        I’d listen to this next:
        and then, even though I would know that it is not true given the circumstances, then I would listen to this:
        It would be sad because that last song I wanted played at my funeral, but I reckon there wouldn’t be time for that now would there. Oh well, at least we can contemplate this possibility before it actually happens. Hey, maybe that contemplation will fend it off…….
        Peace is so easy and so why is it so hard?

      1. I don’t care for that song, but any song is better than nothing.

      2. How about something more hopeful. Here is something I find inspiring, and yes, it is from a Russian. I love Russia. I love China – I’d like to learn more about China. But my grandma escaped from Russia when the whites had to flee so this music rings true to me.
        This fella could play the piano and he was full of music. He was Russian and I’m glad that he lived even though my grandma had to run away when she was just 3 years old.
        Things are fixing to change and the reckoning is upon us but it won’t be what many think and it will ultimately be a good thing after some suffering. Don’t most good things ultimately come after suffering – as if there was a lesson to be learned? That is what I think. I’m ready to learn the hard way cause I have experience with this and so I want to share what I’ve learned with others and I want others to learn in a way that they will not forget. Lets learn together – hard way or easy better to learn together than to die together.
        Some things are so obvious it is ridiculous and peace is easy.

        1. Unfortunately, there was no link. I’m guessing you were referring to Sergei Rachmaninov. He’s ok but there are many Russian composers I adore more.
          My ma was a [Crimean] Tatar. Under Stalin there was a mass slaughter and dispossession of land with Tatar folk transported in cattle trucks to Siberia but I don’t hold that against modern Russia under Putin though he will surely have his faults but inconspicuously so in comparison with any so-called leader from the West.
          The oligarchs need to learn how to deal with both their swollen ego and money diseases. They’re the priority but I suspect they’re the ones who have opted for the hard way by default. The grandstands surrounding us out there in the universe are no doubt beginning to fill up with life forms that have an interest in this most beautiful of planets at this most craziest of times.

          1. John Thomas – you guessed wrong, but I won’t hold it against you!
            Prokofiev is who the link was for. That fella must of had some serious fingers.
            Best to you,

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