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Hey remember when we learned that the CIA unilaterally funds its own clandestine operations via drug trafficking without the permission or oversight of any elected body and then everyone went “meh” and forgot about it?

It’s strange how many westerners who grew up watching Star Wars still side with the evil empire on every foreign conflict.

A foreign policy perspective which does not begin with and account for the fact that the US government is the most powerful and destructive force on earth, and that its behaviors are aggressive instead of defensive in nature, is a foreign policy perspective based on fantasy.

People tell me, “You just hate America!”

I don’t even know what this means. What specifically is it that I hate? The people? The dirt the country is built on? Or is it possible that my actual target is the most powerful and destructive government in the world and the oligarchy which runs it?

“I hate the USA” is as nonsensical a statement as “I love the USA”; the land that label points to is so vast and its people so diverse that nobody can have any emotional relationship with it. Beyond that it’s a just collection of conceptual constructs which exist only in our imagination.

Americans: Help!

Republicans: Fuck you.

Democrats: We need to come together and have a conversation about the help you need because these things take time and there’s a process and really it’s not just about the what it’s also about the how and the how sometimes gets lost in the what of the how of the how what how…

“The Oscars” is a big fancy party where vapid airheads who’ve profited immensely from the status quo give each other trophies for making movies which reassure everyone that the US empire is awesome and capitalism is totally working.

It’s not just mainstream politics and mainstream news media, it’s the entirety of mainstream culture: all its movies, books, music, values systems, ideals. It’s all inseparably intertwined with the sick status quo we now find ourselves in and the manufactured worldviews which consent to it.

Teenagers understand this better than adults. There’s an intuitive rejection of mainstream culture; it feels weird and dissonant. Adults make fun of them for it–“Ooh, it’s not ‘alternative’ enough for you?”–but that rejection is arising from a very healthy impulse. Mainstream culture should be rejected, because it’s what got us into this mess. It’s sick. The instinct to reject it is as healthy as the immune system’s instinct to attack a pathogen.

Every part of this tweet is hilarious:

The more you read it, the funnier it gets.

The US Coast Guard is where now? On the other side of the planet from any US coast? And they’re being “harassed”, are they? Oh, by the Persians? Where are the Persians harassing them? Oh? In the Persian Gulf? The US Coast Guard is being harassed in the Persian Gulf, by Persians?

This is like saying “Burglar Harassed In Living Room By House Occupants”.

Our media are so truthful and objective that they always take care to give us all the different perspectives from the full range of political opinion: both liberal corporate warmongers and conservative corporate warmongers.

Telling the mainstream media to do their job and report the news truthfully is like walking into a shoe factory and telling them to do their job and make dentures. It isn’t the mass media’s job to tell the truth, it’s their job to administer propaganda. And they do a great job.

It sure was nice, that brief window between the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of China where westerners temporarily paused their hysterical shrieking about communism.

When people object to criticisms of the US-centralized empire, it isn’t because those criticisms are unfounded. It’s because if those criticisms are valid, it will mean everything they believe about the world is wrong. It would be a kind of death for them, and people fear death. Because perception is reality, finding out that your entire worldview is wrong is experientially the same as losing your entire world. Losing your entire world, your belief systems, your knowing, your understanding and all the stability it gives you, is like experiencing death.

That’s why we’ve got whole cognitive defense systems in place designed to keep information that is incongruous with our worldview out of our heads. We protect our worldview like we’re protecting our own identity, because, in a very real sense, we are.

It’s funny how of all the many desires people have, the desire for their own minds to be purged of illusion barely features. Some want for themselves, some want for others, but hardly anyone even considers the possibility that the mind which forms those wants could be deluded.

If people just put the desire for freedom from delusion above all other desires, the other desires would quickly fall into their proper place.


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71 responses to “Reject Mainstream Culture: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. MLK. Not the one whose life was snuffed out by the power structure, but the other one still alive and breathing fire today.
    Perhaps you can make sense of the comment I posted today 29th, to CJ’s post: The Day the World Ended; of the 27th

    1. I don’t think that nuclear planetary destruction is pending, though some may be used, if the globalists don’t have their way, they may play that card at the point the masses may have victory in successful revolution. The elite have no interest in death for themselves, they plan to live on, humankind will not be totally destroyed. They have planned for 500 million survivors (see “georgia stones”) to serve them. The goal is 99 million surviving Americans, that is why HOmeland Security was formed, as surveillance for the state. I saw the forecasted US population on, now out of commission. Deagel is a weapons supplier and distributor linked to the CIA and thinktanks. The elite have planned the great reset, the new world order, agenda 21, agenda 2030; all the same thing, a world totalitarian fascist police state. IN the case that they may lose this battle for the planet, there is constructed a deep underground survival city, with huge storehouse of provision, so yes, nuclear war is a possibility. This all happening has been planned for decades. PCR Test kits were sold by the millions to many nations in 2018. THis has all been planned carefully and with great intelligence for a long time, and they have thought of virtually every defence we can muster up. But I still think fighting for our lives and freedoms is imperative. These are pedophilic people who have planned and executed subversion, genocide, propaganda, oppression, slavery, pedophilia, and the like for centuries. Slavery under this character of people is not worth living. Freedom or death. EVery nations’ rulers are under the thumb, bought or cowed, of the VAtican and elite.

      1. So the release in China, of the virus, is all part of the strategy?
        On the other hand, have you ever known infallible human beings, except for the popes, of course!

      2. You know who I am, but have not read my books. In EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, published in 2016I explained that Gates plans to use vaccinations to reduce world population. IT was developed in North Carolina University Chapel on a Hill Laboratory under gain of function research by Dr Shi Zhwengli with US and Chinese government funding, and under Gates supervision, who has a patent on the covid disease,and on vaccines. He has donated millions to WHO and CDC, and recommended members to it. The media is obedient to the COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (headed by Rockefeller whose father created our university system and the medical system) and the news, the medical system have lied to us as has the government been complicit. A thorough reading of my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH would explain the dynamics of world leadership and rule, and that the CIA also dominates the newsmedia. My works illustrate clearly and simply how we have all been bamboozled.

      3. Dr Shi went to Wuhan at the time it was released. This was without any doubt whatsoever very intentional. I have foreseen it, and wrote books and have been sending out newseltters daily to those who want real information.

        the contact page you can sign up for the newsletter and with it get an attached digital version of all three books. I charge nothing. Knowledge is Power POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

      4. Gates said on Ted Talks around 2015 that he would like to reduce world population by 10-15% using vaccines. Vaccines he funded killed 47,500 Indian children. His father was an open eugenacist. There is absolutely no doubt this has been planned.

  2. Regarding the Israeli day “with no COVID deaths”, the question arises of how deaths are categorized.
    What if there are a lot of excess deaths, but none are classified as COVID-deaths?
    What if there are negative excess-deaths, but a lot of Covid-deaths?
    What if there are a lot of deaths in the 2 weeks following vaccination?
    What might the cause be? Do the people keeping records get rewarded for finding the cause, or not?
    I posted this recently on my blog:
    Isreali Health Body Report On COVID Vax ‘Deadly’ Impacts Thanks Jeremy
    The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects.* The findings are catastrophic on every possible level.
    Their verdict is that “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.” The report is long and detailed. I will outline just some of the most devastating findings presented in the report.
    “We received 288 death reports in proximity to vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination), 64% of those were men.” Yet the report states, “according to data provided by the Ministry of Health, only 45 deaths in Israel were vaccine related.” If the numbers above are sincere then Israel, which claimed to conduct a world experiment, failed to genuinely report on its experiment’s results.
    We often hear about blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. For instance, we learned this morning about 300 cases of blood clots in of Europe. However, if the IPC’s findings are genuine, then in Israel alone the Pfizer vaccine may be associated with more deaths than AstraZeneca’s in the whole of Europe.

  3. “Mainstream Culture” isn’t even culture, its the tool de jour for the destruction of culture. If your culture significantly disagrees with it, and you get any significant attention, the “mainstream culture” descends upon you like the East German Stasi.

  4. Edward Abbey: “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”

  5. Marcellus Watts
    Escaping Reality

    Leaving the very spot I am
    Leaving behind myself
    Leaving behind my troubles
    Running away or leaving…
    There’s no difference
    Escaping from life itself
    Though be it temporary it’s enough
    For a break I’m in desperate need of
    A short break or long break
    Let me hide away from life itself
    Cruel and relentless
    No matter what I’ll never truly escape
    Life will find me and retrieve me
    It’ll pump me with fear, depression, and despair
    Life and reality will find me once again
    There’s no way I can escape them
    As I hide in my fantasies
    Let me pretend to fly away, far, far away…
    Leave me with my fantasies
    I’ve escaped reality
    For now I’m free until reality retrieves me
    Please let me escape reality
    Fantasies please hide me away
    Imaginations please carry me away
    Reality is on its way to thwart my escape
    Once again I’m escaping reality
    Soon it’ll find me then pump me with anger, sadness and angst
    Let me run and escape to my fantasies
    Allow me to escape reality
    Let me pretend to fly away to my fantasies.

  6. The Super-wealthy globalist’s long-term hidden agenda for depopulation and global financial slavery of a smaller number of useful idiots will soon precipitate escalation of riots, civil wars, and international wars, more cyber-attacks, space wars, and limited use of tactical nuclear weapons, disease, famine, and more severe climate change. Elite globalists and their secret agents will not survive when their satellites, generators, transmission towers and all electronic systems disintegrate and they can no longer control mass media, populations, economies and commerce. Then wise, frugal and pioneering communities of survivors will build a new insightful, responsible, eco-friendly and truly humanitarian civilization.

  7. The world’s Great Liberator announced: “I came to liberate this civilization but they hate me because I testify that their actions are EVIL…….I did not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword…..everyone on the side of truth listens to me……I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…… I came to give abundant Life…… if you preserve my word (My Message) you will perceive the truth and the truth will liberate you leave the dead to bury the dead and you come follow me….. whoever is not with me is against me…….” He was not speaking of mere spiritual liberation or experience. He was speaking of real liberation from deception, injustice, tyranny, indoctrination, oppression, violence, prejudice, illness and liberation from mistakenly called “vaccinations” which they claim will prevent you getting sick but which can make you sick or kill you. as a result of the grossly unhealthy products and lifestyle they enticed you to consume.
    Yeshua implies “Liberator” in Hebrew and He promoted a brilliant strategy for defeating the evil empire. Many are already putting this strategy into practice and you can read more of this here:

  8. “A foreign policy perspective which does not begin with and account for the fact that the US government is the most powerful and destructive force on earth, and that its behaviors are aggressive instead of defensive in nature, is a foreign policy perspective based on fantasy.”

    —Well said. The results can be extraordinary, if you challenge well-read people who nonetheless blithely accept the nonsense excuses for U.S. foreign policies. It’s difficult for them to rebut the comparison, favorable to China (which is hardly benign), of China’s belt and road program contrasted with the U.S.’s foreign aid programs.

    After all, if the U.S. is such a “force for good,” why is China’s work in the world demonstrably so much more constructive?

    Furthermore, how is it possible to justify U.S. sanctions against civil populations on anything resembling humanitarian grounds or as some sort of striving for a greater good? The problem is getting people who pride themselves on going where the facts lead, to actually look at the facts.

  9. For those who would like to know more about the difference between the real universe and the imaginary universe, there is this article;

    1. Blair Schirmer Avatar
      Blair Schirmer

      Be cautious with Scitechdaily. They’ve made their bones by cranking out a lot of material, but without always checking sources or verifying a writer’s accuracy or coherence. For example, in this article, the first two paragraphs laughably misdescribe what constitutes card-counting:
      As for the article you linked to, featuring complex numbers, it seeks to assert there is a locatable, actual physical counterpart for what’s known as the imaginary unit of complex numbers. That’s a far cry from some identifiable marriage or link between the real universe and an imaginary universe.

      1. You’re right! I didn’t bother to try to duplicate the experiment, because I thought that point had already been proven decades ago. There was a time, not that long ago when the number zero was undefined, because no one had proved its value, though, with sloppy reasoning everyone understood what its value was. As to real or unreal, as something that can be experienced by one of our five primary senses; well, I understand that some people are color blind, while others are just plain blind, etcetera. But, just because some are blind, that doesn’t mean everyone is. Some people can remember being born, even fewer can remember their existence before they were even conceived, yet an even smaller number of individuals can remember passing through that universe of complex numbers before materializing in this so-called real universe.

      2. Yes. Imaginary is just a word mathematicians hit on in the seventeenth century for the square root of minus one and so on. They could have picked from any number of other words, or made up a new term.

  10. Dear Caitlin,

    You are one very extraordinary woman.

    Keep up the great work. One day we just might just surprise you by rolling up the blinds and working as a team. As it stands, divided we will indeed fall.



  11. It’s time we retire the term “fall of the Soviet Union”. It sounds like they were coming home from a party drunk, tripped over a big Mac container, and just toppled over. Countries, empires, don’t “fall”. They are pushed. The Roman Empire didn’t fall, it was overthrown by Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, and Gauls; in short, all the peoples that it had kept under its grasping thumbs for centuries. The Soviet Union was overthrown by decades of infiltration, propaganda, arms race expenses, and CIA treachery that’s been well documented.

    1. With much aid from traitors; it’s hardly a coincidence that today’s Israelites hail not from ancient Israel, but from those Barbarians that supposedly toppled the Roman Empire. Those so-called Barbarians lied then and they’re still lying today.

    This paper in the scientific journal, Nature implies that 81% of us are not susceptible to bad cases of COVID; and never were…
    ​SARS-CoV-2-derived peptides define heterologous and COVID-19-induced T cell recognition
    T cell immunity is central for the control of viral infections. To characterize T cell immunity, but also for the development of vaccines, identification of exact viral T cell epitopes is fundamental. Here we identify and characterize multiple dominant and subdominant SARS-CoV-2 HLA class I and HLA-DR peptides as potential T cell epitopes in COVID-19 convalescent and unexposed individuals. SARS-CoV-2-specific peptides enabled detection of post-infectious T cell immunity, even in seronegative convalescent individuals. Cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 peptides revealed pre-existing T cell responses in 81% of unexposed individuals and validated similarity with common cold coronaviruses, providing a functional basis for heterologous immunity in SARS-CoV-2 infection. Diversity of SARS-CoV-2 T cell responses was associated with mild symptoms of COVID-19, providing evidence that immunity requires recognition of multiple epitopes. Together, the proposed SARS-CoV-2 T cell epitopes enable identification of heterologous and post-infectious T cell immunity and facilitate development of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic measures for COVID-19

    ​Market Ticker has the relevant implications spelled out here in ALL CAPS:
    ​ ​81% eh? Isn’t that an interesting number? Where have we seen that before?
    You know damn well where, don’t you?
    ​ ​It’s the rough percentage of alleged Covid-19 infections that were either asymptomatic or very low-symptom for which no medical treatment was sought and, in many cases, not detected.
    ​ ​So it wasn’t 30 or 50% who had pre-existing protection it’s actually roughly 8 in 10! This was not a “novel, everyone is susceptible” virus at all. It never was. You were lied to from the very beginning and thus all the “models” based on that were trash.​..​
    ​ Now we know what Diamond Princess happened the way it did. It was never possible for more than 20% of the people on that ship to get seriously-symptomatic Covid-19 despite being cooped up in close quarters for weeks with an aerosol-spread disease and cruise passengers generally being wildly-overrepresented for various morbidity factors. It also completely explains why one of two people quarantined in the same cabin got sick and the other did not.
    We also know why there is no place on the planet that has seen >20% of people with significant, symptomatic disease from Covid-19…
    In 100% of the persons who had and recovered from Covid-19 and 81% of those who have never had the virus a vaccine may well be worthless as they already have T-cell response. While this will not prevent them from getting it again there is questionable at best benefit over their existing immunological state but there is risk, including a risk of death, from the side effects.​..​
    ​ ​One point stands out from this study and, in combination with the study documenting pathogenic response to the spike protein alone is now evident: “Warp Speed” was stupid; it targeted the wrong thing, it has made people specifically vulnerable to nasty outcomes during the month or so before “protection” is allegedly achieved and fails to provide durable protection to the nucleocapsid portion of the virus as it does not target that at all. Further, in roughly 80% of the population as a whole taking the shot is worse than worthless since they are not exposed to severe disease in the first place but the shot is likely to temporarily block the asymptomatic or low-symptom infection that would perfect their natural immunity to the nucleocapsid portion of the virus that is required for replication while exposing said persons to the risk of severe or even fatal side effects by producing a systemic invasion of the spike protein which, if said person was naturally infected, would likely not occur since the person’s immune system can recognize the original infected cells in the respiratory tract and prevent the replication cycle from completing and becoming systemic. And even worse at some point in the future as antibodies wane said persons without nucleocapsid protection are exposed to that risk again but have no idea when that risk has become significant since there’s no reasonable way to know what your antibody titer is over time.

    1. “in roughly 80% of the population as a whole taking the shot is worse than worthless”
      Israel’s vaccinated over half its population, and recently recorded its first day with no COVID deaths in ten months.

        “The whole Crisis Management Guidelines for dealing with a pandemia in Israel were completely abandoned, and have been replaced by frantic and irresponsible conduct, ostensibly in the name of protecting the elderly population. During the year, guidelines were received to reduce medical visits to monitor the elderly population, to keep the grandchildren away from grandmothers and grandfathers, to cancel seniors’ stay in day clubs and for seniors to avoid leaving home, which caused many to deteriorate into heavy feelings of despair and depression, with severe damage to their vitality, cognitive ability, functional and emotional state. In hospitals, there was a greater tendency to release patients to their homes from the emergency room and from the hospitals, even before the completion of their recovery process and before family members and the medical community system could organize or prepare for their return. The burden on the family members increased, as some of the caregivers were forbidden to enter the elderly homes. Expensive manpower and enormous financial resources have been diverted from treating patients to dealing with tens of thousands of asymptomatic corona-verified, who do not need treatment at all.
        The guidelines we as physicians receive with respect to the criteria for performing corona tests and regarding the treatment of corona patients are confusing, full of contradictions, and mostly are changed every now and then, and there is no way to follow them. It is not clear to me what has been done with my reports of significant medical events after the vaccine. For sure, they do not appear in the reports of side effects at the ministry of health website. In the resulting vacuum, the knowledge
        about the side effects of the vaccine is spread by word of mouth on social media instead of reaching the medical community in an orderly manner. We doctors are not instructed to report side effects from the vaccine and neither are we getting updates on possible side effects. There is no simple system for reporting side effects from the vaccine, and many doctors and patients do not know how to report them. As far as I’m concerned, the ministry of health, which is in charge of maintaining public health, does not perform its role of protecting the public and controlling medical preparations and balancing all the necessary components of health and well-being in the broadest and holistic sense…
        In light of all the data and evidence we have been exposed to, so far, as detailed above, we have arrived at the conclusion that the uncontrollable impulse of the state leadership, on the one hand, and the pharmaceutical industry, on the other, to vaccinate the entire Israeli population, led to a process of spin, which might be criminal and is certainly unethical. This is a spin that has exposed Israeli citizens to significant risks, imposed civil wrongs that have affected all spheres of life, and also substantially damaged the foundations of democracy and the social texture of Israel…”
        Their COVID death “count”, for what it’s worth, was 6 for April 27 in Israel.

      2. “We are troubled by the unbearable ease with which the initial processes of the formation of a discriminatory, fascist and violent society are taking place in our country these days, reminiscent of the social experiment described in the well-known book “The Wave” by Morton Rhue. This disturbing situation, to which an entire country finds itself, sounds taken from dystopian literature such as George Orwell’s novel, 1984, or a reflection of the reality of life in totalitarian countries. It is hard not to be surprised that all this is happening here, in the State of Israel, that on the foundations of the painful history of the Jewish people etched in its flag ironclad rules to prevent such phenomena and protect individual liberties, as established both in statutory legislation and in the Declaration of Independence. There is no other country in the world that takes such improper coercive steps to accelerate the immunization of the population against the coronavirus, so we again wonder what is the meaning of this unusual and extreme conduct of the State of Israel in forcing vaccines and what is the hidden uncontrollable impulse behind it.”

        1. Much of what you say concerns how Israel has handled the pandemic and rolled out its vaccinations, rather than the value of the vaccinations. If deaths from COVID are now in single figures most days, with none on 23 April (I think), and this is at least partly due to the vaccine, isn’t that reason to think it worthwhile?

          1. You are obtuse.

            1. How come? JOHN DAY said taking the shot is worse than worthless for 80% of us. I’m saying it looks like mass vaccinations have significantly reduced Israel’s COVID death rate, which seems pretty worthwhile to me. How Israel’s rolled them out is another matter; do you consider this vaccine worthless, or worse, and why?

      3. So has Los Angeles County with only around 15.6% fully vaccinated as of 5/24. What does that prove?

    2. So, in the me first billionaire generation of Bill Gates’s leading researchers sophist theories, saying it’s okay to sacrifice millions of lives worldwide – and still climbing, so long as it’s not me for I’m not susceptible, is just dandy!
      In other words, the likes of a Chump, was correct, we should have just sat back and let the virus run its course until herd immunity kicked in.
      Even belatedly, with the vaccine, the world is still nowhere close – not even in the ballpark, to herd immunity, but that’s not a problem for there are still many more uncountable millions of global populace available as subjects for experimentation.
      Our conscience is now telling us we have to minister to them, for their own good!


      1. Trump didn’t exactly sit back and let the virus take its course when it caught up with him.

    3. …Expanding on Gates with a balanced observation:

      1. Good to see a video about what Gates actually does for a change.
        Vaccine manufacturers stand to gain financially by protecting rich nations that can afford their products, while allowing the pandemic to continue elsewhere, producing new viral variants which’ll require tweaked booster shots and so on. Making the world immune to COVID would be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

        1. I have seen many. IT is not about profit, though it will be profitable. It is about depopulation.Gates supervised the craetion of covid in North CArolina university chapel on a hill laboratory where Dr Shi zhwengli developed covid with US and chinese government funding and GAtes supervision. GAtes has said in Ted TAlks around 2015 that he wants to reduce world population by 15% using vaccinations. VAccines that he funded killed 47,500 Indian children. The world powers plan a 500 million world population by 2025./ Currrently it is 7.7 billion. SEe Georgia Stones. A world fascist totalitarian police state. 9-11 demolition job to enable homeland security-world surveillance and genocide of arabs.

    4. The scientific journal, ‘Nature’, is a disinformation journal, a tool of evil oligarchs, the same one’s that want to pull an eugenics program on the humans like they brought the Nazis to power and dragged the war out as long as it did last.

      1. What sources would you suggest for science news?

  13. ​ I would like to present a hypothesis from the COVID-19 Treating Physicians list, which is that the increased “confirmed” COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 deaths in the 2 weeks following vaccination are actually vaccine adverse reactions, which test positive for SARS-CoV-2, because the “vaccines” cause the body to produce, and widely distribute, exactly the spike=protein fragments which the test detects in the nasal mucous.​
    One of my patients was recently hospitalized about a week after an mRNA vaccination, and tested positive for COVID with a nasal swab, so her pneumonia was COVID-Pneumonia. She had been hospitalized last August for a bad case of COVID. She had antibodies. She got an inflammatory response. The hospital put her on steroids and oxygen, and she lived. A week after discharge, still on blood thinners, she was short of breath again, and had a blood clot in her lungs. She was admitted again. We are monitoring her blood thinner doses. My clinic has called her to get her second vaccine shot.
    I have written that she should not, but how do I back that up?
    She obviously got COVID again, so obviously needs the shot, though a 3 month wait after COVID is considered “abundantly cautious”.

    1. Don’t back it up, send her to a specialist- someone who doesn’t have an axe to grind.

  14. the world cannot be constantly happy, because happy would get lost in the happiness like your flashlight under the hot sun.
    we need problems: like here comes the new variants to the old ones….and we haven’t even finished with the old ones yet.
    AOC COULD NOT BE MORE REAL: they’d kill her.
    real dissent. hummm…does that include BLM?
    & btw, wars for more wars is a mighty biznest plan. what! you wanna stop the MerdRican way? hey we got mouths to feed!
    plus, we’re fighting for the right to sell bullets to both sides! what’re you? traitor…

  15. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > It’s strange how many westerners who grew up watching Star Wars still side with the evil empire on every foreign conflict.

    “From now on, we play in the first league… We are now working for the dark side.”
    — UC Global owner, on start spying Assange for the CIA

  16. Looking back on 2020
    it’s sad to realize
    that folks are even dumber
    than anyone surmised

    From QANON to COVID
    From Trump to Joe O’Biden
    it’s safe to say the USA
    is sinking like Poseidon

    they didn’t flinch when tents arose
    to house the working poor
    or when their livelihoods were stolen
    by countless force majeure

    The Evil Ones have got them
    so besotted with division
    they are forced to pick a side
    by talking heads on television

    I for one am glad to see
    the behemoth exposed
    may it retract its tentacles
    from every facet of the globe

    No spiteful Armageddon
    no genocide or war
    my hopes are low
    as we have seen them operate before

  17. Caitlin, you write: “People tell me, ‘You just hate America!’ I don’t even know what this means. What specifically is it that I hate? The people? The dirt the country is built on? Or is it possible that my actual target is the most powerful and destructive government in the world and the oligarchy which runs it?”
    I wonder if it would be more more precise to describe the target as “Empire” itself? I find the term is underused, and that the more we identify the current world order as an empire—or THE Empire—the easier it will be to resist, because it’s not just American, nor is it just Anglo/American/Israeli. While the tentacles of empire may be mainly headquartered in the U.S.—Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and D.C., in that order—the tentacles of the imperial vampire squid also embrace the “Five Eyes” lapdog nations (maybe especially Australia, surprisingly the most lapdoggie-ish of the five), but also Japan, Europe and nearly every other “nation state,” including, I would argue, even Russia and China (despite the manufactured illusion of conflicts with the U.S.).
    I tend to think that the great unifier of us all might be our contempt for Empire. Also, let’s not forget the great pyramid of Empire transcends this physical world, it dominates our religions and spirituality, and beyond. Empire is the entirety. It is the author of the status quo. Just as all roads led to Rome, all narratives serve the Empire, all oligarchs serve the Empire, all governments serve the Empire. We are all servile to it.
    If humanity is ever to survive and flourish, we must rid ourselves of Empire. If we don’t, Empire will kill us all, or it will make us wish we were dead.

  18. How the rising cost of energy (oil.coal) leads to increasing exploitation of workers by owners:
    In employment, then, the practical response to the rising energy cost of energy is that employers and workers seek to circumvent labour market regulation which was created in a bygone age when real growth was still possible. And note that this is a very different reality to the wildly optimistic, hi-tech fantasy of the “Great Reset” in which we are meant to generate sufficient growth to automate almost everything.

    Nor is the gig economy the place where decline stops. While a large part of the gig economy exists in a legal twilight zone in which a great deal that goes on is unlawful – subject to civil law – very little crosses the boundary into criminality. But as the energy cost of energy increases, criminal gangs also have a growing incentive to engage in crime as a means of circumventing the laws and regulations of a by-gone age.

    It is no accident that growing demand for the abolition of slavery corresponded to the growth of coal-powered industrialisation. Such an economy no longer needs raw labour power – whether waged or forced – because of the huge increase in productivity achieved by industrial technologies backed by an explosion of fossilised sunlight. Wage labourers were still needed to mind the machines; but they were no longer the power source behind them. This is seen most clearly in the nineteenth century division between the industrial northern states of the USA, where freed slaves were a useful addition to the growing industrial workforce, and the manual labour-based colonial economies of the southern states whose profit margins were built on the back of slave labourers.

  19. “When [atheists] object to criticisms of [their worldview from even progressive Christians], it isn’t because those criticisms are unfounded. It’s because if those criticisms are valid, it will mean everything they believe about the world is wrong. It would be a kind of death for them.” “Losing [those] belief systems” can be “like experiencing death.” But, at the same time, releasing those “defense[s]” may provide an opening toward rebirth.

    1. WTF. What do you posit as a valid criticism of atheism?

      In my understanding, atheism is a non-belief in a supernatural for which there is no scientific evidence.

    2. Those are nice looking christians, but swaying to retarded lyrics of bland music, and worshiping themselves (Christians think that they are Jesus) is to me a very ridiculous activity, and I cant help myself but to ridicule it. I am an atheist in the real sense. A-without theos= god. I am not denying his existence, I am just not worshiping or bending my knee to a damn evil entity that rules in hell and brings billions of sould into his everlasting and eternal kingdom of torment and torture, who created man in his image, says they have tongues like asps and feet quick to shed blood, and deserve hell. He rules in foreknowledge and predestination (made things happen this way Knowing how it would turn out) and made hell, satan, war, disease, poverty, famine, crime, drugs, etc.. so I live my life without god, not loving him, not obeying him, not bending my knee to him. But I do spit on him. My arm is not too short to box with him. For every finger he points at me, I can point a hundred back.

      1. It’s the perfect scam to bring the two natures that are diametrically opposed and attempt to piece them together. It’s a lesson in cognitive dissonance.

        Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” while Jahweh is a genocidal bully who threatens death and damnation to his own followers if they don’t carry out his sadistic orders. Which do you think America serves? What characteristics do these presidents possess?

        We emulate the nature of our gods by our own behavior and there are no forms or names to fill out. Unfortunately, most continue to allow psychopaths to create our gods in their image.

        While fairy tales are good moral stories, the characters in them were never meant to be taken literally. But we carry their characteristics with us.

        1. I have commented often regarding god and jesus, my book THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY and parts of ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH and EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE do also. I agree with you whole heartedly,

  20. Frank Thompson Avatar
    Frank Thompson

    Wall Street Journal reports: “Ships from Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps harassed two U.S. Coast Guard vessels earlier this month in the Persian Gulf, Navy officials said, the first such incident in a year.”

    So not only was the U.S. Coast Guard not guarding the U.S. coast just the other day, it was not guarding the U.S. coast a year ago when the Persians harassed them before, in the Persian Gulf, halfway around the world from the U.S.

    To be “fair and even-balanced,” the U.S. maintains island “possessions” in the Pacific Ocean, such as American Samoa, Guam, and “protectorates” where U.S. labor law is not enforced. Those being closer to the Persian Gulf than the coast of Hawaii. But, yes, the unintentional irony is captivating.

  21. Love it Caity. You’re reaching new levels of concise and potent writing and perspective. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.


    – Craig

  22. You wrote, “Republicans: Fuck you.”

    Adopting this attitude is a mistake. Like them or not, the Republicans have been the party criticizing endless wars. Trump got elected by criticizing US wars, and Senator Rand Paul is the most vocal anti-war Congressperson.

    Historically, the Republican party has long had an anti-interventionist group. Pat Buchanan is the most vocal of them. Love him or not, Buchanan is probably the biggest anti-interventionist voice in American public debates.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats have often been advocates of war. President Johnson greatly expanded the Vietnam War, and candidate Hillary Clinton advocated a no-fly zone in Syria, which implied a direct military confrontation with Russia.

    Wikipedia (biased though it is) gives some useful information about American anti-interventionism:

    You don’t have to love Republicans, but if you are urging a less interventionist US foreign policy, it is vital to gather all relevant facts.

    Thanks for your insightful articles!

    1. Edward Hackett Avatar
      Edward Hackett

      If the Republicans are so against war, why do they always vote to increase the military budget?

      Let’s face facts, all politicans of both parties, want to be re-elected and stay at the public tough. It’s always good politics to vote for an increase in military spending. The American public spends more time watching football and following Hollywood than it does thinking about what goes on in Washington.

      Is there any money to help the men and women who have done military service? Is there a jobs programs to help them or any physcological programs to help them adjust to civilan life? If people really cared about the military there would be an outcry about the conditions of the VA hospitals, lack of VA support for vets who have suffered and were wounded – both obvious wounds and those that don’t show.

      In the main, people don’t care about things that directly effect them – just don’t mess with Monday night football.

    2. “Hillary Clinton advocated a no-fly zone in Syria”
      She actually advocated a US-flies-and-attacks zone, called a no-fly zone by those who like to conceal reality behind Orwellian euphemisms, but I’d have voted for Trump, at least the first time round, just to keep her out, and almost entirely for that one reason alone. Not that I believed everything Trump promised, or even liked most of it, but he at least said he wanted to end the forever wars, unlike Clinton whose record clearly indicated she would do the exact opposite given the chance.
      You don’t have to love Republicans, and I definitely don’t, but when
      EDWARD HACKETT below says, “As bad as Trump was and is, the real horror is the large number of Americans who voted for him,” I can’t help wondering how many did so not because they loved him or believed him, but to prevent a certain march toward more war.

      1. So what do we all take out of that Perkins ??

        Absolutely FUCKING nothing !!

        You contribute NOTHING – you have a headful of SHIT !

        So sick of of assholes like you – trying to dominate threads for the
        ” They are all in this together agenda ” – SHILLS like you are a dime a dozen !

        1. That’s totally uncalled for, Ian, if you remember, offered a free pdf file to download from about a month ago, about 368 pages long; I’ve only gotten about half way through it, so far, but Perkins does add to the discussion. Maybe like passengers on a steam driven train, shooting buffalo from through the open windows we can’t appreciate the sport from the buffalo’s point of view.

          1. Thanks for the support! I don’t remember linking to anything on Amazon, though – what was it?

      2. and if all those that voted for trump because the hate hillary and
        all those that voted for hilay because the hate trump and
        1/2 of those that didn’t vote voted for jill stein she would be president

    3. ” the Republicans have been the party criticizing endless wars. ”
      Were you in a coma for the first decade of this century? WTF?

      “Trump got elected by criticizing US wars”
      Or he got elected by speaking out of both sides of his mouth on virtually every issue.

      “Historically, the Republican party has long had an anti-interventionist group.”
      That’s like saying the dems have a left wing group… what does it matter if they have zero power and never affect anything?

      “You don’t have to love Republicans, but if you are urging a less interventionist US foreign policy, it is vital to gather all relevant facts.”

      LOL maybe the most relevant fact you are totally ignoring is that there is only one big dual headed party in the US and it’s entirely owned by the MIC.

    4. The Republicans were in power when the endless wars started and the Democrats helped them. Republicans do whatever they think will profit themselves and their donors at any given moment. Who fucking cares if Rand Paul stands to the side and says “oh no I don’t like this” while he’s still an enthusiastic part of the same machine and a “fuck the poor” libertarian to boot.

      1. “The Republicans were in power when the endless wars started ”

        I think Obama, a democrat, was president when the wars on Syria and Yemen started. It’s hard to say exactly when the wars on Vietnam and Laos started, but wasn’t Johnson president when the former became official?

        1. Bush was in the office when 9-11 demolition job happened, HOmeland security was initiated, attacked Iraq and afghanistan, and he also removed US from many treaties like ICC and many non-nuclear proliferation treaties. So don’t say the Republicans are better than democrats. They all work for the same people. YOu get nowhere as a democrat or republican politician without proving allegiance to the globalists.

          1. I wasn’t saying either gang’s better than the other!

          2. Exactly. Two flavors of neoliberal warmonger that both serve wealth, but they’re meant to give Americans the illusion of choice and thus the illusion of democracy. Even if it’s a crappy, unconvincing illusion, it works for the gormless.

        2. The direct intervention in Vietnam began in Eisenhower’s presidency, but it was fairly small: about 1000 advisors with no combat mission. During Kennedy’s administration, that number rose to 17,000. The Tonkin Gulf incident, which may or may not have actually occurred, was used as a casus belli by Johnson to make the war an explicit intervention. Nixon continued it. It seems obvious that that particular piece of imperial overreach was bipartisan. In general, there has been a remarkable consensus in the US government about foreign policy since World War 2.

  23. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Brilliant as always Caitlin – Wow, that passage containing:
    “… if those criticisms are valid, it will mean everything they believe about the world is wrong. It would be a kind of death for them, and people fear death.”
    People would much rather remain happy, because according to the Yuval Noah Harari in ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind’:
    “So perhaps happiness is synchronising one’s personal delusions of meaning with the prevailing collective delusions. As long as my personal narrative is in line with the narratives of the people around me, I can convince myself that my life is meaningful, and find happiness in that conviction.”

  24. An interesting view of present-day American culture and thought. When I read about the “Coast Guard” ships, I too wondered what they were doing in area so far from our coasts. Maybe they were there to escort an emergency shipment of caviar to some American billionair? Can’t let those fish eggs go bad.

    Rand Paul, a US Senator, who I don’t usually agree with has an interesting map showing American military bases around the world. Besides the large number of bases, it clearly shows them ringing Muslim countries. Our country went nuts, when Russia tried to put nuclear weapons in Cuba. Is it any wonder why so many in the Muslim world have negative feelings about America?

    When Obama became president, I thought that America might be improving, then Trump was elected and I realized that Obama was a temporary aberation. As bad as Trump was and is, the real horror is the large number of Americans who voted for him and still follow him. I hope that Biden, as imperfect as he is, is not a temporary repreive from Trumpism. Only time will tell.

    1. Obama was a warmonger and an anti-democratic instigator of coups as well as a best friend to Wall Street. All he did was talk a good game as he released just enough steam from the American boiler to prevent any real change.

  25. “Democrats: We need to come together and have a conversation about the help you need because these things take time …”
    Was Caitlin thinking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I wonder?

    1. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      One of the comments:
      “This is the type of answer I would give if my 5 year asks “where do babies come from?””
      AOC is not even a good actress – which is what she is actually paid for:
      Now I know what the ’edge of the matrix’ means … holy crap!

    2. I understand that you are am Intellectual lightweight Perkins – who wouldn’t know SHIT from CLAY !!

      However TRY to digest this !!

  26. In the 50 years or so since I left the US the most dangerous change is the lack of real dissent.

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